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Pagan Festival Shout Out: Agonalia

January the 9th is the first of three obscure ancient Roman holidays in honor of Janus as well as other divinities known as The Agonalia. The second falls in May and the third one takes place in December.  Its institution, like that of other religious rites and ceremonies, was attributed to Numa Pompilius, the semi-legendary second king of Rome.

Janus was known as the god of gates and doorways. Janus was very important in Rome because the weakest point in any building or municipality is its doorway. Anything from human enemies to evil spirits could enter via that route. So strong was this feeling that Romans always carried corpses out of buildings feet first so that the departed spirits would be less likely to find their way back in.

Agonalia is a great festival to incorporate into your pagan life because it pays tribute to Janus in order to receive protection from harm from evil spirits or evil intent from the living. In the pre-Republic days tribute was paid to Janus for the King’s protection. A ram was the usual sacrifice victim. Today sacrifices are mostly symbolic jesters, not actual ones and the Agonalia is a perfect holiday to ask Janus to protect your own entryways to your home. Not to mention to offer protection as we move forward into this new year.

Turkish Horror “Reminiscence: The Beginning”

ReminiscenceWow, can’t believe that I missed this film’s trailer when it came out back in December. Well I know about the Turkish horror film “Reminiscence:The Beginning” now. Check out the trailer for the film below. “Reminiscence: The Beginning ” is directed and written by Akcay Karaazmak. The film stars Karaazmak as well as Michaela Rexova, Serhat Karaaslan, Fatih Güler, Levent Turan, Özlem Begtaş, Şefika Karaaslan, and Hamide Sünetci in horror tale that grimly asks “What If Time Breaks Down?”

Based on true events and physics, "Reminiscence" tells the story of a couple that is trying to experiment with time and black hole theories. But what they will face is much more than what they expected. A Slovak physicist Miska, had been working on black-hole theories and their connections with the magnetic fields in space. From her long researches she came out with some important results about the unproved parallel time dimensions. She found every 6 years, planets of our solar system come to a special position that effect each other’s magnetic fields and on their intersection areas, a temporally new magnetic field occurs. This could be used as a gateway to a black-hole. A gateway to parallel worlds. She defined the magnetic fields that will occur on earth. And the closest one to Slovakia will be in a town called Cesme in Turkey. She decided to go there with her boyfriend Akcay to research and experiment the event which she is expecting. But what they will face is much beyond the human mind.

New Poster Released For Horror “Deep Shock”

Check out poster number two for Italian horror short “Deep Shock”. The film comes from award winning director Davide Melini. “Deep Shock” is a modern giallo-styled thriller. It stars Francesc Pagès, Paco Roma, Estela Fernández, and Erica Prior. Filmed in Spain “Deep Shock” is the story of Sarah, completely overwhelmed by the deaths of her grandparents and sister, becomes trapped in a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her mind.

Deep Shock

Behind The Scenes Of “The Legend Of Hercules”

kellan-lutz-the-legend-of-herculesCheck out the behind the scenes clip of “The Legend Of Hercules” featuring lots of skin. Kellan Lutz is perfect as Hercules.

The origin story of the the mythical Greek hero. Betrayed by his stepfather, the King, and exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love, Hercules must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom.

Two New Clips Released For “Scorned”

Anchor Bay Films’ “Scorned” hits DVD/Bluray on February 4th 2014 but until then check out these two new clips released for the vengeance thriller about a woman scorned. The film is directed by Mark Jones who wrote and directed  “Leprechaun”. “Scorned” will also be available On Demand through cable and other digital platforms. “Scorned” stars  AnnaLynne McCord, Viva Bianca, Brooklynn Brokaw, Doug Drucker, Denise Glass, and Billy Zane

Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord) and Kevin (Billy Zane) have decided to spend a romantic weekend together at his lake house. But when an unexpected and unfortunate text from her best friend Jennifer (Viva Bianca) to Kevin reveals a lurid love affair between the two, Sadie spirals into a hunger for revenge that is without mercy.

Trailer Released For “Haunting Of The Innocent”

Haunting Of The InnocentCheck out the trailer for supernatural horror “Haunting Of The Innocent”. The film Matt Hish and stars Judd Nelson, Rib Hillis, Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley, Neil Dickson, Autumn Federici. “Haunting Of The Innocent” possesses horror fans via Redbox on January 28th, 2014, followed by a March release for other home video formats.

Desperate to reconnect with his wife and son after a violent attack leaves them fear-stricken and traumatized, a father moves his family to a sleepy New England town and finds himself in a fight against supernatural forces hell-bent on tearing them apart.

“Stitch” DVD/Bluray Release Date Finally Announced

The 2012 horror “Stitch” starring Edward Furlong, Laurence Mason, Shawna Waldron, Douglas Tait, Shirly Brener, and Tiffany Martin finally has a DVD/Bluray release date announced. The dark fantasy thriller will hit shelves on February 11th. “Stitch” is directed by Ajai Mathai and produced by Thunderbolt Entertainment.

“Stitch” follows the story of grieving parents Marsden (Edward Furlong) and Serafina (Shawna Waldron) as they cope with the loss of their young daughter. At the height of their desperation, they turn to their best friends Pirino (Laurence Mason) and Colline (Shirly Brener) for healing advice. Their well-meaning friends lead them into the deep desert for a weekend ritual meant to burn away emotional baggage. Unfortunately, the amateur ritual goes awry and cosmic forces are unleashed.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First 15 Minutes Of ‘Helix’ Released

Check out the first 15 minutes of the SyFy series of ‘Helix’. The show debuts Friday, January 10 at 10|9c.
Helix when a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, they quickly find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind’s salvation or total annihilation.

Check The Trailer For Low Budget Sci-fi “Future Justice”

future justiceI just ran across the trailer for Scorpio Releasing’s “Future Justice” promoting the dystopian action thriller over on and I think I like the cheesy, over-the-top camp of it all. Only time will tell when the film does release if I will enjoy the thing as much as I enjoy the trailer. “Future Justice” is directed by  Richard Griffin and stars  Nathaniel Sylva, Aaron Andrade, Steven O'Broin, Elyssa Baldassarri.

In the future Saturn’s moon of Titan houses a prison where Earth’s worst criminals are kept awaiting their return to Earth for trial and execution. One of those criminals, Python Diamond, is being flown back to Earth, escorted by five members of the military police. Upon their return to Earth, they find that a cataclysmic nuclear war has reduced the world to a near-lifeless husk.

Searching for survivors and any clue as to the cause of the destruction leads the six to a warehouse bunker housing scientists who constitute Earth’s last remaining hope for the future. Unfortunately, their landing spacecraft drew the attention of one of the gangs that roam the ruined countryside in search of food and resources, leading them straight to the carefully hidden and well-provisioned shelter. The gang lays siege to the warehouse, fighting their way inside in a bloody battle that takes lives on both sides.

Low on people and ammunition, Python and the remaining survivors wage a guerrilla battle against their attackers amid the twisting confines of the warehouse while, unbeknownst to both sides, a third party enters the fray, leaving carnage in its wake. This dangerous entity finally forces the remaining bandits and the few survivors to band together for mutual survival.

Monday, January 6, 2014

“Goldberg & Eisenberg” Gets Slamdance Selection

Great news for Israeli Horror and “Goldberg & Eisenberg” on the film circuit. I have seen some of the films coming from the Hebrew horror scene and I have to say that there are great things brewing in Israeli Indie film.

After winning awards at Fantastic Fest in Austin and Screamfest in Los Angeles, Oren Carmi's acclaimed thriller GOLDBERG & EISENBERG looks set to take 2014 by storm after being selected to screen in official competition at SLAMDANCE in Park City.

Confirming the new wave of 'Hebrew Horror' established by recent Israeli genre films such as Rabies, Big Bad Wolves and Cannon Fodder, GOLDBERG & EISENBERG is a darkly comedic thriller about a lonely computer programmer who becomes the victim of a psychopathic stalker and will screen at Slamdance on January 19th and 21st 2014.

"There are numerous points of reference for Carmi’s genre-bending style of filmmaking; the dark deadpan humor and absurdism of the Coen Brothers is an obvious source for comparison. However, this film is coming from an unique and original place. In addition to being a skilled storyteller, Carmi has a special knack for extracting humor out of grave situations. He pushes this scenario into extremely uncomfortable territory without ever losing his grip on the characters and narrative - Rodney Perkins, Fantastic Fest.

Goldberg is short and thin. He wears glasses. He's lonely. He's a mediocre computer programmer that lives in Tel Aviv and spends most of his energy searching online for a girlfriend. His only friend is Audrey, his beloved female dog. Eisenberg is a thug. Tall, fat, approaching middle age and not completely sane. He spends his days slouching around Meir Park, harassing innocent bystanders and doing business with petty thieves and small-time criminals. Unfortunately the two cross paths, and Eisenberg decides that they should start hanging out. But something in his demeanor says that he wants to be much more than just friends... Goldberg tries to avoid him, but Eisenberg's presence is everywhere: his apartment, his dating life, even his nightmares. When Eisenberg threatens Goldberg's beloved dog he realizes he must leave his manners behind, but his actions back-fire and events spin out of control. Goldberg is unwillingly drawn into Eisenberg's bizarre world, a world of petty thieves.

Goldberg & Eisenberg - Trailer from o c on Vimeo.

Teaser Trailer For “Stranger In The Dunes”

strangers in the dunesI don’t know if it is the poster or the title but I am diggin’ this film thus far and kind of anticipating. Plus it is a Nicholas that I can watch and not gag… Check out the teaser trailer and poster for Nicholas Bushman’s “Stranger In The Dunes”. The film stars Delphine Chaneac, Andrew Hovelson, and Mike Dwyer. “Stranger In The Dunes” is currently in production and follows the story of a married couple who are visited by an old friend while at their beach house.

Filmmaker And Author Gregory Lamberson (Slime City, The Jake Helman Files) To Direct “Killer Rack”

killer rack
Here is one for all you hot bloodin’ Hetero horror fans! Filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson to direct horror comedy “Killer Rack”. Read the press release and check out the 80's inspired poster.

Press Release:
Filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson (Slime City, The Jake Helman Files) has announced the next film he’ll direct is Killer Rack, a comedy written by Paul McGinnis, who has a supporting role in Dry Bones, which Lamberson co-directed with Michael O’Hear.
Lamberson is co-producing the film with McGinnis and Rod Durick, who contributed special make-up effects to Lamberson’s Slime City Massacre as well as Dry Bones. The trio have tapped Debbie Rochon to play a key role in the film.

Killer Rack tells the story of Betty, a young woman who gets breast implants which turn out to be supernatural creatures with a ravenous taste for human flesh. Rochon will play Dr. Thulu, the surgeon who performs the augmentation surgery with an eye toward world domination.

“Paul’s script won the Best Screenplay award at Buffalo Dreams Horror Film Festival in 2012,” Lamberson says, “but we had a guest judge for that category, and I didn’t read the script until we discussed it during the filming of Dry Bones last year. It is hands down the funniest script I’ve ever read, and I told him I had to direct it. It will be the first script written by someone else that I’ve directed, which is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. It’s a comedy first and a horror comedy second, with great characters, slapstick, and nerd humor. [It] becomes a horror comedy in the last act. It has an obvious sexploitation element but also really funny gags and characters people will love. Paul really nailed the concept. After Slime City Massacre, I asked Debbie what role was out there that she wanted to play, and she said, ‘a mad scientist,’ so when I read the script, I immediately thought of her to play Dr. Thulu, and Paul told me he wrote the part with her in mind. Kismet.”

Additional roles will be cast from among the Buffalo film and theater company in the months to come, but Lamberson hopes to confirm a particular out-of-town actress to voice “The Boobs.” Shooting is slated for weekends in May and June, and special make-up effects will be handled by Arick Szymecki, with John Renna handling the gore.

The key art was created by Toronto artist Kelly Forbes. Lamberson explains, “Kelly adapted a chapter from my novel Johnny Gruesome into comic book form a few years ago, and we’ve been discussing a graphic novel adaptation of my zombie novella Carnage Road. I told him I was looking for something similar in tone to the posters for 80s comedies like Zapped! and Valley Girl, and he got it right away. It’s a pretty surefire concept.”


Teaser Poster For “Found Footage 3D”

A teaser poster has been released for “Found Footage 3D”. The film comes from co-creator of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, Kim Henkel. Henkel will set as producer on the project while S. DeGennaro who wrote the screenplay will direct. “Found Footage 3D” tells the horror story of six filmmakers, who in 2012 disappeared while making the first “found footage” film. One year later, their behind-the-scenes footage was discovered.


New Indie Slasher “Bloody Slumber Party”

There is a new indie slasher horror in production for 2014 bringing the blood shed. “Bloody Slumber Party” is directed by Larry Rosen from a script written by Larry Rosen, Brian K. Millard (consulting writer). The film stars Barrett Perlman, Samantha Hahn, Gloria Chung, Seregon O'Dassey, Lisa Pincus, Jean-Francois Poirier, Suzi Lorraine, Melantha Blackthorne, Brian O'Halloran and Joe D'Onofrio.

Bloody Slumber Party“Bloody Slumber Party” is a horror feature film, about a slumber party where everyone might not make it out alive. The story follows Kelly who  just broke up with her abusive boyfriend, Rick. To cheer her up, her friends have a sleep over party. At which, they tell horror stories. While telling the horror stories, there is a killer in the house killing them one by one.

Diggin’ The Trailer For Indie Horror “Torture”

downloadIf like me you haven’t checked out the trailer for indie horror “Torture” then peek it now. The film comes from Silent Studios and is currently in production in the UK. “Torture” is directed by Jason Wright. 1,000,000 + missing people in the world so where do they go ?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Special Sneak Peek Clip For “Midsummer’s Nightmare II: Summer’s End”

adkikjCheck out the special sneak peek released for “Midsummer Nightmares II : Summer’s End”. The film is the sequel to the indie slasher flick that celebrates the female psycho killer. “Summer’s End” is available for pre-order on the website. The film is in post-production with a March 2014 release date planned. 

Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer’s End” is directed by Ryan Stacy and stars Julie Sherwood, Stacy Freeders, Kelci C Magel, Scott Gillespie, Autumn Richardson and Joe Vollman who are all returning to the horror tale in their original roles. New cast members for the sequel are Kitsie Duncan, Erin R Ryan, William Adams, Taylor Buchannan, Michael Reeves, Jesa Ogelsby, Jesse Kennedy and Abby Seagraves.

The original "Midsummer Nightmares" gang is back. But who will survive this time? Director/writer Ryan Stacy reunites the original survivors with a new cast to continue the story that left off with the unimaginable question: Is Danielle Waters really dead...?

Crowd Funding Started For Paranormal Webseries ‘The Invited’

the invited
The crowd funding campaign is happening right now over on Indiegogo for supernatural webseries ‘The Invited’. The series comes from Sick Flick Productions and will follow Katie Morris who goes to her mother's grave, on the anniversary of her mother’s death,  to grieve. Her best friend bets that she would not be willing to invite the spirits from the cemetery to come back to her home. Unfortunately they do come home with her and she must help them rest in peace.

‘The Invited’ will debut on Youtube and so far Jackey Hall, Matthew Ewald, Melantha Blackthorne, Chalet Lizette Brannan and Robert Shepherd have signed on as cast members. Check out the first promo trailer and teaser poster for the series.

Teaser Trailer Released For “Slay Utterly”

slay utterlyCheck out the teaser trailer released for horror “Slay Utterly”. The film is based on true events revolving around the unsolved murders of the ‘Ax Man’ in Villisa Iowa in 1912. Almost 97 years ago, long before serial killers and mass murders had become a way of life, two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds in the small mid-western town of Villisca, Iowa. During the weeks that followed, life in this small town changed drastically. Hit this link after you watch the trailer to read more about the tragic event.

“Slay Utterly” is directed by Stuart Walin and stars Bill Oberst Jr. It is currently in pre-production and is one of the most exciting new horror so far that I am eager to see. "Slay Utterly" is a modern adaptation inspired by the infamous 1912 ax murders in Villisca, Iowa. At the center of the story is an FBI agent who links the gruesome massacre to others throughout the nation's heartland. Faced with challenges resulting from poorly-controlled rural crime scenes, the agent struggles to stay on the bloody trail of the brutal "Ax Man," who spares no one in his path.

First Promo For Episode One Of New Supernatural Series ‘The Dream-Naperz’ Released

Check out the first promo trailer for episode one just released for Romane Simon Film’s new supernatural action series ‘The Dream-Naperz’. The series follows Josiah who sets out to detect and stop a secret group of soul taking demons called The Dream-Naperz.

dream naperz‘The Dream-Naperz’ series is created by  Odell Benton & Romane Simon and directed by Romane Simon. The show stars Chalet Lizette Brannan, Lewis Odell Benton, Vanessa Ross, Maria Olsen and Romane Simon. See the full cast credited at IMDb by going here.

Josiah wakes up in an all-white room and tries to determine if it is reality or a dream. He is visited by a other worldly girl who claims to be Angel, and tells him that he must stop a group of demons lead by a demon known as the Dream-Naper (played by Romane Simon). Angel wants to get Josiah to accept the spirit world, learn his powers and save a victim who the Dream-Napers have targeted as their next victim (played by a very talented eight year old girl-Chalet Lizette Brannan). Angelique decides to seek out the angel and experiment and learn how to use his powers to fight in the dream world. Will Josiah be able to stop the dream napers or will his soul be taken as well?

Update: I have just been informed that Najee De-Tiege of 'Power Rangers' and the in production werewolf horror film "Hidden Valley The Awakening" is slated to appear in Episode to scheduled to film a few weeks. 'The Dream-Naperz' is positioned to be one of the most thrilling new series to come out in 2014. There are more celebrity appearances to come in future episodes.. 

The Dream Naperz


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