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The Darkly Splendid Realm By Richard Gavin

Book Worth Reading:

If you've felt eyes studying you from the shadows, it has seen you...
If crooked branches have rapped upon your window at night, it has summoned you...
If your dreams are plagued by half-glimpsed terrors, it has claimed you...
From one of the most gruesomely original voices in contemporary horror comes this book of thirteen nightmares. Richard Gavin will plunge you into underworlds of Hellish beauty; give you flight on Dread-Moths' wings; tend for you a thicket that blooms with feral children. More than a volume of horror tales, this collection offers visions of a realm whose splendors are as illuminating as they are dark.

Free story here!
check it out here!

Trailer For “Red Lights”

“Red Lights” has a all-star cast that includes Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro and will be in theaters July 13th.

Check Out These Kinky Contestants

Web-series ‘Choose Your Victim’ posted these totally kink pics on their twitter feed. Check the hotness and get ready to chooser yours this summer!

Choose Your Victim is an audience interactive horror-based web series, where the viewers decide the outcome! Follow them on twitter.

Facebook Page Go to ‘Choose Your Victim’ twitter page to see all the contestant pics.

Without Purpose, Without Pity By Brian Hodge

Book Worth Reading:

Brian Hodge’s Without Purpose, Without Pity won’t be available in print until June 12th. The ebook is available for download.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," they used to say here. But nobody had any idea how true that would really come to be.

When Las Vegas fell, it fell in stages. First, the long, slow death by drought. Then financial collapse and mass exodus. Scorched earth and scapegoats thrown to the flames. Finally, it fell from the face of the earth, cut off by a mysterious vortex that churns as relentlessly as the Red Spot on Jupiter, raised by forces we couldn't possibly imagine.

So why had I stayed until it was too late? Easy: I'd spent years covering fights, and all of a sudden they were breaking out all over.

Now, in the aftermath, that's about the only thing that hasn't changed here. People still love to watch a good fight. So I'm lucky, one of the few to have kept his place in the world. Along with the fighters, who fight for the same reasons they always have. For honor, for respect, for the entertainment of a thirsty crowd of people starved for something unpredictable to watch, besides a horizon that will kill them.

But things can always get worse.

It started when one-time heavyweight contender Darius Thurman came back from a desert run a week late. It started with the call from his trainer, telling me how he was beginning to change. It started with the obvious conclusion:

Whatever had been on the outside all this time was finally finding its way in…

read an excerpt here!
check it out here!

Alice Gives an Umbrella Warning

Due out Sept. 14th 2012 “Resident Evil: Retribution” stars Milla Jovovich, Boris Kodjoe, Kevin Durand, Michelle Rodriguez, Johann Urb, Bingbing Li, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Salmon, Sienna Guillory and Oded Fehr.

Umbrella press release below.

"Umbrella Corporation, one of the world's leading biotechnology conglomerates, has unleashed a globe-spanning recruiting tour to find the world's greatest minds to make advancements for the betterment of all mankind in the fields of biotechnology and genetic research. The tour kicks off in Cancun, Mexico in April 2012 and ends in Tokyo, Japan in September.
Founded by Ozwell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, Umbrella Corporation is best known for creating Aqua Cure®, an ointment that rapidly heals open wounds. Utilizing products that are home grown in Raccoon City, Umbrella Corporation has since opened operations around the world and created many life-altering pharmaceutical products including Adravil®, Regenerate® and Return®.
"At Umbrella Corporation, we believe that nothing is impossible", said Christopher Chung, President of world-wide recruiting at Umbrella Corporation. "While we employ some of the world's best scientific minds, we are excited to hit the road and find talent that can help us shape the future of humanity."
To accomplish this unprecedented recruiting tour, a state-of-the-art vehicle has been created that will makes its way from location to location by land and sea. The vehicle is equipped with a fully functional research laboratory that will be manned by famous Umbrella Corporation scientists Dr. Henrik Markarian, Dr. James Safechuck, and Dr. Joshua Golsen.
"What will the world be like tomorrow?" Umbrella Corporation's Chief Operations Officer, Michelleanne Grepo, asks. "Thanks to Umbrella Corporation, 'tomorrow' is no longer a dream, but a reality today."

“Lifeform” Images Bringin’ The Breasticles

In an interview with Undead Brain recently Brian Shiavo described “Lifeform” and how it the idea came about. More importantly he shared some images from this little creature feature. Check out what he had to say below.

“The idea came out of my fascination with genetic manipulation — it really is the evil genie waiting to leap out of its bottle and bite us on the ass. The real life horrors scientists are probably creating out of our DNA even as we speak will make anything Giger can come up with pale by comparison — and that scares the hell out of me. Then I read about a tiny species of jellyfish that is basically immortal — Turritopsis Nutricula. It can reverse its own aging process and return to a youthful polyp stage when living conditions become difficult, in order to survive — its cells are in flux. I thought: what if a person had this ability? Imagine where that could take us. With that as the basis, I came up with the concept of Lifeform”

“Schiavo continues, “basically it’s about a scientist that creates transgenic human/animal stem cells that can become anything, in order to save his dying wife. He isolates the gene for transdifferentiation from jellyfish DNA, places it into a human stem cell and injects it into her. Of course she’s saved, but … she becomes a creature that can alter her shape to protect herself. She can grow spikes, tentacles, gills, claws, whatever the situation calls for. At the same time, her intellect becomes subsumed by the animal instinct to survive — and just a few errant cells from her body could doom the Human genome forever.”

read the rest of the interview at Undead Brain.

New “Silent Night” Images

The reboot for flick is loosely based on the classic horror movie “Silent Night, Deadly Night” and stars  Malcolm McDowell, Jamie King, Donal Logue, Jamie Kennedy, Brendan Fehr, Lisa Marie, and Ellen Wong. “Silent Night” is directed by Steven C. Miller.

“The slashing begins on a snowy Christmas Eve in Cryer, WI. The normally quiet town is bustling with activity as the the residents are getting ready for the big day. The events take place around the towns annual Santa Parade, which has brought a record number of Santas to town. Deputy Sheriff Aubrey Bradimore (King) is stuck reluctantly working the night shift, dealing with all of the drunken Santas, road closures, and stressed out locals — but things are about to take a deadly turn. A vicious serial killer, dressed as Santa Claus, has made his own “naughty list” and anyone on it is in big trouble. As the body count rises, Aubrey races to discover the killer’s true identity – but in a town full of Santas, shady characters and dark secrets, finding the real murderer will take more then a Christmas miracle.”

“The Watchers” Releases Final Trailer

“The Watchers” final trailer has been released. The indie film is a supernatural thriller directed by Ryan Callaway and stars Jessica Flinn, Seana Cleary, Natalie Caruso, David Tribuiani, Linda McLaughlin, and Jenifer Bloodsworth.

In the quiet town of Little Park, a young woman brutally murders her friends during a seance out in the forest. With no recollection of the event, and no discernible motive, she is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Despite the lack of explanation, weeks later things begin to settle and the townspeople return to their everyday lives.

A young woman named Laura Leeds awakes one day only to see her ordinary life dissolve into a living nightmare. She is afflicted by an ever present pain in her side, voices, visions, and other disturbing manifestations. Then people begin turning up dead or missing, including a man who reveals to Laura that others have been suffering problems identical to hers. And many of them are the same people who are disappearing. Laura tries to figure out what evil is pursuing her and why before she is next to vanish.

Facebook and Website

Found Footage Flick “In The Woods” Teaser Trailer

“In The Woods” is a different spin on the found footage style of film making that is rapidly becoming the baseline for today’s new wave of indie horror. This film is based on what was found on two missing girls phones that was later found by their abandoned car. The story takes place in Maryland. Check out the teaser trailer for this film about events that happened on March 13, 2012.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Trailer 2 For “House At The End Of The Street”

“House At The End Of The Street” hits theaters September 21st and looks to bring the fear to the ‘girl next door’.

"Seeking a fresh start, newly divorced Sarah (Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue; Leaving Las Vegas, Piranha 3D) and her daughter, Elissa (Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence; X-Men: First Class, Winter's Bone), find the house of their dreams in a small, upscale rural town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret. Years earlier, in the house next door, a daughter killed her parents in their beds and disappeared - leaving only a brother, Ryan (Max Thieriot, My Soul to Take), as the sole survivor. Against Sarah's wishes, Elissa begins a relationship with the reclusive Ryan - and the closer they get, the deeper they're all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined."

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2 Clip “Need A Hand”

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2 premiers June 3 at 9 pm. I already have my dvr set to record and cannot wait. This is a show that I am really into. Probably the only thing I watch on MTV besides ‘Death Valley’.

Scott McCall, an ordinary teen with a wild secret, continues to find himself caught in a supernatural war between hunters and werewolves.  While navigating the complicated roadways of high school, Scott must keep his forbidden romance with Allison a secret and protect himself from new Alpha wolf Derek.  Scott will have to trust his instincts above all else if he hopes to end the war in Beacon Hills and keep his friends and family safe.

Evil Hoodie Use Is On The Rise!

 Seems there is a lot of films using shadowy figures in hoodies in dark dangerous settings to visually tell a sinister story. Check out the ominous poster for the dark thriller “The Imposter”. Also there is a trailer posted below.  Here is the plot: “A gripping thriller straight out of real life, THE IMPOSTER is an original film experience that walks the razor’s edge between true-crime documentary and stylish noir mystery. The twisting, turning tale begins with an unsettling disappearance–that of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year-old Texas boy who vanishes without a trace. Three and a half years later, staggering news arrives: the boy has been found, thousands of miles from home in Spain, saying he survived a mind-boggling ordeal of kidnap and torture by shadowy captors.
His family is ecstatic to have him back no matter how strange the circumstances–but things become far stranger once he returns to Texas. Though the family accepts him, suspicion surrounds the person who claims to be Nicholas. How could the Barclay’s blonde, blue-eyed son have returned with darker skin and eyes? How could his personality and even accent have changed so profoundly? Why does the family not seem to notice the glaring differences? And if this person who has arrived in Texas isn’t the Barclay’s missing child… who on earth is he?”

Directed by Bart Layton and stars Frédéric Bourdin, Carey Gibson, Beverly Dollarhide, Charlie Parker, Nancy Fisher, Bryan Gibson, Bruce Perry and Philip French.

New Poster For Sci-Fi Thriller “Looper”

The sci-fi thriller is directed by Rian Johnson. The futuristic thriller takes place in a world where time travel exists, but is only used on the black market. When the mob wants to kill someone, they send the target 30 years into the past where a contract killer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) does the dirty work. Things are going smoothly until Gordon-Levitt’s future self (Bruce Willis) is sent into the past to be killed. This is the UK poster.

A New Zombie Web Series

A passenger attacked a flight attendant.  Bit her.  On her throat.  He was taken down by a marine.  Moments later, the flight attendant attacked a passenger.  Passengers began tweeting, "rabies on a plane."  Their wifi was shut off.  The entire world waited in wonder for the plane to land at Hartsfield International in Atlanta.  Waiting to see what happened on that plane...

Ellena Hyland is reactivated from her domestic lifestyle.  Reactivated to assemble a new team from the decade-long dissolved PROJECT: PHOENIX -   A black ops government agency that must stop an outbreak of an infectious disease.

The pilot of PROJECT: PHOENIX stars Sherilyn Fenn (TWIN PEAKS), Lee Meriwether (BATMAN), Kathy Deitch (Broadway's FOOTLOOSE and WICKED), James Logan (THE MECHANIC), Justin Welborn (BLUE LIKE JAZZ), Linc Hand (the upcoming THE BLING RING and 42) and Shanda Lee Munson (GHOSTBREAKERS).
Facebook Page

The Dampness Of Mourning By Lee Thompson

Book Worth Reading:
Midwest Book Review called the book riveting, channeling the bizarre horror of old for the modern day.

A ring-leader of phantoms and collector of souls, he played rhythms on bare flesh, hellish melodies on bone. Fifty years ago he disappeared as quickly as he came and the town of Division gladly swept his acts of torture from memory. But John McDonnell and Michael Johnston have drawn him home—he hears their names in his sleep, tastes their blood on his tongue, and fantasizes about the rapture birthed of their mourning.

read an excerpt here!

check it out here!

Green Lantern Comes Out!

After announcing last week that one of DC’s characters would come back into The New 52 as a gay character we now know which character will be coming out. Green Lantern/Alan Scott, the original emerald superhero will be reintroduced in the newly created “Earth 2” series (hate the title of the series….).

Series writer James Robinson said, “I’m very proud to be introducing Alan Scott into DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. He was my favorite Golden Age character and one I’m very familiar with so I’m really excited to be updating him for a contemporary readership. Oh, and on Earth 2 there is only one Green Lantern, so Alan's title is The Green Lantern. Alan's sexuality is just one facet of him, along with his innate goodness, valor, charisma and skill at leadership that makes him the perfect man to wield the power of the green light in the world of Earth 2."

"Alan strikes me as an incredibly open, honest and warm man, a natural leader and absolutely the right choice to be Guardian of the Earth. His sexuality is incidental. Every time I draw him I love him even more." Said series artist Nicola Scott.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Tribute To Jamie Lee Curtis

     Indisputably the true and official Scream Queen is Jamie Lee Curtis. Actually I am pretty sure it has been stated so in countless documentaries from various industry people and fans alike so this isn’t anything knew. However since last week I started this new series with Dee Wallace I can’t continue without giving proper respect to the Queen of all Queens of Scream. So this week I will write a retrospective of Jamie Lee Curtis’ massive blood-works  in this global House of Horrors we all call home.

     First off Jamie Lee Curtis is most none and thought of as Laurie Strode. Still even now as she has single handedly convinced me to start eating proactive yogurts I think of her as Michael Myers sister. “Halloween” released in 1978 but I wasn’t allowed to see it then. There were very few films my mom would let me journey to the theater with people as a little kid to watch but horror movies were a flat out know. However she could not stop the televised  airing during one Halloween year when they played it on cable. I fell in love the story then. Halloween was such a happy night for me and to see a boogeyman use that setting to stalk and kill in the name of the darkest evil just blew my mind. It made the holiday scarier which made it far more fun. I think it was that year that “Halloween II” came. Anyway even as a kid who knew I liked boys differently than girls- there was something special about Jamie Lee Curtis.

     After “Halloween” Jamie Lee came back at us with “The Fog”, “Prom Night” and “Terror Train” all in 1980. “The Fog” sees her fighting another kind of Boogeyman. One that hangs thick in the air on damp nights snaking it’s way through the land. Not only is it ominous in and of it’s self but the fog carries with it undead forces set out to punish the wrongs of the towns people for the dark circumstances surrounding its founding. As Elizabeth Solley Jamie Lee found herself once more fighting for survival. “The Fog” still freaks me out to this day. Hell, I find the actual weather event down right demonic.

      The next film didn’t get that much love by a lot of people but I loved it as I do almost all horror that ever comes out. I just fucking love the genre. Anyway back to the blog. “Prom Night” also released that year kept Miss Curtis in the classroom in the slasher flick that surrounded a horrible prank that sends a child falling to his death only to have a killer repay the kids responsible in kind. This film moves more slowly than the previous horror flicks as we wait for that fateful night when High School seniors-and juniors gather around the dance floor blissfully unaware that there is a killer roaming the halls. For me this film brought a darker more sinister evil to Jamie Lee’s nightmare, a playful killer that found joy in seeing his victims die such horrible deaths. Michael had to it was his nature but emotionally numb toward pleasure or care for the scene. His reason was almost an impulsive uncontrollable rage that remained non-expressive. However in this film “Prom Night” , the killer is almost as human as the prey, seeming to relish in taunting and choosing ways to kill the victims.

     “Terror Train” is still a classic horror flick that I enjoy watching. The story has a twisted beginning and the terror on Jamie Lee’s face as Kenny spazzes out over seeing the dead girl in bed then realizing it wasn’t a dummy that was placed there was intense. The kill scenes were gory and inventive. Of coarse there was no big question as too which one of the guys on the train was Kenny but still I enjoyed watching the kill scenes.

     “Road Games” in 1981 had Jamie Lee playing Pamela ‘Hitch’ Rushworth in a film about a serial killer playing games with a truck driver. Another chance for her to fight for survival against a psychotic killer. How the woman sleeps at night is beyond me. I still flash back to car wrecks I had when I was younger that wake me up at night. Couldn’t imagine being chased and torn at by psychotic maniacs even if it is just acting. That is a lot of intense terror to force yourself to feel for the characters sake. Gods bless her for doing it though.

     Then also in 1981 one she brought Laurie Strode to life once more in “Halloween II”. This film lacked some of the energy as the original but the power she had on screen as Laurie was and still is undeniable. There was plenty of kills and the eerie music made the film work. It almost seemed to be the end of her in this film and I for one was thankful she lived to fight Michael another day. Actually a few more times but that is later.

     Then after thirteen years of actively avoiding the genre Jamie Lee dipped a toe back into the dark waters once more in 1994’s “Mother’s Boys”. The film was about a mother who loved her boys but left the family only to return years later willing to do what ever is necessary to get them back. Although not a horror, this film was a thriller that saw Jamie Lee no longer playing victim, instead she became the victimizer. It was a disturbing film that I still watch from time to time.

     Then triumphantly in 1998 Jamie Lee agreed to play Laurie Strode for the third time in “Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later” probably as good as the first film in my eyes. The terror and feel of the original was there and the story was fresh yet kept the strain of consciousness as far as the saga between Laurie and Michael was concerned without butchering the franchise. The kills were epic in this film and gave the story new life.

     After “H2O” there was “Virus” in 1999 that was more of a sci-fi/horror blend and did not go over well but there is some great effects in the movie. Plus Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland- almost makes this film worth watching. Still I have it and I am prone to popping it in from time to time just to curse the writers and directors for over writing the technical shit into the script and under directing the characters. Love Jamie Lee though!

      In 2001 Laurie Strode lived once more, even if it was a brief existence. Laurie and Michael manage to take each other out and Jamie’s part is finished with the franchise as Michael is resurrected. It was still a good film even if Jamie Lee’s part was minor to the full story of “Halloween: Resurrection”.

Even though it has been over a decade I still hold out hope that Jamie Lee Curtis will once more move back in to the horror genre. Maybe some voodoo practitioner can resurrect Laurie Strode in an effort to drag Michael Myers to Hell once and for all. Either way as far as I am concerned Jamie Lee is the definitive Scream Queen of Horror Royalty and always will remain so.

Release Date Set For “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”

The sequel to “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” is set for May 23rd 2014. I don’t know if I can wait that long damn it but what choice do I have! Andy Serkis and director Rupert Wyatt have already signed on for the project with Scott Burns writing the sequel’s screenplay.

“The project continues the story set forth in last year’s critical and commercial hit movie featuring simians that are given human intelligence and subsequently break out of their facility. At the same time, a virus breaks out that causes the collapse of human society.
The new project is taking the story to the next level, with the apes on the path to emerge as society’s new rulers.”

My Review Of “A Lonely Place To Die” (2011)

     Julien Gilbey’s “A Lonely Place To Die” is a story about a group of rock climbers who stumble upon a nefarious scheme by some kidnappers. A little girl stored in a box in the ground with only a breather pipe to the outside world starts out this psychological thriller. The movie stars Melissa George, Ed Speeler, Eammonn Walker,  Sean Harris just to name a few. Anna, the little Croate girl is played by Holly Boyd.

     Psychological thriller does not do this film justice. “A Lonely Place To Die” is so much more. It starts as with a mild tense buildup with high cliffs as a backdrop and rock climbing. A mild blend I agree, but much how “Decent” lulled us in with subtle melodrama hype over caverns, we are unwittingly set up for a great intense climb to the top of one hell of a thrill ride with this film as well. This story has so many levels of action happening on screen that one would think it too confusing in most stories. However in this little nightmare scenario all those intense elements come together brilliantly with an ever increasing build up to the ending.
     The film gives us thrills and death in gory tragic detail from start to finish. The cinematography on this monster story (monster not literal-I mean the girth of vision in storytelling) is an awesome spectacle. The kill scenes are sudden and come at you like a bullet, sometimes literally in this movie. The detail for trauma is wrenchingly realistic. At times it feels like an exploitation, then other times it is crime thriller driven, then there are moments of grindhouse fast paced scenes that have you on the edge of your set. I held my breath and stayed tense during almost every since hoping to god that little girl made it out of this alive.
     With backdrops that range from beautiful wilderness expanse known to European travelers and cherished by the Scottish to an unusual festival of pagan celebration straight out of Brave Heart times there is always a reason to keep yourself glued to the screen while watching this movie. The stunts are intense and shot so that you feel the danger unfold. The drama and emotion is oozing in this film and the story is insanely complex. I felt more remorse and concern for these characters as they met with tragic ends than any other movie of this nature. This is a must watch and must own film.

“Suckablood” Teaser Trailer Online

The teaser trailer for the fifth installment to the BloodyCuts horror anthology is online now. “The Suckablood comes for those boys and girls who still suck their thumbs”- I love it!

Bloody Cuts Website and Facebook Page

Check Out New Trailer For Web Series “Choose Your Victim”

New Sophisticated introduction to choosing your own victim that is so McFarland-esque-if Seth McFarland were a psychotic playboy from hell.  “Choose Your Victim” plans to take the genre into a whole new kind of psychotica with this fantasy/nightmare tension releaser!

Choose Your Victim is an 8-part bi-monthly web series, based on a fake reality TV show titled "Survive-THIS!"; where 8 young, drama and hormone fueled contestants are dropped on a secluded island to fend for themselves.

But! - there's a killer on the loose (unknown to the contestants), and at the end of every episode, a contestant meets their DOOM!
C'mon... you think that's it? There's MORE! After each episode, we open the doors for YOU to tell US who will die next... AND HOW! We pick the most sickly-twisted entry, shoot it, and voila!

This keeps the show completely unpredictable!
Come on guys, give us what you've got in mind!
Website and Facebook

Official Trailer For “Branded”

“Branded” hits theaters Sept. 7th, 2012 and stars Jeffrey Tambor, Max von Sydow, Ed Stoppard and Leelee Sobieski.

After Misha skyrockets to the top of the advertising business, a tragic mishap on the set of one of his productions torpedoes his career and he retreats into self-imposed exile. Ten years later, Misha returns to a radically changed world and finds himself plagued by visions of bizarre and terrifying creatures with the ability to influence people’s thoughts, desires and actions. Creatures only he can see.

He soon realizes the creatures are part of a clandestine campaign unleashed by a rival advertising agency to make “fat the new fabulous” and create a new era of uncontrolled consumer appetite. In order to save mankind, Misha uses his own considerable marketing skills to launch an ingenious plan to try to eradicate the plague. But the corporate legions will not go down without a fight.”

“Kill Her Not Me” Movie News

“Kill Her Not Me” is apparently the first in an already decided three part franchise. At least according to the movies strange little website. The first film which is no in production focus on co-eds being held by a psycho who forces them to help him decide who to kill.

The first sequel is slated to be about three sisters who find themselves in a similar situation and the second sequel will carry that them into the lesbian culture by having two pairs of lesbian partners (I assume) make the nightmarish choice. I am thinking old fashioned 1970 grindhouse gorefest exploitation torture stuff – am I wrong? Any way I am interested.

Right now Leif Holt is in final negotiations with Ibex Productions to be the bad guy in this flick that promises to be an emotionally gripping horror movie. His last movie which he appeared in with Gary Busey was titled “Lizzie” and is currently in pre-release. Also being considered for this project are Emily Browning, Isabel Lucas and/or – wait for it!- Lindsey Lohan. Please gods let them get her! This could be her niche market to set her apart from basic holly-dolly flops. Can’t wait till more is out about this project.
Movie Website

New Clip For “The Tortured”

The perfect marriage of Craig (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elise Landry (Erika Christensen) is suddenly shattered when their young son is abducted and murdered.  When the killer (Bill Moseley) is brought to trial, he manages to plea bargain his way to a lighter sentence. Utterly outraged by this miscarriage of justice, the grieving parents decide to take matters into their own hands. They capture the murderer, imprison him and subject him to the same monstrous acts he perpetrated upon their defenseless child. The unforeseen consequences, however, challenge their ideas of vengeance, justice and the true nature of evil.

Teaser Poster For Steven Rodriguez’s “Kill Me Again”

What began and should have remained the most beautiful day of their lives, quickly unraveled into a hellish reality.

Unlike other horror movies, "Kill Me Again" provides its audience with a dramatically intelligent, and emotionally charged storyline, set within the hugely popular zombie genre. Fans of AMC’s Emmy award winning “The Walking Dead” will without a doubt consider "Kill Me Again" a welcome addition to the zombie genre family.
George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" was only the beginning. "Kill Me Again" promises to continue onward, thus keeping the zombie legacy alive, as it were.

The film's tagline poses but one poignant question...
"When the time comes... could you?"
check out the website and Facebook Page. check out the greeting they posted on Memorial Day…

Teaser Trailer And Images For Adam Sotelo’s “Perseveration”

Deemed the most disturbing, disgusting and depraved indie film of all time Adam Sotelo’s “Perseveration” has a second teaser trailer. The tag line and declarations toward this film are more than enough to arouse my intrigue.

"A young boy(Joshua)'s journey into survival after being born into a inbred religious cult quickly turns sour. Locked in a cage, starved, & beaten his whole life he witnesses a murder in the church where he has been held captive

Being taught a skewed religion & being held captive takes a tole on his mentality as he grows into a monster. Acting out on his disgusting, depraved & violent urges towards the "Non believers" as he was brought up in the quiet abandoned town in Hancock New york Where The inbred cult family lived. "

Guy Hasson’s “The Indestructibles”

Check out the poster that was created to promote Guy Hasson’s web based sci-fi film. “The Indestructibles” is a 45-min science fiction film currently in production. It’s low-budget, intended for the internet, and is an epic film about superheroes… with a twist never seen before in a superhero flick or comic book.

You can keep up with this little project on Guy Hasson’s blog. It has my interest peeked and I definitely will be keeping up to date on this film. Blog or at Apex Books for latest news on this film.

Two New Viral Videos For “The Amazing Spider-man”

The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Sheen) and Aunt May (Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Stone), and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors (Ifans), his father’s former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero.

New Posters For Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”

A heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.
A stop-motion animated film, ‘Frankenweenie’ will be filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D, which will elevate the classic style to a whole new experience


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