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My Review Of ‘The Orphan Killer”


The Orphan Killer (2011)“The Orphan Killer” is a modern slasher horror that builds upon the classic elements of psycho killer lore with thoughtful, surreal aesthetics and brutal blood-spilling force. The film is directed by Matt Farnsworth and stars Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth, James McCaffrey. The film has one of the coolest and cruelest killers in the slasher genre. The story follows Audrey Miller and her homicidally delusional brother Marcus Miller. Siblings whose world is turned upside down by a home invasion that leads to the murder of their parents. Orphaned then separated, the two kids lives lead in very different directions. One prospers in the community while the other becomes a monster of urban legend that haunts the halls of the orphanage. Audrey soon faces her past with excruciatingly painful objectivity.

The story of “The Orphan Killer” is truly a modern, creative one with a new evil stepping up to the horror plate creating a nightmare perfectly framed in the aspects of religious grandiosity. There are certain little moments that take from various elements of the story’s slasher genre past that act more to highlight and pay tribute to Matt Farnsworth love of the genre, moments that are best left for the fan to discover than to point out in this review. I just have to say that even though I noticed small moments that are reminiscent of some horror classics, pretty much every aspect of this film has a unique feel and vision all it’s own. “The Orphan Killer” does truly offer up a new nightmare killer and powerfully intimidating horror icon.

The acting and visual style of “The Orphan Killer” somehow blends the surreal and American grindcore cinema  techniques effortlessly. The continuity and unease of atmosphere that echoes through the film provides a nonstop intense, chilling ride into hell. There were moments in the film I had to look away from the graphic display, not from a weak stomach but because the seen was so intense I needed a moment of relief. The characters in “The Orphan Killer” are straight forward, grounded characters and yet there are some moments in the story that display widely unnatural behavior-but I am not Catholic, nor did I grow up in a Catholic world so I don’t know if nuns really fantasize about sucking cock. Maybe they do. Anyway this movie is pretty epic in it’s storytelling, artistic style and character integrity both with the killer and the protagonist.

“The Orphan Killer” is truly one of those great indie horror films that gets it all right. The story is morbid, dark and intense. The acting and action is thrilling from almost the word go. The kill sequences and special effects are gruesome and realistically unsettling. The soundtrack rocks and the The Orphan Killer himself is a true, terrifying force of evil that isn’t easily forgettable. This film is definitely one to see for all horror fans.

New Posters Released For Indie Horror “The Night Visitor”

the night visitor gifJennifer Blanc-Biehn’s “The Night Visitor” has issued two new posters promoting the indie sci-fi/horror. It stars Brianne Davis, Gary Cairns, Vedette Lim, Tara Buck, Hudson Pischer, Mark Gantt and Jennifer Blanc. “The Night Visitor” is expected to be a thrilling and scary ride told through a visually artistic style. Check out the posters below.

When a suburban couple hires a new age spiritualist to help with their troubled marriage, her advice to video their lives 24/7 to help reunite the family, turns out to reveal their son is having conversations with an unseen entity, calling itself the Night Visitor.

The night visitor

the night visitor2

New Trailer Released For “Butcher Boys”

butcher boysCheck out the new official trailer released for “Butcher Boys”. Directed by Duane Graves, Justin Meeks  and starring Ali Faulkner, Johnny Walters, Derek Lee Nixon, Tory Tompkins, Gregory Kelly. The film will see a theatrical release on September 6th thanks to Phase 4 Films.

A birthday celebration at an upscale restaurant sets in motion events that bring a group of friends face to face with the macabre world of cannibals, the Butcher Boys. The Butcher Boys are international predators who deal in human ­flesh - dead or alive.

“The Haunting Of Helena” DVD Release Date Set

haunting of helenaThe DVD release of “The Haunting Of Helena” has been set for September 17th, 2013. The film is directed by Christian Bisceglia, Ascanio Malgarini and stars  Harriet MacMasters-Green, Sabrina Jolie Perez, Jarreth J. Merz, Matt Patresi. Check out the DVD cover art for this supernatural horror below.

After a divorce, Sophia moves to the south of Italy with her daughter, Helena. Their new home, an austere building of the fascist age, hides a mysterious closet and a buried secret. After the loss of Helena’s first baby tooth, a chilling obsession begins. She collects her classmates’ fallen teeth with an urgent hunger and begins to see strange apparitions. It soon becomes clear that there is far more to this apartment that can be seen. Sophia finds herself in a terrifying fight to save her child while maintaining her sanity. The Haunting of Helena will keep you at the edge of your seat as it slides in agony along the sharp blade of psychological terror.


Pagan Festival Shout Out: Festival Of Luna

luna-roman-moon-goddessAugust 24th marks the second festival to the Roman Goddess Luna, the first being March 31st. Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon (Latin luna; cf. English "lunar"). She is often presented as the female complement of the Sun (Sol) conceived of as a god. Luna is not always a distinct goddess, but sometimes rather an epithet that specializes a goddess, since both Diana and Juno are identified as moon goddesses. Luna's attributes are the crescent moon and the two-yoke chariot (biga). In the Carmen Saeculare, performed in 17 BC, Horace invokes her as the "two-horned queen of the stars" (siderum regina bicornis), bidding her to listen to the girls singing as Apollo listens to the boys.

Sacrifices to Luna were held at this time on the Graecostasis; and the first of three days when the mysterious ritual pit called the mundus was opened. (I guess it goes without saying that if this holiday is one to incorporate in your modern spiritual calendar of festivals then the sacrifices should be symbolic.) The temple of the moon goddess Luna on Aventine Hill was the site of worship, feasting, and wild dancing orgies. The untamed character of those abandoned revelries was the source of our word 'lunatic'. As the Goddess of the moon, Luna is associated with witches with moon magic, transformations, the psychic and all things feminine.  She represents growing awareness, the fulfillment of love, and the mystery of enchantment.   She is often pictured with a crescent Moon on her head. Since she is also known as the bringer of light, she is shown carrying a torch in her hand. 

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Trailer Released For Chiller Films’ “The Monkey’s Paw”

the monkey's pawIndiewire shared the official trailer for Chiller Films’ “The Monkey’s Paw”. The flick is directed by Brett Simmons based on classic horror short story of the same name by W. W. Jacobs. The feature stars Stephen Lang, Corbin Bleu, Charles S. Dutton and Michelle Pierce. “The Monkey’s Paw” will get a limited theatrical showing and be available on demand October 8th.

Jake Tilton acquires a mystical monkey’s paw talisman that grants whomever holds it three wishes. He soon finds his world turned upside down after his first two wishes result in the resurrection of his malevolent coworker, Tony Cobb.  Cobb tries to pressure Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation escalating into murder.

Theatres showing “The Monkey’s Paw” on Oct. 8th 2013
theatres the monkey's paw

Matthew Douglas Grzeszak Is Ready To Take Us Beyond The Dark

beyond the dark 3Beyond The Dark” is a new vision in horror anthology storytelling. The film will warp eight evil treats into one feature nightmare with tales of a world where demons, creatures, zombies all exist. The film stars Ron Shedd, Chuck Harb, Curtis McZee II, Chris Boufford, Tina O’Rourke, Randy Galaszewski, Dana Ferguson,Tabatha Ash, Melissa Bayer, John Gustin, Owen Scully, Jason Yonkers and Ted Krings. Much like the classic anthology series of my childhood, “Beyond The Dark” creates a unique atmosphere blending Horror, Psychological Thriller, Science Fiction, and Suspense. Check out the third teaser below and two of the many cool posters for the film.

Eight depictions of horror twisted into one feature film with unpredictable turns at the end of each segment. Segments are “Infection”-“The Best Friend”- “Death Door”- “In The Night” – “Red Rive” – “What’s In The TV” – “The Lady Killer”- “Creature” – “Wolfman”.   A disclaimer that reads: THIS FILM CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND TERROR, DISTURBING IMAGES, LANGUAGE, BRIEF DRUG USE, SEXUAL CONTENT AND PARTIAL NUDITY. How could one not get excited about a project like this!



Teaser Trailer Released For “Bubba The Redneck Werewolf”

Bubba The Redneck Werewolf

“Bubba The Redneck Werewolf” is a cult loved graphic novel created by Mitch Hyman. Bubba has now been adapted for feature presentation in all his redneck wolfiness! Check out the teaser trailer for “Bubba The Redneck Werewolf”. The film is directed by Stephen Biro and is produced by Unearthed Films.

Bubba Blanche is a normal everyday dog catcher. When he accidentally, sells his soul to the Devil. Bubba The Redneck Werewolf is born. Will he be able to save Cracker County from the Devil as he corrupts and manipulates the redneck yokels, save his local bar from being over runned by the damned and last but not least... find happiness with his High School sweetheart, Bobbie Joe?

U.S. Trailer Released For “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane”

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane_12121In It’s About Fucking Time News-“All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” is set for VOD release on September 6th followed by limited theatrical run on October 11th. The film has waited a long dreadful queue for the U.S market to take it in. “…Mandy Lane” came out initially hit festivals starting in ‘06. It later was released in most of the Euro market in ‘08 but until now it saw no horror love in America other than a few festival runs. So yeah, it is about fucking time.

“All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” is directed by Jonathan Levine and stars  Amber Heard, Anson Mount, Whitney Able, Michael Welch, Edwin Hodge, Aaron Himelstein, Luke Grimes, and Melissa Pric. Check out the trailer below.

The orphan Mandy Lane is a beautiful, virgin and pure teenager raised by her aunt, desired by her schoolmates and a close friend of the outcast Emmet. After the death of their high school mate in a pool party, Mandy befriends Chloe, Marlin, Red, Bird and Jake. Red invites the group for a weekend party in the isolated ranch of his family, with all the boys disputing who would succeed in having sex with Mandy Lane. They meet the henchman Garth that takes care of the ranch and he asks the group to go easy on the drugs and booze. In the middle of the night, a stranger wearing a hood attacks Marlin in the barn; when Jake seeks her out, he faces the killer, beginning a night of bloodshed and terror.

Sneak Peek Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4

Michonne (Danai Gurira) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

On Sunday night AMC will air a special sneak peek of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’. The clip will run during the show ‘Low Winter Sun’ episode between 10 & 11 pm. ‘The Walking Dead’ returns on October 13th @ 9 pm. I have no clue what ‘Low Winter Sun’ is about, I only watch AMC when ‘The Walking Dead’ is on. I will be tuning in to catch this moment though!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trailer Released For Dennis Iliadis’ Supernatural Thriller “+ 1”

Plus-One-Poster_thumb[2]Within a day of releasing the erotic teaser poster for Dennis Iliadis’ supernatural thriller “+ 1”, a trailer has dropped for the thought provoking film. The story follows three college friends who venture to the party of the year only to find themselves in a chaotic struggle that will test their friendships and will to survive. “+ 1” stars Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, and Natalie Hall. The film is slated for release on September 20th through IFC who acquired distribution rights.

Three college friends go to the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: love, sex and a simple human connection. When a supernatural phenomenon disrupts the party, it lights a fuse on what will become the strangest night anyone has ever seen. As the three friends struggle to find what they’re looking for, the party quickly descends into a chaos that challenges if they can stay friends or if they can even stay alive.

Teaser Trailer Released For “Pompeii”


Check out the first teaser trailer for 2014’s “Pompeii”. The film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Jared Harris, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie-Anne Moss, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica Lucas. Yesterday we got a delicious tease of Harington’s character in the film-and his abs! Now get a taste of the story that will frame those abs.

Set in the days leading up to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, a slave on a ship heading for Naples works to get home to save the woman he loves and his best friend, a gladiator trapped inside the city's coliseum.

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Heading To UK

agents_of_shield_bannerBritish fans rejoice! MARVEL'S ‘AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.’ heading to Channel 4 in the UK!


Channel 4 has acquired the UK premiere broadcast rights to ‘“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, the hotly anticipated new series from Marvel Television and ABC Studios. The series will premiere on Channel 4 in autumn, soon after its launch on the ABC network in the US.

‘‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, is Marvel’s first live-action television series about the worldwide law enforcement agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Behind the production is US producer, director and co-writer Joss Whedon, creator of the series “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Dollhouse” and director of the movie “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”.

Clark Gregg (“Marvel’s Iron Man” and “500 Days of Summer”) returns in his role of Agent Phil Coulson from feature film “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.” Coulson assembles a small, highly select group of Agents to investigate the new, the strange and the unknown from across the globe protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Coulson's team consists of Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton – “Blue Bloods”, “Army Wives”), highly trained in combat and espionage; Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen – “ER”, “Eureka”), expert pilot and martial artist; Agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker – “The Fades”, “In Fear”), brilliant engineer; and Agent Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge – “Hollyoaks”, “Shelter”), genius bio-chemist. Joining them on their journey into mystery is new recruit and computer hacker, Skye (Chloe Bennet – “Nashville”, “Intercept”).

Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer, Jay Hunt says; "Like the Super Hero universe from which it has come, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is big, bold and absolutely exhilarating. Featuring the production values you’d expect from Marvel and ABC Studios, this is family entertainment at its most exciting.”

Catherine Powell, SVP & GM, Media Distribution, The Walt Disney Company, EMEA : "This stand-out series has universal appeal with the excitement and thrilling action we have come to expect from Marvel, brought to life by a superb cast playing fantastic characters. It's terrific news for viewers that "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is launching on Channel 4."

Teaser Trailer Released For “Army Of Frankensteins”

army of frankensteins

Check out the teaser trailer for Action/Sci-fi “Army Of Frankensteins”. The film comes from Six Stitches Entertainment/Boiling Point Media and is directed by Ryan Bellgardt. “AofF” stars John Ferguson, Jordan Farris, Christian Bellgardt, Lucas Ross, Rett Terrell, Raychelle McDonald. The trailer presents a very creative and elaborate concept and regardless of the WTF’s in my head I am holding judgment until I see the flick. It is a blend of mad science, time travel and action hoping to cash in on the craze of mash-up adventure horrors that seems to be growing of late.

After a failed attempt to propose to his girfriend, Alan Jones is beaten to within an inch of his life by a street gang and taken to a mysterious lab where Dr. Tanner Finski and his kid genius assistant perform horrible experiments on him hoping to re-animate a Frankenstein. The experiments lead to a hole being ripped in space and time, manifesting an Army of Frankensteins from hundreds of parallel universes and sending them all back to the 19th century, directly into the heart of a bloody battle between the North and South.


Survival Horror “Skull Forest”

skull forestKillerWolf Films’ “Skull Forest” is a survival/vacation horror directed by Len Kabasinski. The plot follow four friends on a weekend getaway for some female bonding and camping. The soon realize that they have entered the killing fields as prey for a psychotic sports hunter. “Skull Forest” stars Playboy Centerfold Lisa Neeld along side Melissa Scott, Pamela Sutch, Sara Brooks and James Howells. The film was released by WWMM (World Wide Multi Media) on DVD August 20th. Check out the trailer below.

DVD Artwork Revealed For Erotic Thriller Remake “Embrace Of The Vampire”

Just days after word came out of the repackaged release of the original cult classic “Embrace Of The Vampire” on Blu-ray along side the DVD release of the remake, we now have our first look at the cover art for the 2013 version of the film. Both the original and the remake will hit shelves on October 15th 2013. “Embrace Of The Vampire” 2013 stars  Sharon Hinnendael, Tiio Horn, C.C. Sheffield, Chelsey Marie Reist, and Victor Webster. Check out the artwork below.

Embrace of the Vampire follows Charlotte, a timid and sheltered teen who has just left an all-girls Catholic school for a new life at a co-ed university. But an ancient evil has followed her here, tormenting her with disturbing nightmares and tempting her with forbidden desires. It is a hunger that can only be satiated by sensual pleasures of the flesh…and a thirst for blood. It’s a battle for her soul… and one she’s losing. But Charlotte is a fighter. The chaos and torment threatens to unleash her own inner beast, and anyone even close to her may find themselves embracing their own horrific fate.

Embrace Of The Vampire Remake DVD Artwork

First Tease To “Monsters: Dark Continent”

monstersdarkA teaser clip has been released for the follow up to Gareth Edwards’ indie creature drama “Monsters”. “Monsters: Dark Continent” will be directed by Tom Green who is making his directorial debut with the sequel. It stars Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, and Joe Dempsie. Read the full synopsis below then check out the clip.

Seven years on from the events of Monsters, and the ‘Infected Zones’ have spread worldwide. Humans have been knocked off the top of the food chain, with disparate communities struggling for survival. American soldiers are being sent abroad to protect US interests from the Monsters, but the war is far from being won.

Noah, a haunted soldier with several tours under his belt, is sent on a mission: an American soldier has gone rogue deep in the Infected Zone, and Noah must reach him and take him out. But when Noah’s unit and transport are destroyed, he finds himself with only a young and inexperienced cadet for company – the brother of the man Noah has been sent to kill.

The two soldiers must go on a life-altering journey through the dark heart of monster territory, accompanied by a young local woman to guide them. By the time the three of them reach their goal, they will have been forced to confront the fear that the true monsters on the planet may not be alien after all.

“Joy Ride 3” Details Revealed

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment have announced their next Direct to DVD franchise will be the third installment to the “Joy Ride” road terror film. “Joy Ride 3” is produced by Kim Todd (Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings) and will be distributed in the summer 2014 on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and VOD. The film will begin production September 3rd in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Below is the official synopsis. (the artwork posted is fan fiction artwork).

Joyride3Rusty Nail is back on the road again, looking to punish injustice at every turn — and this time it’s with a group of hothead twenty-somethings on their way to the Road Rally 1000. As they drive through a desolate shortcut on the way to the race, an encounter with Rusty turns sour, and soon he is tracking, teasing, and torturing them until the end of the road.

Update: Lionsgate Prepares For A Killer Holiday

Lionsgate has announced that they will be releasing Marty Thomas directed “Killer Holiday” in November. The film stars hottie Michael Copon, Rachel Lara, Julia Beth Stern, Alex Mandel and will be available for horror fans on November the 5th on DVD/VOD. Check out the artwork for this nightmare flick below. Plus read the full press release.

Press Release:
Step right up for a “raw, surreal and memorable” (Variety) Killer Holiday, arriving on DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet), Digital Download, Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View November 5 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The killer thriller will be available for Digital Download two weeks earlier on October 22. When a group of eight friends embark on a road trip that takes them way off the beaten path, they come across an abandoned amusement park, but the fun is soon over when they make an unsettling discovery.

Michael Copon (The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior) stars in the “darkly violent” (The Hollywood Reporter) carnival-themed psychological thriller alongside Rachel Lara (The Wayshower) and Alex Mandel (TV’s “Howie Do It”). Experience the kills and thrills of Killer Holiday, including a behind-the-scenes featurette and a gag reel, for the suggested retail price of $26.98.


Synopsis: Psychotic killer Melvin “Spider” Holiday stalks eight unsuspecting teenage victims along old Route 66, driving them further and further from civilization. Anxiety starts to build as each stop along the way proves stranger then the last until the group is lured to an abandoned amusement park with a horrifying past. Soon they discover that the park comes complete with broken down carnival rides, the smell of death, and a killer ready to give them a one-way ticket to hell.

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Bill Oberst Jr Joins The Cast Of “The Straying”

the straying
Bill Oberst Jr. announced today that he has signed on to the Gregory Blair written film “The Straying”. The project is about a  werewolf escaping capture finds shelter, friendship and more with a reclusive vampire whose very existence he may well destroy. Also rumored to be joining the cast is Blair himself. To keep up with the latest details on this film hit up the Facebook page! Congrats to Bill Oberst Jr. for this coming role and all his other horror-ific flicks that he has given us fans!


EW Cover Profilin’ With Whedon & “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Check out the cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring Joss Whedon and Marvel’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’. Read the whole article posted over on EW’s popwatch blog. ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ premieres on ABC Tuesday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Also check out the featurette below the cover image.
The team consists of straight arrow Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), an expert in combat and espionage; pilot and martial artist Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen); Agent Leo Fitz, an engineer; and Agent Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), a genius bio-chemist. They'll be joined by civilian new recruit and computer hacker Skye (Chloe Bennet).


First Look At Kit Harington In ‘Pompeii”

pompeii title

The first image showing a delicious Kit Harington has surfaced for historical adventure drama “Pompeii”. The film is being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and costars Emily Browning, Carrie-Anne Moss, Paz Vega, Jared Harris, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie-Anne Moss, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica Lucas. . It is slated for release February 21th 2014.

Set in the days leading up to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the slave Milo (Kit Harington), on a ship heading for Naples, works to get home to save the woman (Emily Browning) he loves and his best friend, a gladiator trapped inside the city’s coliseum.


"This is the first scene you see me in. It’s set in London, in fact, and it’s a scene where my character is a gladiator fighting in an arena. That’s his gladiator look. It’s a great little fight against three masked gladiators and sets up who he is and where he’s going. You see me display my skills quite early on.”
- Actor Kit Harington

Poster Released For Sci-Fi Drama “The Zero Theorem”

An official poster has been released for Terry Gilliam’s dystopian future thriller “The Zero Theorem”. The sci-fi film focuses on a computer hacker (Christoph Waltz)’s goal to discover the reason for human existence continually finds his work interrupted thanks to the Management; this time, they send a teenager and lusty love interest to distract him. It stars Christoph Waltz, Matt Damon, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis and is slated for release sometime in 2014. There is an initial released dates for Italy on December 19th 2013 with a Russian release following on January 2, 2014. No word yet on North American or British release for this film.


New International TV Spot For “Riddick”

riddick“Riddick” kicks major ass on September 6th 2013. The film costars Karl Urban, Jordi Molla, Matt Nable, Katee Sackhoff,  Bokeem Woodbine, Dave Bautista, Conrad Pla, Raoul Trujillo, and Nolan Funk. Check out the latest international tv spot for the sci-fi continuation of the Chronicles of Riddick.

Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick, a dangerous, escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy. The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty.

The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

New Spidelicious Pics From “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is gearing up for an epic battle and powerhouse challenge for the superhero. With villains such as Rhino and Electro taking aim at Spider-Man you wonder if maybe there may be more “sky-flower” moments than the story can handle. Especially considering Spidey has to contend with the coming force of a Sinister 6 villain as well. Only time will tell if the story is juicy and captivating enough to warrant such a display of supervillain firestorm that faces Spider-Man, I have to say that thus far I am intrigued. Check out these images released from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” below.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past. Directed by Marc Webb and starring Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, and Sally Field, the superhero opus hits theatres on May 2 2014 in 3D.

amazing spider man climbs the wall

amazing spider man repremands the foxx

electro in hood


rhino 2

sinister 6 tag

New Poster For “Serial Kaller” Released

A new slasherific poster has been released for indie horror “Serial Kaller”. The film is directed by Dan Brownlie from a script written by Dani Thompson. It stars Dani Thompson, Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, Charlie Bond Adam A. Park, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty and follows the girls of Babealicious TV, who are targeted by one really obsessed psychotic viewer.

Young, vain, beautiful and flaunting it on TV for the world to see, the girls of Babealicious TV are the girls of men’s dreams. But when one viewer’s obsession turns to hate, the girls might wish that they were plain Jane’s.

serial kaller

Final Trailer For “I Spit On Your Grave 2” Released

ispitonyourgrave2[3]Check out the third and final trailer for revenge horror “I Spit On Your Grave 2”. The film hits DVD on September 24th 2013, playing out more on the theme of torture punishment themes much as the original film and the 2010 remake did. “I Spit On Your Grave 2” will have a limited theatrical run on September the 20th in L.A. Directed by Steven R. Monroe and starring Jemma Dallender (“Community”), Joe Absolom (Long Time Dead), Aleksandar Aleksiev (Jack Ryan), Mary Stockley, Michael Dixon, Valentine Pelka, Yavor Baharov, George Zlatarev, Peter Silverleaf and Georgi Zlatarev.

Naturally beautiful, Jessica (Dallender) has just settled into New York where she, like many other young women, is trying to make it as a model. But what starts out as an innocent and simple photo shoot soon turns into something disturbingly unthinkable! Raped, tortured and kidnapped to a foreign country, Jessica is buried alive and left to die. Against all odds, she manages to escape. Severely injured, she will have to tap into the darkest places of the human psyche to not only survive, but to exact her revenge…

An Erotic Tease For Supernatural Thriller “+1”

This is actually the first I have heard of Dennis Iliadis’ supernatural thriller “+1” but a new erotic teaser poster for the film has been released. The story follows three college friends who venture to the party of the year only to find themselves in a chaotic struggle that will test their friendships and will to survive. All I know is that the poster hints at more of a sexual exploitation flick that represents the inner struggle between the actual self and ideal self that a person deals with. Not really sure but the poster should really peak the hetero guy and bi girls interest. Is that too judge-y?!

“+1” stars Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, and Natalie Hall. The film is slated for release on September 20th through IFC who acquired distribution rights awhile back. Based on the B-D quote on the poster “+1” sounds like a pretty interesting sci-fiesque styled thriller.

Three college friends go to the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: love, sex and a simple human connection. When a supernatural phenomenon disrupts the party, it lights a fuse on what will become the strangest night anyone has ever seen. As the three friends struggle to find what they’re looking for, the party quickly descends into a chaos that challenges if they can stay friends or if they can even stay alive.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ Winter Season Sneak Peek

teenwolfLast night ‘Teen Wolf’ held the show’s mid season finale with an epic send off and even grander cliff hanger. The show finished a truly brutal storyline and opened up an even grander theme for the coming series run. There will be relationship changes, pack dynamic changes, and old villain sharpens his claws once more! Not to mention creatures that have yet to be seen by any of the “pack” in Beacon Hills. Check out this sneak peek for the upcoming winter season return for ‘Teen Wolf’ coming in January.

DVD Release Date Set For “Static 3D”

static 3DNew Video acquired the distribution rights for slasher horror “Static 3D” . The Todd Levin directed horror film will be released on DVD/Blu-ray combo on October 8th. The film stars Milo Ventimiglia, Sarah Shahi, William Mapother and Sara Paxton.

A couple finds their lives turned upside down when a panicked girl appears at their home in the middle of the night, with stories of masked intruders stalking her.  That night, the stalkers strike, sending the couple on a horrific game of cat and mouse, where they are forced to uncover shocking details from their past that may be the reason for the attack.


Pagan Festival Shout Out: Festival Of Consus

collageAugust the 21st is the Festival Of Consus/Consualia. a festival, with games, in honor of Consus, the god of secret deliberations. This festival is associated with the "Rape of the Sabine Women." When after the building of Rome the Romans had no women, it is said, and when their suit to obtain them from the neighboring tribes was rejected, Romulus spread a report, that he had found the altar of an unknown god buried under the earth. The god was called Consus, and Romulus vowed sacrifices and a festival to him, if he succeeded in the plan he devised to obtain wives for his Romans. According to legend, it was at the first celebration of the Consualian Games that the Sabine maidens were carried off. The purpose being to populate the newly built town of Rome.

Consus was eventually identified with Neptunus Equester, the alias and counterpart of Poseidon Hippios (Neptune), who was the founder of Atlantis, where, according to Plato, horses (hippos, equus) originated. Hence the connection with the animal. It was solemnized every year in the circus, by the symbolical ceremony of uncovering an altar dedicated to the god, which was buried in the earth. This was because Romulus, who was considered the founder of the festival, was said to have discovered an altar in the earth on that spot. Consus was also known as the protector of grains and storage bins, which among the Romans were subterranean silos.  He was represented by a grain seed. Since the grain was stored in holes underneath the earth, Consus' altar was also placed beneath the earth (near the Circus Maximus). It was uncovered only during the Consualia, his festival on August 21 and December 15.
The solemnity took place on the 21st of Augusta with horse and chariot races, and libations were poured into the flames which consumed the sacrifices. During these festive games, horses and mules were not allowed to do any work, and were adorned with garlands of flowers. One of the main events during this festival was a mule race (the mule was his sacred animal). Also on this day, farm and dray horses were not permitted to work and attended the festivities.

Release Date Set For “Aberration”

aberrationsImage Entertainment has announced a release date for horror film “Aberration” . Directed by Douglas Elford-Argent, “Aberration” follows Christy Dawson, who is just a normal high school student, but she hides a chilling secret. Caught between the worlds of the living and the dead, she has been plagued by horrific, terrifying visions. With the appearance of a ghostly young boy, these horrific glimpses of evil begin bleeding into her reality. Someone or something is killing everyone around her, and her only hope of survival is to uncover the truth behind a mystery that has shrouded the entire town in terror. The film stars Gwendolyn Garver, Kristian Capalik, Cal Thomas, Bobbi Jean Basche and James Symington. You can pick up this little nightmare on September 17th 2013.

New Killer Docu “Head Cases” Debuts At Delaware Museum

headcasesIt is well known that Serial Killers and the lore they create have been the inspiration for much of the fictional history of the horror genre. Although the killers themselves are much more scarier than their fictional counterparts could ever be, the almost symbiotic relationship is a bitter sweet (if the mind is healthy). We have a strange communal embrace of the serial killer not because of the acts of horror that he commits  but more for the enigmatic nature in which he is conceived that gives birth to the monster inside. Anyway to the news at hand. There is a new documentary premiering that explores these serial killers, more notable the regional killers of the Delaware Valley.

“Head Cases: Serial Killers In The Delaware Valley” will premiere on September 28th at the Delaware Art Museum. The film is directed by  Anthony Spadaccini and stars Paul McCloskey, Brinke Stevens, Michael Manfredo Jr., Mark Marcarian, Barbara Lessin, Jeremy Bishop. Serial killer Wayne Montgomery committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive library of his life's work. Now, a new generation carries on Wayne's legacy in a terrifying world where rules do not apply. Take a trip through the mind of one of history's most prolific serial killers - and his devoted followers who are out for blood.

Countdown To Tom Savini’s “Death Island”

death island

The clock is currently counting down till Tom Savini will kick off his crowd funding campaign for new zombie project “Death Island”. So far besides Savini as Derrick Rhodes, Tony Todd has signed on to play the role of Henne. Tom Savini's “Death Island” will put a unique spin on the Zombie film and bring the whole genre to a new level. He said he would never want to direct another Zombie film unless he thought he could make them scary again. And he intends to do just that. Incidentally we are on day 12 till fundraising starts to kick off this zombie apocalypse of a new modern lore. 

Legend has it that several years ago, during the aborted invasion of Haiti by US forces, several shamans created a zombie army to help defend their homeland from the invading troops. It is believed that these creatures still prowl the surrounding islands and they have been blamed for the disappearance of many trespassing tourists. But when a small film production team visits one of the islands, they soon learn, while fighting for their very survival, that some legends are real.


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