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World Premiere Of Giallo Trilogy "Abrakadabra" Set For SITGES

Press Release:
The film “Abrakadabra”, directed by brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti, will make its world premiere at the upcoming SITGES Film Festival in October where it will compete in the “Panorama Fantàstic” and “Blood Window” categories.
“Abrakadabra” was one of the 7 films selected to participate in the “Upcoming Fantastic Films” section at CANNES Film Festival this year.
“Abrakadabra” is the fourth film by the Onetti brothers and closes the “giallo” trilogy that began with “Sonno Profondo” (2013) and “Francesca” (2015). They also directed “What the Waters Left Behind” (2017).

“Dante, The Great”, a prestigious magician, accidentally dies during a risky magic trick. Thirty-five years later his son Lorenzo, also a magician, presents a magic show in one of the most important theaters in the city. From then on, a series of murders will begin to take place and will attempt to incriminate him. Lorenzo must discover who and why seeks to involve him before it is too late…
“Abrakadabra” is starred by Germán Baudino (“What the Waters Left Behind”, “2/11 Day of the Dead”) y María Eugenia Rigón (“Deadpoint”), and also starring Clara Kovacic (“I am So, Tita from Buenos Aires”, “Jasmine”), Ivi Brickell (“Until it happens”, “Parasomnia”), Gustavo D´Alessandro (“Francesca”), Raúl Gederlini (“Francesca”) y Pablo Vilela (“Giants of Mexico”).

"The Dead Center" Set To Screen At LA Film Festival

Billy Senese's "The Dead Center" is set to screen at Los Angeles Film Festival this year. It stars Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan, Jeremy Childs, and Bill Feehely.  Visit the film festival’s website for tickets.

When a mysterious “John Doe” wakes up in a morgue and wanders into a psychiatric ward, a devoted doctor and curious medical examiner must slowly uncover dark and sinister secrets about the man that reveal a more horrifying truth than they could have ever imagined.

Friday, September 21st at 7:30 PM / Arclight Culver City (9500 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232)

Shudder's 'Deadwax' series Set To Premier At Fantastic Fest

Graham Reznick's series 'Deadwax' for streaming service Shudder is set to have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest. The series plays with classic tomes of backmasking and urban legend and stars Hannah Gross. Go here for tickets to the premiere.

A young woman (Hannah Gross) is pulled into a murder investigation revolving around a curious vinyl record which has driven those who possess it mad, and killed anyone who dared to listen to it.

Holiday Horror "Hanukkah" Images and Details

Eben McGarr's holiday horror "Hanukkah" is now in post-production. The film stars Sid Haig, Caroline Williams, and P.J Soles. Check out the first look images released with Haig as Judah Lazarus.

Obediah Lazarus is the son of Judah Lazarus, the original Hanukiller. In 1983, Judah terrorized NY for seven nights and was preparing to sacrifice his eight-year-old son, Obediah, on the eighth night. Judah was convinced it was God’s will, like Abraham and Isaac, to sacrifice his only son to God. Luckily for Obediah, police tracked Judah down and stopped the sacrifice, but Judah was gunned down in the process. Warped by hatred with no guidance, Obediah Lazarus becomes a religious extremist, intolerant of non-Jews, “bad Jews”, and those he perceives to be enemies of the Jewish faith. He is about to unleash eight nights of horror. A group of Jewish teens are getting ready to party for the holidays, but are in for a Festival of Frights. With the help of a wise Rabbi, they deduce that the murder victims have violated Judaic law and that their only chance at survival is to embrace their faith.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

First Look At Kane Hodder In "Room 9"

First Look : Room 9 with KANE HODDER

PhilaDreams Films has released the first image of Kane Hodder in upcoming movie "Room 9". Written & directed by Thomas Walton, the film stars Hodder along side  Michael Berryman, Brian Anthony Wilson, Michael Emery, Tony Devon, Greg Painter, David Raine, Steve Nappe and Michael Grasso.

Brutal life altering sins of the past revisit modern day lost souls in a small town.

Trailer Release For Paranormal Horror "Ghost Light"

A trailer has been released for upcoming paranormal horror-comedy "Ghost Light". The film is directed by John Stimpson and stars Roger Bart, Tom Riley, Shannyn Sossamon, Danielle Campbell with Carol Kane and Cary Elwes. "Ghost Light" makes its world premiere September 22nd at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 

 A dark comedy about a disgruntled summer-stock actor who contemptuously disregards the superstition surrounding Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth. By doing so he unleashes the curse of The Scottish Play and wreaks havoc on the company.

Saturday, Sept. 22 at 6:30 PM at the ArcLight in Culver City.

Images And Trailer Released For "Creature From Cannibal Creek"

Check out the images and trailer released for b-movie,  creature feature "Creature From Cannibal Creek". The film is directed by John Migliore and stars Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith, Simon Wheeldon, Jim Ordolis, Lena Montecalvo and John  Migliore. Creature from Cannibal Creek has now entered into post-production.

Nature spawns a creature driven by vengeance to destroy a group of cold-blooded cannibals. Survival Zombie Films presents Creature from Cannibal Creek...

"Creature From Cannibal Creek" revolves around a group of cannibals that keep people in cages until they’re ready to be butchered. One of the captives escapes, but dies in the surrounding forest. Nature soon takes a hand, reviving the former captive and turning him into a marauding beast.

Survival Zombie Films on Facebook

IMDb Page

"World of Darkness" Documentary is Coming to VOD Platforms September

DARKCOAST and White Wolf present WORLD OF DARKNESS: The Documentary – coming to the USA this September.
Directed by award-winning Giles Alderson (The DareThe Heart of the Forest), WORLD OF DARKNESS is “a documentary that unites millions of worldwide fans through the evolution of one of the most prolific and genre-defining role-playing franchises capturing audiences worldwide since its inception in 1991 while exploring the most legendary role-play universes since Dungeon & Dragons,” picked up Deadline exclusively
Written and produced by Kevin Lee (Gaming the Real World) from Luckyday, White Wolf’s WORLD OF DARKNESS charts the rise and fall about one of gaming’s most significant role-playing games (RPGs) and the development of today’s modern vampire culture. “The docu dives into the universe of World of Darkness and exemplifies its primary influence from its first book, Vampire: The Masquerade, an innovative game play that focuses on its extended universe and making relationships within this universe rather than the traditional tabletop questing,” continued Deadline.
The most important point Alderson makes is why Vampire: The Masquerade was so important to the culture at large and how it changed not only the world of gaming but how it helped to shape pop culture all together,” wrote Quiet Earth.
WORLD OF DARKNESS showcases the large cultural impact that White Wolf continues to capture in its worldwide audiences. It could barely be predicted that its founders, Mark Rein-Hagen and Stewart Wierck, who started working out of their garage, would change RPGs forever. The game doc’s evolution and worldwide popularity is told through notable celebrities including White Wolf founders, alongside Vampire: The Masquerade artists, Andrew Greenburg, Justin Achilli, and Tim Bradstreet. Supporting interviews come from worldwide fans, archived footage and video from LARP (live action role playing) events that also assisted in the evolvement of the franchise into the true phenomenon it is today.
By celebrating “the crazy loyalists to these games who made it a part of their lifestyles and mode of dress […WORLD OF DARKNESS] is a detailed, in-depth documentary that explains the social phenomenon on the one hand, and the behind-the-scenes business machinations on the other. A must-see for all avid gamers,” wrote WonderWeek.
DarkCoast will bring White Wolf’s WORLD OF DARKNESS to the USA on September 18th, 2018 for its online digital release streaming on various VOD platforms (Amazon, InDemand, iTunes, Fandango, Dish, FlixFling, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Sling).
WORLD OF DARKNESS (2018, 89 min.) Directed by Giles Anderson. Written and produced by: Kevin Lee. Executive producer: Henrik Johannson. Edited by: Rodney Guest. Sweden, English. Figi Productions, Luckyday, White Wolf, TriCoast Worldwide, DarkCoast.

BearManor Media Presents The Weirdest Movie Ever Made: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

BearManor Media is proud to announce the release of The Weirdest Movie Ever Made: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film, a new book by Phil Hall. The book will be available in all book retail channels beginning October 1st for the suggested retail price of $24.95 for the hardcover edition and $14.95 for the softcover edition.

On October 20th 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin emerged from a forest in Northern California with 59 seconds of grainy, shaky, silent 16mm film that offered documentary evidence of the existence of the Sasquatch, a creature of Native American folklore. Although neither Patterson nor Gimlin had any previous experience in filmmaking or zoology, they presented their remarkable footage as the first motion picture evidence to confirm the existence of the elusive Sasquatch.

However, not everyone was convinced by the imagery on the Patterson-Gimlin Film. Additional doubt was generated by the strange story behind the film’s creation. Over the years, odd rumors emerged about the film, including the story of an Academy Award-winning make-up artist’s alleged role in assembling the creature seen on camera.

Film journalist Phil Hall traces the convoluted history of how Patterson and Gimlin supposedly wound up in the right place at the right time with their camera, and how they brought their weird little film into the scientific community and American popular culture. While the debate over the authenticity of the Patterson-Gimlin Film continues to percolate, few would question the effectiveness of how this piece of celluloid brought forth an unlikely sensation lovingly dubbed Bigfoot.

The Weirdest Move Ever Made: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film
By Phil Hall
Published by BearManor Media
122 pages
Hardcover: $24.95, ISBN 978-1-62933-357-1
Softcover: $14.95, ISBN 978-1-62933-356-4
Phil Hall is available for interviews in both the New York City metro area and in the major New England markets. He can be contacted directly at

Epic Pictures Preps 3 New Dread Presents “Double Feature” Collector’s Edition Blu-Rays! 

Following the success of the Blu-Ray collector’s editions for THE LODGERS, TERRIFIER, DIRECTOR’S CUT and TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY, Epic Pictures’ all horror label Dread Central Presents has prepped the next three releases in their numbered collection, and genre fans will be getting double what they’re used to!

The next 3 discs are all specially curated “double features,” loaded with hours of bonus content including audio commentaries, making-of featurettes, short films and more! ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT / VIDAR THE VAMPIRE, #SCREAMERS / THE MONSTER PROJECT, and IMITATION GIRL / NINA FOREVER will be the 5th, 6th, and 7th Blu-Ray releases, respectively.

For fans of foreign horror comedy, the pairing of the over-the-top Chinese gonzo flick ZOMBIOLOGY with the blasphemous Norwegian VIDAR THE VAMPIRE will make for bonkers home viewing! Fans of “found footage” are getting a double dose with #SCREAMERS and THE MONSTER PROJECT. Last but not least, our beautifully crafted sci-fi drama IMITATION GIRL is coming to Blu-Ray with the Blaine Brothers 2016 indie hit NINA FOREVER, available for the first time as a physical release in the States!

Each package comes with reversible cover art, each side showcasing each movie, so you decide which film you want to catalog in your collection!

Release date is scheduled for Friday, September 21st. Retail price is $19.99, but each double feature is available now at the discounted pre-order price of $14.99 each, or $45.00 for all three! You can also order all 7 Dread Central Presents collectors edition Blu-Rays as a bundled package for $99.99.

All Blu-Rays are region free. Shipping begins Friday, September 21st, within 2-3 business days.

My Review Of "Apocalypse Rising"

"Apocalypse Rising" is an apocalyptic - sci-fi - intergalactic -whorehound of a b-movie ride. The film is directed by Richard Lowry from a Gregory Wolk script. Shane Samples headlines a cast including Hunter Park and Johanna Rae.

Mia is an extrasensory teenage girl living on the planet Rathe, a world besieged by the undead. After a violent last stand, Mia and her warrior friends escape their world in a spacecraft.

"Apocalypse Rising" is a mash-up of every sci-fi, barbarian lore, future funk house,  b-movie,  kitchen sink story imagined between the 70's and now. Obviously though only the moments considered by genre fans to be the epic ones. Wolk clearly lives the life of mixed sci-fi storytelling. Every scene and every word muttered is meant to invoke the spirit of past b-movie , cult classic,  drive in movie moments we all fawn over. But you know the saying "If everyone is Han Solo then no one is Han Solo". 

The scenes seem stripped of substance , and feel chopped up. There is no real dialog that allows for a natural flow from moment to moment. Each sequence is trying to be as big and as epic a moment as the last,  but unfortunately they seem absurdly strung together and the intent gets overpowered by the ridiculous. Not that there isn't some cool, entertaining stuff in this film,  "Apocalypse Rising" just demands that you not only suspend disbelief but dive fully into insanity. 

The CGI is quality and overall the special effects work in this crazy train ride through time, space, religion,  aex, and the zombie apocalypse. I know right!? - all things to make you wanna check it out.  The low budget was utilized pretty good which gives "Apocalypse Rising" a better chance at being enjoyable. Oddly enough though,  considering how important it obviously was to dance around the porn-parody concepts, I would have found it a better movie if the writer and cast would have went all in. 

Overall "Apocalypse Riding" is a full "fence-strattling" situation. The film is so absurd and yet so much....! It will have you shutting down in act one,  or awe struck at the screen to the end. Still scratching your head, wondering "is this just bad, or so bad it is so good". Clearly no one involved was afraid to color outside the lines. (2.5/5)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Poster Release For "Killer Unicorn"

Check out the new poster released for LGBT-sploitation horror "Killer Unicorn". The film is directed by Drew Bolton from a screenplay written by José Alvarez. To be honest I only recently found out about "Killer Unicorn" but I am super psycho obsessed now! The film is described as a campy, queer slasher.

After a tragic event last year at Brooklyn's Annual Enema Party, a group of queer friends is stalked by a unicorn masked killer out for revenge, taking down one drag queen down at a time.

Dennis Buddesheim, Alejandro LaRosa, Markus Kelle, Monica Bradley, Horrorchata, Jose D. Alvarez, Ruby Roo, Biblegirl666, J'royce Jata, Matty Gliteratti, Chris Jehnert, Lady Havokk, Elizabeth James star in "Killer Unicorn".

My Review Of "e-Demon"

"e-Demon" is directed by Jeremy Wetcher and stars Julia Kelly, John Anthony Wylliams, Christopher Daftsios,and Ryan Redebaugh. The film movies past the basic video footage horror tropes into very modern concepts of social media nightmares. 

Tells of an escaped demon on a dark and twisted mission that manipulates a group of friends hanging out on a video-chat. The film is craftily structured – it takes place completely on a computer screen via the webcams being shown.

Kendra, AJ, Mar and Dwayne are old college friends who find themselves growing apart. Attempting to hang on to their good old Ohio State days, the gang gets together online for a night of stories, pranks and drinking via web-cam. As the evening progresses, they unknowingly release a deviously clever demon that had been trapped for centuries in Salem, Massachusetts. Since the demon can possess multiple people at once, the group of friends must determine who they can still trust in order to survive the demon’s dark and twisted mission.

Jeremy Wetcher's story is very straightforward , but simple it is not. "e-Demon" takes on some lofty big budget goals and manages to pull off ad good a story,  and a darker one, than either "The Den" or "Searching". And yet Wetcher's movie still has a very indie,  organic feel. It is a movie that you think will be a train wreck once you start watching and yet quickly sucks you in and holds your attention. You become the six member of this ill-fated friendsverse and lucky to have survived. 

The acting is rather good, there are some small moments when reactions and dialog feels contrived.  For the most part, however,  the cast give compelling and honest performances. The movies style can seem intimidating for some horror fans. Bits of txt messaging , video clips, and multiscreen video-chat windows on rotation can feel a bit disorienting,  but Wetcher keeps a controlled,  methodical handle on the sequencing of the material. 

The special effects are done well enough. "e-Demon" doesn't really bring anything new to the table,  but it does do a good job with the typical gimmicks. Thankfully the chsracters' reaction during the horror elements were believable enough to pull me into the events to feel the horror with them. Found footage has a natural achilles heel - the momentum of thrill and ability to hold audience attention varies from film to film, as is evident about 40 minutes in this one as well. Somehow though that lull is a microsecond of blah,  then things kick in and it gets exciting again. "e-Demon" is impressive and well worth watching. (4/5)

"WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE" World Premiere At The 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival

World Premiere At The 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival

Directed by Stacie Passon, based on the Book “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson, "We Have Always Lived In The Castle" stars Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario, Sebastian Stan, and Crispin Glover. 

Two sisters live secluded in a large manor and care for their deranged uncle. The rest of their family died five years before, under suspicious circumstances. When a cousin arrives to visit, family secrets and scandals are unraveled, and tragedy threatens to strike again.

Screening Times:
World Premiere | Saturday, September 22nd, 3:00pm @ ArcLight Culver City
Press & Industry Screening | Thursday, September 13th, 7:00pm @ Film Independent Office

Clip Released For German Horror "Four Hands"

Check out this clip released for upcoming German horror "Four Hands". The film is directed by Oliver Kiente and stars Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski, Agnieszka Guzikowska, and Detleft Bothe. "Four Hands" is set to be released on September 14th by Cleopatra Entertainment.

"Four Hands" follows sisters Jessica and Sophie who have remained in their family home even after they witnessed their parents’ murder there as small children. Now, 20 years later, learning that the killers will be paroled, Sophie begins to suffer blackouts during which she commits unspeakable acts. Is a vengeful spirit to blame? For his outstanding and unnerving second feature, Kienle gleefully ratchets up the tension by degrees to a knockout climax.

Birthing Horror "Cynthia" Releases Digital And DVD This Month

Cynthia is a horror comedy from the mind of Girls and Corpses magazine creator Robert Rhine. In the film, a desperate mother gives birth to the most hideous child ever imagined. From directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, this title stars: Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, 2007), Sid Haig (House of a 1000 Corpses) Bill Moseley (Repo! The Genetic Opera), Robert LaSardo and many others. Many of these filmmakers were at the film’s recent theatrical premiere (August 31st). Now, Cynthia will be re-birthed on Digital platforms and DVD this September, through Indican Pictures.

Robin (Taylor-Compton) and Michael (Kyle Jones) are ready to start a new family. After years of fertility treatments, something has changed in Robin’s womb. On the delivery table, a monster is born. But, Robin still loves this six-fingered and one-legged crawling nightmare. Will her neighbors be just as accepting? Probably not.

Cynthia has recently garnered an award at this year’s Independent Filmmakers Showcase. Here, Sid Haig won a “Best Supporting Actor” prize. Now, after a well received theatrical run, Indican Pictures will bring the malevolence and the laughs to home theatre systems. On September 18th, Cynthia will debut on Digital platforms and DVD. Don’t miss the birthing terror that is Cynthia, this September!

Cynthia [OFFICIAL TRAILER] from Indican Pictures on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gory First Look At Mockumentary "Human Hibachi"

First Look at Human Hibachi
Footage of a Japanese man documenting his girlfriends birthday.
What he catches on film is the most vile, horrifying human acts imaginable.

Mario Cerrito III owner of Cerrito Productions released some gory stills from his new horror project, a mocumentary titled HUMAN HIBACHI.
A Japanese man documents his girlfriends 35th birthday from the moment she wakes up to the moment everything goes wrong. Currently in post production and looking to premier in 2019.
Featuring Elizabeth Gaynor, Carmine Giordano, Wataru Nishida, Carley Harper, Sopheaktra Theng, Andrew Hunsicker, John Campanile and Stafford Chavis.

Official Human Hibachi IMDb page:
Official Human Hibachi Facebook page:

New Trailer Released For Indie Horror "Black Pumpkin"

A new trailer has been released ahead of KIFF (KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival) Double Feature event for "Black Pumpkin", showing with "Bloody Bobby" September 29th. Written and directed by Ryan McGonagle (Bloody Bobby) and produced by Shaeda Moghaddam (Crazy Bitches). Starring Ellie Patrikios (Snowfall), Grayson Kilpatrick (Chicken Girls: The Movie), Matt Rife (Wild N’ Out), Dogen Eyeler (Wildness), Malaak Hattab (Meth Head), Kamilla Alnes (American Horror Story), Curt Clendenin (Bloody Bobby) and Connor Weil (Roadies). 

On October 31, 2018, two preteens in a small town accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades. They are forced to survive through a terrifying Halloween night of cat-and-mouse, from the monster known as "Bloody Bobby."


One time only! For the first and last time, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival presents a double feature extravaganza of Halloween horrors, "Bloody Bobby" and "Black Pumpkin"! What's the bloody fuss all about? Find out for yourself, September 29th...if you DARE!
(Disclaimer: Watch at your own risk. Producers are not responsible for vomiting, fainting, or spontaneous supernatural possessions)
Tickets and KIFF info :

Psychological Thriller 'Homecoming' Streams This Fall On Amazon Prime

Psychological Thriller series "Homecoming", based on podcast of same name, is set to stream this Fall on Amazon Prime. The series stars Julia Roberts, Stephan James, Sissy Spacek, and Dermot Mulroney. "Homecoming" held its world premiere at this year's TIFF festival. 

The series directed by Sam Esmail,  created by Eli Horowitz, follows Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a Geist Group facility helping soldiers transition back to civilian life. Walter Cruz is one of these soldiers, eager to begin the next phase of his life.  Overseeing Heidi and the facility is Colin Belfast, an ambitious company man whose manic demands point to questionable motives.

Four years later, Heidi has started a new life, living with her mother and working as a small-town waitress, when a Department of Defense auditor comes to her with questions about why she left the Homecoming facility. Heidi begins to realize that there’s a whole other story behind the story she’s been telling herself

Vigilante Feature "Death Kiss" October Release

Uncork'd Entertainment announces a digital/VOD release date of October 2nd for new action-vigilante feature DEATH KISS.

Filmed in Northern California, the film stars Robert Kovacs (who has gained attention for his uncanny resemblance to a certain well-known action star), Daniel Baldwin (JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES), Richard Tyson (KINDERGARTEN COP, TWO MOON JUNCTION), Eva Hamilton (horror fest fave RUIN ME), Stormi Maya, Leia Perez, Reese Austyn, and Sam Story.

DEATH KISS concerns a vigilante with a mysterious past who goes to a crime-infested city and takes the law into his own hands, at the same time protecting a young mother and her child.

 Writer-director is Rene Perez (PLAYING WITH DOLLS: HAVOC).  Producer is Jeff Miller (THE TOYBOX, OUIJA HOUSE), through his company Millman Productions.  Gary Jones helped executive produce through his company Mosquito Entertainment.  Zach Carter served as Supervising Producer. 

 "Rene's movie is very cool and stylish.  It feels like a throwback to the Cannon films of the '80s," says Miller.  "After an enthusiastic response at Texas Frightmare Weekend in May, we're excited to show the film to the general public."

The DVD, with special features such as director's commentary and the trailer, will be released December 4th.


"Detective K: Secret Of The Living Dead" Digital Release Later This Month

Well Go USA set to release South Korean Fantasy "Detective K: Secret Of The Living Dead" September 25th. The film is directed by Kim Seok-Yoon and stars KIM Myung-min, OH Dal-soo, and Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki and Kim Bum. This is the third installment in the popular series. 

When a series of unusual murders occurs, Detective K (KIM Myung-min) and his partner (OH Dal-soo) are once again called upon to solve the case. Along the way, he teams up with a beautiful woman (KIM Ji-won) with amnesia and together they discover Vampire bite marks on all of the bodies. As they investigate further, they begin to realize that the woman is somehow closely connected to the deaths.

First Images Released For Marcel Walz "Rootwood"

Check out the first images and poster released for upcoming horror movie "Rootwood". The film is directed by Marcel Walz and stars Elissa Dowling, Tyler Gallant, Sarah French, Felissa Rose, Brandon Rhea and Tiffani Fest.

Two students host “The Spooky Hour,” a podcast about paranormal phenomena and urban legends. When they are hired by Hollywood film producer Laura Benott to shoot a horror documentary about the curse of The Wooden Devil, they smell their chance to become famous. Together, with their friend Erin, they enter Rootwood Forest and investigate the area to find out the truth about The Wooden Devil and his victims. 

Two New Clips Released For "The Basement"

Two new clips have been released for upcoming psychological horror "The Basement". The film starring Mischa Barton and Caleb Long is due out on demand Friday. It also has a limited theatrical release on the same day. "The Basement" is directed by Brian M. Conley and costars Jackson Davis, Cayleb Long, Tracie Thoms, and Bailey Anne Borders. Read my review here.

Craig is abducted and wakes up in a basement. His captor, Bill, is a twisted serial killer who wishes to reenact his own capture, with Craig playing the part of Bill and Bill playing everyone else. As Bill tortures Craig, he cycles through a number of personas, all while Craig tries desperately to find a way into Bill’s pathology in order to save himself.


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