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Int. Monster Bash 2011

Monster Bash  
June 24-June 26, 2011
Days Inn Conference Center, Butler, PA
37 miles north of Pittsburgh
Bring all your monster friends and make new ones! 

THURSDAY June 23, 2011
For people coming in early for Monster Bash, projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will be screening various 16mm films through the evening at various times.
FRIDAY June 24, 2011
12:00 Noon - 16mm FILM: MONSTERS WE'VE KNOWN AND LOVED. It's our traditional opening short film. A documentary produced back in 1964. A look at the classics from the early days through the eyes of 1964. Narrated by Joseph Cotten. Introduced by Ron Adams.
12:30 PM - THE WITCH'S DUNGEON - The latest documentary from Cortlandt Hull with Bill Diamond from MONSTER TV!
1:30 PM - CREEPY COOL SHORT FILMS: THE GLOB (Monster Kid Home Movie) and THE INSITUTE OF SEANCE (All Grown-Up Monster Kid Movie). Introduced by director Kevin Corcoran.
2:00 PM - Bela Talk with Author FRANK DELLO STRITTO. The author of VAMPIRE OVER LONDON and A QUAINT AND CURIOUS VOLUME is back with a special, fun presentation!
3:00 PM - MOVIE: DIALOGUES WITH DEATH - THRILLER (1961). Boris Karloff and Monster Bash Guest of Honor Ed Nelson together in two teleplays that broadcast on one Thriller showcase. Ed is absolutely great in both stories.
4:00PM - Q & A SESSION - Ed Nelson. Ed was a Roger Corman regular appearing in scores of films. He appeared on almost every 1960s and 1970s TV you can come up with. His TV career includes a long term stay at Peyton Place. Moderated by ace interviewer and Monster Bash staffer Bob Pellegrino.
5:30 PM - MOVIE: CAVE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1964) This film was also known as NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE. It was imported by movie producer Richard Gordon back in the 1960s. Richard introduces the flick with background information.
7:00PM - SPECIAL: GILLIGAN'S HORROR ISLAND (Classic TV) Two spooky episodes of the classic TV show with Dawn Wells as Mary Ann. There are vampires and a Mr. Hyde afoot on the tropical island!
8:00PM - SPECIAL: Q&A: Dawn Wells. Dawn speaks to fans about her years on the iconic TV show and other film projects. Moderated by WQXE announcer Scott Goettel. Plus, don't miss some special appearances both before and after the Q&A courtesy of Bash staffers Kevin Slick, Leonard Hayhurst and Thom Subilla.
9:00 PM - DINNER BREAK & BASH BAND: It's time to catch your breath and have dinner. Enjoy The Monster Bash Band in the hotel restaurant bar. The band features staffers: Kevin Slick on guitar, Bob Pellegrino on the skins, Dan Weber thumping the electric bass, and Bash vendor Steve Unger (from the band Sunrise Highway) on keyboards. With a special guest appearance by the one and only Mark Statler!
10:00 PM - MEXICAN MONSTER NIGHT: SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN (1961). Really moody and creepy in spots as a coven of female vampires in a run down castle threaten the old country. Don't worry, hero Samson (Santo) is on the case. Watch him wrasslin' a werewolf and take on the horde of vampires. Great fun. Introduced by your Mexican Monster Night host, author Roberto Cotter and a guest appearance by El Diablo. Free tacos and burritos (while they last).
11:30PM BASH LATE NIGHT with 411Mania Movie Reviewer Leonard Hayhurt: A double feature of low budget madness! First a brief(!) Q&A with David "The Rock" Nelson as they discuss the making of our first feature WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE. Then, it's Leonard intrudcing that wonderous John Carradine wild west horror: BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA!
1:30AM BALLYHOO PRODUCTIONS: HAMMERLAND with Daniel Griffith: A sneak peek at the forthcoming Hammer releases from Synapse DVD/Blu Ray, A new short documentary - THE PROPS THAT HAMMER BUILT! - a tour of props from Hammer, and GROTEQUERIES: A history of the circus in horror films.

SATURDAY June 25, 2011
8:30AM - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS & CEREAL. Cartoons for kids of all ages. Plus, FREE cereal is passed out to the audience...just the way Saturday morning used to be growing up...cartoons and cereal. Hosted by TV horror host SON OF GHOUL!
9:30AM - SHORT FILM: DRACULA MEETS FRANKENSTEIN. A short stop-motion film featuring our favorite monsters. Time consuming, old school, puppet animation by super-fan Michael Aguilar.
10:00AM - MONSTER BASH "NOT SO" FORGOTTEN FILM SERIES: DRACULA (1931). The one that started it all! WATCH THIS MOVIE will be the subject of Tom Weaver Quiz Show that follows this presentation. It'll be your chance to win great prizes! Background and information on DRACULA by Universal Historian Richard Scrivani.
11:30AM - MONSTER BRAIN BRAINTWISTER QUIZ SHOW with your host Tom Weaver. Win DVDs, books and other cool prizes in this live quiz show about DRACULA!
12:00Noon - 16mm PROGRAM: SATURDAY STOOGE MATINEE. Cleveland TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL runs amok with his Stooge show!
1:00PM - GHOUL A GO-GO (Retro!) Stars Vlad and Creighton...and The Invisible Man! It's a kid's TV show in black and white that looks like a cross between American Band Stand, Captain Kangaroo and The Addams Family. Twist to twisted fun with your favorite Ghoul A Go-Go personalities. Bring the kids to this inter-active eerie event as they present they're latest show!
1:30PM - BALLYHOO Sneak-Peeks! Join Daniel Griffith, documentary producer for cool projects. See the world premiere of the GAMERA vs. THE CHIODO BROTHERS featurette and CITIZEN WOOD: MAKING THE BRIDE, UNMAKING THE LEGEND documentary... and a sneek peek at something REALLY cool for classic Universal and Monster fans...keep your "Hat On." Heh.
2:30PM - INTERACTIVE ART: Daniel Horne - Monster Maker! More details forthcoming on this very special presentation by sculptor, painter, mask maker and big 'ol Monster Boom Generation kid - Daniel Horne.
3:30PM - MOVIE: RETURN OF DRACULA (1958). Starring Francis Lederer and Monster Bash Guest of Honor Norma Eberhardt.
5:00PM - Q&A: Norma Eberhardt. She worked with Mike Conners, appeared on Hogan's Heroes, Dragnet, worked with Kenneth Tobey and, of course, was the female lead with Francis Lederer in THE RETURN OF DRCULA. Moderated by Bob Pellegrino.
5:30PM - TRIBUTE TIME: THE QUEST FOR DWIGHT. Hosted by Charles Henson. A wonderful montage tribute to Fritz, Renfield, Karl, Herman...but mostly to the man who was those characters on screen - Dwight Frye. This will be followed with a salute to the late great Bash guest Kevin McCarthy with a short film I bet YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN of Kevin McCarthy. 16mm print provided by Bash staffer Dan Weber.
6:30PM - MONSTER BASH COMEDY: DON REESE. The man with the big heart and outrageous sense of humor, twisted into the world of monster movie fans. If you've never heard Don before...for heaven's sake, don't miss this.
7:00 PM - MOVIE: THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE (1943). Bela Lugosi in one of the few times he actually played a real vampire...and he's great as the evil count and even has a werewolf assistant (Matt Willis).
8:30PM - Q & A SESSION: HAMMER VAMPIRE GIRLS! It's three wonderful women that all starred in Hammer Horror vampire films: Caroline Munro, Veronica Carlson and Yvonne Monlaur. Moderated by Bob Pellegrino.
9:00PM - BASH SPECIAL: LET THEM EAT CAKE! Guest of Honor Reception, photo ops & monster sized sheet cakes will be set up and served in the lobby, free to all Bash attendees!
9:30PM - OUTDOOR FILM: BLOOD OF DRACULA (1958). Drive-in style. We will show the film in the back parking lot. You will need to have your car facing the woods in the back of the hotel. If you won't have a vehicle, bring some "Off bug repellent, " a blanket and we'll have the audio on a PA system. Special thanks to Drive-In historian Mark Bialek and projectionist Geoffrey Curtis for making this happen. And, make sure to check out Mark's Drive-In Web areas at! In the event of rain..this will run indoors. Be ready for vampire fun during this presentation - DON'T MISS IT!
11:30PM - LIVE THEATRE - DRACULA'S GUEST. Actor Zach Zito presents his one man play of this Bram Stoker classic. Zach is phenominal....don't miss him! Plus, be ready for an extra special guest actress!
12:00 MIDNIGHT - THE MONSTER BASH "FESTIVAL OF THE NEW WINE Song." A Monster Bash tradition. Bob Pellegrino sings the "Song of the New Wine" from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. ALSO - Two lifetime "Monster Bash Award" will be be presented. Two people who have supported Monster Bash through the years, and have helped keep the genre alive and well, will receive the MBA - "The Forry!" The MBA represents a lifetime achievement of fostering the love of classic movies, preserving the popularity and and preserving the memories of the actors that brought them to us. Plus, the great free prize toss, this year featuring magazines, DVDs, and just plain cool Monster Kid stuff. Plus, we'll be assisted by special guest Count Gore DeVol!
12:30AM - RAY HARRYHAUSEN BIRTHDAY PARTY FROM ENGLAND TO BUTLER, PA. Thanks to friend of Monster Bash, Ken Blose, you can relive Ray Harryhausen's birthday and see him recieving the wishes that many of you wrote to him last year at Monster Bash.
1:00AM - THE MONSTER BASH MYSTERY MOVIE. Projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will pull a 16mm celluloid treat out of a dusty film can for your viewing pleasure.

SUNDAY June 26, 2011
9:00AM - MONSTER BASH MASS. Father Mike returns to give Mass at Monster Bash. All denominations are welcome. Yes, Father Mike is a real priest from Ohio. Attendees don't have to go out looking for a church. We do it here with all your friends.
9:30AM - MOVIE: NOSFERATU (1922). Count Orlak performs this film score by composer and Bash staffer Kevin Slick...for this classic vampire flick live....a twisted twist....
11:00AM - SCARY MONSTERS THEATRE: ATTACK OF THE CREATURE - It runs in the family. A film by Dylan James Druktenis....son of Scary Monsters magazinr publisher Dennis Druktenis. See a mutated giant cousin of Gamera threaten life on our planet as it begins to devour the great city of Chicago. Introduced by Dylan Druktenis.
11:30AM - MONSTER KID HOME MOVIE THEATRE: CHARLIE CHAN IN TRANSYLVANIA - Brian Nichols and family present another fangtastic home-made movie and Brian keeps topping himself. From the preliminary sneek peeks this will be he most fun yet. Don't scare miss it! Introduced by Brian NIchols.
12:00NOON - Q&A: JOHN STANLEY. He stepped into big shoes left by legendary west coast horror host Bob Wilkins and became one with his own style - John Stanley. Even if you didn't grow up on the west coast, as a fan you probably have well-worn editions of his CREATURE FEATURES movie guides. He's interviewed all the greats of the 1960s-1980s in horror and sci-fi. Moderated by Leonard Hayhurst.
12:30PM - THE SON OF GHOUL 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.....25 years of crazy antics on Ohio'll see stuff that you won't believe was ever on TV. A hoot and a salute to our guest and friend - TV Horror Host Son of Ghoul!
2:000PM - MOVIE: BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE (1957). Stars Robert Dix, John Carradine and Paul Raymond. Directed by the notorious and tragic Al Adamson. See Robert steal the show as the demented psychopath "Johnny."
3:30PM - Q & A SESSION: Robert Dix. Robert's film credits include BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE, FORBIDDEN PLANET, FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, the James Bond film LIVE AND LET DIE. His TV appearences include classic westerns GUNSMOKE, THE RIFLEMAN and RAWHIDE. His father was also a famous actor, Richard Dix, who appeared in THE GHOST SHIP (1943) and over 100 films. Moderated by Ron Adams.
4:00PM - SPECIAL FEATURE: TRIBUTE: A fnd look back at all the Monster Bash past guests and classic horror and sci-fi stars that we lost over the past year. Compiled, produced and presented by Charles Henson
4:30PM - MONSTER BASH MEMORIES: MONSTER BASH 2010. What a great way to end another Monster Bash. Let's re-live Monter Bash 2010. Introduced by Charles Henson.

New Poster For Sci-fi "Real Steel"

A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.
Starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, Anthony Mackie, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn, Olga Fonda, Dakota Goyo, Julian Gant, and directed by Shawn Levy.

Trailer for Italian Horror "Io Sono Morta"

Synopsis: “Lisa and Andrew are a couple of friends in the hike, but will not be a relaxing day that they will spend …”

Io Sono Morta (I’m Dead) is written and directed by Francesco Picone and stars Federico Mariotti, Elisa Forti and Stefano Martinelli.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

First Image From "Dracula" Revamped by Dario Argento

The tale begins with Jonathan Harker journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's crumbling, remote castle situated in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania. The purpose of his mission is to catalogue the big library of Dracula. At first enticed by Dracula's gracious manner, Harker soon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle. He also begins to see disquieting facets of Dracula's nocturnal life. One night while searching for a way out of the castle, and against Dracula's strict admonition not to venture outside his room at night, Harker falls under the spell of three wanton female vampires, the Brides of Dracula. He is saved at the last second by the Count because he wants to keep Harker alive. Harker barely escapes from the castle with his life. Soon Dracula is tracking Harker's devoted fiancĂ©e, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and her friend, Lucy Westenra. There is a notable encounter between Dracula and Renfield, an insane man who means to consume insects, spiders, birds, and other creatures — in ascending order of size — in order to absorb their "life force". Renfield acts as a motion sensor, detecting Dracula's proximity and supplying clues accordingly.
Lucy begins to waste away suspiciously. All her suitors fret, and Seward calls in his old teacher, Professor Abraham Van Helsing from Amsterdam. Van Helsing immediately determines the cause of Lucy's condition but refuses to disclose it, knowing that Seward's faith in him will be shaken if he starts to speak of vampires. Van Helsing tries multiple blood transfusions, but they are clearly losing ground. On a night when Van Helsing must return to Amsterdam, Lucy and her mother are attacked by a wolf. Mrs. Westenra, who has a heart condition, dies of fright, and Lucy apparently dies soon after. Lucy is buried, but soon afterward the newspapers report children being stalked in the night by a "bloofer lady". Van Helsing knows that this means Lucy has become a vampire. The suitors and Van Helsing track her down, and after a disturbing confrontation between her vampiric self and Arthur, they stake her heart, behead her, and fill her mouth with garlic.
Around the same time, Jonathan Harker arrives home from recuperation in Budapest; he and Mina also join the coalition, who turn their attentions to dealing with Dracula. After Dracula learns of Van Helsing and the others' plot against him, he takes revenge by visiting—and biting— Mina at least three times. Dracula also feeds Mina his blood, creating a spiritual bond between them to control her. The only way to forestall this is to kill Dracula first. Mina slowly succumbs to the blood of the vampire that flows through her veins, switching back and forth from a state of consciousness to a state of semi-trance during which she is telepathically connected with Dracula. It is this connection that they start to use to deduce Dracula's movements. It is only possible to detect Dracula's surroundings when Mina is put under hypnosis by Van Helsing. This ability gradually gets weaker as the group make their way to Dracula's castle. Dracula flees back to his castle in Transylvania, followed by Van Helsing's group, who manage to track him down just before sundown and destroy him by shearing "through the throat" with a knife and stabbing him in the heart also with a knife. Dracula crumbles to dust, his spell is lifted and Mina is freed from the marks. Quincey Morris is killed in the final battle, stabbed by Gypsies who had been charged with returning Dracula to his castle; the survivors return to England.

"Down The Road" Teaser Trailer

A group of college students escape their troubled lives only to find themselves fighting for their lives from a revenge seeking mad man.
Written and directed by Jason Christopher and stars Jen Dance, David J. Bonner, Shaun Paul Costello, and Clint Howard.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First 8 minutes of 'Teen Wolf' Series Premier

Scott was just a regular guy until one bite changed his life forever.
Now he struggles to understand who he is and what he might become. Is he more wolf than human – or is it the other way around? Whichever it is, it’s not going to be easy. Scott will try to control his urges, but mostly he’s scared that it’s his urges that could end up controlling him.
TEEN WOLF is the story of Scott as he tries to walk the line between what he wants and what he can’t help from wanting. Will the bite end up being a gift? Or will it be a curse? And what will it all mean for his relationship with Allison – the girl he can’t get enough of? Only time will tell if he should embrace his newfound powers, or if he should fear them.

Starring Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haynes, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, JR Bourne, Melissa Ponzio, and Jill Wagner.
The show premieres June 5th this Sunday on MTV

Trailer For "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes"

Trailer For Indie Horror "Chill"

Plot Synopsis: 
November 17, 1990, is a day of mourning for some...and for others, a lucrative opportunity. On that date, eight university students were found murdered in the old arts building at the college. An anonymous source told police the 20-somethings were in the midst of a local role-playing game, called Chill.  The name of the game is to stay alive. But for the players that November evening, few would be getting up for another round. But when a cheming student decides to profit from the tragedy and revive the whodunit game as a web series, the new players soon discover, for some, this game is still all too real…

Chill is set to release straight to DVD this Fall.
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Written and directed by Meredith Holland. The cast is an ensemble of unknowns consisting of Roger Conners, Kelly Rogers, Brad Arner, DJ Remark, Jason Orr, Angelia DeLuca, David Gilmore, Mike Kafury, Ash Katt, and Raven Brinson.

U.K. Horror "Don't Let Him In"

What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?
Handsome, charming, and arrogant, Tristan has picked up Mandy for a hot one-night stand. The love-struck girl then invites him to a rural weekend getaway with her brother, Calvin, and his girlfriend, Paige, an emergency room nurse. Tristan's only too happy to accept because he has secrets and needs to get out of town.
Once out in the country, the group hear of a sadistic serial killer. Dubbed the "Tree Surgeon", the psychopath hangs the severed body parts of his victims in trees. Soon enough, the foursome encounter delirious Shawn, half-dead with his stomach slashed open. He claims to be an innocent hitchhiker, but then the killing starts. Suspicion among the weekenders spirals into paranoia, and a punishing battle for survival begins.

Don't Let Him In  will be premiering June 12th at 7PM at the BAFTA in London (195 Piccadilly).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Bite Marks" Trailer : The Coolest, Funniest, and Hottest Trailer in Decades!

The trailer for indie movie "Bite Marks" has to be the coolest thing I have seen since "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (the original). Dark humor, gore, and bad acting make this one of the fun-est films to come along in awhile. Plus enough homoerotic subtext and social absurdities to make the Logo Channel seem right-winged. This is truly a cult classic in the making. And that is just the trailer! Oh and not to mention that is has Stephen Geoffreys as the Vampire! He played evil Ed and went on to do some hot porn! Awesome...

Truck driver Brewster takes over his missing brother's delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home. He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel, whose relationship is in trouble, to help him stay awake; but when his GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard, his truck breaks down, stranding them. Night falls, and the coffins reveal bloodthirsty vampires. Now the mismatched trio must barricade themselves in the cab of the truck and try to survive until dawn.

Monster-Mania Con 2011 June 3-5th

MONSTER-MANIA CON provides horror film fans the best opportunity to meet the biggest names in all of horror history. MONSTER-MANIA CON offers fans the chance to get autographs, participate in Q&A sessions with the stars, shop our large dealers area and watch films til 2AM.
BALTIMORE MARRIOTT HUNT VALLEY INN 245 Shawan Road Hunt Valley, Maryland. (First right off of EXIT 20A.)
MARRIOTT COURTYARD HOTEL (across the street) is taking reservations. 
1- 410 - 584- 7070 Monster-Mania rate available. Don’t wait!

Wanna Die? Press Yes or No!

On the surface Kate and Jack, in their late 20s, are happy. But like everyone, they carry secrets that neither is prepared to reveal.
After their wedding they awake from a deep, dark sleep, each alone in a sealed room with no doors or windows - only images projected on the walls and a monitor with two buttons: one for "yes", one for "no".
As the horror of their situation unfolds, surveillance films showing their life together appear on the wall as the monitor asks questions, each more strange and terrifying than the last.
It soon becomes apparent that a bizarre test of their relationship is under way, and the secrets revealed lead them deeper and deeper into what could not just destroy their love, but threaten their very lives...
Enrico Clerico Nasino directed "Y/N: You live, You die" (aka True Love) starring John Brotherton, Ellen Hollman (Asylum), Gabriel Myers, and Jay Harrington ("Desperate Housewives").

Black & White Impressions


NEW YORK – June 1, 2011 – Chiller continues to roll out its expanding slate of original programming for 2011 with the start of production on its second movie this year, Steve Niles’ Remains. Filming commences today in Mystic, CT, with Grant Bowler (True Blood, Ugly Betty), Lance Reddick (Fringe, Lost, The Wire), Miko Hughes (Pet Sematary) and Tawny Cypress (Rescue Me, Heroes) starring as survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer, Remains is set in a chilling post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world’s population to zombies. The group takes refuge in a vacant casino and fights a losing battle against the undead, who grow steadily stronger, smarter and more aggressive by the minute. Remains is written by John Doolan and directed by Colin Theys; Andrew Gernhard and Zach O'Brien will serve as producers for Synthetic Cinema International.

Remains is the second of three confirmed original projects for Chiller this year, production having recently wrapped on Brian Keene’s Ghoul (starring Modern Family’s Nolan Gould). The original movies will be followed closely by the premiere of the original special Chiller 13: Horror’s Creepiest Kids (from Associated Television International).

Chiller is the only cable channel devoted to delivering viewers round-the-clock scares. Chiller’s eclectic slate of adrenaline-fueled, soul-stirring entertainment includes a broad offering of films, including feature-length premieres every Friday, international programming (Afterlife, Apparitions), documentary and reality shows (Fear Factor), anthology series (Masters of Horror) and some of the most thought-provoking and suspenseful series ever on television (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, Outer Limits). Chiller is currently available in over 40 million homes. To learn more, visit: Chiller. Scary Good.

Maureen Granados
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Canadian Horror "Cell 213"

Cell 213 becomes home to Michael Gray a cocky young attorney, after a gruesome twist of circumstance lands him in the South River State Penitentiary, framed for the murder of an incarcerated client. Unnatural forces are causing prisoners to ‘off’ themselves at abnormal rates and Michael soon discovers that matters of guilt and innocence are not as cut and dry as he would like to believe trapped in this nightmarish cell.

 “Cell 213″ stars Eric Balfour, Deborah Valente, Michael Rooker, and Bruce Greenwood. The film will receive a limited release in Canada on June 10th, 2011.

Poster For New Asian Fantasy/Horror Flick "Rabbit"

Nothing transcends cultures clearer and with more impact than horror! No matter the language nor the fashion, the images of terror on the faces of young people becoming twisted play things for evil forces is universal. The gore and guts of nightmare scene played out on screen can be enjoyed by all and sometimes break down barriers and unite generations from around the globe. Lately Asia has been slamming out horror films into the genre like mad scientists cloning lab rats. They have showed no signs of slowing down creatively by mixing fantasy and horror into one gloriously gory masterpiece. The stories are strange, creative and intense. "Rabbit" is the next fear inducing frenzy to come along and the poster of a bloody stuffed little bunny shows just how twisted and genius Asian filmmakers can be. I am looking forward to one day seeing this one!

Rabbit Horror 3D is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and stars Mitsushima Hikari, the story follows Mitsushima’a brother is sent to an alternate world after receiving the rabbit. Mitsushima must then reveal the secret of the rabbit in order to retrieve her brother.

To be released in Asia this Summer and Fortissimo Films have picked up the worldwide rights (excluding Japan) for Rabbit Horror 3D.

More Behind the Scene Images From "In The House of Flies"

"In The House Of Flies" has uploaded more images from behind the scenes of the movie to their Facebook Page.

'True Blood' Season 4 Trailer

 Season for promises more witches, more monsters, and more mayhem for Sookie Stackhouse and the people she loves. This is the most awesome-est show on television. This season is bound to intensify 'True Blood' fans fanatic love for the supernatural drama series. The season premiere will be June 26th.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Night Claws" Brings Out Gigantopithecusphobia-Thats a mouth full!

A small town is being terrorized by a killer Bigfoot. One that is bloodthirsty, vicious and kills without warning and without discrimination. A scientist by the name of Sarah Evans (Leilani Sarelle; Basic Instinct and Barbarians at the Gate) shows up to help the town’s sheriff (Reb Brown; Yor, the Hunter from the Future and Space Mutiny) and his deputy girlfriend Roberta (Sherrie Rose; King of the Kickboxers and Black Scorpion II: Aftershock) hunt this thing down and put an end to the killings. At the same time, Hunter Crawford (David Campbell; Deadly Prey) is a thug-like character who, along with his two henchmen, is hunting the creature himself for his own personal gain, and he does not care who he has to go through to accomplish this. Enter Charlie Parker (Ted Prior, Deadly Prey and Mutant Species), a tough East Coast type who is on a survivalist camping trip, led by the seasoned survivalist Sharon Farmer (Tara Sanford Kleinpeter; The One Warrior) at the behest of his young trophy wife (Alissa Koenig; Zombie Wars) and who, by no fault of his own, winds up being used as bait for the creature by Hunter. But there is more at work here than meets the eye. A sinister plot is afoot, and at its center is the vengeful Mister Testi (Frank Stallone; Hudson Hawk and Tombstone). And in the end this plot takes a twist that no one will expect.

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New Images From "In The House Of Flies"

Set in the “retro” nineteen-eighties, In the House of Flies focuses around an abducted couple forced to tackle their way to freedom. Alone, isolated and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves surrounded by numerous and mysteriously sealed suitcases - each containing valuable clues to their very own survival. Both Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steve (Ryan Kotack) must exploit what remains of their bruised intellect and depleting sanity, to escape the authority of unidentified and brutal kidnappers (Henry Rollins & Ryan Barrett). Let the countdown begin.

First Photos From "Paranormal Xperience" 3D

Plot is about a group of teens that find themselves in an abandoned town that seems wrought with paranormal activity. The group soon become the victims of a supernatural killer that could be a ghost or a slasher.

Amaia Salamanca, Ursula Corbero, Alba Riba, Nasser Saleh, Luis Fernandez, and Maxi Iglesias all star. Paranormal Xperience 3D was written by newcomer Dani Padro.


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