Saturday, August 2, 2008

Evolutionary Roots of Social Terrorism

It is my belief that organized religion has used superstition as a form of mind control, in an abusive role,
to keep people confined within the constraints of legalized oppression, by forcefully influential means of
social governments, equal to the fanatical views of religious beliefs, leading to the evolution of social terror-
ism. Psychologists define superstition as this, it involves the formation of a false association between
a response and a reinforcer when there is no cause and effect relationship between the two". This
does not suggest, by the professionals definition, that they believe religion is equal to superstition. However
I personally feel that religion falls under this psychological phenomenon. Webster's defines religion in several
ways. I am not going to transcribe all of them here for obvious reasons, so here are a couple that are relevant
to this topic, "Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and
governor of the universe", and "a cause, a principle or an activity pursued with zeal or conscientious
devotion". Neither superstition nor religion are defined as needing grounded, scientific, nor factual evidence
of supernatural existence. I myself have a strong indulgence in superstitious practice. For example I have a strong urge to place spiritual based symbols around my living environment. I have a crucifix and an Egyptian amulet for the dead hanging over the mirror in my bedroom that are not significant to my daily use. I also have tribal masks and gargoyles placed around the for walls of my bedroom to ward off evil energy, and in moments of eventual
anxiety I light a candle next to my Buddha in prayer and tend to make the sign of the cross in an effort to counter the negative feeling. I am neither catholic nor pagan in my religious heritage. I have no logistic reason nor evidence
that these personal indulgences benefit my daily affairs nor do I protest or impose these superstitions upon others,
that enforcement and ordered design is my main problem with religious doctrine being mirrored and imposed
in the worlds governments inscribed and issued laws and codes which are designed to bring structure to
social communities. At this very moment and for several decades past there has been a battle to define the
separation of church and state, and the legal implementation into society. The hypocrisy is that even as they
legislate this they habitually indulge in religion based practices, such as "in God we trust", the swearing in of
officials and institutions, therefore influencing through suggestive and unconscious means, their inability to separate
the very concept of "separation of church and state", symbolically imposing personal beliefs on social
In the past the church has proved its overwhelming control over the masses by enforcing monetary payment
for personal salvation. In certain instances they enforced high taxes on legal prostitution while at the same time
dictating when the prostitutes would be allowed to conduct business, even controlling when and where they
would be allowed to live, eat, and earn their living. Another instance shows the true terrorist nature of Religious
Order. During the crusades the knights demanded inflated monetary payments and the relinquishment of the
holiest relics from the Muslim population. When their demands were not met thousands of unarmed men, women,
and children were slaughtered. Situations such as these have been recorded even up until this very decade in
societies where the ruling powers where raised up from religious groundings and influences. Even today
governments are using religion to enforce and excuse extreme atrocities against their own, and foreign peoples.
Laws are made and carried out based on "religious moralities" in order to oppress and subjugate segments
of society whose ideals and principles are deemed undesirable or segregate based on religious beliefs written
into government laws.
Labeling religious authority over governmental laws as being equal to social terrorism may sound extreme,
however by allowing a structured belief of supernatural presence to supersede the logical principles of govern-
ing society based solely upon nonfactual and argumentative spiritual ideals is in direct violation of the ability
for implementing the equal and just concept of a free society of the people, for the people, and by the people.
The allowance of religious convictions to be imposed on the people through governmental reinforcement does
give rise to conflict and instability and violent actions to gain mental control over cultural and social order.
In fact the very definition of terrorism is "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence to intimidate or coerce societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons".


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