Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trailer No.2 Released For "The Unkindness Of Ravens"

A second, more thrilling trailer for Lawrie Brewster's new forray into thought-provoking horror, "The Unkindness Of Ravens" has been released. The highly imaginative, dark horror plays on internal and personal conflict, surreal themes of horror and fantasy, in an elevated, chilling story about one war vet's struggle on the home front. Lawrie Brewster is masterful at this high-concept story telling where the lines are blurred between reality and nightmare, as evident with his feature film debut, the acclaimed psychological horror "Lord Of Tears".

" The Unkindness Of Ravens" stars Jamie Scott Gordon as a troubled war veteran plagued by flashbacks of a traumatic event he witnessed in the army. Andrew travels to a retreat in the remote Scottish Highlands hoping to overcome his fear of ravens, the dark creatures that populate his visions. But, in this bleak wilderness, his nightmares manifest into an enemy more powerful than he could ever have imagined. 

The crowd funding is at the hallway point and looks to be successful as it edges toward that last day on Kickstarter. Head over to the page and check out the cool rewards for your support. Also if you haven't already, head over to "The Unkindness Of Ravens" Facebook page to stay up to date with the films progress.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Review Of "Judas Ghost"

Written by Simon Green and based on his paranormal book series Ghost Finders, "Judas Ghost" is ghost story focusing on paranormal investigators/ exorcists. The film is directed by Simon Pearce. "Judas Ghost" uses a blend of tightly written scenes of drama and dialog with staple CGI effects to kick off the battle between man and supernatural evil picking up within the confines of the novels episodic encounters between the paranormal entity and the vanquisher of ghosts- the ghost finders.

Synopsis: Set in the world of the Ghost Finders, "Judas Ghost" follows a team investigating an apparently standard haunting at an old village hall. The team of three is accompanied by a camera-man and former ghost finder from the Carnacki Institute, who is there to document events as a training tool for new recruits. However, things go from bad to worse when it becomes clear that they are facing something far more sinister than they first anticipated, and the team must use every trick they know to try and get out of the hall alive. Who will survive, and what will remain of their souls, when they encounter the chilling Judas Ghost? 

Full disclosure: I have not yet read the Ghost Finders series so my movie review is based solely off what the feature gave me. For me, having not been familiar with the story before hand, I feel that a lot about these characters and this "VS evil" mythos, that Simon Green has created, could have been anchred in "Judas Ghost" with a bit more backstory. Still based on the plot and well crafter melodrama here, "Judas Ghost" is an intense kick off for the film franchise. The dialog was quick, intelligible back'n'forth that developed an intense, and often times, thrilling experience. 

The cast are pretty committed to these characters and each one is fully developed and individualized enough not to seem disingenuine or forced into the story. The cliche arrogance of the main character is a bit of a bitter pill but even he feels authentic in this supernatural mythos, "Judas Ghost" provides. The story does drag some during dramatic moments, this is simply due to the lack of variety in scene setting and plot. The whole story takes place in a single location with almost no nreakway moments to stimulate the viewer and very little chilling horror or gore to solidify the dark tone of "Judas Ghost".

The special effects are your run of the mill CGI driven ghosty stuff that is both overworked, and understandably necessary to tell a story such as " Judas Ghost". Although I personally wanted more moments that ramp up the suspense and provide possible shock value to the horror side of the story, Simon Pearce does a good job of managing the use of CGI and other effects perfectly and effectively so "Judas Ghost" does give good Ghost! Overall this film is deserving in a once over by horror fans, especially those really into the Ghost hunter flicks, and is a great way to kick off the feature franchise for Ghost Finder fans.

"The Slasher" Preps For Crowd Funding With New Teaser

The Indie slasher flick, aptly titled "The Slasher" Preps for a crowd funding campaign with chilling 'Breaking News' teaser clip. The campaign will be featured on "The Slasher" is directed by Patrick Rudek and stars Bill Oberst Jr., Dave Vescio, Natalie Stephens, Craig Lemons, Rachel Alig, and Audra Van Hees.
It goes live on December 1st. Twenty years ago:
A man called John Romero has murdered in an incredible and brutal way and was checked into a mental facility.

There is a talk show interview with Dr. Michael Carpender, a psychologist who wrote a bestseller about the life of John, and his best friend Fred Craven, a movie director, who adapted the book into a movie. The movie also became a blockbuster and today Dr. Carpender is a psychologist for the rich and famous and Fred Craven is a big player in movie business. Now, twenty years later ("happy anniversary"), they want to do a fictitious continuation / sequel. Then the killer gets out of the hospital ready to do his own sequel.

Release Date Announced For "Black Wake"

Due out in February is Indie horror "Black Wake" The film is directed by Jeremiah Kipp and will be released on the 19th of-. "Black Wake" stars Eric RobertsTom SizemoreBrett Azar, and Anthony Marks.  Check out the official poster below, as well as the previously released second teaser trailer. 

Specialists gather in a top-secret facility to investigate a series of strange deaths on beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. One of the team's scientists (Nana Gouvea) examines video evidence to uncover a possible parasitic explanation for the fatalities. But when a determined detective (Tom Sizemore) sends her the crazed writings of a mysterious homeless man (Jonny Beauchamp), the scientist slowly learns that the actual threat may be more dangerous -- and far older -- than anyone ever imagined. Can she convince her colleagues (led by Eric Roberts) of the true danger before an ancient force rises from the sea to bring madness and death to all of humanity?

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Sherlock Holmes VS Frankenstein" Starts Filming

Following this summer's crowdfunding on Indiegogo, "Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein" has started filming this month. Directed by French filmmaker Gautier Cazenave, the movie follows Holmes and Watson as they investigate a strange case of body snatching in 1898 Germany. Principal photography is planned in 2016. The novelization by David Whitehead is now available from Amazon.

"Sherlock Holmes VS Frankenstein" stars Shane Briant (Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell), Clement von Franckenstein (Hail Caesar), Eric Godon (In Bruges), John Lebar (Sherlock, Prometheus), and Angèle Vivier. The crowd funding on Indiegogo is active once more so that best costuming and set designs possible can be achieved for this adventurous tale of the world renowned slueth as he faces the original mad scientist himself- Dr. Frankenstein! Stay tuned for more videos and stills in the coming months!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Horror Tale "Tailypo" Garners Emmy Nomination

Cameron McCasland of Red Headed Revolution was nominated for an Emmy award for his short film Tailypo in the Program Director category at the 30th annual MidSouth Emmy Awards Thursday night at a ceremony held at BMI in Nashville, TN.

McCasland said of the nomination for Tailypo. “I am just so thankful to my cast & crew and the good people at Copper Canyon Ranch who opened their home to us to get this made. I carried this story around for a long time, and its really nice to see it connect with viewers. Thanks to NATAS for being so gracious. We are all over the moon.”

The film premiered online earlier this year and made the jump to the big screen winning awards at The Best Shorts Competition, Imaginarium Film Festival, The IndieFest, as well as screenings at multiple film festivals in The United States, Canada, and Russia.

McCaslands Tailypo is a re-telling of the classic American folk tale, a reclusive man (played by David Chattam) living in a cabin with his hungry hunting dog are stalked by a creature with sharp teeth, claws, and glowing yellow eyes after a blind shotgun blast severs the creatures tail. The hermit begins to question his own sanity as the unseen menace lurking in the shadows of the lonesome woods hauntingly taunts “tailypo, tailypo, give me back my tailypo.” Voiced to eerie perfection by Penny Dreadful herself, Danielle Gelehrter.

The director first heard of the story as a kindergarten student at Edgewood Elementary school in his childhood hometown of Edgewood, Texas. McCasland spoke about its origins, “The campfire tale was a Halloween favorite from two of my teachers, Carolyn Hooks and Darlene McEnturff. Its one of the first things i can remember really creeping me out as a kid. The thing just stuck with me, and It felt really good to get it out of my head and up on the screen.”

This marks the sixth Emmy nomination overall and first in the directors category for McCasland who has previously been given the nod in writing and producing categories for his work on the “Go Green With Dr. Gangrene” series of shorts, and his made for tv movie “The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special”.

You can see the award winning Tailypo as well as other work from Cameron McCasland at the website or find him on twitter @CamMcCasland

The 30th annual MidSouth Emmy awards will be announced Saturday ,February, 27th 2016 during a banquet and live telecast from the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum in Nashville, TN. For more information and to see a full list of nominees please visit

Watch " Tailypo" now!


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