Friday, April 3, 2015

Official Poster Revealed For “Dark Continents” Anthology

The official poster has been revealed for Lovecraftian/Barker inspired horror anthology “Dark Continents”. The film contains five nightmares from directors Stuart W. Bedford, Niek D'Hondt, Yannis Zafeiriou, and Alexander Zwart. So far Tristan Risk and Miltos Yerolemou have signed on to star in the project that will focus its stories on horror from around the world. The film is slated for a 2016 release.

One by one, four companions aboard an intercontinental cargo liner are stalked by an impossible shape-shifting creature that can toy with the fabric of reality. Five chilling tales inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and Clive Barker.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trailer Released For Paranormal Horror “Dwelling”

DwellingGet “touched” with the first trailer for upcoming paranormal horror “Dwelling”. The film is directed by Kyle Mecca and stars Erin Marie Hogan, Mu-Shaka Benson, Devanny Pinn, introducing Abigail Mary. "Dwelling"is a mysterious and slow burn paranormal thriller which looks to honor the classic haunts from the genre.

A young woman deliberately buys a haunted house in attempt to make contact with the spirit world. Driven by a horrific experience in her past involving her sister, she releases a soul that is more malevolent and terrifying than she could ever imagine.

First Teaser Released For “Ash VS Evil Dead”

aedThe first teaser  has been released for Starz Original, ‘ Ash VS Evil Dead’ series. I fucking can’t wait for Fall!!!! The series trailer will actually run during the season premiere of ‘Outlander’ ( a show in queue that I am running out of time to catch up on!). ‘Ash VS Evil Dead’ stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless (Lawless hits another of my new addictions this – ‘Salem’-as the new bitch witch in town).

Full Press Release:
The STARZ Original series “Ash vs Evil Dead” released a first look motion graphic for the 10-episode first season of the half-hour series executive produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, the original filmmakers of the franchise, and Craig DiGregorio who will serve as executive producer and showrunner. The teaser will premiere on-air during the “Outlander” premiere on Saturday, April 4 at 9 PM ET/PT. “Ash vs Evil Dead,” which will film in New Zealand, is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film franchise The Evil Dead and is set to premiere on STARZ in late 2015.

Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash, the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal. Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.

The cast is led by Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) in the role of Ash Williams, Lucy Lawless (“Salem,” “Spartacus”) as Ruby a mysterious figure who believes Ash is the cause of the Evil outbreaks, Jill Marie Jones (“Sleepy Hollow”) as Amanda Fisher, a disgraced Michigan State Trooper set to find our anti-hero Ash and prove his responsibility in the grisly murder of her partner, Ray Santiago (“Touch,” Meet the Fockers) as Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s loyal sidekick and Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) as Kelly Maxwell, a moody wild child trying to outrun her past.

Raimi is directing the first episode of “Ash vs Evil Dead” that he wrote with Ivan Raimi (Darkman, Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell), Craig DiGregorio (“Workaholics,” “Chuck”) and Tom Spezialy (“Chuck,” “Reaper,” “Desperate Housewives”). Raimi will also serve as executive producer, along with Rob Tapert (Evil Dead, “Spartacus,” Xena: Warrior Princess”) and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) along with Craig DiGregorio (“Workaholics,” “Chuck”) who will serve as executive producer/showrunner. Ivan Raimi will co-executive produce and Aaron Lam (“Spartacus”) will serve as producer.

Official Trailer Released For “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Poster-610x904The official HD trailer has been released for George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”. One of the most buzzed sci-fi franchise returns in quite awhile “Fury Road” hits theatres full throttle on May 15th, 2015. The film stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, Hugh Keays-Byrne and, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

“Fury Road” has Mad Max caught in the crossfire between Furiosa and Immortan Joe. Set in the distant future closest to Mad Max 2 “Road Warrior”, “Fury Road” has Max Max searching for petrol when he comes across the Imperator Furiosa who has fled Immortan Joe with three child bearing women seen as too precious to let go.

Also check the images I grabbed from my TotalFilm issue this month!





Trailer For “Evil Bong 420”

EvilBong420The trailer for horror comedy sequel “Evil Bong 420” has been released. The film that demands we get baked on some wicked evil shit stars Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Velicity (Amy Paffrath), Hambo, Gingerdead Man, Ooga Booga and tons of insane surprise guests. “Evil Bong 420” is directed by horror legend Charles Band, a true forefather of modern horror and lands-duh!? On 4 20! The film will stream on all available devices.

Rabbit has escaped the Evil Bong’s World of Weed, and has opened a topless bowling alley. It’s the Grand Opening and the balls are rolling, the boobs are bouncing and the weed is plentiful. When his old friends, Larnell and Sarah Leigh stop by to help him celebrate his wacky new business venture, things are finally looking up for Rabbit, right? Wrong! Evil Bong is hot on Rabbit’s trail. With the help of the murderous Gingerdead Man, they crash the most balls out party of the century. But Gingerdead Man has plans of his own when he learns that the secret to becoming a real man is getting his cookies off.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crowd Funding Starts For Indie Horror “Concealer”

concealerConcealer” is an upcoming thriller.  It is about an artist who wears woman's makeup and holds a couple hostage in his art shop after they witness him commit a murder. The crowd funding campaign has started over on Indiegogo for the film. Principle photography is set to begin in October in Romeo, MI with Lauren Shafer(The Dark Below, Mimesis) and Kef Lee(Waterfront Nightmare, The secret village) set to star.

“Concealer” is a psychological horror with influences from such classics as “Taxi Driver”, “Carrie”, “Psycho” and “Repulsion”. The story will focus on main character, Rocco, a struggling artist who wears woman’s makeup and suffers from seizures. His professional and personal life suffer, more so after the death of a loved one. In comes a new client named Mark and things begin to change for Rocco when Mark asks him to paint a portrait for his wife Natalie.

New Creepy Poster For “Poltergeist”

Playing up on those still fundamental, and forever iconic moments of the original, check out the new “creepy as hell” poster for "Poltergeist" featuring the evil grinning clown doll. As much as the original one spooked me growing up- as all clown related horror items do-this new incarnation of the demonic looking novelty is creepier. I wasn’t into this remake from the beginning but I am getting there fast!

The film is directed by Gil Keenan and stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, and Jane Adams. This is Sam Raimi’s (producer) reimagined and contemporary telling of the classic ghosty about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.


First Teaser Released For “Gore Orphanage”

gore orphanageThe first trailer for Horror Society's most anticipated film of 2015 was released this week. Based on the most popular urban legend in the state of Ohio, Gore Orphanage was filmed in the summer of 2014.

The film stars Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson/Paranormal Activity 3/Starry Eyes), Internet Tycoon Bill Townsend, Keri Maletto (Home Shopping Network) and introduces a trio of amazing child actors Emma Leigh Smith, Nora Hoyle and Brandon Mangin Jr.

The film is a female-centered horror story directed by Emily Lapisardi in her directorial debut. Filmed in 2014 in Scottdale, PA, the story is set in the 1930's and follows the life of Nellie, an orphan, who is brought to Gore Orphanage and discovers quickly that some things are worse than losing your family.

This is the fifth film produced by veteran independent producer Cody Knotts (Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies) and was filmed in Scottdale, PA with a cast of over 20 local children in addition to the actors listed above. Knotts has worked with such horror icons as Doug Bradley and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in the past.

The film was a husband and wife collaboration of Mr. Knotts and Ms. Lapisardi. Mr. Knotts wrote the film to impress his then fiancée, who was inspired by a road sign in Ohio during travel for Knotts' film Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.

New Teaser Revealed For “Lake Runs Red”

LRRA new teaser trailer has been released for indie horror “Lake Runs Red”. The film is directed by Jason Riesgraf and follows two college girlfriends, who go to their parent's secluded northern Minnesota lake cabin, to prepare for final exams. An unexpected visitor stops by. He isn't there to study. “Lake Runs Red” stars Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, Helene Donohue, Michael Hertenstein, Troy Antoine LaFaye, and C.J. DeVaan.

“LAKE RUNS RED,” is the debut feature film from independent horror filmmaker Jason Riesgraf. Examining the themes of rejection, family, friendship, and choices, ”Lake Runs Red” triumphantly presents a new brand of home-invasion slasher film entertainment, uniquely blending disparate elements of contemporary crime noir, classic thriller, and extreme splatter horror.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Official “Mad Max: Fury Road” Poster Revealed

Check out the official “Mad Max: Fury Road” poster released. The film creates an action-packed malstrom this summer on May 15th, 2015. “Fury Road” is George Miller’s return to the story and genre that kicked off his iconic career. It stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, Hugh Keays-Byrne and, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth film of George Miller‘s Road Warrior/Mad Max franchise co-written and directed by Miller. The post-apocalyptic action film is set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and most everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life.

Within this world of fire and blood exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order… There’s Max (Hardy), a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos.

And… Furiosa (Theron), a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.


Poster And Trailer Released For “The Badger Game”

The-Badger-Game-Poster-610x903Press Release:
The Badger Game, the award-winning indie thriller which has wowed festival audiences nationwide, will be the first theatrical and Digital VOD release under a new partnership between Badger Films, LLC and the newly formed digital distribution company Stadium Media. The Badger Game will have exclusive theatrical engagements in key U.S. cities nationwide in advance of the May 5th Digital VOD premiere on major digital platforms. A special edition Blu-ray™ and DVD release from Severin Films is planned for later this year.

The announcement was made by the film’s co-producer Thomas Zambeck and Stadium Media Founder/CEO Mitch Mallon. The acquisition deal was brokered by Susan Procko.

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with Stadium Media for the distribution of our film,” noted Zambeck. “As one of their first acquisitions, we hope this release signals a new era in how independent films can find their audience.

“Stadium Media was founded with the goal of giving independent filmmakers a level playing field for the digital distribution of their product,” remarked Mallon. “The Badger Game is a smart and inventive thriller that will keep audiences guessing until the last fade-out.”

Written and directed by Zambeck and Joshua Wagner (Mimesis), The Badger Game is a twisted tale about infidelity and extortion, taking viewers on a harrowing journey, galvanized by wicked humor, violence, lust, suspense, and unprecedented levels of cynicism.

Liam (Sam Boxleitner) is a successful advertising executive with money to burn and a healthy appetite for infidelity. Alex (Augie Duke) is his scorned mistress, hell-bent on revenge against the married man who wronged her. At first, the plan seemed simple: take Liam hostage and threaten to expose his indiscretion, lest he pay a healthy sum of money. But Alex knows she can’t do it alone. 

Enter her unhinged brother, Kip (Patrick Cronen); exotic dancer Jane (Sasha Higgins); and desperate wallflower Shelly (Jillian Leigh). With the table set and the team in place, Liam soon finds himself held against his will – his perfect world about to crumble.​ Forced to reckon with four mysterious captors and impossible odds, his only hope is to turn the quartet against each other and make it through the night alive.​

The Badger Game has impressed festival audiences across the country. Named an official selection at the 2014 Arizona Underground Film Festival and the Twisted Celluloid Film Festival, the film won Best Drama honors at the 2014 Laughlin International Film Festival as well as Best Thriller, Best Supporting Actress (Jillian Leigh), and “Most Cool” awards at the Pollygrind V Festival.

In addition to its festival credentials, The Badger Game boasts an impressive pedigree behind the camera, including editor Ethan Maniquis (Machete) and sound mixer Rick Ash (Pulp Fiction).

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Veneralia/All Fool’s Day

VeneraliaThe Veneralia is the festival of Venus. In the public baths of Roma, women bathe in the men's baths wearing wreaths of myrtle. Especially honored is the aspect of Venus named Venus Verticordia, "The Changer of Hearts." It is, in general, a day for women to seek divine support and aid in their love lives.
It is also a day to honor Fortuna Virilis (who is somehow, but unclearly, connected with Venus); the jewelry is removed from her statue and ritually washed, and then she is offered sacrifices of flowers. Incense is also offered to the Goddess this day, in order for physical imperfections of women to be hidden from view in the baths. (Wikipedia)

On this day, Venus was celebrated as Venus Verticordia (changer of hearts). According to Ovid, this aspect of Venus rules over vows of chastity, morality, beauty and reputation. Honoring her encouraged adherence to social norms with regard to sexuality, for both men and women. (See pudicita.) During the festival, women carried the Venus's statue to the men's baths where it was ceremonially washed and dressed the statue of Venus at the temple near the Circus Maximus and then both the statue and its attendants were covered in myrtle.The statue of the Goddess Fortuna Virilis (Manly, verile) was washed and dressed and offered incense and flowers. (Witchipedia)


the fool
All Fool's Day, also known as April Fool's Day, is a time for the traditional playing of pranks upon unsuspecting people...the victim of such a prank being called an April Fool.

In many cultures, tradition dictates that the pranking period must expire at noon on April 1 and any jokes attempted after that hour will bring back luck to the perpetrator. In addition, any who fail to respond with a good humor to tricks played upon them are said to attract bad luck unto themselves. Such victims are, however, entitled to "turn the tables" after the hour of noon with the retort: "April Fool's gone past...and you're the biggest fool at last!" It should be noted that not all April Fool superstitions are negative. Males who are fooled by a pretty female, for example, are said to be fated to marry the girl...or at least enjoy a healthy friendship with her.

The origins of this custom are somewhat uncertain, but may have initially been related to the arrival of Spring in late March, at which time Mother Nature is said to "fool" the human race with sudden and fickle changes in the weather...showers one minute and sunshine the next. The playing of practical jokes, however, dates back to Ancient Rome and such activities were an integral part of the Hilaria celebrations held on March 25, a celebration which would again appear to be associated with the coming of Spring and the Vernal Equinox, held to honor the resurrection of Attis, Roman God of Vegetation who was linked to the seasonal cycle.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Final Trailer Released For “House Of VHS”

House of VHSThe final trailer has been released for “House Of VHS”. The French horror is written and directed by Gautier Cazenave. “House Of VHS” stars Isabel McCann (My Way), Florie Auclerc-Vialens (Camus), Ewen Blumenstein, Morgan Lamorté, Delphine Lanniel, and Pétur Sigurðsson.

Six young people from different countries discover a mysterious VCR and a trunk full of VHS tapes in an old French house. But the power of VHS is stronger than they suspect...

My Review Of “Avenged”

f5favengedposterMichael S.Ojeda’s “Avenged” is a post-modern battle cry against the monstrosity of bigotry. The film blends elements of exploitation-revenge horror with classic, supernatural-action. “Avenged” stars  Ronnie Gene Blevins, Rodney Rowland, Willow Hale, and Peter Sherayko in a nightmarish tale that sees a young deaf woman crossing paths with some of the worst humanity has to offer. Witness to the brutal murder of two Apache men, Zoe is abducted, raped and left for dead. But the supernatural power to be avenged reaches beyond this reality exact primitive justice on the men who did this to her. “Avenged” can best be described as “I Spit On Your Grave meets The Crow”.

The story that Ojeda has created around this supernatural transformation of a sexual assault victim is powerful, compelling, and emotional. “Avenged” becomes a complex multilayered story with characters rich in dimension. From the beginning I felt the fear rise in me for what was to happen to Zoe-that just on the exploitation-revenge horror side of this story which dominates the first piece to this story. I also hated the notion that the GTO was gonna be brutalized, luckily that didn’t happen. However “Avenged” is filled with cruelty, brutality, grittiness and blatant sadism.

The acting and directing are quality. Michael S. Ojeda is a true talent with the gift of telling a really high-octane, and twisted story. The characters and situations are emotionally driven and effectively pull on you to feel and relate to both the horrors of man and the suffering of humanity. As “Avenged” gets into the crux of this supernatural-revenge legend-and legend is what Zoe is-some of that “human touch” gets lost in the intensity of the action and gore that permeate through the film. It isn’t really a bad thing, “Avenged” morphs into a major action driven, splatterfest of thrills.

The special effects are pretty awesome. Some moments seem to fall a bit flat when it comes to realism, but for the most part “Avenged” will excite any gore, and blood thirsty horror fan. There is some CGI mixed in but Ojeda seems to have an understanding of what is a healthy balance of its use. The CGI is blended effortlessly in most of the violence-rich scenes. A couple of times it looks kind of The Asylum-ish, but honestly there is so much visceral, raw carnage that uses practical effects that the CGI is more than embraceable by the “Purist” horror fans. Overall “Avenged” is a worthy supernatural-exploitation mashup that entertains on pretty much every horror level.

New Images And Character Posters For “Child 44”

A lot of new visual goodies have come out for historical period/ serial killer film “Child 44”. The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa and follows a disgraced member of the military police as he investigates a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union. “Child 44” stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman, Charles Dance, Jason Clarke, Vincent Cassel, Paddy Considine.

Based on the first of a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith and set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union. The plot is about an idealistic pro-Stalin security officer who decides to investigate a series of child murders in a country where supposedly this sort of crime doesn't exist. The state would not hear of the existence of a child murderer let alone a serial killer. He gets demoted and exiled but decides, with just the help of his wife, to continue pursuing the case.








‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Teaser Released

FTWDCheck out the “Good Morning Los Angeles” teaser for upcoming ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoff. The new series focuses on a family struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse in L.A. The series is set to premiere this summer on AMC. Shaquille Carter, Lynn Chen, Micah Fitzgerald, Lexi Johnson, Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis star. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will ceremoniously explore the transition of our world to the world of the walking dead, hopefully in that same straight-forward, emotionally driven way that ‘The Walking Dead’ has celebrated the struggles of survivors after the zombie apocalypse.

Release Date Announced For “Time Lapse”

tlXLrator has announced the release date for upcoming sci-fi/thriller “Time Lapse”. The film, the directorial debut of Bradley King, is a time traveler foray starring Danielle Panabaker, Matt O'Leary, George Finn, Amin Joseph, Jason Spisak, Sharon Maughan and David Figlioli. “Time Lapse” is set for a May 15th VOD and theatrical release in US under XLrator Macabre.

Three friends discover a machine that takes pictures 24hrs into the future and conspire to use it for personal gain, until disturbing images begin to develop.

My Review Of “Infernal”

infernalBryan Coyne’s “Infernal” is a well crafted blend of traditional and found footage horror. The film stars Andy Ostroff, Heather Adair, Alyssa Koerner, Jose Rosete, Noelle Bruno, Elizabeth Stahl, John Zion and Sara Winter. The story revolves around a middle class couple starting out with their first child. A child touched by evil, nurtured for something great and sinister. “Infernal” takes on classic devil child storylines, contemporary faith-based superstitions and a heavy dose of the “decline of the American family” attitude.

The plot is a well constructed, nicely written story that creates a pretty dark nightmare. The found footage has plausibility with the whole camera situation added in at the behest of a family therapist. So that aspect of “Infernal” seems solid enough. The film doesn’t stay found footage, moments of tradition third-person POVs are thrown in sparingly. Mostly when the film takes a more dramatic, emotional pause to allow for the full heft of the situation to settle in with the audience. It does a good job too! Overall the film is acted and directed nicely. The production is above basic, with a higher quality of HD camera footage mixed in thanks to the father’s new obsession with the “family exercise”.

The special effects are mixed bag, both in gimmick and in effect. The higher production quality follows through in these paranormal aspects of “Infernal” but do not give intended chills or thrills that the director is aiming for. Most scenes of the malevolence come off more like a Halloween horror commercial for Meijer's or some Haunted house attraction. It is done with things most of us possess in storage to be brought out on our favorite holiday. So that was disappointing. That being said, the last third of this nightmare is truly affective in both dramatic and emotional effect. A totally disturbing slice of paranormal horror.

Overall “Infernal” is not the best that paranormal horror or found footage possession flicks offer. Plus I felt there was a deeper spiritual agenda at work in the story, as if this was one of those Church-backed horrors meant to cause the audience to question their own spirituality in hopes to gain new members to Christianity or something along those lines. Anyway, everything seen in this film has been seen to death in this subgenre. But do keep in mind that I think the last act of “Infernal” is some of the most powerfully moving, deeply disturbing, in your face horror footage in indie horror. It is dark and intense, too bad this sucker didn’t catch that bug from the beginning. (note-For me the last act begins once you move past the “gold lame-ish looking disco demon’).

DVD Release Details For “On Tender Hooks”

MVD7138DKate Shenton's eye popping body modification documentary ON TENDER HOOKS has secured a North American release date through Philadelphia based distributor MVD. The film that shocked London's FrightFest audience but won the hearts of Canada's outrageous Soska Sisters has been given a street date of May 19th.

ON TENDER HOOKS challenges the perceptions and squeamishness of even the most hardened viewer as its director Kate Shenton, participates in the art of human body suspension. Whether you think it's disgusting or intriguing, the film is a fascinating look at a subculture many will find bizarre, even frightening.

ON TENDER HOOKS is also available on DVD in the UK through 101 Films and in Scandinavia through Njuta.

ON TENDER HOOKS - Trailer from Jinga Films on Vimeo.

"A truthful, beautiful, spiritual journey" - The Soska Sisters, American Mary 
"One for the morbidly curious" - Michael Leader, FilmFour
"Knocks seven bells out of most horror films"- The New Empress Magazine

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Review Of “Hooked Up”

hooked upParanormal horror “Hooked Up” is directed by Pablo Larcuen and follows two mates on a Euro trip to Barcelona. The two go out and get lucky-So they think. They go back to a near by house to get busy with the girls they met only one of the women has a more sinister night planned. “Hooked Up” stars Jonah Ehrenreich, Júlia Molins, Stephen Ohl, and Natascha Wiese in a found footage framed nightmare. It is a high energy, emotional overload horror story that creates a traveler’s warning in a paranormal, and bloody roll-of-the-dice that is hooking up!

The story is a tightly woven blend of American horrors abroad and urban legend that mixes xenophobia with a baser celebration of the macabre surrounding ghost girl hook-ups that has evolved from the modern urban legend field. Although I wrestled with the film’s framing around the found footage style to tell this pretty cool story, I succumbed to the fact that it is that basic irritant I have with pretty much all found footage films-“would, given the circumstances of such a horrific series of events, would a person realistically continue to hold on to the camera to continue videoing the events?” Especially when the story unfolds chronologically without breaks.

Aside from the “found footage” issue I have, generally, I enjoyed many aspects of “Hooked Up”. I found the acting to be believable, the premise plausible, and the emotion genuine. There are a few moments when the dialog isn’t delivered quite as convincingly as I am sure the director and story hopes for, but for the most part the drama, suspense and energy is alive in “Hooked Up”. There isn’t much lull in the excitement or high drama here, every scene just amplifies the next as far as character drama. It is a cool, thrilling story and even in found footage it unfolds chillingly.

The special effects in “Hooked Up” are pretty tight as well, the blood and gore looked realistic enough. The death and violence are visceral and quality. The cinematography ran the expectant gambit of found footage gimmicks, First Person POV, shaky, shadowy scenes, quirky angles and confusing scenes that have obscured views with sudden thrills. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Luckily enough of the scenes work to create the intended nightmare sequences with enough energy to complete the story arc. Overall, “Hooked Up” just passes enough to be a cool Eurotrip horror, but not enough to be a must see. Plus the ending was really hokey and somewhat cliché. For found footage/paranormal fans this is an okay flick, for a wider horror fan base, “Hooked Up” doesn’t really offer much that hasn’t been seen and done before.


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