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My Review Of “Bloodline”

bloodlineEdo Tagliavini’s “Bloodline” tells the story of Sandra who returns to the location of the horrors that befell her family 15 years earlier. Now as a journalist she is forced to relive the nightmares again ass the ghost of her dead sister tries to save her. Part giallo and part supernatural horror story “Bloodline” is all Italian genre movie making. The film has the young woman going back to a nightmarish past while on assignment to document the behind the scene affairs of a genre bending porn director’s new project. It stars Francesca Faiella, Virgilio Olivari, Marco Benevento, Alessandra Aulicino, Monica Citarda and Valentina Del Rio. Edo Tagliavini is the same director that has most recently been featured in the Foreign horror anthology “P.O.E. Poetry of Eerie and “P.O.E. Project of Evil”.

In “Bloodline” Tagliavini brings to life a bizarre horror story that has a heavy giallo  atmosphere of somber despair, dark sinister shadows reminiscent of slasher movies and the added horrors of supernatural grandiose. The acting is very well done by Indie standards with a very dark and serious story that flows perfectly with the Italian dark humor that plays on elements of satire. The film is subtitled so if you “don’t do subtitles” then your not going to care for the movie. The effects are awesome and gory in true Italian fashion. There is a slow and steady crescendo in  to the story with very little intensity through a lot of the film which allows for a more personal connection with the characters before the nightmare is unleashed but it is so worth the patients. “Bloodline” is a wild ride into the pit of hell and excess told in a style only Italian horror can create. I really enjoyed this movie.

My Review Of “Death By VHS” Anthology

vhs2[3]Death By VHS” is a new anthology from Indie film maker and horror host Walter Ruether a.k.a. Scarlet Fry. The collection of horror/ gore shorts are unique and creative spins on classic moral tales from twisted minds. A battered VHS and a small bounty of cassettes create a reality unlike any that Ruether has brought to life ever before, from reunions of the undead to a killer Krampus the low budget stories cover it all. Completed by a bizarre and clever wrap around that involves tweekers looking for a better high that is said to come from experiencing the stories captured on the cassettes, “Death By VHS” proves to be Walter Ruether’s best work yet.

The stories in this anthology are all cool low budget shorts that are filled with dark humor and plenty of gore. The plots are simple and straight forward moral tales save “Lepus”. I don’t know what that was but it was so much fun to watch. I felt like I was in some twisted world mixed of 60’s acid dream theatre and Adult Swim psychotica. The production value is pretty low in the anthology but the shorts are so much gruesome fun to watch that it doesn’t matter. “Death By VHS” is a totally cheap and trashy delight that celebrates everything great about those gory days of VHS. This is by far my favorite of Walter Ruether’s films!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Minute Trailer For ‘Hannibal’ Series

hannibalCheck out the two minute trailer for ‘Hannibal’ which airs on April 4th on NBC. The show follows William Graham on has infamous hunt to catch the notorious killer Hannibal Lecter prior to the story seen in “Silence Of The Lamb” and focused on in “Manhunter”. The show stars Mad Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy.

Will Graham is a gifted criminal profiler who is on the hunt for a serial killer with the FBI. Graham’s unique way of thinking gives him the astonishing ability to empathize with anyone – even psychopaths. He seems to know what makes them tick. But when the mind of the twisted killer he’s pursuing is too complicated for even Will to comprehend, he enlists the help of Dr. Lecter, one of the premier psychiatric minds in the country. Armed with the uncanny expertise of the brilliant doctor, Will and Hannibal (known as a serial killer only to the audience) form a brilliant partnership and it seems there’s no villain they can’t catch. If Will only knew…

Teaser Trailer Released For “A Resurrection”

a resurrectionThe teaser trailer has been released for Matt Orlando’s “A Resurrection”. The film stars Mischa Barton, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Michael Trautman and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. This is Duncan’s last film before passing away back in September of 2012. “A Resurrection” is scheduled to be released on March 22nd 2013.

 A down to earth school psychologist tries to help a mentally ill student who actually believes his brother is coming back from the grave for revenge on the students who killed him.

The Dreaming Field By Ron Savage

Book Worth Reading:

The Dreaming FieldRon Savage’s The Dreaming Field comes out in April 2013 courtesy of Dark Fuse Publishing. The book takes a much more mind bending approach of apocalyptic literature than standard interpretation.  Check it out at Dark Fuse.

The problem is…the abyss

Simon and Jonathan first meet in their childhood nightmares, then later in their waking lives.  Haunted by mysterious dream entities known as Messengers, the boys grow to adulthood, one an artist, the other a senator on the verge of the presidential nomination.  Both men are unknowingly being groomed for a cataclysmic moment neither can escape, and heaven and hell hang in the balance.  Simon and Jonathan have become two pawns playing across nightmare landscapes where dark angels reside and the condemned and suffering will get only one chance at redemption.

There is no way out.  There is no mercy.


Trailer Released For Thriller “Holy Ghost People”

holy ghost peopleCheck out the trailer for “Holy Ghost People”. The film focuses on a religious sect of snake handlers. Nineteen-year old Charlotte enlists the help of alcoholic ex-Marine Wayne to find her estranged sister who has gone missing deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Their search leads them to the Church of One Accord and an enigmatic snake-handling preacher named Brother Billy, who's devoted congregation of outcasts knowingly risk injury or death seeking salvation in the Holy Ghost. What Wayne and Charlotte uncover during their time on the mountain - about themselves and the nature of faith - will shake them to their core, as the mystery of Charlotte's sister and her fate unravel. Directed by Mitchell Altieri and starring Emma Greenwell, Joe Egender, Brendan McCarthy, Cameron Richardson and Roger Aaron Brown. “Holy Ghost People” is set to premiere at next week’s SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

Snake and Joe and Emma

U.S. Trailer Released For “Stitches”

stitchesCheck out the U.S. trailer for clown killer dark film “Stitches”. The film stars Ross Noble as a low rent clown that turns into a homicidal maniac. Directed by Conor McMahon the film also stars Gemma-Leah Devereux and Tommy Knight. This one hits DVD/Blu-ray shelves and VOD this April 2nd.

Jaded Richard Grindle is the sleaziest clown working the children’s party circuit in Ireland. Arriving late to one birthday, his timing is off, the bratty kids a nightmare and a prank goes horribly wrong – he falls on a kitchen knife and goes to that Big Top in the sky. Years later the same nasty kids attend another more grown up bash. Little do they know, thanks to a black magic clown cult, Stitches will be the uninvited guest of honour seeking revenge on those responsible for his untimely death.

Lovecraftian “Manifestation” Caressing The Horrors

Check out this teaser poster for David R. WIlliam’s Lovecraftian horror/drama “Manifestation”. The film is set to star Horror legend Michael Berryman, Melantha Blackthorne, Debra Lamb and Robert "Bob" Bozek. The story is an exploration of the disintegration of a marriage following the death of the couple’s only child. The couple’s guilt, grief and anguish are so powerful they manifest themselves into a terrifying and vengeful physical entity. The couple must confront this manifestation to achieve a form of closure. The film is described as visceral and a blended exploration into Horror Artsploitation. Head over to the Kickstarter page also to see the cool rewards for helping see this project to fruition.

Read the complete story the hit the highlights to show some love!

ManifestationThe Story
Manifestation can be described as Kramer vs Kramer meets H.R Giger (designer of Alien) or Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf if written by H.P. Lovecraft...with just a touch of Clive Barker.
On the anniversary of the death of their six year old son, Bob pays a visit to his estranged wife Anna hoping to heal their still open emotional wounds. 
Their meeting quickly disintegrates into a raging scream-fest as all their suppressed pain and angry pour out and both sink into even deeper rings of emotional hell.

All is energy...even emotion...and energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. Where does hate go once released? Where does heart-rending sorrow, the overwhelming sense of loss, the reptilian drive to exact bloody revenge go once these emotions leave the body? What form might they manifest?

Manifestation takes place in a world that exists at the edge of darkness; worlds of eternal twilight where deeply troubled individuals struggle to make sense of the horrors of their lives, seeking to catch a glimpse of the long rumored light at the end of the tunnel.

But what if what stands between them and the light is the darkness itself? 

"....Others were drawn from darker and more furtively whispered cycles of subterranean legend—black, formless Tsathoggua, many-tentacled Cthulhu...and other rumoured blasphemies from forbidden books like the Necronomicon, (or) the Book of Eibon...."

Public Service Announcement From “In The Flesh”

in the flesh[3]In The Flesh” is a new three part series coming from BBC Three which I hope finds it’s way on BBC America and eventually gets expanded into a full fledge thing! Check out the new promo in the form of a public service announcement.

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“K-11” Proves To Be No Wonderland

k-11K-11” is a dark exploitation film for the modern age. The film focuses on the man made hell of prison life inside a transgender holding block within a L.A. prison system. Directed by Jules Steward and starring Goran Visnjic (Beginners; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Kate del Castillo (La Reina del Sur), Portia Doubleday (Youth in Revolt), D.B. Sweeney (Hard Ball), Jason Mewes (Clerks), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (The Dark Knight), Tara Buck (True Blood; Justified) and Cameron Stewart in his feature film debut.

“K-11” is set to show in fifteen cities around the nation in a week long run starting on March 15th 2013. The movie will also be available On Demand. Check out the trailer below and check out the film if your city is one of the 15. I will catch it On Demand.  Here is the story line: Like Alice in a brutally violent Wonderland, music executive Ray Saxx, Jr. is trapped in K-11, a very unique part of the Los Angeles County Prison System. He was out cold when he arrived and he has no idea how he got there – all he knows is he needs to get the hell out…alive and intact. To do that Ray must navigate through a maze of drug addled-transvestite-criminal politics with obstacles at every turn. Insane cellmates, corrupt guards and his own issues are just a few of what he’s dealing with while he pieces together his means of release from this dark and dangerous rabbit hole - K-11.

Here are some of the cities that will be showing “K-11” New York’s Cinema Village, Los Angeles’ Laemmle NoHo Theater, Phoenix’s Film Bar, Columbus’ Gateway Film Center, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver and Daytona.


Check Out The First Two Images From “The Harrowing”

The demonic thriller “The Harrowing” has released the first two images from the long awaited project. Directed by Jon Keeyes the movie is being produced by Highland Myst Entertainment and Wolfclan Productions. Check out the two images and read the official press release below.

From the Press Release

Highland Myst Entertainment and Wolfclan Productions are proud to announce their newest film, THE HARROWING, a demonic, horror thriller currently filming on location in Dallas, Texas. In the tradition of SHUTTER ISLAND and JACOB'S LADDER, THE HARROWING follows fallen-from-grace Vice Detective Ryan Calhoun. After a routine surveillance goes horribly wrong, Calhoun is accused of the ritualistic murder of his best friend and partner, a prostitute, and a corrupt Congressmen. Unhinged and tormented by demonic dreams, and bent on discovering the truth, Calhoun is admitted to a forensic hospital for observation where, his sanity slowly sipping away, he begins to uncover the darkest, most terrifying truth imaginable.
Directed by Jon Keeyes (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, FALL DOWN DEAD), THE HARROWING stars Matthew Tompkins (KILLING DOWN, MISSIONARY MAN) as Detective Calhoun, veteran horror actress Debbie Rochon (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE) as the schizophrenic, necrophiliac Ella, Damon Carney (THE LONE RANGER) as Detective Jack Myers, Michael Crabtree (TEMPLE GRANDIN, PLACES IN THE HEART) as Lt. Logan, Robert McCollum (SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE) as Detective Greenbaum, and Ambre Lowe (PHOBIA) as Calhoun's wife, Anne. Further casting announcements are coming soon including the addition of a Horror Icon to play the head of the forensic hospital, the possibly villainous Dr. Whitney.
Filming is currently underway in Dallas with the Producers expecting to wrap principal photography in April, 2013.

Details On “Facility 31” Movie


Facility 31” comes from Dreambase Studios and is directed by David Hawk. The movie stars Emily Wyatt, Jason Bailey, Rachel Warren, and James Thompson. Guilt-ridden Army prisoner Rosie Hinton has to lead a group of detainees to safety when a cleanup of an abandoned facility unleashes a sinister secret. Keep up to date on the film’s Facebook Page or Website.

facility31 still

Facility 31 is a British horror film about a group from a Military Corrective Training Centre who are tasked to clean a remote, disused military bunker. Rosie, a medical doctor in the British Army has to face her worst nightmare when she discovers that the Officer in Charge is the very same Major who instigated the Court Martial which brought her to this dark and soon to become terrifying facility.

Before she can prove herself a paralyzing secret bursts from the depths of the bunker, threatening to tear them all apart. It will take all of Rosie’s courage and determination to get them out alive of Facility 31…

facility31 image

“Entity” Gets U.S. Distribution Deal

entityThe dark found footage flick “Entity” has gained a U.S. distribution deal as it gets ready for UK DVD release date. The film is directed by Steve Stone and stars Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley, Branko Tomovic, Oliver Jackson, Rupert Hill and David Worden. Read the details in the press release that has been issued.

The Press Release:
Darclight Films has snatched up the international rights for ENTITY and successfully secured a US deal with Brainstorm Media and Fangoria. The film made its world premiere to enthusiastic audiences at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival and played to equally dynamic fans at the Celluoid Screams Film Festival.

The new horror thriller stars Charlotte Riley (WORLD WITHOUT END, THE TOWN, WUTHERING HEIGHTS) who is also working alongside Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton in action sci-fi ALL YOU NEED IS KILL scheduled for release in early 2014. Cast also includes;Dervia Kirwan (Ondine), Branko Tomovic (Bourne Ultimatum, Interview with a Hitman).

“We’re honored to be working with Brainstorm Media and Fangoria again,” said Clay Epstein, VP of Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films. “We are thrilled that they’ve embraced ENTITY within their esteemed brand. Audiences trust them to deliver high quality genre-driven films and we certainly agree that ENTITY is a film that will undoubtedly resonate within their fan base.”

ENTITY is a horror thriller that slides back and forth through time in order to connect the dots to a terrifying mystery. The story begins in a remote forest where 34 unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves and despite subsequent police investigations, no official explanation for their deaths was ever offered.

The case was consequently closed.

A decade later, the crew of Darkest Secrets, a reality TV show dedicated to uncovering the truth behind unsolved crimes, embarks upon a location shoot in the same remote forest. Assisting with the expedition is Ruth Peacock (Dervla Kirwan) a psychic whom the crew hope can shed some light on the mystery, but when thegroup stumbles across a derelict industrial site, they begin to discover the reality behind the mystery and its terrifying aftermath.

“This is not a found-footage film. This is something else,” said director Steve Stone. “We are indeed proud that we have been able to deliver a film that looks and sounds as good as ENTITY does. We are also very proud of the fact that ENTITY was able to attract such a fantastic cast. But, above all things the single element of a great story was given the highest priority by all on this film – a story that will engage, chill and surprise an audience throughout its entire length. The film now has signed UK and International deals and we look forward to sharing those distribution plans as they evolve.”
“We’re looking forward to bringing this innovative film to audiences throughout the US,” said Steve Break of Naedomi, who closed the deal on behalf of Brainstorm. “We have something very special with ENTITY and can always count on Arclight Films for quality product that translates when it comes to both happy audiences and achieving (and often exceeding) our bottom line goals.”

Go Behind The Scenes Of “Zombie Hunter” In New Featurette

A new featurette as well as some cool art posters has been released for Zom-ploitation flick “Zombie Hunter”. Check It out below. The film is directed by K.King and stars DannyTrejo, Martin Copping and Clare Niederpruem.

A new street drug called NATAS unleashes a zombie apocalypse that spreads like wildfire and mutates its users into flesh-eaters. We follow one man, Hunter, who has nothing left but a beat-up Camaro and a trunk full of guns and booze. He runs down flesh-eaters, hunting them for sport and redemption from his tortured past.
After crashing into a small group of survivors, led by an ax-wielding priest named Jesus (Danny Trejo), Hunter is seduced into escorting the eclectic group (strippers, rednecks, and an innocent beauty) to a mythical place of refuge, while under constant assault from zombies and a chainsaw-wielding psychotic clown. But a surprise attack by a new breed of giant mutant flesh-eaters forces them on the run and puts Hunter's skills to the test.


U.S. Trailer For “Thale” released

Thale_thumb[3]Finally “Thale” will have it’s sightings on U.S shores. The Norwegian Creature Feature comes to America on DVD April 23rd. Check out the U.S trailer released for the film. Directed by Aleksander Nordaas and starring Silje ReinÃ¥mo, Erlend Nervold, Jon Sigve Skard, Morten Andresen and Sunniva Lien.

“Thale” revolves around huldra, a mythical, tailed creature, found by two crimes scene cleaners in a concealed cellar. Someone’s been keeping her down here for decades, for reasons soon to surface.

Trailer Released For James Wan’s “The Conjuring”

The-ConjuringCheck out the trailer for James Wan’s supernatural thriller “The Conjuring that was recently released. Also take a look at the official poster that came out as well. You know I didn’t know that they still made matches! Learn something new everyday. Anyway back to the film. It is a supernatural tale of terror that is Based on a true story, “The Conjuring” tells the horrifying tale of how world-renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their lives.”

The film stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, Joey King, Shanley Caswell, Haley McFarland, Mackenzie Foy, Kyla Deaver, and Sterling Jerins. It is due out July 19th.

Hungarian Horror “Bloody Night” Releases Second Trailer

bloody nightCheck out the second trailer released for from Turkish director Hakan Yildiz’s “Bloody Night”. The film produced in Hungary follows a group of College students makes a great plan for the Winter Break holiday and they travel to Budapest. Later they will all see that it will be a WRONG idea. It stars Hakan Yildiz, Pau Maso, Anna Rust, Zsolt Der and Christoph Fortmann.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trailer Released For “Dr. Frankenstein’s Wax Museum Of The Hungry Dead”


Check out the trailer for Scorpio Film Releasing’sDr. Frankenstein’s Wax Museum Of The Hungry Dead”. The film is directed by Richard Griffin and is the company’s 13th feature. It stars Michael Thurber, Shannon Hartman, Patrick Keeffe, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Jesse Dufault, Johnny Sederquist, Aurora Grabill, Aaron Peaslee, Ryan Hanley, Beatriz Lopez and Andre Boudreau. Detailed as an ultimate experiment in horror the story follows a group of teenagers who break into a wax museum in Salem, Mass only to find out that that a terrible secret is awaiting for them deep in the basement below. The film is scheduled to premiere at CinemaWorld. Lincoln, RI. on March 24th. Showings are at 7 and 9 pm.

Meet Ichabod Crane

Tom MisonTom Mison (Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) has been cast as the lead as Ichabod Crane in ‘Sleepy Hollow’. The new series is a drama slated for Fox and deals with supernatural misfortunes of a community gripped in a battle between good and evil. The series is of course based on the classic haunted tale The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. This will be a modern “retelling” of the story and also features Nicole Beharie in the female lead role. The pilot episode has been penned by Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci and Phillip Iscove. It will be directed by Len Wiseman.

From Myths Come Man’s Creativity: My Interview With “Lords Of Tears” Director Lawrie Brewster

Lawrie BrewsterScottish director Lawrie Brewster is a man driven by passion for exploring life’s inexplicable covariance through the camera lens and story telling. In his new project “Lord Of Tears” the young Scot ventures into realms of theology, legend and metaphysical causation all within the deep, emotionally charged guise of a gothic romance. The film tells the story of of James Findlay, a school teacher tortured by childhood memories of a strange and unsettling entity - a figure dressed like a Victorian gentleman but with the head of an Owl, and elongated limbs with sharp claws. Suspecting that his visions are linked to a dark incident in his past, James returns to his childhood home, a notorious mansion in the Scottish Highlands, where he uncovers the disturbing truth behind his dreams, and must fight to survive the brutal consequences of his curiosity.

This story also delves into the construct of relationship and devotion to love that can push one to face all fears, personal turmoil in order to keep and protect that which is held dearest. That is the deeper aspects of this very haunting dark tale born in the Highlands of Scotland, created in the mind of an intuit soul such as Lawrie Brewster, the more surface base of this story is one of nightmare and terror that builds in the mind of a man who begs to be freed from the sinister “plague” of spirit. In my interview with Brewster I learned just how complex and intense the thought and passion stands in his goal to bring so many creative aspects into this film. “Lord Of Tears” has also launched a Kickstarter Page for crowd funding which you should check out after you read the interview. Now here is that interview.

ASouthernLife: Lord Of Tears is based on an ancient myth, Tell me more about the mythology behind the story?
Lawrie Brewster: Oh now I must be careful answering this - in view of spoilers! There were in ancient Celtic history, cults that kept the heads of their enemies - believing that in doing so, they could control their spirit. According to historical records, this cult worshipped an owl creature. So that's one strand that comes into play. We also draw from the ancient religion of Carthage, the evolution of Paganism and the post modern 21st century materialist desire to attain anything we want with a false sense of online immortality. You can guess that altogether they might form a formidable cocktail. Apart from Celtic and divine depiction there have also been modern urban legends including the Cornish Owlman. Ours is a fusion of these elements, combined with my own background (as a student of ancient history/theology) at St. Andrews and an amateur researcher of all things profound and bizarre.

ASouthernLife: How did the script come about for Lord Of Tears beyond the mythological influence, where there any other influences?
Lawrie Brewster: There was an unusual personal experience! Apart from that the influences included books such as Wuthering Heights, the short stories of Henry James, M R James and of course the weird fiction of HP Lovecraft. Cinematic influences came too, from classic British chiller cinema. The chiller is rather a quintessentially British sub-genre of supernatural thriller - one that has come and gone over time - but was most notably exemplified by films such as The Haunting and The Innocents. I wanted to instill that same sense of dread but to do so with a genuine story, with characters you care about (rather than pitch a fairground superficial thrill ride!) Thrills are important - but with story - you can attempt something that lingers so much longer.

In terms of art, I have grown up in a country where Pagan and historical influences are everywhere, just where I live is a cave nearby with a convent over it, inside are signs and symbols of Christianity etched into the stone centuries old. Beside them pagan symbols of the sun some millennia's older. While modernity paints over these ancient influences, they can still permeate and influence things (as they have done me with this horror film.)

ASouthernLife:  Who is the Owlman - was he some one you grew up hearing about in legends?
Lawrie Brewster: Authenticity is very important to me - that does not mean literal truth or accuracy, but the feeling that something is rooted in a reality (even a relative one.) So for example with the Owlman, he existed quite literally as a deity of ancient religions, but in the Scottish context, more as a legend similar to the Cornish Man. The idea of animal anthropomorphic depiction (with stalkers/creatures) is not uncommon in ancient Pagan depiction (thus the creatures have characteristics oft prescribed to their animal counterparts.) This is half of the Owlman - the other, more sophisticated darker side comes from other sources. It is a rendition of a type of creature more common to the folklore of a century or two ago - but with this darker fuller (alien) presence. The story in our film reveals these qualities in not just him but other characters as it twists and turns.

ASouthernLife:  The creature design for the Owlman is pretty impressive, who designed the concept for the creature?
Lawrie Brewster: The concept came about from a personal experience that was somewhat unsettling. This consisted of me seeing a figure standing at the end of a large lawn (expansive from the front of an estate) wearing what appeared to be a crude animal mask made of cloth - with what appeared to be large eyes. It stood alone - and was dressed smartly like our own creature (and naturally enough it was probably someone dressed for some bizarre occasion.) Never the less he stood alone, staring back at me and walked away into the trees! And that was that - not necessarily supernatural - but as an influence it stuck with me. Why not take that crude mask and make it real - more real than in my imagination, and add to it the mythos and lore founded on (the aforementioned sources.) So that is where the concept came from, the creature was physically designed by artist Angela Allan, with concepts illustrated by Gavin Robertson (included in the zip links).

Lord Of TearsASouthernLife:  The locations for the film are scenic and serene, how was it shooting in such peaceful countryside?
Lawrie Brewster: The Scottish countryside (in the highlands) is barely describable as countryside. Its like an alien planet - of ancient hills and flat plains of jagged rocks! I sometimes think of the landscape of New Zealand and imagine it as the world at its youngest - well, Scotland’s Highlands - is the world at its oldest - and it is an unforgiving old man. The mists, moors, rain and sleet - micro climates wherever you go, and of course beautiful wildlife (deer, owls, birds of prey of all types) are everywhere wandering about. It is an extremely difficult place to film outside, nature throws everything at you - and we just took whatever it gave us. Incredible scenery to sometimes behold on the screen (but horrendous to shoot in - in person haha.)

ASouthernLife: It kind of sets a strong contrast to the very non-peaceful story you are creating. Was that intentional?
Lawrie Brewster: Well, the depiction is initially peaceful - and in the trailer we see the flat lands immediately outside the mansion - but as it goes on, you actually see in real time, storm clouds moving towards our characters as they speak outside - rain battering on them - all kinds of chaos. The story is a Gothic romance, and of course an emotional romance is part of that. You see the relationship between Evie (Lexy Hulme) and James (Euan Douglas) create what feels like an eye around a gathering storm - that is the juxtaposition which lingers longer (against our stormy weather) than the initial natural calm - but it is at times an illusion also.

ASouthernLife: The film deals with nightmares and this sort of "boogeyman", did you have a lot of nightmares growing up and was there a "boogeyman" that you feared?
Lawrie Brewster: Yes! Of course we all have them - elements of our subconscious brought into reality by either our imagination or some truth in the metaphysical realm we crudely dismiss! While there were not specific boogeymen that I feared, I think the horrors it expresses (and their complexity) are so real, that the creature might as well exist. Fear of losing yourself - to death/ to madness/ the ones you love - and the lengths you will go to preserve them? How far will you go? That is a question that forms the intellectual heart of our film... and of course how far those wishing to achieve the opposite will go too...

ASouthernLife:  In your experiences with the supernatural or paranormal does any particular one stand out in your memory?
Lawrie Brewster: (Yes - in the above) but to add to that. We live in a day where rationalism has been hijacked from its philosophical roots to stand for a kind of Calvinist black and white interpretation of reality - of true and false, of no shades of grey. I think existence and reality proves as a matter of routine just how relative and limited our ability to understand or even perceive its complexities really are. That isn't to say I value ignorance or mystery over discovery (as an artist that is my mission - to explore) but - I do think in a universe that scientists claim is infinite - with infinite numbers of them, dimensions and parallel universes at that - that the possibility of transcendent existence - of what we might call ghosts or whatever, is plausible if not likely. I think it's more plausible than the labeling of ingredients in popcorn chicken!

ASouthernLife: Lord Of Tears is your second feature as director, have you always wanted to be a director?
Lawrie Brewster: Yes! When I was doing an exam at university I sat outside the hall. There beside me was an American student (St. Andrews University) who was going on about his trials and tribulations making a short film to a friend. During the course of overhearing this conversation (just some five minutes long) I realized, that deep down in my heart, I had very successfully repressed an urge to be creative (instead of exclusively academic!) After the exam I left to study acting and then onto TV & Production, before going onto Film at Napier University. I now work full time as a director and a producer (unfortunately any independent director has to be relatively successful in both vocations). Success of course not being determined by how rich you are in doing so - but by how sustainable your work is (getting by, being able to survive to produce more films, and to be able to enjoy and share these opportunities with others passionate about telling stories - be it as writers, camera men, vfx whatever!)

ASouthernLife: Who are some of your favorite directors?
Lawrie Brewster: Akira Kurosowa for films Ikiru, Redbeard and Seven Samurai. Ken Russell for The Devils, and The Music Lovers. Miranda July is brilliant, and I liked Elisabeth Fies and Signe Olynyk's new films Commune and Below Zero respectively (as new horror films!) Oh let's see who else... John Carpenter, Hideo Nakata and Bernard Rose! There are plenty - I could barely begin to list them all! I'll already be sat here cursing myself for not saying this or that chap or lady!

“Velvet Vengeance Signs Metal Royalty And Texas Stunt Man To Cast

Paula Marcenaro Solinger

Jeremy Campbell has been fast at hand in signing the stars of his feature film adaptation of “Velvet Vengeance” which has brought forth some pretty cool Texas sized talent. Among the hot cast is non other than Argentinian born actress Paula Marcenaro Solinger wife of Skid Row front man Johnny Solinger. Marcenaro is already known in her home country for starring in feature films and shorts as well as host of the documentary ‘Best Of Buenos Aires’. She has also starred in three Indie films her in the states of which is the 2012 vampire flick “Blood Reunion”. Paula will play the role of Lita featured in the short and noted as one of the stand out characters.

carl bailey

As well as this new gem of rock royalty “Velvet Vengeance” has also signed Carl Bailey (Texas Chainsaw-uncredited stuntman and Django Unchained). Bailey who is known most as “Coach” having been a Texas high school football coach for many years chose to change up his profession to one of acting. He has several projects in production at the moment. Carl has been cast in the role of Alice’s father, Alice as you all probably know by now is the powerhouse man character in “Velvet Vengeance” a film that will blend slasher horror with martial arts action. This is shaping up to be a kick ass project. All of the  cast has been signed on and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing info released for this Indie project. Plus I am working on interviews with several of the new cast members as well so stay tuned.

Monday, February 25, 2013

BBC Series Rehabilitates The Undead

in the fleshBBC Three has a new series premiering called “In The Flesh” set after a zombie uprising. A coalition of volunteers known as the Human Volunteer Force has quelled the social uprising and has zombies who are treated rehabilitated back into society. The series is only three parts but shows a strong forward motion for zombie themed shows rippling effect across the globe. The story was developed by Dominic Mitchell, directed by Jonny Campbell and stars Luke Newberry, David Walmsley, Emily Bevan, Harriet Caines, Steve Evets, Kenneth Cranham, Ricky Tomlinson and Stephen Thompson. Check out this clip.

Teaser Poster For Horror/ Comedy “Little Reaper” Revealed

little reaper“Little Reaper” is a horror comedy from Indie director Peter Dukes who directed the horror short “The Beast” in 2012. This will be Dukes first horror comedy and follows the Grim Reaper and his tumultuous relationship with his teenage daughter.  The film is in the post-productions phase and stars stars Baumeister, John Paul Ouvrier, John Michael Herndon,Katharine Stapleton, Allison Ashley Arm, Katy Townsend and Sorsha Morava. The project is being produced by Dream Seekers Production Company.

Teaser Poster For “Big Bad Wolves”

Check out the teaser poster for Israeli directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s “Big Bad Wolves”. They are the same directors who created “Rabies” which was an intense and graphic horror film and the first of it’s kind in Israel. “Big Bad Wolves” is the story about a series of brutal murders that puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings - a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.

big bad wolves

Trailer Released For Gory Indie Flick “Chemical Peel”

chemical peelCheck out the trailer for Indie horror film with all the elements of gore. The film is called “Chemical Peel” and is a horror thriller film from 17 Road. It is directed by Hank Braxtan and stars Natalie Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco, Lacy Fisher, Leigh Davis, and Lony'e Perrine.

A bachelorette party turns into a nightmare when the women are trapped in their secluded home while the wilderness around them burns.

Chemical Peel trailer from Hank Braxtan on Vimeo.

Teaser Trailer Released For “A Soft Disease”

soft diseaseCheck out the teaser trailer for “A Soft Disease”. The indie film comes from Canada and is directed by Joshua Harold Wiebe. It stars Matthew Stefanson, Kara-Lynn Giesbrecht, Abbey Ruchkall, Jean-Jacques Javier, Jonathan Glaab, Kim Palmer and Allan Palmer. The film is detailed as being a Canadian independent arthouse horror film about molasses, blood, people, love, drugs, sex and nausea. Got to say that is enough to grab my attention. I love arthouse blended in the aspects of horror and I do love me some drugs, sex and blood! Not sure about the molasses or nausea but damn it I am willing to go there if the film demands it!

The story is of  a self-involved twenty something moving into a new apartment in a new city (Winnipeg) and discovering his neighbors and landlord are more menacing than their abstract monologues about blood transfusions would lead you to believe. It’s a love story, but a love of the self. It’s about sacrifice, sex and the revenant. It’s about the past as albatross, blood as metaphor, molasses as agent of change.

New Images From “Evil Dead” Released


Check out the load of new images released from “Evil Dead” 2013. The film which is a much darker toned horror film than the original is probably the most exciting of “remake” films to ever come out with fans on both sides of the isle weighing in on the new verses the old. I for one can’t wait. I like the old one but the more over the top comedic approach to the dark nature of the material really cries out for a serious- scary story!

Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.


New Posters For “Flesh Eaters: A Love Story” Short Film

Flesh Eaters: A Love Story” is a zombie apocalypse short film that is driven by love. A young man who is about to propose to the love of his life realizes that zombie apocalypse has begun. His sole purpose for survival is in a passionate desire to reunite with his love whom he has been separated from as the undead consume the world around him. Check out the cool new posters that was recently released on the film’s Facebook Page. Also check out the trailer posted at Indie Reign.

Today's the day that Troy will propose to his long-time sweetheart Jamie. Unfortunately, the very first days of the zombie apocalypse have arrived, which leaves Troy a little more of a challenge to get to his beloved who is trapped in her office building. Will he make it in time?

flesh eaters poster

Prepare For The “Night Of The Templar”

Wrap_OL.inddNight Of The Templar” is a supernatural horror film that surrounds the almost mythological order of the Templar Knights. A group that in my mind is as dark and sinister as the Nazi. So they figure is perfect for a horror boogeyman. Which I know my view of them contradicts popular consensus. Anyway the movie will now be available here in the States thanks to such locations as Walmart, Blockbuster Online and iTunes. The film is directed by Paul Sampson and stars a nice cast of genre actors such as Udo Kier, Paul Sampson, David Carradine, Norman Reedus, and Billy Drago. Check out the trailer below.

700 years after being betrayed by his brethren, a merciless Knight resurrects to fulfill his vow and bestow a blood-thirst revenge upon his enemies’ reanimated sprits.

My Review Of “A Shameless Revenge”

Shameless Revenge DVDThe Indie film “A Shameless Revenge” tells the story of a construction worker whose life has been filled with bad relationships and bad luck. Finally as the pressure and abuse become more than he can handle the young man snaps. Filled with rage the construction worker sets out to avenge the years of emotional angst afforded him at the hands of his peers. The film is directed by Cory A. Thrush and Shawn Burkett and is the story of Joe DeLuca and is a psychological drama. The cast include Cory A. Thrush as the main character as well as Lorin Dineen, Mike Reeves, Scott Gillespie, W. Allen Thrush, Jadie Marie Goodpasture, Shawn Burkett and Bradley Landis.

For me the film ,though very nicely shot and told quite emotionally, seemed to lack something inspiring. I felt that an element was missing in the main plot to the movie’s main character’s troubles as seen on screen that would account for the giant leap into a psychotic break. As the title declares a “shameless” revenge I actually expected the character to be more unabashed in his approach to life and relationships which I am well aware contradicts the story’s theme of a poor mistreated every man.  I really didn’t catch the parts of the man’s plight that related to his predisposition to mental illness as the film wanted me to feel as it ended. I know people are emotional beings and can hurt to the point of violent reactionary behaviors but still I saw every act the main character performed as more shameful and unjustifiable. That being said the story and was a very contemporary one that echoes a lot in society, especially from a generation that sees every second and breathe in life as profound. ( I am too old and far beyond that euphoric feeling toward love and life.)

“A Shameless Revenge” does attempt to explore and shed light on the very troubling issue of domestic violence and obsession that can lead to fatal consequence. I personally would have rather he had been a horrible person who naturally chose to abuse people which is generally associated with people who have tendency toward rage or been forced by assholes to seek justifiable revenge excluding the whole mental disorder element all together. Plus I think it would have been better if DeLuca would have at least took out the two assholes who bullied him at work before he went after his scorned love issue.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Satanic Sundays! Six Webisodes That Smite Sin

satanic sundays!Ah yes it is that gloriously unholy of holy. The Sabbath is upon us once more like chronic herpes it just keeps repeating! Enough already, we get it- we are merely the shit beneath your divine ass! Sorry for that rant anyway back to the wondrous moment of evil that may just be what you need to finally shade out all that fucking eternal light so you can really relax on this day. It is Satanic Sundays! Sunday and today is all about the webisodes! Six to be exact and they revolve around – what else? The divine! Literally today I am dedicating my Sunday post to a Little known Webseries titled ‘Divine: The Series’. Directed by Ivan Hayden and stars Misha Collins, Dan Payne, Chasty Ballesteros, Allen Sawkins, John Emmit Tracy and Lisa Marie Caruk.

"Divine: The Series" is a dark comic story turned live action webseries. Its new approach to story telling was designed specifically for the online and smartphone generation. The non-linear story line will keep audiences guessing while wowing with intense action and stunning effects every step of the way. This show hits in the same paranormal vein as “Spawn” and “Remnant”. Why a new season hasn’t come to pass yet I do not know because the production, story and cast where as good as you get in television. Plus demon’s, righteous indignation, and nudity – come on it begs to be expanded upon! Anyway peer into this awesomely dark and twisted world of the ‘divine’ and who knows *gag* maybe you might even find *gag* your salvation!

A young priest must come to terms with his crisis of faith or risk damnation to the soul of a living miracle. With man's freewill held in the balance, the bloody conflict surrounding Divine will take him further into his religion than ever he dreamed possible.

happy satanic sunday!_thumb[1]


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