Friday, April 26, 2013

“The House Of Evil” Details

The-House-of-Evil1-610x781The House Of Evil” is a contemporary horror flick from Director Massimiliano Cerchi. It is a film combines elements of supernatural demonism and slasher horror, to be filmed in 3D. “The House of Evil” is set to star Melantha Blackthorne, Camden Toy and Brik Baker. There is a crowd funding campaign going on over at Indiegogo for the film with some pretty cool perks.

What do you do when your dream home becomes an absolute nightmare? Behind every window lies a shadow, behind every door lies a secret. Between reality and the paranormal, deep within the foundations of the most seemingly placid facade lies the intermediate gates to Hell…. Meet Brik and Melanie, a couple in love, out to build a bright future for themselves.

Their newly bought villa where their affections should bloom…. now becomes… their tomb…. From day one since they entered the house, the doomed sweethearts notice something terribly wrong; within their diabolical domicile, within each other. Seeking desperate aid from a renowned occultist, they hope to free themselves from the damnation evolving and surrounding, seeking to devour them like a ravenous, bloodlusting beast. How do you escape from something you’ve already become a part of since the day you moved in? Behind every corner lies a shattering truth, down every staircase exists an evil so shocking your blood will run cold as you witness one of the most shocking films ever to grace the screen.

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