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Pagan Festival Shout Out: Samhain

Samhain is a festival of the Dead. Meaning "Summer's End" and pronounced saah-win or saa-ween, Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. For many practitioners, myself included,Samhain also is the beginning of the spiritual new year.

Samhain and its related Christian holiday counterparts continue to be religious in focus and spiritually observed by adherents. Although observances may include merry-making, the honoring of the Dead that is central to Samhain is a serious religious practice rather than a light-hearted make-believe re-enactment. Today's Pagan Samhain rites, while somber, are benevolent, and, although centered on death, do not involve human or animal sacrifices. Most Samhain rituals are held in private rather than in public.

  • Feast of the Dead. Prepare a Samhain dinner. Include a place setting at your table or at a nearby altar for the Dead. Add an offering of a bit of each beverage being consumed to the cup at that place setting, and to the plate, add a bit of each food served. Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones to come and dine with you. To have this as a Samhain Dumb Supper experience, dine in silence. After the feast, place the contents of the plate and cup for the Dead outdoors in a natural location as an offering for the Dead.

I chose to make mine and my spouse's favorite meal, a very modern and American dinner (lol) of fried chicken, potato wedges and biscuits. Plus I am making soul cakes in colors that are associated with both Samhain and Halloween because I celebrate both side by side.

  • Seasonal Imagery. Decorate your home with Samhain seasonal symbols and the colors of orange and black. Place an Autumnal wreath on your front door. Create displays with pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, acorns, and apples. Set candles in cauldrons.

Most of us do this with the pumpkins, mums, hay bails and fodder around the home. I also do a smaller assortment of these symbols of the season at my altar. 

  • Divine Invocations. Honor and call upon the Divine in one or more Sacred Forms associated with Samhain, such as the Crone Goddess and Horned God of Nature. Invite Them to aid you in your remembrance of the Dead and in your understanding of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. If you have lost loved ones in the past year, ask these Divine Ones to comfort and support you.

Samhain bonfires, called balefires in paganism, were once lighted on every hilltop in Britain and Ireland as soon as the sun set on October 30.  The word "balefire" comes from the word "boon", which means "extra".  The fires serve the purpose of containing the energy of the deadgod, lighting the dark night, warding off evil, ushering in the light of the New Year, purifying the ritual space or home, and being the focus of ritual.  In many parts of the British Isles these balefires are still lighted on Samhain to honor the old ways.

  • Bonfire Magic. Kindle a bonfire outdoors when possible or kindle flames in a fireplace or a small cauldron. Write down an outmoded habit that you wish to end and cast it into the Samhain flames as you imagine release. Imagine yourself adopting a new, healthier way of being as you move around the fire clockwise.

Friday, October 30, 2015

World Premiere News And Official Trailer Released For "Dead Body"

'Dead Body,' the latest movie from veteran producers Ian Bell and Ramon Isao, will make its world premiere at the NYC Horror Festival on November 11. Directed by first-time female filmmaker Bobbin Ramsey, the movie is a clever and gory slasher-meets-whodunnit. Set in a secluded cabin, a summer outing turns deadly when nine friends play a game that becomes dangerously real.

The movie manipulates both the horror and whodunit genres, reminiscent of "Clue" and the works of Agatha Christie, but also provides the satisfying thrills lead by a strong female lead, in keeping with the best of the slashers.
'Dead Body' was written and produced by Ramon Isao and Ian Bell. It was shot by A.J. Rickart-Epstein (Lost Time, Junk, Compound Fracture) with effects by Shane Saucedo of Hellbent Studios. The film stars Cooper Hopkins, Rachel Brun, Spencer Hamp, Jay Myers, Nic Morden, Leah Pfenning, Nate Pringle, Miho Aizawa, and Koe Sakuta.
Nine high school kids celebrate graduation at a secluded home in the wilderness. They fight, philander, and feel nostalgic as they embark on a life away from home, in college. Once the party dies down they play a game: Dead Body. But when one party-goer takes the game too far, actually murdering the other guests one by one, it's up to the group to set aside their tensions, and ferret out the murderer before it's too late.
The NYC Horror Festival, which runs November 12-14, 2015, is highly-competitive, world-renowned event. Past guests have included Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and Roger Corman. 'Dead Body' is also set to play at the Another Hole in the Head festival in San Francisco on November 14.

Cannibal Creature Horror "Indigenous" Gets Release Date

Cannibal creature horror "Indigenous" finally gets a release date. The film will hit VOD on December 8th, 2015. "Indigenous" is directed by Alastair Orr and stars Zachary Soetenga, Lindsey McKeon, Sofia Pernas, Pierson Fode, and Jamie Anderson. You can read my review of the film here: My Review Of "Indigenous" 

A group of five young friends travel from Los Angeles to exotic Panama for a week of partying in the lush tropical paradise. Befriending a beautiful local woman in their hotel bar, they learn of a secret jungle hike to a pristine waterfall nearby. The woman cautions them strongly against the hike, warning that other gringos in search of the legendary waterfall had mysteriously disappeared into the jungle, never to be seen or heard from again.
Ignoring her warnings, the group convinces the woman to guide them to the picturesque waterfall, thinking that they have nothing to fear with a local as their guide. What begins as a fun outing quickly turns terrifying when their guide mysteriously vanishes after a romantic tryst at the falls. As night closes in, the friends realize too late the truth behind her warnings – horrific, bloodthirsty, flesh-eating creatures are now stalking them. The mangled survivors rush to jungle caves for shelter, only to realize they’ve entered the monsters’ lair!

Exorcise Some Demons This November With Eli Roth

Evil thrives in small towns as evident by Eli Roth and Jason Blum's upcoming horror series 'South Of Hell' for WeTV. The supernatural horror series premieres on November 27th as a binge watch, marathon viewing showdown between good and evil! I am excited to see how the Eli Roth of 'Hemlock Grove' , a more Gothic gore series, and films like "Hostel" and "The Green Inferno", translates to the WeTV audience. I for one will be watching!

'South Of Hell' is a supernatural thriller set in South Carolina, South Of Hell focuses on Maria Abascal (Suvari), a stunning demon-hunter-for-hire whose power stems from within. Like those she hunts, Maria is divided within herself, struggling with her own demon, Abigail, who resides inside of her, feeding on the evil Maria exorcises from others. Maria and Abigail share a soul and a destiny, but as Maria desperately tries to overtake Abigail, she will discover how far Abigail will go to remain a part of her. 

Eli Roth is director of the first episode but some pretty awesome indie power hitters are attached for the other Director's chairs on 'South Of Hell'. Ti West, Rachel Talalay, Jennifer Lynch and Jeremiah Chechik have all packed their bags for a little excursion into Hell. The cast includes Mena Suvari, Zachary Booth, Bill Irwin as Enos Abascal, Maria and David’s father and cult leader; Drew Moerlein as Dusty, Maria’s neighbor; Lamman Rucker as Rev. Elijah Bledsoe, a priest with a strong attraction to Maria; Paulina Singer as the Reverend’s daughter, Grace; Lydia Hearst as southern belle Charlotte Roberts; Slate Holmgren as the local drug dealer, Sweetmouth; and Lauren Velez as Tetra, a spiritual informant. Check out the WeTV trailer below. 

Official Trailer Released For "The Funhouse Massacre"

The first official trailer has been released for "The Funhouse Massacre", Andy Palmer's horror/comedy feature genre icon Robert Englund. "The Funhouse Massacre costars Jere Burns, Scottie Thompson, Clint Howard, and Courtney Gains. It is slated for release Nov. 13th- It's a FRIDAY!

Six of the worlds scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

INTERVIEW: Sci-fi Prepares For A New Ass Kickin' Diva With "Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter" Star Tracey Birdsall

Tracey Birdsall made the transition from Soap Opera to Film star several years back with the award-winning short film "Tick Tock", but it is her project a whole galaxy away that has the sci-fi side of me excited. Birdsall is set to play a renegade warrior in sci-fi saga "Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter", the latest in her growing list of sci-fi credits, "Doomsday" and "Starship: Apocalypse" being the most recent films.

"Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter" is a space opera of sorts that pits Birdsall against an evil droid Empire in a rally to save humanity. The film isn't set to be released until 2016, and sci-fi fans will recognize several of the locations from another well-known space saga. "Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter" is just the beginning, fixed to be the first in a series of sequels, and the spring board for Tracey Birdsall's character to movie into her own film franchise. So I am excitely anticipating this film's release so that I may enter this epic new galaxy.

I had the opportunity to ask Tracey about her new and exciting adventure, one-I might add-that portrays a strong, capable female action star! We also talk about her transition into Sci-fi films,a genre she happily states as one she has been fond of since childhood, plus more. Check out my interview with science-fiction's new ass-kickin' diva, "Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter" star "Tracey Birdsall.

A SOUTHERN LIFEYou play Sienna-a Rebel- in the upcoming sci-fi saga ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER, tell me about your character.
TRACEY BIRDSALLSienna is a rogue warrior trying to stop Artificial Intelligence from taking over the world. She is a multi-dimensional character who throws her heart, mind, body and soul into her mission… and then there’s a catch – her own self-discovery in the midst of it all. A discovery she’s not willing to face…

A SOUTHERN LIFEHow does your character in ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER fit in relation to the other characters?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: Sienna is the lead warrior in the film, the lead character with the most complex journey. That said, there isn’t a weak character in the film. Skullcrusher, my boyfriend in the film (played by Daz Crawford) has quite a journey of his own… There are lone warriors that we pick up along the way, my father figure Ralston (played by Stephen Manley – young Spock in STAR TREK 3)… but even that relationship turns to be very complicated and with me being quite misinformed. My sidekick in the film is actually a robot himself, but you’ll have to wait to see how it all interweaves!

A SOUTHERN LIFEA lot of the scenes in ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER were filmed on at the same locations as RETURN OF THE JEDI, what was it like for you filming in such iconic and legendary locations?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: The experience was incredible! Growing up a sci-fi nut, to be in iconic locations from RETURN OF THE JEDI, PLANET OF THE APES, and STAR TREK… it was surreal. That said, my character was so defined that I was just living her life and fighting her battles. It was “real” at the time, and the locations (just like the costuming) bring it all to life in my mind. When you arrive at a location like that and put on the costume… you’re really ready to do battle. The “pinch me – this just happened” moment occurred many weeks later when the adrenaline died down a bit…

A SOUTHERN LIFEI want to assume that you must be a STAR WARS fan, right? And sci-fi films, have you always been a fan?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: I’ve been a sci-fi fan since I was a small child, as my father was really into science fiction. I love it all, and I hate it when people try to make me pick my favorites as it’s like trying to pick your favorite child! I like it all… I relish in it and devour it.

A SOUTHERN LIFE: ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is set up to be a franchise with sequels to come; does your character appear in the future saga chapters as well? There is also a spin-off series for your character THE GODS OF WAR; can you talk some about the spin-off?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: The spin off will be in production the second half of next year, so it will be another busy year for me. THE GODS OF WAR is set for 6-8 episodes initially… and yes, Sienna will be the central “Rogue Warrior” for the series so there’s more bruises to be had! It’s still in development although the outlining of the journey is about completed.

A SOUTHERN LIFE: You have worked with Neil Johnson on past projects, how did ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER differ from the previous films? Being corporeal is a plus considering your were a “ship”, well the voice, in DOOMSDAY and STARSHIP APOCALYPSE.
TRACEY BIRDSALL: Both the films DOOMSDAY and STARSHIP: APOCALYPSE was in post-production when I was brought on to voice their computer systems. That was the closest I’ve come to working in sci-fi so I was super honored to do it! Director Neil Johnson and I work really well together, and we phenomenally appreciate each other’s work and work ethic. ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is many notches above any projects either of us had done previously (which really says a lot), so I expect audiences to be very pleased if they are fans of either or both of us!

A SOUTHERN LIFEDo you know when fans can expect ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER to be released?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: It will be completed within the next few months, and premiering and releasing at the beginning of 2016.

A SOUTHERN LIFEWhat can fans expect from Sienna and ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER that will set it apart from other space sagas?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: This is a really deep and character driven sci-fi, in addition to having all the action elements and journey’s through space. I think that the storylines and the characters and the journey is far beyond what we are used to seeing in Science Fiction films. Fans will be shocked at the reveals and the revelations as the story has the multi-layers that we are used to watching in dramas that are simply based on the storyline.

A SOUTHERN LIFE: You also have another film in post-production; AT THE EDGE OF TIME also directed by Neil Johnson. Can you talk about that film? What is it about, and what part does Dijanne play in the film? 
TRACEY BIRDSALL: Yes, I do! We actually shot AT THE EDGE OF TIME prior to shooting ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER. AT THE EDGE OF TIME is a time travel film where the lead actor (Cyrano – played by Darren Jacobs) has a Messiah complex and is trying to re-write history to fulfil his own prophecy. I play Dijanne in the film – a general in her own army with the sole purpose of stopping him. Dijanne is another warrior for sure, but she’s nothing like Sienna in ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER… Dijanne is a righteous terrorist and the heart and soul of the film… so they each have their own journeys – albeit very different.

A SOUTHERN LIFEDo you know when AT THE EDGE OF TIME will be released?
TRACEY BIRDSALL: AT THE EDGE OF TIME will be released at the end of 2016 and is currently in post-production.

A SOUTHERN LIFE: Again I want to thank you for your time with this interview. I have seen several of your films and enjoyed them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Last Day of Delta Green On Kickstarter

The explosively successful Kickstarter for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game ends on October 29, 2015.

More than 2,300 backers have unlocked dozens of new projects for Delta Green, the award-winning modern-day setting of Cthulhu Mythos gaming. Here’s a look at what we’ve done, what’s to come, and how you can get your piece of it. But you have to act fast.
This project has funded dozens of books and downloads. Here are the biggest. Each of these books will be a full-color hardback between 160 and 320 pages long. The Handler’s Screen will be made of sturdy boards with an accompanying paperback book.
DELTA GREEN: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME—AGENT’S HANDBOOK: Complete game rules; character creation; tips on playing specialized occupations such as federal agents and military operators; equipment and vehicles; sample characters; combat, Sanity, and Bonds; between-mission “Home” events; and more. Written by Dennis Detwiller, Chris Gunning, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze.
DELTA GREEN: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME—CASE OFFICER’S HANDBOOK: An expanded core book that includes everything in the Agent’s Handbook plus chapters on creating scenarios; running campaigns and customizing the setting; creating and customizing Cthulhu Mythos tomes, monsters, spells, and alien artifacts; cults, factions, and threats; and more. Written by Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Chris Gunning, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze.
HANDLER’S SCREEN WITH QUICKSTART KIT: A sturdy, landscape-oriented screen. Includes a quickstart guide to the rules, sample characters, and a short starter scenario. Written by Shane Ivey and Bret Kramer.
IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES: A sourcebook and campaign of Delta Green confronting Carcosa and the King in Yellow. Written by Dennis Detwiller with Daniel Harms, Robin Laws, and John Scott Tynes.
CONTROL GROUP: An introductory campaign built to ease new groups into Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Written by Greg Stolze.
DEEP STATE: A sourcebook detailing the projects and companies that spun off from Majestic-12 in the War on Terror. Written by Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Chris Gunning, Kenneth Hite, and Shane Ivey.
PISCES: A sourcebook detailing the UK’s fraught paranormal program and Delta Green operations overseas. Written by Adam Crossingham, Adam Scott Glancy, Giles Hill, and others.
THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN: A Gumshoe RPG of Delta Green in the 1960s. Written by Kenneth Hite (Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents) and published by Pelgrane Press.

One last book—our final goal

If the fundraiser hits $340,000, it unlocks one more full-color hardback book:
FALLING TOWERS: A campaign and sourcebook dedicated to Delta Green in New York City and its war against the infamous cult called the Fate. Written by Dennis Detwiller, Daniel Harms, and Shane Ivey.

Backers’ best options

Visit for a detailed breakdown of the optimal pledges.

Do you want just the free downloads for the minimum cost? Do you want the Agent's Handbook? The Case Officer's Handbook? The Fall of Delta Green? Do you want EVERYTHING? You have one day to make it happen.

Or go straight to Kickstarter to back Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game now.

My Review Of "Army Of Darkness" Collector's Edition By Scream Factory

Scream Factory has just released their Collector's Edition of Sam Raimi's 80's cult horror, "Army Of Darkness", just in time for Halloween. And the premiere of Starz Originals series 'Ash VS Evil Dead' Halloween night. If, like me, you haven't set out since the first time you saw "Army Of Darkness" to collect the various versions of the film, then look no further. Scream Factory has taken care of us on this one with edition. 

I received my collector's edition blu-ray of "Army Of Darkness" in the mail! Right off I enjoy the cover art. It has an almost late 70's horror novel design.The blu-ray case has the same artwork as the protective sleeve. It is pretty cool artwork, mostly because it has a similar style to the artwork from the old 'Night Gallery' series. 

Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, the ancient "Necronomicon" – the Book of the Dead – unleashes unspeakable evil upon mankind in director Sam Raimi's (Darkman, Drag Me to Hell) outrageously hilarious third chapter in his Evil Dead Trilogy.
Back to do battle with the hideous "Deadites," Bruce Campbell returns to the role of Ash, the handsome, shotgun-toting, chainsaw-armed department store clerk from S-Mart's housewares division. Demonic forces time warp him – and his '73 Oldsmobile – into England's Dark Ages, where he romances a beauty (Embeth Davidtz, The Amazing Spider-Man) and faces legions of the undead. Can Ash save the living from the evil dead, rescue his girlfriend, and get back to his own time?
"Army Of Darkness" is a fun, and off-beat horror comedy that confused the heck out of me when it first came out. Not with the story itself because that part rocked. Mostly the concept and the quality of the stop-motion, and special effects. But as the years went on, I found myself watching "Army Of Darkness" on many occasion, and loving something new about it ever since. And the Scream Factory Collector's Edition gives us 4 versions of the film plus and insane amount of new material, all in a pretty extensive selection of Special Features choices.

Disc One has the same artwork as the cover but it is what's on the disc that has me delighted to own this collection. Hello, new Medieval Times Featurette!
    DISC ONE (Theatrical Version, 81 min.) – 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1), DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 & 2.0
    • NEW Medieval Times: The Making Of "Army Of Darkness" Featuring Interviews With Star & Co-Producer Bruce Campbell, Actors Marcus GilbertTed RaimiTimothy QuillRichard GroveBill MoseleyPatricia Tallman And Angela Featherstone, Director Of PhotographyBill Pope, Editor Bob Murawski, Production Designer Anthony Tremblay, ComposerJoseph Lo Duca, Costume Designer Ida Gearon, Special Make-Up Effects Artists Howard BergerTony GardnerRobert Kurtzman, And Greg Nicotero, "Pit Bitch" Performer And Effects Artist William Bryan, Mechanical Effects Artist Gary Jones, First Assistant DirectorJohn Cameron, Visual Effects Supervisor William Mesa And Stunt Coordinator Christopher Doyle (96 min.)
    • Original Ending
    • Original Opening With Optional Commentary By Sam Raimi And Bruce Campbell
    • Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Sam Raimi And Bruce Campbell
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • TV Spots
    • Home Video Promo

Disc Two and Three have the original artwork from the film's early DVD and VHS artwork on them. There are even more newbies on these discs as well. Two has a new BTS footage with KNB Effects. There is also new stills, storyboards, and new deleted and alternative footage. 

    DISC TWO (Director's Cut, 96 min.) – 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1), DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 & 2.0
    • Audio Commentary With Director Sam Raimi, Actor Bruce Campbell And Co-Writer Ivan Raimi
    • NEW Additional Behind-The-Scenes Footage From KNB Effects (55 min.)
    • Vintage Creating The Deadites Featurette (21 min.)
    • Vintage "Making Of" Featurette
    • Extended Interview Clips With Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell And Robert Tapert
    DISC THREE (International Cut, 88 min.) – 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1), DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 & 2.0
    • NEW 4K Scan Of The International Inter-positive
    • Television Version With Additional Footage (90 min., Standard Definition (1.33:1), DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0)
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • NEW Still Galleries With Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Production Designer Anthony Tremblay, Visual Effects Supervisor William Mesa And Special Make-Up Effects Artists Tony Gardner And KNB EFX, Inc. (Over 200 Stills)
    • NEW Still Gallery Of Props And Rare Photos From The Collection Of Super Fan Dennis Carter Jr.
    • NEW Storyboards For Deleted Or Alternate Scenes
    • Vintage The Men Behind The Army Featurette (19 min.)
I have to say that I am thrilled with what Scream Factory has done for this new edition of "Army Of Darkness". It offers four releases of the film, theatrical, director's cut, international and the TV version with extra footage! Killer! Right off I went for the TV version first! For some reason seeing that one given love along side the theatrical release is pretty cool. Now I can't compare this release of "Army Of Darkness" to other releases because the only other copy I have is a basic DVD version with just a few special features. Nothing close to the scale of what Scream Factory has collected for "Army Of Darkness". 

Even with all the new stuff, as an older fan it is the vintage material on these discs that will get the most love from me. I am an addict for old horror and sci-fi movie trailers and the promos for early home entertainment release so I can't wait to check those out. I have to say that this is an impressive edition. The three discs with all the new material, vintage material, new artwork, and 4 versions of the film is well worth it for any horror movie fan. "Army Of Darkness" is out now at Shout! Factory so go check it out!  I am off to obsess over some more Ash and Deadite madness with the International cut. 

Crowd Funding Starts For Cult Classic Arcade Game "Dragon's Lair" Film

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are coming together once again to bring the classic arcade game Dragon's Lair to the big screen.  They are seeking your help to create a pitch to make Dragon’s Lair, the Movie through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Dragon's Lair continues to be loved by millions around the world since 1983, and fans have been waiting patiently to see Dirk and Daphne at it again. 

Bluth and Goldman have worked on '20' successful animation motion pictures, some of them “iconic”, The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Anastasia to name a few.' Head over to the films campaign and check out the cool rewards. 

"It’s ironic that the project that has given us the greatest recognition is actually that video arcade game known as Dragon’s Lair, created back in the early 1980s. The game has an extremely loyal fan base - now estimated to be in the millions and with each generation it has picked up even more fans. And after 30 years, the game continues to sell as an app for smart phones, smart tablets and personal computers. Fans have been begging us to do a major motion picture. Just like Dirk the Daring, a character that just won’t die, the game marches on - it’s time to make the movie!"

SRS Cinema Presents Polonia Brother's Double Feature "Church of the Damned / Bad Magic" on Limited Edition Blu-Ray!

SRS Cinema presents the Polonia Brother's Double Feature "Church of the Damned / Bad Magic" on Limited Edition Blu-Ray!

SRS Cinema is back with more early Polonia Brothers madness with a double feature dose of “Church of the Damned” and “Bad Magic” on limited edition Blu-Ray!  “Church of the Damned” was John and Mark’s first foray into shooting on video back in 1985, before even “Splatter Farm”, and it’s an amazing movie, especially to see what the brother’s were conjuring up in their teen years.  We released this movie last year in a limited edition Big Box VHS and it sold out fast, with copies selling for $75-$100 each when they show on Ebay.  We fast forward a few years with “Bad Magic”, where the brother’s attempted to break into the then very lucrative Urban market.  It’s never been released on DVD, and VHS copies sell for $100-$150 or more on Ebay when they turn up.  You can get both for one low price of just $30 today and see two movies from this prolific team that you probably haven’t seen before… it’s a must for Polonia Brothers fans!

A double feature of SOV fun from The Polonia Brothers!
First up, CHURCH OF THE DAMNED… A small town is plagued with satanic murders, violent and bizarre. Local Investigator Messiah Ward and his partner Barney must unravel the clues and stop the bloodshed. The trail leads them to a dark coven of devil worshipers called The Brotherhood of Satan, and an encounter with a demon from the pits of hell. This never before seen shot-on-video movie was made before HALLUCINATIONS and SPLATTER FARM, making it Polonia Bros. first foray in the video realm, while they were teenagers in High School in 1985.

Then stay tuned for BAD MAGIC… Renny can’t get over the death of his brother Amos. Amos was shot in cold blood by a gang called The Red Claws. Unable to move on until he has gotten revenge, Renny visits Voodoo Priest Dr. Topanga who teaches him in the ways of voodoo. With his new powers, Renny summons a powerful demon to take revenge on The Red Claws. Death by voodoo doll! Death by the undead! And, in a cinematic first, death by toilet paper! But what happens when these dark forces needs to collect the fee for their services?

The new release is available now.  It is being mastered from the original analog master tapes.  The release is limited to just 200 copies ever on BD-R professionally run and silk-screened by Discmakers. Grab a copy: SRS DF Polonia Brothers

Trailer No. 3. Released For "Lake Runs Red"

The third official trailer has been released upcoming indie horror "Lake Runs Red". The release was announced on  Tuesday October 27th, Check out trailer no. 3 below along with some movie stills. 

"Lake Runs Red" trailer release details:

This 3rd official trailer focuses on "Lauren," a 22-year old college senior with a questionable party girl past and an unusual relationship with her parents. The "Lauren" character is expertly played by up-and-coming film actress and professional makeup artist, Kaci Wegleitner.

"Lake Runs Red" is employing a unique trailer strategy for their marketing campaign. Instead of releasing a standard two minute trailer, the film is instead releasing five character trailers, each focusing on one of the main characters from the film. This is the 3rd official trailer in a series of five, the remaining two will be released over the balance of 2015.  

"There's no doubt in my mind that Kaci is going to become a huge movie star. Our fans are going to be very impressed with Kaci's skill and intensity in playing this challenging role. You're going to fall in love with her character and become wrapped up in her remarkable performance," said director and co-writer Jason Riesgraf. He continued, "We're so lucky to have Kaci playing the "Lauren" character. She's the MVP of the film."

Added Stephanie Riesgraf, producer of "Lake Runs Red", "Kaci Wegleitner has quickly become an Internet sensation throughout the initial press we've done so far. Not only is she an intriguing and talented professional, but you'll quickly see that she has the potential to become a sure-fire Hollywood scream queen. You're going to want to see this film because of her tremendous presence."

Monday, October 26, 2015

Thriller "The London Firm" Gets UK Release

101 Films and Jinga Films are pleased to announce the UK DVD and VOD release of Neil Horner's crime thriller THE LONDON FIRM which will be available from all major retailers from  
October 26th 2015.

Produced by Imageynation and Templeheart Films THE LONDON FIRM boasts a stalwart cast of crime thriller regulars including Vincent Regan (St Georges Day), Robert Kavanagh (Fall Of The Essex Boys) and Stephen Marcus (Lock Stock & Two Smokin Barrels).

Two hitmen become the subject of a sadistic game after waking up in the back of a truck, where they discover they've been drugged and the man who contracted them has been brutally murdered. A mysterious female assassin attempts to play them against one another in what becomes a bloody tale of duplicity. Their attempts to escape bring about a bloody confrontation, with a shocking twist to the tale.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Review Of "Krampus: The Reckoning"

Robert Conway takes on the dark lord of Christmas with his paranormal, voodoo-y, holiday horror "Krampus: The Reckoning". The film stars Monica Engesser, Amelia Haberman, James Ray, and Kevin Tye. The story focuses on a foster child with a very dark spirit, and the ability to summon Krampus.

Zoe is a strange little girl, with a not so imaginary friend the Krampus who is the dark companion of kindly old St. Nicholas. The Krampus has been unleashed upon a small town and the legendary demon will seek out all the naughty people to punish them at Christmas time. No one is safe as the Krampus hunts them down, tortures them and then drags their helpless souls to the depths of hell.

Robert Conway's story is a twisted and haunting tale that focuses on an evil little girl with the ability to summon Krampus. However the concept and the finished product don't really connect. Alone the evil kid with voodoo dolls is a creepy horror, and the holiday is well represented in "Krampus: The Reckoning", but unfortunately Krampus was missing. It is as if the idea to add Santa's dark sidekick was an afterthought.

The cast offer us a mixed bag of disconnected deliveries of action film rhetoric, and attitude, with the occasional moments of really connecting with the character and bringing some authenticity to the scenes. Sometimes the acting is over-the-top, or over-expressed, the detective guy was likable, but  really seemed to be channeling his best Seagal or Statham. Mostly the film is just really dull, slightly pointless, and all though Krampus is in the title, the writer and director seemed to be more focused on an evil little devil child who needs a painful time-out, than the more sinister Christmas demon of retribution. 

The special effects are slightly Syfy-ish. Although to be honest I have seen better quality in Syfy films concerning CGI. Again practical effects seemed greatly overlooked, and opportunity to exploit more blood soaking, carnage becomes small, meaningless episodes of computer-generated crispies. Again I think Krampus was an afterthought and "Krampus: The Reckoning" is more about a hateful girl out for vengeance as she plays with voodoo dolls and throws her tantrums. Overall, and I hate saying it because I love Christmas horror and I love all things Krampus, but "Krampus: The Reckoning" is one film that I found irritatingly disappointing.


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