Saturday, April 25, 2015

Red Band Trailer Released For “Dude Bro Party Massacre III”

DudeBroMassIIITomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, and Jon Salmon’s “Dude Bro Party Massacre III” has released a trailer. The film is set to premiere at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival in June and stars Andrew W.K., Patton Oswalt, John Francis Daley, Larry King, and Olivia Taylor Dudley. It is a horror comedy of epic bromeo carnage!

The film follows BRENT CHIRINO as he enters the oil-misted halls of the DELTA BI THETA fraternity. Brent isn't just any pledge... he's a legacy. And it's a legacy of death. See, Brent is here to solve the mystery of his identical twin brother BROCK's murder, and he'll do anything to crack the case... even attempt the frat's most daring prank of all time.

After the Deltas' senior prank causes two commercial jets to collide over an orphanage, they're punished to a weekend at The Old Sorority House by the Lake. But they're not the only ones there... a mysterious killer named MOTHERFACE lurks nearby. She knows the bros' deepest fears... and she's taking advantage of those fears to pick them off, one by shirtless one, in increasingly gory ways. It's a race against time for Brent to discover the mysteries of his brother's death before Motherface butchers them all!

Empire Mag Releases Two New Images From “Victor Frankenstein”

Empire magazine has given us our latest glimpse at the re-telling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein titled “Victor Frankenstein”, starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. The film is being directed by Paul McGuigan. Check out the images below. “Victor Frankenstein” also stars Jessica Brown Findlay, Andrew Scott, Mark Gatiss and Louise Brealey.

Told from Igor's perspective, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Viktor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man - and the legend - we know today.



Trailer Released For Fantasy Flick “Tale Of Tales”

Tale Of TalesThe official trailer has been released for upcoming fantasy flick “Tale Of Tales”. The film is based on a collection of 17th century fairytales and stars Selma Hayek, John C. Reilly, Toby Jones, and Vincent Cassel. “Tale Of Tales” is directed by Matteo Garrone.

The film weaves three different stories into one using both realistic and fantastical elements of storytelling based on the work of Italian author Giambattista Basile.

Friday, April 24, 2015

DVD Cover Art And Trailer Released For “Chill: The Killing Games”

Check out the DVD cover art for the upcoming, long awaited release of “Chill: The Killing Games”. The artwork comes out only days after the official trailer was released. “Chill” is directed by Noelle Bye and Meredith Holland. The horror film stars Roger Conners, Kelly Rogers, Brad Arner, DJ Remark, Jason Orr, Angelia DeLuca, David Gilmore, Mike Kafury, Erinn Bakun, Ash Katt, Janine Bowles Sarnowski, Theresa Pedone, and Rick Montgomery Jr.

You can read my review of “Chill: The Killing Games” here: Also check out my interviews with Roger Conners here: Scream Queer Scream! My Interview With Horror’s Own Roger Conners ; The Pending Horrors Of Roger Conners: Part I and The Pending Horrors Of Roger Conners: Part II


November 17, 1988, is a day of mourning for some... and for others, a lucrative opportunity. On that date, eight university students were found murdered in the old arts building at the college. An anonymous source told police the 20-somethings were in the midst of a local role-playing game, called Chill. The name of the game is to stay alive. But for the players that November evening, few would be getting up for another round. But when a scheming student decides to profit from the tragedy and revive the whodunit game as a web series, the new players soon discover, for some, this game is still all too real...


A Disturbingly Inhuman Drive For Horror: My Interview With “Axeman 2” Cast Member Maria Olsen

Maria OlsenMaria Olsen is a consummate force of talent in the independent film community. Her ability to transform into some of today’s most notable characters in both horror and science fiction is awe inspiring. She goes beyond what simple terms like  “stalwart” or “diligent” could ever give credit to in regards to her talent and dedication. Maria Olsen is a auteur, a woman of immeasurable creativity both on screen and behind the camera. She is also very passionate about the indie community-both as a professional and as a fan. Her IMDb is astounding, showing a constantly expanding career that goes beyond typical Scream Queen domain. There probably isn’t a horror or sci-fi fan out there who isn’t familiar with Maria Olsen’s work. She can give you Shakespear bizarro world as seen in “Way Down In Chinatown”, chilling non-human sinister girl like her characters in “Lost Time” and “Folklore”, not to mention the many disturbing “on the brink of bat shit crazy” characters she has brought to life like ‘mother’ in ‘Trophy Heads’ and ‘auntie’ in “Something Sinister”.

A character actor is not all that Maria Olsen is, she is a woman at work in the industry like no other. Producing, Promoting, Writing, Casting, you get my point. Maria is multifaceted and more than paramount within indie horror. She also puts out a monthly newsletter so that we fans can keep up with all that she has going on. Thankfully she shows no sign of slowing down and continues to bring attention to some truly creative projects. I just wonder if her latest character can manage to do so well against the Axeman. Maria plays Adele, one of Cutter’s Creek’s sheriffs. Check out my interview with Maria Olsen as we talk about Adele, and her career.

MO 1
A Southern Life: You play Adele in Axeman 2, tell me a bit about the character?
Maria Olsen: Adele is one of the Cutter's Creek sheriffs who gets pulled into the utter chaos caused by the Axeman's shenanigans! She's courageous, always first to follow the gutsy Deputy Darlene (Arielle Brachfeld) and doesn't back down even when the bad guy she confronts is the Axeman himself!

A Southern Life: Were you familiar with the franchise before auditioning for Axeman 2?
Maria Olsen: I hadn't seen Axeman at Cutter's Creek when I submitted for Axeman 2, but I did know that Arielle had been a part of it. Of course, any film that Arielle [Brachfeld] is a part of I want in! And I also wanted to work with Joston as I had heard so much about him (all good!).

A Southern Life: What do you relate to most with your character, and what do you relate to least?
Maria Olsen: At the time of shooting, I was reading the Laurell K Hamilton series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, where US Marshal Blake goes up against supernatural bad guys in bullet vests, utility belts and armed with numerous weapons…and there was I: going up against the intimidating Axeman with my bullet vest, utility belt and weapons! It was AWESOME!!!

What did I relate to least? Not sure there WAS anything about Adele that I didn't relate to…hmmm…

MO 2
A Southern Life: You have been in over 40 feature films, plus writing, directing and producing so I think it is safe to say that you are passionate about film making, and the horror/sci-fi genre!

Maria Olsen: Not to blow my own horn, lol, but, at last count, it was just over 70 feature films!
Yes! I'm TOTALLY passionate about filmmaking, and scifi/horror genre filmmaking especially. At this particular point of time, it's the only thing I want to do with my life. I'm extremely lucky - and extremely grateful - that I'm able to do it.

A Southern Life: Considering all the projects currently in the works what drew you to Axeman 2: Overkill?
Maria Olsen: I was really interested in working with Arielle again, and with Joston for the first time, and the script was absolutely hilarious! I can't wait to see the finished product and enjoy watching others react to it!

A Southern Life: When did you first realize you wanted to make movies?
Maria Olsen: I watched a ton of movies when I was growing up in South Africa and always wanted to grow up to be what I saw the leading ladies in the films being - a psychologist after I saw Jane Fonda in Agnes of God, for instance, or a writer after I watched Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone - until the day I realized that I wanted to do what the actresses, and not their characters, did: ACT!!

I worked in theater and radio in South Africa and it was when I came to Los Angeles in 2005 that I started looking at film. It was around 2011, when I already had numerous on-screen credits under my belt, that I started to look at producing. Never a very patient person, I wasn't of a mind to sit around and wait for that phone to ring and for Spielberg to offer me that breakout role: I'd rather create opportunities myself!

MO 3A Southern Life: What are some of the most memorable roles you have had in the past, and did any of those characters help prepare you for this one?
Maria Olsen: My memorable roles include Mrs Dodds/The Fury in Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the Casting Director in Starry Eyes, the Wicked Witch in Another/The Devil's Daughter and Sophomore, one of the mudmen in The Mudman (a completely silent role). None of these roles actually helped me in my preparations for Adele because none of those characters are human…yeah, I play a lot of characters who aren't human…

A Southern Life: Who is your all time favorite final girl of the past, and who is your favorite psycho killer past horror films?
Maria Olsen: My fave final girl must be Adrienne Barbeau, although Adrienne King comes a close second (what's up with the Adriennes lol??)

My fave psycho killer…hmmm…does Pinhead count? He's my fave Big Bad, and I would LOVE to play a Cenobite along with Doug Bradley in something directed by Clive Barker one day…just putting that out there to the universe :D

Official Trailer Released For “The Visit”

The VisitThe official trailer has been released for M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming horror “The Visit”. The film stars Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould, Erica Lynne Marszalek, Peter McRobbie, Olivia DeJonge, Deanna Dunagan, Benjamin Kanes, Jon Douglas Rainey, Brian Gildea, Shawn Gonzalez, Richard Barlow, Steve Annan, and Michael Mariano. “The Visit” invites you in to Grandma’s house on September 11th, 2015.

The Visit focuses on a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.

Poster And EW Images For “Air”

e483c-air-posterCheck out the official poster for upcoming sci-fi film “Air” featuring Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou. The film is set for a summer 2015 release and also stars Sandrine Holt, Peter Benson, Paula Lindberg, David Nykl, and Steve Burgess. “Air” is directed by Christian Cantamessa. Also check out the EW images that came out for the film.

The story is set in an underground cryogenic facility after a nuclear fallout renders the atmosphere unbreathable. Air centers on its two custodial workers (Reedus, Hounsou), who take care of the cryogenically sleeping personnel that are to re-establish society, but they struggle to preserve their own sanity and lives while maintaining the extremely fragile environment of the last livable place on earth.



ABC’s ‘The Whispers’ Coming This Summer

whispersPress Release
We love to play games with our children. But what happens when someone else starts to play with them, too? Someone we don’t know. Can’t see. Can’t hear. In "The Whispers," someone or something - is manipulating the ones we love most to commit the unthinkable.

In the country’s center of political power, Washington D.C., several kids have been talking about their imaginary friend, Drill. What the parents don’t know is that this friend is not as imaginary as they think. And when the mysterious games Drill convinces them to play turn dangerous, FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan is called in to investigate. What is it that Drill wants, and why does he - or it - only communicate with children? As the clock counts down, a suspenseful race will begin to save not only their families, but the world. Before it’s too late.

"The Whispers" stars Lily Rabe as Claire Bennigan, Barry Sloane as Wes Lawrence, Milo Ventimiglia as John Doe, Derek Webster as Jessup Rollins, Kristen Connolly as Lena Lawrence, Kylie Rogers as Minx Lawrence and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf as Henry Bennigan.

The series is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Zack Estrin. The pilot was written and co-executive produced by Soo Hugh, who also developed the series. "The Whispers" is produced by ABC Studios, with Amblin TV as co-producer.

Poster And Trailer Released For “Bastard”

Bastard-official-posterCheck out the poster and trailer for upcoming horror “Bastard”. The film is directed by Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young. “Bastard” is a throwback to classic 80’s slasher movies starring Rebekah Kennedy, Ellis Greer, Dan Creed, Will Tranfo and Tonya Kay.

“Bastard” follows newlywed, hitch-hiking serial killers, a brother and sister on the run, and a trigger-happy suicidal cop as they get caught in an increasingly bizarre series of murders committed by a masked killer near a mountain-town bed and breakfast.

Check Out “Evil Nature” Concept Trailer

pumpkinPumpkins get evil in proof of concept trailer for “Evil Nature”. I hope this film gets fully visualized and released in time for Halloween because there is nothing like animated evil pumpkins terrorizing a community to get me into the Halloween mood. Check out the trailer below the details.

This two-minute Proof of Concept was inexpensively lensed during a single evening in Los Angeles and Executive Produced by Gilbert Adler (Constantine, Tales From The Crypt, Superman Returns). With a skeleton crew and donated performances (the plaid shirt performer is a friend of the producer), the aim was to demonstrate “unique” monster movement via practical effects with digital VFX support for a proposed Halloween movie titled “EVIL NATURE”.

Beckstead had this to say: “Questions I expect from any feature financier would be – What will these creatures look like? And how might they perform? I was fortunate to have some very talented supporters who believed these questions deserved answers.”

Creature design was tackled by FX legend Todd Masters (Underworld: Awakening, Slither, True Blood) with digital effects produced by Tau Films VFX Supervisor Walt Jones (Life of Pi, The Chronicles of Riddick). 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Review Of “The House At The End Of Time”

THATEOT“The House At The End Of Time” is a atmospheric blended genre film both elevated and stylish. It is directed by Alejandro Hidalgo and combines both the science fiction concepts of time warp and temporal rift with elements of paranormal and haunting illusionism. “The House At The End Of Time” is Venezuela's top grossing film of 2013 and offers a gothic nightmare to rival any horror or fantasy created by some of Latin America’s more notable directors/storytellers. The film stars Ruddy Rodriguez, Rosmel Bustamante, Héctor Mercado, Gonzalo Cubero, Guillermo García.

The story revolves around a family near destitute, offered the opportunity to have a home with the help of the local government. Unfortunately the house comes at a high price that far reaches any monetary cost. It harbors a chilling secreted past that is dark and very disturbing. Framed more as a haunted dwelling, and attached to the chilling paranormal 11:11 theory, “The House At The End Of Time” is one of the creepiest and dramatic horror films that I have seen. One that actually creates deep, emotional suspense and melodrama while offering a more heartfelt connection between the viewer and the characters on screen.

Hidalgo is brilliant in his direction of this truly horrific situation. The acting is an even-paced, suspenseful display of despair, tension, and downright creepy character development. One that in the end gives us a true “happy ending” fitting a nightmare. It is a dark, theatrical foray of relationships, second chances, and tragedy embraced by heavy, atmospheric paranormal scenarios that keep this doomed family on the edge of hopelessness. “The House At The End Of Time” is impressive, thought provoking and cerebral.

The special effects used in “The House At The End Of Time” are a collection of instrumental sound effects classic to a gothic ghost story, typical paranormal camera tricks, and stellar make-up effects that give you the total haunting illusion while masking the nightmare’s true nature. A nature that lends more to quantum theories of time distortions like the ones I mentioned earlier-temporal rifts and time warps. The overall effectiveness of the styling and illusions used here are executed beautifully, keeping the story’s heavy sorrowful overcast, the dark subject matter, and melodrama in near perfect balance from the film’s beginning right up until the more pleasant ending. “The House At The End Of Time” is a  fantastical story both dark and disturbing that I believe all movie fans will enjoy, not just horror fans.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Macabre Warnings From Grandma’s Craft In New Poster For “The Visit”

There are some cryptic, and macabre warnings on display in Grandma’s house as evident by new movie poster for M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit”. The film hits theatres on September 11, 2015 and stars Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould, Erica Lynne Marszalek, Peter McRobbie, Olivia DeJonge, Deanna Dunagan, Benjamin Kanes, Jon Douglas Rainey, Brian Gildea, Shawn Gonzalez, Richard Barlow, Steve Annan, and Michael Mariano.

The VisitThe Visit focuses on a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.

Oscilloscope Laboratories Acquires North American Rights To “Body”

BodyOscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Dan Berk and Robert Olsen’s “Body”. The cerebral thriller has become highly acclaimed after its premiere at The Slamdance Film Festival. Plans are in the works for a theatrical and digital release later in 2015. “Body” follows a group of women who’s night becomes deadly after entering what seems like an empty mansion.

A darkly funny and twisted journey taking place entirely on one unforgettable Christmas Eve, Body revolves around a trio of college co-eds whose dalliance with breaking-and- entering goes horribly awry. Sneaking off to a secluded mansion to party, the young girls are faced with dire choices after they unexpectedly encounter the property’s groundskeeper. Following a freak accident, the girls find themselves entangled in a Hitchcockian nightmare steeped in tension, suspicion, double-crossing, and murder, where no one is to be trusted and a new twist lies around every corner.

The film stars up-and-coming actresses Helen Rogers, Alexanadra Turshen, and Lauren Molina, and features genre and indie film stalwart Larry Fessenden in the titular role.

About the acquisition, O-Scope’s Dan Berger and David Laub said, “Body is an absolutely wonderful discovery—an incredibly clever, resourceful thriller that crafts excitement, tension, and piquant black humor out of the most basic of setups—three girls, a house, and a body at the foot of the stairs. Dan Berk and Robert Olsen are major new filmmaking talents, and we are thrilled to be bringing their debut feature out into the world.”

Filmmakers Dan Berk and Robert Olsen said, “We're honored and excited to have found a partner in Oscilloscope. Their brand and approach to distribution are really in line with how we always envisioned bringing our movie to audiences. They're the perfect home for BODY."

New Trailer Released For Special Anniversary Edition Of “Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera”

snuffWild Eye Releasing have issued a new 2015 anniversary edition trailer for their controversial documentary “Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera”. The film is directed by Paul von Stoetzel and explores the “most extreme” cinema taboo of snuff films. Whether these films ever really existed or not, still exist in the underground, or will ever one day tragically become a reality is up for debate with plenty of material out there to explore this topic in great length. Faux films, purported “real” footage, whatever-there is films on the market that claim to be snuff films.

“Snuff: A Documentary…” was initially released on DVD and VOD but the film has been out of print and highly sought after since it’s initial run. Now Wild Eye Releasing are giving fans what they have been “hushed demanding” and “quietly seeking” for years-More copies in the form of a 2015 Special Anniversary Edition that hit market on April 21st. Check out the trailer below and get your copy while you still can. This edition will include new interview with director by author and radio host Dave Schrader and the short film ‘Dinner Date’.

The Ultimate Cinema Taboo. Special Anniversary release of the long out-of-print documentary. Explore the disturbing, pervasive urban legend of the "snuff" film, an alleged film where someone is purposely murdered on camera. This compelling, educational documentary features interviews with film professionals, FBI profilers and academics, who all help examine the myths and evidence of snuff films, and its relationship to cult horror films, serial killers and pornography in our culture.

The World’s Only Female Werewolf Return In "BITTEN"

Okay-full disclosure-I am not thrilled about the change that “Bitten” has added to the lycanthrope mythos-females can’t survive the bite to make the transformation, until Elena Michaels. That aside, “Bitten” is a pretty cool series with a strong female lead.


Following the Two Hour Season Two Premiere on April 17 at 8pm ET, Episodes of the Werewolf Thriller, Starring Laura Vandervoort, Will Be Available to Download or Stream the Day Following Broadcast

 In 2014, Syfy introduced genre audiences to Elena Michaels, the world's only female werewolf, in Bitten, a steamy, emotionally charged supernatural series based on the novels by New York Times best-selling author Kelley Armstrong. On April 17 at 8pm ET, Season 2 sees the return of Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, Ted) as Elena, the world's only female werewolf; Greyston Holt (Alcatraz, Durham County) as Elena's passionate partner Clay Danvers; and Greg Bryk (A History Of Violence, The Book Of Negroes) as the Alpha Pack leader Jeremy Danvers. And on April 18, Entertainment One (eOne) - also a Bitten producer - will begin to release each stunt and VFX-fueled SEASON TWO episode for purchase on all leading digital platforms the day after premiering on Syfy.

Season 2 also introduces a coven of witches who turn to the Pack for support. Tammy Isbell (Saving Hope) stars as the calm and level-headed Coven leader, Ruth Winterbourne; Tommie-Amber Pirie (Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays) is cast as Ruth's daughter, the outspoken spitfire, Paige Winterbourne; and Kiara Glasco (Copper) stars as the young and impressionable, Savannah Levine.

Returning to Bitten are Steve Lund (Being Erica, Haven) as Nick Sorrentino, Michael Xavier (The Best Years) as Dr. Logan Jonsen, and Genelle Williams (Warehouse 13) as Rachel Sutton.

Bitten is produced by No Equal Entertainment, Hoodwink Entertainment, and eOne in association with Space and Bell Media, with the participation of Rogers Cable Network Fund and Cogeco Program Development Fund and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. Executive producers include J.B. Sugar for No Equal Entertainment, Patrick Banister and John Barbisan for Hoodwink Entertainment and Tecca Crosby, John Morayniss, and Margaret O'Brien for eOne. Daegan Fryklind and Grant Rosenberg are Executive Producers and co-showrunners.

Trailer Released For Wild Romp “Intested”

intestedIntested” is a wild foray into horror madness as a group of friends head out into the wilderness on a soul searching journey. However this film comes with the added warning to tell ourselves that this film makes no sense! Do that and this film will probably make perfect sense! “Intested” is a horror/sci-fi short directed by Cam Schwartz and Phil Pattison. It is set to premiere at Shock Stock  Friday, April 24th.

“Intested” is shot in retro VHS recorded format, ultra cheap graphic novel/live action blended stylization. Not sure what it is officially called but it is a newer concept that I am livin’. I think “Manborg” was the final jolt that hooked me on this artistic film style. Anyway, “Intested” story is set; “ in the summer of 1974, a group of teenagers embarked on a soul searching journey across the country that would forever change their lives. Jack, Steve, Mary and Jennifer began what was to be a dream vacation…… but it quickly turned into a trip of ghastly horrific madness. However, this film has nothing to do with that or anything for that matter.”

Poster Art And Trailer For “Bigfoot: The Movie”

BigfootCheck out the artwork for the poster of “Bigfoot: The Movie”. It was released along with the official trailer. “Bigfoot: The Movie” is a horror comedy directed by Jared Show and stars Curt Wootton, Joanie Dodds, Terrance Evans, Jared Show, Nathan Magill, Brenna Roth, and Jesse Pomerico. The film will hit DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on May 29th, 2015.

Bigfoot has come to the town of Ellwood City, PA and is causing BIG problems. Now it’s up to three town locals to take him down.

Rising Heroism In The Face Of Hell: My Interview With Axeman 2’s Arielle Brachfeld

ABArielle Brachfeld has established herself as an accomplished actress and writer, with an incomparable presence both on screen and as a profound storyteller. She is more than just a Scream Queen having worked on projects that expand beyond the horror genre, showing an ability to be captivating, dramatic, wicked funny, and yes-disturbingly dark. Arielle has a impressive resume of credits, and the unbound nature to move beyond acting into creating stories that will “drop jaw”, and force you to emote extreme emotional response to character driven concepts. “Chemical Peel” was a bit disturbing and gripping. I can’t wait to see how “The Letter Red” plays out. It is a more modern re-imaging of Macbeth and I am sure will show Brachfeld's diversity as a writer

For now though, my total fixation with Arielle Brachfeld rests in her return to Cutter’s Creek as she plays Darlene once more in Joston Theney’s slasher sequel “Axeman 2: Overkill”. It is an opportunity that will allow the character more depth and really develop in the mythology of the nightmare that frames Cutter’s Creek- the Axeman. I live for horror, and the Axeman franchise is one I have embraced from the beginning. Arielle Brachfeld has a heart for horror as well, she is one of today’s strongest Scream Queens in the indie film community. She has several projects in various stages of production that are on my radar, and I look forward to seeing how Miss Brachfeld’s career expands even further within the industry.

Here is my recent interview with Arielle Brachfeld where we talk about her role in “Axeman 2: Overkill”, her future projects, and her talent as a writer:

A Southern Life: You are one of the few surviving characters returning to Cutter's Creek, are you looking forward to facing the Axeman? Will Deputy Whitfield face the Axeman?
Arielle Brachfeld: I can't wait to come face to face with one of the most terrifying and entertaining slashers of our age! Deputy Darlene doesn't know what's in those woods, but she's ready for the fight of her life.

This type of character, Darlene, she needs something to prove herself. Something to show who she really is. The  character of the Axeman is terrifying because there's a little Axeman in all of us. Sometimes we think we fall on one side of the line: Hero or coward, villain or savior. There is no black and white line for anyone.

ArielleA Southern Life: How has your character changed since the first film?
Arielle Brachfeld: Darlene always had a big mouth. She just has to actually back things up this time.
I think there was more innocence to her in the first one. She was allowed to be a screw up. Nothing was really on the line for her.

Things shifted to become very personal for her in this movie. She couldn't simply walk away. At a certain point, everybody faces who they really are. Sometimes, those perceived weaknesses are the best strengths a person can have. It takes true adversity, life and death, and hell staring at you in the face, to make you own up to who you are. Your potential, your heroism, your darkness. Darlene becomes who she's meant to be in Axeman 2.

A Southern Life: This will be your third project with Joston Theney, how has the experience been working with him?
Arielle Brachfeld: There are few people I would work on anything with. Joston could call me at 2:00 in the morning, and pitch a fiber cereal commercial idea, and I'm like: I'm there!
Artists are people that are compelled to create. It drives them. Joston is one of the few other filmmakers that I've ever met that loves movie making as much as I do. There is undeniable joy in how he makes movies. Some directors aren't very hands-on. Joston is in the thick of it. There's a fight scene with a pro wrestler? Joston is going through the moves, including throws, with the joy of a true artist. Working with him reminds me that we're there to play and make believe. Even if your character is going through hell, and having the worst possible day in the history of the world, Joston calls 'cuu-u-ut' (emphatically) and you remember that you are damn lucky to be living and making a movie.

One of the best things with working with him is hearing his 'cuu-ut' when you nail a scene. I call making movies with him movie camp, because it's a magical, fun, thrilling experience. There's a joy to his sets that is hard to describe, and I can't get enough of it.

A Southern Life: You have been in a few horror films, have you always been a big horror fan?
Arielle Brachfeld: I love horror, I do. But my heart lies with sci-fi. Long before I became a horror fan, I was a sci-fi nut. I loved that the genre showed the best and worst of humanity. The potential. Alien is what bridged the gap for me. Sci-Fi horror? Now we're talking. Also, just artistically, I love that you go all out for horror characters. It's so satisfying to push emotionally as far as you can go as an actor. No other genre has that built in. It's literal life and death in horror. How would someone actually handle these situations? How would a person react and interact?

AB2A Southern Life:  Who is your favorite final girl of the past?
Arielle Brachfeld: Ripley. Nothing more badass than Ripley. Plus, she saves the cat.

A Southern Life: You are also a writer so which do you prefer acting the story out or writing the story?
Arielle Brachfeld: Actually both. It's wonderful creating a character from the page up. It allows so much deeper of an understanding of all the circumstances that brought this person into being.

However, I generally write to act. I write what I want to make.

Very rarely have I been inspired to write a character or story that I wasn't drawn to play.

I love writing short stories, again, of a sci fi persuasion. But, I've never worked on a script I didn't plan on acting in.

I do also love the challenge and joy of discovery when I'm cast in something I didn't write. It's a fun mystery. Who is this person? Why are they like this? How do they feel?

* One quick note, I'd love to give a shout out for The Letter Red. It will be the 4th project I work on with Joston, and there are quite a few other A2 friends on there as well. It's a modern adaptation of Macbeth. Edward Gusts of A2 fame and I wrote it, and we couldn't imagine any other filmmaker that can do that story justice like Joston. We're both thrilled to have him direct and produce.

Also, quick shout out for Day For Night (a dark and comical film noir by Micheal Chrisoulakis) and Good Family Times (a disturbing supernatural home invasion film from Staci Wilson and Blanc/Biehn Productions).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Red Band Trailer For “Helen Keller VS Nightwolves” Released

HKvsWThe full red band trailer for hilarical horror comedy “Helen Keller VS Nightwolves” has been released. The film is currently crowd funding over on “Helen Keller VS Nightwolves” stars Lin Shaye, Jessie Wiseman, Jim O’Heir, Richard Riehle, Alanna Ubach, Jesse Merlin, and Barry Bostwick. It is directed by Ross Patterson (FDR: American Badass).

Helen Keller vs Nightwolves tells the shocking story of how a group Nightwolves terrorized a tiny village taking people's hearing and eye sight... and the one woman who fought back.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Crowd Funding Started For “One Drop”

One DropA crowd funding campaign has started over on Indiegogo for the horror film “One Drop”. The film is being directed by Tricia Lee from a screenplay written by Corey Brown. “One Drop” is an elevated story that blends drama, horror and creature feature elements into a cohesive, cerebral nightmare.

The plot follows a single mother who’s a drug addict and overdoses. She wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant.

Zombie Madness Atop The Alps In “Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies”

AOTLZAustria prepares for some hilarical zombie madness atop the Alps with upcoming horror comedy “Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies”. The film is directed by Dominik Hartel and stars Laurie Calvert, Gabriela Marcinková, Patricia Aulitzky, Margarete Tiesel and Karl Fischer. “AOTLZ” is slated for a 2016 release but you can check out the wicked cool clips for the flick below.

Steve, a former snowboarding star, ekes out a humiliating existence as an unnoticed freestyle entertainer in a run-down ski resort. When he finally decides to quit his job and move on to find his fortune elsewhere, Steve is tempted with an unexpected offer: to relive the glory days of his fame in a team of former extreme sports stars - which has been his dream for years.

Steve has to decide whether to move on with his girlfriend or relive his old dreams without her. He tries to work it out, but the events soon overtake him. The owner of the ski resort, in an attempt to produce artificial snow at higher temperatures, unleashes an environmental disaster, turning the visiting tourists into a horde of bloodthirsty, folk music-loving après ski zombies! Soon the zombie hordes have overrun the resort and there is only one way out:

Steve has to defeat the zombies using his skills as a freestyle snowboarder. The greatest stunt of his life could save them all...

New Poster Released For “Plastic Toys”

Check out the new production poster for indie horror ‘Plastic Toys”. The film is due out until 2016 but there is plenty happening on the film’s Facebook page to keep you going. “Plastic Toys” is directed by Paul Harriso, and stars Barry Brosnan, Kyle Slevin, Mark Del Amo, Jade Lewis, Tommie Grabiec, Gareth Lawrence, Paul Dewdney and Stephanie Arnott. The film follows a couple deep into a life of clubbing and drugging who find things getting darker than normal when a new body comes into the picture.

In upstate New York bad-boy Jason and his wayward girlfriend Tanzy lead a life of hardcore clubbing and low level drug dealing. When Jason meets sexy bartender Babefist he becomes trapped in a dark underworld of mind-games and terror. Also check out the teaser trailer that was released earlier this year for the flick below.

Plastic toys


Pre-production Starts For Giallo Horror “Delusional”

Pre-production is underway for “return to giallo” horror “Delusional”. The film is being directed by Noah Nicholas Nelson from a screenplay written by George Snow. “Delusional” is an homage to 60’s and 70’s horror directors Bava, Argento and Hitchcock. The story follows two young nurses who, along with their boss, find themselves in peril during the final night open at a local hospital. With the leading cast in place and filming only heartbeats away this sounds like a deliciously terrifying thriller!
Bridgette, a young nursing school graduate, is pulling a night shift at the local hospital on the facility's final night open. Little does she know, someone is watching and waiting for her, slowly stalking her and her co-workers through the night. The following morning, Nelson Memorial Hospital will close its doors for good.

Two young nurses and their curmudgeonly boss are cleaning and prepping the patients to be transported to the new facility. Soon-to-be jobless and down on her luck recent graduate, Bridgette, has a lot on her plate. Haunted by memories for her past, her and her co-workers must stick together when threatened by a local escaped serial killer. With all of this coming for her, can Bridgette survive or is she just Delusional?

Cool Posters For “Gory Graduation”

Check out these cool as fuck posters for the indie gorefest horror film “Gory Graduation”. The film is the brainchild of Chatt-town’s on Joseph Henson. That is my old stomping ground. “Gore Graduation” is currently running a funding campaign over on The film follows A group of seniors on the cusp of their high school graduation being stalked by a menacing figure in a ceremonial cap and gown.

The posters are a collection of tributation to classic 80’s VHS horror. It gives a pretty good indication of what style of mayhem will unfold in this nightmare. You can also keep up with the latest on “Gore Graduation” by liking the film’s Facebook page. I know I will be following this one.



Gory Graduation

The Trouble With Dan: My Interview With “Axeman 2” Actor Peter Stickles

Peter SticklesMy first introduction into Peter Stickles was 2006’s “Cemetery Gates” then when I bought 2011’s “Evil Bong3: The Wrath Of Bong” and “Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver”. I am obsessed with Full Moon Horror’s films. The films are cheesy fun with a complete celebration of more modern “classic” horror. Stickles characters were a show of complete emersion into the story and a genuine love for acting. Something that really shined bright in 2013’s “The Trouble With Barry”. I loved that that film and Peter’s embrace of the character Barry was memorable.

Not all of Peter Stickles material is campy, shtick or amusing in a fun way. He can be a very intimidating personality on screen. Playing darker characters both gothic and contemporary. Usually when I find an actor that stimulates me both with their piercing looks and acting abilities I will go back and collect past works, and Peter Stickles has an impressive body of work in the horror genre starting back in 2006 with “Meat Weed Madness”- a 420 movie staple. However it is his character in Joston Theney’s sequel to “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek” that has me standing at attention at the moment. The film is one that I am eager to see, Theney’s mythos of the Axeman is one that I look forward to seeing revealed in this trilogy.

Peter plays ‘Dan’ in “Axeman 2: Overkill”. He is part of the new ensemble of “meat” that joins some original cast members for this heavy slayage slasher flick. Who can say how long Dan makes it in this nightmare tale, carnage is king in horror and in this case “Dan may not be the man” but one think is for sure, Stickles attributes will prevail both in character and career. Here is my interview with the very hot and very talented Peter Stickles about his role in “Axeman 2: Overkill”:

A Southern Life:  You play Dan in “Axeman 2”, tell me a bit about the character?
Peter Stickles: Dan is misunderstood.  Dan is good-natured… but Dan is kind of a p*ssy.  And I mean that in the the kindest way!  He’d rub your head as you fell asleep, and tell you everything will be ok, but lets just say I wouldn’t want him in my gang when the zombie apocalypse starts!

A Southern Life: Were you familiar with the franchise before auditioning for 2?
Peter Stickles: Yes, I know one of the other actors from Axeman!  I called her up when I got the part.  I guess I was kinda looking for advice.  She was like “yeah, you gotta do it!  You’ll have a blast!”  And she was right!

PS2A Southern Life: What do you relate to most with your character, and what do you relate to least?
Peter Stickles: I think the thing I relate most to Dan is his level-headedness.  When you are watching a horror movie and you are yelling at a character “are you crazy!?  Don’t open the door!!” - well, Dan is that guy.  He wouldn’t do anything stupid when it comes to tracking down the killer.  I guess I’d say he has good instincts.  What do I relate to the least?!  Well, I ain’t no p*ssy!

A Southern Life: How does Dan stack up next to the Axeman, does he have that "final guy" quality?
Peter Stickles: (sigh), unfortunately Dan does not have the final guy quality.  He has the brains, but not the brawn.  He might be able to outsmart the Axeman, but that can only get him so far...

A Southern Life: What is your favorite horror film, director, and final girl/guy of the past?
Peter Stickles: My favorite movie of all time is Jaws.  Its a perfect movie in my eyes.  My favorite director is Alexandre Aja.  He style is so gritty and uncompromising.  And my favorite final girl is Ripley.  I don’t have a favorite final guy.  I like my horror movies having final girls.  But if I had to pick, I would choose Chief Brody.

A Southern Life: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?
Peter Stickles: I have always wanted to be an actor.  Since I was a little kid.  I remember staring at the VHS box covers at my local video rental store (the horror section, mostly) and dreaming of being in the movies I was looking at.  It wasn’t a question for me.  I'm glad I can look back and tell my ten-year-old self that I am in AXEMAN 2!


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