Monday, April 18, 2016

Horror Short "Lucid" Streaming Now On Ekko

Danish produced David Lynch inspired horror shortfilm "Lucid" about taking control of your dreams is now online courtesy of the Danish short film streaming site Ekko Shortlist. The film stars Kim Sønderholm, directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen and written by Mads Zaar Riisberg.

Films duration is about 5 minutes and spoken language is English. 

Ekko Shortlist is based on votes, the more votes a film gets the longer it stays on the site. Voting can be done using the 6 star system below the picture frame. 

The film is still going around on festivals after it world premiered at Night Terrors Film Festival in Denmark and has since then won several prices, both for best film, best director and best actor.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trailer And Tease For "The Neon Demon"

Check out the official trailer and UK Tease For Am-Danish film "The Neon Demon". The film is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and stars Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, and Abbey Lee. This looks to be awesome!!!!

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.

DVD Release Details For "The Before Time"

Miguel Miller's found footage horror discovers that some legends live on. "The Before Time" pits reality TV against the Native curse surrounding the desert gold treasure of the Navajo. It stars Danielle Baker, Jules Hartley, Phillip Andre Botello, Megan Hui,  Sean Patrick McGowan, Circus-Szalewski,  Julianne Dowler, Ted Jonas, and Danny Arroyo. "The Before Time" can be found on  DVD and VOD.

When two rival crews head into the desert to shoot a reality show based on a buried Navajo treasure, they discover that truth is not only stranger than fiction, it’s more dangerous. Something wants them from digging deeper and from escaping the desert alive.

Trailer For "The Horde" Released

The official trailer for "The Horde" is out, and it is awesome. The film, directed by Jared Cohn lands May 6th on VOD courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. "The Horde" starsPaul Logan, Costas Mandylor, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells, Nestor Serrano, Matt Willig, Tiffany Brouwer, Sydney Sweeney, and John Omuhundro.

Filmed in Los Angeles, the film follows Ex-Navy Seal John Crenshaw (Paul Logan) as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods. What should be an educational and fun-filled weekend turns into horror as the group is besieged by an unspeakable evil: a horde of hideously disfigured, mutated humans with an insatiable taste for blood. As things go from bad to worse, Crenshaw becomes their only hope if they want to reemerge from the woods alive.

Poster, Images And Trailer For "Tabloid Vivant" Released

I am digging the first look material released for the upcoming film "Tabloid Vivant" in the form of a Poster, some creepy stills, and wicked trailer! The film is directed by Kyle Broom and stars Jesse Woodrow, Tamzin Brown, Ana Corbi, Chris Carlisle, Chris Heltai, Amber Friendly, Lisa Valerie Morgan. Look for this one to be released later in the year.

Max is an artist seduced by the allure of fame. Sara is an art critic whose obsessions exceed even his. When she lands a writing gig at a major art magazine, the pair retreats to a cabin in the woods, where Max reveals his strange new painting method. Convinced of its potential, she agrees to collaborate on a piece sure to revolutionize the art world. While both original and mesmerizing, the project reveals something dark and disturbing about their relationship. Like two digital-age Frankensteins, they manage to make a painting come alive – though the unsettling consequences of their success may be more fit for the pages of a blood-soaked tabloid than the chronicles of art history.

Trailer For "The Possession Experiment"

Okay I missed its release this past week but the official trailer for "The Possession Experiment" was released. The film is directed by Scott Hansen and stars Bill Moseley, Greg Travis, Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, Angelo Reyes. "The Possession Experiment" is due out this Fall.

Brandon has always been drawn to the supernatural. When he is asked to pick a topic for his world theology class, Brandon decides to explore the dark world of exorcisms. Teamed with a classmate, the two are led to investigate a multiple homicide/suicide that eventually is discovered to have been an exorcism gone horribly wrong. Brandon quickly becomes obsessed with the event, and decides the only way to research this topic is to undergo it himself. Brandon realizes that though he was incredibly intrigued by it, he has taken on more than he can handle.

My Review Of "Night Of The Slasher"

Indie short horror "Night Of The Slasher" is a quick, fast-paced slasher tease! And it has me begging for more....please! The film is written and directed by Shan't Hamassian and stars Lily Berlina, Scott Javore and Adam Lesar. It is a short but potent horror that captures the energy and thrills of the slasher genre.

Synopsis:A teenage girl realizes she must commit horror movie sins such as drink alcohol, do drugs, and have sex to lure a killer and finish him off.

"Night Of The Slasher" offers up just enough story to grab your attention and pull you into this moment of the lead character's life. The cinematography and production has a polished Indie feel that frames a classic yet still vital tale, beauty facing the beast. In horror that is the killer meets the final girl! I really do want more! I wanna see what leads to this moment, and to know how this quest ends for this chick!

The special effect and sounds are quality, giving both a retro and modern vibe similar to "It Follows". This horror short is stellar and ignoring minor flaws, the mask is too close to Michael's in style even though it is Spock and there were a couple of times the girl let her guard down and should have been killed- begs for a feature adaptation. I highly recommend watching " Night Of The Slasher". 

My Review Of "All Hell Breaks Loose"

"All Hell Breaks Loose" is a throwback to the gringhouse days of the drive-in, and the cult film. It is directed by Jeremy Garner and stars Mike Bazanele, Nick Forrest, Joshua Lee Frazier, Leif Fuller, Ryan Gregg, April Mai, Tommy Hestmark, and Big Dave Levick. The fast flick manages to utilize those effects that make us long for the old days of grindhouse, the sketchy somewhat damaged filmstrip, creative characters and exploitative nature, without turning the effort into a cluttered joke flick.

Synopsis: "All Hell Breaks Loose" is the story of love, leather, and violence. When the Satan's Sinners, a vicious motorcycle gang from hell, kidnaps one man's bride, they bite off more than they can chew. Now the man is out to save his wife, any way he can... even if it means dying over and over again. With the help of a shit-kicking sheriff, a perverted priest, and a cowboy who just might be God, all hell is bound to break loose.

The basics of "All Hell Breaks Loose" is not completely original, the biker gang, innocent couple and horrorific intersection of lives is classic. What the film does offer is a fresh view of that classic in a creative and full throttled flick. I loved most of the crazy, evil characters in the biker gang, the action and humor hit on point, and the story was robust.

I have mixed emotions about the special effects. There is a hefty amount of both practical and CGI, plus Garner has an understanding of the right balance of both, I just felt the CGI gunshots and blood splatter did more to kill the good vibe of "All Hell Breaks Loose". However the practical gore and horror is worthy, and the grindhouse attitude and road horror feel forgive the CGI choices here.

Overall I enjoyed " All Hell Breaks Loose" and intend on adding it to my collection. It is a near perfect example of modern throwback to Cult Cinema. The CGI may turn off some viewers, and there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, but it the exploitation, gore and guts that turn me on with this one. I think most modern grindhouse fans will appreciate this homage to those glory gory days of the cult film!

My Review Of "Pi Day Die Day"

Indie horror "Pi Day Die Day" is a low budget slasher that plays on classic horror themes of the shadowy Killer lurking just within the dark places. The film is directed by Michael E. Cullen II, and stars Ari Lehman, Colton Tapp, Justin Rose, Kayla Elizabeth, and Cullen as the teacher.Jeanine Visuue, Gabriel Rios-Hannon, Spring JoyLynn and Mark Klien also star in this homegrown slasher that taps into some of the energy felt by Killer cult films such as "The Prowler", and " The House On Sorority Row".

Synopsis: It’s March 14, 2016 and a serial killer is on the loose in a small Ohio town.  The students of Euclid High fear for their lives as their classmates disappear, falling victim to this elusive murderer.  With the help of Euclid High’s math teacher, Mr. Douglas, Detectives Mahoney and Beecher find clues to solving this circle of bloodshed.

The story Cullen creates is typical of the slasher genre with an unknown Killer out to rack up a huge body count. Even though the platform is familiar, "Pi Day Die Day" maintains a cool, creative feel that is entertaining. It does have moments when the acting and story gets choppy and trips up a bit, but that feel of fun, passion for the genre is never lost.

The special effects used in the film are a mix of practical and CGI. Sometimes it works out and other times the effects miss. "Pi Day Die Day" does show an understanding of when to hit the horror fan with full-on bloody goodness! For a film with a low budget there is a big effort to create some fun, gory kill scenes which I enjoyed. The sounds and music are the standard expected noise that one comes to appreciate in slasher horror, but there isn't anything that really stands out as original.

Overall "Pi Day Die Day" shows a real love and passion for Indie, low-budget horror, and Cullen's affection for the slasher flick. Even though there are moments when this one hits on the energy of late night chillers and fright flicks, there are many times when the choppiness in character drama and line delivery that prevent "Pi Day Die Day" from being a perfect film. Still it is a cool, Indie horror that a lot of fans will like because it does have that more organic and raw feel to it. Go into this one with open minds and have fun with it!


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