Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Coming Feb. 7th to dvd.
From the Press Release
Supernatural meets nightmare as Lionsgate debuts Stormhouse to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this February. The film stars Grahame Fox (Outlanders), Martin Delaney (Flags of Our Fathers) and Katie Flynn (TV's "The Office") and made its premiere at Screamfest's 11th Annual Horror Festival. The DVD release includes "Stormhouse: Uncovered," a behind-the-scenes look at the film.

In 2002 the United States military captured a mysterious entity at the secret underground base, Stormhouse. Believed to be supernatural, a ghost whisperer named Hayley (Flynn) is brought into the facility in the final days of experiments to attempt to communicate with the entity. But Hayley's arrival triggers a chain of events that lead to a disastrous escape of the creature and the humans among it fighting for their lives.

“300 Killers”

A new horror fusion film that takes the action packed punch of films like “Transporters” and "Crank" and blends it with the grit and gore of torture/horror films like “Last House On The Left” and “Red, White & Blue”. Directed by Matt Jaissle.
Low-budget action/horror from director Matt Jaissle.
"300 Killers. . . You do the math!"

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“Jack The Reaper” Trailer

There is a new reaper on the block and we are all fucked!
A cold-blooded creature known as Railroad Jack (Douglas Tait) haunts a stretch of desert highway called Death’s Door, waiting for his next victims. He is a Reaper, one who ushers souls to the afterlife, willing or not. Railroad Jack stalks the desert, drawing prey to the abandoned roadside carnival that is his weapon.
When a school bus carrying a group of teens on a field trip happens through Death’s Door, Railroad Jack lays claim to their souls. Making sure their bus crashes, he entices them with the lights and sounds of his deadly carnival. The teens explore and terror ensues as the Reaper picks them off one by one. Starring Tony Todd (“Candyman”), Douglas Tait (“Freddy vs. Jason”) and Sally Kirkland (“JFK”).

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“Sand Sharks” Trailer

“An underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean’s surface unleashing a prehistoric predator.  On the sleepy island of White Sands, local teens drink and party beside a beach bonfire.  One of them wanders off after a pretty girl and disappears, leaving only a severed hand behind.  It appears it’s been bitten and ripped off by a vicious animal.  This looks like a shark bite, but it’s found well above the high tide line, it can’t be a shark… Or can it?  Jimmy Green (Corin Nemec), prodigal party boy and son of the mayor, returns home to White Sands with a scheme to breathe some life into the dying economy (and clear his debt to a mobster) by throwing a huge spring break party: The Sandman Festival.  Jimmy runs into his ex, and now Deputy Sherriff, Brenda Young (Vanessa Lee Evigan).  She and her brother, the Sheriff, want to close the island beaches in fear of further shark attacks, which would ruin Jimmy’s plans.  Brenda calls in an expert, shark scientist Dr. Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan), as the attacks continue. Dr. Powers says it appears to be a sand shark, a beast which moves through the sand as if it was water.  A shark is electrocuted by accident, but it’s soon discovered that this shark, though gigantic, was only a baby!  The festival continues and thousands of college kids arrive just as dozens of sand sharks make their presence known, attracted by the vibrations of the crowd and the PA system.  The most menacing beasts to ever rule the waters, now rule the sand; mercilessly feeding on anything that crosses their path.   It’s a giant feeding frenzy and it’s up to Brenda, Sandy, the Sherriff, and Jimmy to stop the carnage.”
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“The Amityville Haunting” Trailer

“The Amityville Haunting” will be released on Dec. 13th from Asylum.
"Actual found footage that documents the horrifying experiences of a family that moved into the infamous haunted house."

The Apocalypse is a little disappointing!

So I have been waiting with baited breath for doomsday as long as I can remember. To be exact it was 1984 when I first made the attempt to read the book of revelations as a teen. That book gave me nightmares for weeks but I loved it and started looking and waiting for signs ever since. I would gleefully smile as I went thru the check out at Walmart and later every other store in town and gaze at that red laser beam of light that magically priced and identified my items and total due. My grandmother had told me that that was a sign of the coming "mark of the beast". I was excited because I had read about that in the bible! Then later in the late nineties I read the Left Behind series which just further pulled me into the whole apocalyptic obsessive focus with more intensity.

This leads me to later when the internet really took off to what it has now become. All those sites with different doomsday prophecies that just seem to have us in a constant state of peril where like mental candy to me because I believe that shit. For awhile I could see signs in the water, clouds, and trees. I could hear their cries and feel their pain , for they had knowledge of this terrible nightmare headed to mankind. For awhile I thought I could see demons and monstrosities everywhere and in everyone. Seriously sometimes when I am off a bit I still can. I can even feel them in the air.

To say the least I am a little disappointed with this whole doomsday stuff because first I waited and watched the night sky looking for Elinin and just knowing that every earthquake and volcanic eruption was a sign of our pending doom- nothing happened! The fucker just whizzed on by far from view and to be honest I am not totally convinced the bitch ever existed!  Then the whole 11-11-11 prophecy comes over the web like gang busters and I waited and counted down and watched the sky and- nothing! Just another fricken' day like any other. So now has we get closer to 2012 I am almost certain that other than economic collapse and the constant threat of global starvation and war there is nothing that is going to happen that is not just status quo!

This is just the way the world works and has always worked and nothing is ever going to change because nothing ever does! We just live, freak the fuck out, flutter about cosmically oblivious to almost everything and then we die in a relative "blink of an eye".

“Little Deaths” Horror Anthology

The DVD release date for the UK horror anthology “Little Deaths” is set for Dec. 13th.
“Well-to-do home owners Richard and Victoria pose as religious do-gooders and lure homeless girls to their luxurious home. Apartment dwellers Claire and Pete invigorate their love life with a role-playing game with increasingly hazy boundaries. Jen and Frank, once prostitute and pimp, are now trying to make a go of things as an exclusive couple. Jen’s even in therapy with a psychiatrist, who is secretly working with her husband Frank. Each couple is in for a surprise. Richard and Victoria will have the tables turned on them by one of their lady victims; Claire will finally push Pete too far in their sexual game; and Jen and Frank can’t begin to imagine what their conspiring psychiatrist is up to. Little Deaths are little games that sometimes lead to the big one.”


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