Saturday, November 24, 2018

If You Survived The Wave Brace For The Quake This December

If you survived the wave then brace for the quake this December! The team behind disaster movie "The Wave" warn just that, with the follow-up disaster flick "The Quake". Directed by Roar Uthaug, the film recently showed and Cannes and is inspired by true events surrounding the 1904 earthquake that hit Oslo. "The Quake" stars Kristoffer JonerAne Dahl TorpJonas Hoff OftebroKatherine Thorborg Johansen, Edith Haagenrud-Sande, and Ravdeep Singh Bajwa.

In 1904 an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 on the Richter scale shook Oslo, with an epicenter in the "Oslo Graben" which runs under the Norwegian capital. There are now signs that indicate that we can expect a major future earthquake in Oslo.

"The Quake" hits theaters and On Demand on December 14th courtsey of Magnolia.

Slasher "Christmas Blood" Just In Time For Horror Holidays

Just in Time for the Horror Holidays: Reinert Kiil's Nordic Slasher Christmas Blood to be Released December 11th : The dark, bloody account of a hatchet-wielding killer dressed as Santa will come out on DVD & VOD

Horror's Santa-slasher tales mixes with Scandinavian Noir in Norwegian filmmaker Reinert Kiil's (The House, Whore) grisly Christmas Blood (Juleblod). Christmas is a time of peace, love and family. But not for one Norwegian town as a psychopath dressed in a Santa Claus suit has been terrorizing them for the past 13 years. For as soon as the caroling starts, this demented Kris Kringle dispenses bloody ax blows regardless of whether you’ve been bad or good. As the holiday approaches on one snow-covered town filled with revelers, a pair of detectives work against time to find and arrest this bearded serial killer. Will they manage to stop this demented St. Nick before he kills again? Director Reinert Kiil (The House, Whore) delivers a dark, disturbing and bloody holiday thriller. 

Christmas Blood will be available December 11th on DVD and several VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube/Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNOW and DISH

Christmas Blood - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

Teaser Released For "Child's Play" Fan Film

A teaser trailer has been released for "Child's Play" fan film "Charles". The possessed doll killer tribute is from Chucky fan, writer / director Luis “Tony Bizz” Serrano. The nonprofit film is due out in 2019. 

A young couple moved into their first apartment & encounter a red headed freckled doll. Soon they discover that their home & doll has an evil presence.

First Look At Creature Feature "Monster Hunter"

Check out the first look at next year's monster movie, "Monster Hunter". The film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Megan Good and Ron Perlman. 

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her loyal soldiers are transported from our world to the new world, the unflappable lieutenant receives the shock of her life. In her desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers and unstoppable, revolting attacks, Artemis will team up with a mysterious man who has found a way to fight back.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Unearthed Films To Release "Brutal" This December

Unearthed Films is set to release Takashi Hirose's "Brutal". The film will be available December 11th. Check out the trailer below.

Constantly on the hunt and suffering from hallucinations that drive his violent nature, an unnamed man is capturing women and savagely beating them to death. Meanwhile, a woman is luring men into a violent end, by way of her knife. Driven by the same force to make the opposite sex suffer, the killers’ fates intertwine. The two must face off in a battle to the death, in which they are forced to reveal the horrible truth behind their addiction to murder.

Trailer Released For Upcoming Thriller "The Vanishing"

A trailer has been released for upcoming survival thriller "The Vanishing". The film is directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and stars  Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan, and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson. It is expected to be released January 2019.

Three lighthouse keepers start their six week shift, on an isolated island. While on duty, they encounter several missing men and a strange box. Now, greed is leading to paranoia as the men struggle to survive.

Images And Release Details Announced For "Cannibals And Carpet Fitters"

Red Hound Films is set to release "Cannibals and Carpet Fitters" on VOD December 11th. The film is directed by James Busche and stars Richard Lee O'Donnell, Darren Sean Enright, Zara Phythian, Christopher Whitlow, Dominic Holmes, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Alex Zane, Phill Martin, Mingus Johnston, and Lee Charles. 

A group of carpet fitters are sent on a job to an old country house in the middle of nowhere. They soon discover it is a trap set up by a savage, cannibalistic family. The carpet fitters are forced to fight for their lives or risk ending up being the evenings’ dinner. Cannibals and Carpet Fitters is a gruesomely fun thrill ride that will keep you in your seat until the very last minute.

Gay Themed Horror Short "Payment" Available On Alter

Gay-themed horror short "Payment" is from writer director Ben Larned. The film is currently available exclusively on Alter. It is described as a "folkloric iconography of Christian mythological tropes".

In a remote motel room. Stephen undergoes a protective ritual. A knock at the door interrupts him. It’s the Salesman, coming to collect Stephen’s long-owed debt: his soul. His feelings for Stephen, unnatural for an inhuman being, prevent him from doing so. Though he shares these feelings, Stephen makes a desperate choice and frees himself from eternal suffering – but damns himself to a lifetime of guilt. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Director Christopher Landon Tapped For My Best Friend's Exorcism Adaptation

"Happy Death Day 2 U" Director Christopher Landon has been tapped to direct feature adaptation of Grady Hendrix novel, My Best Friend's Exorcism. The film will be scripted by 'Awkward' and '90210' writer Jenna Lamia. It is described as “Heathers meets Beaches meets The Exorcist” that blends teen angst, adolescent drama, unspeakable horrors, and a mix of ’80s pop songs into a pulse-pounding supernatural thriller 

The year is 1988. High school sophomores Abby and Gretchen have been best friends since fourth grade. But after an evening of skinny-dipping goes disastrously wrong, Gretchen begins to act…different. She’s moody. She’s irritable. And bizarre incidents keep happening whenever she’s nearby. Abby’s investigation leads her to some startling discoveries—and by the time their story reaches its terrifying conclusion, the fate of Abby and Gretchen will be determined by a single question: Is their friendship powerful enough to beat the devil?

Defy Film Festival Announces Open Call For Entries

Defy Film Festival Announces Open Call For Entries

Defy Film Festival is accepting short and feature film submissions of all genres, including drama, comedy, experimental, animation, documentary, horror/sci-fi, and music video. Scheduled for August 23-24th in East Nashville, filmmakers can enjoy a fee discount for submitting their work by the February 18th early bird deadline.

"We call it Defy for a reason. The festival showcases unique filmmakers and introduces audiences to work that they won’t see anywhere else. We’re always looking for submissions that are different and one-of-a-kind.” – Dycee Wildman, Festival Director
Visit for more info and submit today!

Teaser Released For Zombie Action Flick "Johnny Z"

Hurricane Bridge Entertainment released the first teaser for upcoming action horror "Johnny Z", slated for release in 2019. The film stars Michael Merchant international Martial Arts Master Felix Cortes, Jason Delgado, David E Mcmahon, Ellie Church, Wayne W Johnson, and Trey Harrison. "Johnny Z" is directed by Jonathan Straiton.

Half human, half zombie,  Johnny, holds the cure to the zombie epidemic. After escaping Nordac, an experimental medical prison, Johnny comes under the guidance of a martial arts Grandmaster named Jonray (Felix Cortes). Together they embark on a journey to find a missing doctor while battling their own personal demons.

"The Field Guide To Evil" Will Debut On Home Entertainment Early 2019

Horror Anthology "The Field Guide To Evil" will debut on home entertainment platforms in early 2019. It recently held its World Premiere in Austin, Texas. "TFGTE" showcases directors Ashim Ahluwalia, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz, Katrin Grebbe, Calvin Reeder, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Peter Strickland and Yannis Veslemes. The anthology stars Birgit Minichmayr, Jilon VanOver, Fatma Mohaed, Claude Duhamel, Vangelis Mourikis, Sarah Navratil, Niharika Singh, Kannon Hicks, Paul Ford, Thomas Schubert, Naz Sayner, Karoly Hajduk, Lili Epply, and Andrzej Konopka.

A feature length anthology film from 9 acclaimed horror directors.  They are known as myths, lore, and folktales.  Created to give logic to mankinds darkest fears, these stories laid the foundation for what we now know as the horror genre.

Trailer :

Holiday Horror "Await Further Instructions" Hits Streets In December

"Await Further Instructions" hits the streets this December thanks to Dark Sky Films. The film is directed by Johnny Kevorkian and stars Sam Gittins, Neerja Naik, Grant Masters, Abigail Cruttenden, Kris Saddler, Holly Weston, and David Bradley. It releases on DVD and Blu-ray in time for the Christmas season December 11th.

It's Christmas Day and the Milgram family wake to find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Something monumental is clearly happening right outside their door, but what exactly - an industrial accident, a terrorist attack, nuclear war? 

Descending into terrified arguments, they turn on the television, desperate for any information. On screen a message glows ominously: 'Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions'. As the television exerts an ever more sinister grip, their paranoia escalates into bloody carnage.

A powder keg of throat-grabbing intensity and mind-bending body horror, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS is an unmissable tour-de-force from rising star filmmaker Johnny Kevorkian and the BAFTA-nominated producer of God's Own Country.

Street date: December 11, 2018
SRP: $24.98 (DVD), $29.98 (Blu-ray)
Running Time: 91minutes
Rated: NR
Language: English"

Body Horror "Lifechanger" Due Out This January

The highly anticipated LIFECHANGER will be released in North America January 1, 2019, by Uncork’d Entertainment.

Written and directed by Justin McConnell, LIFECHANGER tells of a murderous shape-shifter that sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

Drew has an identity problem. Every few days, has to shape-shift, or face a painful death. He has to find someone and make a copy. He takes everything: their looks, memories, hopes, and dreams. Their entire life. He becomes them, and they die horribly. Enter Julia, the object of Drew’s affection. How can he make things right when he’s never the same person for very long? How do you gain back trust when who you are keeps changing? Part psychological thriller, part body horror, Lifechanger follows one shape-shifters’ twisted quest to repair the damage he’s caused, while leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

LIFECHANGER is written and directed by Justin McConnell, and produced by Avi  Federgreen and McConnell. Executive producers include James Fler, Andrew Thomas Hunt, Keith Leopard, Michael Paszt, Pasha Patriki, and Marvin Waxman. Produced by 9 Light Entertainment in association with Federgreen Entertainment and Unstable Ground. The film will be distributed by Raven Banner Entertainment and Uncork’d Entertainment.

Lora Burke, Jack Foley, Elitsa Bako, Sam James White, Steve Kasan, Rachel Vanduzer, Peter Higginson, Adam Buller, Brian Quintero, Mark Rainmaker, Ry Barrett, Michelle D'Allesseandro Hatt, Uche Ama, Daniel Faraldo, and Francesco Filice star.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Poster And Trailer Released For Crime Thriller "Piercing"

A new poster and trailer has been released for Nicolas Pesce's "Piercing" and based on the novel by Ryu Murakami. The film hits theatres, On Demand and Digital February 1st. This crime thriller stars Christopher Abbott, Laia Costa, Mia Wasikowska, Marin Ireland, and Wendell Pierce. 

Reed (Christopher Abbott) is going on a business trip. He kisses his wife and infant son goodbye, but in lieu of a suitcase filled with clothes, he's packed a toothbrush and a murder kit. Everything is meticulously planned: check into a hotel and kill an unsuspecting victim. Only then will he rid himself of his devious impulses and continue to be a good husband and father. But Reed gets more than he bargained for with Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), an alluring call girl who arrives at his room. First, they relax and get in the mood, but when there's an unexpected disruption, the balance of control begins to sway back and forth between the two. Is he seeing things? Who's playing whom? Before the night is over, a feverish nightmare will unfold, and Reed and Jackie will seal their bond in blood.

"The Super" Arrives On Digital And DVD This December

Psychological thriller "The Super" arrives on Digital and DVD December 18th. The film stars Val Kilmer and is directed by Stephan Rick. It is currently available on On Demand services and costars Patrick John Flueger, Louisa Krause, Paul Ben-Victor, Yul Vazquez, Mattea Marie Conforti, and more.

Former cop Phil takes a job as a superintendent in a Manhattan apartment building. When a teen goes missing, along with several other tenants, Phil suspects a sadistic murderer may be roaming the eerie corridors and that his daughters’ lives are in danger. But whom can he trust when everybody around him has something to hide?

Clip Released For Upcoming Holiday Horror "Ugly Sweater Party"

Dread Central has released an exclusive clip for upcoming holiday horror "Ugly Sweater Party". The film is directed by Aaron Mento and stars genre icons Felissa Rose. It is due out on Amazon November 23rd. 

On Christmas Eve at a campsite deep in the woods, an ugly sweater party is in full swing. Best friends Cliff and Jody arrive expecting some mistletoe action from the sexy twins who invited them, but soon realize that they are at a Bible camp. To make matters worse, Cliff is wearing a sweater possessed by the ghost of notorious serial killer Declan Rains

While the evil sweater slowly possesses Cliff, Jody also realizes that the party guests aren’t as innocent as they first seem. In fact, every camper holds a dark secret that infuses the party with dangerous sexual tension. Just when the pressure between campers reaches a fever pitch, Cliff falls victim to the bloodthirsty rage of the diabolical sweater and a new nightmare begins.

"Rabid" Remake Set For Spring Release In UK

The Soska Sisters remake of classic Cronenberg film, "Rabid", is set for release in the UK this spring. The film stars Laura Vandervoort, Ben HollingsworthHanneke TalbotMackenzie Gray, CM Punk, and AJ Mendez. It will hit the Amazon UK service March 25th.

Rose, a seamstress, goes through a radical transformation with cosmetic surgery following a terrible accident. But perfection comes at a price. She develops a taste for human blood and her victims turn into rabid, blood-thirsty zombies who proceed to infect others, which turns into a city-wide epidemic.

"Volumes Of Blood" Crowd Funding And Production News

Blood Moon Pictures has announced the "DEVIL’S KNIGHT: VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3" Indiegogo Crowd Funding CampaignDevil’s Knight: VOB3 is the final terrifying installment of the Volumes of Blood horror anthology franchise. Currently the production is searching for and securing directors as well as looking for financing. A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway. It features an Exclsuive Poster created by artist Michael Broom (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story), and you can help support our project by visiting

On the morning of Halloween several strangers are arrested for their involvement in multiple atrocities across the city of Owensboro. As each is interrogated by police the horrifying reality of their stories unfold revealing werewolves, killer children, revenge, retribution and the bloody truth about a relentless serial killer who will stop at nothing to make sure he finishes what he started on Devil’s Night.

From Blood Moon Pictures and producers P.J. Starks (10/31, e-Demon) and Eric Huskisson (The Confession of Fred Krueger) comes the third and final installment in the horror anthology series Blumhouse calls a “cult hit franchise.” This blood soaked finale stars Christopher Bower (The Dooms Chapel Horror), Katie Stewart (The Wicked One), David McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon), Sonya Delormier (Angel), Ryan Matthew Ziegler (Butcher the Bakers), Harper Dawahare (The Rave), Patrick Keegan Taft (Under the Surface), Lucy Turner (The Caretakers), Todd Reynolds (Volumes of Blood), Tiffany Arnold (The Sleeper), Daniel Alan Kiely (Bong of the Living Dead), Roni Jonah (The Hornet’s Disciple and The Scars She Left), Jason Crowe (The Bad Man), Tyler Riley (Scream for Summer), Julie Anne Prescott (Kill Dolly Kill: Dolly Deadly 2, Clownado) Olivia Jacobs and many more.

"Elizabeth Harvest" Blu-ray /DVD Release Set For December

Sebastian Gutierrez's Elizabeth Harvest starring Abbey Lee, Ciarán Hinds, Carla Gugino, and Matthew Beard set for Blu-ray and DVD release on December 4th courtesy of IFC Midnight and Scream Factory. 

Nothing is as it seems in this brain-bending plunge into our darkest desires. Making its Blu-ray and DVD debut on December 4, 2018, from Scream Factory in conjunction with IFC Midnight, Elizabeth Harvest casts a spell of creeping Gothic menace as it unravels a disturbing tale of identity, obsession, and twisted love. The release also includes a making-of featurette as a bonus feature, and fans can pre-order their copies now from

In Elizabeth Harvest, Elizabeth (Abbey Lee, The Neon Demon), a beautiful young newlywed, arrives at the palatial estate of her brilliant scientist husband Henry (Ciarán Hinds, Justice League). Ensconced in modernist luxury with an obedient — if slightly unsettling — house staff (Carla Gugino, Gerald’s Game and Matthew Beard, The Imitation Game), she has seemingly everything she could want. But one mystery tantalizes her: what is behind the locked door to Henry’s laboratory that he has forbidden her to enter? When an inquisitive Elizabeth dares to find out, everything she thought she knew about her husband — and about herself — will change.

New Poster Released For "The Possession Of Hannah Grace"

A new poster has been released ahead of the November 30th date for theatrical release of "The Possession Of Hannah Grace". The film is directed by Diederik Van Rooijen. It stars Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson and Stana Katic.

“A shocking exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the life of a young woman. Months later, Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is working the graveyard shift in the morgue when she takes delivery of a disfigured cadaver. Locked alone inside the basement corridors, Megan begins to experience horrifying visions and starts to suspect that the body may be possessed by a ruthless demonic force.”

Also check out the latest TV spot :


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