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From directors Joe Bland and Grant Martin comes a visionary new sci-fi thriller that will proves everything we know about the weather is… wrong. Josiah Authier and Grant Martin star in Ellipse, an exhilarating new science-fiction survival jaunt on DVD and Digital November 5.

When a man has lost everything, it’s easy to self-destruct. Alcohol, silence, and self-loathing help to speed up the process, however, life must go on… Our story finds us during a typical work day for an intergalactic military surveyor and his canine partner on a solo fight near an undefined, oval-shaped planet. Because of his self-destructive coping methods, a simple fly-by soon turns into an emergency crash landing… leaving a man and his dog in dire straits.


Jinga Films and SC Films are pleased to announce the Australian and New Zealand release of Julian Richards multi-award winning supernatural horror REBORN which will be available to stream and download from October 30th 2019 via Foxtel, Fetch TV, BigPond, Google and iTunes.

Vertical Entertainment have already released REBORN in the USA and Premiere TV in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Njuta Films have scheduled a VOD release in SwedenDenmarkNorway and Finland from November 13th 2019.

REBORN is a contemporary Frankenstein story about a stillborn baby girl brought back to life by an electrical storm before being abducted from hospital by a crazed mortician. On her sixteenth birthday, empowered with the gift to manipulate electricity, she escapes her captor and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her. 

Read my review of Reborn here :

REBORN - Trailer from Jinga Films on Vimeo.

New Clip Released For Bloody Western "Eminence Hill"

In a week from now, ALIENS and THE QUICK AND THE DEAD star Lance Henriksen returns to the wild west for EMINENCE HILL, a gritty new western from Uncork'd Entertainment.

Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Quick & The Dead), Barry Corbin (“Lonesome Dove”, No Country for Old Men), Dominique Swain (Face/Off, Alpha Dog), Clint James (The Magnificent Seven), Anna Harr (Bethany), Owen Conway (The Covenant), Maria Olsen (I Spit On Your Grave : Deja Vu), Augie Duke (Blood Craft) and Brinke Stevens (The Summer of Massacre) star in a Robert Conway film.

A notorious outlaw and his gang come upon a small homestead, killing both husband and wife and kidnapping their teenage daughter. With the law closing in on them, and after losing their way, the bandits find themselves in the town of Eminence Hill, a community run by a group of deeply pious and fanatical homesteaders.

Eminence Hill is in theaters November 1, followed by a VOD and DVD release November 5.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Slasher Horror "After Party" Set To Release This Friday, October 25th

Slasher horror "After Party" is set to be released this Friday, October 25th. The film is directed by Tony Villalobos and stars Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Simona Shyne, Timothy Delaghetto, Tonio Skits, Johannes Bartle, Ray J, Hana Giraldo, Danny Trejo, Kinsey Wolanski, and Denny Love. It hits Digital HD and VOD courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

A group of young Hollywood “Elite”, aka “The Social Media Influencers”, think tonight’s afterparty is the usual Hollywood Hills get together at another private mansion after the club. Little do they know that not everyone is going to make it out alive. What starts off as an intimate get together spirals into a night of survival. One by one… vegan, model, slut, club promoter, drug dealer, Latina, reality star, wannabe rapper, vlogger… all have to fend off a killer hunting them down.

SHARP CANDY Season 1 Now Available On Amazon Prime And YouTube

Archico Productions 'Sharp Candy' season one is now available on Amazon Prime and YouTube. The series focuses on stories inspired by horror novels from the 80s. The first season centers around 4 stories intersecting on Halloween night.

A beautiful girl named Janey is terrorized by a supernatural force. A lonely pawnbroker bares witness to a horrible crime. A brother and sister get lost on the way to a party and wind up in hell. Two trick-or-treaters take a trick way too far and must do what they can to survive to not tell about it.

Official Trailer Released For Upcoming Horror "The Ascent"

A official trailer has been released for upcoming horror "The Ascent". The film is directed by Tom Paton and is represented by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution. It stars Toby Osmond, Simon Meacock, Matt Malecki (Hurricane), Sophie Austin, Alana Wallace and Bentley Kalu.

Several special ops' soldiers find themselves in a struggle for survival. Trapped in a supernatural stairwell, they must climb upwards or face death from below.

Teaser Released For Indie Feature "The Vice Guide To Bigfoot"

Check out the teaser trailer released for upcoming indie feature "The Vice Guide To Bigfoot". The film set to hold its World Premiere Friday, October 25th at the Austin Film Festival. It is directed by Zach Lamplugh who cowrote with Brian Emond. Both star alongside Jeffrey Stephenson, Nicholas Hollins, Dexter Ferguson, and Jenna Kannell.

The debut feature from director Zach Lamplugh (Adult Swim), this paranormal comedy follows a hopelessly millennial reporter on the most important assignment of his career: Bigfoot. But after following a prominent cryptozoologist into the Appalachian foothills, he’s forced to answer the question, “Is a good story worth dying for?”

Eerie Folk Tale 'The Cunning Man' To Premiere At Morbido November 1st.

Renowned genre film festival Morbido is proudly hosting the Latin-American premiere of The Cunning Man, a mystical award-winning short film created, written and produced by Ali Cook and directed by Zoë Dobson. The award-winning film stars Simon Armstrong and Ali Cook.
Morbido Film Festival
Friday, November 1st @ 4pm
Centro de Cultura Digital CCD
Mexico City, Mexico

The Cunning Man is a short film inspired by John Harries (1785-1839), a physician and ‘Cunning Man’. A cunning-man is a healer who uses folklore magic. 
The film tells the story of an elderly and mysterious farmer who drifts through the Welsh valleys collecting dead animals. Refusing the services of the local abattoir’s collector, what he has in store for these creatures is beyond anyone’s imagination. 
“I’ve been a professional magician for twenty years and when a magic show is done really well, it gives the audience a sense of astonishment and a feeling of wonder. I wanted to transfer that same feeling of wonder from a live show to a film,” says the project’s creator Ali Cook.
The film that Screen Mayhem rated Five Stars and calls “oddly charming with great performances” has recently begun its festival circuit, already winning Best Film at the Exit 6 Film Festival and Best Director at the Detroit Shetown Women’s Film Festival and the New Renaissance Film Festival. It has been selected to screen at BAFTA qualifying festivals Aesthetica Short Film Festival and Norwich Film Festival and will be competing for the prestigious Melies d’Argent award at Abertoir, the International Horror Festival of Wales.
From Zoë Dobson (director) and Ali Cook (actor, writer and producer), The Cunning Man is an enchanted tale in the face of callous greed. The film poses questions such as “Should animals be treated as a commodity?”
“These are rights that run deep in my own view and were reflected in the world of The Cunning Man,” says director Zoe Dobson. “In the ritual scene, when Afran recites an incantation from his book of spells in Welsh, he is in fact reciting the five key rights of animals as laid out in the EU Lisbon Treaty,” she adds.
Starring Simon Armstrong (Game of Thrones), Ian Kelly (Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part I & II) and Ali Cook (BAFTA award winning Kajaki), the film was co-produced by Ross Williams (producer of The Last Storm, long listed for Best Documentary Short at the Oscars) and features an original soundtrack by Lol Hammond and Duncan Forbes.

The Cunning Man | Trailer from Ali Cook on Vimeo.

To know more about The Cunning Man, please visit the following links:
Facebook: AliCook01 & Zoe.Dobson2
Twitter: @Ali_Cook & @ZoeJDobson
Instagram: @Ali_Cook & @ZoeJDobson
Hashtag: #TheCunningMan

Wednesday, October 23, 2019



Phantasmagorical Canadian Supernatural Horror ‘Welcome to the Circle’ is written and directed by David Fowler (writer of ‘Born in China and Penguins documentaries) and stars Heather Doerksen (Pacific Rim), Matthew MacCaull (Tomorrowland, Star Trek Beyond) and Taylor Dianne Robinson (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn). Michael Khazen produced for High Deaf Productions, alongside Andrew Francis and Jeff Renfroe. Sam Vincent executive produced.Devilworks is representing World rights, excluding Canada.

The film tells the story of a young girl and her father who fall prey to a secluded, madman-worshiping cult situated deep in the woods.
Trapped in a maze of demented mind games and deadly supernatural rituals, their only chance of survival seems an impossible task: Escape The Circle.

Poster Released For Sam Raimi Reimagining Of "The Grudge"

The poster has been released for Sam Raimi's reimagining of paranormal classic "The Grudge". The new film is directed by Nicolas Pesce and stars Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, and Betty Gilpin with Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver. It is is set to haunt theaters beginning January 3th.

A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death. This film is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for the following reasons: disturbing violence and bloody images, terror and some language.

New Poster Released For Upcoming Horror "The Fare"

A new poster has been released for upcoming horror "The Fare". The Blu-ray release is set for November 19th and will include two exclusive feature-length commentaries, one with director D.C. Hamilton and one with star/writer Brinna Kelly. Special features also include alternate, deleted and extended scenes, gag reel, and making-of featurettes: Secrets of The Fare and The Look of The Fare, and more.

When a charming woman named Penny climbs into his taxi, Harris finds himself entranced. That is, right up until she disappears from the back seat without a trace. As he desperately tries to make sense of what happened, he resets his meter and is instantly brought back to the moment she first climbed into his cab. He and Penny find themselves trapped in an endlessly looping ride that changes their lives forever.

Trailer Released For Director Harrison Smith's "The Special"

Supernatural Horror ‘The Special’ from the director B. Harrison Smith known for (Death House, Camp Dread) about a young guy who is offered ‘The Special’ for a night of pleasure beyond his wildest imagination. 

The film stars Davy Raphaely (Camp Dread, 6 Degrees of Hell), Dave Sheridan (Sky Sharks, Beyond White Space, Victor Crowley, Fifty Shades of Black)  and Sarah French (Ouija House, Amityville Murders) and was written by Mark Steensland and James Newman.The film was produced by Alexander Bafer and Doug Henderson under Everything’s Fire Productions, whilst Jonathan Ilchert executive produced under Brick Top Productions.

My Review Of "Holiday Hell"

"Holiday Hell" is a festive seasonal nightmare anthology. The film brings together shorts from directors Jeremy Berg, David Burns, Jeff Ferrell, and Jeff Vigil. It stars Jeffrey Combs, Joel Murray, Jeff Bryan Davis, Lisa Coronado, and Meagan Karimi-Nase.

On Christmas Eve, a woman enters a curiosity shop looking for a last-minute gift. There, she meets a mysterious shopkeeper who tells her the horrific stories behind four objects in the shop. As he weaves tales of killer dolls, witches and psycho Santas, the woman senses she might be in danger. She has until midnight to choose her gift, but will she choose wisely?

"Holiday Hell" is a mix of holiday stories that range from Valentine's Day to Christmas and with heavy emphasis on winter solstice. I was totally expecting a complete dedication to Christmas horror but the fact that the film mixes it is fine. 

The film is your stereotypical anthology movie. There is a wrap-around and several shorts featuring different stories. There is "Dollface", "The Hand That Rocks The Dreidel", "Christmas Carnage", and "Room To Let". Also "Holiday Hell" has a little twist at the end that connects to one of the stories which is cool. 

"Dollface" is by far the weakest of the shorts. Mostly with acting and character development. The cast are obviously on the low-budget end of the indie spectrum. At times the acting is over-the-top, and lacks personality. Also the characters are too cliche with lame one liners. The one thing this short has going is the doll faced killer and that character's backstory. 

"The Hand That Rocks The Dreidel" is so the best in the anthology. Reminiscent of Charles Band and the Puppet Master franchise, it is creepy but playful.  The acting is quality and the writing is, for the most part, level work. Especially the kid, I don't even think he knows just how much of a Damien vibe he gives off. 

"Christmas Carnage" is the standard psycho in a Santa suit fare. It is a decent slasher styled story that reminds me of "Christmas Evil". It is also the bloodiest and has the biggest body count. Plus Joel Murray really gets into the killer spirit of the season. The writing is passable stuff, I mean some is less effective but there is a couple of really cool lines in it. 

"Room To Let" is a cult horror celebrating the winter solstice and has a definite "Nothing Left To Fear" vibe. I feel it deserved more development and character depth, I felt that not enough attention to being authentic to pagan cultism was given, but still- dialog aside- I am a sucker for witchy stuff. I think this may have been the darkest in the anthology. 

The wrap-around is reminiscent of classic "Tales From The Crypt" , slightly campy storytelling. It does offer some entertaining relief from the main horror shorts. Plus Jeffrey Combs. It is also connected to "Room To Let" in almost sequel fashion. Overall "Holiday Hell" is mixed as far as what's worth watching. A lot of anthologies have that problem. Still there is some value in checking this movie out. (3/5)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trailer Released For "The Curse Of Hobbes House"

Check out the trailer for upcoming British horror "The Curse Of Hobbes House". The zombie flick is directed by Juliane Block (3 Lives8 Remains) and stars Mhairi Calvey, Waleed Elgadi, Makenna Guyler, Kevin Leslie and Jo Price. No word on the film's release.

After the death of her grandmother, Jane Dormant (Mhairi Calvey) travels to the family’s remote, ancestral home hoping to receive a large inheritance.
When Jane’s estranged, half-sister Jennifer (Makenna Guyler) arrives at Hobbes House to claim her part of the estate, the sisters’ simmering hate breaks out completely. Suddenly, a violent, unexpected storm cuts the estate off from outside help and a wave of bloodthirsty zombies lays siege. Now the rival siblings have to learn how to fight back together…

Backwoods Action Horror "American Hunt" VOD Release This December

Backwoods action horror "American Hunt" will be released on VOD on December 10th. The film is directed by Aaron Mirtes (Ouija CraftCurse of the NunClowntergeist), and stars Lacy Hartselle (Ouija CraftDeath CastCurse of the Nun), Taylor Novak (Ouija Craft), Allison Shrum (Ouija CraftThe Barn 2017) and Brad Belemjian (Death RanchCurse of the NunDead Silent short).

A group of friends is torn apart when they become part of two human hunter’s sick game. The men give them ten minutes to hide, and then the real hunt begins…

Zom-Com 'Zomboat' Set To Premiere On Hulu October 25th

New British zom-com 'Zomboat' is set to premiere on Hulu and ITV 2 October 25th. Created by William Hartley and Adam Miller, the series stars Leah Brotherhead, Hamza Jeetooa, Ryan McKen, Cara Theobold and Callum Kerr. Check out both the British and International trailer below.

A zombie apocalypse is unleashed in Birmingham and sisters Kat and Jo, together with unlikely travel companions Sunny and Amar must flee for their lives… by canal boat.

My Review Of Horror Short "Glass Cabin"

"Glass Cabin" is a horror short film directed by Can Türedi. The film is psychological exploration of paranoia and isolation in extreme environmental circumstances. It stars  Revell Carpenter (Cypress Cake, Queen Mab Was Here) as Scarlett and newcomer David Mar Stefansson as David the caretaker.

Scarlett, a tennis player staying at an isolated cabin in the woods, struggles with paranoia after becoming convinced that the caretaker of the rented place has malicious intentions for her. The film seeks to provoke the exploration of relatable themes of paranoia and isolation in adverse weather circumstances. Who is the home invader? Does he exist or is it merely in the character’s mind?

The story is a strong, poignant experience meant to provoke, cause one to question the truth of one's own reality, and ultimately, state of mind. Contrasted against the very topical, and equally scary understanding of real threat. " Glass Cabin" is foreboding, never answering the eminent threat actuality, or pushing you towards a conclusion preconceived. A smart, artistic choice.

The acting is a strong, impressive  show of talent. Quality indie work with both Carpenter and Stefansson understanding what the story requires and just how to give life to two complex characters without giving anything away. Which says a lot given that dialog is minimal and most of the drama and development is physical. I really didn't find any flaws in the story or the acting. 

"Glass Cabin" is set against  some truly beautiful backdrops. Beautiful but unnerving. The isolation, and snowy rural location is its own character, and resonates as both real, and perceivable omens. It helps give life to the mental and emotional conflict the main character deals with, while teasing the peace and tranquility the situation should offer. 

That continuous play against juxtaposed concepts, real or imaginary, emotional insecurity and perseverance, peace and chaos, it is the true horror that plays out in this film. There is a thriller heavy tone, home invasion aspect and bloodletting, but it is just a small piece of a story that is so much more. I guess my only complaint is that I wanted more, more story, more suspense, more exploration. But I think that is what makes a good short film, it makes you want more. (5/5)

My Review Of "The 11th Patient"

"The 11th Patient" is a surreal horror thriller. The film is directed by Derek Cole and stars Shelly Cole, Steve Cole, Andy Gates, Liesel Kopp. Much like"The Cell" and "Dreamscape" the film explores the nightmares and manifestations of fear locked within the mind. 

After a long traumatic experience, a boy is found in a coma. The only way he can get out, is to face his fears back to the surface or his nightmare will become his reality.

Cole's story is a fascinating one. The theoretical exploration of "state of mind" during various periods of one's life with the same ease as VR exploration is something science has been trying to achieve for decades. It is also a concept dying to be exploited in science fiction. 

"The 11th Patient" is the latest film to tackle the notion of reaching into the mind of others, this time it is done through a psuedo-scientific method much like "The Cell". It is highly conceptualized visually, while the story stays pretty simple. Most of the real attention seems focused on creating atmospheric nightmare tableauxs.

Cole takes a big risk choosing to let almost all of the story be told absent dialog. For over two-thirds of "The 11th Patient" not one word is uttered, requiring the audience to fully invest and allow the main character's journey and interactions with his nightmares tell the story. It is creative and there is a lot visually to hold your attention. Still a few scenes of exposition dialog as "invitation to the experience" would have been nice. 

Viscerally, the film is like horror candy. Each scene and every element is pure creepy, atmospheric fantasy. It does become a bit dull and often looses cohesion when trying to move the story forward. It all plays out like a super long music art film with actual character drama and connect becoming muddled. It really hangs tightly on the belief that the audience is really into the story's basic concept. 

Dialog does eventually enter during the last act. It tends to fit with the suggested logic already playing out in the movie, and only seeks to reaffirm the simple understanding that the story is about a boy in a coma and "psuedo science" to the rescue. The horror is front and center but never crosses the line beyond high production horror attraction fodder.  There is some obvious signs of talent here and overall "The 11th Patient" is no worse than "The Cell". (2.5/5)

Monday, October 21, 2019

New Trailer Released For Crime Thriller "Crown Vic"

A new trailer has been released for upcoming crime thriller "Crown Vic". The film is directed by Joel Souza and stars David Krumholtz, Bridget Moynahan, and Thomas Jane. It has a limited theatrical run planned for November 8th - 15th. 

The film takes us on one memorable night in the life of veteran patrol officer Ray Mandel and his trainee, ambitious rookie cop Nick Holland in LAPD's Olympic Division. The hunt is on for a cop killer.

Trailer Released For Hulu's "Into The Dark: Pilgrim"

Hulu has released the trailer for upcoming "Into The Dark: Pilgrim". The film is directed by Marcus Dunstan and will premiere on the streaming service November 1st. It stars Reign Edwards, Peter Giles, Courtney Henggeler, Kerr Smith, Taj Speights, and Antonio Raul Corbo.

Inspired by true events: In an attempt to remind her family of their privilege and help them bond, Ms. Anna Barker invites Pilgrim reenactors to stay with them over Thanksgiving. When the "actors" refuse to break character, the Barker family learns that there is such a thing as too much gratitude.

Official Trailer Released For Upcoming Thriller "I See You"

The official trailer has been released for upcoming thriller starring Helen Hunt, "I See You". The film is directed by Adam Randall and costars Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis, and Owen Teague. It will be released in theaters and digitally December 6th. 

In a perfect town filled with perfect families, twelve-year-old Justin Whitter has gone missing. Greg Harper, lead investigator on the case, struggles to balance the pressures of the investigation which has brought to attention a similar case thought to be buried in the past, while finding a way to forgive his well-heeled wife, Jackie, for a recent infidelity. Great strain is put on the family as Jackie's guilt slowly gnaws away at her grip on reality, and when a malicious presence manifests itself and puts their young son Connor in mortal danger, the cold, hard truth about evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered.

Official Trailer Released For "Bloodshot"

The official trailer has been released for upcoming action fantasy "Bloodshot", based on graphic novel series by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton. The film is David S. F. Wilson (in his feature directorial debut), written by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer, and stars Vin Diesel, Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell, and Guy Pearce.

After he and his wife are murdered, marine Ray Garrison is resurrected by a team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine - Bloodshot. As Ray first trains with fellow super-soldiers, he cannot recall anything from his former life. But when his memories flood back and he remembers the man that killed both him and his wife, he breaks out of the facility to get revenge, only to discover that there's more to the conspiracy than he thought.

My Review Of "Replace"

"Replace" is a body horror directed by Norbert Keil. It stars Rebecca Forsythe (The Bronx Bull), Lucie Aron (Berlin Syndrome), Sean Knopp and genre icon Barbara Crampton. The film is a blend of surreal melodrama and psychological sci-fi. 

Afflicted with a dermatological disease, young and beautiful Kira discovers that she can replace her skin with that of other girls. Helped by her lover, she plots a murder and the victim becomes her donor, but when the disease returns, she is forced to find more victims.

The story is an emotional confrontation of body image, self identity conflict and cultural expectations wrapped in a slow-burn psychological thriller. It is completely realized and development meticulously. The emotion almost feels aching and takes center stage- almost too much. It seems to overwhelm any suspense or thriller edge, that at first glance seems to be a potent element of "Replace". 

The characters are compelling and the cast show some real talent. Throughout the film the level of quality as far as character development and story structure, maintains a true indie quality that shows the director and writers maturity. My only complaint is the pace moves too slowly and the melancholy overpowers the excitement of events. 

That being said, "Replace" has some pretty cool body horror moments. A few that show a small influence of graphic visceral gore reminiscent of Italian horror. The special effects are mild but quality moments. Moments that should have been helped along by more outward, sensationalized suspense. Beyond what the great music score and soundtrack is telling us to feel in those scenes.

Overall "Replace is a strong indie scifi drama with some thriller edge. It offers a strong dreamlike level of surrealism that accentuates the subject matter and emotional conflict of the main characters. I found the pro-lgbtq aspect mindful and positive as far as the relationship is concerned. I just think the horror elements could have been more present considering the acts committed in"Replace". Plus Barbara Crampton should have been utilized better. (3/5)


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