Monday, May 8, 2017

Trailer & Stills Unleashed For "Aaron's Blood"

A trailer has been unleashed for "Aaron's Blood". The film hits Digital and VOD June 6th. This gut-wrenching horror is directed by Tommy Stovall and stars James Martinez, Trevor Stovall, Farah White, Michael Chieffo.

Aaron copes with his new life as a single father and the distant relationship he shares with his only child Tate.  A timid hemophiliac, Tate is roughed up at school by the chief bully causing a massive nosebleed that lands him in the hospital fighting for his life.  He makes a miraculous recovery after a necessary blood transfusion, but Aaron begins to notice progressively strange behaviors in his son.  Faced with the grim possibility that his son could be becoming a vampire, Aaron enlists the help of a local vampire hunter and embarks on a frantic search to find the source of the infection to stop the transformation before it’s too late.  

Trailer released for "Awakening The Zodiac"

Check out the trailer for upcoming horror "Awakening The Zodiac". The film is directed by Jonathan Wright and stars  Shane West, Leslie Bibb, Matt Craven, Stephan McHattie. The release date for "Awakening The Zodiac" has been set for June 9th.

A couple stumbles upon lost footage of the Zodiac Killer that leads to a possible reward if the killer is finally caught. Before you event think “Found Footage” let me assure you, NO! This is a straight up movie and it actually looks like it could be pretty good.

New "It" Sneak Peek Unveiled

A new sneak peek of 2017 "It" was unveiled at MTV Movie & TV Awards. The film’s stars, including Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, and Finn Wolfhard, a.k.a. “the losers’ club”, presented  the never-before-seen footage.  Take a chilling trip into the sewers.

Directed by Andres Muschietti (“Mama”), “It” is based on Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel of the same name. The updated adaptation hits theatres September 8th. 

“It” follows a group of young children in Derry, Maine, who find themselves going head to head against the evil clown known as Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård), whose history of terrorizing and murdering dates bak for centuries.

UK Release Details For "Enclosure a.k.a. "Arbor Demon"

Patrick Rea's "Enclosure" has a UK VOD release. The film is now available on Amazon video and other major platforms. "Enclosure" releases in the U.S. under the title of "Arbor Demon". The film stars Fiona Dourif, Kevin Ryan, and Jake Busey. 

An adventurous married couple and an injured hunter are held captive inside a claustrophobic tent by a supernatural threat. For an unknown reason the tent has become their only safe haven. Soon tensions rise inside the enclosure, and the truth about the attacker is revealed.

NSFW Teaser For Spike TV Adaptation Of 'The Mist"

Check out the new teaser trailer for Spike TV  adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Mist'. Set to premier  June 22nd the series stars Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Russell Posner, Dan Butler, Isaiah Washington, Jr. and Frances Conroy. 

Based on a story by Stephen King, THE MIST has been re-imagined for television by Executive Producer and Writer Christian Torpe and produced for Spike by TWC-Dimension Television.  Spike’s THE MIST centers around a small town family that is torn apart by a brutal crime.  As they deal with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world, and in some cases, each other.  Family, friends and adversaries become strange bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society break down. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Wonderful And Strange 'Twin Peaks' Tease

Time for a wonderful and strange 'Twin Peak' tease. The limited series premiers May 21st on Showtime and stars returning cast Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Phoebe Augustine, Richard Beymer, Scott Coffey, Catherine E. Coulson, Julee Cruise, Jan D’Arcy, David Duchovny, Sherilyn Fenn, Miguel Ferrer, Warren Frost, Harry Goaz, Andrea Hays, Gary Hershberger, Michael Horse, David Patrick Kelly, Peggy Lipton, Bellina Martin Logan, Kyle MacLachlan, James Marshall, Everett McGill, Walter Olkewicz, Kimmy Robertson, Wendy Robie, Marv Rosand, Carlton Lee Russell, Harry Dean Stanton, Charlotte Stewart, Al Strobel, Carel Struycken, Russ Tamblyn, Ray Wise, Alicia Witt, and Grace Zabriskie.

Also expected to appear on 'Twin Peaks' is Monica Belucci (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Michael Cera (Juno), Jim Belushi, Chrysta Bell, Richard Chamberlain, Balthazar Getty, Ashley Judd, Tim Roth, Amanda Seyfried, and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor. The show is being directed by David Lynch. This installment to the horror television  franchise that started it all picks up 25 years after the original series plot ended.

New UK Poster For "Amityville: The Awakening"

Check out the new UK poster for upcoming horror "Amityville: The Awakening". The Franck Khalfoun directed horror hits theatres in June, the 29th in UK and 30th in U.S. "Amityville: The Awakening" stars  Bella Thorne, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan, Thomas Mann, Taylor Spreitler, Mckenna Grace, and Kurtwood Smith. 

Belle, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother move into a new house with their single mother Joan in order to save money to help pay for her brother’s expensive healthcare. But when strange phenomena begin to occur in the house including the miraculous recovery of her brother, Belle begins to suspect her Mother isn’t telling her everything and soon realizes they just moved into the infamous Amityville house.

Artwork Revealed For "Nail Gun Massacre" Remake

Director Robert Hall (Laid to Rest, Fear Clinic, MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) has joined forces with Texas Frightmare Weekend founder and producer Loyd Cryer to remake the 1985 cult favorite Nail Gun Massacre.
Cryer had a relationship with the film’s original director, (the late) Terry Lofton, and re-released the original film in 2014 with Code Red Entertainment. When asked about the new version, Cryer said: “Robert Hall and I have been talking about this for a couple of years, and finally we are making it happen. Hall’s film Lightning Bug is a personal favorite, and obviously with the unmatched death scenes in his Laid to Rest series, I found the right guy to bring it to life.”
Hall will direct and produce with Cryer while the script comes courtesy of screenwriter Darren Bevill (Appetites). When asked about the film and any casting choices, Hall said: “I’ve been really fortunate to have amazing casts in all my films despite the budget, and although I can’t reveal anything just yet, Nail Gun will be no different and feature a familiar and stellar cast.”
Hall then commented on whether they would retain the comedic camp tone of the original: “It’s going to be a FUN MOVIE for sure; however, the new screenplay is really smart, and we are pulling back on the camp for sure. It’s an update for today’s demanding audience bringing you WTF superb nail gun kills of course. - Dread Central 

Face The Wrath Of Berryman In "Violent Starr"

Michael Berryman unleashes his wrath as planetary godhead in Oliver Tietgen's "Violent Starr". The film stars Berryman as well as Bianca Bradey, Adrian Dittus, and Jerry Kwarteng. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Peace in the galaxy – or whats left of it – is crumbling. The evil god-like creature, the GODMICHAEL, a giant head floating in space and his evil minions are swarming out to eliminate creatures and races that the Godmichael deems “unworthy”. No one knows what the criteria for his choices are, it’s a random elimination of individuals, a terror regime.
On one of Violent Starr’s “business trips” as a space pirate she picks up a stranger with an unlikely cargo: The golden hand of the original Violent Starr. Will she and her small crew of misfits get to the planet L where the Godmichael breeds his minions called the Loreks and destroy the energy field which protects the giant head? Will she shake all the bounty hunters off her tail? Will she be able to handle her crew?

Can I Get A 'Ame-my-God!' For The "VelociPastor" Trailer

Check out the trailer for feature adaptation of 2011 short film (faux trailer ) "VelociPastor". Can I get a Ame-my-God! The film is directed by Brendan Steere and due out later this year. "VelociPastor" stars Gregory James Cohan, Alyssa Kempinski, Daniel E. Steere, Jiechang Yang, Aurelio Voltaire, Jesse Turits, and Fernando Pacheco de Castro.

After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first horrified by this new power, a hooker convinces him to use it to fight crime. And ninjas.

Blu-ray & DVD Details For Slasher "Pitchfork"

Press Release:
Glenn Douglas Packard’s critically acclaimed horror spectacle PITCHFORK releases on DVD and Blu-ray May 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment.
Having recently shared a life-changing secret with his family, Hunter recruits his friends to come with him from New York to the farm where he grew up as he faces his parents for the first time. As the college students enjoy the fresh air of Michigan farm country, an older, more dangerous secret slowly emerges. While Hunter navigates a new place within his conservative family, a vicious creature from their past descends on the farm, putting the unsuspecting city kids in mortal danger.
Produced by Packard, Darryl F. Gariglio and Noreen Marriott, with associate producer Shaun Cairo, and boasting a screenplay by Gariglio and Packard, PITCHFORK is a “loving homage to the great slasher franchises of the ‘80s” (Morbidly Beautiful).
The ensemble cast includes Daniel Wilkinson, in the title role, with Lindsey Nicole, Brian Raetz, Ryan Moore, Celina Beach, Keith Webb, Sheila Leason, Nicole Dambro, Vibhu Raghave, Rachel Carter, Andrew Dawe-Collins, Carol Ludwick, Derek Reynolds, Addisyn Wallace and Anisbel Lopez.
The DVD will be available at Amazon (with new limited edition art), Walmart and Family Video on May 2, with a Blu-ray release also available on Amazon May 2. Extras on the DVD and BD include ‘Behind the scenes : the Making of Pitchfork’ featurette, ‘Becoming Pitchfork : Making of a Monster’ featurette, deleted scenes, bloopers, outtakes, teaser & trailer, actors audition tapes.

Blu-ray & DVD Release Details For "Resident Evil: Vendetta"

Press Release:
RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA, the action-packed third installment in the state-of-the-art CG animated franchise from executive producer Takashi Shimizu (director of The Grudge), debuts on digital June 20 and on 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD™/Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, 2-disc Blu-ray™ and DVD July 18 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The 4K Ultra HD disc will feature both Dolby Vision™ high-dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos® immersive audio, making it the first title from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to feature both technologies. Based on “Resident Evil™,” one of the bestselling video game franchises of all time, the film will also be released in select movie theaters nationwide June 19 for a special one-night event from Fathom Events, Park Circus and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. Featuring the return of fan favorite characters Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman) and Leon S. Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) as well as the film debut of Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill), RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA follows the trio as they aim to stop the spread of a deadly virus that threatens to destroy New York City.
Leveraging the HDR innovation that powers Dolby’s most advanced cinemas around the world, Dolby Vision transforms the TV experience in the home by delivering greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich colors. Dolby Atmos delivers captivating sound that places and moves audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment to life all around the audience. Together, consumers will experience both cutting-edge imaging and state-of-the-art sound technology for a fully immersive entertainment experience.
The 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, 2-disc Blu-ray™ DVD and digital releases of RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA comes with Filmmaker’s Commentary and a Stills Gallery featuring 30 sketches and designs that illustrate the unique look of the film. In addition, the Combo Pack, 2-disc Blu-ray™ and the digital release come with three additional featurettes: In “Motion Capture Set Tour with Dante Carver”, motion capture actor Dante Carver guides fans on an exclusive tour of the set with a detailed look at motion capture creation and cast interviews. The CGI animators are featured in two pieces: in “The Creature”, they walk fans through the process of designing the monsters in the film; and in “CGI to Reality: Designing Vendetta” they discuss how they created a new aesthetic in an evolving franchise.
The 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack and 2-disc Blu-ray™ also comes with an exclusive bonus disc that takes fans behind-the-scenes with “Tokyo Game Show Footage 2016”, as well as two additional featurettes: Fans will assemble with the BSAA Operatives team to receive the intelligence briefing to defeat a deadly threat in “BSAA Mission Briefing: Combat Arias,” while Director Takanori Tsujimoto and his creative team lead fans in a conversation on the film’s design aesthetic and what it took to evolve the story in “Designing The World of Vendetta.”
In addition, Best Buy will offer an exclusive Steelbook packaging for the 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray™ Combo Pack.
Also, coming soon on Madison Gate Records, “RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”, featuring Kenji Kawai’s original score.
Synopsis: “BSAA Chris Redfield enlists the help of government agent Leon S. Kennedy and Professor Rebecca Chambers from Alexander Institute of Biotechnology to stop a death merchant with a vengeance from spreading a deadly virus in New York.”
Directed by Takanori Tsujimoto with a screenplay by Makoto Fukami (Psycho Pass), RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA was produced by Hiroyasu Shinohara and executive produced by Takashi Shimizu, with music by Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell).
4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack and 2-disc Blu-ray™ Bonus Materials Include:
  • Three Featurettes:
  • “The Creature”
    “Motion Capture Set Tour with Dante Carver”
    “CGI to Reality: Designing Vendetta”
  • Still gallery (30 sketches/designs)
    Filmmaker Audio Commentary (in Japanese) with Director Takanori Tsujimoto, Executive Producer Takashi Shimizu and Writer Makoto Fukami
    BONUS DISC with three featurettes:
    “BSAA Mission Briefing: Combat Arias”
    “Designing The World of Vendetta”
    “2016 Tokyo Game Show Footage”
Digital Extras Include:
  • Three Featurettes:
  • “The Creature”
    “Walk-around on set (motion-capture) with Dante Carver”
    “CGI to Reality: Designing Vendetta”
  • Still gallery (30 sketches/designs)
  • Filmmaker Audio Commentary (in Japanese) with Director Takanori Tsujimoto, Executive Producer Takashi Shimizu and Writer Makoto Fukami
DVD Bonus Materials Include:
  • Still gallery (30 sketches/designs)
  • Filmmaker Audio Commentary (in Japanese) with Director Takanori Tsujimoto, Executive Producer Takashi Shimizu and Writer Makoto Fukami


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