Friday, September 5, 2008

Amazed at the Murder in the KY mtns ....A Crime extreme

It is 1:03 as I sit here in my room as the fan spins a cool force into the room, and the Venture Brothers rant over thier latest fuck-up on Cartoon network. I am still up because I am waiting for my porn to convert over to mpeg so I can burn it into dvd format. I am not going into detail about the celatious nature of the genre or kink that is being played out because that would just be crude for the sake of vapid shock. I am using this time to catch up on stored flash videos kept on my Ebook that need to be put to disc, and felt this would be a good an optimous time while I wait for the klonopin to nuetralize the adapex that has been rockin' thru my system.
I just happened to think... HEY!, why not blog about this totally fucked up psycho case that is being tried this week at our court house. So here goes. In 2005 this crazy bitch and her total Thorazine baby/lover got together one day and decided to define just how fucked up addicted they were...(to pain pills!, if you can believe it...). They hooked up with this other chick, let us call her toe-tag O.K! SO toe-tag goes to Crazy Bitch's house to work out a dope deal and "WHAM" supposedly Crazy Bitch felt she was being ripped off and decided to make a statement. The stupid fucking couple (Crazy Bitch and Thorazine Baby) thought "hey- lets just stab and gut this lady over a few lousy ass pain killers!" So they did! The first hit got her in the back and then Crazy Bitch staked her ass in the heart and throat. Now how fucked up and sick is that!? They then desposed of everything, went shopping, cleaned house, dumped the body and went on as perfect little ants. That is the main event.
Thorazine Baby got his day on the altar, all be it a weak ass judgement- he turned like a pup up for adoption. Crazy Bitch is playing dumb and pretty much driving the points of justice up her own ass! Bonus for the prosecution. She should be getting death but we shall see. Right now it bounces from he say to she say testimony. The good thing is the evidence has her marked as well. I mean they took the womans money and pills and burned her belongings then drove her to the top of Shep's trail and dumped her out like tossed out road kill. Twisted shit for real!
The case is for real, not made up at all! The kicker is that in order to hide the evidence at the scene Crazy Bitch's kin slaughtered a hog the following days later at the place and skinned and cut the meat in the very spot they gutted Toe-tag!
There is an old saying...goes...evil begats evil, and these fuckers were sick, evil, and desease!


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