Tuesday, March 24, 2020

THE FURIES Available on Demand, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray This March

RLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, has picked up select rights to THE FURIES from Shudder, AMC Networks’ streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural. THE FURIES will be released on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray on March 3, 2020. Written and directed by Tony D’Aquino (Alpha Male), the horror stars Airlie Dodds (Killing Ground), Linda Ngo (“Top of the Lake”), Taylor Ferguson (“Glitch”), Ebony Vagulans (“My Life Is Murder”) with Danielle Horvat (“House Husbands”) and Tom O’Sullivan (A Man on the Edge). RLJE Films will release THE FURIES on DVD for $27.97 and on Blu-ray for $15.95.

In THE FURIES, when Kayla (Airlie Dodds) wakes up in a coffin-like box in the middle of the woods, the first thing she sees is a terrifying masked man with an axe running straight for her. As she runs to try to get away, she realizes she is part of an insane and deadly game. There are six other women running scared in the woods, each with a masked assassin assigned to protect them and kill everyone else. Kayla races to save herself and as many women as she can, but when they start to turn on each other, her killer instinct is unleashed as she does whatever it takes to survive.

Supernatural Horror Film THE PERISHED To Release April 7th

official trailer and release date announced for April 7th in North America through The Horror Collective. The film is written and directed by Paddy Murphy, and stars Courtney McKeon (THE THREE DON’TS), Fiach Kunz (GAME OF THRONES), Paul Fitzgerald (THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT), and Lisa Tyrrell (URBAN TRAFFIK).

While recovering from an abortion, a young woman is tormented by the spirits of the unborn…who seek a mother.

Horror Comedy "Two Heads Creek" Picked Up For U.S Distribution

Jesse O'Brien (Alien Arrival) and Jordan Waller's horror comedy "Two Heads Creek" has been picked up for U.S distribution. The film was copped by The Horror Collective and will be released later this year. It stars Jordan Waller, Kathryn Wilder, Helen Dallimore, Kevin Harrington, Stephen Hunter, Gary Sweet and Kerry Armstrong.

A brother and sister search for the birthplace of their biological mother. Leaving the United Kingdom behind for Australia, these siblings find something strange - in the Outback.

Genre Bending THE ARCHIVIST Trailer Delivers The Retro Goods!

Spaghetti western meets dystopian sci-fi in a twisted new throwback to the good ol days of cinemas' past. Filmed in glorious 35mm and featuring real life stunts. This film is sure to please fans of the old-school and new seeking something fresh in such a stale market.

In the year 2070, Calder Benson is a government Archivist Officer charged by an increasingly invasive and restrictive government to destroy all elements and remnants of his society's self-indulgent and avaricious past.

Directed by Eric Hand.
Written by Bo Gardner and Eric Hand.
Starring Eric Hand, Dale Shumate, Butch Thompson, and Jennifer Giles.


Fresh off its premiere at the Monaco International Film Festival a new teaser has arrived for this Twilight Zone-esque short film. 
A couple checks into a vacation rental, only to find that the anonymous host likes to play games on its guests. 
The throwback short film stars Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism) and Noureen DeWulf (Good Girls) as a couple who soon regrets renting this picturesque home for their long awaited vacation. 
Megan Freels Johnston, best known for her suburban nightmare "The Ice Cream Truck" and her break up film noir "Rebound" directed the short film between feature projects. With all the makings of a modern day Hitchcock film, Dear Guest will play the festival circuit for all of 2020. Johnston though has alluded that this short could evolve into a feature.  Dear Guest was produced by Freels Johnston, Michael May (Auto/Biography), and Bill Whirity (Prey).

Dear Guest Teaser from Look At Me Films on Vimeo.

Monday, March 23, 2020

A Fan's Dream Turns To Violence In Amateur Wrestling Set "Powerbomb"

Powerbomb is an indie horror thriller that was independently financed. Directed by B.J. Colangelo (Deathcember) and R. Zachary Shildwachter, the film focuses on an amateur wrestling circuit, in which one fan wants to be part of the action. But, this fan takes things too far when he kidnaps and tortures one of his idols. Now, reality must face fantasy - in a true test of wills. Indican Pictures will release this exciting feature this April 14th, 2020.
Powerbomb, a pivotal move in wrestling, features a renowned cast. Action actor Cash Allen stars along with: pro-wrestler Matt Cappicioni and backyard wrestler Greg Iron. Even Ohio Valley Wrestler Roni Jonah gets in on the action as Amy Cross. All of these castmates figure prominently in a blend of horror and comedy, in which one character will never be the same.
Indican Pictures will release Powerbomb on both DVD and Digital platforms. The film will be available this April 14th. This title is for fans of amateur and pro-wrestling, or for those interested in a comedic look behind-the-scenes of the wrestling circuit. Bringing a wrestling cast to life and to the screen, Powerbomb promises a finishing move few will forget.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

My Review Of "Alien Outbreak"

"Alien Outbreak" is a indie sci-fi film directed by Neil Rowe. The film stars Katherine Drake, Ritchie Crane, Michael Terry, Philip Alexander Baker.

A small rural community is quarantined by an alien presence. Local police officers Zoe and Patrick battle through the night to take control as they become cut off from the outside world. Residents begin to behave strangely and mass panic spreads throughout. With the help of others, Zoe and Patrick begin unraveling the mystery and soon discover it is not all as it seems. Can they save their community before it’s too late?

The story is a blend of traditional alien sci-fi with elements of pandemic/ viral based horror. The writing follows typical roads of suspense, drama and major character development. The film moves slow with most of the story focusing on dialog and exposition. Still, it all does take place under a veil of tension for what appears as an alien encounter. 

The acting is elevated, often the cast create little moments that make you sense the tension in the scenes. However there are significant moments when the acting should have been greater in order to really convey the situation at hand. I mean, seeing a head blown open during a act of suicide should warrant more than a subdued gasp. 

Special effects are mixed. A lot of CGI, which is expected in sci-fi films, and low budget practical effects. The CGI is done with some care, reminiscent of series such as 'Falling Skies' and 'Haven'. The concept used to create the aliens and infected humans is creative and appealing. Overall "Alien Outback" is a neat indie alien watch. It will have an audience, but for action packed bangs and booms some fans will wanna skip it. (2.5/5)

My Review Of "Cupid"

"Cupid" is a supernatural creature horror that turns Valentine's Day into a revenge nightmare. The film is directed by directed by Scott Jeffrey with a cast that includes Georgina Jane, Bao Tieu, Sarah T. Cohen and Michael Owusu.

After being horrendously embarrassed by the mean girls at school, Faye, a practicing witch, summons the evil Cupid to take revenge on all those who wronged her.

"Cupid" is a fun, light-hearted horror story that turns out some revenge on Valentine's Day. The story is a standard trope, pitting young love against an angry curse. The characters are expected constructs. Mean girls, naive victims and a lot of snarky attitude. 

The acting is decent. Some of the dialog does seem to mesh quite as smoothly with the situation at hand, but for the most part "Cupid" manages to be a cutely entertaining slice of junk food cinema. Much like the stuff you can catch on Syfy network. 

The special effects are a blend of cheap CGI (again- much like the Syfy affair). The effects team has done well to blend mostly practical effects when it comes to the blood and gore side of the horror elements. It is done, in low budget fashion, but done good enough to make the scenes fun. Overall " Cupid" is a fun, light, entertaining holiday horror watch. (3/5)


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