Saturday, September 8, 2018

Trailer Release For Dark Thriller "Danger One"

Check out the trailer for dark thriller "Danger One". The film is directed by Tom Oesch from a script written by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen. It stars Tom Everett Scott, James Jurdi, Angélica Celaya, Denis O’Hare, Michael O’Neill, Damon Dayoub, Charles Shaughnessy. Freestyle Digital Media is releasing "Danger One" September 14th.
While transporting a dying man to the hospital, two paramedics find a million dollars in cash sewn into his clothing. When the man dies, they decide to keep it, setting them on a path for a hellish night of violence and mayhem.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Breaking Glass Pictures Set To Release "Lost Child" This Month

Breaking Glass Pictures will release the beautifully-crafted mystery thriller LOST CHILD in select theaters September 14, and on DVD/VOD on September 18. A beautifully-crafted mystery drama from award-winning director Ramaa Mosley. Leven Rambin, Jim Parrack, John Taylor Smith, and Landon Edwards star

SYNOPSIS: LOST CHILD follows an army veteran, Fern, who returns home in order to look for her brother, only to discover an abandoned boy lurking in the woods behind her childhood home. After taking in the boy, she searches for clues to his identity, and discovers the local folklore about a malevolent, life-draining spirit that comes in the form of a child; the Tatterdemalion.

THEATRICAL: September 14, 2018 
  • New York - Cinema Village
  • Los Angeles - Laemmle Monica
  • Missouri - Glass Sword

Terror Films And Shudder Team Up For "Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel" September Release

Genre distributor TERROR FILMS has teamed up with SHUDDER, the leading premium streaming service for thriller, suspense and horror, for the exclusive release of writer/director Stephen Cognetti’s highly anticipated sequel, HELL HOUSE LLC II –THE ABADDON HOTEL. The film will premiere exclusively on Shudder on Thursday, September 20th.

HELL HOUSE LLC, which was originally released by TERROR FILMS in the fall of 2016, has become a top performer across digital platforms garnering both critical and consumer praise and landing the film on top “must see” horror lists from multiple outlets.

The sequel will be available exclusively on Shudder for the first 90 days in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland.  As part of the release, SHUDDER is offering fans a 14-day free trial with promo code HH2TFSH – head to and create an account to redeem it.  

TERROR FILMS initially announced a release date of September 14th several weeks ago when they dropped the Official Trailer and Poster. That date has since been pulled.

TERROR FILMS will make the film available on Friday, January 4th in multiple territories on iTunes, Amazon Instant and Vudu with additional platforms to follow at a later date.  If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out the official trailer below.

"The Inhabitants" Gets Picked Up By Lionsgate And Kinovista

Chilean horror "The Inhabitants" has been picked up by Lionsgate for U.S. release on the company's Pantelion label,  while Kinovista has picked the film up for French speaking European markets. There is also distribution deals for Germany,  and South Korea through Capelight and Double&Joy respectively.

"The Inhabitants" is directed by Guillermo Amoedo and stars María Evoli, Vanesa Restrepo, and Carla Adell. The film is an official selection at 36th annual BIFFF in Brussels. Check out the updated trailer with English subtitles.

When three sisters decide to go out for the evening, it’s not because they want to party. They’ve decided to break into a corrupt senator’s house to stuff their pockets. Getting in was so easy that they joked about it on the way to the safe. But prying it open isn’t as simple as they thought it would be. They have to drag the senator and his wife out of their bed and scare them into spilling the beans. But there are these strange noises coming from the cellar. When the girls go down to investigate, they discover not a squeaking boiler, but their victims’ paraplegic daughter. She’s tied up and looks to have been tortured. Their parents express no sign of guilt or remorse but only pure fear. They cry: “Whatever you do, don’t untie her!”.

Poster Release For Upcoming Horror "Knuckleball"

A new poster has been released for upcoming horror film "Knuckleball". The film, directed by Michael Peterson, is being described as an R-rated "Home Alone". It stars Michael Ironside, Munro Chambers, Luca Villacis, Kathleen Munroe, Chenier Hundal, and us slated for theatrical and digital release October 5th.

Alone, and targeted on an isolated farm, 12-year-old Henry finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror, and a dark family legacy, when his secretive grandfather dies suddenly in the night.

Facing A Hollywood Future Producing Evil: My Interview With Horror Director Vito Dinatolo

Vito Dinatolo is an Italian writer/ director/ producer who has worked both in film and television. He also started his own production company, V-Movie, which has released its first title, "Face Of Evil". "F.O.E" has since been picked up by Gravitas Ventures for worldwide distribution.

Dinatolo has won awards for his short film work, and "Face Of Evil" has found some success on the film festival circuit. Vito is also hands on in post-production for most of his work. He edits, and scores the music for his films, most notably his feature film "F.O.E". I interviewed Vito Dinatolo about his work , "Face Of Evil", and plans for the future.

ASOUTHERNLIFE: Where did the idea for "Face Of Evil" come from?
VITO DINATOLO: I always liked horror movies, so it was inevitable that my first feature film would be within that range. I had a nightmare when I was younger about these pale people with yellow blazing eyes and an evil sneer like joker, moving fast and trying to grab you, and it stuck in my mind. That's where the look of the infected comes from. I think with horror or thriller you can express yourself better, show your style, leave your footprint on the product, while with comedy or action you heavily rely on actors, their charisma. You hear of horror movies directed by such or such, but for most genres, you need a star. Plus low budget horror is safer since it always sells, even in the worst case, which I hope it's not mine.  As for the background issues, like the war vet, the epidemic etc, I had to place the horror in a realistic contest to make the series of unfortunate events believable, where everything is justified at the end. 

ASOUTHERNLIFEThe film blends classic horror with social awareness, bringing to light the difficulty military veterans face returning home from combat. What inspired that aspect of your story?
VITO DINATOLO: The main message is probably against violence, since violence generates violent people, but eventually it's up to the audience. I just wanted to bring up topical issues, such as vets post traumatic stress, suicides, mass shooting rampages (what's going on in a person's mind before pressing the trigger?). This movie also brings up many paranoia afflicting our society in the 21st century, like fear of epidemics, of terrorism, of being spied, even fear of each other, all of which inevitably leads to mistrust and hate. In fact, one tagline for the poster was "Trust Nobody" like Sarge (the other lead) recites, but that sounded like any cheap thriller. The other one was "What's your Demon?" but that sounded to devilish and may have been deceitful. So I decided to use none and keep the mystery - just the title and a smiley face with an evil sneer, simple, catchy, teasing, potentially viral, like an epidemic. Instead of making a plain horror movie, I thought to legitimate the horror in the movie through the eyes of a troubled  war vet with PTSD, which gives a deeper meaning to the story. It’s about the inner journey of a person on the run from his demons, real or not, from an unknown enemy, who may attack anywhere, anytime. Or perhaps it’s just the story of a victim, a scapegoat in a devious system. It’s a contemporary tale of realistic madness. And since we live in this world, we are somehow involved. It could read like the headline of any recent news: "Breaking News! Another war vet with post traumatic stress goes on a shooting rampage among the crowd and then he shoots himself!" Maybe he saw the enemy, monsters, zombies and whatnot… Maybe he was just fighting his demons…  But now I'm revealing too much - spoiler alert!

ASOUTHERNLIFE: How was the filming process for "Face Of Evil" ? What was it like on set bringing the concept to life?
VITO DINATOLO: I wrote the script thinking about the shoot and the limited budget. So I divided the film in two separate productions, and you saw they are almost two different movies. The first half takes place in a house I found in the valley. It was perfect as the owner was a hoarder so all I had to do is re-arrange the mess in a way that mad sense for the action of the story and the blocking of the actors. The second half was shot around LA, some permits, some guerrilla style. I also shot in skid row. One bridge was on sixth street by the industrial area. The other by Chinatown. The hospital was in LACC, as they had a nursing department and I knew people in the school. Finally, the desert scene, an homage to Sergio Leone's spaghetti western, was just outside LA, I was driving the day of the shoot with the two actors and a couple of crew members, knowing LA is surrounded by the desert, but not knowing exactly what to find, I believe on the 14 freeway, at some point I saw a town which looked exactly like a destroyed Afghanistan town, even better than what I was expecting, so we stopped and we shot. Note that every single shoot, location etc, was exactly planned in details in advance. The more you plan in advance, the more you can improvise on set, but that's true for any task in any business I guess. For example, the gas station scene was carefully rehearsed before hand - since they didn't let us shoot on the spot, we went through the blocking many times in another gas station, already knowing the map of the actual gas station which denied us. Then we went on location, to the actual gas station, and while one of us was in the market, buying something, acting as a decoy, we promptly parked, shot with the two actors, and left in five minutes! It came out great. The interior was instead shot in another market in the valley. I could go on forever, but I'll stop here, that's enough behind the scene trivia I guess...  

ASOUTHERNLIFE: Who had a bigger influence on your choices when creating the film's undead, Bava or Raimi?
VITO DINATOLO: I like both, from Bava's "Demons", to Raimi's "Evil Dead", maybe the latter has had more influence on me, including the absurd over the top surreal mood and  characters.

ASOUTHERNLIFEThe reveal at the end was a pretty cool choice. How hard was it keeping the story's continuity going from script to film?
VITO DINATOLO: I first draft was quick, about a month - I wanted to make a horror film and zombies were my favorites. But I needed a realistic background, with dynamics justified by plausible causes, thus him being a war vet, the mysterious vial he brings back, and all other possible causes of this mysterious epidemic, including conspiracies. So I wrote a seventy min story, plain horror/action, many zombie chases, lots of blood, but also comedy. Shortly after, zombie-mania exploded, catapulting the zombie genre into mainstream, which, along with the boom of affordable HD video and DSLR cameras, stimulated the production of zombie movies, with the downside of a rising genre inflation, as all kind of zombie titles were popping out, you name it! I had no intention to waste the following years of my life making just another stupid zombie movie, so I thought I should add a psychological element to it, with final twist, which lead me to re-write the script from Jay's (the lead) perspective (it will make more sense after you watch the movie, and when/if you watch it again). Bottom line, to get to the final draft it took me about a year, as I was also cutting down on blood and extras for budget reasons. The double twist at the end is the viewer's payoff and it leaves you flabbergasted, but in order to make ends meet at the end, as mentioned, it took ma a lot of work, almost writing backwards. 

ASOUTHERNLIFE: What projects are you working on now for the future?

VITO DINATOLO: I'm brainstorming on the sequel of Face Of Evil, and a couple of other ideas I'm not going to reveal yet, including a remake of a great 90's movie everyone will love to see again). I also have a psychological thriller ready, A Perfect Life (a man in denial realizes, in three surreal days, how fragile his apparently perfect life has become, as new memories arise, disclosing a terrible truth). I have a dozen synopses overall ready to be developed. But I will also look for other scripts. I like character based stories - if you notice, the most memorable movies are character based - once you know the story, it's no big deal anymore, but if the story is based mostly on the characters and not just on their actions, we will never get bored of watching those scenes, because we are no longer interested in the story, but in their character, you want to meet them, hang out with them, say the same lines with them. Those movies are evergreen, some become cults.

ASOUTHERNLIFE: Can you talk a bit more about the sequel or franchise development for "Face Of Evil"? Maybe exploring the other issues that effect a soldiers psyche?
VITO DINATOLO:As I mentioned, I have written the synopsis for for the sequel of FOE, where we still don't know what's going on, whether it's real or not, but on a larger scale, closer to the terrorism theme. The lead characters would be Jay's sister, Katy, played by Jamie Bernadette, renown mostly in the horror genre but now making a name also in TV series, and Sarge, played by Chad Bishop, who is the most successful character in the movie, the funniest, craziest and most realistic one, so, it would be a shame to lose him. And who knows, maybe I will keep all other characters too, since they were all great, but they mostly die (ops! spoiler alert), from Janet Roth, to Scott Baxter, Bryan Howard, James Hutchinson, Chris Thorpe, Charmane Star (renown in the hardcore world) and all others (listed on By the way, investors are welcome to contact me!

Trailer Release For Werewolf Horror "Alpha Wolf"

Check out the trailer for werewolf horror "Alpha Wolf", starring Casper Van Dien. The film is directed by Kevin VanHook and costars Patrick Muldoon, James Preston Rogers, Robert Allen Mukes, Larry Poole, Tyler Gallant, and Shane P. Allen. "Alpha Wolf is set to be released November 13th.

When Virginia (Jennifer Wenger) and her husband Jack (Dien) spend a long weekend in the idyllic countryside, they encounter a creature that tears their lives apart. While the attack has an effect on each of them, it brings out the worst in Jack.

Trailer And Details For Horror Comedy "Bad CGI Sharks"

A trailer and first details have been released for upcoming horror comedy "Bad CGI Sharks". The film is directed by MaJaMa and stars Matthew Ellsworth, Jason Ellsworth, Matteo Molinari, Jenn Liu, Josh Sterling and Shaun Landry. Also check out the teaser.

Two estranged brothers are brought back together when a script they're writing comes to life and sends a poorly rendered digital shark to hunt them down in this meta take on the sharksploitation genre.


Dread Central Presents "Extremity" This October

EXTREMITY, directed by Anthony DiBlasi (Last Shift, The Midnight Meat Train), will release on October 2nd with a limited theatrical just in time for the Halloween season. Get ready for a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and out of your mind.

Film Synopsis: A young woman obsessed with horror subjects herself to hours of grueling torment inside an extreme haunt in an attempt to confront her fears and conquer the tragic past that haunts her.
"Extremity is a cautionary tale about searching for those boundaries and the people who facilitate that expedition. Around Halloween many of us seek out things to scare us, hoping to test our emotional limits." - Director, Anthony DiBlasi (Last Shift, The Midnight Meat Train).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Artsploitation's "Molly" Ponders What Happens After the Apocalypse

Artsploitation Ponders What Happens After the Apocalypse Molly Fights for Survival in Dutch Action/Sci-fi Thriller Available Nationwide on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD October 2nd

"...she looks nothing like a superhero, and that makes it all the more special when you see her stumble, push, shoot, stab and stomp through scores of villains. " -- Screen Anarchy 

Artsploitation has announced the home video release of the Dutch action/sci-fi thriller Molly.  The English-language first feature from co-directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese, Molly premiered at the Imagine Film Festival, where Screen Anarchy raved, "like with Turbo Kid two years ago, ingenuity is the name of the game here".  Molly will be available nationwide October 2nd on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu and more.

 Julia Batelaan makes her feature film debut as the titular Molly, the latest addition to the pantheon of teens standing between evil and the end of the world. 

Molly is an electrifying and imaginative tale of one young woman's determined struggle to survive in an inhospitable world. In a barren landscape ravished by war, a super-powered young woman roams the violent post-apocalyptic landscape, armed only with a bow and arrow, to confront the dangers around her.  When a sadistic ringmaster who runs an underground fight club hears of her supernatural abilities, he sends his sociopathic marauders to capture her and make her a star attraction in his cage fights. 

The Blu-ray (SRP $19.99) and DVD (SRP $14.99) releases of Molly will exclusively include a feature length commentary with co-directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese as well as a 30-minute making of featurette.

Key Art And Character Stills For Season 9 'The Walking Dead'

New key art and character promo stills released ahead of season 9 of 'The Walking Dead'. The series returns October 7th on AMC. Also read the detailed synopsis and check out the trailer.

Last season brought the culmination of “All Out War,” which pitted Rick Grimes and his group of survivors against the Saviors and their cunning leader, Negan. With Negan’s life in his hands, Rick had a character-defining choice in front of him. By making the unilateral decision to spare Negan, Rick upheld the values his late son, Carl, championed in order to build for the future, but created conflict within his group.

Now, we see our survivors a year and a half after the end of the war, rebuilding civilization under Rick’s steadfast leadership. It is a time of relative peace among the communities as they work together, looking to the past to forge the future, but the world they knew is rapidly changing as man-made structures continue to degrade, and nature takes over, changing the landscape and creating new challenges for our survivors.

As time passes, the communities confront unexpected obstacles, danger, and of course, walkers, but nothing quite prepares them for the formidable force they are about to encounter, which threatens the very idea of civilization that our survivors have worked so hard to build.

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead reigns the number one drama on television among adults 18-49 for the last six seasons. The series is executive produced by chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, showrunner Angela Kang, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Tom Luse and Denise Huth.

Official Trailer Release For Horror "Agramon's Gate"

Painted Creek Productions released the official trailer for new horror movie, "Agramon’s Gate". The film stars Laurene Landon, Yan Birch, Kris Reilly, Kaiti Wallen, Aphrodite Nikolovski, Jessika Johnson, Fransisco Posada, Calhoun Koenig and Harley Wallen. It is written and directed by Harley Wallen. 

A psychic reader and medium is invited to a party. Something goes very wrong and something comes over from the other side to haunt the people from the party. They must solve the mystery before it’s too late. Agramon will not be easy to stop.

"Agramon’s Gate" IMDb page:

Girls and Corpses Presents "CYNTHIA" Theatrical premiere

Girls and Corpses' "CYNTHIA" Theatrical Premiere

Friday August 31st at 9:55 p.m.
Glendale Laemmle
207 N. Maryland Ave.
Glendale, CA 91206
CYNTHIA began its theatrical run at the Glendale Laemmle on August 31st and was followed by a special Q&A with some of the film’s stars: SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON, SID HAIG, BILL MOSELEY, JAMES WILLIAM O’HALLORAN, writer/producer/actor ROBERT “Corpsy” RHINE.
CYNTHIA will premiere on DVD/VOD from Lionsgate Digital on September 18th.

Zombie Comedy "Better Off Zed" Out Now On DVD And Digital

Better Off Zed is now available through SP Releasing on iTunes, Amazon, DirectTV, GooglePlay, Sony PSN, Walmart and other outlets throughout the US. The film is from Butcher Bird Studios and award-winning director Travis Stevens (LinkedShelf Life), with a script penned by 2015 Nicholl Fellowship-winner Amy Tofte. Better Off Zed stars Christine Woods (HBO’s Hello LadiesThe Walking DeadAbout a Boy) and Graham Sibley (SullyJane the VirginThe Affair). The film is executive produced by Linda Morel (Key & PeeleHeathersTeachers).

For the last decade, Guy (Sibley) has worked a mentally and physically demanding 60-hour week, a soul-crushing daily grind that has frayed his nerves; while his wife Paige (Woods), a free spirit with multiple fine arts degrees to her name, has spent their marriage chasing creative inspiration. When the zombie apocalypse arrives, Guy is ecstatic: no more grueling work, no more monotony, no more hopeless future. He spends his days in idyllic splendor, living life at the moment… while Paige snaps into survival mode and takes on the role of a pragmatist, figuring out how to secure their perimeter and stretch out their food supply, while following news reports for any glimmer of hope that they might be able to escape. The couple—in essence—has switched places. And in this new dynamic, all of the small fissures pressured beneath the surface of their relationship finally crack open, forcing them to deal not only with Armageddon but with a potentially far more horrifying reality… each other.



The Thriller About a Coven of Teen Witches
Comes to Digital Platforms and DVD on October 9, 2018

THE WITCH FILES, from director Kyle Rankin (Infestation, Night of the Living Deb), is told with a mixture of deft humor and teenage drama that will appeal to fans of Charmed, The Craft and Mean Girls. It proves we should all be careful what we witch for. The film stars Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds, Community), Holly Taylor (The Americans) and Greg Finley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager).

While spending a dull detention together, an unlikely gathering of teenage girls discovers one of their group may possess supernatural powers. Intrigued, they follow her into the local woods, where they harness the ambient energy of witches who were persecuted there hundreds of years ago.

Realizing they now have the ability to make every desire a reality, the girls form a coven and soon have the entire school under their control. Their newfound power, however, comes at a deadly cost, and before long they find themselves under attack from one of their own… who isn’t about to give up the good life without a fight.

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"Sawyer" A Texas Chainsaw Fan Film Releases Teaser

"Sawyer" is a Texas Chain Saw Massacre fan film written and directed by Brandon Tobatto, releasing here on Youtube on September 28th! The film will act as a DIRECT SEQUEL to the original 1974 masterpiece, and will disregard ALL succeeding sequels, prequels, and remake timelines. The film WILL in fact take place IN 2018, and for the first time ever, we will see an 'elderly' Leatherface. What other surprises will the film have to offer? Well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?

Follow/connect with BRANDON TOBATTO on social media:

Release Date Announced For "Anna And The Apocalypse"

MUSIC. CHRISTMAS. ZOMBIES. What a Time to Be Alive!

"Anna And The Apocalypse" will land theatrically November 30th. The film is directed by John McPhail and stars Malcolm Cumming, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Swire, Christopher Leveaux, Marli Siu, Mark Benton and Thoros of Myr himself, Paul Kaye. Described as "Shaun Of The Dead meets LaLa Land".

A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven - at Christmas - forcing Anna and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival, facing the undead in a desperate race to reach their loved ones. But they soon discover that no one is safe in this new world, and with civilization falling apart around them, the only people they can truly rely on are each other.

Strawdog Theatre Company Premieres Masque Macabre Immersive Experience

Strawdog Theatre Company launches its 31st season with the world premiere of MASQUE MACABRE, a dark and bloody thrill ride inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Written by ensemble members Aly Greaves Amidei* and John Henry Roberts* and company member Cara Beth Heath^ and directed by Co-Artistic Director Anderson Lawfer*Janet Howe and Eli NewellMASQUE MACABRE will play October 4 – 31, 2018 at Strawdog’s new home at 1802 W. Berenice Ave. in Chicago’s Northcenter neighborhood. Single tickets and season subscriptions are currently available at www.strawdog.orgThe press opening is Friday, October 12 at 7 pm or 9:30 pm.

MASQUE MACABRE will feature Strawdog ensemble member Michael Reyes* with guest artists Andrew BailesDan CobblerKatie GonzalezHenry Greenberg, Adam HinkleBrian HinklePatrick KellyLisa McConnellLaura Nelson, Ella RaymontCollin Quinn RiceShaina Schrooten and Julian Stroop.

Dates: Previews: Thursday, October 4 at 7 pm, Friday, October 5 at 7 pm, Sunday, October 7 at 2 pm & 5 pm and Thursday, October 11 at 7 pm & 9:30 pm
Board Night Performance: Special performance with hosted drinks and appetizers, Saturday October 6 at 7 pm.
Press performance: Friday, October 12 at 7 pm or 9:30 pm
Regular run: Saturday, October 13 – Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Curtain Times: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7 pm & 9:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm & 5 pm. Please note: Halloween week performances added on Monday, October 29 at 7 pm & 9:30 pm, Tuesday, October 30 at 7 pm & 9:30 pm and Wednesday, October 31 at 7 pm & 9:30 pm. 
Tickets: Previews $30. Regular run $50. Seniors: $40. Board Night: $75. Single tickets and season subscriptions are currently available at Half price Rush and Student tickets available at every performance and other discounts available. Call (773) 644-1380 for details. 


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