Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things To Know About ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

AHS FSHere are some things to know about the new season of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’. Thanks to the show’s Facebook page I am now informed and excited about the new season. Here is what I learned and what all ‘AHS’ fans should know: 1) The next season will be ‘Freak Show’ and gonna be filmed in New Orleans; 2) This is the last season of Jessica Lange on the show, and she’s practicing German accent; 3) Sarah Paulson is practicing a ” good skill ” for her character; 4) Michael Chiklis joins in the cast.

Okay so maybe we all already knew most of that but still a refresher isn’t so bad. Chiklis, who I am still on the fence about his joining the cast will be in proper company as Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Gabourey Sidibe, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Jamie Brewer, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare have all signed on for ‘Freak Show’. And rumor has it that Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott are in negotiation with Ryan Murphy.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Crowd Funding To Help With Post-Production Started For “Getting Schooled”

GSIndie horror “Getting Schooled” has started crowd funding to help with post-production on the slasher. The film has just completed principle photography and is now set up on Indiegogo with tons of perks. “Getting Schooled” is directed by Chuck Norfolk and is being produced by Lucky Chucky Productions. This is the company’s second feature film.

“Getting Schooled” stars Mayra Leal, Tom Long, Roland Ruiz, Morgan Tyler, Jake Byrd, Susan Ly, and Ron Jeremy. The film follows a group of High School students, in 1983, whom in a day of detention must run for their lives when a teacher in a wheel chair turns out to be an ex black ops soldier having a murderous flashback. Check out the early trailer promoting the film below then head over to the Indiegogo page to show support and grab your fave perk.


New Poster And Teasers For FX’s Vampire Horror Series “The Strain”

A new eye popping poster has been released along with two new teaser clips for FX’s series adaptation of Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan’ vampire trilogy ‘The Strain’. The series premiere’s this summer and stars Regina King, Sean Astin (‘Lord of the Rings‘), Roger Cross (‘24‘), Leslie Hope, Robert Maillet (‘Pacific Rim‘), Mia Maestro (‘Alias’), Lauren Lee Smith, Miguel Gomez, Kevin Durand (‘LOST‘), David Bradley (‘Game of Thrones,’ replacing John Hurt) and Richard Sammel.

‘The Strain’ follows Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (‘House of Cards‘ Corey Stoll), a CDC operative who investigates a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers wage war for the fate of humanity itself. The series will run for 13 episodes beginning in July 2014.




Official Trailer Released For “All Cheerleaders Die”

1The official trailer has been released for Lucky McKee’s “All Cheerleaders Die”. The film hits VOD May 8th with a theatrical run on June 13th. “All Cheerleaders Die” stars Caitlin Stasey, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Brooke Butler, Amanda Grace Cooper, Chris Petrovski, Nicholas S. Morrison and Reanin Johannink.

When tragedy rocks Blackfoot High, rebellious outsider Mäddy Killian shocks the student body by joining the cheerleading squad. This decision drives a rift between Mäddy and her ex-girlfriend, Leena Miller – a loner who claims to practice the dark arts. After a confrontation with the football team, Mäddy and her new cheerleader friends are sent on a supernatural roller coaster ride which leaves a path of destruction none of them may be able to escape.



Trailer Released For “Jessabelle”

jessabelleThe first official trailer has been released for Kevin Greutert’s horror  “Jessabelle”. The paranormal nightmare is due out  later this summer on August 29th. “Jessabelle” stars David Andrews, Joelle Carter, and Ana de la Reguera, Mark Webber, and Sarah Snook.

After losing her fiancé in a car accident, grief-stricken Jessie (Sarah Snook) retreats to her father’s run down Louisiana mansion, where she finds a gift from her long dead mother, and a spirit out to kill her.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fuck Yeah! ‘Friday The 13th Series In Development

1Word has broke that Crystal Lake Entertainment has have made a deal to create a new hour long drama series based upon the characters and settings of the classic  “Friday The 13th” franchise. Original film director Sean S. Cunningham has signed on as executive producer stating, “Jason Voorhees is synonymous with the genre and we plan to build on this legacy with a provocative and compelling take that expands upon the storylines that have already thrilled millions worldwide.”

Bill Basso (Terminator) and Jordu Schell (Avatar) have joined camp as script writers for the series which is said to “re-imagine Jason in multiple time periods,”…The show’s setting will be contemporary, “focusing on the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.”

British Horror/Sci-Fi “Hungerford” To Premiere At Sci-Fi London Film Fest

1British Indie film aficionado and director Drew Casson has been making movies since he was 12, posting them on his Youtube channel. Now at age 19 Casson will premiere his new sci-fi / horror “Hungerford” at Sci-fi London Film Fest at the National Film Theatre in London on May 3rd. Check out the promo poster for the film below.

“Hungerford” stars Drew Casson, Tom Scarlett, Sam Carter, Georgia Bradley, Kitty Speed and follows Cowen Rosewell who lives with a small group of old friends in a scruffy flat in a small English town. Like many teens leaving school in 2014, there are few prospects or opportunities for people like Cowen and he has enrolled on a BTEC media course as a way of passing the time. His first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life.

At first Cowen dismisses the random acts of violence he witnesses as the business as usual in a small English town. However, when one of his best friends is savagely attacked by a stranger, and in defending her they kill her assailant, the inexplicably serious nature of the dead assailant’s injuries alert them to a more disturbing reality. As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover that the town has come under a mysterious malign influence which is somehow controlling organised gangs who are rounding people up and taking them to a nearby factory. The friends hide, hoping to escape, but their sanctuary is discovered and over run. Finally Cowen must make his way alone to the factory in search of his loved ones.

The evil force that awaits him there has implications not just for Cowen, but for the entire world.

Fuck Yeah “Jem And The Holograms” Promo Poster

1In super fun bubble yum news Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Production has announced the cast for film adaptation of “Jem And The Holograms”. Based on the 1980s cartoon series and Hasbro toy line, The film is already deep in production with filming ongoing based on the script written by Ryan Landels. Scooter Braun Productions and Chu are co-producing the movie which will star ‘Nashville’ actress Aubrey Peeples in her first major film role.

Now I have to admit that I am diggin’ this. I was a Jem fan and my sis was two. She had all the dolls, including the Misfits. We played with them to no end, even working out dance routines to their music. “Jem And The Holograms” or “Jem The Movie” as the poster titles it will also star Stefanie Scott, who will play Jem's sister Kimber, Aurora Perrineau will play the Holograms’ Shana and Hayley Kiyoko has been cast as Aja. “Jem” is being directed by Jon M. Chu.


First Trailer Released For “As Above, So Below”

AASBThe first trailer has been released for Universal Pictures’ “As Above, So Below”. The horror thriller is directed by John Erick Dowdle and stars Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Perdita Weeks. “As Above, So Below” is written by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle. The film is set to release this summer, 2014.

Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls. When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that come back to haunt us all.

My Review Of “Aleister Crowley: Legend Of The Beast”

AC-LOTB“Aleister Crowley: Legend Of The Beast” is a biopic of sorts of the more spiritual journey of the legendary man of darkness, Aleister Crowley. The film is written/directed by Dom Lenoir and stars Henry Amphlett, Elle Black, Claire Bowen, Kathryn Carpenter, Melanie Denholme, Val Monk, Paul T. Horsfield, William Ludwig and Anna Elena Pepe. Aleister Crowley was a magnet to all, many were drawn to his presence and exceptional wisdom but there were also those that he repelled. This film looks back on one man's amazing journey from his death bed.

The story of “Aleister Crowley: Legend Of The Beast” is an easy one to tell, he is one of the most covered and documented men of the darker side of wisdom in modern history so this film should have been a sure thing. However it is not. The story presents as a rough draft from a community college drama club and is given an equal quality performance. I really wanted to like this film because of the subject so I was quite disappointed, most fell to the performances of the actors which are forced, recited lines without emotion or character.

The effects and soundtrack in “Aleister Crowley: Legend Of The Beast” is basic and expected effects for a film on this budget which was low. The special effects are equal to cable television aspects on the cheaper side with the soundtrack offering a mediocre, cliché atmosphere that seems to command more of a wearied effect than the desired dramatics that the director hoped for. I found myself bored with this film and aside from Denholme’s presence, “Legend Of The Beast” offers nothing thrilling, or entertaining. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

International Trailer For POV “You Are Not Alone”

You-Are-Not-Alone-Derek-Mungor-Movie-PosterAn international trailer has been released for Derek Mungor’s ‘point-of-view’ horror film “You Are Not Alone”. The film will premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and based on the trailer, it is shot through Natalie's point-of-view. Experiencing parties and terrifying confrontations in the cross hairs of murder, “You Are Not Alone” gives good first-person nightmare. It stars Krista Dzialoszynski, David O'Brien, Mary Mikva, Keenan Camp and Nikki Pierce.

'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is film with two very different stories. At the forefront, this picture is about a college graduate, Natalie, reconnecting with friends and family as she visits her hometown over the Fourth of July. Over the first half of the film, She floats through the proceedings of the July 4th celebration her town is known for. The town is inundated with news about a dangerous sociopath who is in the midst of a spree killing and reportedly within the area. The second half of the picture is what happens when Natalie crosses paths with said killer.

You Are Not Alone (2014) - International Trailer from You Are Not Alone on Vimeo.

Crowd Funding For Old School Werewolf Flick “Autumn Moon” Still Ongoing

“Autumn Moon” is a call back to the classic old school magic of horror, utilizing practical effects to create a lycanthropic nightmare unhindered by the illusion of CGI. The film is still crowd funding on Kickstarter and needs your help. Check out the deets at this link after you watch the promo clip , then head over to the campaign page to find out more and see the rewards for pitching in.

12“Autumn Moon” is directed by Randy Fabert and stars Bill Oberst Jr.(Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), Lynn Lowry (Shivers, Cat People), Timothy Waldrip (Kiss of the Vampire, 21 Jump Street), Joe Kidd (That’s What She Said),  Nathaniel Grauwelman (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies), Iabou Windimere (Psycho Killer, Sidney), Jocelyn Tanis (The Medal), Larry Combs,  Gerri Sutyak (Buffy the Vampire Slayer),  Sonny Burnette (Zombies R Friends), Richard Aughpin (Dragoon, Sidney), and Randy Fabert (Psycho Killer).

Pulp writer Michael Renee Allen thought the house on the edge of the woods would be the perfect place to write his next novel. He soon finds that the forest has more to offer than just fresh air and a nice view. Something unspeakable is stalking the forest. A cunning force of pure evil that hunts by night, painting the forest with blood.

New Trailer Released For “Find Me”


The new official trailer has been released for Andy Palmer directed “Find Me” . The horror film stars Kat Ryan, Cameron Bender, Rachelle Dimaria and Carlos Alazraqui. “Find Me” was shot on a micro-budget over 12 days and tells the story of Emily and Tim as they settle into a small farm house in Emily's childhood hometown.


Before the boxes can even be unpacked, the couple realizes that there are things happening in the house that were not disclosed by the real estate agent. At first more curious than scared, Tim, Emily and Emily's childhood friend Claire, embark on finding out who or what is haunting their house. However strange occurrences soon morph into violent acts, and the couple find themselves at the mercy of a vengeful spirit. “Find Me” is shooting for a September 2014 release.

"Find Me" Official Movie Trailer #1 from Petri Entertainment on Vimeo.

Teaser Trailer For Thriller “Portal”

portalThe first teaser has been released for psychological thriller “Portal”. The film has a crowd funding campaign currently running on Indiegogo and follows an actor's preparation for a terrifying role. As reality and fantasy blurs, he finds himself lost between both worlds. “Portal” is directed by Steven Doxey and stars Brandon Sean Pearson, Kent Hadfield, Julia Fae, Benjamin Horatio Garvis, Chris Persky,Jane Noble and Elena Scarlett Murray.

“Portal” follows an actor who is cast as the lead in a bold, art-house film from a well known director. The Director’s film recreates the story of his father, who was captured and locked in a Siberian prison.

For the actor to accurately portray the director’s father, he chooses to go method. He isolates himself in a remote cabin, where he pores over script pages and keeps a diary of his thoughts. He lives in the skin of his character, he eats, sleeps, even begins to think like him. This pressure to play the role truthfully is increased ten-fold by the director’s militant perfectionism. Day by day, the actor begins to slowly transform into something out of his control. This metamorphosis has serious ramifications both on and off-set.


Two Clips From Dark Musical “Stage Fright”

stage frightJerome Sable’s dark musical “Stage Fright” has released two new clips. The slasher-esque/ comedy, is currently available VOD on many platforms and stars Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith, Eli Batalion, Meat Loaf, and Minnie Driver. I haven’t seen this film yet because I really don’t do musicals, save three – “Rocky Horror…”, “The Devil’s Carnival” and “Repo” . I do plan to check this one out for many reasons…

: “Scream” meets “Glee” in this dark comedy musical about a starry-eyed teenager Camilla Swanson who aspires to follow in the footsteps of her Broadway diva mother. Instead she’s stuck working in the kitchen of a snobby performing arts camp.

Determined to change her destiny, she sneaks in to audition for the summer showcase and lands a lead role in the play, but just as rehearsals begin, blood starts to spill, and Camilla soon finds herself terrified by the horror of musical theater.

Check Out The Official Trailer For “Delivery: The Beast Within”

1The official trailer for paranormal horror “Delivery: The Beast Within” has been released. The Brian Netto directed film hits VOD on May 27th and limited theatrical release on May 30th. “Delivery” stars Laurel Vail, Danny Barclay, and Rob Cobuzio.

“Delivery: The Beast Within” follows the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. The production spirals out-of-control after the cameras capture a series of unexplained events, leading Rachel to believe that a malevolent spirit has possessed their unborn child. Delivery is told through the show's abandoned and unaired reality footage, as well as testimonials from friends, family and crew members, providing a first-hand account of the Massys' tragic story.

New Trailer Released For “House Of VHS”

HOVCheck out the new trailer released for upcoming horror film “House Of VHS”. The film is near completion and preparing to show at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. “House Of VHS” is directed by Gautier Cazenave and stars Isabel McCann (My Way), Ewen Blumenstein, Florie Auclerc-Vialens (Camus), Morgan Lamorté, Delphine Lanniel, Pétur Sigurðsson.

Six friends spend their summer in an old French house. When they discover a mysterious VCR and a trunk full of VHS tapes, little do they know that a whole new world is waiting for them... Also check out the movie stills below.






Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Vinalia Priora

April 23rd is the annual pagan festival Vinalia Priora celebrated by ancient Romans. It is the first of two festivals dealing with wine. The Vinalia Priora was originally celebrated in honor of Jupiter and later became connected to the goddess Venus as well.

In its beginning, the Vinalia Priora was dedicated to honoring Jupiter. This is connected to the myth of the hero Aeneas, who promised Jupiter an offering of wines from Latium if he were to become victorious in a war against his enemies of different regions. Aeneas won the war, and therefore dedicated some of Latium's wine in Jupiter's name. This myth survived throughout the ages by the Romans people during the festival.

Trailer Released For Fantasy Drama “Taven”

The first official trailer has been released for fantasy drama “Taven”. The film is directed by Teli Share and stars Gilma L. Polanco, Lorenzo Leonard, Augustine H., Mari Idaka, Iryna Dyakun, Mayra Grimaldo, Ken Lin, Phanindhra Raju, Tyrone Howard, Shali Mals, Tomo Kg, Lei Jian, Elena Montreal, Chris Rod, Lunara Yerdan, Terrence Shay. “Taven” is the debuting independent feature film produced by From The Earth Productions.

Viro, the manifested entity of the Fundamental Darkness, has returned to the Saha world in the Latter-Day of the Law again, ready to corrupt the human society.

The Coalition of Justice (COJ) members, along with the power of Taven, have teamed up to battle against the evil force of Viro.

As time for the ultimate fight comes closer, the evil begins to seek for the light of hope while the good is struggling to stay away from temptation.

‘Taven’ is set to premiere on May 18, 2014, at the Complete Actors Place on 13752 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Also check out the posters for the film that were released awhile back.



Trailer And One Sheet Released For 80’s Throwback “Ejecta”

EJECTA One SheetCheck out the trailer and one sheet just released for Matthew Wiele & Chad Archibald directed, 80’s throwback “Ejecta”. The film is a sci-fi/horror which stars Julian Richings (Man of Steel, Supernatural), Lisa Houle (PontyPool), Adam Seybold (Exit Humanity). and is an ode to the 80's lo-fi sci-fi era, the film's poster, effects and electronic score pay homage to a classic time in the genre's history while focusing on high-paced action and lots of alien scares

“Ejecta” is the story of two men who witness an unexplainable event in the atmosphere on the eve of a historic solar storm and must survive a terrifying life form that's hunting them. An anonymous group will stop at nothing to unearth the truth behind what happened to the men that night and prove to the world that we were never alone in the universe.

Crowd Funding Kicks Off For Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy--The Making of Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

1Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy--The Making of Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" , the ultimate look at the scary, thrilling and groundbreaking 1984 film, contained within the pages of a killer coffee table book, has kicked off a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. The book will be hardcover, over two hundred pages and include both color and black-and-white photos and materials. It will be printed on high-quality, semi-gloss paper, and oversized (approximately 9.5" x 12"). The project comes fro Red Rover Books.

Check out the cover artwork design:

coverPhysical production of the books is being handled by Toppan, an award-winning leader in printing with decades of experience. One of the thousands of titles they produced was author Peter Bracke's incredible Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.

Teaser Art Released For Sci-fi/Thriller “Sleeper”

Check out the teaser art for upcoming sci-fi/thriller, “Sleeper” from Bloody Bombshell Productions. The script is written by James C. Leary and is set to begin filming in late 2015. The feature length film is the first sci-fi film for Bloody Bombshell .

James Leary’s television credits include a two-year stint as “Clem,” the loose-skinned demon on the critically acclaimed hit “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. James turned the original five-line part at the beginning of season six into a regular recurring role and was soon a fan favorite. He also had roles in HBO’s “The Comeback” with Lisa Kudrow and NBC’s “Passions.”


Check Out The Fanatics In ‘True Blood’ Tease


Check out the teaser clip for ‘True Blood’ season seven. The religious fanatics, infected vampires and chaos reigns in Bon Temp for the final season of a truly original supernatural drama that sparked a firestorm of genre television throughout cable networks. Season seven kicks off with the first episode, "Jesus Gonna Be Here," which airs Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. EST.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Release Date Set For “POE: Project of Evil”

POEA release date has been set for Italian horror “POE: Project Of Evil”. The film will hit DVD and VOD on May 6th. “POE” is a twisted horror anthology with seven talented Italian directors presenting their takes on the disturbing tales of Edgar Allan Poe, each in a very personal and modern way.

Prepare to experience the terror of POE! Stories include 'The Pit and the Pendulum', 'Solo', 'Loss of Breath', 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue', 'The Tell-Tale Heart', 'The System of Dr. Tar and Prof. Feather', and 'The Premature Burial'... Its Poe like you've never seen before! The release of “POE: Project Of Evil” comes courtesy of Brain Damage Films.

Soak Up The Macabre With New Image From “Jessabelle”

Relax and soak up the paranormally macabre image from upcoming horror “Jessabelle”. The film, directed by Kevin Greutert is due out later this summer on August 29th. This ghosty chiller stars David Andrews, Joelle Carter, and Ana de la Reguera, Mark Webber, and Sarah Snook

After losing her fiancé in a car accident, grief-stricken Jessie (Sarah Snook) retreats to her father’s run down Louisiana mansion, where she finds a gift from her long dead mother, and a spirit out to kill her.


“Kill Zombie” Gets Blu-ray Love

Zombie film “Kill Zombie”, formally known as “Zombibi”, is getting some blu-ray love thanks to Well Go USA Entertainment. “Kill Zombie” is directed by Martijn Smits and Erwin van den Eshof. The horror/comedy hits American shelves on June 10, 2014 and I am amped about this one. There is something about zombie/comedies that I just enjoy…”Kill Zombie” stars Yahya Gaier, Ouled Radi and Gigi Ravelli, Sergio Hasselbaink and Uriah Arnhem. (source:

“Kill Zombie” takes the zombie apocalypse to the Netherlands where survivors fight the undead on the streets of Amsterdam. A Russian Space station crashes in Amsterdam, releasing a deadly virus that turns everyday citizens into flesh-craving psychopaths. Aziz (Yahya Gaier), his brother Mo (Ouled Radi) and several strangers emerge from jail, oblivious to the mayhem until they team up with a local police officer (Gigi Ravelli). After receiving a desperate call for help, this unlikely band of heroes sets out on an insane rescue mission – and it’s going to take a seriously crazy plan if they want to get out alive…

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Walpurgis/Thrimilci

1Okay it isn’t quite April 30th yet but I put Walpurgis in my calendar on the 22nd as the 9 nights begin and start my ceremonial offerings to the gods for a prosperous spring, and protection from the coming darkness as we edge deep into the spring’s enveloping warmth. I place various tokens that symbolize the spring gifts the gods give us on my altar. It allows me to build up my thrill for Walpurgis Night. I also use this time from April 22 to April 30 to gather and form my pyre. As a solitary and only pagan member in my family it a lot quieter than the revelry of groups and large circle gatherings.

The festival of Walpurgis, a night both of revelry and darkness.  The nine nights of April 22 to April 30 are venerated as rememberance of the All Father's self-sacrifice upon the World Tree Yggdrasil.  It was on the ninth night (April 30, Walpurgisnacht) that he beheld the Runes, grasped them, and ritually died for an instant.  At that moment, all the Light in the 9 worlds is extinguished, and utter Chaos reigns.  At the final stroke of midnight, the Light returns in dazzling brilliance, and the bale-fires are lit.  On Walpurgisnacht, the dead have full sway upon the earth; it is the ending night of the Wild Hunt.  May 1 is the festival of Thrimilci; the beginning of Summer.  Thrimilci is a festival of joy and fertility, much like Ostara; however, most of the Northern World is finally escaping from the snow at this time.

The holiday is often celebrated with dancing and bonfires. It is exactly six months from All Hallows' Eve. Walpurgisnacht (Walburga’s Night / Walpurgis Night) is a popular Germanic holiday celebrated at the same time as Beltane. It has a colorful history which, from what I can find, dates from after the Christian conversion in Germany making it one of the few holidays that pagans might have adopted from a Christian festival, instead of vice versa.* Now famous for the bonfires that light the hills of Sweden, the champagne toasts in Finland, and the pranks of southern Germany it has been known as both a witch’s holiday and the feast day of a saint.

News Update For Indie Horror “Lucifer’s Angels” Plus Stills & Poster

LALucifer’s Angels” is an indie horror from ATK Films directed by Rick McDonald. I just received a news update on the film along with a couple of movie stills from Craig Surko, a member of the film’s production team. “Lucifer’s Angels” stars Theodore Bouloukos, Mikey McDonald, Ricky McDonald, Kayla Deguzman, Brian McDonald and Jason Michel.

"Lucifer's Angels" is a smart, refreshing horror film that pays homage to classic horror. A twisted film with a smart and intriguing plot. A group of friends go on their first camping trip together in the Catskill Mountains. Also, a ghost hunter from New York City and his fiance, travel to the same mountains hoping to research and record any paranormal phenomenon. All of them unknowingly entering into a world of evil. Meanwhile, a father and son who live in the eerie woods are forced to make life or death decisions. The story progresses as some of the friends start mysteriously disappearing, and wind up tortured and murdered in horrifying ways.

Here is what the updated news said about the film’s production and experiences:

1“The film was made on a very micro budget basically out of whatever we had in our pockets between 4 principal crew members whom are all family and 4 friends. And we believe we were able to create something very good! We all wore multiple hats, most actors played 2 roles, while being PA's....when someone was done shooting their take, they would jump in to hold the boom pole, or help move a light, etc... I just want people to know how much heart and soul was put into the production, and without everyone's dedication this film would never have been made.”

The update went on to say,“… the post production team has basically consisted of myself, although I’ve also had a friend come by to assist and be my "second eye" but that's about it. I’ve been, editing, recording foley (and ADR), sound editing, color correcting, and doing visual FX myself.”

“We originally wrote the script in 2009, shot some scenes in 2009 and the majority in 2010. We looked at what we had and were unsatisfied. We went back and rewrote 80% of the script, and scrapped all footage.We began reshooting summer 2011, and finished principal photography June 2012. All of this was completed, with everyone working full time jobs, so we'd shoot mostly on weekends here and there.”


 “Throughout the post production process I have met some wonderful talent and collaborators through the use of social media. We found our composer, audio engineer and mixer, original bands who want to donate music; all through social media sites. All of these new members of the production have never met, nor have I met them in person. However, we have been able to utilize the power of new technologies, such as Facetime, in order to set up spotting sessions, meetings, and interviews.”

“We also just recently recorded a 15 year old girl with a brilliant voice to provide some vocals on a piece our composer wrote. Although the composer (John DelVento) wasn't there in person, he was able to direct our singer (Emilee) through a FaceTime session. Great stuff.”

Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Six Minutes Of “Easter Sunday” Released


Check out the first six minutes of upcoming slasher flick “Easter Sunday”. The clip was released by Dread Central along with the music video for N4red The Boogeyman's  Easter Sunday theme song, "Eggsecuted." “Easter Sunday” is directed by Jeremy Todd Morehead and stars Robert Z'Dar, Ari Lehman, Edward X. Young, Shawn C. Phillips and Jason Delgado as Douglas Fisher, The Bunny Masked Killer.

It's been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter night. This year, a group of hard-partying teenagers not only raise some hell, but literally raise the dead! The teens accidentally conjure the spirit of Douglas Fisher... AKA the bunny masked killer! These teens have until midnight on Easter to stop the evil bunny slasher, or he will tear their town - and everyone in it - to pieces.

There will be no candy in your Easter basket, just the limbs and body parts of your family and friends...

Click the shiny bunny eyes below to go over and see the six minute clip on Dailymotion....



“The Night Before Easter” Available On Vimeo On Demand


I am changing my last 4.20 film for this little indie Easter flick. The film is “The Night Before Easter” and it is currently available on Vimeo On Demand. The film is directed by Joseph Henson, Nathan Johnson and produced by The Bodycount Continues Studios. “The Night Before Easter” stars April Sinclair, Emily Chidalek, Alyssa Matusiak, Bonnie Marilyn Jean, Eric Wyatt and Joseph Henson.


A group of friends gather together inside of a self-storage facility on the night before Easter Sunday to catch up on old times and to partake in a friendly game of hide and seek. Their evening of fun takes a deadly turn when, one by one, they are targeted by a mysterious psychopath in an Easter Bunny outfit. Will anyone survive... The Night Before Easter?

The Night Before Easter - Trailer from Joseph Henson on Vimeo.

Biting First Poster For “Animal”

Check out the bitingly horrific first poster for Chiller Film’s “Animal”. The film is set to release VOD and with a limited theatrical presence on June 17th. “Animal” is directed by Brett Simmons and stars  Keke Palmer, Amaury Nolasco, Parker Young, Joey Lauren Adams, Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Thorsten Kaye, Jeremy Sumpter.

A group of close-knit friends find themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a blood-thirsty predator. Holed up in isolated cabin, tensions mount as secrets are revealed. As the body count rises, the group puts their differences aside and fights for survival.



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