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The Asylum's Horror Flick "Nazi Overlord" Lands This November

The Asylum's upcoming horror flick "Nazi Overlord" lands this  November. The film stars Tom Sizemore, and Dominique Swain. It is directed by Rob Pallatina and will be available on DVD and VOD November 13th. 

A D-Day rescue mission turns deadly when a band of soldiers discovers a group of Nazis creating horrific experiments that will all but ensure Allied defeat if the creations escape.

Filming Begins For Jordan Peele's "Us"

Deadline is reporting that filming has began for Jordan Peele's upcoming social thriller "Us". Written by Peele, "Us" is filming on Universal's Backlot and stars an ensemble cast including Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, and Noelle Sheldon. The film has a calendar date of release set for March 2019. 

My Review Of "3: An Eye For An Eye"

"3: An Eye For An Eye" is directed by Lou Simon and stars Aniela McGuinness, Todd Bruno, Mike Stanley, and Katie Carpenter. It is a modern revenge horror with an almost 'Twilight -esque" reveal-twist ending. Simon gives us a stark nightmare scenario with ano equally disturbing layer of dark humor- not the haha kind but the "sick b@tch" kind.

A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession from him. They need to get his confession on tape because he has made up an alibi. Locked up in the basement of a remote home, he is unwilling to confess on camera and continues to assert his innocence. With time running out, how far are they willing to go for justice and what if they are wrong?

The story is a sort of new modern revenge concept. Told with a slow and steady progression that is maintained through the whole film, "3" keeps you focused on the steady downward spiral of the "antihero" themed protagonist. Or antagonist - all in ones' point of view. The story isn't a totally original premise but it does hold up and there is a clever spin on the revenge design.

The minimalist approach that "3: An Eye For An Eye" uses, which harm a lot of film productions, works to Simon's advantage. Even as some moments start to lag, and cause a bit of ADD, the strong narrative and conssumate acting keep your attention enough to get into the scenes and become invested in the characters. The twist that came, the one I felt was coming,  and necessary to really sell this movie, turned out to be one I didn't see coming , and far better. 

The special effects are laden with that overt "torture porn" spellcast. Although this too is minimal,  it is just enough to get you there. Plus it is visceral and well executed. That and the tense,  macabre atmosphere created by the nature of events,  maintain the horror edge enough to entertain. Even if torture horror isn't your thing you can still get into "3". As I said, it is minimal. Overall this is a nice slice of revenge theatre worthy of checking out. (3.5/5)

My Review Of "Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride"

It’s Christmas time in Cleveland, Ohio and four young ladies are on the verge of completing their mandatory thirty days of community service. With only one night to go, they are required to make a series of in-home visits to the older and less fortunate. Upon arriving at their final stop for the night, they become introduced to a pleasant older woman who graciously welcomes them into her home for the evening. However, as darkness falls and the cold settles in, they begin to realize that there is far more to their seemingly innocent host than meets the eye.

"Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride" is directed by Eddie Lengyel and stars Roger Conners,  KateLynn E. Newberry, Tiffani Hilton, Robbie Barnes, Rachel Anderson, Kris Smith, George Tutie, Janine Sarnowski and Benny Benzino. The story is a straightforward Christmas slasher that mixes all the standard horror tropes with new melinnial angst. 

"Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride" plays on old world legend of Christmas witch,  Gryla in Iceland  (many cultures have a story). The movie does a great job of putting you in that all-to-familiar Holiday spirit,  rife with bloody horror. The set up is classic. All the Christmas horror movie tropes are present, and where a lot of films throw everything in the movie for the sake of it,  "Mother Krampus 2" does a great job of keeping continuity and reason in the use of these concepts. The direction,  and choices taken to bring this tale to life make sense and only add to the entertainment value.

The cast are all a step above your basic, low budget options. The characters, though super cliche,  are relatable and fun to watch. A few performances really stand out. "Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride" only has one real flaw and that is the mild lag in the mid-section of the move. If you don't count the fact that a 30 minute charity trip has a cast of characters all but moving into the scene of the crime- I've done something similar with weed dealers and apartment complex neighbors in the past -so totally plausible premise. 

The real winner,  aside from ultra cool indie status, is the special effects which are all practical and quality work. Kudos to real attention to visceral,  giallo aspirations, executed flawlessly. That  and the above par cinematography make this one a cut above your standard low-budget affair. Again kudos to creating such good horror classic moments.

Even with the small hang ups that show up in "Mother Krampus 2", overall is is a pretty cool indie horror. Reminiscent of both "Christmas Evil" and more recent indie horror "The Sleeper" , this one does a nice job of honing in on the Holiday Horror appeal, has that classic arthouse vintage slasher vibe, and places it all squarely in the melinnial cross-hairs of future cult status. (3.5/5)

Crowd Funding Begins For Doc "The Last Blockbuster"

Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter for Documentary on the Country’s Last Remaining Blockbuster Video Store

The Bend proudction company behind the upcoming documentary Pick It Up! Ska In The 90’s (one of the most backed music documentaries in Kickstarter history) has announced new project, The Last Blockbuster, a film on the last remaining Blockbuster in the country.

Blockbuster Video at its peak had over 9000 stores. In 1989 a new store opened every 17 hours! But now there is only 1. What happened?

The Last Blockbuster is located in idyllic Bend Oregon, a modern town overflowing with high-speed internet, a mecca for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. There’s plenty to do year round. How, in a place like this, does The Last Blockbuster Survive? Who are the people who work here, rent videos here, and how did a video rental store chain grow so huge that it impacted the way Hollywood made movies only to crash and burn from 9000 locations to 1?

Think back to a simpler time – before there was a Redbox in every grocery store, before Netflix changed the way you got your movies.
Remember Saturday nights walking up and down the brightly lit aisles stacked with movies, that smell of popcorn, candy, and plastic? Maybe it’s nostalgia for a time when the world seemed less complicated. Maybe it’s a longing for a more tangible world back when you could hold the movies you loved in your hands. Whatever your reason, the world is clearly fascinated by The Last Blockbuster.
Kickstarter campaign at:

FrightFest Becomes A Fright Fest This August

This August London's FrightFest becomes a Fright Fest when Ante Novakovic' horror homage hits the festival on the 25th. "Fright Fest" stars Dylan Walsh, Madison McKinley, Romeo Miller, Luke Baines, Robert Scott Wilson, Johnathan Camp, Pancho Moler, Heather Ann Davis, Mercy Malick, Ashley Blankenship, Kresh Novakovic, and Michael Kupisk. Check out the trailer below. 

Blood runs rampant on Halloween night when a small towns’ Fright Fest becomes real inside the walls of a long abandoned asylum.

Fright Fest Movie Trailer 2018 from Ante Novakovic on Vimeo.

Friday, August 3, 2018

"Dead By Christmas" is coming To VOD This October

Holiday horror "Dead By Christmas" is coming to VOD this October. 
Writer/Director Armand Petri's horror feature "Dead By Christmas" hits video on demand October 2nd, slasher comes courtesy of Reel Nightmare Films. The film stars Holly Bonney, Dawn Streeck, McKenna Buck, Cody Wise, Austin William Morgan, and Hilary Porter. Produced by Art Arutyunyan.

Reunited for the holidays, a group of friends raised together in a Southern orphanage are stalked by a dark figure from Christmas pasts.

"Sick For Toys" Spreads Holiday Fear This September

Spread Holiday Fear SICK FOR TOYS
Directed by David Del Rio
Starring Camille Montgomery, Jon Paul Burkhart, David Gunning and Justin Xavier
Debuting on Digital and VOD September 4

An original Christmas horror/thriller that will twist and turn audiences until its creepy final act, SICK FOR TOYS arrives on digital and VOD September 4 from Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution unit of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios. Based on a story by James Oster and screenplay by Justin Xavier, SICK FOR TOYS stars Camille Montgomery (“Sweet/Vicious”), Jon Paul Burkhart (Jersey Boys, “AHS”, “GLOW,” This Is Us, “Parks and Rec”), David Gunning (“NCIS,” “Legends”) and Justin Xavier (“Shared Rooms”); along with Melanie Thompson, Katie Wallace, Levi Ashlyn, Paul T. Taylor (Hellraiser: Judgement) and Morgana Shaw (“Salem”).

Synopsis: Roy is the nice guy who finishes last. Sick of his current situation, he accepts an invitation to have Christmas dinner with the beautiful and strangely alluring Emilia. Once at dinner, Roy realizes that Emilia and her oddball brother (Edward) are not what they seem.
Directed by David Del Rio and based on a story by James Oster and screenplay by Justin Xavier, SICK FOR TOYS is executive produced by Jon Paul Burkhart and David Gunning. The deal was negotiated directly with the filmmakers by Miguel Johnson, Acquisitions Manager of Freestyle Digital Media.

SICK FOR TOYS has a run time of approximately 90 minutes and is not rated.

Sevigny And Stewart Come Together In "Lizzie"

"LIZZIE" Starring Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart.

Saban Films and Roadside Attractions will release LIZZIE in theaters September 14, 2018

Academy Award® nominee Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don’t Cry, “Big Love”) stars as Lizzie Borden, the notorious woman at the heart of one of the most enduring mysteries in American history. After a lifetime of loneliness, Lizzie finds a kindred spirit in housemaid Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart) and their secret intimacy sparks an unthinkable act. Director Craig William Macneill (The Boy (2015), “Channel Zero: Candle Cove”) explores the days leading up to the savage crimes in a dark tale of repression, exploitation and thwarted dreams.

Shudder To Release "Found Footage 3D" In September

At long last Shudder will be releasing "Found Footage 3D" on Blu-ray and DVD on September 4th! 3 options will be made available DVD only, Blu-ray only, and Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. All options contain both the 2D and anaglyph 3D versions of the film and will come with red-blue glasses for viewing. Regrettably, Shudder has decided against a true 3D Blu-ray at this time. 

In addition to the two versions of the film, the DVD and Blu-ray will both contain outtakes and deleted scenes. The Blu-ray will also contain two commentary tracks, additional outtakes and extended scenes, and the trailer.

The release will be available in most places where DVDs and blu rays are sold, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.  

“Found Footage 3D” tells the horror story of six filmmakers, who in 2012 disappeared while making the first “found footage” film. One year later, their behind-the-scenes footage was discovered. 

Found Footage 3D

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Film Hits Theaters, VOD and Digital HD October 26

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired the North American rights to the horror film KILLER KATE!. KILLER KATE! debuts in select theaters, and will also be available to rent and own on VOD and on Digital HD across cable, internet, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on Oct. 26, 2018.

The debut film from writer/director Elliot Feld, KILLER KATE! stars Danielle Burgess (USA Network’s “The Sinner”) and Tiffany Shepis (Victor CrowleyTales of Halloween), and introduces Alexandra Feld.
“KILLER KATE! is a gripping thriller with strong female leads,” said Miguel Johnson, Acquisitions Manager for Freestyle Digital Media. “We at Freestyle Digital Media are excited to have this teriffic addition to our slate.”

“KILLER KATE! is our love letter to the early films of John Carpenter,” said Elliot Feld. “It’s a fun flick, with a cool cast, and a rad 80’s synth score. We couldn’t be more excited to have Freestyle on board!”
In KILLER KATE!, estranged sisters – Kate and Angie – haven’t spoken since Angie went to college and left Kate to care for their ailing father. In a show of reconciliation, several years after moving out, Angie invites Kate to her bachelorette party held at a remote house booked on a home-sharing app. The women are unaware that by booking this house, they’re walking into a trap set in motion by a disturbed family of amateur killers who are out for blood to right a cosmic wrong. They soon become unwitting participants in a savage and often ridiculous life-or-death struggle that pits family against family, and past against present.
KILLER KATE! is produced by Elliot Feld (General Education), Alexandra Feld (Phoenix Forgotten), David Feld (Siren), Jesse Pruett (The Prince), and Daniel Moya (Rental), who co-wrote the screenplay.The film is executive produced by Lawrence Feld (The Woods).

"Volumes of Blood" Releasing Special “KILLectors” Edition Blu-ray

Horror anthology Volumes of Blood is releasing a special “KILLectors” Edition Blu-ray
Five interwoven tales of terror centers on “A sociology student gathers his friends on Halloween night to each create their own original urban legend. As the stories become more terrifying the night takes a deadly turn where anything goes as the blood flows. Some libraries make a killing.”
Following the unfortunate disbanding of LC Films, the rights for Volumes of Blood reverted back to Blood Moon Pictures who, with the amazing help of Scream Team Releasing, are now re-releasing the original anthology in a special edition Blu-ray. This release features a brand new high res transfer of the film and is packed with over 2 hours of kickass special features.
The film stars Jim O’Rear (Day of the Dead, Teen Wolf), Jason Crowe (Easter Casket), Roni Jonah (Overtime), Todd Reynolds (Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories), Kristine Farley (The Creepy Doll), Kevin Roach (The Confession of Fred Krueger).

Get your copy of the “KILLectors” Special EditionBlu-ray HEREAll funds raised from the special “KILLectors” Edition Blu-ray will be going to help fund the production of Blood Moon Pictures forthcoming film Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3, the final installment in this critically acclaimed horror anthology franchise.
For more on the “KILLectors” Special Edition and the upcoming sequel, Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3, please follow the franchise on Facebook

'History Of Horror' Hits AMC In October

Eli Roth's series "History Of Horror" hits AMC in October. The series will explore the evolution of horror over the years and the impact on society and pop culture. It premiers October 14th at midnight. Stephen King, Jordan Peele, Robert Englund, Rob Zombie, John Landis, Jamie Lee Curtis are among the horror legends set to appear.

Teaser Released For Demonic Horror "Luz"

Check out the teaser trailer for upcoming horror "Luz". The film is directed by Tolman Singer and stars Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt, Lilli Lorenz and Julia Riedler. The film shows at Fantastic Fest 2018 ahead of the U.S. release later in September.

A rainy night. A dazed and numb young cabdriver, LUZ, drags herself into the brightly lit entrance of a rundown police station. Across town in a nightspot, Nora seductively engages police psychiatrist Dr. Rossini in a conversation. Nora is possessed by a demonic entity, longing for the woman it loves. She tells the Doctor about her old schoolmate Luz’s rebellious past at a Chilean school for girls. Increasingly drunk on her story, Rossini turns into an easy prey in Nora’s hands, but he’s soon called away to the police station to examine her. Supervised by his colleagues, the doctor puts LUZ in a state of hypnosis that initiates a series of flashbacks, unfolding the events leading to her arrival. But the entity that has taken control of the doctor wants something more. Bit by bit it slips into LUZ’ reenactment and makes old memories come to light.

Luz Teaser from Yellow Veil Pictures on Vimeo.

Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival Announces 2018 Program

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 2, 2017 — The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival is once again ready to unleash the finest independent genre cinema upon the City of Brotherly Love. Returning to the Proscenium Theater at the Drake in Center City Philadelphia from Wednesday, September 5 to Sunday, September 9, PUFF is back for its third annual edition, with an extended feature program, special presentations, and much more.

In the 2018 edition of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival,  genre fans will have the opportunity to check out eleven feature films the biggest lineup in PUFF history as well as four short film programs. Additionally, PUFF will kick-off with a Wednesday night Pre-PUFF event, showcasing a special exhibition of the John Waters’ Hairspray, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film, as well as a Horror Shorts program screening exclusively at South Street Cinema.

Bringing titles that have played Fantasia, Tribeca and Slamdance to Philly, PUFF 2018 has something for everyone, from Joko Anwar’s bone-chilling Satan’s Slaves to Mitzi Peirone’s surreal fairytale Braid. The festival also includes ghost stories and supernatural scares with The Witch In The Window and Luciferina, mind bending thrillers like The God Inside My Ear and Butterfly Kisses, and stylized action films such as Buybust and Rock Steady Row. Offering an eclectic mix of horror, action, crime and comedy, PUFF 2018’s program is guaranteed to please even the most hard pressed genre fan.

The exciting, new elements for PUFF3 come hand-in-hand with much of what has made PUFF successful in the past. Returning for 2018 is the second annual Legacy Award Ceremony, honoring Philadelphia’s own Joe Augustyn, who wrote and produced the cult classic Night of the Demons. PUFF celebrates homegrown films in the Local Shorts Program, with a spotlight on regional cinematic storytellers, and much more. Furthermore, PUFF 2018 welcomes a cavalcade of filmmakers and special guests, including cult  musician Weird Paul Petroskey, who will be performing a live set following the screening of the documentary Will Work For Views on opening night.

Badges for PUFF 2018 as well as individual tickets for all programmed films can be purchased via Film Freeway

HERE. For more information, including our schedule and feature film trailers, please visit the official Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival website HERE. You can also get exclusive updates and previews for PUFF 2018 via the festival’s Facebook and Twitter, and see our full line-up below.

Check out the PUFF 2018 Festival Spot HERE.

My Review Of "The Mansion"

Belgian-French horror comedy "The Mansion  (a.k.a La Manoir )" is Tony Datis' opus to cheesy, cheeky horror films of the 80's. The film stars Marc Jarousseau, Nathalie Odzierejko, Ludovik Day, Jérôme Niel, Yvick Letexier, Vincent Tirel, Vanessa Guide, Delphine Baril, Baptiste Lorber, Lila Lacombe and Willy Denzey. "The Mansion" sets up a conventional horror narrative with backroom humor. 

A band of students comes to celebrate the New Year in an old manor house isolated from everything. But soon after their arrival, strange events disrupt the atmosphere, before the party turns squarely to the nightmare.

Datis presents horror fans with a traditional, almost 'Mystery Inc.' concept filled with standard stereotypes, creepy setting and nice body count. Told with slapstick and satirical humor, the film is a fun treat. It is English subtitled  (just in case you prefer your international films voice-over). The characters are well developed and charismatic creatures one expects to see in this type of horror movie, but they work and they are entertaining.

The special effects could have been a bit harder and more graphic-"Saturday Morning Mystery" done this sort of thing a bit better. I'm American I want a more visceral and gory experience in my kill shots. Still even for the more subtle choices taken to create the horror elements, "The Mansion" is still fun to watch. 

Overall the movie is a nice watch. It is effective in giving a creepy, horror throwback experience. The funny is funny and the horror is classic. It is a bit grosser than it is scary,  a total New French Extremist fan film. Not good for the gore hound crowd,  but still a worthwhile selection for most horror fans. (4/5)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My Review Of "Euthanizer"

Finnish horror drama "Euthanizer" is directed by Teemu Nikki and stars Matti Omnismaa, Jari Virman, Hannamaija Nikander and Alina Tomnikov. The story is an unyielding portrayal of rural life and distorted idealism. Nikki pushes the boundary of exploitation cinema with disturbing imagery unapologetically.

Veijo runs a black-market operation euthanizing people's ailing pets to make extra money. It is clear he has dark secrets, but only after meeting a young nurse and a seedy mechanic (who's mixed up with a vicious gang of neo-Nazis) that Veijo's carefully balanced, albeit deranged, life begins to show cracks. Things turn to the extreme when Veijo does not finish a job he was paid to and his client finds out.

The story is a bizarre mixture of blunt-force exploration of everyday life, and disturbing behavior bordering on cruelty. Teemu Nikki manages to humanize and rationalize his dark, disenfranchised characters, while pushing the limits of likability with ease. At times hard to watch, especially for the animal lover, "Euthanizer" touches ground in experimental, exploitative states. There is balance and breath, if only slightly, in a cast able bring to life fully developed characters that feel natural. 

The effects are stark, visceralmoments of realism that cause knee-jerk "look away" urges. There is dark sense that lingers over every moment that tickles at shock value simply by experiencing the events asthey unfold. The subject matter and in-your -face cruelty create the real horror.

Overall "Euthanizer" is gonna be one of those films you either like or you hate. It blends the darkside of everyday affair in arthouse fashion. The story disturbing and compelling. Characters are recognizable and easy to hate.The things you see unfold are harsh and hard to watch, but it is worth the watch. (4/5)

My Review Of "The Forest Of The Lost Souls"

José Pedro Lopes' "The Forest Of The Lost Souls" is an expressive, stylized thriller exploring the macabre, and yet emotional story of suicide. The film stars Daniela Love, Lígia Roque, Mafalda Banquart, Tiago Jácome, and Débora Ribeiro. The story is a focused psychological melodrama told smoothly in almost melancholic, artistic fashion.

Ricardo and Carolina are complete strangers that meet seemingly by chance in the “Forest of the Lost Souls”, a place where many people go to commit suicide. These two, a young woman and an old man, are no different than the others as they also came to the forest for this very reason.
They decide to briefly postpone killing themselves in order to explore the forest and also to continue talking to one another, as Ricardo and Carolina find themselves intrigued by one another. However, as the pair go further into the forest it becomes clear that one of them has other reasons for being in the forest and is not who they would have the other believe them to be and is actually a psychopath.

The film's premise focuses on the dark nature of people who contemplate and act upon thoughta of suicide. Lopes explores these "lost souls" in a well-paced, arthouse style. Shown in black-n-white "The Forest Of The Lost Souls" places the macabre nature of his subject material upfront, while maintaining a sensitive heartfelt approach. The film never meanders into exploitative ground.

The film isn't a thriller in the mainstream sense. There is no shock or gore and the pace never really hits the high octave levels of horror, but Lopes' film never intended to be that kind of movie. Instead it is a chilling, slow-burn character study which develops into a psychological overture of sorts. The dialog is minimal but when present, very substantial and compelling. The cast bring these characters to life and worthy of investment. And the twist that happens midway through is brilliant.

Overall "The Forest Of The Souls" is a well thought out slice of expressiveness. Created solely from the point of view of arthouse, the film is intended for a select audience. Mainstream, non-adventurous, horror fans will not enjoy this one. For the rest, especially those who are into exploring different storytelling mediums, this is a masterfully, dark and captivating slice of macabre. (5/5)

First Official Photo Released From Set Of "Terminator"

Paramount Pictures released the first official photo from set of "Terminator". The film stars Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes and MacKenzie Davis, shown in image below. "Terminator" is currently filming.

"Terminator" picks up after the events of T2 and slated for release November 22nd 2019. 

Canadian Release Details For "The Crescent"

Press Release:
After an immensely successful festival run starting at TIFF (Midnight Madness 2017) The Crescent, directed by Seth A Smith, is returning to Canada for a major national theatrical run.
Smith is a Nova Scotia-based filmmaker and visual artist. His first feature film, Lowlife, received national praise and was released in 25 cities. Now with his sophomore film, Smith is picking up numerous accolades including Best Score, Best Screenplay, and Best Performance by an Actress awards, and a well-deserved nomination for the 2017 Directors Guild of Canada Discovery Award.
The Crescent follows a mother and her toddler son as they struggle to find spiritual healing after an unexpected death in the family. As they attempt to rebuild their bond, a mysterious force from the sea begins to haunt them. The film is a transcendent look at loss, grief and single parenting, told through the entrancing art of marbling and the eyes of a two-year-old.
The Crescent opens at Cineplex theatres in seven Canadian cities, beginning August 10. Ottawa’s The Mayfair will release the film on August 15. The Crescent will then be released on Amazon Prime, iTunes and VOD starting September 4. The film is distributed in Canada by Raven Banner Releasing.


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