Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Dreaming Field By Ron Savage

Book Worth Reading:

The Dreaming FieldRon Savage’s The Dreaming Field comes out in April 2013 courtesy of Dark Fuse Publishing. The book takes a much more mind bending approach of apocalyptic literature than standard interpretation.  Check it out at Dark Fuse.

The problem is…the abyss

Simon and Jonathan first meet in their childhood nightmares, then later in their waking lives.  Haunted by mysterious dream entities known as Messengers, the boys grow to adulthood, one an artist, the other a senator on the verge of the presidential nomination.  Both men are unknowingly being groomed for a cataclysmic moment neither can escape, and heaven and hell hang in the balance.  Simon and Jonathan have become two pawns playing across nightmare landscapes where dark angels reside and the condemned and suffering will get only one chance at redemption.

There is no way out.  There is no mercy.


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