Saturday, September 3, 2011

Better the Demons you know than the one you don’t!

"When London teenager Amber Johnson takes her own life, Archie Eden and seven other depressed London teenagers decide to follow her lead and create a suicide pact. As the group begins to die one by one, Archie realizes that they have all become the target of a masked killer and that his own commitment to death has become a terrifying fight for survival and a battle to protect the girl he loves. But who is the killer?"
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‘The Secret Circle’ Pilot Episode

I am all for witchcraft, wiccan, black magic, sorcery what ever you want to call it-I love it. To be honest though the only reason I am interested in this show is Thomas Dekker! The moment that boy flashed into my life on the short lived ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ I became Dekked for life! I have seen most everything else he has done from “All About Evil” , “Kaboom” and “Laid to Rest” to some internet spoof shorts that he and his little clique of Hollywogs are known to do. He is just easy on the eyes and a very intense actor to watch on screen. Anyway he is why I am giving ‘The Secret Circle’ my attentione. Not that I don't enjoy occult based shows. I loved Tara and Willow on ‘Buffy’ and enjoyed some of the storyline of ‘The Craft’ and the movie was ok for what it was and for that time in the 90’s. Usually I pass on shows about witchcraft because they are sometimes a little lesbianic and chauvinistic towards masculinity, as if to say “female good-male bad”. Like ‘Charmed’ did nothing for me because it seemed to portray the female characters as the only wholesome character and the only good male was a subservient and almost neutered male companion. Just my opinion. Anyway I ramble…the point of this post is to celebrate the pilot episode of ‘The Secret Circle’ with some production stills from the show! …So enjoy and blessed be!!
Episode 1.01 "Pilot" (9/15/11 Air Date; 9:00-10:00 PM):
FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER KEVIN WILLIAMSON (“THE VAMPIRE DIARIES”) COMES A STORY ABOUT A SECRET CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WITH EXTRAORDINARY POWERS — Cassie Blake’s (Britt Robertson, “Life Unexpected”) world is turned upside down after her mother dies in a mysterious accident, forcing Cassie to move in with her loving grandmother Jane (Ashley Crow, “Heroes”) in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington. While trying to adjust to her new life, Cassie is quickly befriended by Diana Meade (Shelley Hennig, “Days of Our Lives”), a sweet-natured classmate who offers to show her around and introduces her to mean-girl Faye (Phoebe Tonkin, “H2O: Just Add Water”), her sidekick Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy, “50/50,” “Smallville”) and Cassie’s next-door neighbor Nick (Louis Hunter, “Out of the Blue”). Things get complicated when she meets Adam (Thomas Dekker, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Diana’s boyfriend, with whom she feels an instant and powerful connection.
Upon meeting one of her mother’s childhood friends, Dawn Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge, “Species”), the school principal and Faye’s mother, Cassie begins to wonder why her mother never spoke of her hometown. When strange and dangerous things begin to happen, Cassie’s new friends are forced to tell her their secret – they are all witches, and her arrival will complete the Circle. However, the Circle has not been drawn together again by chance – Diana’s father, Charles Meade (Gale Harold, “Queer as Folk,” “Desperate Housewives”) has plans of his own for the group. Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Andrew Miller.

“Found” Trailer

Found centers around Marty, a shy, bullied fifth-grader who takes refuge in horror films… until his life turns into one. After finding a human head in his brother’s closet, Marty fears for the safety of his family while making a desperate effort to reconnect with Steve, the big brother whose homicidal cravings threaten to destroy life as Marty knows it.
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“Paranormal Xperience 3D” Trailer

“A group of university students set up camp in an abandoned town to investigate possible paranormal occurrences. Events take a turn with the appearance of a spectre that harasses them incessantly, a spectre only Angela´s sister, Diana, is able to perceive.”

Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Movies to help you survive that school spirit!

Already a new school year is upon us once again. Soon the leaves will be falling and the air will have that same dry dingy coolness that brings in fall season. The time when heavy sweaters, and hot cocoa begin to find its way into our comfort zones as we all begin to nestle in to a long and sometimes un nerving pattern. If it were not for the holiday season to keep people pleasant I think we all would embrace our inner demon and ride those waves of madness into total insanity and homicidal frenzy. So to help get all you victims, I mean students prepared for the coming academia fanfare here are 5 movies to teach you how to survive another year with all the crazy and debauched comrades that sit next to you in class, share those communal showers, and serve you at your lunch halls and local pubs, hell maybe even sleeping right next to you or just down the hall. So pop your Adderall, Vyvanse, or Adapect and enjoy these horrifically wonderful tells of terror and collegiate  slaughterfest.
The first film I suggest is “Hell Night” 1981.     
Four college pledges are forced to spend the night in a deserted old mansion where they get killed off one by one by the monstrous surviving members of a family massacre years earlier for trespassing on their living grounds.
The 80’s were for me was the best of the horror decades so far, the stories were simple and not over thought and the actors were dumb and ready to die. Always had nudity and plenty of blood and guts, and they were un apologetic and not politically correct by any means. They were fun to watch. So after “Hell Night” you have to watch  my number 2 film.
“Black Christmas” 1974
Black Christmas
A sorority house is terrorized by a stranger who makes frightening phone calls and then murders the sorority sisters during Christmas break.
“Black Christmas” is one of my all time favorites. It is from the 70’s so film quality is not all that great, but it is a great psycho slasher flick and it happens during Christmas break- Horror and Christmas, two of my favorite things! So after you finish with this gem pop another whatever you prefer and pour another jack an’ coke and enjoy my number three pick.
“Tag: The Assassination Game” 1982
College assassination game turns deadly as someone starts playing for real.
could not find the official trailer for this one but here is the opening sequence for the movie…
Once you have reach your state of paranoia with this film and calmed yourself back down so as not to assume that everyone in your study group or walking down the halls or hanging in the promenade is going to come at you with a hunting knife or put a cap in your ass then relax with another mixed drink and enjoy an under appreciated slasher flick brings ghost stories and urban tells closer to the new millennia  with my number 4 flick.
“Urban Legend” 1998
A college coed suspects that murders around her campus are connected to Urban Legends.
After you have finished with “Urban Legend” and the Adderall and alcohol have really got your blood going then ball up on your futon and watch my final fright flick.
“Sorority House Massacre” 1986
Beth visits her friends' sorority and finds it hauntingly familiar. The girls' night of fun becomes a night of terror as Beth remains unaware that an escaped psycho stalks the girls one by one!
So have a great and gorific school year and play safe and try to stay alive!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Panic Button”

When four strangers meet for the first time at an airport, they all seem very familiar with each other. Having each won a free trip to New York through their membership to the Facebook-inspired '', revelations begin to emerge about the details they’ve garnered from the profiles of their fellow competition winners.

Soon after boarding the opulent private jet that will transport them to their destination the onboard entertainment begins in the shape of a quiz based on the group’s online habits. The initial alcohol fuelled atmosphere of unbridled excitement soon starts to turn sour as what seems like a little bit of fun to while away the hours soon evolves into something much more sinister.
This quiz is hosted by a CGI crocodile whose bite is certainly more deadly than his bark and who appears to be worryingly over familiar with the online footprint of each passenger, including every site they’ve visited, video they’ve watch and most importantly everyone they’ve made friends with and spoken to. The questions become increasingly more personal, before a series of horrifying tasks commence with more than just luxury prizes at stake.
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The film debuted at Film4 FrightFest 2011 and is directed by Chris Crow.

‘Prophet” Trailer

Ronald Sinclair, a man suffering from a great loss, seeks closure within a small rural church, ….only to discover a disturbing secret.
The man known for very dark and cynical horror dosed with bitter sweet humor that makes you gasp in shock and revel in amusement has this new short film to add to his many twisted and tasty horror treats.  He recently told writer Goon that he intends to travel this project through the coming film circuit and hopefully turn it into a feature film…We can only hope!

“To Die Like A Man”

Tonia is a larger-than-life drag icon of Lisbon’s night life in the late 1980s. At the peak of her career, she meets and falls in love with Rosario, a young soldier who's gone AWOL. Under pressure from Rosario, Tonia begins a series of operations to become a woman but the final step proves much harder than she could have guessed. Torn between her love for Rosario and her deeply-rooted religious convictions, Tonia looks for distraction in a trip to the countryside with Rosario. Lost along the way, the couple find themselves in an enchanted forest where everything they think they know about life and love is proven wrong. Part melodrama, part phantasmagorical fairy tale, To Die Like A Man is visual extravaganza.
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“The Harsh Light Of Day” Trailer

After returning home from the launch of his book about the occult, Daniel Shergold's house is broken into by thugs, who beat his wife to death and leave him paralyzed. A depressed agoraphobic in his secluded country cottage, Daniel mourns the death of his wife while being cared for by home nurse, Fiona. He is unable to accept the lack of success the police have in finding his wife's killers. Daniel accepts a visit from a mysterious stranger who insists he can help him reap revenge. He agrees and is thrown into a strange and horrific transition into darkness. With renewed strength, Daniel sets out to avenge his wife's murder, but at what cost?
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More Brains Please!!!

From the Press Release
Just when you thought it was safe to be dead! Members of the creative team behind the award-winning Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and Bio Channel’s Inside Story: Scream have joined forces once again to unearth the story behind cinema’s coolest zombie movie, The Return of the Living Dead.
More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead is the definitive exploration of the outrageous splatter classic which has continued to terrify and entertain horror fans for over twenty-five years with its delicious mix of blood, guts, sex and punk. Boasting off-beat humor, plenty of attitude and one of the most famous zombies ever committed to celluloid, it's easy to see why the film's legacy continues to grow.
Filming on the two-hour retrospective began in April 2011 in and around Los Angeles, and fans will finally be able to explore the film's journey from the world of Night of the Living Dead to the mind of acclaimed writer/director Dan O'Bannon. Narrator Brian Peck ("Scuz" from the original 1985 film) guides you through the blood, sweat and tears as cast and crew look back on their graveyard experience creating the movie that’s been called “a beauty of a cult classic!”
This entertaining and informative project will be the ultimate account of the tongue-in-cheek, stylish and apocalyptic zombie movie. It features -- for the first time ever! -- contributions from all the main cast as well as clips, photographs, storyboards, conceptual art, publicity materials, archival documents and behind-the-scenes footage.
“Watching movies like Return of the Living Dead at a young age set me on a course for the horror films I love today,” says director Bill Philputt. “It’s an honor to work so closely with people I've known for years. Getting such great insight into the making of the film, as only the cast and crew can give, has been a fantastic experience.”
Executive producer Michael Perez agrees, “Working with the cast of the film very closely for the last five years, they became more than clients and turned into great friends. Being able to see the impact they and the film have had on fans all around the world is incredible, making me realize Return of the Living Dead has a real story to tell. I decided I wanted to help bring that to life, and I hope the fans of the franchise will embrace this incredible retrospective as they have the movie.”
“When I was approached to produce the project, I quickly proceeded to rewatch the original film,” adds producer Thommy Hutson, who has some experience unlocking the behind-the-scenes secrets of horror genre classics as writer/producer of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and Inside Story: Scream, among others. “Within minutes I realized I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. Return of the Living Dead is classic 80s horror: it’s scary, funny, gory, sexy and completely cool. I just really loved the idea of exploring how the film was made and quickly realized the behind-the-scenes stories were sometimes as scary, funny, gory and sexy as the film itself!”
Beverly Randolph, star of the original 1985 film and executive producer of the retrospective, adds, “It has been so wonderful to finally set the record straight. Our incredible fans have so many great questions that they want answered, and we are finally able to give them what they want. It has been such a wonderful and warm stroll down memory lane, and I am forever grateful for this chance to remember something so special and to be able to capture it forever!”
In addition to the comprehensive two-hour documentary, the October DVD release of More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead features an additional two hours of killer extras that will make viewers want to come back from the grave and party!

Two Clips from “Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”

The buddy comedy/slasher spoof, "Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre", is set for a September 9th limited theatrical release through Nocturnal Features, followed by an October 4th DVD release.
Director Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the title halfwit half-brothers. They are joined by cult stars Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, CKY lead singer Deron Miller. The movie also stars Felissa Rose in a role that lampoons her performance as a transgender killer in the original Sleepaway Camp.
"If Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber happened upon Sleepaway Camp, you'd essentially get Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre, a comedy horror that succeeds in pulling delivering raucous laughs," says Film Threat's Felix Vasquez, Jr. It has been called "funny and unashamed" by Dread Central and "like Abbott and Costello meets something from the Troma vault" by
This indie comedy received acclaim at the 2009 Fright Night Film Festival and a best editing award at the same year's Long Island Film Festival.

“Queen’s Road Ripper”

“What if one of the world’s most notorious serial killers left his home for the mean streets of Hong Kong?”
There have been many speculations and presumptions about Jack the Ripper, who he was, why he stopped, and where he went, all of which deflect the obviously poor police work by the british force due in part to social economic prejudices and stereotypes that prevailed during the time of one of the world’s most notorious serial killers. He has been placed in the palace of the queen, the American Colonies, and now deep in the colonized heart of China- Hong Kong!
Above is teaser art for what will be assuredly one to go with the myriad tells and adages of the horrifying story of Jack the Ripper.

“Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders”

I remember sneaking into the living room one night as a kid and watching the movie on cable. It scared the shit out of me! Months after seeing the movie I remember looking in my closet and under my bed for any sign of ghosts or monsters that could get me while I slept. The film also made me momentarily afraid of my parents but that didn’t last long because the nightmares that followed my watching “The Amityville Horror” were quelled by my mom and dad at different times on many nights. Later when I discovered the good shit in the school library- you know the occult, horror-fiction, and paranormal materials, I found the book about the house and the murders and learned that it was based on true events. It shattered the veil between fantasy and reality for me. That is what ultimately started my affection and at times obsession with horror and fiction. Since then I have seen documentaries and variations on the story of the Lutz family scare, and the Defeo murders. I still question whether it was drugs and debt or demons that orchestrated the nightmare. I am excited to see this knew film of the events that took place and made me fear so many places and people in my life.
It’s time to revisit America’s most infamous “haunted” house and the crime that inspired “The Amityville Horror.”
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“Undocumented” Teaser Trailer

The features is a suspense thriller in which a documentary crew accompanies a group of illegal immigrants crossing the border, but run afoul when they're captured by a gang of sadistic Radicals on location in New Mexico.
In theaters September 9th in New York, and On Demand nationwide September 14th thanks to IFC Midnight.

“Shock Labyrinth 3D”

When a small group of young friends spending the day at a theme park near the foot of Mount Fuji sneak into the park's haunted house attraction after hours, the innocent children's escapade results in the mysterious disappearance of one of them, Yuki.
On a rainy evening ten years later, Yuki inexplicably reappears, turning up at the apartment of one of the girls who was present when she disappeared. Yuki is soon reunited with her friends but shortly afterwards collapses and the group rushes her to a nearby hospital where they are unable to find anyone to treat their friend. With little option but to wait in the hospital, they begin to look for help but soon find things are not as they seem. As the night wears on, the friends begin to relive the events from a decade ago and soon come face to face with the terrible truth behind Yuki’s disappearance.

“Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”

From the Press Release
The buddy comedy/slasher spoof, "Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre", is set for a September 9th limited theatrical release through Nocturnal Features, followed by an October 4th DVD release.
Director Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber) and Paul Chomicki star as the title halfwit half-brothers. They are joined by cult stars Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, CKY lead singer Deron Miller. The movie also stars Felissa Rose in a role that lampoons her performance as a transgender killer in the original Sleepaway Camp.
"If Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber happened upon Sleepaway Camp, you'd essentially get Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre, a comedy horror that succeeds in pulling delivering raucous laughs," says Film Threat's Felix Vasquez, Jr. It has been called "funny and unashamed" by Dread Central and "like Abbott and Costello meets something from the Troma vault" by
This indie comedy received acclaim at the 2009 Fright Night Film Festival and a best editing award at the same year's Long Island Film Festival.
The DVD contains over six hours of content, including:

  • Three commentaries

  • Several featurettes

  • Bonus short sequel, Caesar & Otto Meet Dracula's Lawyer, which features cameos from Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Paul Ehlers (Madman), Desiree Gould (Sleepaway Camp) and Robert Lee Oliver (star of Flesh Eating Mothers). Director Campfield is currently in post production on Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas. The feature length sequel send-up of the Christmas slasher subgenre features an appearance from Silent Night, Deadly Night's Linnea Quigley.
    "Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre" is currently available for pre-order at most online DVD retailers.

  • Website! and Facebook Page!

    “Sucker” Teaser Trailer and Poster

    Jim Crawley is having a really bad day. He gets fired from his job at the nuclear power plant, his car is impounded and he discovers his wife having an affair. To make matters worse, Jim gets himself abducted by an evil scientist looking to conduct human testing for a vaccine against a deadly mosquito borne virus spreading across the planet. It turns out that years of exposure to nuclear radiation and rabid mosquito DNA don't mix very well and Jim transforms into a half man-half mosquito, hell bent on revenge. Sucker… payback's an itch
    “Sucker” Website and Facebook Page!

    “Unidentified Video”

    “A horror movie about the mysterious happenings that happen to a pair of sisters after watching an unidentified video. Directed by Kim Tae-kyeong, Park Bo-yeong plays Se-hee who tries to save her sister Jeong-mi, her boyfriend Joo Won and Kang Byeol plays the sister.”
    Unidentified Video hit Korean theatres on August 11, 2011.


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