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True Blood Fan Wiki - True Blood

Watching The Howling

1981's The Howling is in my top 5 all time favorite werewolf movies. 1) An American Werewolf in London, 2) Silver Bullet, 3) The Howling, 4) Company of Wolves, 5) Dog Soldiers.

 This movie is a must own classic in my opinion. The kills and transformations are great old school special fx. The only poor scene is at the fire during sex when Bill and Cassandra turn, they animated. It does kinda suck.

As a kid when I would see movies based in the cities red light districts I was so amazed. I actually wanted to run away and live in that neighborhood! I was a screwed up kid, what can I say!

Most of the Adult places I have been to look much like this one, except the peep booths were a lot scarier and darker!
Time to meet the locals! As Karen and Bill settle in on their trip to the colony for some therapy and down time together.
The body vanishes from the morgue and the fun begins as they release something is not normal about Eddie. Silver bullets, books about wolves, and your ready to fight that werewolf.
The sex scene by the fire is really hot until it gets to the final shot. They coped out of fx and decided to go with animation.
This movie is filmed in one of the most beautiful locations.
The moments of realization that eminent danger is nigh!
One of the scariest sequences in the film because they stayed on the werewolf for so long as he attacked her. The teeth and eyes on these beasts are awesome and terrifying!
The transformation of Eddie!

Now time to really meet the town folk!
"You can't tame what was meant to be wild, as history shows us!"
Oh man to be trapped in a car that won't start. To have that many werewolves coming down on you! I'd shit my pants and die!
To show the world and let them know BEWARE THE COLONY!


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