Friday, July 5, 2019

Matthew Pope's "Blood On Her Name" World Premiere Set For Fantasia This July

Matthew Pope's crime thriller Blood On Her Name" is set to host its world premiere at Fantasia Film Festival this July. Pope's directorial debut, the film will show on July 17th and 19th. It stars Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, and Elisabeth Röhm.

Killed in self defense, Leigh attempts to get rid of the body. She cleans up the bloody scene, while scrambling to find a way to dispose of the corpse. Her father, a law enforcement officer, enters the scene and so does the deceased's girlfriend. Now, it is a race to get rid of the evidence, before her crimes are found out.

Trailer Released For Soska Sisters "Rabid" Remake

Check out the trailer for the Soska Sisters remake of David Cronenberg's classic "Rabid". The film is making its world premiere at this year's FrightFest. It stars Laura VandervoortBen Hollingsworth, and Mackenzie Gray, and features WWE superstars CM Punk and his wife New York Times best-selling author AJ Mendez.

Rose, a young woman whose disfigurement after an accident leads to a radical and untested stem-cell treatment. While turning Rose into the belle of the ball, the experimental transformation comes at a price.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Trailer And Images Released For Indie Horror "The Deeper You Dig"

A trailer and several images have been released for indie horror "The Deeper You Dig". The film is directed by John Adams, Toby Poser, and daughter, Zelda Adams. The three also star in the film from Wonder Wheel Productions. 

Ivy (Toby Poser) and Echo (Zelda Adams) are not your typical mother-daughter team. Ivy once an intuitive psychic, makes an easy buck as a bogus tarot card reader; fourteen year-old Echo likes old-timey music, hunting, and black lipstick.
When reclusive Kurt (John Adams) moves down the road to restore an abandoned farmhouse, a roadside accident leads to Echo’s murder, and suddenly three lives collide in mysterious and wicked ways. Kurt assumes he can hide his secret under the ground.
However, Echo burrows into his head until he can feel her in his bones. As she haunts his every move, trying to reach her mother from beyond, Ivy must dig deep to see the signs and prove that love won’t stay buried…

The Deeper You Dig will have its world premiere at the 2019 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal in July.

Upcoming Horror "3 Lives" Releases New Trailer

Check out the new trailer for upcoming horror "3 Lives". The film is directed by Julianne Block and stars  Mhairi Calvey, Anatole Taubman, Maja-Celiné Probst, and Victor Alfieri. It hits DVD and Digital August 6th from High Octane Pictures.

Emma wakes up to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker. She soon realizes that there are two other victims trapped with her, Ben and Jamie, who she knows from her days in high school.

Now Ben and Jamie are Emma’s only means of escape from their savage captors, three ex-soldiers. Faced with the choice to stay in the bunker or to escape her kidnappers with the help of her former rapist and his old friend, Emma chooses the latter.

Ruthlessly the ex-soldiers chase the group through the wilderness. While Emma tries to find out why Ben, Jamie, and herself have been kidnapped in the first place. Slowly matters start to spin out of control, facades start to crack and Emma has to learn who her real enemy is.

Frankenstein Inspired "Depraved" Gearing Up For Summer Festival Run

Larry Fassenden's Frankenstein inspired horror "Depraved" is gearing up for a summer festival run. Already slated for two appearances at this year's Fantasia Film Festival, in Montreal, the title has been announced at other festivals, including: the Overlook Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival. "Depraved" will have a wider release September 13th courtesy of IFC Midnight.

"Depraved" stars David Call("The Sinner"), Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project), Alex Breaux, and Ana Kayne. The film will show July 28th & 29th (Fantasia Film Festival) and September 13th, 2019 (Theatres, Digital).

A army medic is suffering from PTSD. He copes with the horrors he has scene by constructing a man, with various body parts.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

'Wynonna Earp' Will Return For Season Four Summer 2020

Woo-Frickin-Hoo and Hellz Yah!!!

IDW Entertainment, SEVEN24 Films, Space and SYFY announced today that “Wynonna  Earp,” the award-winning series based on the IDW comic created by Beau Smith, has been greenlit to start production for its fourth season. With production slated to begin later this year, Season 4 is expected to debut in Summer 2020 on SYFY in the US and Space in Canada. Additionally, IDW Entertainment announced that Cineflix Studios  has come aboard to co-produce with Cineflix Rights handling international sales for all four seasons of the series.

Winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, “Wynonna Earp” follows the life of the great, great granddaughter (Melanie Scrofano, “Bad Blood”) of famous lawman Wyatt Earp. The action-packed supernatural sci-fi series stars Scrofano, Tim Rozon (“Schitt’s Creek”), Dominique Provost-Chalkley (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”) and Katherine Barrell (“Working Moms”).

“We are absolutely thrilled that we get to make more ‘Wynonna Earp,’ and are grateful to our networks and partners for working hard to ensure we can,” said Emily Andras, Showrunner and Executive Producer. “This is an enormous testament to our passionate and fierce fans, the Earpers, who remind us every day how to fight like hell for the things you love with wit, ferocity and kindness.”

Known for having one of the most active social media communities - from arranging fan conventions around the world to raising money for LGBTQ charities - “Wynonna Earp” has been praised for its "fierce and committed performances”*, and has received and been nominated for numerous awards including Canadian Screen Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Directors Guild of Canada, Writers Guild of Canada and Alberta Film & Television Awards.

SEVEN24's Jordy Randall and Tom Cox, in addition to Cineflix’s Peter Emerson and Brett Burlock, serve as Executive Producers along with Todd Berger and Rick Jacobs.

Trailer Released For German Thriller "Kidnapping Stella"

The official trailer has been released for a film described as a 'erotic kidnapping' , "Kidnapping Stella". The film is directed by Thomas Seiban and stars Jella Haase, Clemens Schick, and Max von der Groeben. It is due on Netflix July 12th. 

Snatched off the street and held for ransom, a bound and gagged woman uses her limited powers to derail her two masked abductors' carefully laid plans.

Kidnapping Stella (2019) Trailer from Wicked Thrilling Freaks on Vimeo.

New Trailer Released For "Morbid Colors"

Check out the new trailer for "Morbid Colors". The film is written and directed by Matthew Packman and stars Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman. Gray and Hyneman co-executive produce with Gray also taking co-creator on the story.

“Morbid Colors” follows the troubled journey of Devin and Myca, two foster sisters bound by horrific pasts. When Myca returns from a months-long runaway trip with an insatiable thirst for human blood, Devin is hurled into her sister’s relentless quest to hunt down the creature responsible.

"BLOOD PARADISE" To Be Released On DVD/Blu-ray & VOD

Summer holidays can be deadly in the entertainingly off kilter Blood Paradise. This English-language, filmed-in-Swedish horror-thriller from first-time producer-director Andréa Winter and Patrick von Barkenberg will be released on DVD, Blu-ray (with extras) and on a selection of VOD platforms.

Reeling after her latest novel flops, best-selling crime writer Robin Richards (Andréa Winter) is sent by her publisher to the Swedish countryside to regain inspiration. Instead of relaxation, she comes across an assortment of peculiar and possibly dangerous characters. The beautiful and stylish young woman soon discovers just how dangerous farm life can be. Think “Green Acres” as directed by Jordan Peele.

TitleBlood ParadiseDirector: Patrick von Barkenberg; Producer: Andréa Winter; Starring: Andréa Winter, Patrick von Barkenberg, Christer Cavallius, Rolf Brunnström, Martina Novak, Lars Brunnström; Country: Sweden, USA; Year: 2018; Running Time: 84 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1;Language: English; Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1; DVD UPC: 851597006773;/Blu-ray UPC: 851597006797; SRP: $14.95 (DVD); $16.95 (Blu-ray)

“[AGonzo horror- thriller…undeniably sexy, weird and entertaining. – The Mercury News
Humorous as it is beautiful and one pretty creepy experience… – HorrorBuzz
Explosively erotic…an exciting and claustrophobic Gothic fun ride.” – Entertainment For A Living

Blood Paradise - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

Special DVD/Blu-ray Features:
  • Delete Scenes: Blood Sex Dream (2’); Fly (1’ 30”); Latex Dreams (2’ 30”); Tractor and Sheep (2’ 30”)
  • Music Videos: Dreamer by Baby Yoga (4’ 30”); You and Me by Baby Yaga (4’)

Kaiju Film ‘Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters’ Coming To Blu-Ray And DVD

Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters will be released on limited edition Blu-ray on July 25, 2019 and have a wider DVD release on November 25th. The film stars Yukijiro Hotaru (The Great Buddha Arrival), Miyu Oriyama (Shinkaiju Raiga 2009), and Mao Urata (Kamen Rider Zi-O 2018). SRS Cinema will release the film.

The battleship Yamato, the largest and strongest of its time, is on patrol when a lookout spots a massive shape half-submerged in the distance. Believing it to be an enemy submarine, they fire and score a direct hit. But they are shocked when the object emits a strange cry as it sinks beneath the waves.

Soon after, something much bigger arrives, the massive kaiju Reigo, seething with rage at the murder of its cub. The monster attacks the Combined Fleet with incredible ferocity and awesome destructive power. The naval forces are caught off guard, and Reigo is able to destroy the escort ships and damage the Yamato before returning to the ocean depths.

Now the stage is set for a final battle to unfold between the world’s largest battleship and the mysterious dragon-like monster – who will prevail?

Tech Horror "A.M.I." Out On Digital This July

Director Rusty Nixon (Residue, Candiland) tech horror "A.M.I."  will be released on digital this July. The film stars Debs Howard (iZombie, TV’s “The Good Doctor”), Sam Robert Muik (CW’s “Riverdale”), Phil Granger (Syfy’s “Ghost Wars”), Havana Guppy (Hulu’s “Shut Eye”), and Bonnie Hay (TV’s “A Million Little Things”). It will be available July 2nd.

Young Cassie comes across a discarded cell phone with the latest AI on it. Cassie customizes the Artificial Machine Intelligence to sound like her deceased mother which soon fills the void in Cassie’s life.  As their relationship deepens, the nurturing and seemingly caring AI drives Cassie to perform heinous acts of murder convincing Cassie that they are totally justifiable.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Trailer Released For "Jacob's Ladder"

Check out the trailer for David M. Rosenthal‘s remake "Jacob’s Ladder". The film stars Michael Ealy, Jesse Williams, Karla Souza, Nicole Beharie, and Guy Burnet. "Jacob’s Ladder" opens in theaters on August 23th, after a DISH exclusive premiere July.

“Jacob Singer is finally getting his life back together after the death of his brother in Afganistan. He has a beautiful wife, a newborn child, and a successful career as a doctor in a VA hospital. When a stranger approaches him and tells him that his brother is alive and living in an underground shelter with other vets, Jacob’s life starts to unravel. He begins hallucinating and starts to think he is being followed by violent attackers, and becomes paranoid about the truth of what really happened to his brother.”

Netflix Adapting Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' For New Series

Netflix is adapting Neil Gaiman's graphic novel 'Sandman' into live-action series. Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman, Grey’s Anatomy) will both write and serve as showrunner for the series. Neil Gaiman will executive produce along with David Goyer.

The horror-fantasy comic centers on Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, and the Endless, a powerful group of siblings that includes Death, Destiny, Despair, Destruction, Delirium, and Desire.

"3 From Hell" 3 Nights Unrated This September

Global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and Saban Films are unleashing horror icon and heavy metal mastermind Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell, the follow-up to House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, as the next chapter in the blood-soaked crime saga. The film will be released in nearly 900 select movie theaters on September 16, 17 and 18, 2019 through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). Fathom Events will broadcast the unrated version to theaters with each night featuring unique bonus content.

On September 16th, moviegoers will see a special video introduction from Rob Zombie with the first 50 attendees at each theater receiving an exclusive poster (while supplies last). On the 17th, audiences will be treated to a nearly 30-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. On the 18th, moviegoers will experience the ultimate double feature including 3 From Hell and The Devil’s Rejects.

“This event is a long time coming,” says Zombie. “The journey of these characters has always been special to me and I am thrilled to finally let the fans experience the next episode of the Firefly madness. This project was a true labor of love for everyone involved and we know we have created something amazing for the loyal followers of these films. Let the insanity begin!”

“We are excited to collaborate again with Rob Zombie,” said Lionsgate President of Worldwide Home Entertainment Ron Schwartz. “With House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie delivered thrills and high doses of gore to genre fans. We look forward to bringing this next chapter to screens with Saban Films and Fathom.”

“In 2003 a bold new cinematic voice emerged with House of 1,000 Corpses,” said Jonathan Saba, Saban Films’ Senior Vice President of Distribution, Sales and Marketing. “And with the sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie cemented his legacy as one of the most influential and important modern-day genre filmmakers. Now nearly 15 years later, Rob returns to the Firefly family in an audacious and wholly singular new chapter in this gory saga. I can’t wait for audiences to see this film on the big screen thanks to our partners at Lionsgate and Fathom.”

“Scary movies are best experienced in a dark movie theater alongside fellow fans,” said Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt. “This is why we continue to partner with Rob Zombie, Lionsgate and Saban Films to premiere the very best horror films on our platform.”

3 From Hell was written and directed by Rob Zombie, who also produced alongside CC Capital Arts Entertainment’s Mike Elliot. Greg Holstein and Saban Films’ Jonathan Saba are executive producers.

Tickets for 3 From Hell can be purchased beginning Friday, July 19 at and participating theater box offices. A complete list of theater locations will be available July 19 at the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

Saban Films and Rob Zombie previously partnered with Fathom Events in a successful theatrical event for Rob Zombie’s 31.

Trailer Released For "Vampyrz On A Boat"

Check out the trailer for Carrie Keagan's long awaited horror vehicle, "Vampyrz On A Boat". The film is directed by Mark Allen Michaels and costars Dallas Valdez and Curt Lambert.

Sara and Max are having a whirlwind romance on a medical research ship when their bliss is interrupted by an outbreak of vampirism. Ever the optimist, Max will stop at nothing to get back the girl of his dreams, even if it means several heads must roll…

'Hellraiser' TV Series In The Works

It producer Roy Lee and Ready Player One producer Dan Farah are teaming up for new 'Hellraiser' TV series. No word if Doug Bradley or Ashley Laurence will return to the Hellverse. Joining production is rights owners Lawrence Kuppin, David Salzman and Eric Gardner.

The intention is to use the mythology established in the movie franchise and the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart as a launch pad for a new series that could be anthology, or a more traditional narrative.


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