Saturday, May 30, 2015

Official Trailer For Occultastic Horror "Ghoul"

I am a sucker for a film that incorporates one of my favorite pastimes! Check out the official trailer for upcoming occultastic horror "Ghoul".  Read press release below to get the details on this flick and check out the trailer!

Press Release:
Vega Baby Releasing has announced today that the film GHOUL will be available on VOD and DVD starting June 23, 2015. After filming in the Ukraine, the frightening flick opened #1 in the Czech Republic and went on to become the highest grossing horror movie in Czech history, followed up by a limited U.S. theatrical release in March.
GHOUL is a supernatural horror film involving the real life story of the Soviet Union’s most violent serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Three Americans travel to the Ukraine to film a documentary about the cannibalism epidemic that swept through the country during the famine of 1932. After being lured deep into the Ukraine forest for an interview with one of the last known survivors, they quickly find themselves trapped in a supernatural hunting ground.
GHOUL was written and directed by Petr Jakl and produced by J.B.J. Film. Rob Cohen (director, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS), Joe Lynch (director, EVERLY), and Luke Rivett are executive producers. Nancy Bishop and Frantisek Vondracek served as co-producers.

Bill Oberst Jr. Reads Bradbury's In Pillar Of Fire

Press Release:
Once upon a time, when Americans burned their horror comics, a young man named Ray Bradbury fought back with his typewriter…and a story about a living corpse.
Actor Bill Oberst Jr.’s theatrical reading of Ray Bradbury’s Pillar Of Fire opens in Los Angeles on June 5, the anniversary of the author’s death. It runs through June 25 at two Hollywood area theaters. Details and ticket information on the performance are at
Pillar Of Fire is set in the year 2349 on an Earth cleansed of all superstition – a place where Halloween, dark literature and burials are banned. Bodies are burned without ceremony in massive towers of cremation; the ashes of the forgotten dead blown into the wind. As Bradbury’s tale opens, the last cemetery on the planet is nearly emptied when the last dead man in the world wakes up. William Lantry is a 400 year-old walking corpse filled with hate for the living and determined to teach this sterile and sensible world the meaning of fear.
Oberst, a rabid Bradbury fan, says he hopes to tour with Pillar Of Fire and other Bradbury stories. “Vincent Price used to tour the world with living renditions of Poe’s works that delighted fans. I’d like to do the same with Ray Bradbury” he says. “These LA shows are a test. I want to prove that fans will respond to great horror and fantasy literature done live.” Oberst says he especially hopes to make a tour of American libraries as a way of honoring Bradbury’s lifelong love affair with books.
Bradbury wrote the story in 1948 as comics like Tales From The Crypt, The Vault Of Horror and The Haunt Of Fear were being thrown into bonfires after a psychiatrist attacked them as morally corrupt in a best-selling book. “The campaign to cleanse young minds caught fire” says Oberst “and that’s the atmosphere in which Bradbury created Pillar Of Fire, which makes the case that we need the dark in order to to balance the light. It’s a passionate defense of Halloween and things that go bump in the night. I hope fans will support it if they are in Los Angeles in June. We who work in the darker genres still take heat from those who look down on us, but Ray Bradbury wasn’t ashamed to have his name associated with horror, neither am I.”
(Pillar of Fire is read with the permission of Don Congdon Associates,Inc. on behalf of Ray Bradbury Enterprises, Inc. Copyright 1948 Love Romances, Inc.)

Cover Art And Release Details For "Lost After Dark"

If you thought the 80s were dead — think again! On September 1st, Anchor Bay Entertainment goes full 80s retro with Lost After Dark, a loving but harrowing homage that takes audiences back to the decade when slashers ruled the silver screen. The exciting directing debut of writer/director Ian Kessner, Lost After Dark proudly features visceral, old-school prosthetic “kills” and pop songs pulsing to an electronic beat. So throw on a pair of acid wash jeans and go full-on tubular with Lost After Dark!
Spring Ball, 1984. Adrienne (Kendra Timmins; Midnight Sun, “Wingin’ It”), a straight-A student, joins her quarterback crush, Sean (Justin Kelly; Maps to the Stars, Big Muddy), and some friends in sneaking out of their high school dance for some unsupervised mayhem. The teens’ party plans hit a snag when they run out of gas on a deserted road. They head out on foot and discover a rundown farmhouse where they hope to find help. Instead they find themselves at the mercy of Junior Joad (Mark Wiebe; Sweet Karma), a cannibal killer from an urban legend. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, the group’s quest for help becomes one of survival. Will anyone survive the night?
Produced by Goldrush Entertainment’s Eric Gozlan and co-written by Bo Ransdell, Lost After Dark features Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, “From Dusk Till Dawn”), Eve Harlow (“The 100″), Stephan James (Selma), Jesse Camacho (Kick-Ass 2), Elise Gatien (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days), Alexander Calvert (Lost Boys: The Tribe), Lanie McAuley (Scarecrow), and David Lipper (Black Widower) as well as fun cameos from Sarah Fisher (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”) and Rick Rosenthal (director of Halloween II & Halloween: Resurrection).

Simple But Effective Poster Released For "Howl"

Check out the simple but effective poster teasing upcoming horror movie "Howl". The werewolf flick traps its victims on a passenger train bound for terror as the beast feeds by the light of a full moon-(too cheesy?). "Howl" is directed by Paul Hyett and stars Ed Speleers, Shawn Pertee, Shauna MacDonald.

Joe, a young ticket collector, is riding the last train out of London on a dark and stormy night along with a meager bunch of passengers. When the train brakes violently and comes to a sudden halt deep in the middle of a forest, it seems they have hit something on the line. But when the driver ventures out to investigate, he never returns, leaving the passengers in a state of panic - particularly when Joe sees the driver’s mutilated body outside the carriage.
Realizing there’s something dangerous lurking in the forest, Joe tells the passengers to make barricades to secure themselves in the carriage, but soon the deadly creature is stalking the besieged train and smashing through their defenses, picking them off one-by-one. Joe rallies his "pack" of passengers to fight back. During a vicious battle they manage to kill the creature, revealing it to be a hideous mutated fusion of human and wild animal - a werewolf. However, celebrations are cut short when they hear more howls coming from the forest…

Crowd Funding Underway For Sci-fi Horror "Being"

There is still almost a month left to help fund upcoming sci-fi/horror "Being". The film is directed by Doug C. Williams and stars Lance Henriksen, Robert John Burke, Brian Foyster, Christian Davies, and Jason Iannacone. The crowd funding is set up over on Kickstarter.

The story all takes place in one night, on a farmhouse in an insignificant town in the mountains.

A mysterious, bright burst of light explodes from inside the barn, knocking out the power.

The drunken gathering going on inside of the house comes to an abrupt halt.

There is a creature they will discover in the barn...
Not human.

Something they do not understand.

And as always, when the beliefs of a weak and fearful mankind are threatened, they turn on each other...

Trailer Debuts For "Cowboys VS Dinosaurs"

Cowboys have been facing a lot of shit these days. There was an Alien invasion, an attack by vampires and even the undead wrecked some havoc on the wild west! Well as if they didn't have enough to deal with or recover from now the last American macho man has to face something with a way more powerful bite- Dinosaurs!

The trailer has debuted for sci-fi/action mashup "Cowboys VS Dinosaurs" just in time for the annual summer of monsters showdown. The film is directed by Ari Novak and stars Eric Roberts, Rib Hills, and Casey Fitzgerald. (Damn even the stars have cowboy names!)

After an accidental explosion at a local mine, dinosaurs emerge from the rubble to terrorize a small western town. Now, a group of gunslingers must defend their home if anyone is going to survive in a battle of cowboys versus dinosaurs.

"Cowboys VS Dinosaurs" hits VOD on May 29th, 2015.

Check Out Bloody New Teaser Featuring "The Chainsaw" For 'Ash VS Evil Dead' Series

Starz has sent the horrorsphere ablaze with new bloody teaser for upcoming series 'Ash VS Evil Dead'. The teaser features the ass kickin' weapon of choice-not the double barrel but the chainsaw. Ash is back baby!!

30 years after the events of Evil Dead, Ash is a loner, living a dull existence, still not able to come to grips with the events that started at the cabin. In the event of a deadite invasion Ash must attach his chainsaw and pick up his trusty boomstick one more time, all while finally coming to terms with his past. 

The series stars Bruce Campbell, Mimi Rogers, Jill Marie Jones, Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless, and Ray Santiago. 'Ash VS Evil Dead' is set to hit Starz this fall. I am sure just in time for our favorite wickedest of holidays!

Cover Art And Release Date For Anthology "Scream Machine"

Scream Machine Gets Worldwide DVD distribution With World Wide Multi Media Due for an Official release Sept 29th 2015 You can now Pre Order the DVD here:

 Just when you thought it was safe to relax and let out your breath, the evil genius of Scarlet Fry (Walter Ruether III) makes itself known once more in the shape of Scream Machine’s five bloody twisted tales: “Sledgehammer,” “Cannibal Pen Pals,” “April Fool’s Party,” “Septic Shock,” and “Deadly Indie Drive-In.” Each one featuring the three M’s of horror: madness, murder, and mayhem; guaranteed to make you faint, puke, and quite possibly soil your pants! 

Scream Machine’s host segments, which introduce Scarlet Fry as Dr. Fry, take place after the Ebola plague wipes out Earth’s entire population. The two exceptions being Dr. Fry and his new assistant Dr. Graves, Dr. “Head”ley Graves (Paul C. Hemmes). Known for bringing to life such cult classics  as: Horrorama, Death By VHS, Nightmare Alley, and Junk Food Horror Fest; Writer/Producer/Director Walter Ruether III teams up with filmmaker Paul C. Hemmes to make his latest and quite possibly greatest horror anthology to date. Featuring the acting talents of Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Sandra E. Williams (Ted  2), and David C. Hayes (A Man Called Nereus). PLEASE NOTE: Filmmakers are not responsible for spontaneous heart attack or combustion from fright! 

You can read my review of "Scream Machine" here: My Review Of “Scream Machine” Anthology

Friday, May 29, 2015

My Review Of 'Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane"

Daniel Falicki's "Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane" is a chilling haunting tale that blends "First Peoples"/Native magic passed down through the ages by Native American tribes. The film stars Liz Nolan and Peri Jill Phillips. The story follows Mysti Delane who is some what of a trouble and lost girl. Disheartened by the world around her she turns to the other world through a type of Earth magic in an attempt at escapism. Her sister tries desperately to save her from the darkness that followed Mysti home.

The story is a depressing, somber piece of emotional melodrama that delivers. It never loses the energy or haunting movement that is created at the beginning of the film. There is no times were the story falls flat or the energy dies out. It is just a chilling ballet of emotional, and visual surrealism. "Shadow World: The Haunting OF Mysti Delane" is a relatable story for almost anyone. You can strip down to the basic components of dealing with loss, feelings of abandonment and not belonging, never mind the mystical, magical, and paranormal components. That just adds to a well thought out, nicely delivered character study.

The special effects are a carefully balanced mix of shadow/light cinematography with some cool practical effects used during possession scenes that work well to really sell the moment. They don't feel cheap or poorly executed. The surrealism is heavy and theatrical. Dark and yet beautifully framed dreams stained by darkness and the thing that is haunting Mysti. The creature usage is perfect. The way Daniel Falicki chose to bring in the "demon" or "Shadow man" put some real horror in the story that looked creepy as heck.

Overall, "Shadow World" is a mature, well thought out story that never goes for big bangs or "pop corn" moments. It keeps a constant level of atmosphere that is true macabre and "new age-y". Mostly I was impressed with how the whole story and feeling was almost out of step with modern times and handled a spiritual belief system with understanding. I really can't say anything bad about the film. Okay I hated how it just ends the way it does but I get it. It continues the ballet of haunting artistry that is "Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane".

My Review Of "Star Leaf"

The trippy sci-fi thriller "Star Leaf" is a journey into the far out. The film is directed by Richard Cranor and stars Julian Gavilanes, Tyler Trerise, Shelby Truax, Russell Hodgkinson, and Richard Cranor. The story is one that is part road trip-three friends take a trip surfing in the great North West Coast. Along the way they decide to search for the fabled "star leaf". The leaf is a strain of pot supposedly brought to earth by ET, or the gods. All is debatable when you are high!

For me personally, I felt the story was a bit flimsy. I get the bringing in elements of extraterrestrial/ contact point, I loved the whole pot from outer space thing, I even respect the bringing in the whole returning, fragile soldier in need, it was the characters themselves. They seemed only mildly developed. At times I just didn't connect with their personal story. Other times the characters and the moments were just spot on!. Directing and the creativity are pretty cool in "Star Leaf". I haven't really scene films on this kind of high outside of Full Moon Horror. 

The special effects for the most part are pretty hokey for the most part. But I think that it was intended and even celebrated by the team behind "Star Leaf". This is really meant for a nice, sometimes disturbing trip "through the crack", or say, "down the rabbit hole". The aliens were cool, and done enough to were they didn't seem completely CGI, often they looked more like practical design. All the extra paranormal/supernatural CGI was used in a trippy, hallucinatory aspect that even though it comes off a bit cheap, it still is fun and entertaining. 

Overall "Star Leaf" is an entertaining, 420 staple. I mean it is better than "Evil Bong" and I get high to that quite a bit. The ending is a more "life lesson" , hallmark moment situation that, I am sorry, but I thought was a bit lame. Plus when the ending is delivered to us I kind of felt the whole movie was built up around that ending concept and its message. I didn't get any real horror from "Star Leaf" , some definite thriller moments, but I love aliens, and pot. Plus anything that spotlights the emotional and psychological conditions a lot of our soldiers return home in is dope! Pun intended! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Behind-the-Scenes With Lianna Liew From “Other Halves”

Today Other Halves, the horror film about a dating app with murderous consequences, released a behind-the-scenes interview with British actress Lianna Liew (Truth Or Dare).  In the film, Lianna plays Elle, who despite coming up with the idea for the app lacks the wherewithal to see it thru to completion.  However, once she discovers the ways in which Other Halves turns motives into actions, she unleashes it on the team with disastrous results.

Other Halves stars Mercedes Manning (Strictly Sexual, Zipper) and Lauren Lakis (Hybrids, Gun Woman) as programmers who develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it causes strange side effects: users lose all self-control, becoming amoral, lascivious, violent... evil. They consider shutting the app down, but...


The Red-Band Trailer recently debuted to much acclaim.  Two previous teasers gave us a clever glimpse of the evil properties of the app, the first disguised as a “Start-Up Investor Pitch” and the second teaser announcing the “Public Beta” of the revolutionary dating app.  “Other Halves” will make you think twice before you swipe right.

Other Halves, from One Oh One Radio Pictures, is the feature film debut for director and co-writer Matthew T. Price, and co-writer Kelly Morr.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

US Release Date Announced For "Goldberg & Eisenberg"

Oren Carmi's award winning thriller GOLDBERG & EISENBERG will be released on DVD and VOD in North America by Jinga Films  and MVD with a street date of June 23rd 2015.

Following in the footsteps of recent genre films from Israel (Rabies, Cannon Fodder, Big Bad Wolves), GOLDBERG & EISENBERG won Best Director at Austin Fantastic Fest, Best Actor and Best Music at Screamfest LA and is a welcome addition to the so called new wave of Hebrew Horror.

Goldberg is a lonely computer programmer who searches the internet for a girlfriend. After being stood up for a date, he meets Eisenberg, a thug who decides to amuse himself at Goldberg's expense. As Eisenberg stalks Goldberg, his intrusions become increasingly menacing until Goldberg's actions to get rid of him spin dangerously out of control. 

Teaser Poster Released For "The House On The Frontier"

Check out the teaser poster just released for upcoming horror "The House On The Frontier". The film is directed by Xavier Rull and is currently in pre-production. Not much else is known about "The House On The Frontier" other than as the tagline would suggest, this is a paranormal/supernaturaexploration in to life and the afterlife. 

Tons Of Visual Goodies For "The House With 100 Eyes"

Poster, stills and trailer offer up tons of visual goodies for indie horror "The House With 100 Eyes". The film is being released by Artsploitation Films on June 16th, 2015. I got to say I like the grindhouse, art film, blend that this candy is giving me!

"The House With 100 Eyes" is directed by Jay Lee and Jim Roof and stars Shannon Malone, Larissa Lynch, Liz Burghdorf, Andrew Hopper. The film is a mockumentary that is being described as It’s Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer meets This is Spinal Tap. 

The grisliest, darkest horror-comedy ever imaginable. Ed and Susan are just your average, middle-class American suburban married couple: they have their quirks, their romantic moments, their hobbies. One of these hobbies has even turned into a small business venture for the couple…because Ed and Susan are also serial killers who sell snuff videos of their crimes through the internet underground. Since Ed is determined that their next video will surpass all of their previous work, he has decided that it will feature three kills in one night – but after they abduct their intended victims, things don’t go as planned. Filmed entirely through the perspective of Ed’s many cameras, and labeled “one of the greatest horror films of the century” by Film Radar, this film is as shocking as it is slyly satirical about violence and media exploitation.

Get A Taste Of Some Ultra Violent "Splatter Punk" Horror

Check out the teaser art and concept promo video for upcoming ultra violent "Splatter Punk". The film is directed by Erick Wofford and is a homage to the godfather of gore David Schow. "Splatter Punk" has a crowd funding campaign over on Indiegogo right now so check it out!

SPLATTERPUNK! is an action horror anthology film  The film features David Schow's "Blue Amber" and several stories by Wofford, all separate but existing in the same fictional world. The film is expected to be a much more gory version of Richard Linklater's "Slacker" in that certain characters will meet and interact with characters from separate storylines.

SPLATTERPUNK! The Movie from Erick Wofford on Vimeo.

Official Teaser Trailer For "One Drop"

The first official teaser for upcoming horror "One Drop" has been released. The film is currently running a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo where the teaser debuted.

"One drop is directed by Tricia Lee and follows a single mother  who’s a drug addict and overdoses. She wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant. “One Drop” is an elevated story that blends drama, horror and creature feature elements into a cohesive, cerebral nightmare. 

Crowd Funding Campaign Started For "Sherlock Holmes VS Frankenstein"

The indiegogo crowd funding campaign has kicked off for "Sherlock Holmes VS Frankenstein". Quite frankly I can't believe this film hasn't been made already. It just screams late night horror show.

"Sherlock Holmes VS Frankenstein" is directed by Gautier Cazenave and stars Shane Briant, Clement von Franckenstein, Angèle Vivier, Eric Godon, Nicolas Robin, John Lebar. Check out the pitch video below. 

1898. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson travel to Germany to investigate a strange case in the village of Darmstadt.

Who is the mysterious figure who digs up corpses and steals their limbs? Could these events be related to the nearby presence of Castle Frankenstein, whose name is closely associated to Mary Shelley's horror novel ? Everyone is a suspect...

First Official Preview For "Night Of The Living Death: Rebirth" Released

The first official clip has been released for Roger Conner's upcoming retelling to Romero's cult classic has been released. "Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth" keeps with Romero's social commentary by bringing the zombie nightmare into the 21st century with our generation's biggest social debates. Based on the clip, which first made my hair stand on my neck then gave me chills, Conner's film may very well be the standout of the myriad "Night Of The Living Dead" remakes to come along since it was first dared to be done back in 1990!

"Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth" stars Aswan Harris, Roger Conners, Alvin Hudson, Rachel Anderson, Bradley Arner, Taylor Nelms, and RJ Messenger. Also check out the awesome stills that have come out recently giving us the classic, subdued "original" zombie look. Which is yet again proof of Conner's devotion and love affair with Romero's vision of a world turned horror as the undead rise. 

What begins as an annual visit to their family grave-site quickly becomes a night of sheer terror as two brothers are unexpectedly forced to fight back against a sudden onslaught of violent assailants. Soon, eight complete strangers find themselves barricaded inside a rural farmhouse in an attempt to survive against the ever-growing army of murderous creatures outside.

Casting News Update For "Don't F@ck In The Woods" Creature Feature

Shawn Burkett and Concept Media have announced new cast for upcoming creature feature, horror “Don’t Fuck In The Woods”.  The latest lambs being lead to the slaughter are Lou Derringer and Josh Miller. This will be Derringer’s feature film debut and Miller is known best for films like “Revenge Of The Spacemen” and “Applecart”.

“Don’t Fuck In The Woods” also stars Ophelia Rain, Hannah Herdt, Michael Reeves, Joe Kidd, Brittany Blanton, Dave Parker, Jesika Priser, Scott Gillespie and follows a group of friends gone camping after graduation day. Once they hit the woods the shit hits the fan! Check out the creature profile. I dig it…name aside I think this is an epic project. It certainly is getting a lot of buzz around the web and in the indie horror community.

Currently “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” is offering a pre-order deal over on the company’s website, Concept Media. There is also a VHS edition available on there so head over and check that out. And just like the film warns “Don’t fuck in the woods!!!! Ticks ain’t the only thing out there with a taste for blood!


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