Friday, February 13, 2015

First Official Teaser Released For Supernatural Thriller “Crimson Peak”

313066id1_rgbemail_v3_500Check out the first official teaser trailer for stylistically rich, supernatural thriller “Crimson Peak”. The film drops theatrically in October but already has ample buzz surrounding it. “Crimson Peak” is directed by Guillermo del Toro and stars Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam Jim Beaver.

When her heart is stolen by a seductive stranger, a young woman is swept away to a house atop a mountain of blood-red clay: a place filled with secrets that will haunt her forever. Between desire and darkness, between mystery and madness, lies the truth behind Crimson Peak.

SXSW Teaser For “We Are Still Here”

WASHCheck out the teaser trailer for the upcoming SXSW showing of “We Are Still Here”. The film premieres at this year’s festival which begins on March 13th. “We Are Still Here” is directed by Ted Geoghegan and stars Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden, Monte Markham, Kelsea Dakota, Michael Patrick, Susan Gibney, Guy Gane III, Elissa Dowling, Zorah Burress.

After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New England countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town they’ve moved into is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls – and the soul of their lost son – into hell with them.

Release Date And Movie Poster For “Nightlight”

Upcoming horror film “Nightlight” has a release date set for May 7th, 2015 on VOD and in theatrical release. The film is being released by Lionsgate and is directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. “Nightlight” stars Shelby Young, Chloe Bridges, Taylor Murphyand Carter Jenkins. Check out the official movie poster.

Five friends play a game in a ''mysterious'' forest with a long history as a beacon for troubled young people contemplating suicide.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Most Disturbing Extreme Cinema Contender "CRAZY MURDER" Premiering Online This Friday the 13th

CMThis Friday, February 13th, Brain Damage Films in collaboration with r/fullmoviesonyoutube will host an online, world-wide, live free streaming of the new intensely disturbing film Crazy Murder in their movie chatroom, as part of the occasional Extreme/Gore/NC-17 Night.  The showing will be accompanied by a live chat attended by Brain Damage Films staff and the film's directors, Doug Gerber & Caleb Pennypacker.

When: Friday, February 13th @ 9pm EST; Where:; More info on this page:

About the Film
You've never seen anything quite like Crazy Murder.  The film follows a severely mentally ill homeless man over the course of a year in the streets of New York City as he commits a string of senseless murders and disgusting acts. With very little dialog and subtle background music, as Crazy Murder unfolds the viewer is subjected to disgusting nails-on-chalkboard visuals and senseless acts -- Yet you can't stop watching.

 This haunting portrait of a man living beyond humanity's fringes will stay with you forever.
Method actor Kevin Kenny seamlessly plays the challenging role of the nameless main character, and there are cameos sprinkled throughout including UFC Heavyweight star Mark Hunt and James Quall of "Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job" fame.

Synopsis: A homeless man (Kevin Kenny) begins a killing spree on the streets of New York City. Completely deranged and barely aware of his own identity, he makes little attempt at concealing his actions. But in a city with 50,000 homeless citizens our killer finds himself effortlessly camouflaged.
Steel yourself for a non-stop onslaught of violence and disgusting imagery.  Blending horror, drama, and black comedy, Crazy Murder is a disaster film at its core -- featuring a tornado of death, a tsunami of blood, and a volcano of feces.






Second Teaser Trailer Released For “Other Halves”

ohSecond teaser trailer reveals the insanity of the “Other Halves” app.
In the second teaser for the new horror film Other Halves, Devon (played by Lauren Lakis) demonstrates how Other Halves app works. It might seem like a simple dating app, but the viewer might notice some… side effects while watching her pitch.
Other Halves stars Mercedes Manning (Strictly Sexual, Zipper) and Lauren Lakis (Hybrids, Gun Woman) as programmers who develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it causes strange side effects: users lose all self-control, becoming amoral, lascivious, violent... evil. They consider shutting the app down, but...


Other Halves, from One Oh One Radio Pictures, is the feature film debut for director and co-writer Matthew T. Price, and co-writer Kelly Morr. The film is produced by Curt Chatham, and also stars Lianna Liew (Truth Or Dare), Megan Hui (The Before Time), Melanie Friedrich (Positive: Some Doors Should Remain Closed), Sam Schweikert (Hart of Dixie), and Carson Nicely (The Conan O'Brien Show).

Macabre Stills From “Within These Walls”

WTWCheck out these macabre stills from James Tucker directed “Within These Walls”. The film stars Scream Queen Kelsey Zukowski (The Burning Dead, Axe to Grind, Scream Queen Campfire) as well as cult horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Satan's Playground, Psycho Sleepover, Return to Sleepaway Camp). Keep your eyes peeled for my review of this nightmare story.

A prisoner in her own home, a captive in her own body. Assaulted and trapped with no one to hear her cries for help...and knowing no one will believe her if they do. This is the terrifying reality Alaina finds herself in when she moves in to the house her mother died in. At first she thinks it's the loss of her mother that is haunting her, but she is soon shown it is something far more malicious and unrelenting. The spirit taunts her as it invades her body, mind, and soul, completely trapping her. Alaina has to fight for answers on what really happened to her mother if she has any hopes of survival. She must find a way to endure this monster who lives and breathes to rob her of her sanity as it demands a savage hold on her.



“The Burning Dead” Sets Fire To Zombie Lore In March

0Ma9IVThe Burning Dead” , originally titled “Volcano Zombies” , sets fire to zombie lore on March 3rd, 2015 as it hits VOD. The film is directed by Rene Perez and stars Danny Trejo, Tom Downey, Moniqua Plante, Robert F. Lyons, Nicole Cummins, Kevin Norman, Julia Lehman, Kyle T. Heffner, Tom Nagel, Adam Gregor, Jenny Lin, and Morgan Lester. Written and produced by Jeff Miller and Jason Ancona, “The Burning Dead” pits a horde of lava-filled zombies against a sheriff charged with the plight to rescue an estranged family from a volcano eruption.

Trejo plays Night Wolf, a Native American warrior who knows way too much about the curse that unearthed the coffin dodgers. “The Burning Dead” sears its way to DVD a month later, April 7th, 2015. Check out the stills and trailer below. You can read my review of the film here: My Review Of “The Burning Dead”.





My Review Of “The Burning Dead”

0Ma9IVRene Perez’s zombie/sci-fi flick “The Burning Dead” puts some heat into the zombie lore by mixing supernatural with the classic disaster flick. The film stars Danny Trejo, Tom Downey, Moniqua Plante, Robert F. Lyons, Nicole Cummins, Kevin Norman, Julia Lehman, Kyle T. Heffner, Tom Nagel, Adam Gregor, Jenny Lin, and Morgan Lester. The story revolves around a community being evacuated as the local volcano becomes cataclysmically active. A family trapped below the eruption face more than a pyroclastic flow as a curse is unleashed with the eruptions sending fiery undead raining down on the community.

The story is a standard disaster, impending doom scenario that has become the norm for such channels as Syfy. And for all tense and purposes, “The Burning Dead” seems specially produced for the channel that has brought cheap, CGI entertainment to American audiences. The same dramatic stakes arise in the story as a family reconnects in order to see that all survive the coming disaster. The twist here is the added supernatural element in the form of a curse which has lava fueled zombies raining down on the cast and picturesque landscape. As ridiculous and beyond sci-fi as the story premise sounds, the concept translates into a entertaining, all be it cheesy spectacle.

The acting is pretty much what you would expect from a flick like this, sometimes contrived, often over-the-top scenes of melodrama mixed with screams and amusing dialog delivery. If you have enjoyed or delighted in any of the “made for Syfy” flicks similar to this film then “The Burning Dead” will give equal bemusement. It is pretty much a cookie cutter assortment of CGI induced disaster action sequences and practical make-up effects zombies. A lot of the situations and dialog does seem far too familiar as with most of these stories, but like junk food, it is all about the melodrama and cheap theatrics.

Overall, “The Burning Dead” will not pull in any new fans to this CGI infused genre, but it holds its own against anything Syfy or the “straight-to-video” market puts up next to it. Trejo fans may be slightly disappointed considering the limited part he has in the film, but the scenes that his character is in are some of the more grounded ones. I felt he was under utilized , but that is just my thoughts. For what “The Burning Dead” is, the film has some amusing, and entertaining moments. The zombies, when not drowned in CGI emptiness, fall more toward the “Zombi” style than the “Night Of The Living Dead” creatures.

My Review Of “Cannibal Fog”

Jonas Wolcher’s “Cannibal Fog” is a mix of sitophilia culture, and the bizarre world of cannibalism erotica. The story is a dual character study of two men engulfed in their own ideals of eroticism. The two stories become one as a series of carnal events have the men cross paths and realize a common interest. “Cannibal Fog” stars Malte Aronsson, Linus Karlgren, Kim Sønderholm, Ida Karolin Johansson, Juznur Siuleymanova and Vargman Bjärsborn. It is a morose exploration of desire, indulgence, and lust for both food and flesh.

CF“Cannibal Fog” mixes dark satirical attitude into an otherwise disturbing subculture of human desire. The story takes from both real event inspired situations, and pure erotica-fantasy. At times “Cannibal Fog” becomes a bit confusing as the two individual stories play out in a series of scenes that transition in choppy, abrupt situations during their linear and simultaneous journeys.  The scene switching does move smoothly which at first seems annoying. This doesn’t change much as the movie moves on but it doesn’t take too long to understand that the two main characters’ story's are playing out side-by-side.

The acting isn’t stellar but the surreal, and very experimental theatrical nature of “Cannibal Fog” allows for sub-par acting. Most of the time this film presents as if we are the voyeur, peeping into a taboo world where the overly-sexualized persona opens up doors of food fetish and cannibal culinary prowess. Overall the film is a extreme expressionist piece that devours lust and greed in western society. There are a few shining spots in “Cannibal Fog” with the more somber, and darker introduction of Kim Sonderholm’s character, Daniel Peterson. That, and the more humorous, disturbing tongue-in-cheek experience of sitophilia that plays out in a memorable dinner scene stand out in the movie.

The special effects in “Cannibal Fog” are practical ones that work on screen, create enough horror element to entertain a fan of the macabre, and at times are the only truly interesting aspects of the story. The surreal, dreamlike style of story telling and bizarre soundtrack help to create an atmosphere that is just as confusing, as it is effective in creating and amplifying the more emotional components of “Cannibal Fog”. In the end though, the story doesn’t create any real thrills, or chills, instead playing at a near monotone level of flat, steady-as-she-goes-neutrality. “Cannibal Fog” almost ends with the same amount of enthusiasm and energy as it begins.

Overall this isn’t going to be a film for most horror fans, “Cannibal Fog” speaks to an audience as limited as the subculture portrayed within its dark, and disturbing subject matter. It is more on an arthouse mix of exploitation/experimental character study. The ability of Wolcher to explore the darker side of human eroticism, and morbidity with such open candor shows real talent and passion for film making and story telling. Sometimes lifting the story up to a more intriguing piece of theatre, but most often than not the story gets crowded out by the constant inconsistency of the story’s tone. Watch this one with an open mind, and a desire to indulge in something bizarre.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

“Battle Apocalypse” DVD Release Details

baSci-fi, action-horror “Battle Apocalypse” is set to be released on February 24th, 2015 on DVD. The film is directed by John Klein and stars Sara Gorsky, Cole Simon and Tanya Thai McBride. Check out the trailer below. “Battle Apocalypse” is already available through VOD on the film’s website.

Formerly titled as “Chrysalis”, the film is a post-apocalyptic horror film, set 25 years after a biological terrorist attack unleashes a virus upon the world, transforming much of humanity into vicious creatures and laying waste to civilization. The remnants and survivors have staggered about for years, as the "infected" slowly starve and die off. Our story follows Joshua (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara Gorsky), two such survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others and hopefully rebuilding civilization. When they encounter Abira, the lone survivor of another group, their worlds and goals are irrevocably altered, and they must face new and terrifying challenges if they are to survive.

DVD Release Date For “Darkside Witches”

dwGerard Diefenthal’s “Darkside Witches” has announced a release date of April 7th, 2015. The film stars Diefenthal, Barbara Bouchet, Anna Orso, Anglelica Novak, and Pietro Michenzi. You can preorder now at or directly from the Brain Damage Film movie site.

Six innocent women in Northern Italy were found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake during the Holy Inquisition. Satan’s servant proposes to them the opportunity to avenge the injustice in exchange for their becoming his eternal immortal slaves. In acceptance; the women are brought back to life several centuries later as witches with evil powers that are used to destroy the Church and all who serve it. Father Don Gabriel, a courageous Priest and Exorcist, is sent to investigate numerous mysterious and ritualistic sacrifices in the countryside where the witches dwell. He is forced into the ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil; fighting for control of humanity.

Deadly Indie Entertainment To Release “Scream Machine” Anthology

scream machineJust when you thought it was safe to relax and let out your breath, the evil genius of Scarlet Fry (Walter Ruether III) makes itself known once more in the shape of Scream Machine’s five bloody twisted tales: “Sledgehammer,” “Cannibal Pen Pals,” “April Fool’s Party,” “Septic Shock,” and “Deadly Indie Drive-In.” Each one featuring the three M’s of horror: madness, murder, and mayhem; guaranteed to make you faint, puke, and quite possibly soil your pants!

“Scream Machine” host segment will  introduce Scarlet Fry as Dr. Fry, take place after the Ebola plague wipes out Earth’s entire population. The two exceptions being Dr. Fry and his new assistant Dr. Graves, Dr. “Head”ley Graves (Paul C. Hemmes). Known for bringing to life such cult classics  as: Horrorama, Death By VHS, Nightmare Alley, and Junk Food Horror Fest; Writer/Producer/Director Walter Ruether III teams up with filmmaker Paul C. Hemmes to make his latest and quite possibly greatest horror anthology to date. Featuring the acting talents of Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Sandra E. Williams (Ted  2), and David C. Hayes (A Man Called Nereus).

PLEASE NOTE: Filmmakers are not responsible for spontaneous heart attack or combustion from fright! “Scream Machine” is currently finishing up production. The producers plan to shop the anthology around for distribution once completed.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Teaser Trailer Released For "Rhonda Rides To Hell"

Check out the teaser trailer for "Rhonda Rides To Hell". The film is directed by Michael S. Rodriguez and stars Meghan Chadeayne, Michael Wainwright, Tyler Gallant. " Rhonda Rides To Hell"  is a blend of neo-wesrern and action-horror that looks wickedly entertaining!

Desperate times seek desperate measures, an unlikely hero is called to duty, paired with a war torn vet on a mission straight to Hell, USA.

First Teaser Released For Sci-Fi Comedy “Alien Tampon”

atThe first teaser trailer has been released for sci-fi, comedy, horror “Alien Tampon”. The film is directed by Jan Zenkner and has been in production for sometime by Chinzilla Films. There is no cast listing on the film’s official sites but it isn’t a big secretive thing because I can tell that the actors are credited on this poster-I just couldn’t get it zoomed large enough to make out the names.


First Trailer Released For “Chain”

ChainCheck out the first trailer for horror film “Chain”. The film is directed by Christopher Reith and is currently in the early stages of development. “Chain” is being produced by EQ Films.

A dark, psychological horror following a man's journey home through a series of corridors. With each step his familiar surroundings begin to twist and morph; from something cold and unwelcoming into a dangerous and life threatening labyrinth.

As the corridors close in around him, the man desperately struggles to get to the safety of his apartment. Nothing, however, is more disturbing than what waits for him beyond the door.

Chain | Official Trailer HD | EQ FILMS from Paul Desira on Vimeo.

New Trailer Released For MovieMaze’s “The Plumber”

the plumberRemember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books – how you could essentially dictate the direction the story goes? Well, this is the film equivalent. “The Plumber”– a cartoonishly enjoyable horror/science-fiction hybrid – officially premiere at Amazing Arizona, Phoenix on Feb 13-15.  

MovieMaze's "The Plumber" is a movie in the form of an APP for mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun choosing how a film ends!  A MovieMaze™ movie shows menus of choices at turning points in the story. The viewer’s choices determine what happens next. Simply put, the viewer creates his or her own movie by touching the screen. 

Two of the creators, Maria Collis and Erik Lundmark, based in L.A, also run the production and sales company LeoMark – responsible for the distribution of a large number of cult and current hits, including HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW, JACKERS, THE CABINING and STAR LEAF.

Trailer And Poster Released For “Werewolf Dari Bangladesh”

WerewolfBangladeshBeware the Malay wolves! A trailer and poster have been released for upcoming Malaysian horror “Werewolf Dari Bangladesh”. The film is directed by Mamat Khalid and stars Shy8, Zizan Razak, Saiful Apek, Emma Maembong. The film has a general (Malaysian) release date set for March 5th, 2015.

It started 20 years ago, when a Bangladeshi named Mirdu was bitten by a werewolf and ended up turning into a werewolf himself. Not only that, Mirdu turned violent and began to attack the people in his village. The villager then burned down Mirdu's house and hunted him down. Before Mirdu's died, he managed to bite a pair of twins named Kumba and Kumbi, thus, spreading his werewolves' DNA to both of them.

Presently in Malaysia, Usop Wilcha moves to a new place with his friend Wahab B and decides to start a business there. At the same time, Kumbi, who is already an adult arrives at Malaysia and plans to spread his werewolves' DNA in Malaysia so that he can eliminate all human species with the help of Jaynab Ramunggei, Usop's new neighbour. Pilun, another foreign worker who works with Usop knew about the situation and tries to inform Usop about it.


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