Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Logan's Run" Remake Hold Up

Carl Eric Rinsch is not on board to direct Logan's Run for Warner Bros. Pictures anymore.
Logan's Run is expected to be low-tech science fiction in a futuristic setting and hew closer to the book than the 1976 movie. The premise sees a future society that demands the death of everyone upon reaching a certain age. Anyone who veers from that destiny is dubbed a "runner" and is hunted by operatives known as Sandmen. Logan is a Sandman who is forced to go on the run. Warner Bros. has not set a release date yet for the film, which was was written by Alex Garland.

First Look At "Green Lantern"

"Aaah! Zombies!!" PostCards...

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"Red Riding Hood" First Look!

In a village unsettled by the presence of a werewolf, a young girl is engaged to be married but falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family's displeasure.

“Amanda Seyfried dons the cape for Red Riding Hood. In a dark retelling of the famous children’s tale (out March 11, 2011), Seyfried stars as Valerie, a village girl torn between two loves (including Peter, left, played by Jericho’s Shiloh Fernandez). “I’ve never seen her like this in a role before,” raves director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight). “She’s super sexy, wild. And those big eyes of hers are totally out of a fairy tale.” The threat of demons and werewolves further complications the love triangle, along with a priest (Gary Oldman) obsessed with ridding his village of evil, and townspeople hiding their own secrets and lies. “There’s a strong whodunit through the whole thing,” says Hardwicke. “So it’s got the weird, interesting parts of Grimm’s fairy tale and then so much more.”

Captain America! I Loved The TV Series As A Kid!


Human Race Get Off Your Knees!

About half of this new book by Icke, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, is a recap on the secret government, its history, and how Icke himself had a political and even spiritual awakening. Icke always writes his books to be independent so you don’t have to read his previous books to be able to follow along. His style is straightforward, easy to read, and interjected with humor and wit. It is filled with cartoons and photos, and this one even has numerous colored paintings to illustrate his points.
The book is full of depth, including how this life is a “virtual reality game.” We are all Conscious Awareness “stuck” in a body for some time, and have forgotten our true nature while we are “playing the game.” The chapters on this topic are fully backed by science. Interestingly, this coincides with what mystics of all religions have said for eons. 

Chad Ferrin's "Unspeakable" Movie

James and Alice Fhelleps struggle through their exhausted marriage. Amidst middle-class complacency, the only joy in Jim's life is his beloved daughter, Heather. One night Jim's life is completely devastated by a cataclysmic car accident. From the wreckage, following a terrible collision, Jim is left cradling the bloody, broken body of his daughter. Heather is dead and his wife Alice is confined to a wheelchair vulnerable to the corrupted sexual desires of her caretaker.
Tortured by hallucinations, Jim's inward flight reverses into an explosion of violence. He strikes back at the world with uninhibited fury. Armed with a straight razor, he turns the streets to blood, slicing his way through the urban decay. Jim's victims are as varied and myriad as the city's citizens from whores to fraudulent religious leaders. His quest into the realm of violence and death brings him closer to his deceased daughter. She speaks to him through his bloody straight razor, begging for resurrection. But will it really happen? The truth is Unspeakable. Unspeakably fierce, unspeakably shocking, and virtually unforgettable, Unspeakable is a stunning Tromasterpiece.

"BlinkyTM" Teaser Trailer

"Soon every home will have a robot helper.  Don't worry, your kids are perfectly safe."

BLINKYtm Teaser HD from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

"The Walking Dead" Sneak Peek

New Poem!

beyond the blood, beneath the skin

beyond the blood that flows rhythmically
beats a binding pulse that fuses souls
deeper than DNA scratching methodically
burns the desire to love and to grow.
without jealousy and greed people unite
holding fast to one another with great fever
passionately forever bound by need to thrive
families are formed despite their fears.

beneath the skin lies a desire for love
beating with rage and engulfed in fire
not out of obligation forced in disgust
but burning strong out of connected desire
family is more than just what birth can measure
with tears and regrets that turn to scabs
those who you can trust in thought and jester
have more heart to show than some genetic mass.

rickey russell

Zombie Preparedness!

Zombie like Virus Invades Nicaraugua!

BBC News, 20 April 2009 [link to]

Preliminary reports of first mutation (viruses are known to rapidly evolve and adapt - more: google viral evolution) of Solanum virus - see also ) in the North of Nicaragua (rather close to the United States (through Mexico)!)

"It behaves like a virus, sending teenager after teenager into a frenzied state"

"They get giddy and they faint and fall to the ground," he said. "Then, they start hollering and they hit their heads on the wall or desk. They have an extra strength. You have to have five or six people to hold down one girl."

On the outskirts of Puerto Cabezas, at Uraccan University, Professor Pablo McDavis has been researching Grisi Siknis for the last few years, in the Indigenous Diseases Department.

"We have taken samples of blood from patients while suffering an attack and, in a lab, we can't detect anything," explains a puzzled McDavis.

"Drugs or injections tend to only increase a patient's aggressiveness. Clinically we can't detect anything.

"It is like an outbreak. If an attack is not contained quickly, it can spread throughout an entire community."

Real UFO Sighting At Lake Eerie

 Made the news so it must be true! Right?!

Latest Images From "Scream 4" !

Love these images of the new Scream movie! One of my most anticipated coming soonz! Cannot wait for this shit to come out!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Behind The Scenes of "Black X-Mas" The Remake

In early anticipation of the coming Christmas season here is my photo blog of "Black X-Mas" DVD Extras!

"Battlefield: Los Angeles" Trailer

A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.


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