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"YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE” Is Now Available On Two-Disc Collector's Edition

YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE” is now available courtesy of TetroVideo in a special two-disc deluxe package with English, Italian, French and Danish subtitles. Written and directed by Kasper Juhl while produced by Kasper Juhl and
Anders Norddal Jendresen. Starring Marie-Louise Damgaard as Juliet White along with Rose Milling, Bill Hutchens, Kim Sønderholm, Mie Gren, Frederik Carlsen, Paw Terndrup and many more. Your Flesh, Your Curse” can now be ordered through 

After being brutally murdered, the troubled girl Juliet White ends up in a limbo, where a spiritual guide forces her soul to re-live repressed memories.

Trailer Released For "Daisy Derkins And The Dinosaur Apocalypse"


A teaser trailer and poster for new independent horror comedy Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse have been released. 

Written and directed by Mark Mackner (Daisy Derkins 1 and 2Half Life Horror From Hell) and Bob Kaplan (Dollface: Road to the Apocalypse), Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypsestars WWE Wrestling Legend and Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff in his final film role.

Daisy and Nikolai team up to fight dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Apocalypse. They also have to battle Silas and his evil crew, a demented henchman, The Mummy Cop, and so much more. There is even Women Wrestling action.
The movie, now in post-production, is expected to be released in early 2020.
Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse stars Nadia White (Don’t F*ck in the WoodsReturn to Nukem High) as Daisy Derkins, Nikolai Volkoff (WrestleMassacre) as himself, Hellter Skelter aka Rocky Ciarrocchi (Half Life Horror From HellEvil BrewDaisy Derkins 1) as Hellter Skelter and The Henchman, Mark Mackner as Silas Killington, Doug Layne (Half Life Horror From Hell) as Sonny Graves, and Echo Endless as Raven Madd.
Synopsis: An Evil Sorcerer teams up with a mad scientist to unleash Dinosaur Hell on Earth, and only Daisy Derkins and a hero from the future can stop them!

Minh Collins Returns With Teaser For "Circus Road"

Acclaimed writer/director Minh Collins (Hit ListRocking the Couch) returns with his first foray into the horror genre. Principal photography has concluded and post-production editing has begun on Circus Road, a throwback slasher film with gore and sass. It has a highly anticipated release scheduled for October 2019.

Co-written by Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Circus Road stars Courtney Akbar (Astro, “Parks and Recreation”), Darcy DeMoss (Friday the 13th Part VI), Augie Duke (Bad Kids Go to Hell), Sarah French (Ouija House), Nikki Kris, Josephine Gorchoff, Randy Wayne, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Elissa Dowling (Party Bus to Hell) and Sadie Katz (Blood Feast) as Carlee Summers.

When Carlee’s fiancé ditches her at the alter, her sassy, sexy bridesmaids catch a speedy get away out of Vegas. After their plans hit a literal bump in the road, they get stuck in a small deserted town run by a cult of clowns. While their ride is being repaired mayhem ensues, boobs, blood, gore and hot bridesmaids are a recipe for horrific disaster. It’s not just the chain-smoking, clown cult local, their sadistic rituals on their victims are no way a fun road trip. The fiancé is on his way to win back his girl before it’s too late and our girls are about to find out nothing is scarier than a Clown protecting their own as they check in to their infamous Clown Inn, but will they ever check out?

Indie Horror Film "Terror 5" Coming This April

Indie Horror Film Terror 5 Coming to DVD & VOD April 2
Brothers Sebastian and Federico Rotstein Direct This Horror Anthology

Playfully based on urban legends and featuring a group of young people all coming face-to-face with their inner demons, Terror 5 is far from your typical indie horror. First-time directors Sebastian and Federico Rotstein use a local political crisis in Argentina as the backdrop to the five stories that unfold to horrific conclusions.  Artsploitation Films will release the film this April 2nd on DVD and on several VOD platforms.

While most of the residents of a small Argentinian town attend a funeral procession following a tragic building collapse, the few who do not will face terrors of their own in this mashup of urban legends from brothers-filmmakers Sebastián and Federico Rotstein. Think bondage, torture, zombies…and governmental corruption. Hernán and Gabriela, are going to a motel without realizing that inside the room, behind the mirror, there is something waiting for them. Lucio and Paulo have a plan to swap girlfriends without realizing what will really happen. A group of friends are watching a snuff movie ignoring that the real terror is sitting next to them. Juan attends a date with Sonia thinking he is going to get laid, when he realizes that she has bigger plans for him. As their primal urges distract them all, local officials are judged innocent of the neglect that caused the building collapse—and then the horror really begins.

New Clip Released For "Pet Graveyard"

A new clip has been released for indie horror "Pet Graveyard", a new supernatural thriller from Proportion Productions and Millman Productions. 

PET GRAVEYARD concerns a group of friends tormented by the Grim Reaper and his sinister pet after they undergo an experiment that allows them to revisit the dead.  The film marks the directorial debut of Rebecca J. Matthews (producer of MOTHER KRAMPUS), from a screenplay by Suzy Spade.  Scott Jeffrey (THE BAD NUN) produces.  Jeff Miller (THE TOYBOX, OUIJA HOUSE) is executive producer.

The movie stars Jessica O'Toole, David Cotter, Rita Siddiqui, Hindolo Koroma, Kate Milner-Evans, Georgina Jane, T'Jean Uter-Dinh, and Hattie Willow.

PET GRAVEYARD is scheduled for release on dvd/digital on April 2nd.  Uncork'd Entertainment is handling worldwide distribution.

"The Man With The Magic Box" Out This April

The Man With the Magic Box:  Out on DVD & VOD April 4th
Bodo Kox's Time-Travelling Sci-Fi Thriller Is a Playful, Thought-Provoking Tale 

Peppered with references to such classics as Blade Runner, Brazil and even Men in Black, and influenced by such European classics as Godard's Alphaville, Melville's Le Samurai and Tarkovsky's Solaris, The Man With the Magic Box is certain to delight seasoned film lovers as it tells it vivid tale of a young man trapped in the future.

This award-winning Polish tale (with English subtitles) from Bobo Kox will be released on DVD and VOD April 4, 2019.

Synopsis: This Orwellian sci-fi thriller is set in the dystopian future of 2030 Warsaw. A man wakes up without any memory of his previous life. He is assigned an apartment and a job as as a janitor in an office building. But when he finds an old radio from the 1950s, it triggers mysterious visions of another past life. As he tries to piece together his past identity with the help of his beautiful but aloft boss, he runs afoul of a totalitarian government willing to do anything to stop him. A beguiling sci-fi love story that is at turns bleak, absurd, unsettling, and oddly affecting.

The Man With the Magic Box - trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

The Man with the Magic Box will be available April 4th on DVD and Digital HD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, Google Play, In Demand and more.

Order The Man with the Magic Box on Amazon

Title: The man with the Magic Box (original title, Czlowiek z magicznym pudelkiem); Director/Screenwriter: Bodo Kox; Country: Poland; Year: 2017; Running Time: 103 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1; Language: Polish with English subtitles; Aspect Ratio:  1.78:1; UPC: 851597006735; SRP: $14.99

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Shunki-Korei-Sai/ Spring Festival

Shinto rite honoring ancestral spirits. [a/k/a Shunki-Sorei-Sai, Shunbun-no-Hi, Shunbun-Sai, Haru-no-Higan

Many people head back to their hometowns and spend a portion of the day tending to the graves of their ancestors. To help their ancestors make the crossing, family members visit the cemetery to pray, weed graves, wash tombstones, light incense and leave flowers.  According to tradition, food, in the form of ohagi or botamochi (sweet rice balls covered with red bean paste), is left to help nourish their ancestors journey to the next world.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Queer Horror "The Office Is Mine" Reveals Workplace Politics Can Be Killer.

Queer Horror "The Office is Mine" Short Reveals Workplace Politics Can Be Killer.

Making its debut at film festivals this summer is The Office is Mine, a biting and darkly comedic tale of workplace horror that reveals something about the competitive nature within us all.
The result of a creative collaboration between filmmaker & queer horror advocate Michael Varrati (Tales of PoeHe Drinks) and celebrated actor & filmmaker Ben Baur (Hunting Season#Adulting), The Office is Mine is a searing, satirical, and blood-soaked portrait of what happens when we allow our perceptions of our social standing dictate our self-worth.

Written and directed by Varrati and based on a story concept by Baur, The Office is Mine stars Ben Baur, Chris Salvatore (the Eating Outfranchise, The Quiet Room), and Navaris Darson (The Other TwoAmerican Horror Story), with supporting cast that features Sarah Nicklin (Nun of ThatThe Haunting of Alice D), Phylicia Wissa (It Hits You When You Know ItSanta Clarita Diet), and Chris Baker (Baker Daily).

Despite the corporate monotony of his job, Zac (Baur) feels like he’s got it all figured out. As the “only gay in the office,” his penchant for hot gossip and “in the know” recommendations have assured his place as the most fabulous employee in another wise dull landscape. Or so he thinks. With the arrival of a new hire, the ultra-chic Tristan (Salvatore), Zac suddenly feels like the very thing that makes him stand out is in jeopardy. What’s more, Zac finds himself increasingly convinced that Tristan is intentionally trying to replace him. Despite the assurance of his boyfriend, Owen (Darson), that all is fine…Zac can’t help but slipping further into a world of paranoia and self-doubt. As Zac’s world begins to unravel, it sets him on a collision course with Tristan…who may or may not be all that he seems. As the two men propel toward a violent and unpredictable confrontation, only one thing is certain: The office isn’t big enough for the both of them.

Trailer For 'Stranger Things 3' Is Totally Rad!

OMG, the trailer for 'Stranger Things 3' is totally rad! Jake Busey, Cary Elwes, Francesca Reale, and Maya Thurman-Hawke. 'Stranger Things Season 3' will premiere on July 4th. One summer can change everything. 

New Featurette Released Ahead Of "Us" Release

A new featurette has been released ahead of the "Us" release date. The film is directed by Jordan Peele and stars Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex. It hits theatres March 22nd. 

Set in present day along the iconic Northern California coastline, Us, from Monkeypaw Productions, stars Oscar® winner Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe (Black Panther’s Winston Duke), and their two children (Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) for an idyllic summer getaway.

Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family.

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Ostara / Vernal Equinox

Ostara, or Eostre or Eastre, is the Germanic Goddess of spring and dawn. The name "Eostre" (Old Germanic "Ostara"), is related to that of Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, and both can be traced back to a Proto-Indo-European goddess of dawn. 

As Spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase. The young Sun God now celebrates a hierogamy (sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives. In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother. 

The Ostara festival falls on the day of the equinox, the day when light and dark are equal. It also marks the time when more light will begin to come in, days will be longer. Inspired by the equinox where light and dark of the physical day are equal, Ostara is a time to celebrate life and balance. On this occasion it was believed that taking water at dawn from springs and drinking them would restore balance and be beneficial for a body.

The symbols that surround Ostara include eggs, rabbits and spring flowers which speak of the fertility and new life she brings. The egg, especially, has always been a sacred sign of fecundity. Eggs carried the power of becoming, of creation. Some ancient legends believed that the Earth was hatched from an egg, and of course eggs abound in birds’ nests at this time of year. They became natural associations with fertility, birthing and creation. The egg or lingam is still much revered and often placed on altars in Hindu culture. Rabbits, too, were associated with the spring festivals because of their great fertility. They produce a large number of offspring and breed many times during the season. 

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Festival Of Dumuzi

Old Sumerian festival celebrating the return of Dumuzi (God of Life and Death) from the Underworld to be with Inanna (Goddess of Life) for the verdant part of the year.

Dumuzi, in Mesopotamian religion, god of fertility embodying the powers for new life in nature in the spring. The name Tammuz seems to have been derived from the Akkadian form Tammuzi, based on early Sumerian Damu-zid, The Flawless Young. 

Known as Dumuzid, Dumuzid was believed to be the provider of milk, which was a rare, seasonal commodity in ancient Sumer due to the fact that it could not easily be stored without spoiling. was also an agricultural deity associated with the growth of plants. Ancient Near Eastern peoples associated Dumuzid with the springtime, when the land was fertile and abundant, but, during the summer months, when the land was dry and barren, it was thought that Dumuzid had "died".

Considered the New Year´s Festival appears as the confluence of every current of religious thought to express every shade of religious feeling. Basically, it served:
  1. to establish harmony with nature which was indispensable to a fruitful social life;
  2. to reaffirm the bond between the community and the gods, the community here being represented by the king in temple ritual, for the king was the one responsible for the continual tending of earthly harmony and accountable to the gods. The community participation is visibly marked in the mourning for the disappeared king in the first days, in the joys of the procession and probably at the private level in the Sacred Rite enacted in the holies of holies of everyone´s homes, at the same time that the king joined with the high priestess in the Inner Sanctum of the ziggurat, and
  3. to enact ritually the periodical changes of fortune humanity was subjected to and seek active participation in changing the fates by listening to the gods´ designs and yet searching for mystical ways to attune and even interfere with destiny by acting upon omens and auguries.

The New Year´s Festival could be held in the autumn as well as in the spring. We translate Sumerian zagmuk, which means "beginning of the year", and the Akkadian akitu, which has uncertain meaning, but basically means New Year´s Festival because these feasts are essentially what the modern term indicates - festive celebrations of a new beginning in the annual cycle. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"American Poltergeist: The Curse of Lilith Ratchet" Is Available Now At Walmart

"American Poltergeist: The Curse of Lilith Ratchet", directed by Eddie Lengyel, is available now at Walmart on Blu-ray and DVD from ITN Distribution. KateLynn E. Newberry, Rob Jaeger, Roger Conners, and Angela Cole star in this latest installment to the "American Poltergeist" franchise.

The film centers on Alice and her best friend Lauren who inadvertently set a hellish curse in motion after surprisingly acquiring a mysterious shrunken head. Wanting to know more about their fiendish find, they pay a visit to a popular paranormal podcast host Hunter Perry of “Beyond the Veil”. Hunter discovers it’s true authenticity of the ages-old object and in hopes of creating a rating boost, he plans a LIVE podcast in which the tale of the shrunken head will be introduced to the masses. Little do they know by playing the game and calling her name they will release the malevolent demonic spirit of Lilith Ratchet.

Patrick Lussier's Halloween-Themed Thriller "Trick" Starts Production

Principal production has begun on the horror thriller, Trick.  The Patrick Lussier-helmed feature is now shooting with Omar Epps stepping into the main role of Detective Mike Denver, a man obsessed with a killer that has eluded him. 

Epps has starred in over 20 films in a career spanning two decades. Most recently, he starred on USA Network's "Shooter" and 2018's hit film Traffik alongside Paula Patton. 
Trick also stars Ellen Adair (Showtime's "Homeland" and "Billions," USA's "The Sinner") as Sheriff Lisa Jayne, the sheriff in the small town of Benton who has always considered Detective Denver as her mentor. Cheryl Winston, the only survivor of the latest round of killings in her small town, will be played by Kristina Reyes ("Blindspot," "Shades of Blue"). Talbott is played by frequent George A. Romero collaborator Tom Atkins and Jamie Kennedy (Scream 1-3, Malibu's Most WantedRomeo + Juliet) will play Dr. Steven.  Principal photography for the film is taking place in New York. 

Producer Ellen Wander, (Misconduct, Spinning Man, Misconduct, Marshall) stated, "We are thrilled to get into production with Omar and Patrick and can't wait to have this film be seen by audiences everywhere."

The story centers on an elusive serial killer, who descends upon a small town annually.  He is responsible for gruesome murders year after year, each seemingly unrelated.  No one believes this could be the same killer.  Detective Denver has faced Trick once before, having -shot and killed him.  Or so everyone keeps telling him.  However, Denver knows Trick is still out there, and he's coming back for revenge.

Lussier's lengthy list of horror credentials began while working alongside Wes Craven in some of the genre's biggest hits including the ground-breaking Scream franchise, Red EyeNew Nightmare and Vampire in Brooklyn. Lussier directed and co-wrote My Bloody ValentineDrive Angry and was a writer and producer on Terminator Genisys.

Writer Todd Farmer has a long history in the horror genre including 
Jason X, and The Messengers and has worked previously alongside Lussier co-writing My Bloody Valentine and Drive Angry.

Film Bridge International will handle worldwide sales for the film. In addition, Film Bridge International has partnered with Chimney's Fredrik Zander to handle post-production.

Omar Epps is repped by CAA and Anonymous Content.  Patrick Lussier is repped by Paradigm Talent Agency.

Trailer Released For Netflix Zombie Series 'Black Summer'

Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming zombie series 'Black Summer'. Created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, 'Black Summer' is a prequel to the canceled Syfy series 'Z Nation'. It stars Jamie King, Justin Chu Cary, Kelsey Flower, Joel Gagne, Bud Klasky, Arielle Rombough, Sal Velez Jr. and is set to premiere April 11th.

Set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse, the eight-episode first season centers on Rose (Jamie King), a mother, and a small group of American refugees who must find the strength they need to fight their way back to loved ones. But in order for Rose and her team to brave this hostile new world, they will need to make brutal decisions to contend with zombies and each other.

Blood Moon Pictures Launches #Crowdfunding Campaign For "Volumes Of Blood" Final Film

Blood Moon Pictures has launched a crowd funding campaign for the final installment to the "Volumes Of Blood" franchise. The campaign is set up on Indiegogo and .J. Starks and Eric Huskisson have put up some pretty cool perks to gain the 15,000 they seek, including an exclusive poster designed by American Horror Story artist Michael Broom.

"Volumes Of Blood: Devil's Knight" stars Bill Oberst Jr. (Three from Hell), Christopher Bower (The Dooms Chapel Horror), Katie Stewart (The Wicked One), David McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon), Sonya Delormier (Angel), Ryan Matthew Ziegler (Butcher the Bakers), Harper Dawahare (The Rave), Patrick Keegan Taft (Under the Surface), Lucy Turner (The Caretakers), Todd Reynolds (Volumes of Blood), Tiffany Arnold (The Sleeper), Daniel Alan Kiely (Bong of the Living Dead), Roni Jonah (The Hornet’s Disciple and The Scars She Left), Jason Crowe (The Bad Man), Tyler Riley (Scream for Summer), Julie Anne Prescott (Kill Dolly Kill: Dolly Deadly 2, Clownado), Olivia Jacobs.

Set on the morning of Halloween, several strangers are arrested for their involvement in multiple atrocities across the city of Owensboro. As each is interrogated by police the horrifying reality of their stories unfolds revealing werewolves, killer children, revenge, retribution and the bloody truth about a relentless serial killer who will stop at nothing to make sure he finishes what he started on Devil’s Night.

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Quinquatrus of Minerva

Old Roman festival of Goddess Minerva (Greek Athena) - as font of artistic inspiration. [Roman calendar]

Quinquatrus was a festival sacred to the Goddess Minerva, celebrated from the 19-23 of March. The older festivals were of Etruscan origin and were to celebrate the Spring Equinox, the spring rebirth rites of women. One of the major holidays in the Roman calendar, this five-day holiday was sacred to both Mars and Minerva. 

Minerva was patroness to writers, artists, actors and teachers. Minerva's other aspects include health (Minerva Medica), trade and craftsmanship, and strategy in war. Minerva was also the patroness of musicians.

Obtain a picture or statue of Minerva and set it up in a quiet place  – a personal altar or lararium. Minerva was associated in antiquity with the Greek Athena, so symbols that relate to her will also work– a figurine of an owl, for example. Add a candle and a dish for offering bread, meat, wine or milk, or to make mola salsa.

 In silent contemplation for a moment, gaze upon the statue of the goddess and clearing your mind. Take a moment to mentally focus on the goal of your offering. Kissing your right hand in adoration to the goddess, begin your prayer. Latin or English:

"Dea Minerva, te hoc ferto obmovendo bonas preces precor, uti sies volens propitius mihi (liberisque meis) domo familiaeque meae mactus hoc ferto."

"Goddess Minerva, before you I make this offering, I sincerely pray that you will look kindly and favorably on me (and my children), on my house, and my household."

Monday, March 18, 2019

Some Things Shouldn't Be Found in "THE MISPLACED" Now Streaming

Some Things Shouldn't Be Found in THE MISPLACED
Now Streaming on YouTube

The Misplaced is directed, co-written, and edited by Alex DiVincenzo, whose previous effort, Be Us, is currently nominated for Best Short Film at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

Jamie Lyn Bagley and co-writer T.J. Frizzi star in the film, which packs a chilling premise into a mere four minutes. It premiered to a sold-out audience at the 2018 Boston Underground Film Festival.

"I find horror to be most effective when it invades the home," explains DiVincenzo, "so I drew inspiration from films I love that embrace that atmosphere, like John Carpenter's Halloween and The Strangers, to tell what I hope to be a similarly unsettling story."

The Misplaced is the latest genre short from DiVincenzo and Lockbridge Productions, whose previous work includes The Horrors of AutoCorrect (distributed by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV), Cybershock 1999 (distributed by Troma Entertainment), and the 48 Hour Film Project winner Root of All Evil.

"The 27 Club" Set To Release This April From Cleopatra Entertainment

Indie horror "The 27 Club" is set to be released this April courtesy of Cleopatra Entertainment. Inspired by the modern myth surrounding the death of many celebrities at age 27, the film is directed by Patrick Fogarty and stars Maddisyn Carter, John Hennigan, Victoria De Mare and Todd Rundgren. It hits blu-ray/DVD April 23rd.

Why have so many celebrities died at 27? Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morris and many more have all dropped dead (usually due to excess) at this pivotal age. The story surrounds a singer-songwriter and a journalism student. Both characters are exploring the dark truth behind "The 27 Club." Their journey leads them into a world they may not be able to escape.

Official Trailer Released For 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Part 2'

An official trailer has been released for 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Part 2'. The Netflix original series returns April 5th. New arrivals to the show includes Dorian Gray (Jedidiah Goodacre) and Alexis Denisof as the boyfriend of Mary Wardwell.

"It's a wicked world out there, and Sabrina is brewing up trouble. After signing her name in the Book of the Beast, Sabrina struggles to find the balance between her place in the mortal world and her new darker side. New challenges await Sabrina in Part 2, including having to choose between the familiar mortal Harvey Kinkle, and the sexy warlock Nicholas Scratch. She may have signed her name to the Dark Lord, but that doesn't mean she isn't willing to raise a little hell.

Official Trailer Released For "Body At Brighton Rock"

The official trailer for Roxanne Benjamin's "Body At Brighton Rock" has been released. The film held it's premiere at SXSW, and stars Karina Fontes, Casey Adams, Emily Althaus, Miranda Bailey, Martin Spanjers, and John Getz. It hits theatres and VOD April 26th.

Wendy, a part-time summer employee at a mountainous state park, takes on a rough trail assignment at the end of the season, trying to prove to her friends that she’s capable enough to do the job. When she takes a wrong turn and ends up deep in the backcountry, she stumbles upon what might be a potential crime scene. Stuck with no communication after losing her radio and with orders to guard the site, Wendy must fight the urge to run and do the harder job of staying put — spending the night deep in the wilderness, facing down her worst fears and proving to everyone - including herself - that she’s made of stronger stuff than they think she is.

Trailer Released For New 'Chernobyl' Miniseries

The trailer has been released for upcoming miniseries 'Chernobyl'. The limited cable event premieres May 6th on HBO. The new series is directed by Johan Renck and it will star Emily Watson, Jared Harris, and Stellan Skarsgard. 

The series dramatizes the story of the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history, and of the brave men and women who made incredible sacrifices to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Teaser Released For 'Ice Wolf Queen' Pilot

Check out the pilot teaser trailer for 'Ice Wolf Queen'. The upcoming series is from production house White Ferret Films and is set to show at TCL Chinese Theatre located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA for the official selection screening. It is part of this year's Golden State Film Festival. Catch it March 27th at 12 pm. 

In the horror film, ICE WOLF QUEEN a group of thieves get more than they bargained for when they break into the wrong house. The house is protected by an entity, which has taken on the form of a little girl who died in the same house one year earlier.

Ice Wolf Queen (Pilot) Teaser Trailer from White Ferret Films on Vimeo.

True Horror Featurette Released For "Pet Sematary"

A new True Horror featurette has been released for "Pet Sematary". Sometimes dead is better! Check out the promo below.

Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.

“If you want to make a truly terrifying movie you have to go back to the master of horror himself, Stephen King.”
-Dennis Widmyer, Co-Director of Pet Sematary

Terror Films Brings The Horror To #Popcornflix

Terror Films continues to expand their digital footprint and their film library. Now, this genre distributor has teamed up with Popcornflix, to bring several of their premiere titles to this popular, ad-based streaming site.
The initial release will include a variety of films. The first wave of films involves top performers such as Hell House LLC, Dead Body and Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary. Future titles will include the Terror Films’ original release The Chosen, the comic book-esque thriller The Dark Stranger, the award-winning Argentinian film What the Waters Left Behind, the zombie, comedy horror Night of Something Strange and the female-driven apocalyptic thriller The Tribe. The Tribe stars Jessica Rothe of the recent Happy Death Day franchise. All of these titles are sure to entertain horror and thriller film fans, this Spring.
The new partnership will also include titles from Terror Films’ sister company Global Digital Releasing. Titles from GDR, on Popcornflix, include the critically-acclaimed drama Elizabeth Blue and the award-winning comedy Paperback from Sundance alum Adam Bowers. All of these film are tentatively set to debut on Popcornflix as early as April 1st!

To learn more about Terror Films visit:


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