Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two New Promo Pieces Unleashed For "Don't Fuck In The Woods"

Concept Media and Shawn Burkett has released two more promo pieces for upcoming creature feature horror "Don't Fuck In The Woods". The first piece of artwork features the cast in memorable personas, and was released last week. The second peice is of the creature and gives a good profile view of what horror awaits the ill-fated cast who don't heed the warning : "Don't Fuck In The Woods". The horror film is directed by Shawn Burkett and stars Josh Miller, Roni Jonah, Hannah Herdt, Jason Crowe, Brandy Mason, Brittany Blanton, Dave Parker, Scott Gillespie, and Megan Hunt. 

A group of friends are going on a camping trip to celebrate graduating college. But once they enter the woods, the proverbial shit starts to hit the fan! Also some cool merch has been placed on the Concept Media Store site so check it out. Concept Media Merchandise .


Arena Cinema, one of Los Angeles’ premiere art house haunts, is proud to announce the launch of “Campfire Fridays,” a brand new monthly event hosted and curated by indie horror filmmaker James Cullen Bressack. The series will kick off on Friday, October 9th, with a midnight screening Bressack is currently keeping under wraps.

On the last Friday of every month, “Campfire Fridays” will host exclusive late-night screenings of horror cinema’s most influential and memorable classics, programmed by one of indie horror’s hottest up-and-coming directors, James Cullen Bressack. Bressack promises a no-holds barred curation to the lineup he'll present with Arena.The intimate Arena Cinema is a perfect Hollywood venue for dedicated horror fans to experience their favorite titles on the big screen once again, and the quiet courtyard (which runs between Arena and the back of The Egyptian Theatre, is an excellent spot for post-film discussions and networking.

“I grew up watching horror movies like a mad man. The films I watched inspired me to want to make movies and greatly influenced me as a filmmaker. It's always been a dream of mine to be able show some of my favorite horror movies to people the way they were meant to be seen, on the big screen. I encourage people to come to these midnight horror movies in their pajamas. It's a midnight horror pajama party!” said James Cullen Bressack. Bressack is one of indie horror’s most prolific young talents, and his most recent release, PERNICIOUS, stunned sold-out crowds earlier this year Arena Cinema. Bressack was recently on the cover of SCREAM horror magazine, and also wrote and directed a number of films, including the acclaimed HATE CRIME, which was banned in the UK, and Blood Lake, which was a top ratings getter for animal planet.

“We're building our reputation at Arena on our relationships with distributors and filmmakers and ultra-indie enthusiasts plus in the programming of the great new genre films we present weekly. The idea to connect with filmmakers and invite curating of retro classics has been a desire for sometime. You can bet they'll be a slew of amazing films Bressack curates for Campfire Fridays in the Fall/Winter and audiences are going to dig it.  We've been waiting for a filmmaker like Bressack to step up and want to do this with us. said Christian Meoli, Head Programmer and Managing Director of Arena Cinema Hollywood.

In 2014, Arena Cinema Hollywood was named Best Hidden Indie Movie Theater by LA Weekly. The 92 seat single-screen art house oasis is dedicated to showcasing the best in independent film, and recently celebrated its third anniversary at its prestigious Hollywood location. Upcoming titles playing at Arena Cinema Hollywood include the L.A. Premieres of THE CREEPING GARDEN, CONTRACTED: PHASE TWO, DEEB WEB, LISTENING, THE DIABOLICAL, WRECKER, CLINGER, HELLIONS, TOKYO TRIBE, and West Coast Premiere of Michael Madsen's THE VISIT.

Hollywood continues to be an apex of the low budget horror genre business.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Official Trailer For "A Christmas Horror Story"

The official trailer has dropped for "A Christmas Horror Story". The film is an anthology featuring directors Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey, and Brett Sullivan. "A Christmas Horror Story" stars George BuzaPercy Hynes WhiteRob Archer, Jeff Clark, William Shatner, Shannon Kook and Zoé De Grand Maison among the cast.

High school students investigate a mysterious homicide that occurred the prior holiday season, a couple notices their young son is acting strangely after a snowy forest trip to cut down a traditional tree and one family are stalked through a winter wonderland by Krampus, the Xmas demon. Meanwhile at the North Pole, Santa is fending off zombie elves.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Luke Brady's Slasher Series Follow Up To "Young, High & Dead"

Luke Brady, writer and director of "Young, High & Dead", has returned with a slasher web series to follow up his acclaimed feature debut. "The Highridge Massacre" is a slasher web series that is set to push the envelope of modern horror. Brady promises buckets of blood, heavy exploitation / gore, completely X-rated and 100% NSFW! Now that has my attention unequivocally.Right now there is a crowd funding campaign underway for 'The Highridge Massacre' over on Kickstarter.

BETH and her so called friends head to Highridge Woods for a debauched weekend but after an altercation upon the group’s arrival, things spiral out of control when they cross the path of the Venner's. A savage family of tattooed gypsies who cut, burn, and dismember their victims leaving a trail of blood and carnage wherever they go. 
As the Venners maim and kill, Beth's medication wears off and she starts to join in the killing spree. Suddenly the Venners have a problem on their hands, the hunters become the hunted and Beth begins to wreak havoc amongst friend and foe.

You can read my review of Luke Brady's "Young, High & Dead" here: . Luke Brady was kind enough to answer a few questions about 'The Highridge Massacre' . You can read our interview below and don't forget to go check out the Kickstarter campaign for the horror web series. Also if you haven't seen "Young, High & Dead" yet I suggest you go check it out as well! 

ASOUTHERNLIFE: Where did you get the idea for The Highridge Massacre? 
LUKE BRADY: Lot's of people kept asking me if there would be a sequel to Young, High and Dead so I started playing around with different idea's to expand the story. It was at this time that Graeme from got in touch, he had sent me a novella horror he had written which I loved so I asked him if he wanted to collaborate and co-write my next feature film, thankfully he said yes. We spent several months coming up with idea's for brutal death scenes, sub plots and the characters. We then re-drafted the story until we ended up with 100 pages of script and called it The Highridge Massacre.

ASOUTHERNLIFE: What made you choose to do the story as a web series instead of a feature film follow-up?
LUKE BRADY: The distribution landscape has changed so much in recent years, it's becoming extremely difficult for filmmakers to finance anything, regardless of genre, so I wanted The Highridge Massacre to be a multi platform project that used different tools to tell the story. Last year ran a #6secondscare competition for budding filmmakers all over the world, I thought this was a great opportunity to test out Highridge and see if audiences liked the characters or style of work we had created, so in one week I took an extract from the script, did a casting call, storyboarded and prepped a one day, then posted the clip online. It didn't win the competition but afterwards Fear The Crypt got in touch and said they really liked what I had done and asked me if I wanted to make a web series for their online CryptTV channel. I then tailored the project to fit into a web series which I am currently running a kickstarter campaign for so I am really hoping we meet our target and get to make Highridge come to life, it's an all or nothing fundraiser, which means we only are successful if we hit 100% of the money (£2500 GBP).

ASOUTHERNLIFE: What separates The Highridge Massacre from other horror series that fans will really dig?
LUKE BRADY: The episodes are like x-rated commercial ad breaks and are only 30 seconds in duration, so the violence and horror comes really thick and fast which will definitely be unique for a web series. There won't be any slow character building or faux tension, from the second the series starts we unleash the carnage. But I think the main attraction will be the hero character Beth, she is nothing like your typical female in a horror film. She's not weak or vulnerable, she's not a pathetic bookworm or a ditzy cheerleader, she doesn't seek revenge after getting raped. Beth is a closet psychopath who ends up in a situation where her and her friends are been hunted but when all hell breaks loose the opportunity for her to go on a killing spree becomes a dream come true. The Highridge Massacre shows you what happens when a family of tattooed serial killer gypsies pick on the wrong girl!

ASOUTHERNLIFE: You promise X-rated and NSFW full on horror gore in the series, what can we expect to see in The Highridge Massacre, it sounds like you are pushing the envelop a bit, we talking Lars Von Trier?
LUKE BRADY: Normally I wouldn't want to give away spoilers but we do have teeth getting pulled out, hands and heads getting sawed off, shotguns being fired, stabbings, burning flesh, skin getting chewed, barb wire, one eyed twins, spitting, torture, punching, head butting, a screw driver in an eye. headless rape, brains exploding, a dungeon, tattoos and if we go over our kickstarter campaign target we will be including a two headed feral beast that is half human! No CGI all real SFX and gallons of blood, all packed into 10 x 30 second episodes. So not quite Lars Von Trier.

Release Details And Official Trailer Released For "Old 37"

Check out the official trailer for "Old 37". The acclaimed horror film- it one best feature at Horror Hound- is directed by Alan Smithee and stars Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Brandi Cyrus, Caitlin Harris, Olivia Alexander, Maxwell Zagorski, Devon Spence, Ben Schneider, Maggie Williams, Robert Bogue. "Old 37" is available for pre-order at Amazon, Walmart & BestBuy. It hits shelves on DVD October 6th, with VOD landing as early as September 29th, 2015.

OLD 37 is the last ambulance ride you’ll ever take. In it, two brothers intercept 911 calls in an old ambulance to perform medical crimes upon their unlucky victims.
After losing her father and best friend in less than a year, wallflower Amy decides she won’t watch life pass her by one more day. Taking cues from her flawlessly sexy neighbor Brooke, Amy attempts to flirt with her muscle car driving boyfriend, Jason. Ever the mean girl, Brooke vindictively takes it upon herself to remind Amy just how insignificant she is in this world. With the help of her nurse Mother, Amy goes under the knife. Now a dead ringer for Brooke, Amy makes her move for Jason.
Meanwhile, deep down the forgotten stretches of back road where the cool kids race their cars, two deranged brothers, Darryl and Jon Roy intercept 911 calls in their father’s beat up old ambulance to exact medical atrocities on victims. When a careless car accident befalls Brooke and Jason, Amy gets caught in the fallout. Amy always wanted her neighbor’s life, but she may get her neighbor’s fate.

DVD Release Details For Horror Fantasy "Fire City: End Of Days"

The DVD release details have been announced for award-winning FX artist turned director, Tom Woodruff Jr., "Fire City: End Of Days". The directorial debut stars Tobias Jelinek (Hocus Pocus), Danielle Chuchran (SAGA : Curse of the Shadow), Glee’s Harry Shum Jr, and Kristin Minter (TVs E.R). "FC:EOD" lands October 6th, 2015 on DVD & VOD courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment. 

Set in a world where demons live among us, this exhilarating vitrine of effects and action sees a hard-boiled demon named Vine confronted with the ultimate choice between the salvation of his own kind and the life of an innocent human girl.

Official Trailer Released For "Francesca"

The official trailer has dropped for Luciano and Nicolás Onetti's giallo inspired horror "Francesca". The film stars Raul Gederlini, Silvina Grippaldi, Luis Emilio Rodríguez, Gustavo D´Alessandro and set to premiere at this year's Sitges Film Festival in October. 

It’s been 15 years since the disappearance of little Francesca, daughter of the renowned storyteller, poet and dramatist Vittorio Visconti, and the community is stalked by a psychopath bent on cleaning the city of “impure and damned souls”. Moretti and Succo, questioned by the ineffectiveness of the police force, are the detectives in charge of elucidating the mystery surrounding these “Dantesque” crimes. Francesca seems to have returned, but she is not be the same girl who everyone knew…

Teaser Released For Lovecraftian Horror "The Dark Below"

Press Release:
The Dark Below is a psychological horror film about a young scientist whose discovery of a malevolent entity sets her on a bloody descent into the jaws of insanity. Blending the gut wrenching futility felt in Lovecraft’s best work with slimy practical creature and gore effects, the film promises to bring you a deeply disturbing new addition to the international horror scene.
Read the official synopsis below:
During a traumatic accident whilst on a deep-sea dive in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Olive, a gifted, young marine-biologist discovers an unearthly creature. Loosing her dream job, Olive smuggles the creature home, intent on studying it in her basement, unbeknownst to her devoted boyfriend Matt. Whilst struggling to re-adjust to landlocked life and recover from her recent trauma, Olive begins to realize that she and the creature share a symbiotic bond that drives her to carry out its sinister will.
Plagued by gruesome nightmares, her fractured memories of what happened during the accident in the depths of the ocean begin to unravel and reveal an eldritch horror far older and malevolent than she could ever imagine, one which she has unwittingly set free. Olive’s obsession leads to madness as her discovery consumes her entire humanity, with deadly results for those around her.
The film is the feature film debut of director Stewart Sparke and writer Paul Butler, two independent filmmakers from England looking to bring this unique British horror film to audiences. “We want the viewer to feel the stomach curdling dread of knowing that there are unfathomable creatures slumbering in the dark places of the world and see the consequences if we wake them” writer Paul Butler says of the story they are telling.“Anna Dawson (Olive) did an unsettlingly good job embodying the role of a woman slowly loosing her grip on reality and the audience should be prepared to be dragged along for her descent into the dark below.”
Director Stewart Sparke explains why gore fans and devotees of old school practical creature effects will find something to enjoy “You will see the monster go through a few stages in its lifecycle on its way to becoming an eldritch horror worthy of Lovecraft. Every day of shooting ended with cast and crew covered in blood and slime, which comes through in some particularly disturbing and visceral sequences in the film”.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CW's "State Of Dead" Trailer For 'iZombie'

Check out the first promo trailer titled "State Of Dead" for Season 2 opener of CW's 'iZombie'. The show returns October 6th, 2015 at 9. 'iZomibe' stars  Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley.

Olivia “Liv” Moore was a rosy-cheeked, disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out…until the night she attended a party that unexpectedly turned into a zombie feeding frenzy. As one of the newly undead, Liv is doing her best to blend in and look as human as possible.

Feast On The Title Sequence For FOX's 'Scream Queens'

Feast your eyes on the title sequence for the upcoming horror comedy 'Scream Queens'. The series opener hits September 22nd at 8 p.m. 'Scream Queens' stars Emma Roberts as head of the Kappa sorority house Chanel Oberlin, Jamie Lee Curtis as anti-sorority dean Cathy Munsch, Skyler Samuels as a new pledge and Diego Boneta as campus newspaper editor Pete.

Exactly two decades after Wallace University is rocked by a mysterious death, another murder takes place -- and all hell breaks loose. As the investigation progresses, casualties start to pile up: anyone could be the next victim -- or the villain. This modern take on a classic whodunit, a blend of comedy, horror and mystery, features a killer cast

Official Trailer Released For "Deathgasm"

The official trailer has been released for Jason Lei Howden's "Deathgasm". The film lands in one month! That is October 2nd, 2015. "Deathgasm" stars Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman, and Stephen Ure. 

Highschool can be Hell. Metal-thrashing Brodie is an outcast in a small town until he meets a kindred spirit in metalhead Zakk. After starting their own band, Brodie and Zakk’s resentment of the suburban wasteland leads them to a mysterious piece of sheet music said to grant Ultimate Power to whoever plays it. But the music also summons an ancient evil entity known as Aeloth The Blind One, who threatens to tear apart existence itself. It’s up to Brodie, Zakk and their mates to stop a force of pure evil from devouring mankind.

Sandy Collora Returns With Amazing Looking Practical FX Horror "Shallow Water"

Crowd funding campaign underway for practical effects creature feature "Shallow Water". The film marks the return of Sandy Collora, best known for his work on "The Crow", "ANOES: The Dream Child", "Predator 2". "Shallow Water" is a gritty, moody and terrifying horror film about the dangers of abusing our environment.  The campaign is taking place over on Kickstarter with some pretty sweet rewards for support so check that out! 

"Shallow Water" combines the best of the two worlds with which Collora is so familiar. It is physical horror and psychological horror. It is eerie and intense. With a strong story and script, believable characters, and top flight performances, it strives for quality as a FILM, not just as a horror film.

An innocent adventure: a fishing trip to a remote and mythical fishing hole goes awry and becomes a terrifying predicament that keeps getting worse. Nestled deep in the Sea of Cortez is a tiny island you won't find on any map. Six fishermen scour the Baja peninsula to find this magical place, but when they finally reach their destination, they encounter some sea life that they did not expect. This puts them all at odds and it quickly becomes every man for himself. Which will prevail, Mother Nature or Human Nature?

Night Terrors Film Festival Opening In Denmark February 2016

Night Terrors Film Festival is a new genre festival opening up in Denmark and celebrating its first event in February 2016 - it is for short films; horror, thriller, supernatural, absurd – anything you can think of! Yes, comedies and dramas are welcome too, as long as it can somehow be justified to fit into the theme. 

Films selected will have two screenings each, one in Denmarks capital Copenhagen and one in the second biggest city, Aarhus, the following day. It is a great opportunity to have your short films screened for a Scandinavian audience that might not have other ways to experience your work. 

Behind the film festival is actor and film maker Kim Sønderholm:
"I've felt for a long time that Denmark needed something like this. We have several great film festivals, but most of them is about the more cultural films and not so much the sort of films we're trying to promote; the more "prima" films if you will. We do have genre festivals but they are mostly concentrated around feature films that has already created a buzz. 

Our mission is to take small, lesser known, but great genre short films, and do what we can to give them a danish audience, and to be most efficient in doing so we are going to have the event twice, once in each end of the country. 

We've been working on involving Denmarks third biggest city, Odense, aswell - so far without luck but we hope to succeed, although I can't promise anything at this point.

I am personally very much looking forward to this and I hope to see a lot of great films submitted and to meet a lot of genre fans at the events. We'll be in Copenhagen on February 10 and in Aarhus on February 11 and there will be a great atmosphere, good films, loads of chills, loads of laughs, and a lot of nice people, and we hope to have such a great success to make it an annual event."

Night Terrors Film Festival just opened for short films submissions, 20 minutes max, read more about that on the festival homepage:

You can also check out:

Official twitter page

First Teaser Released For Horror Short "Hybrid" From Anthology "Beneath The Old Dark House"

The first teaser has been released for Jesse Knight's short film "Hybrid". The short will be featured in upcoming horror anthology "Beneath The Old Dark House" from V2 Pictures (Virgo Squared), Mad Ones Films & JK::Films. The film is currently in post-production.

"Hybrid" is the story about a mostly human, part alien, part other… being that escapes from an underground facility. Tracked by an assassin, the creature gets mixed up into the lives of the unsuspecting.

Hybrid teaser 1 from Jesse H Knight on Vimeo.

Four strangers suddenly awaken deep within the catacombs of a dark and decrepit House, with no memory of how they got there. The only thing they have in common is their being held captive by a Mysterious Man, and it is there in his domain that he waits to tell these helpless strangers the fates that await them Beneath the Old Dark House.

BENEATH THE OLD DARK HOUSE is a frightfully delightful homage to the 80s horror anthologies we know and love (Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, Cat's Eye). BENEATH THE OLD DARK HOUSE will feature four brand new tales of terror from the mad minds of writers/directors Jesse Knight (THE ORBS; F-3; PARTNERS), Matt Cloude (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: GENESIS; THE CREIGHTONVILLE TERROR) & Jaysen Buterin (THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BOOZE, BULLETS & HOT PINK JESUS; THE DECAPITATOR), and will soon be released as a feature-length film upon its completion.

New Horrors Teased In Latest 'AHS: Hotel' Promos

There are new horrors awaiting for us when we check in 'AHS: Hotel' this Fall, as teased to in these new clips for new season. Check them out below.

The 13-episode fifth installment of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning franchise, American Horror Story: Hotel, premieres on FX on October 7th.

American Horror Story: Hotel features an all-star cast of Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Chloë Sevigny, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock.

Ryan Murphy serves as Co-Creator, Showrunner, Executive Producer, Writer and Director of American Horror Story: Hotel and Brad Falchuk is Co-Creator, Executive Producer and Writer. Tim Minear, Brad Buecker, Jennifer Salt, James Wong and Alexis Martin Woodall also serve as Executive Producers. The American Horror Story franchise is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Official Trailer For Eli Roth's "Knock Knock"

Lionsgate Premiere will release KNOCK KNOCK in theaters and On Demand October 9, 2015.

Lionsgate presents a Dragonfly Entertainment/Sobras International Pictures/Camp Grey Productions production in association with Elevated Films & Black Bear Pictures, KNOCK KNOCK. The film is directed by Eli Roth and stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas, with Aaron Burns, Ignacia Allamand, and Colleen Camp.

A sexy new thriller from director Eli Roth and written for the screen by Eli Roth & Nicols Lpez & Guillermo Amoedo and story by Anthony Overman and Michael Ronald, KNOCK KNOCK stars Keanu Reeves as the family man who falls into temptation and Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas as the seductresses who wreak havoc upon his life, turning a married mans dark fantasy into his worst nightmare.

When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock on his door for help. What starts out as a kind gesture results in a dangerous seduction and a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Troma Acquires "Theatre of the Deranged II" -Gets Release Date & New Artwork

THEATRE OF THE DERANGED II  was recently acquired by TROMA for distribution. The film will be released on BLUE - RAY and VOD on October 13, 2015. As of yet, no DVD release is planned.

The is the second installment from Executive Producers James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious, Hate Crime) and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures not only feature's Bressack's film "UNMIMELY DEMISE", and Dustin Mills (Puppet Monster Massacre, Zombie A-hole) Segment entitled "PLATE FACE" but also Shane Ryan (Amateur Porn Star Killer) segment entitled "TAG" Shawn Burkett (The Sleeping Soul) with his segment entitled "PANTY RAID" and Lastly Christopher Leto (The House Wife Slasher) with his segment called "MY AUNT IS COMING TO TOWN"   The entire anthology is hosted by Eric Hollerbach as his character Damien Shadows PI.

Here is an official Synopsis: "Damien Shadows introduces you to 5 blood curdling horror films, all of which are actually enchanted and or cursed. Damien shows you how to ward off the spirits after each terrifying tale in this anthology. From demented sisters, to panty raids gone wrong, to killer mimes and bad periods, this film will take you on one wild ride!"

You can read my review here:My Review Of “Theatre Of The Deranged II”

Here is a link to preorder the film:


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