Friday, November 19, 2010

'Supernatural'- "Clap Your Hands If You Believe"

Buffy Does Thanksgiving!

A Photo Blog Of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' "Pangs". The gang deals with unresolved issues with the truth about Thanksgiving. Battles vengeance from a war party, and finally enjoys a turkey dinner in true Buffy style.

Buffy kicks some vamper ass on campus as Angel looks on in true stalkerazzi fashion. He has come to town to watch out for her without her knowledge, and she is fixated on making a perfect Thanksgiving holiday.

Anya lusts after Zander during a groundbreaking ceremony, unfortunately it disturbs a Native American resting place which angers some vengeful spirits. Hi jinx ensue... 

Spike is on the run from the soldier boyz on campus and looking for a place to hide.

Angry Native begins a killing spree around campus as Buffy stress over preparations for the upcoming festivities, while wrestling with the concept of having to kill someone who is justified in there own right for extreme action.

After Buffy and Willow run into Riley and then Willow runs into Angel while out getting last minute items on the grocery list, Spike grieves over not being able to feed on people anymore and tries to get Harmony to take him back. Meanwhile Angel is telling Willow about Buffy's future danger as Buffy is telling Riley about here Thanksgiving plans.

The Vengeful Spirit builds his war party as the guests begin to gather at Giles for some Dinner and Demon prep work on the day of Thanksgiving.

After everyone gathers at Giles for dinner the warriors attack and a great battle ensues. Spike is shot up and Buffy kicks some Native American Spirit ass (no offense to any Native Americans as a people is intended). Finally after Buffy saves the day they get to finally sit down and enjoy a delicious meal that they are truly thankful to be having. Especially since they all nearly did for it!


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