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My Review Of “Eternal Damn Nation”

1“Eternal Damn Nation” is directed by Alan Del Tufo and stars Jade Elysan, Alan Del Tufo, Carson Dougherty, Wyatt Kuether. The film is a fantasy, action horror that plays out the epic between good and evil over man’s soul. The plot follows , a troubled young woman, who on her 24th birthday discovers a demonic plot for her body and soul.

The story for “Eternal Damn Nation” is grandiose and over-thought but complete. It has the feel of some of the later “Prophecy” films but without the cast or budget. The vision and direction in “Eternal Damn Nation” is done well enough, just not to the level it needed to sell the story arc the writer was going for. The weak acting, poor timing between dialog & action, used for character development, created an awkwardness for me as a viewer. Everything came off a bit more like episodic melodrama with no real soul.

The special effects are basic low-grade CGI effects used mostly in vid games or television series so don’t expect much when watching “Eternal Damn Nation”. The film is a low budget film so I knew the effects were not going to be a big selling point, as most fans of indie cinema will also understand. I think with the weak, and stereotyped performances the CGI was becoming a bit more annoying to watch. “Eternal Damn Nation” is not a film that would watch again but the concept and vision is enough to make we look forward to the creative people behind this one's future projects.

Trailer Released For “The Expedition”

1The official trailer has finally landed for creature thriller “The Expedition”. The film is directed by Adam Spinks and stars Ben Loyd Holmes, Sarah Mac, Neil Newbon, Daniel Caren, Rebecca Kiser, Ernesto Cantu, Ross O’Hennessy, Simon Burbage,  Dolores Reynals. “The Expedition” is shaping up to be a pretty cool looking film that should do well as long as the CGI holds up, its found footage so everything should work wonderfully with this one. I’m game-anyway!

Deep in the Amazon jungle a research team lead by a respected Professor embark on an expedition to protect vulnerable and endangered species. After a series of strange events their superstitious guides abandon them and the team choose to remain deep in the jungle, dedicated to the project… but as night falls in the camp they begin to realize that all is not as it seems, and that they are in the hunting ground of a predator…. one they never could have expected.

The Axeman Returns In “Axeman 2: Overkill”

axOn the heels of successful early results from the May 5th release of “Axeman,” filmmaker Joston “El Rey” Theney and co-writer/executive producer Dr. Christopher Otiko of Blood Red Films announce plans for the sequel, “Axeman 2: Overkill.”

Officially in pre-production as of Thursday, July 2nd, cameras roll in early October on location in Frazier Park, CA. The upcoming sequel stars former 3-time World Champion (WWE “Adam Bomb / WCW “Wrath”) Bryan Clark as the titular character, former “Baywatch” and “Bold and the Beautiful” star Angelica Bridges, recent “Big Brother” reality contest winner Rachel Reilly and Farrah Abraham in her feature film debut.

“Axeman” alum Arielle Brachfeld returns to the retro 80s-inspired slasher as plucky, reluctant hero Deputy Darlene Whitfield, as well as Theney who reprises his role as the affable, death-defying Darren Cole. Newcomers to the slasher series are Jacqui Holland (My Best Friend’s Girl), Alisha Seaton (The Fourth Kind), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Monique Parent (Profane Exhibit), and Hannah Landberg (Rabid Love).

When asked for details on the sequel, writer/director Joston Theney replied, “Well, it’s certainly a darker, grittier film than the first. We learned a lot from our first go ‘round. There’s no CGI blood splatters. No short cuts in SFX. No deeply, intertwined love trysts. This is a bloodletting! This film WILL live up to it’s name – Overkill. Guaranteed.”

The sequel will see an initial theatrical release in early 2015. Get ready for another vacation to dismember with “Axeman 2: Overkill.”

Trailer Released For Retro Vampire Fantasy “Norway”

nrwyCheck out the trailer for 80’s retro vampire fantasy “Norway”. The film is directed by Yiannis Veslemes and stars Vangelis Mourikis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Sofi Zanninou, Yannis Bostantzoglou, Markos Lezes, Daniel Bolda and Vasilis Kamitsis. Set in a Greek nightclub during the 80’s, “Norway” deals with isolation from mainstream, fringe society, drugs and romance in an age of excess and fabulous music.

In NORWAY, "photophobic Zano arrives in the big city for the very first time. The year is 1984 and Athens beckons. A vampire and a fine dancer, Zano quickly gets devoured by the dark underbelly of the capital city. All he really wants is a "warm" girl. Strung out and down and out, he ends up at disco Zardoz, a hive of scum and villainy, where he meets Alice, a prostitute, and Peter, a Norwegian drug dealer. Lured into their shady shenanigans, the three of them will traverse mountains and descend into the core of the earth, all the way to the Kingdom of Mathousalas. Norway puts on shiny new shoes, dances the night away with colorful scoundrels and only bites when absolutely necessary.


Norway International Trailer from Horsefly productions on Vimeo.

Roller Boogie And Demons Equal Death

1Two things that I have always loved from my childhood are all those VHS era demon movies. Films like “Demons”, “Amityville:The Possession” and “Night Of The Demons” are all films that I can still watch, and remember what the experience was like back then. The other thing was spending the entire weekends at the skating rink, and when they started doing all-night skating-forget about it! I lived for the skating rink. What the hell does this all have to do with now? “Demonica”-that’s what!

“Demonica” is an indie, kitsch horror that blends roller skating with demonic activity of the “damn that bitch’s face is twisted fugly” . The film is directed by Insane Mike Saunders and Jason Bolinger. “Demonica” is a horror / comedy that looks like a fun, warped ride into nostalgia. The film has finished production and just kicked off the website for the film. Currently the team behind it are touring around, screening the film for fans. The story takes place at an after-hours party, at a skating rink, that is interrupted by something sinister, leading to a hellish roller derby showdown for the survival of humanity. The only thing worse than demons are demons...on skates!

In 1986 a group a group of teens decides to have one hell of an afterhours party at the local skating rink. Little do they know their party is going to be crashed by hellish creatures; released from a necklace possessed by an ancient evil. Now the kids must choose between saving themselves and risking certain death in a human versus demon roller derby battle royale to save the world. They’re about to find out that the only thing worse than demons is demons…on skates!




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Wicked One-Sheets Released For Pandemic Nightmare “Contaminated”

Some pretty wicked one-sheets have been released for pandemic, nightmare- with a twisted since of humor,-“Contaminated”. The artwork comes with an ominous warning that will wake you up. “What do you suppose the "Government" is up to now? Hope we spread the word faster than whatever is In that water spreads.”  “Contaminated” is directed by Michael Merino and stars Suzi Lorraine, Jessica Sonneborn, Gabriel Voss, Jackey Hall, Paul Wiedecker.




Release Date Set For “The Possession Of Michael King”

the-possession-of-michael-king-posterPlenty of goodies to enjoy from “The Possession Of Michael King” . The film stars Shane Johnson. First check out the bloody eye candy then watch the official trailer for the film. Read the full details on the film’s release below.

The Possession of Michael King Release Details
Anchor Bay Films is releasing the highly-anticipated, terrifying supernatural horror film THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING in theaters on August 22nd and available On iTunes, On Demand, DVD, and Blu-ray on August 26th.

THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING is an intense supernatural spine-tingler from the producers of White Noise and The Haunting In Connecticut, directed by first-time director David Jung and starring Shane Johnson (Starz’ upcoming “Power”), Dale Dickey (Iron Man 3), Julie McNiven (TV’s “Supernatural”, “Mad Men”), and Tomas Arana (Guardians of the Galaxy). The film is written by David Jung from a story by Jung and Tedi Sarafian (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines).

The film tells the story of documentary filmmaker Michael King (Johnson), who doesn’t believe in God or the Devil. Following the sudden death of his wife, Michael decides to make his next film about the search for the existence of the supernatural, making himself the center of the experiment – allowing demonologists, necromancers, and various practitioners of the occult to try the deepest and darkest spells and rituals they can find on him – in the hopes that when they fail, he’ll once and for all have proof that religion, spiritualism, and the paranormal are nothing more than myth. But something does happen. An evil and horrifying force has taken over Michael King. And it will not let him go.

THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING was produced by Paul Brooks and executive produced by Scott Niemeyer and Guy Danella.









Animal Planet’s Creature Horror “Blood Lake” DVD Release

jkCheck out the cover artwork for Animal Planet’s first ever horror movie with “Blood Lake”. The creature feature is directed by James Cullen Bressack and stars Shannen Doherty, Christopher Lloyd, Jason Brooks, Ciara Hanna, and Zack Ward. “Blood Lake” will hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves on July 22nd, 2014.

After chomping through massive fish populations, thousands of starved lampreys begin attacking the citizens of a sleepy lake town, leaving the community scrambling to stay alive.

Promo Art For Sci-fi/Horror “Alienween”

alienweenfbbannerCheck out the promo concept artwork for upcoming sci-fi/horror film “Alienween”. The film comes from one slice the minds behind “The Pyramid” and is getting ready to begin filming in September in Italy. “Alienween” will be directed by the talented Federico Sfascia (“I REC U”) and produced by Empire Video Alex Visani.

Inspired by cult movies such as “The incredible melting man” , “The Stuff”, “Street Trash” etc... “Alienween” will be a a new “melt movie” in wich a group of young guys, during a Halloween party, will face the horror of a slimy invasion from outer space. There will be hot girls, slimy mutants, splatter & weird situations and a lot of irony and crazy fx!


Release Date Announced For “Lowlife”

2Brinkvision has announced the VOD/DVD (limited edition) release of “Lowlife” on August 26th, After its sold-out premiere at Fantasia Film Festival, LOWFILE went on to win awards and screen at theatres and festivals across North America. Directed by Canadian Seth Smith, the film is crafted to take you deep inside a cruel, intoxicating poem, with no means of escape. Lowlife is the latest in a line of independent horror films that offers a fresh take on the genre and pushes the boundaries of cinema.

A lonely musician’s descent into the shadowy world of a living drug leads to a mysterious island where a battle of body and soul is waged.

Trailer Released For “The Damned”

3The official trailer has been released for “The Damned”, the story of American David Reynolds (Peter Facinelli), widowed from his Colombian-born wife, who flies to Bogota with his new fiancĂ©e (Sophia Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughter Jill (Nathalia Ramos). En route to the city of Medellin, a car accident leaves them stranded in a rundown isolated inn. When they discover the old innkeeper has locked a young girl in the basement, they are determined to set her free. In saving the young girl, they ultimately unleash an ancient evil that’s been waiting to wreak havoc on all that cross its path.

“The Damned” is directed by Victor Garcia and stars Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles, Carolina Guerra, Nathalia Ramos, Juan Pablo Gamboa, Sebastian Martinez, Gustavo Angarita, and Julieta Salazar. The film hits VOD formats July 25th, 2014.

Teaser Trailer For Indie Horror “Kill, Granny, Kill”

kgkCheck out the first teaser trailer for Jacob Ennis’ horror “Kill, Granny, Kill”. The film stars Kayla Perkins, Kristine Renee Farley, and Jason Crowe. “Kill, Granny, Kill” is an outrageous, gore-filled and over-the-top tribute to exploitation cinema, featuring the most amoral and degenerate Granny in the history of cinema. When this Granny says, "no cursing", she's not fucking kidding. I am in cause this film feels like fun!

Answering an in-home help ad for an elderly woman, Abby Daniels leaves family and friends for a remote farmhouse in the country. But all is not as it seems with her fluffy employer, whose locked doors and cellar seem to be hiding some unusual hobbies. When she drunkenly sneaks her boyfriend into the house, breaking the rules about cursing and fornication, Abby is plunged into a nightmare of hellish proportions - pitted against a clan of ruthless, amoral and degenerate flesh-eaters lead by their murderous GRANNY!

Official Trailer Rolls Out For “The Last Showing”

2The full official trailer has rolled out for upcoming horror/ thriller “The Last Showing”. The film is directed by Phil Hawkins and stars Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Finn Jones (Game Of Thrones), Emily Berrington (The White Queen), and Keith Allen (Trainspotting). “The Last Showing” hits VOD in September of this year.

When a life-long projectionist (Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger) is made redundant he looks to exact his vengeance on a generation that no longer requires his skills. He traps a couple inside his multiplex cinema and manipulates them into becoming characters in a horror film being captured by CCTV cameras.

Season One Of ‘Hemlock Grove’ Hits DVD/Blu-ray

The new season of ‘Hemlock Grove’ lands July 11th, continuing the twisted story of some truly warped characters. Now the announcement has come out that the first season, of the acclaimed werewolf series from Eli Roth, will land on DVD/Blu-ray October 11th thanks to Scream Factory. SF has been popping out some hot properties over the years from cult to contemporary.

113 episodes on 3 discs on Blu-ray and 4 discs on DVD; All-new bonus features including 6 vignette.

In a small Pennsylvania town, something evil has come in search of prey. But who is the true monster in Hemlock Grove? The brutal slaying of a teenage girl sends the townspeople of Hemlock Grove into a desperate search to find her killer. But this sleepy community soon finds itself living a nightmare as secrets and rumors threaten to drive them all down a dark path as they struggle to uncover the truth. As they hunt for a monster among them, rumors mount and many of the eccentric residents become suspects, from the newly-arrived Gypsy family to the wealthy Godfrey clan. In the twisted world of Hemlock Grove, everyone hides a dark secret.

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Details And Trailer On S.O.V. Anthology “Spookfield”

Read the full details on Alex Gonzalez’s upcoming horror anthology shot on video. The S.O.V. chiller is a tale of four interlinking stories told in succession, there is no wrap around story so it all sounds interesting. There is also a trailer available for the film to check out.

spookfieldThe first story is about a man who decides to put an end to his next door neighbor, who happens to be a rapist and  abusive father.

In the second story, a former Archeologist uses Voodoo to bring his recently dead wife back to life, all the while a burglar plans to rob the house where the former Archeologist lives for the second time.

The third story tells the tale of a pimp and his drug lord friend, who murder four hookers in cold blood. But death alone does not stop the hookers, and they come back looking for revenge.

In the fourth story, a woman finds out about her sisters last days in when she reads her diary. She then finds herself kidnapped and in danger of being raped by a rogue cop. But a mysterious relic she has in her pocket might be the very thing that saves her from her night of terror. (synopsis provided by Dr.Carnage)

Hot Offerings From “Let Us Prey”

Let-Us-Prey-Brian-O'Malley-Movie-Poster-2014Let Us Prey” is a modern survival horror from Director Brian O'Malley and stars Liam Cunningham, Sophie Stephanie Farmer, Niall Greig Fulton. “Let Us Prey” has released some fiery new images and clip for the film. Check those out below.

Rachel, a rookie cop, is about to begin her first nightshift in a neglected police station in a Scottish, backwater town. The kind of place where the tide has gone out and stranded a motley bunch of the aimless, the forgotten, the bitter-and-twisted who all think that, really, they deserve to be somewhere else. They all think they’re there by accident and that, with a little luck, life is going to get better. Wrong, on both counts. Six is about to arrive – and All Hell Will Break Loose!



Crowd Funding For “In The Basement”

Kickstarter-Image-2A crowd funding campaign as taken off for indie Director Matt McGregor’s horror film “In The Basement”. The film is described as a shocking and scary tale about vengeance told from one unique victims perspective. Check out the proof-of-concept trailer and head over to Kickstarter to check the project out.

“In The Basement” – a 13 year old girl named Cassandra who is kidnapped and locked in a basement along with other women who have been kidnapped over the years. But what Cassandra’s captor doesn’t know is that this time he’s kidnapped the wrong girl. Because Cassandra harbors a dark power that she must learn how to harnass in order to escape the evil….in the basement!

Trailer And Poster For “Moebius”

1This is an interesting looking film. The poster just released has me thinking fetish/thriller but the trailer has that early giallo vibe. “Moebius”is directed by Kim Ki-Duk and stars Jae-hyeon Jo, Eun-woo Lee, Young-ju. The film will have a limited theatrical release in several cities,  New York, Chicago and Los Angeles before a nationwide VOD release on August 29th.

When she catches her husband having an affair, a woman attempts to castrate the cheater for his wrongdoing. Unsuccessful, she instead inflicts the unspeakable act on her own son, setting off a series of grotesque yet provocative events ranging from a hurried genital transplant to pain-inflicted orgasms that all merge in a continuous thread of delirious storytelling. With both husband and son damaged and living in grief, the wife returns as the family heads towards destruction even more horrific than before.


Crowd Funding Started For “Dismembering Christmas”

DismemberingChristmasA crowd funding campaign has kicked off for Slasher Studios “Dismembering Christmas”. The film is from the team that gave us the award winning horror short “Teddy” as well as their first feature film “Don’t Go To The Reunion”. The film is a tribute to the glory days of holiday horror, Dismembering Christmas can best be described as Friday the 13th meets Black Christmas.

The crowd funding campaign is taking place over on Kickstarter. “Dismembering Christmas” will be directed by freshman director Austin Bosley , also starring in the film, with producers Andrew Beirl, Zachary Allen, and Sommerfield. Confirmed cast members include Johnathon Krautkramer, Baker Chase, Marla Van Lanen, and Scott Seagren.

“It was supposed to be a holiday vacation they would never forget, not a holiday vacation they would never survive. When Mark and his friends go up to his fathers new vacation home for Christmas vacation, they were ready for a fun time. Out in the middle of nowhere, the house is cheerfully decorated for Christmas. But an unknown visitor is there, and one by one they are murdered. Its Christmas and not a creature is stirring except the killer in the house.”

Cool Images Of Slasher From “Headless”

A crowd funding campaign is happening right now for the retro-slasher “Headless”. The film comes from the twisted minds behind 2012’s “Found”. I recently reported about the campaign earlier which you can read here. Well the crowd funding is still ongoing but check out these really cool images of the killer scene in “Headless” that will dominate the feature adaptation.

hdlssBloomington, IN – The ten-minute piece of footage so controversial it got Found banned in Australia is now in development as a feature film. Due to overwhelming demand by fans of the original movie, Forbidden Films – the creative team behind Found - is collaborating with Gentleman Monster Productions to bring to life the complete, bloody story of Headless.

Found, the DIY horror darling that debuted on the festival circuit in 2012, made its mark on the indie scene as a boyhood tale with a bent toward the macabre. Based on the novel by Todd Rigney, Found built a blood-soaked masterpiece on a shoestring budget of just $8,000, going on to win 15 Best Feature awards, as well as numerous other awards for acting, directing, and cinematography.

Fans of Found will remember Headless as the nasty little peek into a slasher movie that horrified two young friends with its amped-up blood and guts, its parade of topless women, and its iconic, machete-wielding villain. The feature-length version of this intense, gore-filled fantasy brings the gruesome and the psychedelic together in one gorgeous, grotesque, ultra-hardcore horror party.

The body count climbs as a skull-faced killer battles his inner demons in this retro-slasher epic.

Headless is currently in the development stages, and has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, which runs through July 21, 2014 and features comprehensive reward packages ranging from a special thanks on Headless’ official website (donations of $1 or more) to the opportunity to “Be A Victim” ($500) - a chance to appear on-screen as a mutilated corpse left by the Headless Killer. Donors at the $1,000+ level will receive an Executive Producer credit in the main titles of the film and on IMDB. Contributions in-between include pre-order options for DVD, Blu-Ray, and limited-edition VHS copies of the feature (provided by Vultra Video).




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"Twisted Illusions" Hitting VHS This Sunday Night From Sub Rosa Studios

srs_twisted_illusions_bTim Ritter's cult classic, "Twisted Illusions" returns to VHS this Sunday night in another limited edition release from Sub Rosa Studios. This anthology has been re-released before but in an "Ultimate Edition" which combined segments from it with "Twisted Illusions 2". But fans have been clamoring for a solo release of the first movie, so we've responded. This release will feature the remastered first movie alone, and will come in the usual clam shell, big box and deluxe forms. The clam and big box editions will include the movie on VHS, new artwork from Andrew Peters, a 4x6 photo card, and 11x17 mini poster and a DVD-R for this remastered cut.

skull face
The deluxe will feature all that, plus a bonus DVD-R of the original release, before Tim remastered it, which you'll see is a bit rough around the edges but gives you a better idea of where Tim and Joel were as filmmakers at the time the movie was made back in the mid 80's. The deluxe edition also comes with the bonus lego character (clam shell and big box buyers can add the lego character in for an additional price). The release will be limited to just 30 units.

This release goes up for sale this Sunday night, 7/6/14, at 7pm EST. Be there on time, these titles have been selling out quick lately!

Details & Line-Up For 2014 Film4 FrightFest

ffPress Release:
From the opening night turbo-driven thrill-ride THE GUEST to the UK premiere of the closing night mesmeric sci-fi fantasy THE SIGNAL, FrightFest has netted the latest works from genre big-hitters such as Eli Roth (THE GREEN INFERNO), Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins (SHOW PIECES), Tommy Wirkola (DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS. DEAD), Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR), Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (AMONG THE LIVING), Fabrice Du Welz (ALLELUIA), Nacho Vigalondo (OPEN WINDOWS and EXTRATERRESTRIAL), John McNaughton (THE HARVEST), Adam Green (DIGGING UP THE MARROW), Nicolas McCarthy’ (HOME), Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson (ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE), Adrian Garcia Bogliano (LATE PHASES), Greg Mclean (WOLF CREEK 2), Eduardo Sanchez (EXISTS) and Milan Todorovic (NYMPH).

Plenty of genre movies have been garnering massive critical attention from other signature festivals which FrightFest has embraced, including: the moving and charming LIFE AFTER BETH, the laugh-out-loud crowd-pleaser ZOMBEAVERS, Jennifer Kent’s utterly beguiling THE BABADOOK, the extraordinary German slasher THE SAMURAI, the ‘Glee’-ful STAGE FRIGHT, the Hollywood rags to witches STARRY EYES, the hugely entertaining HOUSEBOUND, the unique R100, the cult of the damned FAULTS, the Kiwi corker I SURVIVED A ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST and Jay Weisman’s sci-fi mindbender SHOCKWAVE DARKSIDE 3D.

Film4 FrightFest has always shone a spotlight on British talent and this year is no exception – sharply spearheaded by Luke Hyams’ unusual X MOOR, Phil Hawkins’ THE LAST SHOWING, featuring horror icon Robert Englund in his best starring role in years, Adam Spinks’ creature feature THE EXPEDITION, John Shackleton’s supernatural horror THE SLEEPING ROOM, Ivan Kavanagh’s sinister THE CANAL, Oliver Frampton’s urban nightmare THE FORGOTTEN, Jeremy Wooding’s wild western BLOOD MOON, Edward Boase’s spooky THE MIRROR and Simeon Halligan’s truly shocking WHITE SETTLERS.

Discovering and nurturing new talent from across the globe has always at the heart of FrightFest’s manifesto and this year’s ever-popular Discovery Strand is testament to this, boasting thirty-eight films which includes THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME, the first ever horror movie from Venezuela, Matthew, A. Brown’s startling neo-noir revenge thriller JULIA, Casey La Scala’s rapture survival THE REMAINING, Chad Archibald’s maniac-franchise-in-the-making THE DROWNSMAN, the mumblecore insidious CREEP, the intestinal gag-filled BAD MILO!, the shattering TRUTH OR DARE, the surprising ALTERGEIST, the king of the hill PRESERVATION, the bodysnatching HONEYMOON, Lowell Dean’s hilarious midnight movie WOLFCOP, the cyber chiller THE DEN, the Australian urban legend LEMON TREE PASSAGE, Ben Wagner’s intimate DEAD WITHIN, the giallo-infused ANOTHER, the inevitable WRONG TURN 6 and Ate de Jong’s psycho-sexual horror DEADLY VIRTUES.

Plus there some brilliant documentaries receiving their UK premieres: Alexandre O. Philippe’s Zombie culture reveal, DOC OF THE DEAD and Erik Sharkey’s touching portrait of Drew Struzan, DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER. There is also the World Premiere of David Gregory’s LOST SOUL – THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.The retrospective selection this year includes restored versions of Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, Wes Craven’s A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, Jorg Buttgereit’s NEKROMANTIK and Giulio Paradisi’s cult exploiter THE VISITOR, each with significant talent attachment and presented by writer, critic, broadcaster Kim Newman.

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Check Out The Trailer For “White Settlers”

The trailer released a few days ago for “White Settlers”, a film described as a back-to-basics horror film. “White Settlers” is directed by Simeon Halligan and stars Pollyanna McIntosh, Lee Williams, Joanne Mitchell, James McCreadie, and Dominic Kay.

It's Ed and Sarah's first night at their new home - an isolated farmhouse on the Scottish borders . This is should be a new beginning away from their stressful London lives. And at first it is: as they enjoy supper al fresco at sunset, riverside skinny dip.

But as darkness falls, things become eerie. Sarah suspects they’re not alone; Ed goes to investigate and the evening swiftly becomes a nightmare. It dawns on them; they do not belong here. And they certainly aren't welcome either.

New Images From “Life After Beth”

A couple of new images has surfaced from upcoming zombie satire “Life After Beth”. The film is directed by Jeff Baena, “Life After Beth” follows Zach, devastated after his girlfriend, Beth, unexpectedly dies. It stars Aubrey Plaza, John C. Reilly, Dane DeHaan, Paul Reiser, and Anna Kendrick.

When she miraculously comes back to life, Zach takes full advantage of the opportunity to share and experience all the things he regretted not doing with Beth before her death. However, the newly returned Beth isn’t quite how he remembered her, and before long Zach’s whole world takes a turn for the worse.



Jason Christ To Play A Starring Role In Eric Stanze's Road Trip Odyssey "Stoplight"

Jason Christ STOPLIGHTJason Christ emerged on the indie cinema scene playing a supporting role in Eric Stanze's trail-blazing film "Ice From The Sun". Christ's subsequent appearances on screen spanned small cameos to leading roles in numerous indie films.

He played a supporting role in Eric Stanze's award-winning and critically-acclaimed "Deadwood Park". Most recently, Jason Christ starred in (and co-wrote) "Ratline", which has received a landslide of glowing reviews from around the globe. called the film: “One of the most original horror experiences of the past decade.”
Christ is the director of the short films "Vision", "Blurred", "Victim", and "The Quiet Place". His short film "Curveball: Pile Of Junk" earned multiple awards, including the prestigious Cine Eagle award. Christ wrote and directed the feature film "Savage Harvest 2: October Blood".

Jason Christ will play a starring role in "Stoplight", a road-trip odyssey, a stark thriller, and a harrowing descent into madness. The film is directed by award-winning indie film veteran Eric Stanze. In addition to directing his own feature films, Stanze was the 2nd Unit director for horror hits "Stake Land" and "We Are What We Are" - the latter an Official Selection of both Sundance and The Cannes Film Festival.

STOPLIGHT Advance Promo Image 600 72dpiTo fuel up the production budget for "Stoplight", production company Wicked Pixel Cinema has launched an Indiegogo campaign. You can support this unique film by driving directly here.

The STOPLIGHT Indiegogo campaign perks include a numbered, limited edition advance poster. Only 100 of these posters will ever be printed. It will be autographed by director Eric Stanze, star Jason Christ, and the rest of the cast and crew. Additional perks include actual props used in the filming of "Stoplight", an autographed copy of the screenplay, Your Name in the credits of the film (includes submission to, and much more.

My Review Of “Dracula The Impaler"

impaler“The Impaler” is a modern resurrection of Dracula. The film is directed by Derek Hockenbrough and stars Diana Angelson, Christian Gehring, Christina Collard, Teo Celigo, Katelynn Derengowski, Marcienne Dwyer, Rocco Nugent, Mark Jacobson, Gregory Lee Kenyon and Mindy Robinson. The plot centers on a group of friends Euro-trip to the home of the legendry, Eternal Prince,  Count Dracula’s caslte.

The story created in this “return to Gothic horror” is a decent enough concept, but some of the more detailed portions of the story fell flat. I never really felt a connection to the characters or the vision that Hockenbrough was going for in “The Impaler”. The story arc kept a mediocre drama but there were no real thrills and the whole atmospheric suspense was missing in this film. The characters were two dimensional and sort-of clichĂ©, even though, it is a major hang-up within the genre, acceptable as long as the cast can sell it. Unfortunately the cast never really convinced me of who they were in “The Impaler”.

The special effects in this one try to pull off the blood and guts nightmare but a few scenes failed to do so. The ones that did work created a decent practical effect. The only real problem and major irritation I have with “The Impaler” is that “if you are gonna make a movie featuring Dracula then you bloody well better have Dracula in your film!” Only two maybe three scenes even had the guy on screen. Just a lot of folklore and fabrications that were incorrect and blasphemous to the Dracula mythos, filled with inaccuracies about the Dark Prince. I didn’t really care for “The Impaler” , found the film’s inability to provide both horror or enough vampire in a film labeled horror and about vampires.

Lionel Messi's “For Elisa” Gets UK DVD/VOD Release.

ForElisa%202Prepare for the ultimate nanny nightmare experience in the chilling abduction horror FOR ELISA which will recieve its UK DVD/VOD release today, June 30th 2014 by Matchbox Films.

Directed by Juanra Fernandez, FOR ELISA marks the first involvement in a film production by Argentina and FC Barcelona's soccer superstar Lionel Messi whose cultural support entity The Messi Foundation helped finance the film.

FOR ELISA tells the story of a student who enters a terrifying world of misery and obsession when she answers a job advertisement for a nanny. Held prisoner in a house full of antique toys, she must overcome her deranged captors or become a living doll.​

FOR ELISA recieved its UK premiere at Frighfest 2013 before travelling the world festival circuit where it's leading antagonist, Ana Turpin won Best Actress at Rojo Sangre Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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