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New Image of Chris Evans In “The Avengers

“The Avengers” will be seen through the eyes of Captain America:
So much of [The Avengers] story takes place from Steve Rogers’ perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird-ass world. Everyone else has been living in it. He’s the guy that feels that sense of loss. [The Avengers] is very much about people who are alone — because I’m writing it. [Captain America] is kind of the ultimate loner in that way. There is an anachronism to him, and Chris and I have always tried to, without making it goofy or too obvious, make him that same grounded ’40s Steve Rogers he was in the other movie.
As for the rest of “The Avengers” assembling:
You get them in a world, the world of S.H.I.E.L.D., where they fit in. And you say upfront, these are monsters. These are freaks. These are not you and me, and what are they doing here? How are they human beings? Let’s just investigate that.
                                                                              - Joss Whedon

“John Dies At The End”

New poster for “john dies at the end” movie about a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can't.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New “Dark Shadows” Image

Johnny Depp Italia, an Italian fan site got an image of Johnny and Michelle Pfeiffer in the new Tim Burton re imagining of “Dark Shadows” due out May 11th, 2012.
also check out the Dark Shadows Blog!

Rad Poster and cool Images for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Tells the story of our 16th president’s secret battle and vendetta against vampires that began after they murdered his mother when he was still a child.
abelink (1).preview
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My Review Of “Kill Katie Malone”

MV5BMTI4MzU5OTYwMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzA0NTE5Mg@@._V1._SY317_CR131,0,214,317_From the beginning of this almost typical ghost story you get the feeling that the film kinda looses steam just making it past the neat vintage photo montage during opening credits. I don’t normally say anything harsh about horror films because I am one of those fans who loves it all. I like the cheesy, the cheaply made, the high budget, scary, funny, you name it. I am just happy to see the genre come back from the early 90’s with a vengeance.

Anyway back to “Kill Katie Malone”. The story was simple. An angry ghost for sale that is trapped and attached to an antique box. She has a sad story and tragic death. Then comes the cast of characters set up for the nightmare to unfold. You have three friends who purchase the ghost thinking it will be a neat novelty buy. So you kinda feel that this will be a rockin’ flick but you would be pissed off thinking that and then watching the end result of this decently shot evil spirit flick.
The story is ok. There is no real areas where the dialogue fails to keep cohesion nor does the characters ability to weave the story ever seem to fall slightly. Instead the flaws of the film lie within the money shots. All horror knows to bank on the blood and gore, or the scares if you will. This film opts out on that fact almost determinately. There are a couple of death scenes that seemed to garner attention from the FX department but that comes almost too little too late for the film.
The cast is a good cast. They are young attractive and able to deliver lines in an almost believable fashion. There is a slight special guest appearance/ cameo from Dean Cain as the father who sells the box. So really my main reason for not caring for this film is in its censorship of the gory potentiality within the visual realm of the film. At almost every moment of gore or horror they seem to cut away as if not wanting to offend family oriented or pg audiences. They just cut away or film an opposite direction to the violent action. (I am trying to say this without spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the film.) Anyway The few death scenes they focus on is very cgi dependent and almost too cartoonish. There are however a couple of moments that it actually works. (I will let you figure those times out for yourselves.)
The actors are believable in their fears and the story is actually a good urban legend. This could have been a much better film if instead of cutting away the director would have went balls out on the blood and gore- the meat of the story- if you will.
Watch it if you don’t mind your horror without the gore or scares and really appreciate a decent story. Avoid this if you thrive of blood and guts and actual organic special effects instead of cgi.


“Project Guardian”

Ok so ever since Katarina Waters has surfaced in the horror genre with her Nightmare Theatre I have been mildly fascinated with her. She reminds me of Zena and apparently is a wrestler. I know nothing about wrestling except when channel surfing and for no real reason become hypnotized by the shiny muscular bodies bouncing around the roped ring. Anyway I love the Nightmare Theatre Volumes of horror films it takes me back to the glory days of Elvira and Movie Macabre plus the films are cool classics that rarely get attention.
Today I ran across a film in production that she is in called “Project Guardian” and here is the info on it….
PROJECT GUARDIAN is an upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy Drama and Live-Action Comic Book Adaptation about a young woman who discovers an extraordinary destiny.

Katarina’s Nightmare Theatre!

Clip from “The Woman In Black”

Finally we have an actual clip from “The Woman In Black”
A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.

Thundercats series comes back on Cartoon Network

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a cartoon or anime show in my life until now! I loved the Thundercats of the 80’s. It was one of my favorite shows ever. I have been dying for a live action movie to this mythos and sadly only rumors abound about one coming anytime soon. However there is a new anime show that came back in 2011 to Cartoon Network bringing this world of a Feline Dynasty fighting to come back from extinction. Thankfully there is going to be a continuation to the saga. You never know with animated shows whether they will last or just be fleeting. I hope that this series once back from hiatus will grow into a phenom and we will get our long awaited live action trilogy films.
The ThunderCats are on the move! After the kingdom of Thundera is attacked by the lizard people, Lion-O leads Tygra, Cheetara and the other heroes on a quest for the Book of Omens and the magic stones of legend. But he'll have to face villains like Mumm-Ra, the ancient evil sorceror, and Slithe, the dangerous lizard general. Luckily, he has the Sword of Omens and its amazing powers at his disposal. Watch free online videos and get free downloads from ThunderCats on Cartoon Network. ThunderCats, ho!

Anne Rice–The Wolf Gift

No author can turn a phrase or create such a vivid image through language quite like Anne Rice. The worlds that she has created and inspired are evident throughout the supernatural literary culture. Her fictional tales of breeding, history, family, passion, and dark loathing have kept me up many a night for weeks on end filling my very soul with concepts of devotion to a dark embracing love of supernatural characters that both set fear and fascination upon high acclaim. Would it not have been for Anne Rice’s vision through language the spirit of the vampire, witch, ghost, immortal, and wolf would have been left to two dimensional non relatable cartoonish degredants   un pliable to a more modern realm of conscious acceptance for the things that dwell in shadow lands and myth. I love her work is an understatement and yet a flat out declaration of admiration and fatuous adoration.
A whole new world—modern, sleek, high-tech—and at its center, a story as old and compelling as history: the making of a werewolf, reimagined and reinvented as only Anne Rice, teller of mesmerizing tales, conjurer extraordinaire of other realms, could create.
The time is the present.
The place, the rugged coast of Northern California. A bluff high above the Pacific. A grand mansion full of beauty and tantalizing history set against a towering redwood forest.
A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer . . . An older woman welcoming him into her magnificent family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency . . . A chance encounter between two unlikely people . . . An idyllic night—shattered by horrific unimaginable violence, the young man inexplicably attacked—bitten—by a beast he cannot see in the rural darkness . . . A violent episode that sets in motion a terrifying yet seductive transformation, as the young man, caught between ecstasy and horror, between embracing who he is evolving into and fearing what he will become, soon experiences the thrill of the wolf gift.
As he resists the paradoxical pleasure and enthrallment of his wolfen savagery and delights in the power and (surprising) capacity for good, he is caught up in a strange and dangerous rescue and is desperately hunted as “the Man Wolf” by authorities, the media, and scientists (evidence of DNA threatens to reveal his dual existence) . . . As a new and profound love enfolds him, questions emerge that propel him deeper into his mysterious new world: questions of why and how he has been given this gift; of its true nature and the curious but satisfying pull towards goodness; of the profound realization that there may be others like him who are watching—guardian creatures who have existed throughout time who possess ancient secrets and alchemical knowledge. And throughout it all, the search for salvation for a soul tormented by a new realm of temptations, and the fraught, exhilarating journey, still to come, of being and becoming, fully, both wolf and man.
see this master of fantasy and reality  who is able to blend worlds into a fabrication of honest and insightful literary genius at Books Inc. in Opera Plaza …
ANNE RICE, bestselling author of the highly acclaimed The Vampire Chronicles will sign her new novel The Wolf Gift, a whole new world--modern, sleek, high-tech--and at its center, a story as old and compelling as history: the making of a werewolf.
Booksigning Only - Guidelines will apply - check back for details!
Books Inc. in Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness
San Francisco,
United States

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jean Rollin Bobblehead Coming Soon From Cult Collectibles

Cult Collectibles is proud to announce the upcoming “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure of cult French director Jean Rollin! Noted for his unusual and visually striking surrealist/horror films, Jean Rollin’s work continues to enthrall the imagination of film fans throughout the world.
“I’ve been a intense fan of Rollin’s for over two decades,” states Cult Collectibles’ owner Mark Jason Murray, “and have worked quite a bit in trying to help promote his work in that time. So it’s a great honor to be able to pay tribute to him in this way. “
While Rollin was also a prolific fiction writer, it’s his extraordinary work as writer and director of some of the most visually striking fantastique films ever created that has gained him legions of fans. Rollin’s use of lighting, location, eroticism and vampires makes viewing his work an unmistakably unique experience. Films such as THE NUDE VAMPIRE (1970), REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE (1973), LIPS OF BLOOD (1975), LIVING DEAD GIRL (1982) and NIGHT OF THE HUNTED (1980) are just a few examples of some of his most interesting films.

“Rollin’s work seems to have these cycles of new discovery by the masses about every ten years and 2012 begins yet another cycle with the release of his films to Blu-ray and even streaming on Netflix. My introduction to Rollin’s work twenty years ago was through washed out and unsubtitled VHS copies of his films which were nearly impossible to acquire. Now his films are showing up on Turner Classic Movies. Rollin’s work is like a fine wine that continues to get better with age,” states Murray.
Initial figure design is currently being planned with a tentative release scheduled around Rollin’s birthday in November, 2012. Once again, this figure will include Cult Collectibles’ standard of high quality and intense attention to detail and is fully authorized by Rollin’s estate.
(Full details coming soon)
Jean Rollin “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure details:
-Limited edition of 250 individually numbered figures
-7 inches of lightweight polyresin
-Full color packaging
-Special exclusive trading card available ONLY during pre-order period through
check out the Jean Rollin Website!

Sneak Peek Of “The Sleeper”

A special sneak peek of “The Sleeper” coming out January 31st.
It's 1981 and the girls of Alpha Gamma Theta sorority are having a party. Amy, sick of living in the dorms, invites her roommate Ava to attend the party with her in hopes that they'll both become Thetas. As the girls arrive, so does an uninvited guest watching them in the shadows. Amy's choice quickly becomes a nightmare as the Theta girls begin to disappear one by one. Announcing his victims, the killer calls the house whispering the next to die. The police hunt for the missing girls and the killer, but will they find him in time? Or will all the girls sleep for good?


The Possession Of The Unborn

Demons have been very busy these past few years. They have built forces and given massive beat downs on television and defiled many a soul on the big screen. I think it all started to re vamp back when “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” hit the waves. That was a really really good movie. So many have come and gone and I have learned that no matter what religion or lack of you better start screamin out those passages from the good book, koran, or torah.
I love to see the dark circles start to form around the sleepless eyes of the victim and watch as they begin their schizophrenic behavior of smelling flours and hearing voices whisper, and don’t get me started on those fucking scratching sounds in the walls and floor boards! Anyway demonic possession is a fascinating phenom and the movies based on this scenario have been one of my favorites ever since I snuck out of bed as a kid and say saw Linda Blair slam that damn cross in her cooch on HBO!
Well now that we have had an onslaught of demonic spirits hitting the big screen for the past several years it had seemed they reached their limit of fear. However now they are going for the weakest and most soulful among us…the unborn babies….check out the poster for “Delivery”.
Delivery tells the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. The production spirals out-of-control after the cameras capture a series of unexplained events, leading Rachel to believe that a malevolent spirit has possessed their unborn child.
From director BRIAN NETTO and producer ADAM SCHINDLER, Delivery is told through the shows abandoned and un-aired reality footage, as well as testimonials from friends, family and crew members, providing a first hand account of the Massy's tragic story.
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“Ombis” Horror Sci-fi Teases Us With Imagery

The poster art for “Ombis” shows a little more of this films motives for scare tactics but the teaser trailer leaves very little imagery behind.
An alien life form crash lands in a village called Metsburgh, it begins to infect the towns-folk, making them host to the supernatural virus. The virus is not the only thing that has invaded this small community. A creature known only as the "Nemesis" has also arrived in an attempt to contain the alien plague. It is up to a small group of un-infected survivors to fight the invasion and make it out alive. Discover the secret in 2013.
Movie Company Site!

“Wrath Of The Crows” Trailer

Had not heard anything about this film but after seeing the funny looking guy in jack boots and the nude chick painted black I can’t wait to set this right next to “Ticked Off Trannies”.
In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry (Domiziano Arcangeli), Deborah (Debbie Rochon), Hugo (Brian Fortune), Hernest (John Game) and Liza (Tara Cardinal), the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer. Above all of them all: the Judge. Nobody ever saw him, but he is the one that sets the rules and he’s feared by inmates and guards alike. The prisoners know how to behave, what are the rules to be respected but they don’t remember anything of their former life outside the walls of the fortress of their prison. The Prisoner’s sole memory, slowly emerging during the story, is the Great Evil that led them to the fortress. And the long long time they have been imprisoned in it.
Suddenly, a new prisoner makes its out from nothing-like appearance: PRINCESS (Tiffany Shepis). She is a beautiful lady, dressed only in a crow feathers coat, shining and sensual. Her arrival causes curiosity, envy, suspect and a deep sexual agitation. In a very short time Princess reveals her dark and supernatural nature: she can move objects with the power of her mind and is extremely strong. As Liza soon discovers: escape is just a dream for all of the prisoners. Even the rude nightmarish projected images they can see outside the windows of their cells, can make them give up from the escape thought.
But you can’t escape from yourself or your past.

“Wrath of the Crows” is currently in post-production.

“Zombie Ass” Trailer

So finally a cool reason to say “Beware the bowels of Hell’!
“Wracked with guilt over the suicide of her sister Ai, who was tormented by high school bullies, pretty yong karate student Megumi accompanies a group of older friends on a trip into the woods: smart girl Aya, her druggie boyfriend Tak, big-boobed model Maki, and nerdy Naoi. Things start to go badly when Maki finds a parasitical worm inside a fish they catch – and wolfs it down alive, in the hope that it’ll help keep her skinny! And then….zombies! The group is attacked by a crowd of poop-covered undead who emerge from an outhouse toilet, and seek refuge at the home of strange Dr. Tanaka and his daughter Sachi. But unbeknownst to them, Tanaka has been conducting experiments on the parasites–and the zombies!–and has another fate in mind for the five strangers from the city. What’s the connection between the parasites and the undead? And can Megumi’s karate alone help them escape, or will she have to rely on the liberating power of farts to save the day? Featuring special effects by FF 2009-2010 guest Yoshihiro Nishimura, and some truly jaw- dropping contributions from Iguchi’s genius subconscious (parasite anus-zombies?!?), ZOMBIE ASS is a heaping helping of bad taste that may go down rough but is guaranteed to come out smooth and regular.”


“The Ouija Experiment”

From “Ticked Off Trannies” which was a brilliant and funny film that did not deserve all the harsh criticism and cries of foul that it received come a more serious horror experience. Israel Luna and Josey Wells are back for a new nightmarish trip with “The Ouija Experiment”.
Four friends get together one evening to play with a ouija board. While playing with the board they encounter three spirits: Gracie, a 5 year old girl, Lisa, a woman of 35 & Joseph, a man in his 40's, who begin revealing personal secrets about each of the players. The spirits also reveal dark secrets from their own past leading the players to solve the mystery of the spirits' demise.
As suspicions build, the friends are pitted against each other as they become more intrigued with the spirits on the board and the strange ways they all seem connected.
What happens when you break the most important rule: remember to always say goodbye? It's just a game...isn't it?
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Depressions Of The Soul

A collection of dark poetry that I have written. The poems do not come from a place of personal depression rather a concept that darkness has left a deep and emotional impression upon my being….
check it out here!

New Promo Images from “Necronos”

This film is currently being viewed around the german speaking film market at various film festivals. I hope this one gets a good welcome and enough attention to cross the great pond into the western english speaking market or at least a subtitled and maybe dubbed english release so it can be purchased here. Right now Laser Paradise is showing it.
Necronos, one of the mightiest minions of the devil himself
has come to earth to create an invincible army of the undead under
leadership of barbaric demons, called Berzerkers. To achieve his goal
Necronos needs numerous often very macabre and difficult to come by
ingredients. So Satan sends him two assistants to achieve his goal –
Goran, a Blood Demon and footman loyal to Necronos as well as The
Mighty Witch to locate the chosen one – a virgin witch.
check out more here!

The Beauty Of The Classic Kill Film!

I could never tire of classic based slasher genre that some may say is over formulated, cheesy, not scary and too campy. I love it. It to me is like putting on a favorite pair of jeans or having your favorite soup on a cold winter day. The films that I go to for nostalgia tend to be about the masked psycho going after a group of kids on vacation or to camp. They never get boring to me and the kills and gore are like old friends come to visit and that is one of the main reasons horror is my favorite obsession.

With a classic slasher genre you are usually going in knowing what to expect and that is what you hope getting slaughtered in creative and gory manner by psychotic mask wearing maniac. There is no massive disappointment if a kill sequence doesn't live up to expectation because it usually a slice and dice scenario. I am not saying that I don't like the complex films that keep you guessing or that make you think about concept and intricacies of evil but campy slasher flicks are my visual milk and oreo moment...

Anyway here is another one of those formulated, kinda cheesy, and completely awesome slasher flicks….
Bloody Bloody Bible Camp begins in the late 1970’s at the Happy Day Bible Camp with a group of Christian camp counselors on there final night of summer camp. The night ends in a massacre.
7 years later in the mid 1980’s Father Cummings and a new flock of camp counselors go back to reopen the Happy Day Bible Camp even though the locals have warned of the legend of Sister Mary Chopper. All hell breaks loose when Sister Mary Chopper shows back up and finishes with the bloody massacre where she left off 7 years earlier.

“Excision” Movie

One of the most buzz worthy films for the 2012 year…
Pauline wishes that reconnecting with her mother was as easy as picking scabs. Or that fixing her sisters lung disorder was as simple as dissecting road kill. Maybe the other girls at school would be nicer to her if they knew she fantasized about performing surgery on them...

“Warm Bodies” Images

Not sure if this falls under horror/comedy or coming-of-age gothic romance. I guess that ii is all based of perspective but “Warm Bodies” is a film about a zombie boy who develops feelings for a girl after eating her boyfriends brains.
Zombies love people, especially their brains. But R (Nicholas Hoult) is different. He’s alive inside, unlike the hundreds of other grunting, drooling undead—all victims of a recent plague that drove the remaining survivors into a heavily guarded city. Now the Zombies roam about an airport terminal, searching for human prey and living in fear of the vicious Boneys, the next undead incarnation.
One day, R and his best friend M lumber toward the city in search of food. There, R first sets his eyes on JULIE (Teresa Palmer), a beautiful human. Determined to save her—first from the other Zombies and then from the Boneys—R hides her in his home, a cluttered 747 aircraft. Julie is terrified, and R’s grunted assurances of “Not…eat” do little to calm her. But when R begins to act more human than Zombie, coming to her defense, refusing to eat human flesh, and even speaking in full sentences, Julie realizes that R is special.
After a few close calls with the Boneys, and with her father mounting an armed search for her, Julie realizes she can’t hide forever. So she sneaks back home, leaving R broken-hearted. Desperate to see her, R decides to comb his hair, stand a little straighter, and impersonate a human long enough to get past the city guards. If only he can prove to the humans that Zombies can change, maybe R and Julie’s love might stand a chance. But with the rampaging Boneys heading toward the city and Julie’s father intent on killing R and his Zombie friends, the stage is set for an all-out battle between the living and the undead.
A genre-bending tale of love and transformation, WARM BODIES is a story about a boy who loves a girl…for more than just her body.

“Exit 13” Teaser Trailer

I am kinda interested by the trailer for “Exit 13” even though it doesn’t give much away about the the film it does produce a lot of questions in my head…like who the hell is this guy and why is running in what appears to be circles in the snow covered forest? The synopsis gives a lot of detail to the films plot but with only one sole distressed individual shown in this teaser the questions just percolate in my head. I can’t wait to see the full trailer and learn more about this film…I just hope it isn’t one of those imaginary mental things where if they hadn’t done so much meth they may have got home safely.
In this chilling psychological horror film, five friends embark on a road trip, but something goes terribly wrong, setting off a series of terrifying events that forces them to Exit 13, an exit that's hauntingly familiar. Soon after an unforeseen event occurs, trapping the group inside an abandoned cabin. But this isn't just any cabin, and it seems the dark and evil past has been re-opened.
With the recent passing of his mother and desertion of his father, Adam Payson is drifting into a dark and dangerous place, isolating himself from the one who loves him most, his girlfriend, Madison. Unable to get through to him, she turns to Adam's best friend, Brandon, for help.
Jealousy and rage begin to spread like a deadly virus as tensions run high, and through many twists and turns secrets unravel and relationships are pushed to their breaking point. As a result Madison experiences a disturbing encounter, but when she awakes, the real nightmare has only begun: A member of the group is suddenly missing, and in a race to find them and escape the demonic evil that is tormenting its new occupants, a shocking and deadly secret is discovered, one that could make this exit their last…

“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” Pushed to 2013

Paramount has pushed “Hansel & Gretel” back to January 2013 hoping to bank on the exposure of two other Renner films coming out later this year…
I personally feel a whole year to wait for a film on a super hyped fantasy genre is a little risky. So far we have had so many fairy tale films come and go and tv shows have road the wave to almost boredom so by 2013 it may be too late. Who knows….

Trailer for Tobe Hooper’s “Djinn”

“These rumours are unfounded.  Djinn is in active post-production, and Image Nation looks forward to releasing the film in theatres later this year.  As for offers, there have been no formal offers were made for Djinn.” [via Tbreak]
DJINN tells the nightmarish story of a young Emirati couple who return home from the U.S. and discover that their new apartment in a luxury high-rise built on the site of an abandoned fishing village is also home to the malevolent beings known as Djinn.

“Cassadaga” In Post Production

Devastated by the death of her younger sister, Lily Morel seeks solace at the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of finding closure, she contacts something else - the vengeful ghost of a murdered young woman. With her life crumbling all-around her, Lily races to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman's death - a task that will bring her face-to-face with a sadistic serial killer known only as "Geppetto".


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