Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Images, Poster, And NSFW Trailer For “Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh”

TTOBFIn my continued quest to play catch-up after the holidays and my dog’s illness, I found some new stuff for an indie flick with one of the coolest names EVER!-“Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh”. A new set of movie stills and a NSFW 2015 trailer have been released. “Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh” is directed by Jakob Bilinski and stars ill Gobin, Kayla Crance (WRITER'S BLOCK, EAST OF NOWHERE), Jim Dougherty (SCALENE, PROXY), Angela Steele (BEVERLY LANE, SCALENE), Scott Ganyo (SHADE OF GREY, OBSOLESCENCE, Spike TV's "1000 Ways To Die"), Rosalind Rubin (12 ROUNDS, CLEANER, OBSOLESCENCE), Grant Niezgodski (THE BOOK OF DALLAS, REALITY), Sidney Shripka (REALITY, BLOODY HOOKER BANG BANG: A LOVE STORY), Kevin Roach (THE BOOK OF DALLAS, BLOODY HOOKER BANG BANG: A LOVE STORY), Alexander Hahn, and Jim O’Rear (DAY OF THE DEAD, MONSTER CRUISE, TV's "TEEN WOLF").

Check out the many awesome images below and the NSFW trailer! “Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh” is gearing up for a big 2015 promotional run with its festival run still in full swing. The film is is a modern, Midwesternized spin on the Giallo.

This is the tale of Dominic, a man with a dark past who returns to the small town he's long since abandoned to bury his niece, Lexie, who has recently passed. Dragging his troubled daughter along with him, he simultaneously reunites with his estranged sister and reignites a past rivalry with the corrupt town sheriff, Rex Drisko. Convinced that there is more behind Lexie's death than is being said, Dominic begins digging around the town, probing its strange inhabitants. In the process he unearths his own demons and uncovers the town's dark secrets, which include a mysterious cult, a supernatural curse, a masked killer, and a very high body count. Everyone is both a suspect and potential victim, and only one thing is for sure: the Earth will be stained red before Dominic uncovers the truth.












Friday, January 9, 2015

Trailer Released For “The Eve”

the eveBack on Dec. 30th. the trailer was released for upcoming horror film “The Eve”. The film is directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi and stars Al Thompson, Maria DiDomenico, Miranda Noelle Wilson, Evan Bass. “The Eve” is one of the indies that I have bee anticipating for some time now. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then check it out below.

A group of friends heads off to the remote island of Martha's Vineyard to celebrate New Year's Eve and reconnect. As tensions rise, an unforeseen presence halts celebrations and instead turns their holiday into a fight to live through to the new year.

My Review Of “Faces”

facesTom Ryan's serial thriller "Faces" is a strong, intense indie that captures true emotion surrounding one of man's most terrifying personas- the serial killer. “Faces” stars Tom Ryan, Paul Gmitter, Edward X. Young, Deana Demko, Bradley Creanzo, Joe Parascand, Jason Greco, Caroline Pozycki, Andrew LaBruno and Michelle Rosado. The film follows a lonely man Frank, who with no friends, no job snaps when he encounters one Charlie Downey.

“Faces” takes a dark, emotional journey into the personal life of a serial killer with intense, dramatic story telling. Ryan frames a his horror story with a heartfelt approach that creates a personal connection to his protagonist/antagonist Frank Walker. The acting is above par for low budget indie cinema which allows for the story to captivate the audience. The characters are believable, well developed and intensely animated. The lead character/serial killer is both relatable and terrifying.

The special effects used in “Faces” is more classic, practical effects which make the scenes believable. The angles, camera shifts create a suggestive horror that I found more invoking than straight on gore-effect splatter. Although there are definite moments of splatter fest present in “Faces”. The blood and gore is crafted to be convincing, and they work. The creature effect/make-up used in the more dark humor elements of the film are a nice balance against the more intense, serious horror that “Faces” gives us.

The soundtrack and music score help to create a chilling atmosphere reminiscent of classic spaghetti thrillers of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The sounds combine with the character driven story to create a deeply emotive nightmare both entertaining, and thrilling. Overall “Faces” is a nice, well written and directed indie horror film worthy of watching. It is an impressive attempt by Tom Ryan to bring a more personable vision of the dark companion of humanity, the psychopath/serial killer, to the screen.

First Poster And Stills For Horror Short “The Butcher”

TheButcherposterFrom the twisted mind of writer/director Lawrence W.  Nelson II, comes the horror/thriller THE BUTCHER.   Starring hot upcoming actress Kelly Ellison (Janet Leigh), featuring Shannon W. Nelson II (The Butcher). The short follows the day of one of the girls who was allegedly involved with the murder and the interview she does with a documentary filmmaker, who is looking to solve the mystery himself.

Ten years ago,  five popular teenage kids lured the school loner Danny into the woods only to kill him.  They're parents buried it. And justitce was never served. Now an urban legend as spawned. That every night on Halloween The Butcher comes to get revenge on the town folks of Peyton. 

Check out the first stills from the film below:


TheButcher 1




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