Friday, January 20, 2017

Gorefest "Dead Squad" Begins Filming In February

Movie Studio Bali has announced that it will produce upcoming gorefest "Dead Squad", which begins filming in February. This is the directorial debut of co-writer Dominik Hauser. "Dead Squad" will star Australian giant Conan Stevens. Check out the film's poster.

"Dead Squad" is described as a throwback  back to the fun gore-filled films of the early 80's. A group of young people fall prey to mysterious monsters while river rafting. After they become lost and stumble upon ancient ruins the splatterfest begins.

Christopher Hatton: “The film will to be a lot of messy, bloody fun. Dominik has a twisted vision and the creature effects being built by Movie Studio Bali are bringing it to life. Camp horror fans will eat this one up.”
Orlando Bassi: “I am thrilled to be working with Dominik and his team. We’re currently constructing the elaborate sets. It is all quite incredible.”


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