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The Horrors Of Del Tenney

1. I Eat Your Skin/Zombies (1964)
A cancer researcher on a remote Caribbean island discovers that by treating the natives with snake venom he can turn them into bug-eyed zombies. Uninterested in this information, the unfortunate man is forced by his evil employer to create an army of the creatures in order to conquer the world.
2. The Curse Of The Living Corpse (1964)
Curse Of The Living Corpse
Relatives gather in an old house for the reading of a will, but the "dead" man comes back to life and starts killing.
3. The Horror Of Party Beach (1964)
Radioactive waste dumped off the coastline creates mutant monsters. The beasts attack slumber parties, beaches, tourists, and terrorize a waterfront community as a scientist, his daughter, her boyfriend and the local police try to find a way to stop them.
4. Descendent (2003)
A young novelist, tormented by his family's history and haunted by the specter of his long-dead, more famous ancestor, falls in love with a woman, a distant relative of his ancestor, whose friends and family begin to disappear mysteriously.
Del Tenney also has writing credit on 2001’s “Do You Wanna Know A Secret” but he was not the director of the film. The director for that movie was Thomas Bradford.
As a night out on the town turns into a nightmare, six young college students must fight for their lives as a killer hunts them down.
I must admit that my only real exposure of Del Tenney’s films came from Elvira’s early decades as Movie Macabre Host. After seeing these films I later seeked the VHS copies out at the first video store that came to our home town and watched them again with my kid sister. It wasn’t until a year of so later that built up the nerve to rent movies like “The Beast Within” and “Madman” for the hardcore gory films. Del Tenney was my softcore cherry popper in the horror genre which led to my love affair of all things nightmarishly delightful.

“A Haunting In Salem” 3D

When the new sheriff of Salem, Massachusetts discovers that he is the victim of a centuries-old curse, he must protect his family from the vengeful ghosts that torment his home.
Starring: Bill Oberst, Jr., Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone, Nicholas Harsin “A Haunting In Salem” is due out Oct. 4th 2011. The story based on true events is directed by Shane Van Dyke and written by H. Perry Horton. Released through The Asylum.

“The Amityville Haunting” Found Footage! Attwork Poster

Actual found footage that documents the horrifying experiences of a family that moved into the infamous haunted house.”
On DVD on December 13th and stars  Jon Kondelik and Luke Barnett and is directed by Geoff Meed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

“Red, White & Blue” Trailer and Trinity X Screening Info

Set in Austin, Texas, this “slacker revenge movie” follows the disaffected and promiscuous Erica (Amanda Fuller - Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as she sleeps with a series of nameless men, until she is befriended by Nate (Noah Taylor - Submarine, The Proposition), an ex-Iraq war veteran with a sociopathic streak.
Nate, unusually, seems interested in Erica for more than just sex - but when one of her previous partners, hard-rocking mamma’s boy Franki (Marc Senter) resurfaces, Erica’s actions come back to haunt her, leading to a terrifying climax which has shocked audiences worldwide.
Brutal and uncompromising, Red, White & Blue will stun, horrify and surprise in equal measure.
Trinity X Screening Info
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“Popularity Killer”

Plot Info: “After a young girl is found murdered, a group of teens at Payton High must band together to piece together the horrifying travesty. The teens soon discover the mysterious killer is killing only the most popular students in school. As their friends die one-by-one in the most shockingly gruesome ways possible, they realize that being “in” may not get them out…alive. Every school has an it list…pray you’re not on this one.”
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Pre ordering is now available for this from Slasher Studios and also check out the short “Teddy”.

“Bat Shit Crazy” Trailer

Nobody likes Joseph, but he didn’t really care until his beloved dog went missing. It made him suddenly realize that behind a veneer of suburban bliss something is seriously wrong. The final straw is when his girlfriend leaves him and his home is vandalized. Now Joseph decides to do something – bringing an old fable back to life about a wolf that was black as coal and feared like death. The first targets are foster parents Sam and Doris whose sunny fall morning has turned into an unspeakable nightmare…
From Indican Pictures!

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Redeemi Gupta must let go of the past in order to save the future.
Los Angeles is under siege by a lethal, MUTANT STRAIN OF BLOOD SUCKING BED BUGS. When two of Redeemi's estranged high school friends crash back into his life he's pulled into an action packed whirlwind where he must fight to deliver to the World Health organization CLAIRE, the girl who betrayed him and broke his heart. The key to a BED BEG VACCINE just may be locked somewhere in CLAIRE'S bloodstream. Redeemi and Claire are shepherded by Archie, a fringe dwelling operator with a questionable past, whose conspiracy theory becomes truer by the second as the three former friends struggle to survive riotous mobs, mercenary privateers, and savage bloodthirsty bedbugs.
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Mutant Cimex Lectarius

10 Of my Fave Italian Horror Films

1. The Beyond (1981)
The New yorker Liza Merril inherits an old hotel in Louisiana, and invests her savings to reopen the place. While repairing the building, many people dies, and local Dr. John McCabe feels close to Liza and tries to help her to solve the mystery of the hotel. Meanwhile, Emily, a blind woman, advises Liza to leave the place as soon as possible. Later they realize that the place is one gate of hell and has been opened, permitting the dead walk on Earth.
2. Porno Holocaust (1981)
A group of castaways wash ashore on a deserted island in this Italian sex/gore movie. They are unaware that a sex-crazed radioactive monster is also on the island. He attacks and rapes several of the women, who die horrible deaths because his sperm is radioactive. The survivors must find a way to either escape the island or kill the monster.
3. Chi L’ha Vista Morire?/ Who Saw Her Die? (1972)
A young girl is brutally murdered somewhere in France. Sometime later, the same thing happens to the daughter of a well-known sculptor. This time the parents (the sculptor and his wife) start investigating, and soon find they are in way over their head. Meanwhile, the body-count keeps rising as the killer now starts butchering all those who find out too much...
4. Gatti Rossi In Un Labirinto Di Vetro (1975)
Killer in red cape and hood is killing off tourists on a tour bus by gouging out their eyeballs.
5. Innocent Blood (1992)
Marie, a female vampire with a conscience, decides to restrict her feeding requirements to the violent Pittsburgh gangsters who are at large in the city. Marie's victims become vampires themselves if she fails to permanently immobilise them, so when this happens, the gangsters become a serious problem which she has to fix.
6. L’ultimo Squalo/ The Last Shark (1981)
An enormous and angry 35 foot Great White Shark takes revenge on humans when they build a beach just for swimmers by a coastal town. After several shark attacks, and the Mayor does nothing to stop it, James Franisscus and Vic Morrow sail in pursuit to stop it.
7. La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono /The House With The Laughing Windows (1976)
Stefano, a young restorer is commissioned to save a fresco representing the suffering of St. Sebastiano. The fresco painter was Legnani, and the fresco is his last work. Legnani apparently was mentally disturbed. He was used to paint people close to die or in agony. These facts together with the strange atmosphere that surround this village near Ferrara, in the north of Italy, contribute to put Stefano in a nightmare reality. Soon reality will change into horror.
8. Trauma (1993)
Dario 2
An anorexic young woman escapes from a psychiatric clinic and meets a young man who wants to help. She is caught and returned to her parents, who are soon beheaded by a garrotting stranger making the rounds about town, apparently striking only when it rains. The orphaned young woman and her new lover launch their own investigation and are endangered when a link is discovered with the victims and a particular operation performed years before.
9. Malabimba (1979)
The Karoli family is a rich, stuck up clan that’s lived in their castle for three centuries. The occupants of the castle are Andrea (Enzo Fisichella) and his daughter, Malabimba (Katell Laennec), along with Andrea’s mother, his paralysed brother and sister in law, Nais (Patrizia Webley). Tragedy has struck the family and Andrea’s wife has passed away, leaving Malabimba without a mother. A medium is called in to try to contact the spirit of the deceased woman, but things suddenly take a turn for the worse. Rather than connecting with the good spirit of Malabimba’s mother, they enrage the spirit of Lucrezia Karoli, the black sheep of the family who was either killed by a lover (of which, we are told, she had many) or committed suicide. The medium flips out and collapses on the table, her body taken over by Lucrezia and people present at the séance lose their tops and are violated by this horny entity.
10. Phenomena (1985)
PHENOMENA flat-small
Someone is killing people in a Swiss village, and then a girl with insect empathy shows up and helps the local entomologist try to solve the mystery.

Just In Time For Those Christmas Nightmares!

A new title and dvd release for American audiences in time for the holiday season…IFC Films gave Sint a very limited theatrical and VOD release in the US recently. The DVD being distributed by MPI will arrive on DVD shelves just a few days prior to Christmas on December 20th under the new title Saint Nick.
St. Niklas, a bishop fallen out of grace, travels in the middle ages with his gang of robbers and thieves through the countryside, raping, plundering and killing. When villagers take the law into their own hands and murder the bloodthirsty bishop and his thugs by setting the ship on which they travel ablaze, Niklas vows revenge. Now every time there is a full moon on December 5th, the date that he died, something that on average takes place every 36 years, St. Niklas and his helpers will rise from the dead and take revenge in a horrible way.
Full of creative yuletide horror, Sint is a fun chiller that follows local teen Frank as he sets out on a bloody, high-energy battle to save Amsterdam from the wrathful “Sinterklaas” and his minions. It's written and directed by Dick Maas and stars Huub Stapel, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Caro Lenssen, Bert Luppes, and Escha Tanihatu.

“Midnight FM” Coming To America On DVD

Tonight is late night radio host Sun Young’s (Soo Ae) final show. The next morning she will be flying to the States with her ill daughter. During the program, she receives a shocking phone message: her family has been taken hostage. Threatening to kill her family if she doesn’t do as he says, the caller (Yoo Ji Tae) sends her instructions, starting with requests for obscure songs. Sun Young has two hours to save her family – and her live broadcast cannot stop.
“Midnight FM” hits Region 3 DVD on October 25th, 2011

Nothing Is As Scary As A Pissed Off Crack Whore!

The story of Honey Thompson, a crack addicted prostitute, who goes to a party in the desert, where she falls victim to drugs and gang rape. Spoon-feeding herself crack with her loving companion Boo, Honey decides to settle the score against the men who raped her. Armed with only a switchblade and her alluring body, Honey’s full-scale revenge on these hillbillies is nothing but bloody.”
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4 Killers and 1 Girl

When Red, a young girl, awakens in a house, she has no idea how she has come to be there. Exploring her surroundings she soon realizes that she is not alone, in fact everyone else in the house is one of the worst serial killers in the world. Now it is a race against time as one by one the cells open and each killer is unleashed to stalk her through the inescapable corridors of the SLASHER HOUSE.
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“Pennhurst” Trailer

A reality television production crew visits Pennhurst, an abandoned psychiatric hospital, on a mission to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Soon the crew is being picked off one by one in a series of gruesome murders. Turns out there are plenty of ghosts at Pennhurst who don’t want the crew there and do everything in their power to make them leave.
But what do the ghosts really want? The answer will shake you to your core.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Six Degrees Of Hell” Teaser Trailer

Six lives are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm as an evil threatens one of them and to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town.
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Suite Nineteen–Mel Bossa

Drawn by the promise of change, young medium Ben Lebeau, moves to the big city, into the Shilts Manor—an old textile factory turned trendy loft space. There he meets seductive Lennox Van Kemp and his clan of Métis—guardians of the oldest lie. Ben is pulled into Van Kemp's emotional circle, finally sating his most secret desires.
Against Ven Kemp's warnings, Ben befriends his neighbor Ezra Collins—a scarred man who has taken a vow of celibacy. As Ben tries to get closer to Ezra and earn his trust, he also struggles to escape Van Kemp's psychological grip on him. The harder Ben falls for Ezra, the more he suffers from hallucinations and memory losses. Soon, the Manor's walls begin to close in on him and Ben must rely on his psychic abilities to survive the assault on his mind.
As Ben and Ezra unravel Van Kemp's plans, they expose a spiritual conspiracy dating back to Christ—a conspiracy that will shake their very world and restore their Faith in humanity.
Read an excerpt
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“Exhumed” Trailer

“Exhumed” Trailer shows a very film noir style of telling horror that is reminiscent of the early days of Alfred Hitchcock. A dark and disturbing tale that is sure to delight independent and low budget horror fans and will soon become a cult classic for generations to come. And that is just what the trailer made me feel. Imagine what the whole damn film will do!
Exhumed is an edgy horror film. It anticipates a move away from current, more supernaturally inclined fear flicks, towards something nastier and moodier. Exhumed deals with a twisted family that is seemingly unable to leave their own home. Their gnarled existence and mounting animosity finally gives way to violence and visceral panic. Exhumed’s closest living relatives would perhaps be The House Of The Devil, Ils, and The Strangers. The recently deceased would include the weirdo Hammer efforts of the late-60s and early 70s: The Devil Rides Out, Vampire Circus, etc. Exhumed shares with these movies a claustrophobic fear of what lies inside both the home and the head. Exhumed is produced by Ted Marr and Kristin Kayala. Richard Griffin directs a script written by Guy Benoit. It stars Debbie Rochon, Sarah Nicklin, Michael Thurber, Michael Reed, Rich Tretheway, Evalena Marie, Jonathan Thomson and Jocelyn Padilla.
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“Adam Chaplin”

The film, set in an unreal country called Heaven Valley, tells the story of a man, Adam, whom after the death of his wife - occurred in suspicious circumstances- begins to investigate on her murder, discovering the involvement of the local mafia boss: Denny Richards Unable to trust the police, clearly corrupted and controlled by Danny, Adam destroyed by his anger, summons a demon who will give him a superhuman strength and dark powers. adam-chaplinThe demon will follow him during his trip, promising to lead Adam to the murderer if he does everything he asks.This unleash a bloody war that will bring Adam, deployed with the demon on his side; and the police corp with all its dark allies, on the other. Denny infact, supported by his two sadistic sons Ben and Derek, will also enrol an hired killer. The fight can start... and it will be extreme!
UK Cinema Release Date: Friday 7th October 2011
Starring: Emanuele De Santi, Valeria Sannino, Alessandro Gramanti, Paolo Luciani, Christian Riva
Directed By: Emanuele De Santi
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“The Hagstone Demon” Trailer

“The Hagstone Demon” is probably the first film I have seen in a long while that is reminiscent of those classic low budget horrors such as “The Sisters Of Satan” and Classic Hammer Films like “The Brides Of Dracula” yet keeping a very depressive and independent tone that gives the movie a film noir vibe that will more than compensate for any lack of acting skills some of the characters may possess.
Douglas Elmore is an alcoholic writer and caretaker haunted by visions of his dead wife and pursued by supernatural forces bent on revenge for his past deeds. When tenants start turning up dead in the hallways and stairwells of his brownstone apartment building, Douglas suspects a strange but sexually alluring homeless prostitute named Karna who sleeps in his basement by day and prowls the empty city by night. But as the bodies pile up, Douglas is torn between his growing obsession with Karna and the threat of becoming a prime suspect in a murder investigation. Douglas must find the origin of the evil residing in the old Hagstone building before the secrets of his past return to destroy him.
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My 10 Favorite Hammer Horror Classics

1. Curse of the Werewolf (1961)
In Spain, Leon is born on Christmas day to a mute servant girl who was raped by a beggar. His mother dies giving birth and he is looked after by Don Alfredo. As a child Leon becomes a werewolf after having been taken hunting. As a young man, he works in a wine cellar and falls in love with the owner's daughter Cristina. One full moon, he again turns into a werewolf and terrifies the town.
2. Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (1968)
When his castle is exorcised, Dracula plots his revenge against the Monsignor who performed the rites by attempting to make the holy man's young neice his bride.
3. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)
Baron Frankenstein is once again working with illegal medical experiments. Together with a young doctor, Karl and his fiancee Anna they kidnap the mentally sick Dr. Brandt, to perform the first brain transplantation ever.
4. Kiss Of The Vampire (1963)
Gerald and Marianne Harcourt are traveling by car when the car breaks down and they have to spend a few days in a small, remote village. It doesn't take long before they are invited to Dr. Ravna's castle. Without their knowledge, Dr. Ravna is the leader of a vampire cult, and he has become astonished by Marianne's beauty...
5. The Mummy’s Shroud (1967)
In 1920 an archaeological expedition discovers the tomb of an ancient Egyptian child prince. Returning home with their discovery, the expedition members soon find themselves being killed off by a mummy, which can be revived by reading the words off the prince's burial shroud.
6. Plague Of The Zombies (1966)
Young workers are dying because of a mysterious epidemic in a little village in Cornwall. Doctor Thompson is helpless and asks professor James Forbes for help. The professor and his daughter Sylvia travel to Thomson. Terrible things happen soon, beyond imagination or reality. Dead people are seen near an old, unused mine. Late people seem to live suddenly. Professor Forbes presumes that black magic is involved and someone has extraordinary power. He doesn't know how close he is: the dead become alive because of a magic voodoo-ritual, and so they must serve their master as mindless zombies...
7. The Satanic Rites Of Dracula (1974)
It's 1974 - two years after the events in Dracula 1972. Strange things are happening - some girls are disappearing from the street and some of them are secretaries to important people. The Police and the Secret Service become interested when rich people (including a Lord) are pouring their empires into a foundation in which the boss hasn't been seen and a photograph of him doesn't produce a figure. The Inspector from D72 comes to see Van Helsing and Jessica and their investigations lead them to believe that the boss is Dracula...
8. Twins Of Evil (1971)
A religious sect led by Gustav Weil hunts all women suspected of witchcraft, killing a number of innocent victims. young Katy, Gustav's niece, will involve herself in a devilish cult, and become an instrument of Justice in the region.
9. Vampire Circus (1972)
A village in Nineteenth Century Europe is at first relieved when a circus breaks through the quarantine to take the local's minds off the plague. But their troubles are only beginning as children begin to disappear and the legacy of a long-ago massacre is brought to light.
10. The Devil’s Own / The Witches (1966)
the witches
After being threatened by witchcraft in Africa, Gwen Mayfield has a nervous breakdown and returns to England. She is invited to teach in a private school, owned by the wealthy Alan Bax and his sister Stephanie Bax, in the village of Heddaby. After a period in the place, she witnesses weird events with locals, and she realizes that the place is indeed a coven and her student Linda Rigg is being prepared for a sacrifice.


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