Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Madman" 1982 35mm Screening @ East Kentucky Fear Festival

For "Madman" 1982's 30th Anniversary there will be a midnight screening of the classic Slasher flick. Check out the poster for the event below and also check out the event page on Facebook for directions.

A New Monster Is On The Block And About To Meet His Match In “Shiver”

Shiver Poster 1Julian Richards is about to give life to “The Gryphon” a perfect killer first brought to life by New York Times best selling author Brian Harper. The story is about a serial killer who up until now has been the perfect killer. He is about to meet his match in Wendy Alden who manages to escape his savage attack. “Shiver” stars Danielle Harris in the leading role as Wendy with an interestingly powerful cast of John Jarratt, Casper Van Dien, Rae Dawn Chong, and Brad Harris. Plus making her feature film debut is model Nikita Esco.

“Shiver” is currently in post production and has a fund campaign that is still on going at Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign is to help with finalizing post production needs, and marketing the completed film to festivals and potential buyers. Based on the trailer there should be no problem with getting this film out to the public. It looks to be an intense, edgy thrill ride and HELLO! Danielle Harris! Check out the trailer for “Shiver” below then jump over to Indiegogo to learn more about this gem. After that hit up the Facebook Page to keep up the deets on this one-I know I will be watching for it. Oh and by the way “Shiver” is now an official selection at the Burbank International Film Festival.

Check Out My Cool Ringer T. Finally Came In Mail...

Received my Ringer T-Shirt today with blog logo : A Southern Life In Scandalous Times on the front! It comes in 8 different styles but I prefer the heather grey/black style. Fits just the way I like too! Check me out...

Also in horror news- keep an eye out for Q & A session with the Director and Cast of "The Axeman At Cutter's Creek" plus I am working on a new blog series for Saturdays called "Psychotic Saturdays" to go with my "Satanic Sundays" series....And Remember that just because the times and atmosphere of Today is Scandalous doesn't mean you can't be Southern!

Friday, August 17, 2012

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Details

Mad Max creator George Miller’s fourth installment of the Apocalyptic action series “Mad Max: Fury Road” began filming back in July. The film sees Tom Hardy in the lead role playing the unstable force of justice Max Rockatansky with Charlize Theron coming onboard as Imperator Furiosa. According to Miller, "Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the Road War which follows. It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived."

Mad-Max-Theatrical-Poster-151695_222x336Shooting on “Fury Road” is taking place in Africa due to wide spread regional flooding in the New South Wales area originally chosen for the film. The landscape no longer suited the prominent landscape associated with the future setting of the film. Thankfully a secondary location was found and with the assistance of the Australian government the film was moved. Miller is directing this film from a screenplay he wrote with Brendon McCarthy and Nico Lathouris.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” will also star Nicholas Hoult as Nux, Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe and Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus. Playing “The Wives” will be Zoe Kravitz as Toast, Riley Keough as Capable and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Splendid. Making their big screen debut will be supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw as The Dag and Courtney Eaton as Fragile. Josh Helman will play Slit, Jennifer Hagan as Miss Giddy and singer/songwriter iOTA is playing Coma-Doof Warrior. Also in the cast are well known Australian actors John Howard, Richard Carter, supermodel Megan Gale, Angus Sampson, Joy Smithers, Gillian Jones, Melissa Jaffer and Melita Jurisic.

Check Out The Trailer For “Antiviral”

antiviral-posterBrandon Cronenberg’s “Antiviral” is currently scheduled for the Toronto Film Festival in September. The film is about a guy who sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding Hannah Geist, who after becoming infected with a virus died. Now he must rush to find the answers in order to save his own life. Check out the trailer below.

20 Second Tease From ‘American Horror Story: Asylum

american-horror-story-season-2-posterSeason two of American Horror Story premieres in October. Unlike most series AHS has done something most shows would not dare. They have taken every thing about season one, the iconic house, a disintegrating family and a solid foundation that build up a strong fan base and tossed it out. Only a show this bold and twisted could do something like that and get away with it. It was an awesome move by the story’s creators because it allowed them to take that same dark and haunting tragic struggle endured in season one and apply it to a whole new setting filled with new tortured souls. Season two takes place at an Asylum on the East coast in the 60’s. A place ran by the character played by Jessica Lange who returns to the role. A 20 second teaser clip has been released to pump up fans in anticipation of the premiere. Check it out below. FX/AHS site!

Fighting Owl Films Putting A Little More Fear In Christmas

220px-Krampus-Postkarte_um_1900Fighting Owl Films is an Independent film company that seeks to put a little more fear in Christmas with “Night Of The Krampus” a short film about the nasty creature that traditionally accompanied St. Nick. Krampus was the demon-esque companion who was allowed to feed on the children that landed on the naughty list. Still to this day in the Alpine regions Krampus is celebrated during the Holiday season.  The creature has roots in Germanic folklore. Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus in Austria, southern Bavaria, South Tyrol, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia during the first week of December, particularly on the evening of December 5, and roam the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells. Krampus is featured on holiday greeting cards called Krampuskarten. There are many names for Krampus, as well as many regional variations in portrayal and celebration.

Fighting Owl Films “Night Of The Krampus” will feature Claire and Herb the two main characters featured in the Production company’s first feature film “The Night Shift”. Two supernatural investigators that will seek out the legend of the Krampus when all signs point that the creature is not myth just children begin to vanish during the weeks leading up to Christmas. There is currently a campaign on Indiegogo to help fund this Indie project. There you can find out about Fighting Owl’s goals and help see this project funded. Check out the poster for “Night Of The Krampus” and don’t forget to check out Fighting Owl’s Facebook Page as well.


Killer Nashville Conference To Hold Screenwriting Intensive

killer_nashvilleKiller Nashville is an annual conference held to bring together fans and authors in the crime/ thriller literary world. Created in 2006 by writer/filmmaker Clay Stafford the conference has grown each year.  Killer Nashville 2012 will be held on August 24-26, 2012 at Nashville's five-star Hutton Hotel. Now they are adding a workshop of sorts. The screenwriting Intensive will be held concurrently with the Conference adding a beneficial element to the fan-author gathering.  Here are the details.

The first ever Screenwriting Intensive will now be a part of the Killer Nashville weekend, featuring Hollywood screen and television writers Heywood Gould, April Kelly, Steven Womack, and Philip Cioffari.
Heywood Gould's screen credits include Cocktail; Rolling Thunder; The Boys from Brazil; Streets of Gold; One Good Cop; Trial by Jury; Mistrial; Double Bang; The Equalizer; N.Y.P.D.; and Fort Apache, the Bronx.  Gould will kick off the event at the Killer Nashville Conference on Friday, August 24, 2012.
April Kelly is the screenwriter and creator of Boy Meets World; Mork and Mindy; Becker; The Pursuit of Happiness; I Still Dream of Jennie; How to Murder a Millionaire; Free Spirit; Out of This World; Webster; Partners in Crime; Teachers Only; Love, Sidney; Happy Days; Goober & The Trucker's Paradise; Baby, I'm Back; Szysznyk; Donny and Marie; The Jacksons; Rich Little Show; The Jim Stafford Show; and more.
Steven Womack is an Edgar and Shamus Award-winning author/screenwriter.  His work includes the screenplays for the TV movies Volcano: Fire on the Mountain andProudheart.  Womack is also a film professor and former chair of Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee.
Philip Cioffari is a novelist, screenwriter, and writing professor at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.  He is the winner of the Tartt Fiction Prize, the D.H. Lawrence Prize, and the New Voices award.  Philip is an independent filmmaker whose film Love in the Age of Dion has won numerous film awards including Best Feature Film at the Long Island International Film Expo.
The program will begin with a Thursday night screening of Gould's film Fort Apache, the Bronx at Nashville's Hutton Hotel.  Friday's curriculum will begin with an optional presentation by forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass (father of modern forensic science, founder of the University of Tennessee's "The Body Farm” made famous by Patricia Cornwell, and half the New York Times bestselling writing duo "Jefferson Bass”).  The screenwriting intensive will follow immediately thereafter with four one-hour screenwriting sessions:
Plotting the Screenplay (Heywood Gould)
Formatting a Script (Steven Womack)
Scenes and Subplots (April Kelly)
Getting Your Screenplay Ready to Sell (Philip Cioffari & Heywood Gould)
Selling Your Screenplay (Heywood Gould, April Kelly, Steven Womack, Philip Cioffari)
$60 - Screenwriting Intensive plus Dr. Bill Bass Presentation
$15 - "Selling Your Screenplay” breakout session
If you have any questions or would like to register for Killer Nashville visit or contact us or 615-599-4032.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Image Unearthed From “The Aztec Box”

A new still from “The Aztec Box” shows the residents removing the mysterious artifact from the backyard. It was noted that the box had been originally buried inside a large crate but who buried it is still a mystery. The image was posted today on the Facebook Page.
residents removing the aztec box from burial spot
“The Aztec Box” is a film comprised of footage gathered at the scene a domestic disturbance by Riverside, CA. police officers. After reviewing the footage, the investigators concluded that it consisted of a student made reality show culminating with some sort of a satanic ritual following an unearthing of an ancient Aztec Chamber box in the backyard of the residence in question.
Exhibit 4A, Case #AD-398437 Riverside PD. The case is also known as “The Aztec Box”.
sarcophagusThe house was rented out to four college students, who unearthed some sort of an Ancient Aztec Relic buried in the backyard. There are reports that the students reported a number of disturbances following this unearthing, culminating in some sort of a satanic ritual or cult.
“The Aztec Box” is expected to be released October 2012.  I suggest checking out the website for the whole story behind this bizarre story.

New Trailer For Nicholas Smith’s “Munger Road”

Munger-Road-DVD“Munger Road” brings terror to a small Midwestern town on the night of an annual event. As the crowds gather for the annual Scarecrow Festival a group of kids decide to explore the infamous “Munger Road” the site of a horrific tragedy. It turns out to be a case of “wrong place, wrong time” as a psychotic killer returns bringing death and terror to the community. The film is directed by Nicholas Smith and stars Bruce Davidson, Trevor Morgan, Brooke Peoples, Randall Batinkoff, Hallock Beals, and Lauren Storm. It will be available on DVD and VOD September 11th. I got my calendar marked!

Facebook Page

Watch The Trailer For Season 7 Of ‘Dexter’

dexter_finalSeason 7 picks up right where the last season ended. With a climactic pause in the drama when Deb follows her instincts to the very place where Dexter is taking care of his latest catch in that all so systematic M.O. that has sustained his dark passenger all these years. The story is reaching a massive fervor with this more personal twist to the saga. If this was brother against brother I swear it would be fucking biblical! Deb the faithful but always questioning do-good detective facing a very brutal truth that the man she measured all normality to since her father’s death is the very evil she has sworn to defeat. It is fucking epic. God I love this show.

Marvel Investigating Leak Of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Image

Well now I see why there was a rant on another website about the frickin’ Racoon getting a movie deal before some other bigger known comic hero’s. Got to be honest that I haven’t really invested much time into the comic book world other than the ridiculously uber-budgeted movies that come out which I tend to enjoy. Beyond that I haven’t the foggiest on what happens in these worlds or to these characters. That said I have say kudos to the Latino Review for getting their hands on this concept artwork for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” slated for 2014.


Of coarse Marvel is non too thrilled with this leak and is investigating the issue. However I feel it was probably an intentional leak just to get a vibe on how positive or negative the fans would be. These things rarely happened by pure accident. Anyway that is just my thoughts on it. Plot details for the movie adaptation where also revealed stating that A U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants.According to ComicBookMovie.Com site the film has a release date of August 1st, 2014 but that may all change in light of this recent scandal at the studio. Anyway they also talk about possible “U.S. pilots” the synopsis is referring to (jump here to read about it).

Three More Directors On Board For “Theatre Of The Deranged II”

                                                          From Press Release:
With “THEATRE OF THE DERANGED” out already on DVD  from WWMM,  some new news is emerging about “THEATRE OF THE DERANGED II” which is in production. The second installment from Executive Producers James Cullen Bressack (My Pure Joy, Hate Crime) and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures not only feature's Bressack's film "UNMIMELY DEMISE", and Dustin Mills (Puppet Monster Massacre, Zombie A-hole) Segment is entitled "GIRL GIRL: MUTANT LESBO VENGEANCE" But now three other Directors have boarded the project. Shane Ryan, director of the Amateur Porn Star Killer Series has boarded with his segment entitled "TAG" Another Indie Talent on board is Shawn Burkett (The Sleeping Soul) with his segment entitled "PANTY RAID" and Lastly Christopher Leto (The House Wife Slasher) with his segment called "MY AUNT IS COMING TO TOWN"
Psykik Junky Pictures is happy to have so many talented filmmakers onboard with this project! To show our appreciation to the filmmakers and get you all hyped up on the project not only are we going to release a teaser poster and still for you right now of SHAWN BURKETT's segment “PANTY RAID” but we release a Teaser poster for JAMES CULLEN BRESSACK's “UNMIMELY DEMISE” as well as a three stills from SHANE RYAN's “TAG”!

Below are the poster for Shawn Burkett’s “Panty Raid”.

Below are stills from Shane Ryan’s “Tag”.

Tag stillTAGSTILL2

Also check out the teaser for James Cullen Bressack’s “Unmimely Demise” here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For Darren Lynch’s “Ouija” Movie

AkU3MEtCIAAN5OKDirector Darren Lynch as managed to create a movie that won’t see the Ouija board some kiddie game nor will it anything of a joke. Of coarse I am referring to the disappointing news of another Ouija board that is in the works. No- this “Ouija” is an Indie movie horror fans can appreciate about an extremely overlooked device of hauntingly evil possibilities. Lynch’s film is the story of nine friends who decide to go on a camping trip into the woods. One friend has other plans and soon the group set down to call upon the spirits through an occult favorite- the Ouija board. Soon a demon begins to stalk the campers, killing them one by one.

“Ouija” is written and directed by Darren Lynch who also stars in the film with Conner Lynch, Mark Heap, Roxanne Freeman, Jessica Gaucher-Thompson, Ranveer Bual, Ekua Ghansah, Jodie Russell, and Cavan Mcready. Check out the trailer below. The film has a U.K release set for sometime in 2013, the poster has an Oct. 31st 2012.

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Check Out The Teaser Poster For “The Morningside Monster”

578815_449653895068197_422959875_n“The Morningside Monster” tells the story of a small NJ town that was always known to be quiet and peaceful. Until the body of Ryan O’Malley was discovered in the woods brutally eviscerated. Sheriff Tom Haulk and his deputy, Klara Austin, rush to catch the killer as the bodies start to pile up. The once peaceful town of Morningside becomes a dark and sinister place where a monster runs loose. Friends and neighbors turn on one another out of fear and desperation of which one if any of the towns residents is the Morningside Monster.

Damn! Now doesn’t that sound like a killer movie concept. “The Morningside Monster” begins filming in September in Atlanta, Ga courtesy of Blue Dusk Productions. The horror/thriller is being directed by Chris Ethridge and stars Tiffany Shepis and Robert Pralgo. To stay up to date on this little Indie gem check out the movie Facebook Page and Website.


Official Trailer For “Killjoy Goes To Hell” Goes Online

01caa28260o-Hell.jpgSo I am sitting here getting pretty bored with the internet, finished my review of “Silver Bullet” and stuffed on Peanut M&M’s- one bullet that is all! Then just as I was about to give up what runs across my Facebook Feed?-Fuck yeah – Killjoy baby! Finally after almost a year waiting for it after the tease last fall that it was in the works “Killjoy Goes To Hell” is a sealed deal folks. The demonic clown is back! One of my most loved franchises from Full Moon Direct since “Puppet Master” and “Evil Bong” has saved my web based - media driven -“what the fuck did I miss”- day!

This time Killjoy is being dragged to hell to face charges that he is not evil enough! After letting a victim get away he stands accused and must defend his unholy standing as the most demonic of them all. Written and Directed by John Lechago and starring Trent Haaga, Victoria Demare,  Al Burke, Tai Chan Ngo, John Karyus, Lisa Goodman, Aqueela Zoll, Cecil Burroughs, Jason Robert Moore, Jim Raymond, James Calhoun, Ian Roberts, Stephen F. Cardwell and Jessica Whitney as Sandie. Check out the trailer below.

Full synopsis:
The demon clown Killjoy is on trial in Hell! Having failed in his last outing to claim his victim's soul, he must face the devil himself in Hell's courtroom and prove that he's evil and worthy of a demon. His only hope is the testimony of his last victim and a trial by combat. Killjoy's murderous minions Batty Boop, Punchy, and Freakshow plot a daring rescue attempt, but they have nosy detectives, renegade clowns, and a whole mess of demons in their way. If they fail, Killjoy is damned to oblivion, never to return!

My Review Of “Silver Bullet” 1985

SilverBullet1985I have watched “Silver Bullet” a many times over the years. Sadly though I don’t remember the first time I saw it. I do remember renting at least twenty times at the video store they put in down the street from my house. For me this is one of the must have for any werewolf movie collectors. I don’t even mind that the costume used to show the full werewolf is an obvious on piece suit more reminiscent of a school mascot than a monster. For me it was this story itself that brought this film to life. Most of the special effects done in the film are of standard quality for 80’s films. So since I have watched this movie so many times, much more than any other Stephen King movie, including “Christine” and “Carrie” it must be my favorite movie adaptation of a Stephen King story.

The film focuses on Marty Coslaw, a boy held back in life only by the limitations of his wheel chair. Not just any wheel chair mind you, his is a souped-up motorized machine. Basically it had a carriage added that held a go-cart motor and chained wheels. Then his uncle comes along and reveals his pet project specially designed for Marty, The Silver Bullet, a really souped-up road ready racer styled wheel chair. This part of the story like a lot of this film is sweet- small town- apple pie -life. Almost to the point of nausea. There is a unknown virus that plagues Stephen King’s writing that I call “The Norman Rockwell Syndrome”. Every story is a fragile veil of perfect Americana platitude, filled with wise laid back elders sitting in rockers on Main Street and children happily playing in neighborhoods filled with white picket fences on sweet summer days. However it is a thin veil that is stained with an underlying darkness that Stephen King masterfully gives breath to in his work. Unwed pregnancy, at a time when it wasn’t common in the high school hallways, alcoholic and abusive fathers and evil that permeates just under the skin of every organic structure in a civilized community. These are the contrasts in just about all of Stephen King’s films and stories yet to be made into film. So is the case with “Silver Bullet”, a small town of pleasant happy people going about their humdrum lives until once season when a monster comes to town to feed.

And brilliantly in this film the monster is a Reverend by day! Can you get more dark and poignant in a horror story than this! A paralytic kid faces an unholy creature masked in the most trusting of images. It is awesomely terrifying and considering the things that have come to light in more recent years about religious figures full of scandal, a very observant cautionary tale. The perfect comedy of nightmares in which the lesson is “beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing”! This is a side of life in rural America and urban alike that most either choose to ignore because they cannot handle the darker side of life or they just flat out feel it is non of their business. “Silver Bullet” plays with this concept perfectly by having no one that Marty can turn to but his sister and his “crazy uncle” for help. Reluctant help, Marty has to play a lot of pity tricks to persuade his sister to believe him before they set out to investigate the good Reverend.

This film hits hard with the whole “tragic ending” scenario. As the story plays out we get to witness the death of pregnant woman, unwed and on the verge of suicide, not to mention the brutal slaying of Marty’s best friend after a peaceful day of kite flying in the park. There is the sneak attack on Tammy Sturmfuller’s abusive, mean father but let’s face it, his death was a joy to see. Tammy is the girl that Marty is sweet on in the film but that ends after her old man’s death. So here we have a kid in a wheel chair who is sure the local preacher is a werewolf, who’s best friend is killed, who’s girlfriend moves off, and no one believes. I have to say that it is a great set up for a few scares, tense scenes that I still hold my breathe on even though I know the outcome already, plus one really awesome sequence that really gives us our “wolfie” treats. Watching as the Reverend tries to give a sermon as the whole congregation begins to turn into werewolves is probably my favorite scene next to the local vigilantes scene that sees several of the “billy bad-asses” killed by the monster. Right up until the final chapter where Marty, his sister and his uncle face off with the wolf this film is perfect in every aspect of story telling with dramatic and tense build up. It is hard not to feel a bit deflated when the werewolf is fully exposed under the harsh lights of reality as man in a suit, if I said otherwise it would be obvious I was “shit-for-shine” in this review. Still that acknowledgment aside the film keeps a strong air of suspense until that final moment.

“Silver Bullet” has a classic character that relates to anyone who ever played way past sun down as a kid then realized your error as you rushed home to the visions of every nightmare or scary story read or heard floods you right up until your feet hit that threshold and your hand is on the door knob finding your way safe in the warmth comfort of home. There are stereotypical players here that make you long for the horror which is purposely drawn out for a steady build. The film offers images and concepts of moral corruption by long believed trust-worthy members of the community while teasing with quick and brutal deaths  of characters that traditionally should be safe from such a tragic ending but in the realm of Stephen King become fair game. Most of the special effects as far as the werewolf transformation are traditional make-up tricks common in horror before this wretched CGI crap began to take over, and the story is a true tale “David Slaying Goliath” as only the master of horror could tell it, with sweet sounds echoing through calm streets disarming all who venture into his realm where the dark terror that lurks just beyond the orderly construct of a Rockwellian life wait to feed. This movie gets **** /***** from me. I would give it a full five stars but for the costume suit used for the werewolf way to visible in the final scene.

Appalachian Undead: An Anthology Of Zombie Horrors

Book Worth Reading:

app_coverfront_largeAlmost Heaven…
Or is it? Is Appalachia as mysterious and wonderful as people say? Or does its enduring beauty hold something dark. Something dreadful. Something very hungry for our flesh. Can the people of the region stand up against the hordes of the Undead and thrive as they have thrived under other worst circumstances?
Appalachian Undead takes a look at the dark side of Appalachia, where the Undead walk, driven by old magic and worse, their hunger for us. Nestled in the safety of the hills, the inhabitants have thrived and adapted even to the worst of conditions, but can they survive against an army that never tires and never stops feeding? With new intriguing tales of the Undead, this anthology contains work by some of the best names in horror, including Jonathan Maberry, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Lebbon, Elizabeth Massie, Lucy Snyder, Bev Vincent, Tim Waggoner and many more.
check it out here!

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Poster For New Horror Movie “Ritual”

Only days away from shooting “Ritual” is a horror film directed by Mickey Keating that tells the story of a husband after receiving a distressed phone call from his wife arrives at a seedy hotel. He realizes she has killed a stranger that is linked to a dangerous cult. The film stars Lisa Summerscales & Dean Cates. Read the full synopsis and check out the promo poster for the film below.

The radio blares a 24-hour Halloween Weekend Fright Fest as Tom Moses drives deeper and deeper into the desert. He arrives at a sleazy motel, where his wife, Lovely, informs him through the locked door that something terrible has happened. He persuades her to let him inside and discovers a man slumped against the wall on the other side of the room, stabbed to death.

Though Lovely tries to convince Tom that she only came here for a drink, he knows the real story – this isn’t the first time she’s run off with strange men in the middle of the night. Lovely begs Tom not to call the police and, against his better judgment, he finally agrees to help. Maybe he’s a fool in love, maybe he’s just a plain fool, but his decision to stay is certainly the worst he’ll ever make in his entire life. It is not long before Tom discovers a video camera in the trunk of the man’s car and plugs it into the television. He and Lovely watch as a horrifying image crackles to life: a group of individuals, shrouded in robes and disguised in skull masks, ritualistically sacrifice a helpless girl.

The situation becomes clear and Tom and Lovely realize that they need to get out while they still can. But the night has only just begun and the strangers in skull masks soon arrive with a plan of their own...


Facebook Page

Official Cast Listed For “Axeman At Cutter’s Creek” Plus New Poster!

Independent Production Company Blood Red Films Reveals Final Cast Listing For Feature Film, ‘AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK.”
Today, Blood Red Films released the official cast listing for the upcoming throwback AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK, an ‘80’s style slasher film about nine vacationing twenty-somethings who are hunted down by an axe-wielding local legend. In no particular order, the cast and characters are listed below:
THE AXEMAN (Scot Pollard) – The title character who may or may not be the local legend that terrorizes the town every few years and vanishes into the forest without a trace.
PAULIE (Ray Trickitt) – A career criminal recently released after serving 10 years at Folsom State Prison and looking for a big score.
CASSIDY (Chantelle Albers) – Former collegiate track star and estranged friend of Stacy who finds herself in a love triangle with Stacy’s new beau and her current beau Doug.
STACY (Elissa Dowling) – Former collegiate track star and estranged friend Cassidy’s who finds herself at odds with the childhood friend she’s always known and loved.
DENISE (Tiffany Shepis) – A career criminal looking for a large enough score to walk away from the dangerous life she’s chosen.
VALE (Carlos Javier Castillo) – Childhood friend of Paulie’s from around “the block” that master-minded their new heist but realizes Paulie may be a liability.
SHERIFF CHARLENE WOPUZER (Brinke Stevens) – Small town Sheriff that knows all-too-well the legend of the Axeman at Cutter’s Creek and patrols the area like clockwork to protect her townspeople.
DEPUTY DARLENE WHITFIELD (Arielle Brachfeld) – The party girl daughter of Mayor Whitfield who doesn’t take her job seriously in the least.
TAMMY (Jamie Bernadette) – Long time friend of Doug and Randy who finds herself in a new relationship with a woman she’s longed to be with since college, Liz.
LIZ (Erin Marie Hogan) – Long time friend of Stacy and Vivian that finds herself in her first lesbian relationship with Tammy and wrestles with what that means to herself and the group.
VIVIAN (Eliza Kiss) – Liz and Stacy’s best friend and fiery, vain princess who is far too accustomed to the wandering eyes of men and loves to torture those that pursue her.
ADELE (Paula Tracey Wilson) – Deputy Darlene’s retired school teacher that moonlights as the front desk administrator at the Sheriff’s office.
BRIAN (Stephen Eith) – Stacy’s current beau, who finds himself caught in the middle of a love triangle between moving forward with her or rekindling the flame with Cassidy.
DOUG (Dylan Hobbs) – Cassidy’s current jock beau, who is acutely aware of Cassidy’s wandering heart and struggles to find what it takes to keep the relationship healthy while refraining from beating Brian to a pulp.
RANDY (J. Scott) – The jokester of the group that has only remained close with Darren over the years and finds himself the last of the them holding on to his youth.
MAURICE (Dave Hernandez) – Local tour guide who reluctantly takes the group up the mountain to Cutter’s Creek, knowing what ultimately awaits them as the sun sets. He debates whether to stay or leave them to their own devices.
DARREN (Joston Theney) – As close friend of Randy and current admirer of Vivian, he seems to be the only member of the group that has moved forward with his life as an adult willingly but still carries a torch for the girl of his dreams.
‘AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK’ stars Elissa Dowling (BLACK DAHLIA), Tiffany Shepis (NIGHTMARE MAN), Brinke Stevens (SKELETON KEY), Ray Trickitt (LORD OF THE RINGS: TWO TOWERS) and Arielle Brachfeld (THE HAUNTING AT WHALEY HOUSE).  Rounding out the cast are Chantelle Albers, Jamie Bernadette, Erin Marie Hogan, Eliza Kiss, Dylan Hobbs, Stephen Eith, J. Scott, Carlos Javier Castillo, Paula Tracey Wilson, Dave Hernandez and NBA superstar Scot Pollard as the Axeman.
About Blood Red Films
Blood Red Films is an independent production company of motion pictures founded by author and executive producer Dr. Christopher Otiko and operating in Marina del Rey, CA.  Principal photography begins in September 2012 in Angelus, CA.
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Drunken Zombie Film Fest 2012

dz2012 big head 3d vhsThe Drunken Zombie Film Festival is proud to announce that the great horror magazine Fangoria has come on board as a media sponsor for this year’s film festival. We are happy to have such a great sponsor be a part of this year’s film festival. Fangoria has been the front runner on horror news, editorials, and horror content for the last 33 years. If you say the name Fangoria horror fans already know the type of quality you’re talking about. Fangoria will be joining the list of sponsors of this year’s DZFF including Landmark Cinemas (our hosting theater), It’s Only A T-Shirt, Crazy Dog T-Shirts, Blunt Force Cinema, and WAOE-TV MY59.

This November 2-3 is the fifth annual Drunken Zombie International Horror Film Festival in Peoria, IL and we have a great time showing off some great indie horror films. Some of the past films we have shown are Dead Hooker In A Trunk(DZFF2010), The Taint (DZFF2011), Zombie Apocalypse (DZFF 2008), Trippin' (DZFF 2010), and The Selling (DZFF2011). We present a well rounded list of films from straight up scary, to horror comedies, to the full on surreal. Every year the show is MCed by Lord Blood-Rah who is a horror host out of the San Francisco area that has a very loyal internet following.
Fangoria-logo-2-300x97The mission statement for the Drunken Zombie Film Festival has been to showcase great independent horror films to a horror audience that is seeking something new and exciting out of a genre that has grown stale and flaccid in recent years. We aim to help these indie filmmakers as much as we can by NOT charging entry fees, showcasing their work, and using our connections with some indie horror distributors to get them in touch with the filmmakers to hopefully get their films out on an even bigger scale. Our goal isn’t to make money off this event but to showcase great indie horror films. Come on out to the Drunken Zombie International Horror Film Festival and help support indie horror!

Praise For The Drunken Zombie Film Festival:

“The Drunken Zombie Film Festival is run by a group of diehard horror fans who's only desire is
to help out indie filmmakers and that passion shines through in their treatment of your work,
their interaction with you (the filmmaker), and their enthusiasm overall. I am very happy to
support DZ as they have been more than supportive of my career over the years and are one of
the reasons I have fans across the world.” Tony Wash – Director of It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To (DZFF2008) and A Chance In Hell(DZFF2011)

“We had the distinct pleasure of having our film, "The Feed", screened at the 2011 Drunken
Zombie Film Festival. Though unable to attend due to a work conflict, I had a number of people
write to us saying how much they enjoyed the festival and our movie. Not only that, but a
podcast was released shortly thereafter where a whole group sat around discussing the fest -
and our film - in great detail! It was fantastic to hear. We rely quite a bit on social networking to
keep our fans up to speed on our film's progress, and the 2011 DZFF, as well as their devoted
followers, allowed us to post many, many updates. We look forward to submitting our next work
as well as attending!” Steve Gibson – Director of The Feed (DZFF2011)

"DZFF makes a real effort to reach out to its filmmakers, in order to help them connect with
each other and with industry. That's why I'll keep sending my films to DZFF. Also, their name is
really cool." Chris Walsh – Director Of Fitness Class Zombie (DZFF2011)

New Poster And Trailer For “Robin Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood”

Robin_Hood_Poster_1Directed by Oliver Krekel “Robin Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood” stars Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, Carolina Grigorov, Martin Hentschel, Dave Kaufmann and Claude Oliver Rudolph. Check out the trailer below.
The Sherwood Forest is haunted, or so the story goes. Even the bravest of men are not fearless when the sun sets here.
This is the fictitious tale of a cursed Robin Hood who has sold his soul to a witch to stay alive. But death never sleeps and soon Robin dies in a battle. When Marian and Little John try to bring Robin and his Merry Men back to life by using the witch‘s potions that unfortunately turn the dead to the living dead.
With the use of the potions that Marian took from the witch’s cave her and Little John are forced to fight for their lives against their former friends and the accuracy of Robin’s bow. The pair is able to fight their way out of Sherwood Forest, and find that what’s left of the Zombie Robin Hood and his remaining Zombie Merry Men cannot leave the forest. Marian and Little John, decide they will scour the Earth to see if they can find a potion to save their friends, but until then will leave their friends where they are as the’Ghosts of Sherwood’.

Website and Facebook Page

Check Out The Trailer For “All Alone”

big“All Alone” is an intense thriller directed by Jon Cellini and starring Mandy Levin, Suzy Cote, Brice Williams, David Hayden-Jones and Beth Navarro. The film is completed and a trailer is now available. Watch it below.

An over-populated, concrete-filled Los Angeles drives Maggie into fear and isolation. On the edge, her cries for change are neglected by her husband, Ben. When she turns to her dysfunctional but affluent friends, Alex and Kyle, they propose an overnight camping trip to get away from the confines of the city and escape to the solitude of the mountains. They soon realize that the deeper you go in the mountains, the darker it gets as masks are ripped away and secrets are revealed. Accusations lead to violence and desperation fuels an irreversible chain of events. Survival is uncertain…

Lasse Hallstrom’s Return To Swedish Cinema With “The Hypnotist”

packshotSwedish thriller “The Hypnotist” is Lasse Hallstrom’s first Swedish film in 25 years. Based on the international best-seller by Lars Kepler and starring Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Olin and Tobias Zilliacus the film is about psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark who is woken by a telephone call from a hospital in Stockholm. Detective Inspector Joona Linna asks for his immediate help in treating an unconscious patient suffering from acute trauma.
He hopes that Erik will be able to communicate with the young boy through hypnosis, enabling the police to question him. They hope to find out who so brutally murdered his parents and younger sister, in order to track down and save his older sister before it is too late.

But it has been ten years since Erik last practised hypnosis, and he has promised never to do it again. Painful memories from that time make their presence felt, contributing to his decision not to help the police.

When Erik finally allows himself to be persuaded, it is as if the floodgates have been opened to a torrent of unforeseen happenings. Without warning this violent and inexplicable course of events impacts with full force on Erik’s life. His son disappears, and to have a chance of saving his life, Erik has to confront himself with the past, with the times when his research-work was laid in ruins and his marriage seemed on the verge of collapsing.

“The Hypnotist” is slated for a September 28th release.

“A Good Marriage” Based On Stephen King’s Novel Full Dark-No Stars Begins Pre-Production

stephen-king-a-good-marriageFrom Stephen King’s book “Full Dark – No Stars”, winner of the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Best Collection, comes the terrifying story of “A Good Marriage”:

Darcy Anderson discovers her husband has been keeping an especially terrible secret for years. What happens when, on a perfectly ordinary evening, all the things you believed in and took for granted are turned upside-down? What do you do and who do you call on when you discover that your good marriage has been built on a nightmare foundation of torture and murder? (from Stephen King's Liner Notes)

The film to be directed by Peter Askin and is scheduled for completion sometime in 2013.

Ethan Hawke’s “Predestination” In Pre-Production

13756The sci-fi thriller “Predestination” starring Ethan Hawke has began pre-production. The film is directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig. The story centers on a secret government time traveling agency designed to prevent future killers and terrorists from committing their crimes.

This time traveling adventure chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must recruit his younger self while pursuing the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

J.A. Steel’s “Blood Fare” Will Premiere At Dragon Con 2012


Press Release:
World Premiere Of Female Action Filmmaker J.A. Steel’s “Blood Fare” At Dragon*Con 2012

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – On August 14th, 2012, J.A. Steel, the award winning female writer and director, announces the world premiere of her fourth feature film “Blood Fare” for the Dragon*Con 2012 in Atlanta, GA. As part of the official Dragon*Con 2012 programming the screening is scheduled for Friday, August 31st at 8:30pm at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Hanover CDE. A live Q&A with “Blood Fare” star Gil Gerard, internationally recognized for his lead role as Captain William ‘Buck’ Rogers in the science fiction movie and television series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” and director J.A. Steel will follow the screening.

“Blood Fare” is a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, by J.A. Steel and Co-Producer Christian K. Koch. It is the tale of Corporal Henry Trout (S. Edward Meek - “Wild Stallion”), who in 1861 fought valiantly in a forgotten skirmish after the first battle of Bull Run. 150 years later, he will come face to face with his descendants as the battle for blood continues on a haunted battlefield. Tyler (Brandi Lynn Anderson from the upcoming Syfy original series “ZEROS”) and her brother Chad (Adrian West), Henry's fifth generation grandchildren, will challenge the very legend of Charon the Ferryman, as the lines between the living and the dead become blurred.
Gerard plays the character of Professor Meade, mentor to the protagonist Tyler, in “Blood Fare”. Gerard was recently seen in the Syfy original movie “Ghost Town”. International action star, Kim Sonderholm, most recently seen in the newly released “Little Big Boy,” appears alongside Gerard as Professor Malick.

In addition to Gerard and Sonderholm, several other amazingly talented actresses and actors have joined the “Blood Fare” cast, including Michelle Wolff (“NCIS”, “Chicago Hope”, “ER”, and “Providence”), Savannah Ostler (“Vengeance”), Bridget McManus (“Wanted”), Scott Beringer (“Ocean’s Eleven” and “21”), Brenden Whitney, Alison Trouse, Thomas J. Post, Antonio Lexerot and April Knight. Marcus Intheam, Salt Lake City star radio DJ and “The Real L Word Live Lounge” host Natalie M. Garcia add live broadcast talent.
BLOOD FARE Banner World Premiere Dragon*Con 2012
BLOOD FARE Banner World Premiere Dragon*Con 2012

Production shout-out’s and kudos for being a green film:
Chris Hanson, one of the most recognized special makeup effects artists of Hollywood, joined the crew of “Blood Fare” as Special Makeup Effects Supervisor. He demonstrated his unique creativity in “Hellboy”, “Underworld”, “Men in Black”, “Men in Black 2”, “The Green Mile”, “The X-Files”, “The Faculty”, “Spawn” and many other productions.

Steel rounds out her crew with Director of Photography Michael B. Call (“127 Hours”), Co-Producer Christian M. Koch, who has worked with Steel on her first 3 films, and Executive Producer Jessica M. Bair.
The up-and-coming colorist, Jeff Pantaleo, completed the digital coloring of “Blood Fare” on the newly developed Scratch workflow at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging (MPI).

Mastered by Universal Music Mastering's Grammy winning Erick Labson the first song of the “Blood fare” soundtrack has been released on iTunes: The River Mountain Band with "Lay Down Your Trouble" - Lyrics J.A. Steel - Music J.A. Steel & Caleb S. Gray - Piano Arrangement Amanda Lee Bowman.

“Blood Fare” is a green, sustainable film production, and Eco/Sustainable Production Executive Micheline Birkhead was on set to ensure the project meets green certification requirements.

Check out the trailer below as well as an Afterlife version of the movie poster!

About J.A. Steel:
Steel is a director, producer, actor, videographer, editor, fight choreographer and stunt person, in addition to writer and composer ... and even a distributor ... a unique woman in Hollywood. “Blood Fare” is Steel's fourth feature film. Her action horror shocker “Denizen”, her action supernatural thriller “Salvation”, and her action feature “The Third Society” reflect in many ways Steel's real life hobbies of Muay Thai kickboxing, cave diving, motorcycle riding, firearms and edged weapons. All three movies are available on

Steel lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, preferring the peace of the mountains for her screen writing.


Movie Website and Facebook Page

Monday, August 13, 2012

Poster And Synopsis For “Lizzie Borden’s Revenge”

“Lizzie Borden’s Revenge” is currently in production from Tomcat Films. Read the synopsis and check out the poster below.

A group of sorority girls are having a slumber party at their house. One of the new sorority girls is Leslie Borden, a descendant of the infamous Lizzie Borden family. They believe that they are holding a harmless séance to conjure the ghost of Lizzie. But they get locked in the house with an evil, vengeful spirit as Lizzie Borden returns to wreak havoc with her axe. One by one, the girls are murdered as they try to figure out how to put an end to the return of Lizzie Borden.


Check Out The Trailer And Poster For “Apocalyptic: The Tsunami War”

“Apocalyptic: The Tsunami War” just released from Tomcat Films. Check out the poster and trailer below after the long synopsis.

tsunami-war-smallExtensive Synopsis:
The year is 2014. The face of the planet has been altered and reshaped after a Mega-Tsunami, the likes of which the world has never seen. After ripping through the Caribbean, Cuba and most of southern Florida have been completely wiped off the face of the earth. The wide spread damage has even left Central Florida isolated and cut off from the continental United States. Orlando is now a wasteland, a lawless shadow of the prosperous community that thrived before the devastation. It’s survival of the fittest as gangs and ruthless thugs control the streets.
Ash Singer is an ex-gang leader with a heavy past who arrives back in town after running away from his problems. From becoming an orphan at an early age to witnessing the death of several of his close friends, his life is fraught with pain and suffering.
With his arrival come different reactions. Some welcome him with open arms such as his life long friend Sarina Amador, Ash’s beautiful life long friend with a heart of gold, and Unke O’Connor, Ash’s surrogate father. Some greet ash with distain such as Ash’s best friend Mickey O’Connor, whose stubbornness is only overshadowed by his biceps. And some greet Ash with vision of a dark future.
Kyoko Waed Collins is a dark sultry psychopath who, like Ash, returned to Orlando to start a new life in the wake of the destruction. Only Waed isn’t seeking the quite solace that Ash searches for. Power is her only comfort and she won’t stop until the city is under her total control.
This puts ash in a quite predicament. He knows just what waed is capable of but he also knows the power of the uncontrollable beast, which sleeps inside him. He promised himself he would never do harm again. But when push comes to shove, will he crumble in defeat? Or will he rise and persevere through the fight of his life?

Check Out The Teaser Poster For “Within The Woods Of Undead County”

“Within The Woods Of Undead County” is an Indie flick that seems to be taking the zombie apocalypse serious. Based on the behind the scenes shots posted on the movie’s Facebook Page the gore is there and the zombies are not of the comical variety. Thank god. I love zombie movies where your to tense and fearful to piss your pants laughing. Not that I don’t like the comedy ones also but glad to see that not every zombie flick coming out is a buddy flick with more laughs than frights. Anyway back to this movie. The story follows for individuals who flee into the woods of Schuylkill County to escape the zombie plague. The film isn’t due until Halloween 2013 but the crew and cast are at work and posting the pics to prove it on their movie’s page. Nicholas Paul Pontoski and assisted by Michael Sluck the film comes from Pontastic Films, Clear Motion Productions, and Lavenderlady FX Group. The film stars Gabriella Harry, Michael Motyl, Cory Handelong, & Angela McCormick. Check out the poster and go to the Facebook Page to see the cool behind the scene images of “Within The Woods Of Undead County”.


New “Home Sweet Home” Poster Revealed For World Premiere

“Home Sweet Home” is a home invasion film of sorts. It sees a lone woman fighting off two psychopathic squatters for her life and her childhood home. Directed by John KD Graham and produced by MirrorTree Productions the film Alexandra Boylan, Raquel Cantu, Christopher Dempsey and Lorena Segura York. It is scheduled to have it’s world premiere at the Albuquerque Film Festival on August 17th. 


Check Out The Awesome Poster For “Spiders” 3D

The poster for Tibor Takac’s “Spiders” 3D looks awesome. Even though something inside me says the movie will be too CGI for my taste I do love this poster. It instills all my instinctual fears for the creepy critters! The film stars Patrick Muldoon, William Hope, Christa Campbell and Jon Mack.

Following a crash of an old Soviet space station in New York City’s subway tunnel, a new species of poisonous spiders is discovered. Inadvertently the spiders mutate to gigantic proportions and wreak havoc on the entire city.”


Terror In The Carpathian Mountains

Aleksandr and Vyacheslav Aloshechkiny have brought us some terror from Ukraine. “Synevir” 3D takes place at the largest lake in the Carpathian Mountain’s-Lake Synevir. A place home to a wondrous history and mystical inexplicable events. A group of weekenders decide to camp in the mysterious region with no regard for the stories. I will be there biggest mistake. Check out the poster and trailer below.

Poster For “Patrick” Remake

The 1978 thriller “Patrick” is one of those films that I still remember vividly even though I only saw it once as a child. I remember it because the guy lay in the hospital bed and unresponsive but able to move things with his mind, especially typing the word ‘bastard’ over and over on a type writer that was near by. That was the first curse word I ever learned, later I called my Dad a bastard while listening to mom bitch about him not being home and out with his brothers. She laughed but promptly scolded me for the use of the word. Anyway ever since that time “Patrick” has held a twisted and special place in my heart and mind. I am glad that they are remaking this movie.

According to Twitch the film is slated for a November shoot with a release expected in October of 2013. This comes with the cool promo poster below for the film. It is definitely on my most anticipated remake list next to “Carrie” and “Evil Dead”.



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