Saturday, June 18, 2016


SRS Cinema continues on a bloody path with the release of notorious "Snuff Tape Anthology" from German artist "El Gore". The anthology depicts short after short of mind-warping scenes that's sure to shake the most hardcore gore fans to their very core. They will be unleashed on North American fans this Friday night starting at 6pm EST, and is limited to just 100 Blurays and 30 VHS. A DVD/VOD release will follow later 2016 or early 2017.

"Me and my girlfriend have killed dozens of people over the last years, worthless pieces of filth that won't be missed by anyone.

We also captured some of our murders on video for a small group of like-minded people.

But killing started to get boring, and so I decided to make my last dream become reality and have my girlfriend video tape it.

For ages, I have been dreaming of inflicting actions of hatred and lust on a corpse, and then getting buried next to this last victim.  So I kidnapped a 21 year old whore yesterday.  I will kill her, bleed her, then let her ripen for four months, in order to commence with my final masterpiece.

These are the videos leading up to my last, most depraved act."
There is no dialogue in any of these shorts, presented in an analog video style, which tell this story of madness through the actions of the killer. They consist of the following shorts:
Snuff Tape 0 - Black & Died (4 min)
Snuff Tape 1 - Red (6 min)
Snuff Tape 2 - Red & Yellow (10 min)
Snuff Tape 3 - Dead, Red & Brown (24 min)
Snuff Tape 4 - Fast Food (8 min)
Snuff Tape 5 - Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide (11 min)
Snuff Tape 6 - Organ Trade Autopsy (6 min)
Snuff Tape 7 - Gore (20 min)
The Lost Snuff Tape - Dead Body (7 min)

The Bluray includes a series of extras plus the bonus short "Paraphilia". These are without a doubt the most sickening, disturbing videos you will ever see - you have been warned.

Order info for the limited edition VHS and Blu-Ray can be found @

El Gore's "Snuff Tape Anthology" from SRS Cinema on Vimeo.

"Consumption"Spreads Into Stores This Summer

WildEye Releasing has announced the July 26 DVD and VOD release for Brandon Scullion's debut feature, Consumption.  Since the world premiere on the festival circuit, Consumption has been praised by critics.   Famous Monsters described the feature as "gruesome goulash of ghosts, cults, and good ol' demons".

A group of friends travel to the snowy Utah mountains for a weekend retreat. One brings with him a dark secret that could destroy their lives forever. As they prepare to face an ancient secret buried in the woods outside their winter resort, an unstoppable evil begins to grow, consuming them one by one. 
The DVD release of Consumption will include a feature-length commentary with writer-director Brandon Scullion and a behind the scenes featurette.

Danielle Harris Is "INOPERABLE" In The Trailer For Her Latest

Danielle Harris stars in this psychological thriller about a young woman trapped I n a hospital on the eve of a destructive hurricane. She must battle against malevolent forces before the storm passes or be trapped forever within the halls of the hellish building.

The film is titled "Inoperable". It is a blend of horror and sci-fi consisting of thriller elements and time-warp principles. Directed by Christopher Lawrence Chapman. "Inoperable" costars Jeff Denton, Katie Keene and Chris Hahn. Check out the trailer below.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trailer Released For"Clowntown"

Check out the trailer for "Clowntown" directed by Tom Nagel. The film is due out later this summer and stars Lauren Elise, Brian Nagel, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, Jeff Denton, Tom Nagel, Greg Voiland, and Kaitlyn Sapp. 

ClownTown is a new horror film about a group of serial killer clowns that haunt a small town in America.

"Girl In Woods" Out Now On VOD

Candy Factory Films has released Jeremy Benson's Girl in Woods nationwide on Cable VOD and Digital HD today.  The latest thriller from the director of Shutter and Live Animals, the titular Girl must battle nature and her own demons for her survival and sanity in a deserted part of the Appalachian Mountains.  Girl in Woods is now available to rent or own onComcast, DirecTV, iTunes, Dish, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and more.

Girl in Woods stars Juliet Reeves (Automaton Transfusion, Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!), Charisma Carpenter ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", The Expendables), Jeremy London (Mallrats, "Party of Five"), Lee Perkins (Foxcatcher, KatieBird), John Still (Hustle and Flow, Live Animals) and introduces Shaun Elizabeth as "Little Grace."

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Check Out Trailer For Sci-fi Series 'Blade Of Honor '

TV icons Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Tim Russ (Star Trek : Voyager) and James Kyson (Heroes) embark on a virtuoso homecoming to sci-fi TV with Blade of Honor.
The creative forces behind such science-fiction classics asBattlestar Galactica, Heroes, Star Trek:Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek: Renegades, Star Trek: The Next Generation team to bring to the screen the next level in small screen space-set sci-fi entertainment!

With only 7 days left on the crowd funding campaign now is a good time to check out the perks over on Kickstarter.

From writer-producer Mark Edward Lewis, Blade of Honor  fixes on Arina Kartades (Haislip), a religious, headstrong, crack Alliance Navy Star Blade pilot in a war where the human Alliance is losing against the animal race, the Calinar. When Kartades discovers that her Statemandated religious upbringing was a lie, she embarks upon a forced quest to discover the true reasons behind the war. As her discoveries push her deeper into harm’s way, she must go against everything she believes in to fight a cloak and dagger rebellion and expose the galactic elite, the religious masters, and protect the ones she loves from the clutches of her own superiors and the combined military might of the Alliance and Calinar.

Says the Blade of Honor team, “We've got big plans for Blade of Honor, but like with anything worth doing, we must start with the first step. That first step is episode one. The minimum we need to shoot episode one is $30,000 - that includes, building sets, creating wardrobes, renting stages, paying/feeding cast and crew, etc.., not post-production/visual effects. We are confident however, that with this small amount of money, we can make one hell of an impressive sci-fi web series episode.
But it is our hope that we fund more than just this one episode of a webseries with this campaign. We need at least five episodes to tell this first story, this first mini-season. Because of that, we've got our sights set on some stretch goals as well.”

Teaser Trailer For"Don't Fuck In The Woods"

The teaser trailer dropped for Concept Media's "Don't Fuck In The Woods". The film is directed by Shawn Burkett and is a most anticipated horror film on many a fan's list. If you haven't already check the teaser out .

Don't Fuck In The Woods (2016 Teaser) from shawn burkett on Vimeo.

Digital Release Details For "Mark Of The Witch"

If you haven't already checked it out, Epic Pictures release their acclaimed horror "Mark Of The Witch" on 6/6/16. 

Labeled by Paranormal Underground Magazine as "one of the most beautiful films about witchcraft ever seen," MARK OF THE WITCH follows Jordyn, a beautiful young woman who is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil's daughter.

The film was included in the official selection of over 15 film festivals worldwide, and awarded Best Cinematography at Fight Night Film Fest 2014 and Best Editing in Action at the Film International Film Festival 2014. 

Director Jason Bognacki, genre film favorite Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Starry Eyes and Meir Zarchi's I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu) and rising star Paulie Rojas (Down and DangerousThe Last Resort) are all available for interviews. Screeners are also available for review consideration, and we are happy to provide you with art, clips, or any additional information you may need."

Monday, June 13, 2016

Crowd Funding Kicks Off For Creature Feature"Shallow Water"

 Sandy Collora is a longtime special effects artist who helped create some of the more renowned and revered creatures in modern cinema. He produced and directed the fan film Batman: Dead End, hailed by filmmaker Kevin Smith as "possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made".  Collora has announced his long-awaited return behind the camera with an anthology of "long shorts" - 20 to 30-minute original genre films. His first entry in the anthology is Shallow Water, a gritty and intense film that unleashes a new cinema creature unlike anything seen before. To help fund it, Collora has launched aKickstarter campaign.

Shallow Water combines Collora's three greatest loves - horror, the ocean, and the environment. "The underlying theme ofShallow Water is simple.  Humans repeatedly disturb the ecosystem, and the planet gets pissed off."  In the film, Collora introduces the Tiburonera - "he who hunts sharks", which he promises will be "terrifying and different".

Shallow Water will be the first of a series that he plans to combine and release as an anthology feature, in the vein ofCreepshow and Heavy Metal. Collora believes Hollywood has dropped the ball in introducing fresh new genre concepts. While he attributes it to pressures faced by studios to prioritize safety in meeting their bottom lines, he also feels sequels and remakes are now excessive, and have compromised the art.
Laments Collora: "I love genre films. I grew up on the originalAlien and Predator, and they are awesome. But it's too long since we had something new, unique and powerful in that space."


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