Friday, May 1, 2015

International Trailer For “BloodMania” Released

bloodmaniaThe godfather of gore returns with “BloodMania” and a new international trailer has been released. Read the press release below and check out the trailer. It is a good day in the bloody neighborhood!

Press Release:
The legendary cult director who brought you such classics as Blood Feast, The Gruesome Twosome, Something Weird, The Wizard of Gore, Two Thousand Maniacs!, She Devils on Wheels, The Gore Gore Girls, and many others returns to the genre he is officially acknowledged for creating.

BloodMania is a horror anthology comprised of four distinct segments that feature a raucous combination of satirical humor, horror, and enough surprises to satiate the appetites of a broad range of film enthusiasts and horror fans alike. 
Dave Trainor, the person in charge of special effects, is also the genius responsible for the SFX on the two popular television series “Fargo” and “Hell on Wheels.”

Diabolique Films is a division of Diabolique Magazine, the premier horror genre publication. Production company HGB Entertainment Ltd., spearheaded by James Saito, shot the entire film in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a talented cast and crew largely from that city.

Trailer Released For “The Nightmare” Documentary

The-Nightmare-PosterThe haunting and very familiar trailer for sleep paralysis documentary “The Nightmare” has been released. I say familiar because I have had this experience on many occasions in my past. Luckily the last one happened when I was 23, since then sleep has either been chill or nill for me. So I am into this doc. “The Nightmare” is directed by Rodney Ascher and takes on an exploration in a specific phenomenon within the field of sleep disorders. Truly something nightmares are made of…

THE NIGHTMARE’S subjects hail from different backgrounds and walks of life, but share eerily similar visions of malevolent, near-human beings that grow increasingly aggressive the longer the sleep paralysis recurs. Are these just random hallucinations or something more? Rational explanations get challenged by the similarities of the “shadow people” multiple subjects describe looming over them. Ascher, who has first hand knowledge of sleep paralysis, brings the full intensity of this experience to the screen while maintaining empathy and respect for his subjects. As the film unfolds, distinctions between the documentary and horror genres fade as do easy lines between reality and the imagination.

UK Trailer Released For “Demonic”

demonicThe UK trailer for James Wan’s supernatural horror “Demonic” has been released. The film stars Maria Bello, Scott Mechlowicz, Frank Grillo and Cody Horn. “Demonic” hasn’t announced the official release date yet but the blend of found footage and traditional third person point of view in the trailer has me diggin’ the vibe, and hey I love anything with the occult in it.

‘Demonic’ centers on the aftermath of a horrific massacre where five college students were brutally murdered inside an abandoned home. Detective Mark Lewis and psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Klein question one of the few survivors who explains they were amateur ghost-hunters, seeking out paranormal phenomenon at the abandoned house, which was believed to be haunted. But what started out as a harmless activity turned into something truly terrifying.

Poster And Trailer Released For “Rohl Farms Haunting”

the-rohl-farms-haunting-posterA creepy cam view poster and cryptically curious trailer have been released for Legless Corpse’s upcoming found footage horror “The Rohl Farms Haunting”. I think there is a sick twist to this nightmare. “Rohl Farms” is directed by Cordero Roman and stars Luke Rohl, Cordero Roman, Lanny Fitterer, Rico Roman. The film has a limited DVD release set for May 18th, 2015.

Two childhood friends, 21 years old, who are trying to create a documentary in Wisconsin, struggle to keep their friendship intact after a string of seemingly paranormal events lead to the staggering conclusion that a group of three strangers are behind the activity. Their quest to discover and convict the culprits via evidence captured on camera becomes the new focus on the documentary, resulting in a cinematic endeavor that could prove to be their last. With real locations, real people, and real relationships, this is the realest found footage film you will ever experience.

Rohl Farms Haunting from LeglessCorpse Films on Vimeo.

Crowd Funding Begins For “New Blood Awakening”

nbaThe indiegogo crowd funding has began for vampire sequel “New Blood Awakening”. The film is directed by Chad Zuver and continues the saga started in 2014’s “New Blood Rising”. It stars Allan Meyette, Melissa Zahs, Sarah Thomas, Greg Kissner, Chris Wietrzykowski, Mark Klein, Jeanine Visuue, and Marco Iagulli.

Although no major plot details on where the story will take Karver , Archer or Ophelia but a teaser trailer is available. The film is due out in 2016. You can read my review of “New Blood Rising” here:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crowd Funding Starts For “Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire” Season Two

HickyTake the fangs and supernatural of ‘True Blood’ and blend it with all that is stereotyped in a Discovery Channel Marathon of Appalachian reality TV and you have one of the funniest, tackiest, indie web series on Youtube-‘Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire’.  The series is filmed right down the road from me in a little miracle town called Vicco, KY. Miracle because it is one of the few places in American that has issued laws to give full equality to its LGBT community, plus home to what I think is the first mayor to agree to be paid in bitcoins-not sure if the vote went in favor for that one ….

Anyway, Season one of ‘Hicky’ is bleeding fans right now on Youtube and the indiegogo campaign has just started for season two. The series is written and directed by Zack Hall, and Charles Shouse. It stars Jeremy Lindon, Zack Hall, Kirstin Vanhooser, Nate Merritt, Henry Dowell, and Michael S. Shouse. Check out the season two pitch video below.

“Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire” is a show about a Hillbilly Vampire. The show is based in eastern Kentucky and follows a vampire named, Vernon Ray Hicks and his best friend Zed as they encounter many supernatural events and crazy characters.

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Bona Dea & Festival Of Lares

Bona DeaMay 1st is not only Beltane (May Day), but this date was also special to the Romans and belongs to The Good Goddess, Bona Dea. She was associated with chastity and fertility in women, healing, and the protection of the Roman state and people. The key words here are fertility, healing and protection. So this day is a wonderful time to connect with the goddess spirit to give your Beltane that extra magical energy for protection in this time of renewal. Ask for healing whether spiritually, physically both for outward desires and for those within.

Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name. She is identified as the wife, sister or daughter of the god Faunus, thus an equivalent or aspect of the nature-goddess Fauna, who could prophesy the fates of women. Although her festival was mostly a female affair with limited access granted to men, Bona Dea can easily be associated with the feminine in all mankind. Honor and worship of The Good Goddess will help give a greater love and  appreciation for the women in all our lives, our mothers, sisters and daughters.

LaresMay 1st is also the Festival To Lares. Lares were believed to observe, protect and influence all that happened within the boundaries of their location or function. The statues of domestic Lares were placed at table during family meals; their presence, cult and blessing seem to have been required at all important family events. Roman writers sometimes identify or conflate them with ancestor-deities, domestic Penates and the hearth. Because of these associations, Lares are sometimes categorized as household gods but some had much broader domains. Roadways, seaways, agriculture, livestock, towns, cities, the state and its military were all under the protection of their particular Lar or Lares. Those who protected local neighborhoods (vici) were housed in the crossroad shrines (Compitales) which served as a focus for the religious, social and political life of their local, overwhelmingly plebeian communities. Their cult officials included freedmen and slaves, otherwise excluded by status or property qualification from most administrative and religious offices.

The little mythography that belongs to the Lares seems inventive and poetic. With no traditional, systematic theology to limit their development, Lares became a single but usefully nebulous type, with many functions. In Cicero's day, one's possession of domestic Lares laid moral claim of ownership and belonging to one's domicile. Festus identifies them as "gods of the underworld" (di inferi). To Flaccus, they are ancestral genii (s. genius). Apuleius considers them benevolent ancestral spirits; they belong both to the underworld and to particular places of the human world. Pulled into Beltane, and Bona Dea, The Festival Of Lares is a wonderful time to observe those female members of the family who have passed.

Official Trailer For “The Stranger” Brings The Brutality

The-Stranger-posterCheck out the official trailer for upcoming horror thriller “The Stranger”. It definitely hits hard with brutality. The film lands in theaters and VOD June 12, 2015 and is directed by Guillermo Amoedo. “The Stranger” stars Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns and Cristobal Tapia Montt.

This supernatural nightmare sees a mysterious man arriving in a small town seeking his wife, but his unwelcome presence and what he finds instead soon plunges the community into a bloodbath.

Caution: Dead Children At Play In “Cooties”

Check out the new poster for upcoming horror film “Cooties”. The warning is very clear, Caution: Dead Children At Play. The film is due out on September 18th courtesy of Lionsgate Premiere Label. “Cooties” is directed by Jonathan Milott, and  Cary Murnion. It stars Elijah Wood, Alison Pill, Rainn Wilson, Sunny May Allison, Jack McBrayer, Jorge Garcia and Leigh Whannell.

A mysterious virus hits an isolated elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives.


New Trailer For “The Suffering” Ups The Chill Factor

The SufferingThe haunting and macabre atmosphere in the new trailer for “The Suffering” really ups the chill factor! It hints at a disturbing and truly dark nightmare that is creeping me five by five! Check it out below. “The Suffering” is directed Robert Hamilton and stars Nick Apostolides, Elizabeth Deo, Regen Wilson, Phil Amico, Chad Eric Smith, and Liz Christmas. The film is a horror thriller screaming with scare potential.

Henry Dawles is at a crossroads in life. A diminished bank account and a baby on the way with his estranged wife have his personal life in shambles. When Mr. Remiel, an elderly shut-in, offers Henry a lucrative sum to appraise his rural estate, he accepts without hesitation.

What follows is a harrowing exploration of mind and madness. A journey through an estate as vast and beautiful as it is secretive and horrific. When Henry closes in on the land’s dark truth, Remiel’s eccentric behavior takes a menacing and unforgettable turn.

In this twisted tale of morality and redemption, Henry must confront the terrors of his present while coming to terms with the horrors of his past.

Lifetime’s Series “The Omen” Moves To A&E

The short series development for Lifetime’s “The Omen” sequel set-up was originally meant to air next year with only six episodes. Plans have since changed, mostly due to the high success of A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’, for the series to set up shop over on A&E with an extended ten episode run. Evil awesome sauce!!!!

The OmenPress Release:
Produced by Fox TV Studios, the six-episode Damien follows the adult life of Damien Thorn (Bradley James), the mysterious child from the 1976 film who has grown up, seemingly unaware of the satanic forces around him. Haunted by his past, Damien must now come to terms with his true destiny — that he is the Antichrist, the most feared man throughout the ages.

Initially Lifetime had given a straight-to-series order to “Damien,” from Glen Mazzara based on the 1976 horror pic “The Omen.” It was due for six episodes, but A&E have extended this to ten episodes.

“A&E’s unwavering commitment to high-quality original scripted drama programming, coupled with the sizable fanbase for our hit series ‘Bates Motel,’ which so perfectly aligns with ‘Damien,’ make the network the ideal fit for this exceptional show,” said Sharenow. “We are thrilled with what we’ve seen so far and know that Glen and the creative team have even more story to tell in season one.”

Mazzara is exec producer and showrunner the series for Fox 21 Television Studios. Ross Fineman and Pancho Mansfield also exec produce. Bradley James, Barbara Hershey, Omid Abtahi and Megalyn Echikunwoke star.

“Glen Mazzara has re-imagined him as a dark, romantic, anti-hero and this fresh take blends complex characters with premium storytelling to make something truly original,” said Lifetime exec VP and g.m. Rob Sharenow.

Titled Damien, the drama centers on the film’s young boy Damien Thorn. Now an adult and haunted by his past, Damien is faced with a series of macabre events and must finally face his true destiny: he is the Antichrist.

Damien marks Mazzara’s first TV gig following his season-and-a-half run on The Walking Dead, where he helped propel the zombie drama to then-record ratings. The Lifetime gig also marks his latest movie-to-TV adaptation, joining Starz’s Crash follow-up. On the big-screen, Mazzara is writing Overlook Hotel, a prequel to Stephen King’s horror classic, The Shining.

New “The Last Witch Hunter” Teaser Shows A Clean-Faced Witch Hunter

last_witch_hunter-posterIt seems there is no place for both Vin Diesel's awesomeness and his beardom in modern times. The Last Witch Hunter cleans up his face for the new age as evident by the teaser trailer released. “The Last Witch Hunter” is directed by Breck Eisner and hits theatres on October 23rd, 2015. Diesel plays Kaulder in the action fantasy film. Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood co-star.

Tormented by the loss of his family and cursed with immortal life, the last witch hunter is all that stands between humanity and the combined forces of the most horrifying witches in history.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Walpurgisnacht & Beltane

WalpurgisnachtWalpurgisnacht is celebrated each year around April 30 - right around the time of Beltane. The festival is named for Walpurga, a Christian saint, who spent a number of years as a missionary in the Frankish empire. Over time, the celebration of St. Walpurga blended with the Viking celebrations of spring, and Walpurgisnacht was born.

In Norse traditions - and many others - this night is the time when the boundary between our world and that of the spirits is a bit shaky. Much like Samhain, six months later, Walpurgisnacht is a time to communicate with the spirit world and the fae. Bonfires are traditionally lit to keep away malevolent spirits or those who might do us mischief.

In some areas of Europe, Walpurgisnacht is known as a night on which witches and sorcerers gather together to do magic, although this tradition appears to be heavily influenced by 16th and 17th German writings.

Today, some Pagans in central and northern Europe still celebrate Walpurgisnacht as a precursor to Beltane. Although it is named for a martyred saint, many Germanic Pagans try to honor the celebrations of their ancestors by observing this traditional holiday each year. It is typically observed much like May Day celebrations - with lots of dancing, singing, music and ritual around the bonfire.

Beltane was one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals: Samhain (~1 November), Imbolc (~1 February), Beltane (~1 May) and Lughnasadh (~1 August). Beltane marked the beginning of the pastoral summer season, when livestock were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals were held at that time to protect them from harm, both natural and supernatural, and this mainly involved the "symbolic use of fire". There were also rituals to protect crops, dairy products and people, and to encourage growth. The sí (often described as 'the spirits' or 'the fairies') were thought to be especially active at Beltane (as at Samhain) and the goal of many Beltane rituals was to appease the sí. Beltaine was a "spring time festival of optimism" during which "fertility ritual again was important, perhaps connecting with the waxing power of the sun".

Ways to celebrate the holiday:
Celebrate Beltane with a Maypole Dance -The Maypole is one of the traditional symbols of Beltane, and let's not kid ourselves about its purpose: it's a giant phallus.

Beltane Bonfire Ritual - a group ceremony-bonfire is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The fire was more than a big pile of logs and some flame. It was a place where the entire community gathered around -- a place of music and magic and dancing and lovemaking. It was customary to light the fire on May Eve (the last night of April) and allow it to burn until the sun went down on May 1.

The bonfire was lit with a bundle made from nine different types of wood and wrapped with colorful ribbons. Once the fire was blazing, a piece of smoldering wood was taken to each home in the village, to ensure fertility throughout the summer months.

Hold a Family Abundance Rite for Beltane-Beltane is a celebration of fertility, and despite that it's a perfectly natural aspect of the human existence, let's face it -- some parents may not always be comfortable discussing the erect phallus of the god or the open womb of the goddess with their young children. However, in addition to sexual fertility, the Beltane sabbat is also about abundance, in many forms. Don't just focus on material gains -- it's about the growth of the earth and its bounty, and it's about increasing your own spiritual and emotional wealth.

DSCF2082It is also the pagan festival to the Lares, familial and communal spirits that watch over us all in our homes and our places of travel. This is a repeating holiday that flows throughout the year at many times of celebration, transition and days of honor. Call it ancestor worship, spirit magic or what you may, the Lares maintain a constant presence in our lives and must be acknowledged and shown affection so that they can protect and watch over our homes, places of worship and roads we travel both in this world and the supernatural one. So have a blessed day and have a safe and wonderful day of celebration.

If anyone wonders why Buddha sets at the altar at all times it is because he and his principles guide all I do in my spiritual dealings, daily affairs and balance. He is the godhead that anchors and balances all that I do. All my other gods and goddesses in my personal exploration of paganism set at his table. For me he is truly the wisest teacher and guide.

“Evil Never Dies” Hits Major VOD Outlets In American And UK

EvilsNeverDiesThe paranormal crime thriller “Evil Never Dies” hits major VOD outlets in North America and on Movies4men in the UK. The elevated horror is directed by Martyn Pick and stars Tony Scannell, Graham Cole, Anouska Mond, Fliss Walton, Katy Manning, P.H. Moriarty and Neil Maskell. “Evil Never Dies” will be available on May May 10th, 2015.

The plot follows Harry Payne who lives a very unsettled life even as an ex-gangster now seeking a new start after his release from incarceration. After settling in a small community to be near his wife committed to a close by hospice for mental issues, more troubles come to Harry Payne. He becomes the prime suspect of a series of brutal murders while dealing with the reputation that has followed him. However there are more maleficent works at play.

You can read my review of the film here: My Review Of “The Haunting Of Harry Payne”

"Evil Never Dies" is now available to download in Australia and New Zealand  via Sony Playstation,  Google,  iTunes, Xbox.

Saving Souls At Cutter’s Creek: My Interview With Axeman 2’s Farrah Abraham

FAShe has solidified herself in today’s pop culture based solely on MTV’s successful reality series ‘Teen Mom’, but Farrah Abraham isn’t content with just being known as a reality star. She has since moved on to legitimize her career as an actress/thespian, showing that despite how people may want to frame this young woman as novelty, Farrah has range and a desire to become more. I never watched ‘Teen Mom’ but thanks to a boyfriend addicted to reality television I am slightly up on Farrah’s role on the MTV series. It is her transition into the Film world that most interests me. Especially given that she is cast in one of my new fave slasher franchises- “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek Trilogy”

Farrah Abraham plays Fannie Rae Baker in “Axeman 2: Overkill”. This is her first feature film role, and I am instantly sold on her as an actress because she has chosen to let horror be her start into the industry. It has worked many times over for young ingénues looking to break into Hollywood. Although Farrah Abraham has already broke into that world. Let’s face it, love them or leave them, Reality TV has kind of kept Hollywood from dying a painfully, expensive death-especially on the small screen. Thank the gods for indie film, it just keeps beating and growing. But all that is really another article all together.

Farrah Abraham was kind enough to answer some questions for me about her role in “Axeman 2” , her transition from reality TV to film, and horror in general. Based on the responses I think choosing a horror film for her first feature is sort of a cathartic experience for the young actress. Honestly I think she is perfect for becoming a scream queen, I think it is a genre that her fan base will easily embrace. Farrah Abraham is still very much on Reality TV these days but like I said I don’t watch those, so I am super excited to see her performance in “Axeman 2”, as well as her budding career in feature film.

Here is my interview with Farrah Abraham who plays Fannie Rae Baker in “Axeman 2: Overkill”:

A Southern Life: You play Fannie Rae Baker in Axeman 2, tell me a little about your character ?
Farrah Abraham: Fannie Ray Baker  is a seemingly well-intended, conservative Evangelical do-gooder hiking through Cutter’s Creek with her husband Jim-Ed and long-time friend Irma Jean Manly to join her congregation at the Crimson Cross’ Christian Couples Camp for a good, wholesome fun. But along the way, we learn this trio’s true intent to murder Irma Jean’s husband David because he’s “leading souls away from God” through his psychiatric practice.

A Southern Life: Does she have what it takes to be the final girl?
Farrah Abraham: Yes Fannie Rae Baker can take care of her own by shutting the door on fear.

A Southern Life: What first drew you to the character?
Farrah Abraham: The diversity in Fanny Rae Baker given she's a bible hugger in a horror movie, and a married women was a role that I felt would be an epic fit. Adding my hillbilly up bringing Fanny Rae was very relatable .

FA2A Southern Life: Since leaving reality television how has the transition been moving into film?
Farrah Abraham: The transition into feature film feels like I belong , I enjoy being selfless and humbled by bringing a story to life - the experience of magic .

A Southern Life: Axemann 2 will be your first feature film, how has the process been preparing for the role?
Farrah Abraham: Preparing for Fanny Rae Baker  , I enjoyed every part of rehearsing and doing research on character development  which to me was most important & YouTube was a big help not going to lie.

A Southern Life: Have you always been a horror fan? What are some of your favorite horror films?
Farrah Abraham: I'm scared of horror movies and always have had nightmares and paranoid for weeks if I watch something scary , chucky and Saw are my most memorable and favorite horror movies .

UK Release Date Set For “The Canal”

The CanalTHE CANAL will open on ten screens on May 8th 2015 distributed by Kaleidoscope in UK and Eclipse in Ireland. Ivan Kavanagh's acclaimed supernatutal thriller THE CANAL stars Rupert Evans (Hellboy), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Under The Skin) and Steve Oram (Kill List). Along with Babadook and It Follows, THE CANAL is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and scariest genre films of this year. 

A film archivist is driven insane after newsreel footage reveals that the home he shares with his wife and son was the scene of a brutal murder. Following its world premiere at Tribeca THE CANAL has screened at over thirty international festivals including Busan and Fantasporto where Rupert Evans won Best Actor.

THE CANAL [ Teaser ] from Park Films- The Canal on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Evil Has An Appetite In “Raiders Of The Lost Shark”

lsThe DVD release date has been set for May 19th, 2015 for “Raiders Of The Lost Shark”. The film is directed by Scott Patrick and stars Candice Lidstone, Jessica Huether, Catherine Mary Clark, John Migliore. Check out the trailer below. You can preorder the b-movie mayhem at Amazon and MVD Entertainment Group.

Four friends set out by boat for a vacation on a private island. But unknown to them, a weaponized shark has escaped from a top secret military lab, a shark genetically engineered with hate in its blood, and programmed to hunt any human within range. Now, these friends must band together to battle an all new brand of predator who will stop at nothing to remain at the top of the food chain.

Poster And Trailer For “Area 51” Released

area-51-posterCheck out the new poster and trailer for Oren Peli’s “Area 51”. The film stars Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg, Ben Rovner, Jelena Nik and hits theatres on May 16th, 2015. “Area 51” is a highly anticipated horror project focusing on one of the primary foundation blocks of the UFO/Alien conspiracy that permeates modern culture. I am obsessed with everything extraterrestrial and I believe, next to Dulce, New Mexico this location is paramount in exploring the evidence of Alien affairs in this illusion of a human world.

Witness a new vision of terror from director Oren Peli. Three young conspiracy theorists attempt to uncover the mysteries of Area 51, the government’s top secret location rumored to have hosted encounters with alien beings. What they find at this hidden facility exposes horrifying, unimaginable secrets. Now you can experience their harrowing adventure in this footage pieced together from documentation of these chilling events.

First Promo For Season 2 ‘The Strain’ Surfaces

The StrainThe first promo for season two of FX’s horror series, ‘The Strain’ has surfaced. “Can You Trust Her” gives us a chilling reminder of how very dark and personal the vampirism infestation has become. Season two premieres this summer and is based on the horror fiction series written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

The Strain is a high concept thriller that tells the story of "Dr. Ephraim Goodweather," the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself.

Two Trailers Released For “Cub”

cubTwo trailers have come out for upcoming Norse horror “Cub”. The film has put out the official trailer along with a UK trailer for the pending release date. “Cub” hits the UK on June 22, 2015. It is directed by Jonas Govaert and stars Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Titus De Voogdt, and Maurice Luijten. “Cub” hits US shores August 18th, 2015.

Sam, an imaginative but vulnerable twelve year-old boy, heads off to camp with his Cub Scouts troupe. Mistrusted by the pack leader Peter and isolated by the other scouts, he becomes convinced a terrible fate awaits them in the forest after he discovers a mysterious lair. When Sam tries to warn them they ignore him and his darkest fears soon come to life as one by one his fellow scouts are hunted down leaving him to fight back to survive. Be prepared…



Check Out The First Look At “The Omega File”

OmegaFilePress Release:
We have a first look at the new Sci-fi TV Series The Omega File, which is now Filming on Location in Colombia. Solomon Archer, the leader of THE ALLIANCE, has been captured. He will be freed by his lover, a Snake Woman. Together with the help of Rocky and another team mate, they will try to destroy THE ORDER, the evil that is ruling planet earth.

The Omega File is Written, Directed and Produced by Massimiliano Cerchi, with Executive Producers Massimiliano Cerchi, Jeffrey A. Swanson and Damien Dante. And Stars: Phyllis Spielman, Sebastian Van Vrey, Don Yates, Didrik Davis, Al Snow, Jeff Kim and Jack E Curenton. SGL Entertainment is handling Sales, Acquisitions plus Distribution and have already secured a 4K Release with UltraFlix a streaming media service that will make The Omega File available on the new Samsung and Sony Bravia 4k Flatscreen and Curved TV’s.





My Review Of “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell”

house-of-horrors-gates-of-hell_large_800“House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” is an exercise in Scare. The film is from the company behind the notoriously thrilling horror attraction compound House Of Horrors. Directed by Daniel Monroe and stars Doug Bruch, Tim Bunch, Gary Dellaneve, Kyle Garrison, Sandra Grover, Michael O'Hear and Brenda Rickert. The story has the very grounds and props at the House Of Horrors take on supernatural aspects as demons flow into the haunted attraction when one of the guys opens the gates of hell.

It makes perfect sense that these guys running this attraction would make movies! They have the skill, the staff, the killer backgrounds and location and, thanks to CGI, the tools to create. “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” has a cool, complex story with plenty of drama and suspense. The comic relief takes away a lot of the scare factor but let’s face it-the story is as sensational as the surroundings. The guys up in this New York haunted location have created a Fun House Of Hell that looks amazing with some awesome props and concepts.

The acting and direction are both a bit above low budget armature ability. The acting does suffer somewhat as it becomes obvious most of the cast are just trying not to forget their lines. Some of the cast members give natural, noteworthy performances. The line delivery and creation of a paranormal story that all give in “Gates Of Hell” is very present, and gives us Monroe’s intended nightmare. The directing is proper! It is a classic design for setting up straight forward scenes that aren’t cramped with a bunch of camera trick-artsy styled-flavor of the moment concepts. The film is given to us in traditional, clean shot horror style that moves seamlessly even if the acting and effects aren’t stellar in a lot of the scenes.

Now about the special effects, “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” does rely a bit too much on that nasty companion of modern film-making, CGI. In some of the scenes the lower scale computer effects are acceptable. Mostly the supernatural or paranormal elements. However the CGI blood, decaps and such is really a tacky approach considering the obvious talent attached to the project. If you can let that be okay-and with this film I think most people can-then “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” is a fun, horror story that is meant to entertain and showcase the real star-the House Of Horrors haunted attraction. Check this one out it is a nice indie horror comedy with some awesome location and background shots.

Full Moon Streaming To Show “Autopsy” First Time Ever In America

autopsyOn Tuesday, Autopsy is coming to FullMoonStreaming, presented uncut for the very first time in America!  Directed by Armando Crispino and featuring a sinister score by Ennio Morricone, this Euro Horror classic was cut by over 15 minutes upon its 1975 American release. Now AUTOPSY has been restored from the original negative materials and presented uncut and uncensored

When the city of Rome is rocked by a wave of violent suicides, a young forensic pathologist (Mimsy Farmer), wracked by hallucinations of the living dead, and a priest (Barry Primus), running from his dark past, begin an investigation. Together they uncover a deadly secret... and a chilling slab of unspeakable horror.

Autopsy (1975) - Trailer by FilmGorillas

New Trailer And Stills For “Pernicious”, Also U.S. Release Date Announced

Wnbg0PSome new images and a trailer has come out for upcoming horror “Pernicious”. Along with the visual goodies comes the announcement of the film’s U.S. release. “Pernicious” is the paranormal horror film directed by James Cullen Bressack, produced by Benetone Films Thailand.

“Pernicious” will hit theatres on June 19th, 2015 and stars Ciara Hanna, Emily O'Brien, and Jackie Moore as three young educators starting off in a foreign land on a humanitarian mission. The movie tells of three young girls, holidaying in Thailand, who unleash the spirit of a murdered child with only one thing on her mind – revenge

You can read my review of the film here:






Monday, April 27, 2015

Poster And Trailer Revealed For “House Of Many Sorrows”

House of many sorrowsFresh off an around the clock marathon editing and sound mastering session, Director Barry J. Gillis states that the time has finally arrived for horror fans to get their first glimpse of HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS, starring Ginger Lynn Allen, Tom Malloy, and Kim Sonderholm.

HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS is a horror movie about guests of a country inn who begin disappearing and dying, after a mentally unstable man takes over his terminally ill mother's bed and breakfast operation. “ We are so excited about the release of the Movie Trailer, and delighted to have the Movie Poster revealed to the public for the very first time.” States Gillis.

Laurence R. Harvey of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE fame, also makes a special appearance in the movie. “Laurence does make an appearance in the movie, and I am overjoyed with his performance, but that is all I can tell you at this time.” comments Gillis.

Barry J. Gillis is responsible for bringing the world THINGS(1989) starring Amber Lynn, WICKED WORLD, and THE KILLING GAMES. Gillis says that this is his best movie yet. “Ya, I know the fans hear this line of bull all of the time, but one look at the movie trailer, and horror fans, will know right away that it is my best movie yet.”

Currently HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS is in Post Production in Edmonton, Alberta.
According to Gillis, the editing is coming along fine. His next movie, UNLAWFUL DETECTIVE” will star Len J. Philips, and Kim Sønderholm, and be shot in Toronto, Canada, in 2016.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Review Of “Backtrack: Nazi Regression”

backtrack-nazi-regression_large_800“Backtrack” is a dramatic thriller directed by Tom Sands and stars Mark Drake, Sophie Baker, Rosie Ackerman, Miles Jovian, and Julian Glover. It is an elevated suspense story with heavy metaphysical properties guiding a very psychological desire for vengeance. The plot revolves around a group of friends who set out to explore the reality behind one member’s regression story that dates back to World War II. The trip leads them into a nightmare where they are still very much behind enemy territory. (Cheesy I know but I just had to …)

The story is a complex narrative that is character driven. The drama is an intertwined melodrama of deception, suspense and the clashing of worlds by means of occult practices. “Backtrack” has a well written, very smart component that permeates the dialog, demands a belief in the supernatural, and explores past lives possibilities. On that level the film is excellent, a mature exploration of the ideals. There are elements that begin to wear down the suspense a bit. Dialog heavy, “Backtrack” demands a level of acting that the cast-although all give quality performances- cannot manage in order to keep the energy going from start to finish. The middle part gets a bit boring.

The cinematography and direction that Sands brings is a strong, atmospheric show of his talent. Although I longed for a darker, more intense level of storytelling that would have really had me on edge. Unfortunately this film maintains a more PG-13 tone both visually and in dialog. The real excitement shows up in the final act of the film when the stories collide with some visceral, gritty horror driven moments. There isn’t really any gore or heavy torture, but the attitude and feel of the final scenes hint to it. Overall “Backtrack” is a “soft” paranormal thriller, that is more closer to films like “The Innkeepers” as far as horror is concerned. On drama and story it is intelligent, contemporary, and yet whispers aspects of classic 60’s British metaphysics/ occult thrillers.

Living In A World Of Danger: My Interview With “Axeman 2” Actor Christopher Crabb

Christopher Crabb began acting at a young age landing a role on Disney’s hit series “Danger Bay” at age 15. He recently did a classic reunion segment for Entertainment Tonight as buzz gained at the mention of a reboot series to the show titled “The New Danger Bay”. After the six year run of the series Crabb went on to guest star in various vehicles such as “Life Goes On” and “The Pretender”. He later left acting behind to pursue another of his passions, Tennis. Christopher Crabb is a professional tennis player who also teaches some of Hollywood’s elite the game. However it is Christopher’s role in Joston Theney’s “Axeman 2: Overkill” that has the actor on my radar.

Christopher Crabb
“Axeman 2: Overkill” is the second installment to Theney’s slasher trilogy “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek”. In the film Christopher Crabb plays ‘Vincent’. This Crabb’s return to horror, most horror fans who grew up on 80’s VHS macabre will recognize the name from 1980’s “Funeral Home”. I recently had the opportunity to ask Christopher Crabb a few questions about his character in “Axeman 2”. Read what he has to say about the role of ‘Vincent’ and his return to horror.

Here is my interview with character actor “Christopher Crabb:

A Southern Life: Tell me a little about your character, Vincent?
Christopher Crabb: Vincent is a complex man, he lives in a world of violence and danger. He is a brilliant bank robber and killer yet he is a gay man and incredibly sensitive.

A Southern Life: You mentioned that Vincent is a gay character in Axeman 2. Is this your first time playing a gay character on screen?
Christopher Crabb: Yes, it is my first time playing a gay man on film.

A Southern Life: Vincent is a bank robber and noted killer, that requires some very toughness, something not always portrayed in gay characters. How was it getting into the mindset of Vincent?
Christopher Crabb: Getting into Vincent's mind set was definitely interesting. My mother was a Broadway dancer so I grew up around many gay men which facilitated my understanding of that part of Vincent's character.  Also I was a tennis pro, and a Pro's mindset is "kill or be killed" so I got to tap & marry those experiences.

A Southern Life: How important was it to make sure he didn’t come across as a caricature or stereotype?
Christopher Crabb: My hope is that with any role I play is that the character is real and authentic. 

A Southern Life: What do you relate to most about the character, and what do you relate to least?
Christopher Crabb: [Relate to most]Ironically his caring & sensitive side. [Relate to least]Vincent and I have different sexual preferences.
CC shirtless

A Southern Life:How does Vincent stack up next to the Axeman, does he have that "final guy" quality?
Christopher Crabb: Vincent uses his brains and guns. The Axeman uses brawn and axes. If Vincent can manage to keep his distance he has a fighting chance.

A Southern Life: What is your favorite horror film, who is your favorite director, and final girl/guy of the past?
Christopher Crabb: My favorite horror film director is Hitchcock and I love Psycho. My favorite final guy/girl of the past would be Norman Bates and Norman Bates.

A Southern Life: Your last feature film role was Teddy in "Funeral Home" before moving into television. How has it been transitioning back into film? Is it any different now from when you first started out?
Christopher Crabb: Not that different, in Funeral Home I had to piss my pants which was an embarrassing experience.
In Axeman 2, the way I die was also very embarrassing ( you will have to see the film to find out why).

A Southern Life: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?
Christopher Crabb: I come from a family of performers and actors. I did my first commercial at age 8. I realized I wanted to truly become and actor during the filming of American Christmas Carol at age 9. I had the great fortune to play Tiny Tim.

Kathryn Eastwood Joins Cast Of “You Found Me”

Kathryn Eastwood has joined the cast of the up coming indie thriller YOU FOUND ME, playing the lead role of STACY PHELPS.  She joins an amazing cast that includes,  Penthouse Pet of the Year TAYA PARKER playing HARPER, along with DEBORAH FUNES, DIANA PRINCE, including ex-recon Marine RUDY REYES playing RICK.  Production starts filming in LA May 10th,  before finishing in North Carolina.

Stacy’s abusive ex-husband is getting out of prison,  so she decides to take her daughter, along with her best friends to her parents beach house for a relaxing weekend.   Only to find out that her older sister is shooting a horror short for film school.  When,  two strangers show up on the beach lost and looking for direction.  Soon everyone will be caught in a game of survival.  Would you safe yourself or your bestie?
"I'm so excited to be working with this talented cast and crew on this film, it's going to be a bloody blast," Lawrence W. Nelson II.

YOU FOUND ME will mark the directorial debut of Lawrence W. Nelson II,  who also co-wrote the script with author JOHN SAUNDERS (The Last Spartan) series.



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