Friday, September 18, 2015

My Review Of "Nightmare_Code"

Mark Netter's tech horror, "Nightmare Code" is a voyeuristic, video perspective intense, and chilling - well-nightmare! The film stars  Andrew J. WestMei MelançonGoogy Gress, Ian Shaw, Nicholas Guest, Caitlyn Folley, Bret Roberts , and Albert Thakur. "Nightmare Code" is found footage next level horror hits all the sweet spots that most films in this subgenre miss, with cam chats, surveillance video, and first person "gamer" style POV  themes often times tossed about as little more dumpster debris. 

Synopsis: Brett Desmond, a genius programmer with a troubled past is called in to finish a top secret behavior recognition program, ROPER, after the previous Lead Programmer went insane. But the deeper Brett delves into the code, the more his own behavior begins changing…in increasingly terrifying ways. Suspense builds with surveillance, PC, and eyeglass cameras – often with four images onscreen at once…as if ROPER itself is telling the story. 

The story that Mark Netter brings to life in this virtual point of view nightmare is clever, elevated, and thrilling. Honestly the tech theories and philosophical theoretical surrounding this degree of artificial intelligence is so over my head that natural a story such as "Nightmare Code" is going to both fascinate and terrify me. I can't honestly praise or debunk the actual material used in the film concerning the code writing, or programmers because that is tech geek stuff, and I still call anime "cartoons". See what I am saying. But I can say that the creative, and brilliant way that Netter tells this story, one does not have to be a tech geek to really get into the movie. It pulls you in, you wanna watch, you feel the horror coming, and you wanna see it happen. 

"Nightmare Code" isn't all sterile, emotionless A.I gimmick stuff either, the characters are as developed, and personable as any third person psycho-thriller, or traditional tech horror-"Brainscan" and "Lawnmower" man come to mind.  Anyway, everything about this film is captivating, intense, and thrilling. Things you don't always get from found footage concepts- all though it isn't really fair to just call this found footage. It is something more. And it all really does come from the POV of A.I , all that data and application stuff that lives inside our devices staring back at us, and in this case-learning and adapting and coming to get us!

The special effects in "Nightmare Code" may be the first time I was thrilled, chilled, and entertained by CGI effects. The scenes are blunt, visceral, and affecting. You feel like you watched these deaths really happen, and the blood splatter was awesome. Not a lot of gore, but then I don't think-well I hope-that A.I will never get that into the gory side of killing and death to wanna really revel in it! Fingers crossed and the gods appeased! Overall "Nightmare Code" is a definite watch horror film for all, even the ones who normally flee from found footage concepts should check "Nightmare Code" out. The ending does fall a bit short with the thrilling, horror nature that from the beginning of the film is a steady, haunting build up to the nightmarish climax. It ins't really that much but it is the one noticeable flaw in an excellent flick. And that last sequence before credits is kind of cliche and hokey but unless you end the film a scene earlier it is really the only closing that ties up the plot.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Red Band Clip From "The Green Inferno"

A very graphic and gory red band clip has been released for Eli Roth's most buzzed and anticipated film to date, "The Green Inferno". The film is due out theatrically September 25th, and stars Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Magda Apanowicz, and Ignacia Allamand.

THE GREEN INFERNO, directed, co-written, and produced by Eli Roth (HOSTEL, CABIN FEVER), follows a group of student activists who travel from New York City to the Amazon to save the rainforest. However, once they arrive in this vast green landscape, they soon discover that they are not alone… and that no good deed goes unpunished.

'The Mist' Returns To The Small Screen

It seems that Stephen King's reign will continue as The Weinstein Company and Dimension Television are in the process of adapting 'The Mist' into a TV series. Danish series writer Christian Torpe has been tapped to write, he is mostly known for 'Rita'. Deadline reported the news.

The series will tell an original story about a seemingly innocuous mist that seeps into a small town but contains limitless havoc. From psychological terrors to otherworldly creatures, the mist causes the town residents’ darkest demons to appear forcing them to battle the supernatural event and, more importantly, each other.

“The terror and drama in Stephen King’s novella are so vast that we felt serialized television is the best place to explore them in greater depth,” said Bob Weinstein, co-chairman The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films. “With this show, Christian has created a fascinating band of characters and a story with infinite scares.”

Official Trailer Released For "I Spit On Your Grave III"

The official trailer has landed for "I Spit On Your Grave III". The film continues the revenge, exploitation nightmare themes that kicked off with the remake of this cult classic. "I Spit On Your Grave III" is directed by R.D. Braunstein and stars Sarah Butler, Jennifer Landon, Doug McKeon, and Gabriel Hogan. This one has limited theatrical release October 9th with DVD/Blu-ray/VOD October 20th.

 Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) is still tormented by the brutal sexual assault she endured years ago (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2010). She’s changed identities and cities, reluctantly joining a support group where she begins to piece together a new life. But when her new friend’s murderer goes free and the tales of serial rapists haunt her, Jennifer will hunt down the men responsible and do what the system won’t – make them pay for their crimes in the most horrific ways imaginable. Only this time, no jury may be able to save her.

"Francesca" Gets Vintage Inspired Poster

Modern giallo "Francesca" gets a classic, vintage inspired official poster. The film is directed by Nicolás Onetti and will screen at the upcoming Sitges Film Festival in October. "Francesca" stars Raul Gederlini, Silvina Grippaldi, Luis Emilio Rodríguez, and Gustavo D´Alessandro. You can see the trailer here: Official Trailer Released For "Francesca"

It’s been 15 years since the disappearance of little Francesca, daughter of the renowned storyteller, poet and dramatist Vittorio Visconti, and the community is stalked by a psychopath bent on cleaning the city of “impure and damned souls”. Moretti and Succo, questioned by the ineffectiveness of the police force, are the detectives in charge of elucidating the mystery surrounding these “Dantesque” crimes. Francesca seems to have returned, but she is not be the same girl who everyone knew… 

Witness The Horror From A.I. Point-Of-View" In "Nightmare Code"

Witness the first movie told from the point of view of artificial intelligence with the award winning Nightmare Code, available on digital September 29 and DVD October 27 from Indie Rights.

Winner of the 2015 Philip K.Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Award, writer-director Mark Netter’s NIGHTMARE CODE is “stylish and intelligent” (Horror Asylum) and a “Heir to 2001” (Sensitive Skin).
Brett Desmond, a genius programmer with a troubled past is called in to finish a top secret behavior recognition program, ROPER, after the previous Lead Programmer went insane. But the deeper Brett delves into the code, the more his own behavior begins changing…in increasingly terrifying ways.
Suspense builds with surveillance, PC, and eyeglass cameras – often with four images onscreen at once…as if ROPER itself is telling the story.

Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead), Mei Melancon (X-Men: The Last Stand) and Googy Gress (Apollo 13) star.  

My Review Of "Deadly Virtues"

Ate De Jong's "Deadly Virtues" is a blend of invasion horror and torture porn with an uncomfortable slice of horror-erotica. (At least I hope that last bit is intended-if not I need therapy.) The film stars Edward Akrout, Matt Barber, Megan Maczko, and Helen Bradbury. "Deadly Virtues" is a taut horror film that will make your skin crawl, and put you on edge in what is one terrifyingly dramatic, and emotional story.

Synopsis: A sadistic home invader exploits the relationship of a suburban, middle class couple. Aaron, is a psychopath and expert in Kinbaku, a Japanese fetish art of tying knots. His torture of the husband and seduction of the wife reveals an uncomfortable truth about their marriage and acts as a catalyst for liberation

Ate De Jong brings Mark Rogers' story of fetish, and horror to life in dark, visceral , sometimes uncomfortable intensity. Normally I pass on films that I consider torture porn, or at least I bail on the film once I get that impression. I am glad that I did not check out on "Deadly Virtues" because it is definitely a tight, methodical nightmare that pushes one to experience that taboo in the horror genre, the eroticism of sexual nightmares. Much like "Straw Dogs (the remake)", this movie goes into those areas and exploits those darker subjects. 

"Deadly Virtues" doesn't completely nail it, there are moments that play out almost like cliche of the erotic horror subgenre. At times the energy falters, and certain moments that could have really pushed the horror over the edge are only mediocre. That being said, the characters are developed more than you usually see in these sorts of stories, the subtext is deep and dark, and the acting is captivating enough to cause you to built a very intense connection with the characters. Plus the ending is one that I didn't quite see coming, made me angry until the ending finally played out- an ending that is well worth setting through the sexual overture that runs through "Deadly Virtues", and that sense of discomfort in seeing some of the scenes play out. 

Overall, "Deadly Virtues" is worth watching on so many levels. I enjoyed being pushed into less comfortable forays of "what is horror" and "what is erotic". Rogers story balances it nicely and De Jong brings it to scream wonderfully. The special effects are practical, even though they are limited and not a big focal point of the movie. The real focal point of "Deadly Virtues" comes from actually watching the film, experiencing this situation through the eyes of these tragic characters, and that ending. This is one of the better, more elevated torture-porn, exploitation, and modern cult films I have seen in a while. 

My Review Of "Nothing Sacred"

"Nothing Sacred" is an indie, supernatural, fantasy saga directed Dylan Bank, and Morgan Pehme. The film stars an impressive international cast including William Sadler (Iron Man 3, Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 2), French superstar Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game, Little Indian, Big City), B-movie queen Debbie Rochon (Skeleton Key, Nowhere Man), and the haunting Philippe Nahon (High Tension, Irreversible). "Nothing Sacred" is pretty weighted story that pulls inspiration from many genres, martial arts action, occult supernaturalism, and epic Euro styled fantasy- all with a blend of American home spun personality, and homegrown atmosphere.

Synopsis: A pair of twins named Blue and Delilah, separated at birth, meet for the first time at their mother's death bed. Their mother tells the twins that it is their fate to fulfill a secret prophecy. The prophecy foretold long ago that they would avenge her death by killing the dark sorcerer Chambers. The only problem is that Chambers is their father - and in a month from now, he'll have the last gruesome ingredient he needs to become immortal. As time runs down, the twins chase Chambers across the world from the corpse-filled catacombs of Paris to the most sacred rituals of the Muskogee Indians in Oklahoma. Along the way, they have to do battle with Chambers' vast army of followers, bringing them face to face with the Mayor of Paris, the Greek god Hermes, a street magician whose frightening tricks are real, and an immortal king with a castle hidden high in the mountains of Belgium.

Banks and Pehme's story is a multi-layered, elevated adventure saga with heavy dramatic character building and globetrotting stripped-down action sequences. The writing is mature, well thought out, wonderfully delivered by an eclectic and impressive cast. The action scenes do drop the momentum of "Nothing Sacred" a bit. The fighting and choreography are decent but they don't have an energetic atmosphere resting over them to really give us that intended impact. Still they are just as well thought out, and maturing approached as the writing and dramatic sequences. The really impressive aspect of "Nothing Sacred" is the international flavor that it offers, as scenes are set in various locations around the world allowing for this occult themed saga to really develop into the expansive narrative that it is. Plus it is multilingual, with perfectly executed French, First Nations People's Musgokee. The vast majority is in English so don't be intimidated. 

The special effects are a blend of practical effects, make-up, and Syfy/British level television CGI. Against the more stripped down scenes with mundane background these effects do seem somewhat out-of-place at times, and feel a bit cheap. Not always and when they do work they work pretty dang well. The attitude and girth of story and material that Banks and Pehme go for with "Nothing Sacred" is the real special effect attribute, it is nothing less than impressive, and note worthy. The soundtrack is typical fantasy, action stuff that although complimentary to the film, doesn't really stand out as anything monumental. Overall "Nothing Sacred" is a nice indie supernatural fantasy film that has some really good moments. There is equal bad in the film, but on the whole this is a cool, in depth saga with international flare that should be checked out by fans of indie world cinema fans. 

Fuckin' A, Demonica! Blu-ray And Screening News

Prescribed Films is releasing Demonica on blu-ray! We're also screening it at the Green Street Hall Mall in (116 N. Green St., Ottumwa, IA) THIS Saturday September 19th at 7pm. It's going to be a party.


(You can either have them mailed to you or you can pick them up at the release party)

There are 20 special features on the blu-ray including audio commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes, alt takes, and much more!

You can view the artwork in 3D here:

$5 Admission to the screening (which will give you $5 off the blu-ray price!)

New Sci-fi Series 'Gods Of War' In Development

Pacific Coast Entertainment will develop and produce a television series based on their upcoming science-fiction Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Tentatively titled The Gods of War, the series will see Tracey Birdsall reprising her role from the film. No other actors are currently attached.

The series, described as a cross between Star Wars and Mad Max, is set in the distant future depicting the struggles of humanity forced to merge with machine intelligence. First season will consist of 6-8 episodes, with production due to begin in 2016.

Producer Neil Johnson says Gods of War will “be a story-driven epic series similar to the Game of Thrones model.  We look to shoot primarily in the US, but it’s expected there’ll be some additional photography in other countries”.

My Review Of "Doomsday"

"Doomsday" is a low budget, British sci-fi about the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. The film is directed by Neil Johnson and explores time travel theories such as causality and temporal displacement. "Doomsday" stars  Alain TerzoliAmy PembertonDarren Jacobs, Richard O'Bryan, Helen Soraya and Jade Alexander. 

Synopsis: Achilles, a normal man infected with a disease that will bring down the Erebus rulers (human/machine hybrids) escapes back in time from 2410 to the present day where he has a chance to stop the Erebus from ever rising to power. However he is followed by the Erebus-7 who will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Johnson's story has a familiar trope that builds on a world where humanity is nearing a total genocide at the hands of a superior race. A race that in actuality is an evolution kickstarted by the events triggered by a time travel whose intentions are to make sure the resistance is allowed to be kickstarted. All part of that time travel continuum thingy that can give lay persons such as myself a headache thinking about it.

"Doomsday" doesn't quite reach the level of awesomeness that other British sci-fi films reach. The characters and plot fall on the lower side of writing-as far as substance and character building. The dialog at times doesn't quite feel natural to the events taking place, the moments often do not seem as how a human in this profound situation would really act. The events and subject matter are slightly "been there, done that" in sci-fi/time travel films. However the last third of the film does seem to capture heart, emotion, and real substance with tying all the people and events together. 

The special effects used in "Doomsday" fall in between 'Dr. Who' and 'Metal Hurlant' . They are on the cheaper side but the blend into the natural background of the film actually works to the advantage of Neil Johnson's movie, the CGI contrast gives the scenes and actions some character and entertainment value. Maybe not for all sci-fi, or more importantly British sci-fi fans, but I liked it. The special effects are stripped down more and the action is on a milder scale than some of the bigger budgeted films, but the setting, and design of it all is pretty cool and creative. Overall "Doomsday" is a pretty decent sci-fi story, true it gets caught up in the quagmires of familiarity and played out theories, but what hasn't in cinema these days. Check it out but just know that "Doomsday" is not some overstuffed, popcorn action thriller flick.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rent The VHS Tape Of "HOUSE OF VHS" For Free

Despite popular belief, VHS is not dead: a handful of fanatics still own a VCR and watch videotapes in 2015. Their courage is now rewarded, as they are given an opportunity to rent the VHS tape of HOUSE OF VHS for free, in some of the last places in the world where the format is still alive. HOUSE OF VHS is a French horror comedy, directed by Gautier Cazenave.
The videocassette can be found in Bristol (UK) at 20th Century Flicks (19 Christmas Steps BS1 5BS Bristol), and in Paris (France) at Vidéosphère (105 bd St-Michel 75005 Paris) and Metaluna Store (7 rue Dante 75005 Paris)
The film will also be brought to USA and Canada in NTSC, courtesy of the VHS label Vultra Video, owned by Jason West.
Limited editions of the DVD, Blu-ray (in HD and 5.1 sound!) and goodies (mugs, T-shirts) are available on the crowdfunding campaign of Marteau Film's next production SHERLOCK HOLMES VS FRANKENSTEIN:

An ‘INTRUSION’ Just in Time for Halloween

The horror slasher “Intrusion” will be released on DVD and blu ray in the U.S. and Canada on October 27th and soon after worldwide VOD.  

"Intrusion" stars Katie Stewart (Overtime, Revelation Trail), Lee Haycraft and Teresa Lawrence (Ace Ventura Jr, Beethoven’s Big Break).

Synopsis: Holly Jensen leads an overly dramatic life. It’s one that is spent trying to avoid her problems and forget the past. Best friend Kali has the perfect solution to making Holly feel better. It’s a game called “Wrong Number”. However, the man on the other end finds the joke less than funny and decides to play a game of his own. A game where Holly will become the pawn. It’s a character-driven thriller where everything has consequences and something as beautiful as a rose can be turned into any woman’s, worst nightmare.

Fans can pre order the film right now at or where a list of several mainstream retailer links are provided, along with where they'll be for sale when the film releases on October 27th.

The DVD and blu ray are loaded with special features that include:
-Commentary with Writer/Producer Craig Everett Earl, Katie Stewart, Lee Haycraft and Teresa Lawrence
-Photo Gallery
-Behind the Screams

-Sneak Peek at the upcoming Intrusion:Disconnected sequel due out in 2016 also starring Scream queen Tiffany Shepis  

My Review Of "The Butcher" Short Film

Lawrence Nelson II's horror short "The Butcher" is twelve minutes of hazy horror in hindsight, which in this case proves that hindsight isn't always 20/20. The film stars Kelly Ellison, Shannon Dankert, and Lawrence Nelson II in  this short and deadly expose into the tragic past and rumors surrounding Janet Leigh.

Ten years ago,  five popular teenage kids lured the school loner Danny into the woods only to kill him.  They're parents buried it. And justitce was never served. Now an urban legend as spawned. That every night on Halloween The Butcher comes to get revenge on the town folks of Peyton. 

Lawrence Nelson II's story of "The Butcher" takes on a haunting atmosphere due to hazy documentary styled shots, third person perspective, and macabre narration by the lead "doomed" character- Janet Leigh. It is a bit rough at times in acting and sound, but for the most part the characters and story are recognizable glimpses into a very dark story. The cool aspect is that Nelson II deals with this classic horror prose from the point of view of the accused (one of the accused) killers, instead of a surviving victim. That alone makes me want more.

The special effects are basic, most are simple techniques and gimmicks that can be found in a haunted attraction or Halloween shop. Which works well for this short and fatal tale of revenge. The real stand out aspect of "The Butcher" is a very natural flowing soundtrack which gives the story that necessary chilling factor. Overall "The Butcher" doesn't completely nail the intended vision that Lawrence Nelson II aims for, but it does give us a nice Halloween treat, and a phantom-esque masked killer that is dying for a longer, and larger story. Plus it is nice to see an alleged killer framed almost as victim in a horror story. 

UK Release Details For "Deadly Virtues"

Matchbox Films and Jinga Films are pleased to announce the UK and Ireland home video release of Ate De Jong's psycho-sexual thriller DEADLY VIRTUES with a street date of September 28th 2015.

Edward Akrout (Sword Of Vengeance) stars as a sadistic home invader who exploits the fragile relationship of a suburban, middle class couple played byMegan Maczko (The Ninth Cloud) and Matt Barber (Downton Abbey). His torture of the husband and seduction of the wife reveals an uncomfortable truth about their marriage and acts as a catalyst for change.

Deadly Virtues received it's world premiere at FrightFest and went on to screen at over fifteen festivals including Brussels Fantastic Festival, Fantasporto, Dublin Horrorthon and Whistler Film Festival in Canada. 

Dutch director Ate De Jong started his career in the 1980's directing several episodes of the cult TV series Miami Vice before helming several feature films including Highway To Hell and Drop Dead Fred.

Producers Elliot Grove and Suzanne Ballantyne are the founding directors of Raindance Film Festival in London. DEADLY VIRTUES marks their first foray into production through their Raw Talent label.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

IFC Midnight Picks Up Turkish Horror "Baskin"

IFC Midnight has picked up visceral Turkish horror "Baskin" for U.S. distribution. The film is directed by Can Evrenol and premiered at this years TIFF. "Baskin" stars Gorkem Kasal, Ergun Kuyucu, Mehmet Cerrahoglu, Sabahattin Yakut, Mehmet Fatih Dokgoz, and Muharrem Bayrak . Check out the trailer and stills below.

A squad of unsuspecting cops go through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.

Responding to an emergency call for backup, the squad arrives at an old building to find an abandoned patrol car and no sign of their comrades. Entering the building and making their way to the basement, the officers catch glimpses of grotesque and unnerving images in the shadows. Soon it becomes apparent that they have stumbled into the middle of a ritual celebrating the black arts — a celebration where they may be the unwitting guests of honour. What began as a detour into the Twilight Zone becomes a shortcut to Hell.

Trailer Released For Upcoming Horror "February"

The official Fantastic Fest trailer for horror thriller "February" was released earlier this month. The film is directed by Oz Perkins and stars Emma Roberts, Lauren Holly, Kiernen Shipka, Peter J. Gray, Matthew Stefiuk, and Lucy Boynton. 

Set over the course of the winter break at a rural boarding school, Kat and Joan are forced to become companions. However, what neither of them know is that an evil presence is stalking Kat, and what they experience will resonate across time and affect the lives of everyone they know.

"FEBRUARY unravels at its own deliberate speed. What might initially be perceived as disjointed scenes start linking, and before long the whole horror of the story is revealed. But, in an unexpected move, the film also packs a brutal emotional punch, and will leave unsuspecting viewers with a huge lump in their throat for days."

Promo One Sheet Released For Indie Horror "Serial Kaller"

The first piece of promotional artwork/one-sheet has been released for upcoming indie horror "Serial Kaller". The film is directed by Dan Brownlie and stars  Dani Thompson, Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, Charlie Bond, Adam A. Park, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty. The artwork comes courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. 

Young, vain, beautiful and flaunting it on TV for the world to see, the girls of Babealicious TV are the girls of men’s dreams. But when one viewer’s obsession turns to hate, the girls might wish that they were plain Jane’s. 

Fan Film "The Confession Of Fred Krueger" Has Been Released Online

Nathan Thomas has released his fan film "The Confession Of Fred Krueger", a fan fiction origin film that he has dedicated to both his passion and love for "A Nightmare On Elm Street" and in honor of the passing of one of horror's Fathers' Wes Craven. You can check out the 30 minute short film below, over on Youtube- whichever.

Also influenced by the short story “The Life and Death of Freddy Krueger” as written by Jeffrey Cooper. 

Thomas-"In 1988 I became a major fan of Freddy and the Elm Street films. I was 12 years old and the series and story of Wes Craven’s boogeyman captured my imagination and inspired me. After reading “The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion” by Jeffrey Cooper, I had this image of the origin story of the character Craven had invented. For over 25 years I held out to see Hollywood bring the story of the Springwood Slasher to the big screen. But it never happened. While talking to some other fans one day I was told that I should write a script. 

When I thought about a possible script I imagined what I most wanted to see Robert Englund do. I wanted to see him tell the story of Freddy. I wanted to see Englund show off his chops, sans make-up and to be able to play Freddy as more than the man in the shadows or the one liner king of monsters. But a real, gritty, dark,  
horrifying discussion of who he was, where he came from and what he had done with his life just before his lynching. The interrogation seemed to be the best way to do this. So I sat down and wrote a 10-page short film about the confession of Fred Krueger. I decided to stick to the original film as much as I could as the series altered the origin story Craven and Cooper had introduced to me. My story would take place in the early 1970s upon his arrest. I would pull from interviews and articles with Craven, Englund and others. Also employed plot lines and details left on the cutting room floor from deleted scenes. I would fill in gaps as needed and make changes and create characters and plots to make the story I was wanting to tell. 

I attempted to first make the film as early as 2013, then again in 2014 until finally moving forward in the Summer of 2015 after finding the perfect team to bring this script to life. With my talented cinematographer and editor DP Bonnell by my side, we moved to get this made. I was mostly inspired by Kevin Roach, my actor who would play Freddy. After working with Kevin on my previous film “The Encyclopedia Satanica”, I knew he was born to take on the role. So I saved up about $1,000 and we went into production in June. It was a 4 day shoot all over Western Kentucky and Indiana. So many talented people leant their time and talents to the project and some with ties to the series. Even Charles Bernstein gave our composer Lito Velasco his blessing to score the film, giving Bernstein’s legendary score a new twist while staying true to the atmosphere Charles had brought to Craven’s film. The band The Tiger Lillies also liked the idea of the project and let me use one of their songs as the ending credits. It was a project blessed with favors from some extremely talented and gifted people who I cannot thank enough. 

So here it is, my eternal love letter to the great Wes Craven who I am still devastated by his recent passing. I made it for him and sadly, he will never get to see it. But he lives within every frame of it. I miss you, you inspired me and for your imagination and art I will always owe you dearly. "

Official Release Date And Trailer Released For "Wrecker"

The official release date and trailer has been released for upcoming vehicular horror "Wrecker". The film is directed by Micheal Bafaro and will land on November 10th through VOD and iTunes. "Wrecker" stars  Anna Hutchison, Andrea Whitburn, Jennifer Koenig, Don Knodel. This one comes out courtesy of XLrator Media.

Best friends Emily and Lesley decide to take a road trip to get away from it all. When Email makes a decision to turn off the busy highway and on to a desert road all hell breaks loose. They soon find themselves the target of a mysterious tow truck that forces them into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, turning their road trip into a living, breathing nightmare.

First Official Clip And More Gory Goodies Released For "Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth"

I have been a big fan of Roger Conners' work since the days when "Chill" was in post-production. His continual rise in the indie horror community is a fascinating and ecclectic journey through slasher, modern crime thriller, more slasher, survival horror, from actor, to writer, to director, Conners is steadily making a name for himself. Plus he is an active voice for LGBT members who also find their home deep within the blood curdling screams of the horror world.

I think the biggest splash that Conners has made thus far in the community, both horror and LGBT wise, is his modern revision to horror cult classic "Night Of The Living Dead". This updated story blends the classic, iconic style of Romero with some pretty "now" subject matter, and social context. I have interviewed Conners on both the subject of his career, horror , and "Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth". You can read both parts of the extensive interview here: The Pending Horrors Of Roger Conners: Part I and The Pending Horrors Of Roger Conners: Part II. Plus an even earlier interview here: Scream Queer Scream! My Interview With Horror’s Own Roger Conners 

For now though the buzz is all about "Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth" and the loads of gory goodness just released. A first official clip, some pretty cool zombified stills, and a great little featurette. The film stars Aswan Harris, Roger Conners, Alvin Hudson, Rachel Anderson, Bradley Arner, Taylor Nelms, and RJ Messenger. I have been lucky enough to sneak a peek at a lot of the footage from "NOTLD: Rebirth" over the past several months and I for one feel that this will be the one remake to break through that very hard shell that blocks most "redoes" of this cult film from finding success. 

What begins as an annual visit to their family gravesite quickly becomes a night of sheer terror as two brothers are unexpectedly forced to fight back against a sudden onslaught of violent assailant. Soon, eight complete strangers find themselves barricaded inside a rural farmhouse in an attempt to survive against the ever-growing army of murderous creatures outside.
As the night drags on, they soon begin to realize that the real threat is not what’s trying to get inside.
It’s each-other.
Not so much a remake as it is a modern-day retelling of the ground-breaking horror masterpiece, Rebirth will attempt to tackle the human and political topics the original piece is so recognized for and readdress them from a modern angle. Topics acknowledged in the original film such as racial prejudices and government control will be once again brought to the forefront while interjecting the ideas of homophobia and religious influence on modern society.

Official Poster And Trailer For "Night Of Something Strange"

The official poster and trailer for upcoming horror "Night Of Something Strange" has been released. The film is directed by Jonathan Straiton and stars Rebecca C. Kasek, Trey Harrison, Wayne W Johnson, Toni Ann Gambale, Michael Merchant, John Walsh, Tarrence Taylor, Nicola Fiore, Janet Mayson, Kirk LaSalle, Billy Garberina, Wes Reid, and Brinke Stevens. Check out the trailer below.

Five teenage friends set out for the beach on their Spring Break vacation. Good times are cut short when one of the group, Carrie, contracts a deadly sexual transmitted disease during a bathroom stop. When they stop for the night at an isolated motel, the real terror begins when the STD virus starts running rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. However, there’s more going on at the motel than meets the eye.

Official Trailer For "Hardcore" Released

The official poster and trailer for Ilya Naishuller’s first person point of view film "Hardcore". The movie stars Sharlto Copley, Danila Kozlovsky, Haley Bennet, and Andrei Dementiev. "Hardcore" isn't the first of its kind to come out but it by far looks better than earlier indie attempts to bring some "gamer" styled perspective into the horror movie realm. 

You remember nothing. Mainly because you’ve just been brought back from the dead by your wife. She tells you that your name is Henry and congratulations, you’re now a cyborg.
5 minutes later, your wife has been kidnapped and you should probably go get her back. Who’s got her? His name’s Akan (Danila Kozlovsky), he’s just a psychotic megalomaniac with telekinetic powers, and a never-ending army of mercenaries. You’re also in an unfamiliar city of Moscow, Russia and everyone wants you dead. Everyone, except for a mysterious, British fellow called Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). He might be on your side. Good luck Henry. You’re very much likely to need it.
Oh, did I tell you that your battery is quickly running out?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Earthlings Declare "Space Monsters Must Die" !

Earthlings declare that "Space Monsters Must Die" as invasion prepares terrorize puny humans! Directed by John Migliore and Survival Zombie Films, this fun, and creative alien invasion flick has just gone into pre-production. Check out the cool space monster posters for the film. "Space Monsters Must Die"will be a homage to kaiju eiga and other great monster flicks of the ’50s/’60s. 

Plot details aren't currently available but based on the promo creature artwork, you can tell that it will have something to do with the giant monsters from out of this world smashing stuff and terrorizing citizens. To see more of the Space Monsters head over to the film's Facebook page. 

My Review Of "Jake's Road"

"Jake's Road" is directed by Mike Mayhall and stars Eric Roberts, Garrett Hines, Leticia Jimenez, Tim Bell, Patrick Flanagan. The story revolves around a family, a group of friends, and the last hurrah at a weekend getaway property. It is a action horror that focuses on heavy suspense, and survival horror themes. 

A young man awakens in a hospital, bruised and beaten. He struggles to piece together the events flooding through his mind. As flashes of clarity slowly emerge, so does the horrific image of a killer; who is creeping ever closer. Somewhere within the madness is the key to the killer’s identity, but once discovered the truth may be more horrific than the murders themselves. 

Mike Mayhall presents us with a slightly elevated story that relies on a mature cast of "30-something plus" characters who really do give quality performances. The writing isn't the most developed material when it comes to actual dialog, but the overall story is a nice slice of heavy, dramatic, thrilling character study that mixes with a solid level of survival horror. I found "Jake's Road" to be very intense, and entertaining. A few moments in the film I jumped because of the intensity of the moment and the connection I had toward the characters. 

The special effects are pretty tight through most of the film. There is some CGI shots that kind of lessen the effect of the scenes but no more than what we have to deal with in some of the horror television series and most horror films with a decent budget. You just kind of have to take CGI with a grain of salt now days. The good thing is that Mayhall and his team did choose to stick with mostly practical effects and blood for the majority of the film. The only real downer during the horror scenes was the refusal to get visceral and gory when it could have really amp'd up "Jake's Road" so much more. But still the overall choices made in this department work well. 

Overall "Jake's Road" is a nice viewing experience with some really tense, thrilling moments that seem to start almost from the beginning. The film does have some very familiar themes and set-ups that aren't too original or creative, but the story and acting is good enough to really sell this nightmare situation to movie-goers. The energy does falter a bit at the big climax. Not because of the acting or anything, but the dialog seems to be a bit haphazard. Anyway the momentum slows down somewhat in the final scenes of the film, and once the truth of "who's behind the killings" is revealed, it does feel sort of cliche. Still "Jake's Road" is definitely worth checking out, and well over 90% of the movie is solid.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Review Of "Para Elisa"

"Para Elisa" is a psychological horror from Juanra Fernandez. The film stars Ana Turpin, Ona Casamiquela, Luisa Gavasa, Jesus Caba and Sheila Ponce. "Para Elisa" blends visceral, gritty psychological horror with dramatic suspense in a story that captures the familiar trappings of a kidnap nightmare with near perfection.

Synopsis:  When college student Ana (Ona Casamiquela) agrees to work as a caretaker for the mentally challenged Elisa (Ana Turpin), she initially sees it as just a way to pay for a post-graduation trip. Ana sets about her job, as she doesn't believe Elisa is too overly difficult to care for, only to soon realize that Elisa's overbearing mother Diamantina (Luisa Gavasa) is more than just an eccentric and wealthy matron. Diamantina is also mentally unstable and kidnaps Ana with the intention of keeping her in the house forever.

"Para Elisa" is a pretty stereotypical nightmare scenario that is very familiar to most horror fans. It is kind of a "fly in the spider web" situation. The lead character, Ana, is a typical college kid looking for a job. Unfortunately this leads her into the clutches of a house of horrors. The characters are developed nicely, the killers more so than the poor Ana. They are cliches of archetypes found in numerous horror films, and thrillers, but Fernandez does an amazing job at keeping the story interesting enough to pull you into the film, and connect with the characters. The cinematography is a key factor in this ability to give "Para Elisa" the right amount of macabre to keep you on edge.

The special effects are not all that inventive, or gut-wrenching. The suggestive nature of the act that puts these effects into play, however, are very gut-wrenching. The true visceral nightmare that makes "Para Elisa" work is the way that Fernandez makes us relate to the traumatic situation that Ana is in, and the horrors she endures at the hands of a truly deranged Elisa-the real Antagonist of the movie. The torture/kill scenes never really get gory, or visceral enough for me personally. Not that they are any less effective in telling the story, I just would have really fell in love with "Para Elisa" had the actual horror elements been captured on camera, and forced me to endure the visual carnage and brutality. I just wish that Juanra Fernandez would have embraced a bit more splatter-gore with this one. 

Overall "Para Elisa" is a nice, well produced horror film. It is a worthy film for any horror fan to enjoy- and in my personal opinion, this one is one of the better import horrors that I have seen in a while. A word of caution-the scenes that don't deal with Ana and Elisa do drag the energy of "Para Elisa" down some, not much but it is noticeable. And even though the characters are just the right amount of tortured and the right amount of psychotic, they are redundant in the horrorsphere so not all who watch the movie will be pleased. I for one liked it enough to recommend it.

My Review Of "The Trip" A.K.A. "Naked Trip"

Alex Bakshaev's short film "Naked Trip" a.k.a. "The Trip" stars  Jason ImpeyJennifer NewlandSharon Impey, Karl Rhodes, Darryl Lane, Nick Stoppani, and Bakshaev in a film noir that is both classic in design as it is experimental. "The Trip" displays Bakshaev's talent in creating a story both visually intriguing, and artistic.

Synopsis: An obsessed filmmaker George Eastman in this bizarre and surreal mix of trash, experimental and art-house cinema directed by Alex Bakshaev (Bittersweet). On the run from the mafia, Eastman kidnaps an actress, Sarah Asproon, and heads off on a strange and terrifying road trip to the coast. Along the way George and Sarah encounter various weird characters and Mafia henchmen. 

The story Bakshaev gives us in "The Trip" is a simple character study that exploits heavy arthouse composition with classic noir framing. The characters are somewhat static, but the main protagonist manages to be entertaining, and dynamic. All be it Bakshaev's Eastman, played by Jason Impey, is a self-absorbed, somewhat eccentric personality that seems almost flippant toward is situation as a failing film auteur. Still the cast give committed, decent portrayals. 

The special effects, and the soundtrack offer a mixed bag of surrealism and experimental transitions, that bookend very classic cult driven scenes that rely mostly on character development and dialog to draw us into the story. The soundtrack really sticks out on this one, I think it is a signature style that Alex Bakshaev embraces. It was the musical choices and sound affectations that I noticed in his "The Devil Of Kreuzberg", which really stands out in that movie. "The Trip" has an equally interesting score that sets both the cult tone of the film, as well as the noir story. 

Overall "The Trip" highlights the very creative talent that Alex Bakshaev possesses as a film maker. Cult cinema is an obvious passion of the director with a heavy influence in Dada-eque arthouse style of story telling. There is some substance and direction missing in the characters developmentally that seems to prevent them from completely coming to life, and allowing for you to truly connect to them. That being said the lead character is very entertaining-mostly in the fact that he is so self-absorbed that the danger and lack of success never seems to completely bother him. The only thing he cares about is getting his film made. And even that passion and commitment seems to be chaotic.  Still "The Trip" will not appeal to every cult film fan, but I enjoyed the creativity of Alex Bakshaev's style of story telling and the heavy experimental theatre that he incorporates. 

Indie #Webseries #CastingCall For #LGBT Themed #Supernatural Drama 'Paradise University'

The micro-production web series with, Paradise University, which will be broadcasted on a TV network in the following territories: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Baltic States and Israel, is casting lead male and female roles and extras for Season 4. Always wanted to act but have never had the chance? Here is your opportunity. Reliable and dependable actors sought.
CASTING CALL – Mondays beginning at 4:00 PM in Bristol, TN
Project Title: Paradise University, Season 4.
Project Type: Webisode series also for distribution.
Distribution: Undisclosed.
Subgenre: Gay & Lesbian, Gothic Horror, Murder Mystery.
Start Date: October, 2015.
Filming Days: Mondays.
Filming Location: Washington County, VA, indoor and outdoor locations.
Film Format: 24 fps, 1080 dpi HD
Producer & Director: Justin H. Guess in association with Abbunco Entertainment
Written by: Justin H. Guess and Rickey Russell and Michael Sinard.
Pay: Deferred payment/After scale of 2%.
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup: No.
Special Effects Makeup & Prosthetics: Yes.
Contact Information: Justin H. Guess,
Paradise University is a small college in Paradise Landing on Milton's Island. The island is off of the New England coastline and only accessible by ferry. It is infamous for its inclusive atmosphere, rocky beaches, lush woodlands and charming, old world buildings. However, dark secrets lurk in the shadows of Paradise Landing. A group of misfit students challenge these malevolent forces with terrible consequences.
Character Descriptions
Zoey is a new character and multi-season roll. She actively deceives others to hide that she is in fact a shape-shifter. She is lesbian and falls in love with another girl from college, Alice.
Daya is a new character and multi-season roll. She is a typical “mean girl”, but is a predatorily shape-shifter and witch. She is bisexual.
Ian is a hit man sent to assassinate his old friend, Travis. However, his true feelings for his old friend are revealed, making him a target to a jealous warlock. He is bisexual.
Private Randall is the good-hearted but dim-witted body guard of mad scientist Dr. Herbert. He is straight.
Malerie is a real estate salesman who appears in on scene to sell a bar to lead character Travis. This role is more comedic. She is straight.
Michael’s Father appears in one nightmare scene as judgmental and hostile to his son. He is staright.
The roll of Amora, a seductive sea demon in human form, was originally written for a man, but can be adjusted for a woman. Amora appears in a few scenes in one episode looking to take something from Dr. Herbert before returning to the sea.
The roll of the Bomber was originally written for a man, but can be adjusted for a woman. The Bomber appears in one scene, almost insane, with a bomb strapped to his chest.
Must be able to provide proof of age (18 or older) and have reliable transportation.
For Lead Roles: You may be scheduled for filming every Monday for three to four months on Mondays between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM; though 12-hour filming days are not common. Two days notification in the event of rescheduling is required.
For Speaking & Non-Speaking Extras Role: You will be scheduled one Monday sometime between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
Two days notification in the event of rescheduling is required.
For Lead Roles: Season THREE takes place over a week and episodes are shot out of sequence. You have to keep your hair the same.
Contact Information:
Please send headshots, reels and/or original pieces, e-mails of interest, questions, etc. to:


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