Monday, February 25, 2013

Teaser Trailer Released For “A Soft Disease”

soft diseaseCheck out the teaser trailer for “A Soft Disease”. The indie film comes from Canada and is directed by Joshua Harold Wiebe. It stars Matthew Stefanson, Kara-Lynn Giesbrecht, Abbey Ruchkall, Jean-Jacques Javier, Jonathan Glaab, Kim Palmer and Allan Palmer. The film is detailed as being a Canadian independent arthouse horror film about molasses, blood, people, love, drugs, sex and nausea. Got to say that is enough to grab my attention. I love arthouse blended in the aspects of horror and I do love me some drugs, sex and blood! Not sure about the molasses or nausea but damn it I am willing to go there if the film demands it!

The story is of  a self-involved twenty something moving into a new apartment in a new city (Winnipeg) and discovering his neighbors and landlord are more menacing than their abstract monologues about blood transfusions would lead you to believe. It’s a love story, but a love of the self. It’s about sacrifice, sex and the revenant. It’s about the past as albatross, blood as metaphor, molasses as agent of change.

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