Friday, March 4, 2011

New Trailer for "Dylan Dog"

Ghost Story "The Innkeepers" Poster

Plot Summary: The story is centered around the final two employees working in a haunted hotel before it goes out of business. After over one hundred years in business, The Yankee Pedlar Hotel is about to close its doors for good. The last remaining clerks, Claire (Sara Paxton), a twenty something that has come to terms with her lot in life, and Luke (Pat Healy), a computer-smart loner, are convinced that the hotel is haunted and are determined to prove it. As time ticks down to the final days of operation, mysterious guests check in including Leanne Rease-Jones (Kelly McGillis), a former TV actress turned psychic, and an old man insistent on staying in room 353. As several strange occurrences begin to add up, both Claire and Luke must make the crucial decision on what to believe and what not to believe...

more info and trailer out soon...

"The Last Demonslayer" w/ Daniell Edwards & Dennis Haladyn

The film is currently in production outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

New "Thor" Poster, Banner & Still

Check the trailer here.
More images and clips here.

Neil Patrick with the "Smurfs"!

A new photo from Sony's The Smurfs appears in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly

First Contact "Battle: Los Angeles" Poster

Synopsis: "When unknown forces put the City of Angels under attack, it is up to a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new platoon to come to the rescue. As the invasion hits the streets of L.A., the Marines become our first and last line of defense against a highly powerful enemy."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Final Screening Of "Wake Wood" in London

last screenings of WAKE WOOD on March 8th at 6 for 6:30 in London
An Instant Folk Horror Classic – 5 Stars NOTW  Out 25th March

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

English Subtitled Trailer for "The Troll Hunter"

 Check out more here and here.

Russian Poster For "Apollo 18"

"Detention" Trailer

Detention is a teen horror-comedy where the local students of Grizzly Lake must survive their final year of high school. Standing in their way is a slasher movie killer who has seemingly come to life. It becomes a race against time to stop the killer and save the world – if only they can get out of detention. The Detention cuts through prom. Most of them don’t have dates anyway.

 Find out more here. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to "Madison County"

“If you’re’re already dead.” “Pretend you’re somewhere else.”Plot summary
A group of college kids travel to a small, mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a tell-all book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened there. But when the kids get to Madison County, the author is no where to be found and the towns people act like they haven't seen him in years. They also say that the killer never existed and the murders never happened. However, when the kids start digging around to get their own answers, they find out that the stories maybe more real than the townspeople are letting on!

Movie Website
Release date : Spring 2011.

Meet Willy- Robert Dunbar

In a school for boys with emotional problems, a disturbed adolescent struggles against a mire of superstition and oppression. Then he meets Willy ... and the other boy – charismatic and strange – saves him.
Or damns him. 
For more info be sure to visit the Uninvited Books website.

"Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" Gets U.S Release Date

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night has finally received a release date here in the United States. It will hit theaters April 29th.
Check out more here and here

Second Excerpt From My First Novel "Demon in the Mist"

Rough Draft Titled "Demon of Black Bear Peak"
click here  for first excerpt posted from rough draft...

     It smelled a change in the air. Could taste it on the cold wind. Felt the vibrations ripple through the water smoke that It had learned to appreciate for it’s advantage’s. For all the organic, putrid odors this place had the water smoke was the least irritating to Its constantly irritated senses. It groaned with familiar recognition as Its glycerin textured membranes collected the necessary information It needed. It felt hunger and pain and rage and now It felt the life force vibrating on the thick musky air calling to feed. It knew that the red liquid that flowed from the foul talking things slowed the pain and eased the hunger the most. It also knew that the fiery metallic tasting liquid from the crawling things held some value as well, not as much as the talking things. The talking things seemed to pitch with living and shining noise filling every revolting fiber of this bright and burning world that caused It pain. Every molecule here ripped at Its very existence. This place was a great burning frequency of blasphemy to the endless and space-less darkness from which It was formed. It still felt the starving and tortured remnants of the true darkness crawling within the oozing prison of mass It was forced to wear in this realm.
     It moved effortlessly down the mountain side into the smaller hills where the vibrations were stronger. Occasionally it rested upon a branch taking a thicker more solid appearance. It hated the way it felt forcing Its parts to close tighter and form painful dimensions. Mass was necessary in this place. It had to take shape so It could taste and smell the molecules needed to learn this place and to feed. This world was the reason It felt such pain and rage, and the repulsive smell. It only new the great continuity of the void and then somehow It came to be here in the brilliant, noisy organic filth.
     When It finally reached the thing that had called Its hunger the creature had no time to react. In the dark night filled with the water smoke It formed the long dagger like fingers, needed for hunting, ripping the flesh and snatching the now limp corpse up into needle sharp teeth, forming in the twisted and distorted mouth of death. Only after It tasted the hot red fluid from the smelly creature with myriad vile fibers extending from the fleshy mass did It understand this things purpose. The dead thing that It fed on had belonged to one of the talking things. Pet was the word it gathered from the fluid. It could smell the odors belonging to the master of this dead creature. It tried to call forth more words that seemed to dance in the liquid of this beast but the pain caused it to recoil from such obscenities. It didn’t know what about this place and everything that dwelt within cause the pain and rage. It knew the hatred for this world came from an ancient darkness that now swam in every moment of space It clinged to in this wretched world. It was now dependent upon the very thing it hated.

"Bonnie & Clyde Vs. Dracula" Trailer

After their latest heist goes wrong, legendary outlaw couple Bonnie & Clyde are on the run from the law and in need of fast money to fix up their companion who was shot during the robbery. Finding shelter in a small town, they crash at the mansion of the notorious Dr. Loveless. When Bonnie & Clyde arrive at the Doctor’s mansion, they discover he has a secret. Deep in his cellar the recently revived Dracula awaits…and when gangsters meet vampires, there’s bloody hell to pay.

Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula (review here) stars Tiffany Shepis, Trent Haaga, T. Max Graham, and Siouxsie Sioux. Check out the official Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula website for more.

Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Vampire in the Hole" Trailer

Vampire film that supposedly only had a 1 dollar budget!
Synopsis: Vampirism is a newly discovered viral illness whose initial stages spread as quickly as the flu. May has just turned seventeen and has become infected. She is the only vampire in her family and her neighborhood and, as such, her life changes dramatically. In her daily surroundings she is now seen as a monster: kids throw stones at her and she is bullied at work. However, May tries to adapt by following the rules and norms set by the government on infected citizens who wish to fit back into society.

Opinion is divided about what should be done with the “infected”. Should one accept them, or reject them? And this division foreshadows a future war where racism and intolerance will inevitably hasten the definitive rift between humans and vampires.

"Apollo 18" Fake "found footage"

It is cool and entertaining but do not believe that this is in anyway actual found footage from some secret moon mission...Regardless of what Mr. Weinstein would have you believe!

Apollo 18 is produced by Timur Bekmambetov and directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and
opens in theatres April 22, 2011.  

"Rubber" TV Spot

On the heels of the new poster release for "out there sub genre" film "Rubber". A film about a tire named Robert with telekinetic powers and a vengence comes a TV spot clip...

thanks be to Dread Central for the clip. Please for you to enjoy!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

New "Dylan Dog" One Sheet

Sweet one sheet for "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" .
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night will be in theatres on April 29th courtesy of Freestyle Releasing.
 click the image above to check out the image gallery at Dead Central.
You can also see Sam (pictured above) on Syfy's 'Being Human' based on the BBC show of the same name.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trailer for "Little Deaths" Anthology

 Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the trailer to "Little Deaths" which debuted at London Frightfest...

House and Home: Written and Directed by Sean Hogan

"A well-to-do yuppie couple, Richard and Victoria, pose as concerned religious do-gooders in order to lure homeless girls back to their home for perverted sex games. Deciding upon their latest target, a mysterious young woman named Sorrow; they drug and imprison her before subjecting her to a series of assaults and humiliations. However, the captive girl is not as helpless as she first appears and the couple soon find the rules of the game have changed…"

Mutant Tool: Written and Directed by Andrew Parkinson

"Jen, a former prostitute and recovering drug addict, is undergoing therapy in a bid to turn her life around. Her new therapist, Dr Reece, comes as a recommendation via her boyfriend Frank. But unbeknownst to Jen, Frank and Dr Reece have a shadowy criminal relationship. The therapist is involved with a bizarre black market narcotics trade, in which the semen from human mutations created during WWII Nazi experiments is harvested and processed for its psychic effects on the human brain. And now the last known mutant is dying and a suitable replacement must be found…"

Bitch: Written and Directed by Simon Rumley

"Stuck in a destructive relationship which isn’t going anywhere and lousy dead-end jobs which have no future, Claire and Pete live in a council flat and are united only in their love of rock music. The flame of passion having long since died, the couple derives a strange sexual pleasure from an unspoken sadomasochistic role-playing game where Claire finds new and inventive ways of mistreating Pete – and Pete, ever the devoted lap dog, takes what she dishes out time and again. But in an unspoken game the boundaries are hazy, and when Claire unwittingly takes things one step too far Pete devises a way to teach the bitch to heel, once and for all."

U.K Sci Fi "Attack the Block" Photos

Synopsis: "Attack The Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a housing estate into a SCI-FI PLAYGROUND. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And weapon wielding teenage thugs into heroes. Think ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 only with monsters and a tower block. Or LA HAINE crossed with ALIENS. It's inner city versus outer space.

Trainee nurse Sam is walking home to her flat in a scary South London tower block when she's robbed by a gang of masked, hooded youths. She's saved when the gang are distracted by a bright meteorite, which falls from the sky and hits a nearby parked car. Sam flees, just before the gang are attacked by a small alien creature that leaps from the wreckage. The gang chase the creature and kill it, dragging its ghoulish carcass to the top of the block, with they treat as their territory.

While Sam and the police hunt for the gang, a second wave of meteors fall. Confident of victory against such feeble invaders, the gang grab weapons, mount bikes and mopeds, and set out to defend their turf. But this time the creatures are bigger. Much bigger. Savage, shadowy and bestial, they are hunting their fallen comrade and nothing will stand in their way. THE ESTATE IS ABOUT TO BECOME A BATTLEGROUND. And the bunch of no-hope kids who just attacked Sam are about to become her, and the block's, only hope."


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