Saturday, December 27, 2014

RadioactiveGiant To Adapt H.P.Lovecraft’s “Miskatonic”

Independent production company RadioactiveGiant has acquired the rights to develop, produce and distribute “Miskatonic,” a feature film inspired by the works of horror fiction icon H.P. Lovecraft.

“Miskatonic” was created in the Lovecraft tradition of dark fantasy, science fiction and horror.

Lovecraft repeatedly used the fictional and prestigious Miskatonic University, located in a Massachusetts and named after the fictional Miskatonic River, with its first appearance in Lovecraft’s 1922 story “Herbert West–Reanimator.”

Albert Sandoval and Daemon Hillin will produce. Sandoval will also direct from a script by Devlin Mann and Stephen Dare.

Radioactive Giant recently completed principal photography on “By the Rivers of Babylon,” starring Crispin Glover, Connie Stevens, Joely Fisher and Mark Boone Junior. Sandoval also directed.

RadioactiveGiant is planning production of “Miskatonic” for late 2015 to early 2016.

“This is the kind of project that has everything I love about storytelling and filmmaking,” Sandoval said of “Miskatonic.”

U.S. Release Date Announced For “Wyrmwood”

wyrmwoodIFC Midnight will release Aussie post-zombie apocalypse film “Wyrmwood” on February 13th, 2015 on VOD. The film is a blend of “Mad Max and “Dawn Of The Dead” by filmmaker brothers Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner. “Wyrmwood” stars Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Catherine Terracini, Meganne West, Luke McKenzie, Berynn Schwerdt, Yure Covich, Cain Thompson, Beth Aubrey, Sheridan Harbridge, Damian Dyke and Keith Agius.

Barry is a talented mechanic and family man whose life is torn apart on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. His sister, Brooke, is kidnapped by a sinister team of gas-mask wearing soldiers & experimented on by a psychotic doctor. While Brooke plans her escape Barry goes out on the road to find her & teams up with Benny, a fellow survivor - together they must arm themselves and prepare to battle their way through hordes of flesh-eating monsters in a harsh Australian bushland.

Season 2 Teaser For ‘Penny Dreadful’

Penny DreadfulCheck out the teaser for season two of Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful’. The second season is currently in production for the expanded 10-episode season in Dublin. The series stars Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Helen McCrory and Simon Russell Beale returning, along with new cast members Sarah Greene, Jonny Beauchamp, Douglas Hodge and Patti Lupone,

An erotically-charged, profoundly unsettling new saga, PENNY DREADFUL completely reinvents literature's most iconic and terrifying characters. Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein and timeless figures from Dracula join a core of original characters in a dark and brutal quest to save a soul -- even as they grapple with their own monstrous temptations.

Filming Starts On “Silent Night Bloody Night” Sequel

SNBNposterThe 2015 holiday teasing just keeps coming. It seems the filming has begun on direct sequel to the 1974 cult classic “Silent Night Bloody Night”. The new film which is a direct sequel, titled “Revival”, will be directed by Dustin Ferguson. The film will star Julia Farrell, Luc Bernier, Pete Lipins, Jennii Caroline, Jeanne Kern, Rich Kern, Mike Crawford, Breana Mitchell.

After a death in the family, siblings Angelica and James Zacherly travel to the small town of East Willard on Christmas Eve to pay their respects. They stay at a homely bed and breakfast where they learn the legend of Black Peter, Santa Claus’ vengeful brother. But when they find the lost journal of Jeffrey Butler, they discover the town has its own sordid history – one more rooted in reality.

When the dark reflection of St. Nicholas emerges and begins to punish the eccentric townsfolk, the visitors find themselves in the middle of the mystery. Who is doing the deeds? Is Black Peter real? Or is the truth closer to home? If they don’t find out and put a stop to it, Christmas Day will turn to Garbage Day while the bodies pile up in a bloody heap.


Friday, December 26, 2014

First Poster For Tech Horror “Other Halves”

If you haven’t already, check out the first poster released for high tech horror “Other Halves”. The film is directed by Matthew T. Price and brings a nightmarish scenario to tech world surrounding apps. “Other Halves” stars Lianna Liew (Truth Or Dare), Megan Hui (The Before Time), Melanie Friedrich (Positive: Some Doors Should Remain Closed), Sam Schweikert (Hart of Dixie), and Carson Nicely (The Conan O'Brien Show). The poster was originally released on the 19th of December via the film’s Facebook page.

Other HalvesA team of young coders have designed a breakthrough dating app: Other Halves. Rather than asking you to state your dating preferences, Other Halves analyzes your behavior online–from your posts on social media sites, to the games you play and the anonymous comments you make on YouTube videos–to determine who you should really be with.

The night before the app launches, however, the app users start to exhibit strange side effects: they seem to lose all self-control, becoming violent, amoral, licentious. It’s up to the team to stop the spread of the app except…
Evil is profitable.

My Review Of “Chill”

Chill2013’s “Chill” has been released yet, but the indie horror hopes to change that in 2015. “Chill is directed by Noelle Bye, Roger Conners, and Meredith Holland. The film stars Roger Conners, Kelly Rogers, Brad Arner, DJ Remark, Jason Orr, Angelia DeLuca, David Gilmore, Mike Kafury, Erinn Bakun, Ash Katt, Janine Bowles Sarnowski, Theresa Pedone, and Rick Montgomery Jr. I truly hope this one gets a distribution deal in 2015 because it is a worthy micro-budget effort with some real blood splatter moments.

The story revolves around the tragic deaths of a group of college students found dead after participating in a role playing game called “Chill”. The original horror took place in 1988, and our film picks up as a new group decide to revive the game on the anniversary. First, the object of Chill (the game) is for everyone to draw a slip of paper from a jar after a séance kicks things off. One will be the killer and the others will run and hide. No one knows who the rest are, killer or victim-in-waiting. I have to say I love this game idea. It brings back a feeling I got from watching a little known 80’s role playing horror film titled “Tag: The Assassination Game”.

Now the main plot to “Chill” (the movie) has a new group of students playing the game on the anniversary, falling victim to a very real killer, and refueling the horror that plagues the community surrounding the college. There are some slightly weak moments in the story arch, during some of the dialog that solidifies the story feel contrived and not as convincing as other aspects of the story arc. It gets shaky at times, but lets face it, the concept is a gamble. It requires an acceptance of fancy and more whimsical notions of horror story telling-much as nearly every horror film in the 80’s demanded. Which is the exact feel and style that “Chill” is going for in this tale.

The special effects and masked killer design is key, shining moments for “Chill”. The horror elements are dark, homages to classic horror, and very effective. The quality is a step above the low budget quality of the dramatic aspects that counter this movie’s theme. There is plenty of bloodshed, gore, and dark shadowing settings to really show the passion of the film makers for horror. Oh and most importantly-the scenes work. Due to cleverly crafted choices and camera angles the kill/death scenes stand out in “Chill” as quality moments. The killer is masked, hardly scene, until it is too late, intimidating and apparition like. The Dark Ages style of macaw mask and garb reminiscent of plague doctors make for a great horror movie slasher.

“Chill” does have some sound quality issues in scenes that are at the mercy of the crews elements. The mic picks up air and echos in some scenes, not totally overpowering the dialog but it is noticeable,  The sound quality issues are 50/50 in the film, there are some nice moments when the crew has control, allowing for some decent character interaction and humorous one-liner moments. Some actors are more comfortable on screen than others, giving stronger performances, but the atmosphere and build-up of suspense never completely faulters in “Chill”. The music score and soundtrack are nice, and the sound quality stays intact in that respect. The score is a mix of classic giallo and American splatter films of the 80’s.

“Chill” isn’t gonna be a film that everyone will enjoy, but indie and micro-budget fans will see the quality moments as true, honest horror that works. The pace is a bit clunky at the beginning of the film, but within 20-25 minutes things pick up and “Chill” moves more like a slasher film should. Overall, the story creates a nice contemporary horror tale that begs of urban legend. The kills and gore show true talent and passion for horror, and the killer is captivating. The ending is a nice surprise ending that really caught me off guard. Very reminiscent of Argento’s style of ending a story. “Chill” has some flaws but there is enough of a good horror film here to warrant seeing the film.

Official Poster And Trailer For “Dark Summer”

Dark SummerCheck out the official poster and trailer for upcoming horror “Dark Summer”. The film is directed by Paul Solet and set to be released on VOD January 9th. “Dark Summer” stars Keir Gilchrist, Peter Stormare, and Grace Phipps.

While home alone under house arrest, a teenager undergoes a terrifying brush with the supernatural in this stylish, hair-rising horror film.

Teaser Released For “Phantasm: Ravager”

PRVA holiday teaser has been released for “Phantasm: Ravager”, the next installment to the evil mortician franchise. “Phantasm: Ravager” is set to be released in 2015 and is directed by David Hartman. The film stars Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Kathy Lester, Bill Thornbury. The fifth in the series is marked as the final installment to the “Phantasm” franchise. The clip is a sort of shout out to film fans and gives a glimpse at footage for the upcoming sequel.

“Zombie Killers” Release Details

zombie killersDVD/Blu-ray release details have been announced for “Zombie Killers”. The film directed by B. Harrison Smith will hit horror shelves February 3rd via Anchor Bay. “Zombie Killers” stars Billy Zane, Dee Wallace, Mischa Barton, Gabrielle Stone, and Felissa Rose.

A community comes under siege by something horrible that is not what it seems. Life vs. Death, living vs. existing all come to the forefront of a stand out action film.

Bonus features on Zombie Killer: Elephant’s Graveyard Blu-ray™ and DVD include the behind-the-scenes featurettes “Bloodbath and Beyond,” “The Look of Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard,” and “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard Behind the Scenes.”

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Slasher “All Through The House” In Post-production

all through the houseHorror Society has brought to light a bit of horrific merriment to look forward to Christmas 2015. Slasher horror, “All Through The House” is currently in post-production and has revealed some stills from the film. The movie is directed by Todd Nunes and stars Ashley Mary Nunes (“Robot Combat League”), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Jennifer Wenger (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”), Melynda Kiring, Natalie Montera, Lito Velasco, Jason Rayer, Johanna Rae, Danica Riner, Cathy Garrett, Kelsey Carlstedt, Matthew Poeschl, Lyndon Laveaux, and Justice Lee. The film follows a deranged Santa-Slayer, who COMES TO TOWN for the holidays, and leaves behind a bloody trail of mutilated bodies and yuletide-terror.

Here be the story:
A Christmas obsessed neighborhood is engulfed with fear when five-year-old Jamie mysteriously vanishes from inside her home never to be seen again. The missing child's house, once a winter wonderland during the season, goes dark as Jamie's mother, Mrs. Garrett becomes a depressed recluse.

The neighborhood children, mesmerized by the haunted story, trade scary bedtime rumors of the missing child that eventually turn into a kind of innocuous folklore.

FIFTEEN YEARS LATER - Rachel Kimmel, a 22 year old college student, comes home for Christmas. Her haunted childhood memories of the missing lonely little girl bring her face to face with Mrs. Garrett.

At the same time, the neighborhood is experiencing some yuletide horror as a wrathful Santa killer stalks the Christmas decorated neighborhood. The brutal and faceless killer leaves a trail of slaughtered bodies to the front steps of the Garrett house.

Rachel soon finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she is left alone to unveil the madness behind the mask. The unbelievable and twisted revelation of the killer sends Rachel into shock as she discovers her own sick connection with the Garrett family household.

atth 1

atth 2

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

“Bible Belt Slasher: The Holy Terror” Available Now On VOD, Coming To DVD 12/30/2014

bbs2Pray For Mercy -- BIBLE BELT SLASHER: THE HOLY TERROR Available Now On VOD, Coming To DVD 12/30/2014

This Christmas Brain Damage Films presents The Bible Belt Slasher: The Holy Terror, a love letter to the 1980's and its low budget slashers from the mind of Bradley Creanzo.  The movie is already available On Demand through most major cable, satellite, and internet VOD providers, with a bonus-packed DVD arriving December 30th.  DVD extras include the 30-minute "Bible Belt Slasher Part 1" short film, original music videos, bloopers/deleted scenes, TV spots, interviews and more.

You can read my review of the film here: Also check out the images, trailer, and clips for the film below.

bbs2 1

The Bible Belt Slasher is the brain child of writer/director/producer/star/cinematographer/composer/editor/80's fanatic Bradly Creanzo.  Some may remember him from the 2013 documentary Adjust Your Tracking, in which he shows off the replica retro video store he built that lives in his basement (which also appears in Bible Belt).

The Holy Terror is actually the second film in the series -- the first is a half hour short included on the DVD -- described by Creanzo as having "Something for everyone whether it be violence, blood & gore, 80's music, suspense, black comedy or that walk down slasher memory lane."

bbs2 2

Both films premiered together to a sold out theater in New Jersey, followed by a very limited DVD, VHS and Betamax (yes, you read that right) release.  Brain Damage Films has no plans for a wider Betamax release but we're excited to bring this uniquely entertaining piece of cinema to the masses just in time for the holidays!

It's December 1989, and Wilkins, Tennessee native Jason Fry returns to wreak more havoc on the survivors, friends and families of the teenagers whom he killed in the first film. Fry is committed back to the Hillside Sanitarium for his brutal crimes, but he doesn't stay there long. Fry kills his doctor and escapes going on a bloodbath crusade of revenge against those he believes to be sinners in his eyes. Only Dr. Landers knows what Fry is and he will do anything in his power to stop him, but will he save everyone from the holy terror that Fry brings this Christmas season?

bbs2 3





Pagan Festival Shout Out: Christmas Day / Malkh Festival

SantaChristmas is upon us once more! Probably the most energized, magical and festive time of year. It is true that Yule has already been celebrated which is the traditional pagan Christmas day, and of course Saturnalia began and is still underway. However for the majority of us we also celebrate today’s Christmas holiday-leaving off the Christianized elements of course. Although, to be honest I do put out a nativity scene along with my holiday decorations. Christmas Day is just once traditionally special day that is blended in with my personal polytheistic beliefs. It is the official day that the sun is reborn and the light begins it’s journey once more to nourish the northern hemisphere once more.

Many modern Christmas customs have been directly influenced by such festivals, including gift-giving and merrymaking from the Roman Saturnalia, greenery, lights, and charity from the Roman New Year, and Yule logs and various foods from Germanic feasts. My favorite thing about Christmas day is the dinner that I and my partner cook for the whole family. The ham, which in pagan days would have been boar, is something that I look forward to the whole year. I limit myself from pig most of the year except on holidays. I also cook a turkey because in my own childhood my grandmother would cook both a ham and turkey because the family was so large- 7 children, spouses and over 20 grandkids-so the turkey is a staple for me on the Christmas day table. Next would be the holiday cards for the family that attend the feast- I mail the others out around Yule time. The last but just as amusing is the gift giving-primarily focused on the children, to see there faces light up is truly joyous!

So how ever you celebrate, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

December 25th is also special in another ancient pagan culture, as the day the sun returns-which incidentally is the pre-Christian reason for celebrating Christmas. The Vainakh people of the North Caucasus, mostly known under the ancient nation of Malkh, usually regarded as the westernmost Nakh people, celebrated December 25th for this very important moment in astronomy. Their name has a Nakh root (Malkh, the sun, attached to the main God, Deela's name as well.

The Malkh festival honored their primary god Deela’s birth/rebirth at the time of the winter solstice, which in their culture was marked as an official return on December 25th. During the ceremonies suppliants turned to the east. Also in Nakh architecture temples and house façades were directed to east. Nakh people believed that Sun went to visit her mother Aza at the summer and winter solstices. The journey took her six months to complete. Nakh people used fylfot as symbol of Deela-Malkh on their buildings and tomb-stones.


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