Tuesday, May 7, 2013

“The Occupants” Horror Film Complete

Occupants, TheTodd Alcott directed “The Occupants a.k.a. Blood Relative” is complete. The film stars Cristin Milioti, Michael Rady, James Urbaniak and Toby Huss. Not sure when the release date on this film is why the name change…

Lucy has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won't let her be. She has dedicated her life to helping families "break the cycle" of abuse, so when she and her husband Wade see the echoes of a violent family tragedy in their home, Lucy tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on. She finds, however, that these ghosts don't want her help -- they want to lead Lucy and her family to their doom.

Teaser Poster Released For “Europa Report”

Europa-Report“Europa Report” is one of the more interesting Indie sci-fi features coming out this year. Check out the new teaser poster released for the dramatic space thriller that explores the challenges of man’s psyche in the cold depths of space exploration and inevitable discoveries. The film was directed by Sebastián Cordero and stars Sharlto Copley, Michael Nyqvist, Christian Camargo, Daniel Wu. It hits VOD June 27th.

EUROPA REPORT follows a contemporary mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, to investigate the possible existence of alien life within our solar system. Developed in close collaboration with NASA, JPL, SpaceX and other leaders in the scientific community, the film imagines the next step in manned space exploration and is based on recent scientific discoveries and theories.

Teaser Released For “Rec 4”

REC-4-PosterCheck out the teaser trailer and poster released for “Rec 4”. The final installment to the fan favorite zombie franchise. It spawned an English retelling titled “Quarantine”. “Rec 4” was directed by Jaume Balagueró and stars Manuela Velasco, who returns to play the role of Angela Vidal.

Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don't know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection. She is to be taken to a provisional quarantine facility, a high-security installation where she will have to stay in isolation for several days. An old oil tanker, miles off shore and surrounded by water on all sides, has been especially equipped for the quarantine.

New Trailer For “Detention Of The Dead” Release

detention-of-the-dead-posterI swear it seems like it has been forever that this film is releasing but the wait is almost over. “Detention Of The Dead” hits VOD June 18th with a small theatrical release to follow on the 28th. The horror comedy was directed by Alex Craig Mann and stars  Jacob Zachar, Alexa Nikolas, Christa B. Allen, Jayson Blair, Justin Chon, and Max Adler. Check out the new trailer below.

A group of oddball high school students find themselves trapped in detention with their classmates having turned into a horde of Zombies.

The Horror Film “P5YCH” Is In Pre-Production

p5ychThe very creative horror film set in 1984, “P5YCH” is in pre-production stage of filming. The movie comes from director Matthew Currie Holmes and stars Peter Block, Maxwell Sinovoi, Matthew Currie Holmes. The film is said to be a gory, fast paced, thrilling new chapter in the ‘meta’ slasher film genre. By using the paradigms of some of the greats (Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street), able to both pay homage to these classics as well as create a new, terrifying mythology for horror fans to enjoy. The film is set for a 2014 release.

The Year is 1984. Five survivors, whose real life experiences inspired some of the scariest movies of all-time: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street are now undergoing treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mentored by Dr. Rick Gilbert, “The Five” take their therapy to a whole new level when they leave the confines of their respective wellness centers and travel to the secluded McKafee Ranch. Here they start in an experimental, psycho-kinetic treatment known as Stage Five which allows them to come face to face with their worst fears: their most suppressed memories. But when the memories and fantasies turn real, and the body count begins to rise, the survivors must band together to survive again… or die trying.

Eric England’s “Contracted” In Post-Production

contractedEric England directed “Contracted” is in post-production. The film stars Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams, Alice Macdonald, Matt Mercer and Simon Barrett. The story follows a young girl who has a one-night stand with a random stranger and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease - but is actually something much worse.

“Freezer” Hopes You Find Meat Lockers Thrilling

freezerThe psychological action thriller “Freezer” is in post-production and Lightning Entertainment is hoping we find meat lockers as scary as the Russian crime syndicate. The film is directed by Mikael Salomon and stars Dylan McDermott, Peter Facinelli, Yuliya Snigir, and Andrey Ivchenko. It has a little star wattage so maybe it can keep us on edge through the whole film.

Robert is an ordinary man who is faced with extraordinary circumstances. He is locked in a meat freezer by Russian thugs who believe that he owes them 8 million dollars. Robert, who is in every frame of the film soon discovers that he is not alone in the freezer. Sam, a stranger, is also locked in with him, and it becomes a struggle to survive the cold and the forces that are against them.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lightning Entertainment Gets Predatory

thejungleThe survival thriller that pits man against beast from Lightning Entertainment Group has been completed. “The Jungle” is directed by Andrew Traucki and stars Rupert Reid, Agoes Widjaya Soedjarwo, Michelle Santos, Igusti Budianthika. Check out the trailer below. It was released last Nov. for the kickoff of the crowd funding campaign that ran on Indiegogo. This is the third film in Traucki's genre trilogy of terror, along with “Black Water” and “The Reef”, which he is calling ‘Three Colours Red’.

An exploration deep into the dense rainforests of Indonesia to film and tag the elusive, endangered  Javan Leopard leads to a journey of terror. On their search for a reported alpha-male leopard, spotted wandering outside of its normal territory, reportedly terrorizing local settlements, a team of conservationists discover a new species, a horrifying “apex predator” that has no fear of humans!

Trailer Released For “Hammer Of The Gods”

Hammer Of The GodsCheck out the trailer for the Viking action film “Hammer Of The Gods”. The movie, directed by Farren Blackburn, is expected to release VOD/iTunes May 30 and in theaters July 5. It stars Charlie Bewley, Elliot Cowan, Clive Standen, Guy Flanagan and Michael Jibson.

A dying Viking king sends his son on a quest to seek out his older brother-the clan's only hope for defeating an approaching enemy horde.

Trailer Released For Vengeance Flick “Monika”

monikaCheck out the trailer for Steven Monroe’s “Monika”. The film is a vengeance film that stars Jason Wiles, Cerina Vincent, Jeff Branson, and C. Thomas Howell. Monroe is the guy that gave us a very well done remake of the cult classic “I Spit On Your Grave”.

Reagan Tyler is a man who is troubled by visions and premonitions which ultimately lead him to “old school” Las Vegas. It’s there that Reagan meets the beautiful and mysterious Monika, a young woman who may have been killed the night before he even met her.

Reagan is now forced to put the puzzle together and find out what happened, how she is still present, and how he can help Monika claim her revenge on the killers of her younger sister.

Teaser For Sci-Fi Thriller “Dark By Noon”

dark by noonCheck out the teaser trailer for the sci-fi film “Dark By Noon”. The story is a time-travel thriller is set in a world where history has unfolded differently. It is directed by Alan Leonard, Mike O'Flaherty and stars Patrick Buchanan, Anthony Murphy, Lesa Thurman, Mike O'Flaherty.

Rez played by Patrick Buchanan (Belfast Story) lost his wife sometime in the past. Now he is a man abandoned by society, but he possesses a gift: the perfect photographic memory, but having perfect recall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A covert government agency headed by Rez’s old mentor Haycock – played by Anthony Murphy (Charlie Casanova, Dawn of the Dragonslayer) has stolen a device called ‘Titus’; a machine that has the ability to send a person eight hours into the future, but only for a short period. The organization is making millions by recording advance knowledge of the stock market, heisting the future eight hours at a time.

One day Rez leaps forward in time and witnesses a nuclear explosion. As he jumps back to his own timeline, events begin to spiral out of control as he only has eight hours to discover the cause, save his estranged daughter and a city, unaware it’s about to be destroyed.

dark by noon still

dark by noon still2

My Review Of “The Haunting Of Pearson Place”

“The Haunting Of Pearson Place” is a paranormal horror film directed by Michael Merino which stars Joe Estevez, Suzi Lorraine, Ken Arnold, Tracy Teague, Regen Wilson, Julie Price, Mick McGuire and Kelley Slagle. The film follows a yuppie couple from the city who set out to turn an old historical property into a quaint bed & breakfast. Being that this is a supernatural/psychological horror story-where the dead have their own plans for the place, and anyone who ventures into the home- things go terrifyingly wrong.

Ghost stories are a staple in horror, and even with the new fascination with found-footage stories, one can never really tire of a good movie with bad ghosts. “The Haunting Of Pearson Place” does not disappoint in that aspect. It is a mature, serious film about hauntings that is, both smart, and dark. It stays within the traditional-vein of paranormal storytelling, much like “Darkness”, and the very classic “The House Where Evil Dwells”. There is no overexposed use of gimmicks or novelty stylizing in this movie- that is really a major plus. Most horror films become boring or redundant when relying on the latest fades in genre horror films, but the standard-contemporary ghost story is timeless. Which is what “The Haunting Of Pearson Place” is, a timeless ghost story that is chilling, and entertaining.

The story is a slow-burn, evenly paced one that never really lulls into that place of “boring”, like some films do in-between the highs. It stays at a steady pace of intense, tragic melodrama, that intertwines the character building moments with the dark, thrilling moments of the paranormal. The cast is believable, and the story is thoroughly well thought out. I did have a gripe with the main characters of Steve and Gwen, nothing really to do with the acting or their part in the plot-line, it mostly has to do with the fact that this couple should have saved their money they spent on this property, and invested in marriage counseling! I just wanted to slap them both! But hey -we all no the dead do love a nice, juicy, negative vibe-right! These people where tragically destined to horrors way before they stepped into the Pearson Place! That is for sure!

The bottom line is this-“The Haunting Of Pearson Place” is a classic chilling ghost story, filled with mean spirits-dark atmosphere and mature storytelling. It was well acted and directed with scary moments coming in at the perfect suspenseful moments. This film is a traditional ghost story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters are tragic, the ghosts- creepy, and the atmosphere is truly haunting.

Promo For Tonight’s ‘Defiance’

Defiance-2-550x365Check out the promo for tonight’s episode of ‘Defiance’-“A Well Respected Man”. Kenya is among several people that are mysteriously abducted. Meanwhile, Rafe tries to determine who gave his dead son the golden device that may have led to the boy’s death. Also check out the first four minutes of the episode here!

In the year 2046, it’s a new Earth – with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition. To the town of Defiance, on what used to be St. Louis, comes the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). As they settle into town – overseen by the mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) and filled with residents like the powerful Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), enterprising lounge owner Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and the ambitious, alien Tarrs (Tony Curran and Jaime Murray) - events begin to unfold that threaten the fragile peace this border town has fought for.

New Images Released For “The Ballad Of Skinless Pete”

ballad of skinles peteCheck out these sinister stills from Dustin Mill’s “The Ballad Of Skinless Pete”. The film stars Brandon Salkil and Erin R. Ryan. It is considered an experiment in terror, shock and “good taste”. Not sure when this twisted pic comes out ….

Brilliant oncologist Peter Peel discovers a possible cure for skin cancer in the belly of an exotic parasite. When he tests the cure on himself his world is shattered and a monster is born.

skinless pete still 3
skinless pete still 2
skinless pete still

Trailer Goes Online For ‘True Blood’ Season 6

true bloodCheck out the the full trailer for ‘True Blood’ season 6. No one lives forever! The season premieres June 16th for one intense epic showdown of supernatural proportion.

Details On “All Hallows’ Eve”

All-Hallows-EvePress Release:

“Jesse Baget’s RUTHLESS PICTURES has started production on All Hallows’ Eve, Damien Leone’s debut feature. All Hallows’ Eve features Leone’s menacing signature villain, Art the Clown, who populates his chilling short films Terrifier and The 9th Circle.

In true classic slasher fashion, in the vein of Halloween and When A Stranger Calls, Leone unleashes his twisted creation, Art the Clown, upon an unsuspecting babysitter. While watching two children on Halloween night, the babysitter finds an old VHS tape in the kids’ trick or treat bag. The tape features three tales of terror, all linked together by a murderous clown. As the night goes on, strange things begin to occur in the house. It isn’t long before the babysitter learns the horrifying truth… the maniacal clown is slowly working his way into her reality.

Writer/director Damien Leone, whom Dread Central calls “a horror director to keep your eyes on,” contends that this will not be your ordinary horror film, “As a huge fan of the genre, it’s very important to me to deliver a film that will haunt fans long after they see it. With All Hallows’ Eve, we’re trying to capture the spirit of the great horror films of the 70s and 80s while pushing the envelope even further.”

Of first-time feature director Leone, producer Jesse Baget says, “When I first saw Damien’s work, I knew I was in front of an amazing talent. What made me want to work with Damien was his twisted horror vision and his ability to bring it to life with his incredible talent for both special effects and storytelling. Damien’s creatures are what nightmares are made of.” Baget adds, “ This kind of fresh new talent is exactly what the horror world needs.“

The film stars Catherine A. Callahan (“Third Rock,” “Are We There Yet?”), Marie Maser (Terrifier), and Katie Maguire.

Baget founded Ruthless Pictures in 2012 to bring to life tightly written and executed horror and thriller features. Ruthless Pictures is currently in production on two other films, Black Water Vampire starring Bill Oberst, Jr., and Mischief Night starring Ally Walker, Charlie O’Connell, Daniel Hugh Kelly, and Erica Leehrsen.”


B Movie Throwback “Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You!”

Don't Let The Riverbeast Get YouI do love old b-movies and classic creature features. I am glad that the last several years has seen un upswing in the love the genre has been receives. Check out the trailer for throwback creature feature “Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You!” The flick is directed by Charles Roxburgh and set to release on DVD May 21st. It stars Matt Farley, Sharon Scalzo, Kevin McGee, Elizabeth Peterson, Tiffany L’Heureux, Bryan Fortin, Chris Peterson, Millhouse G, Jim Farley, Jim McHugh, and Tom Scalzo.

A vicious monster has arisen from its watery lair! It’s the Riverbeast, and he’s threatening a peaceful New England town. Local tutor Neil Stuart has seen the beast before, but nobody believed his story, making him the town laughingstock. Neil sets out to not only prove that the Riverbeast exists, but also, with the help of his beautiful pupil, scrappy tutor buddies, and a former professional athlete to vanquish the aquatic menace!

Trailer Released For “Beneath”


Check out the trailer for Chiller Films’ “Beneath”. The film is a Larry Fessenden horror flick that stars  Danny Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy, Jonny Orsini, Griffin Newman, and Mackenzie Rosman.

“Beneath” centers on a group of friends celebrating their high school graduation at a remote lake location. Things take a turn for the dire when they are confronted with a horrifying deadly underwater predator who tests the bonds of their friendship as they fight for survival. The group ends up stuck in the lake in a sinking boat with no oars. Paranoia soon sets in and the friends soon begin to turn on one another.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Check Out The Kickstarter Campaign For “The Night Visitor”

Click on the title card below to go to the movie’s Kickstarter page!

night visitor title card

details card

night visitor

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Trailer Released For Creature Feature “Embedded”

Click the title card to go to movie’s IMDb
embedded title card
embedded details

Embedded Poster

New Trailer Released For “Death By VHS” Anthology

The low budget horror anthology “Scream Machine” has be been given a new name and new trailer. Now titled “Death By VHS” the anthology has presented a new trailer featuring the five gory and gruesome tales. The film still plans to stay with the June 2013 Release. Walter Ruether, David Sabal, Jacob O'Neal and starring Tyler Gallant, Kat Garcia, L. Hotshot, David C Hayes, Victoria Paege and Scarlet Fry.
A battered and mysterious VCR...A bevy of lethal video- tapes... These are the building blocks of horror in "DEATH BY VHS".

A mind blowing descent into madness and death. Five shocking vignettes, designed to take your sanity and devour your soul! Mild curiosity leads to severe consequences when a couple rents a supposedly cursed video cassette recorder. An urban legend renowned for leaving a trail of agonizing and torturous death. Unbelieving, they take the plunge... And another legend is horrifyingly born...Do you dare give fate a winning hand, and test yourself against the hellish consequences of the VHS machine?

Insert Cassette Press Play...DIE!

Trailer And Distribution Details For “To Jennifer

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to jennifer title

to jennifer details
to jennifer

Satanic Sundays! Six Flicks Filled With Evil Revelry

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happy satanic sundays


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