Thursday, January 19, 2012

New TV Spot For “John Carter”

Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, who is in desperate need of a savior.

Cool Image Of Barnabas

In the year 1752 Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England, to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass, and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet — or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy…until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Brouchard (Eva Green). A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire and then burying him alive.
Two centuries later Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better, each harboring their own dark secrets. Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called upon live-in psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), to help with her family troubles.
Also residing in the manor are Elizabeth's ne'er-do-well brother, Roger Collins (Jonny Lee Miller); her rebellious teenage daughter, Carolyn Stoddard (Chloe Moretz); and Roger's precocious 10-year-old son, David Collins (Gulliver McGrath). The mystery extends beyond the family to caretaker Willie Loomis, played by Jackie Earle Haley, and David's new nanny, Victoria Winters, played by Bella Heathcote.

“Kotoko” Trailer Displays A Life Psychotic…

Watching this trailer about a woman on the verge of a psychotic break and overstepping the edge displays just how much of lifes daily stresses can some times be more than one person can take before they break down.

“Kotoko” opens in Japan on April 7, 2012.
A single mother (Cocco) becomes afflicted with double vision. Taking care of her newborn baby becomes a nightmare as the mother also becomes paranoid. The only time the mother doesn’t see double is when she sings. She also finds solace in cutting herself, allowing her blood to drip free and able to feel alive. A terrifying nervous breakdown ensues. When things spiral out of control, her baby is taken away.
She then rides a bus and sings to herself. A man (Shinya Tsukamoto) sitting nearby listens to her wonderful voice. He begins to stalk her. The man is an award winning novelist who has fallen in love with the woman. They begin a volatile relationship. The woman’s paranoia and vision slowly improves. Eventually her baby is returned, but her vision worsens.

Israeli Zombie Comedy “Poisoned”

“What makes this night different from all nights?
On this night, the army really marches on its stomach! Passover at the base can be a real blow. Especially if you are a custodian stuck with  a psychopathic commander, you’re high school crush has suddenly arrived and all the soldiers have become flesh-eating zombies.
But who’s not used to suffering at the Seder?”

“Resident Evil: Retribution 3D” Teaser Trailer Online…

The movie follows  Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, as she awakens in the heart of Umbrella's operations facility. The survivor continues to hunt down those responsible for the T-virus outbreak. The synopsis for the movie reveals that the flick eventually culminates in a "mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything she once thought to be true.

My rant for today is about Artificial Sweeteners


     Back when I was younger there was a craze that went on about artificial sweeteners and how they would revolutionize the food industry completely, until it was found that the man made substitute was seen to cause cancer in lab rats and later human test subjects. Now that was almost 16 years ago or longer. Now here we are in the first part of the 21st century and once again companies are slinging artificial sweeteners like there is no tomorrow, why?
     Corporations and Healthcare providers are trying to kill us off and what better way to do that than to make us kill ourselves by thinking we are doing something healthy by getting rid of all that nasty and unhealthy natural stuff like cane sugar or fructose’s.
     Now I have no harden proof that they are doing this but I do no that in all the years that research has gone on the science community has not been able to cure one disease, not even the cold. The medications they hand us that they have designed and the FDA has approved cause more harm than good. The liver is always the first to go and when it does then game over! Anyway back to sweeteners.
I do not think for one minute that they have done anything different to make artificial sweeteners safer on the body or easier for man's system to process. The only thing they did was pump millions upon millions into research on how to market it better so that we will think it is better or improved.
     This seems to work because no threw up a flag and cried foul when they began promoting these new  sweeteners. Without any question or protest slowly these evil little chemicals have found there way into everything from sodas and chocolates to medication and foods. I can taste the difference. The difference is a bitter almost dry after taste that as a strong fake flavor that reminds me of bubblegum flavored plastic or some crap! They no that we are so overwhelmed with mass produced media and information and schedules and complete sensory overload that before we can think about what we don't like or trust about a product that we have been hit with the next task or responsibility along with newer and more improved products soon we forget about even eating or drinking the item that tasted funny or that it was an artificially sweetened product.
     I feel these fake sweeteners penetrate the body's system through the digestive tract and embed in our cells and form free radicals and even set out to destroy the very DNA and RNA that we need to build new cells and new tissues and blood or heal ourselves naturally. This is why I will never again purchase another damn thing in the check out lane that yells out in fancy and cheeky marketing words and colors “TASTES GOOD AND IS GOOD FOR YOU”. This is a crock of stinky shit. If it is designed or manipulated by man to look, taste, or feel natural then it is bad for you and will kill you, probably.
If it is nature made and uninterrupted by man, left in its natural form for your healthy pleasure then that is the product that is good for you.
     Stay away from artificial sweeteners, they are there to kill you and are evil!

“Airborne” Trailer

Directed by Dominic Burns and starring Mark Hamill this film takes terror into the not so friendly skies forcing man to confront many fears and paranoia’s while entrapped in a nightmarish contingency plan scenario.
“As a snow storm closes in, one final plane takes off. The plane reports to the ground that both pilots are dead, while the slowly dwindling number of passengers on the plane wish that they’d never left the ground.”

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick Clicks To Keep U UP 2 Date On The Zombie King!

A feature film with a blend of comedy, action, and nail biting tension, and a film which will appeal to horror fans and zombie lovers alike.
Samuel Peters once an ordinary man, dabbles within the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave, he soon encounters the God of malevolence ‘Kalfu’ (Corey Feldman), where he makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth; in return he will become ‘The Zombie King’ and walk the earth for eternity with his belated wife.
Seven days before the rise of the Dark Moon, Peters calls upon Kalfu to raise the dead of the recently departed, where their souls must be held on earth for seven days.
With the ever growing horde of zombies, they begin to completely wipe out a countryside town. Once the Government get wind of what is going on, they set a perimeter around the town area and employ a shoot on sight policy.
Trapped within the town, the locals and unlikely bunch of misfits fight for their lives, and the remaining humans soon realise that they have to unite in order to survive.
Seeking sanctuary in a local church, they discover a bizarre disturbed priest where he gives them the knowledge of ‘The Zombie King’.
Can our hero’s unravel the clues in time and survive or will The Zombie King and his horde of zombies rise on the night of the dark moon?
Now for those clicks….
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Can not wait to see the end result to this flick…..

“Dorothy And The Witches Of Oz” Movie News

The blog site for “Dorothy And The Witches Of Oz” posted some behind the scene images recently while mentioning that they were currently locking in dates for U.S. Theatres…I think this a way cooler pic than previous spins on the classic…

Blog Site!

Cool Images and Trailer for “Insectula”

Currently in production this creature feature is a one cult classic homage that is gonna be a favorite film of mine…I can just tell it by the stuff that the director and crew have released thus far on this project. Check out some cool images from production of this film about a sixteen hundred pound insect!

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Blog Site
Movie Site

My Review Of "Alien Raiders"

imagesFor me “Alien Raiders” was an homage to classic alien horror of the 80’s with films like “The Thing” “Xtro” and “Night Of The Creeps”. The kind where the species is more of a virus or infestation and builds from human DNA to return from extinction on a new planet. Those kind are more horror than sci-fi because the alien becomes more that the creature from outer space. It morphs into a monster and brings out deeper fears in humanity – the fear of one another.

This film attempted quite well to blend those classic aspects of alien horror with a more modern guerilla warfare in middle America. A group of people become renegades on hunt to track down an alien species that are bent on taking over earth by infection and gestation with human as the host.

This film picks up as the story is already in motion for the characters which can be confusing to the viewers sometimes however in this pic it stays smooth and understandable. There is almost a subdued overture to the film due to the constant Christmas muzak in the background and lethargic profiles of several of the cast. Here is the set up: a group of renegade hunters take over a supermarket in a small town while tracking down an invading alien species. It almost seems like a generic robbery by the over-dramatic until they hit the store and the employees realize that something is off about the gunmen. The harsh cruelty of the assailants sends the remaining store workers into a  panic and fear becomes the emotional norm throughout this film.

The action and acting in this film was plausible and fluid between the actors as they battled wits back and forth over the cruelty and importance of the situation. The scenes were well thought of and seemed almost unrehearsed much like a one take scene set up. The action doesn’t stop from moment to moment with blood and screams and back and forth between the alien hunters and hostage negotiators and aliens busting out of bodies and store personnel dropping like flies.

The special effects on this film were thought out they actually put the money in the right place with using organic and true special fx such as blood guts and prosthetic and such instead of depending on CGI like a lot of small films do these days. I think that is why I like this movie so much. It will be timeless were as most of the CGI stuff always seems dated.

The film didn’t attempt to force feed the story on us with a lot of backstory dialogue other than what was necessary and was perfectly weaved with what was happening in the now. The actors didn’t over act or exaggerate their characters which makes the film easy to sit through with annoyances and they didn’t compensate on any absurdities with ridiculous unnecessary humor.

All in all this is a great alien film to watch over and over and I feel they should carry it into a low budget franchise. Plus it happens during the Christmas season, Dec. 20th to be exact so it is a good film for Christmas time to watch. The store is decked out in holiday d├ęcor. Really enjoyed this film.

“The Dead” Has a DVD release date…

Coming out on February 14th this zombie apocalypse film has received critical and fan acclaim from around the globe over the last year.
When the last flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, Lt. Brian Murphy (Rob Freeman) is the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. When he crosses paths with local solider Daniel Dembele (Prince David Osei) they join forces. Two desperate men from two very different cultures fight side-by-side to survive across the incredible vistas of Africa as the world around them succumbs to the deadliest of viruses.

Poster and Trailer for Spanish “Lobos De Arga/Game of Werewolves” Horror Comedy

With a little bit  “American Werewolf In London” this is one cool horror comedy and notice how the werewolves are a cross between Yeti and the classic Wolfman except on steroids…I like this wolfie almost as much as the British nightmare scenario of Underworld wolfies. Check out the poster with the werewolf surfin’ the guys ride.
After 15 years, Tomas, a not very successful writer, comes back to the village in Galicia where his family comes from, Arga, apparently to get an award. But he doesn't know the real reason why he is there, to end with an old curse that has been haunting the village for the last hundred years.

Posters Teasers and Images for “Inbred”

A disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some local inbred youths rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare for all involved. This is a demented horror film with nowt taken out.
Gris (Neil Leiper) spade web
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Movie Site!

Cool 60 Second Trailer For “Detention OF The Dead”

Check out the 60 second trailer for horror/comedy “Detention Of The Dead".
Comedy and Horror unite in this “The Breakfast Club” meets “Shaun of the Dead" tale about a group of oddball high school students who find themselves trapped in detention with their classmates having turned into a horde of Zombies. Can they put their differences aside and work together to survive the night? Fat chance! This is High School after all.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Review Of 2008’s “Stag Night”

Four men out on a STAG NIGHT in New York prematurely exit an underground train after the soon-to-be-best-man begins to hassle two women. Trapped at a deserted station these six adults become the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers, living in the tunnels discovers them. Tensions will rise as they fight to make it through the night with all their limbs attached.

I am almost ashamed that I waited this long to see “Stag Night”. For some reason I just never got around to watching it until two nights ago. Wow. This film was furious and stressful to watch. In a good way. I first thought it was going to be lame because of the set up. A group of guys out for a bachelor party thing. Thinking it would be another rich kids on wrong side of town flick I flippantly sat down to this film and began having my nerves shot and my mind knotted.

First of the film is shot in a very gritty and visually dark manner similar to "Mimic". The golden shadowy glow that makes me think of candle light for some reason. Anyway. It becomes more like an urban legend on steroids. The concept of a whole barbaric and viscous world under the city were what comes down gets eaten is raised to a high energy fright train of a ride for this group of guys who along the subway ride meet up with a couple of girls and things don’t go as planned.

The film kinda starts a little slow at first but as soon as they step off the train and release their error this little flick does not let up until the very last second of the film. The action is fast paced and intense. The drama is in your face and truthful to the experience if it really could happen. You would actually feel this is how you would act. Well me I would have worked like a mother fucker on that damn chain and lock on the abandoned station doorway until it fucking broke and got my sorry ass up and out.

One by one the characters are chased down and brutalized in a flat out gore rich pounding from psycho hyper-disturbed cannibal homeless clan. This is fear of the tunnel people amplified. Use to be rats, gangs, regular subway homeless and the occasional C.H.U.D. was all you had to worry about but now you have blood thirsty amped up cannibals ready to run you down and gut you like a pig.

The story was great. Little dialogue other than necessary to convey terror and  heavy on the action and violence. The cast made you believe every gut wrenching moment of there nightmare tunnel trip. This film is a great horror tale spun from urban legend that I am truly ashamed to say I missed when it came out. Glad I took the time to sit down and watch this flick.

“The Helpers” painfully alleviate our miseries.

Part “Hostel” and part “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” this is to a film that brings terror and human emotional extremities to the brink of what is imaginable. If you consider films like “Hostel” and “I Spit On Your Grave” torture porn and not part of Horror then this film is not for you. I can watch most of it…These films keep me anxious and stressed which is what I like and the most it does is make me cringe if I pass a group of young people on the street. I like being scared so that is just a small bonus moment from lingering effects of films like this.

Check out the teaser trailer….
Seven friends, three couples (Claire, Todd, Jordan, Brandy, Ryan, and Anna) and their tag-along buddy Phil from Sacramento, California, all decide to go on a trip to Las Vegas. Phil decides to document their entire trip. (there is a longer detailed synopsis at Dread Central but it is spoiler heavy which they worn before you read about it).

The Helpers!

“End Of The World” Poster and Synopsis

This one is from CineTelFilms and is in post production slated for release this year.
Massive earthquakes violently shake cities and mysterious plasma spheres pummel the earth's surface.A small group of survivors must equip themselves with everything needed to help them ride this disaster out. It's the beginning of the end and earth's only hope may lie in the hands of the most unlikely heroes.

“Munger Road” Some urban legends shouldn’t be explored

We all come from towns with urban legends and ghost stories. My town I grew up had Corpsewood Manor , a cemetery where your vehicle moved uphill in neutral , several haunted houses and roads. sometimes I think the whole county was an urban legend actualized. Anyway “Munger Road” brings one urban legend to life on a small town back road and gives us a new bogeyman to fear! Currently in post-production from Archstone Distribution and directed by Nicholas Smith.
On the eve of the annual Scarecrow Festival, two St. Charles police officers search for a return killer the same night four teenagers go missing on Munger Road.

“12 Disasters of Christmas”

2012 is destined beyond belief for total annihilation if you believe prophecy, and mythologies from around the world and it looks like the industry that brings us our destruction films is gearing up for the 2012  holiday season and the gods willing we will live to view them on the screen and not in our back yards.
Check out this poster and synopsis for “12 Disasters of Christmas” set for release this year…
It's Christmas Eve when an ominous dark star appears in the sky could, this star be a sign that judgment day is near? When massive earthquakes and natural disasters tear apart cities, it seems that the day of reckoning is upon us -- and now a small band of heroes must come together to save the world!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clip from “Shattered Hopes” True Story Of The Amityville Murders”

It's time to revisit America's most infamous "haunted" house and the crime that inspired "The Amityville Horror."
SHATTERED HOPES goes inside the Amityville, and specifically DeFeo family story, like no film before it. The film, with a total running time of 6 hours, is divided into a 3-part trilogy -- something that is a bit unique for documentary narrative.
PART I • FROM HORROR TO HOMICIDE - A brief recap of the events that made the story famous, before launching into the history of the DeFeo family. Along the way, we hear from close personal friends and a narrative of others who were involved, in some manner, in the case. Part I brings us to the catastrophic events of November 13, 1974.
PART II • MOB, MAYHEM & MURDER - From the start, Part II is a marathon of narrative by those who investigated the DeFeo mass murder. It is a vivid recounting of the murders, the events that followed in the hours after the discovery of the body, and we segue into the justice system that would come to prosecute Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr. for the crime.
PART III - FORENSICS & FRAUD - Part III engages the viewer with an in-depth forensic autopsy of the case while exploring the hoax that evolved as "The Amityville Horror" and put the village of Amityville forever on the map.
The film features nearly 20 interviewees, all associated with the case in some manner.

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Another Educational Moment From “Cold Sweat”

A delirious old school horror picture with the most memorable villains in years at its core, Adrian Garcia Bogliano's COLD SWEAT was a huge hit at SXSW thanks to its creators' wild imagination and sense of showmanship. Loaded with memorable characters and stylish action, COLD SWEAT is a shocker that never fails to entertain.

Trailer for “Haunted Poland” Film

A video self shot indie film that brings paranormal activity, ouija board, and screams together as many of the found or investigative video style horror films have done of late…they just keep coming and that is all right with me….Check out the trailer for “Haunted Poland” or “Nawiedzona Polska” if your Polish.
“A hand held recorded tape of a couple who visit Poland, find themselves disturbed by strange phenomena when the girl returns to her home town where she had once played the Ouija board.”

Synopsis For New “Total Recall” Movie

"Total Recall" is an action thriller about reality and memory, inspired anew by the famous short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick. Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell), even though he's got a beautiful wife (Kate Beckinsale) who he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life - real memories of life as a super-spy might be just what he needs. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. Finding himself on the run from the police – controlled by Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston), the leader of the free world – Quaid teams up with a rebel fighter (Jessica Biel) to find the head of the underground resistance (Bill Nighy) and stop Cohaagen. The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of his world hangs in the balance as Quaid discovers his true identity, his true love, and his true fate.
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Kultus by Richard Ford

Thaddeus Blaklok – mercenary, demonist, bastard and thug-for-hire – is pressed into retrieving a mysterious key for his clandestine benefactors. Little does he know that other parties seek to secure this artefact for their own nefarious ends and soon he is pursued by brutal cultists, bloodthirsty gangsters, deadly mercenaries and hell spawned monsters, all bent on stopping him by any means necessary.
In a lightning paced quest that takes him across the length and breadth of the steam-fuelled city of Manufactory, Blaklok must use his wits and his own demonic powers to keep the key from those who would use it for ill, and open the gates to Hell itself.
read a kick ass review here!

“Theater Of Derange” Teaser

Recently picked up by World Wide Multi Media for distribution this Horror Anthology features 5 of todays hottest indie directors each with their own twisted tale. Due out on DVD this year.
Executive Producers James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures brings this anthology with deranged stories from Shawn Phillips, Brian Dorton, Liz Gilbert, James Bressack, and Creep Creepersin. Check out the teaser….

Sid Haig Looking Pilgrim-y in “Lords Of Salem” Image

I have to say everything that Zombie does is awesom..His music and his films are in a class all their own with visual and culture prominence that really should be considered its own sub genre in horror. So I am eagerly awaiting the release of “Lords of Salem” just to see his vision actualized. If it is as commandeering and gritty as his previous films then it will be a fangorefuckintastic picture!
Anyway check out Sid Haig looking like a early American pilgram renegade in this production still…
Rob Zombie’s Facebook Page!
Heidi, a blond rock chick, DJs at a local radio station, and together with the two Hermans (Whitey and Munster) forms part of the "Big H Radio Team."
A mysterious wooden box containing a vinyl record arrives for Heidi, a gift of the Lords. She assumes it's a rock band on a mission to spread to spread their word. As Heidi and Whitey play the Lord's record, it starts to play backwards, and Heidi experiences a flashback to a past trauma.
Later, White plays the Lord's record, dubbing them the Lords of Salem, and to his surprise, the record plays normally and is a massive hit with his listeners.
The arrival of another wooden box from the Lords presents the Big H team with free tickets, posters and records to host a gig in Salem. Soon, Heidi and her cohorts are far from the rock spectacle they're expecting. The original Lords or Salem are returning and they're out for blood.

My Review Of “Hard Ride To Hell”

hard-ride-to-hellAt first when I sat down to watch this film I only barely had expectations for the little blended flick. I went in to the picture expecting minimal story and bad acting that seem to dominate and overshadow a lot of smaller films story and concept. However with this film I was wrong completely. It had an almost Evil Dead cult aspect to it that I felt back when I was a kid and watched that damn evil dead woman fight her way into that cabin. It was low budget and independent and full of energy and the same with this film.

If you like your demon cults and devil worshipers with leather and gasoline then this film is for you most definitely.
The story was a cool through back to films like “Devil Rider” and “Hell Rider” blended with satanic ritual and devil possession and action it is a great exploitation/horror flick.  The acting as a little generic but a few characters pull of real emotion and believability. The effects and action sequences though make up for it. Mostly stunt and organic effects used here with a very minimal cgi other than what is mystically necessary for a scene or two.

The film was enjoyable and I found myself thinking ahead to a sequel coming down the pike maybe for 2012 or something. There is still a lot more story here to explore. However the dialogue could have been a little deeper and fluid with the story. As some characters pulled of noticeable plausibility others seemed to almost phone it in just waiting for a payday.

This film is a good one to see and if biker exploitation horror is a thing your into definitely pick it up. It has everything you may like. I don’t normally go for biker horror stuff but I am not hetero so that pretty much should solve that. This film I liked a lot. It had psycho bikers, satanic worship, mythology, gore, action and possession. So yeah definitely a film for the collection.

Space Jockey Suits

From probably the best creator of a mythos on the planet – Ridley Scott is what is deemed to be nothing comparable to an Alien film and yet the actual possible beginning to the whole “Alien” Mythology. “Prometheus” is a prequel kinda but it can also be seen as a totally independent franchise all together. I plan to place it proudly with my Alien trilogy as complimentary piece.
I always wondered what the space jockey was and why it was never addressed as did almost everyone who watched the first film. Now we will have more of that small piece of footage from the first Alien film expanded and explained for us all hopefully but we could still be the fickle fans of always and be left craving more. I tend to do this with just about everything in life anyway…
PROMETHEUS is out June 8.

‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer for Mid Season Return

I have been dying for this show to come back. It is right up there with ‘True Blood’ as far as quality of the show and the intensity of the story. One of if not the best show on t.v. ever. So finally the day draws near when this show will grace my television screen again and fill my heart with panic and anxiety and total enjoyment of a zombie apocalypse. Check out a clip and the trailer for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’.

My Review Of “Psychosis”

A serial killer unleashes his blood lust at a remote environmental-camp. Years later a horror novelist relocates to rural England and is plagued to the point of madness by horrific haunting of a massacre.

So I finally got around to watching Charisma Carpenter in “Psychosis”.  At first as it started out I thought maybe I had the wrong movie because it looked like a tradition psycho slasher flick however I was pleasantly surprised. After the story took off, the way that the film kept me constantly focused on the deceit of her husband and constantly trying to figure out just what the film was about, it totally threw me for a loop with the ending. Brilliant execution of the story. This was not an easy script to keep cohesive and relatable. At any point the film could have fell apart with all the subtext and micro plots that seemed to flutter about in the telling of this story.

For the most part I felt I was watching a psychological thriller just a bit above Lifetime Movie abilities and constantly wondering what the fuck the beginning had to with fuckall in this movie. It kept me guessing and confused visually as to the characters that played out in the Macbeth styled dance of twisted tales of betrayal and deception. The cinematography was gritty and yet polished with its total control of the film by jumping from micro plot to micro plot. Is she crazy? Is she psychic? or is some people totally fucking with her?! I just kept bouncing back. This turned out to be a really great film and you don’t realize just how intricate and detailed the plot is until the last 15 minutes of the film and that is got me totally into the story and made me drop my jaw. The ending tied it all up so poignantly and perfectly. A great psychological profile of the depths of human psychosis.

Footage from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter explores the secret life of our greatest President, and the untold story that shaped our nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of Wanted) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the blood-thirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.”

“The Fades” Season Premiere Saved My Saturdays!

I have been dying for something to dvr for Saturday nights and while ‘Being Human BBC’ is my favorite Brit show ‘The Fades’ has saved me with the premiere of its first season in America. Its premise is this: people die and some pass over but some do not. We have legends of evil spirits and disgruntled departed that are both drown and compelled by the living. So what happens when they become so bitter and angered by there death that they look for ways back into our world? Simple – death becomes life and life becomes death. We fall in ashes and the dead rule realities eternal.
The first episode does the traditional and sets the tone for the season by introducing the main players and the fades which are the dead ones that don’t pass over into the light. Now comes the salvation. Throw in awkward teen with supernatural abilities who has to deal with being a social outcast and the responsibility of saving our world from destruction.  I love it. It delves into the whole origin of evil spirit and resurrection  that I am a sucker for. This show is a great one to keep up with and has saved my Saturdays.

check out the site for BBC AM ‘The Fades’


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