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A Series of Terrible Events Plagued Each of These Iconic Horror Movies; Was It Coincidence, Fate—Or Were They Cursed?
Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thrillers, and the supernatural,, announced today the next project in its expanding slate of high-quality, critically-acclaimed original programming: Cursed Films, a high-end documentary series examining the facts, myths and mysteries around iconic films and franchises whose casts and crew have been struck by misfortune and tragedy, including The Exorcist, Poltergeist and The Omen, among others.
Cursed Films will reveal the events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses and the cast, directors and producers who lived through the real-life events. Were these films really cursed, as many believe, or just the victims of bad luck and bizarre circumstances?
"Cursed Films is a fascinating look at why these iconic horror movies have gained such an outsized reputation for being the focus of bizarre tragedies and strange coincidences that seemingly defy explanation,” said Craig Engler, Shudder’s General Manager.
Cursed Films is written, directed and edited by Jay Cheel ( How to Build a Time Machine ) and executive produced by Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith and Laura Perlmutter for First Love Films, along with Jay Cheel and Brian Robertson. The series will premiere later this year.
“As a documentary filmmaker and lifelong horror fan, this project has offered an amazing opportunity to indulge my own curiosities surrounding these ‘cursed’ film productions,” said Jay Cheel. “In turn, Cursed Films offers Shudder’s audience a unique perspective on the making of these classic movies while attempting to uncover why we’re so captivated by the catastrophes and coincidences connected to them.”
Cursed Films is the latest addition to Shudder’s lineup of innovative and exciting original programming, along with The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and Creepshow series, all coming later in 2019. Shudder’s critically-acclaimed first original feature documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror , premiered on the service February 7.

First Trailer For "Child's Play" 2019 Goes Online

The first trailer for "Child's Play" 2019 has gone online. The film hits theatres June 21st and stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, and David Lewis. It is directed by Lars Klevberg.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Official Trailer Released For Psychological Thriller "AMI"

Check out the official trailer for psychological thriller "AMI". The film comes from production house IndustryWorks Studios/IndustryWorks Pictures and is directed by Rusty Nixon. Debs Howard (iZombie, TV’s “The Good Doctor”), Sam Robert Muik (CW’s “Riverdale”), Phil Granger (Syfy’s “Ghost Wars”), Havana Guppy (Hulu’s “Shut Eye”) star, with Bonnie Hay (TV’s “A Million Little Things”) as the sinister AMI.

Cassie has become a recluse ever since her mother died in a car accident. In an effort to fill the void, she downloads AMI, the latest intelligent personal assistant. As their relationship quickly deepens into a twisted co-dependency, Cassie falls deeper and deeper under AMI’s spell; not realizing that everyone she knows is in serious danger.

Trailer Released For Anthology Horror "Harvest Of Horrors"

Check out the trailer for horror anthology "Harvest Of Horrors" from "Killer Campout" director Brad Twigg. The film stars 
Jason John Beebe, Rosanna Nelson, Gary Lee Vincent, and Luba Hansen. "Harvest of Horrors", where the seeds of your worst nightmares are planted and come to life!

When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Seth and Laurie find themselves at an oldfarmhouse owned by an elderly couple who let them use their phone. While waiting for a ride to
come pick them up, the group share five stories to pass the time. As the night progresses, it becomes obvious that some members of the group aren’t exactly what they appear and the others may not make it to see the light of day.

Martial Arts Horror "Rampant" North American Release Set For February

Well Go USA Entertainment plan to release martial arts, horror "Rampant" on February 26th. The film is directed by Sung-hoon Kim and stars Hyun Bin, Dong-Gun Jang, Eui-sung Kim. "Rampant" was developed by Next Entertainment World, the same distributor behind "Train to Busan". 

Rampant at Well Go USA: Rampant Release Details at Well Go USA 

Occult Horror "1st Summoning" Gets Release This Month

Supernatural thriller "1st Summoning" will get a late February release on both Digital and limited theatrical run. The occult themed horror will be available February 22nd with a blu-ray/DVD release to follow on April 23rd. It is directed by Raymond Wood and stars Hayley Lovitt,  Jason MacDonald, Eddy Cole and Brook Todd. 

In the film, four student filmmakers uncover strange occult practices, in a remote warehouse, where they cannot escape what lays in store for them.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Diggin' The TV Spots For "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark"

I am sooo diggin' the TV spots for film adaptation of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark", well everything that has been released so far, but the TV spots are sweet! The film will release this Summer, August 9th. It is directed by Norway's André Øvredal. The anthology stars Zoe Margaret Colletti, Michael Garza, Austin Zajur, Gabriel Rush and Kathleen Pollard.

Release Date Announced For Scifi Thriller "Monster Hunter"

Paul W.S. Anderson's "Monster Hunter", based on popular video game by Capcom, will be release in theaters on September 4th, 2020. The film stars Milla Jovovich as Lt. Artemis, with Tony Jaa playing "The Hunter."  It also stars  Tip “T.I.” Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Josh Helman, Jin Au-Yeung and Ron Perlman.

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her loyal soldiers are transported from our world to the new world, the unflappable lieutenant receives the shock of her life. In her desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers and unstoppable, revolting attacks, Artemis will team up with a mysterious man who has found a way to fight back.

First Look Teases The Nightmare Of "The Boy II"

The first image has revealed the nightmare that is "The Boy II". William Brent Bell directs the sequel which stars Katie Holmes. The image was released with a title card promo.

Poster And Trailer For Queer Thriller "Devil's Path"

A poster and trailer have been released for LGBT horror "Devil's Path". The Queer thriller is directed by Matthew Montgomery and hits DVD/VOD release on March 5th, with limited theatrical release coming late February/ early March. 

In the early 90’s, two strangers meet in a wilderness park where gay men cruise for sex. What seems like an innocent and random meeting quickly descends into a horrific nightmare. With recent disappearances and attacks, the two men soon find themselves in the terrifying position of being the next victims in a deadly game of cat and mouse. As they flee further into the woods to escape the danger, they begin to understand that the greatest danger of all may be closer than either of them realizes. Will these two strangers be able to work together to defeat the darkness that has settled in on Devil’s Path? Or will their own secrets and lies lead them to be the next two missing persons in this perilous park?

Second Trailer Released For "Pet Sematary" 2019

A second trailer for "Pet Sematary" has been released. The film hits theatres April 5th and stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, and Alyssa Brooke Levine. It is directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer.

Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his neighbor Jud Crandall, setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unspeakable evil with horrific consequences.

Check Out The Trailer For "My Soul To Keep"

Check out the exclusive trailer for "My Soul To Keep" released by JoBlo. The film is directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad and stars 
Parker Smerek, Remington Gielniak, and Arielle Olkhovsky. It is produced by Exxodus Pictures.

Like many young children, Eli Braverman believes something evil lurks in his basement. One fateful night, Eli is left home alone to face his worst fear...and find if the horror is real, or all in his mind.

New Trailer Released Ahead Of North American Date For "The Glorious Seven"

Seven mercenaries are on a mission impossible in Uncork’d Entertainment’s action-packed The Glorious Seven, writer-director Harald Franklin’s homage to Akira Kurosawa´s 1954 masterpiece Shichinin no samurai.

Ex-military commander David Guerra is hired by a crooked millionaire to rescue his wife who was kidnapped by the leader of a guerrilla group. Guerra recruits six of his former special forces comrades to join him on this task. Outnumbered by their highly skilled opponents the seven start a seemingly hopeless and bloody mission, hoping they can pull off the unthinkable and somehow still survive.

Jerry Kwarteng, Fernando Corral, Maurice Nash, Marina Kinski, Ilker Kurt, Ender Atac, Fernando Carrera, Max Gromov, Alek Beardman, Usman Maqbool, Sarah Salomo, Carlos Santos, Juan Ruiz and Julia Mulligan star in a Harald Franklin film, on VOD and DVD March 12 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

SXSW Teaser Released For Thriller "Girl On The Third Floor"

A SXSW teaser trailer has come online for Travis Stevens' "Girl On The Third Floor". The film stars Phil "CM Punk" Brooks and Trieste Kelly Dunn. The world premiere will hit SXSW in March, showing on the 10th. 

Bursting pipes, rotting walls, and unidentifiable slime were not what Don Koch (WWE legend Phil "CM Punk" Brooks) expected when he convinced his wife Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn of Showtime's Banshee and Applesauce) that he could rehab their new Victorian home himself. In over his head, under duress, and tempted by his old weaknesses, Don soon discovers that the house has its own dark, sordid history and won't be so easy to renovate after all...

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

First Trailer Takes Flight For "Terror In The Skies"

Small Town Monsters Launches First Trailer for Terror in the Skies
Documentary of Encounters with Winged Creatures Across the Prairie State ; Production Company Announces Plans for 2019 Slate:

Small Town Monsters has released the first trailer for Terror in the Skies and outlined their plans for 2019.  Director Seth Breedlove explores hundreds of years of terrifying reports of encounters with massive, winged creatures around the land of Lincoln. From Alton's man-eating Piasa Bird legends to recent sightings in Chicago of a creature said to resemble Point Pleasant, West Virginia's infamous Mothman, Terror in the Skies unlocks a centuries-old mystery. 

The first trailer for Terror in the Skies promises to open viewers' minds to the possibility that such a thing could exist by way of believable witnesses and fascinating photographic, video and audio evidence. Small Town Monsters made waves in 2017 with their documentary The Mothman of Point Pleasant, which Terror in the Skies acts as a "spiritual sequel" to and one that will be concluded in 2020 by the final film in their Mothman trilogy, The Mothman Legacy.

Small Town Monsters is funding Terror in the Skies, as well as a second film (MOMO: The Missouri Monster) through a Kickstarter campaign launching this week and running through March 9th. The campaign offers backers the opportunity to have their names added to the credits of the films, or have the chance to appear on-camera, alongside posters, apparel, DVD copies of the films and more.

Journey to the heartland of the Midwest in this new documentary which offers an in-depth look at an ongoing phenomenon.  Director Seth Breedlove contacted numerous witnesses and investigators who claim to have seen massive beings in the sky as recently as last year. One of the most recent, and popular stories in recent years has been an ongoing wave of sightings of a red-eyed, shapeless creature dubbed "the Chicago Mothman".

Release Details Announced For Italian Horror "Evil River"

Wild Eye Releasing has announced it will be releasing Italian gore rich horror "Evil River". The film is a homage to classic giallo and gore flicks of the 70's and early 80's. It is directed by Marco Rosson, and stars Margherita Remotti, Diego Runko, Marcella Braga, Toni Pandolfo, and Claudia Marasca, 

Independent Italian horror Movie. Inspired by the classic Italian horror movies of the 70s and 80s. A professor, Emma goes to Voghera, a small town in Northern Italy. To study the story of the witch Shanda killed in the early 1800's, on the river bank from which it is named. The professor will be enslaved to a magic spell and will be forced to repeat the same day over and over. Every time she will be killed and every time she will start the day again.

Hulu To Remake Israeli Vampire Series 'Juda'

Hulu has bought both the show itself, as well as rights for an American remake of successful Israeli vampire series 'Juda'. The original series will show in the first quarter of of the streaming service's lineup. It is written and stars Zion Baruch, 

Andreas Lemos, vice president of North America sales and acquisitions for Banijay Rights had this to say: 
“With Hulu as our U.S. broadcast partners for this much-buzzed-about, genre-busting show, we will have a prestigious and accessible platform for American audiences to discover one of the most original series of recent times, melding classic sci-fi, horror and noir elements into a wildly entertaining hybrid.”

It tells the story of Juda, a gambler who borrows money from the Mafia to gamble in Romania. He ends up getting robbed and then is bitten by a seductive vampire, who winds up on her own path to mortality because she has unwittingly broken a rule of her ancestors by drinking Jewish blood.

Official Trailer Released For "The Haunting Of Sharon Tate"

The official trailer has been released for "The Haunting Of Sharon Tate". The film opens in theaters on April 5th. It stars Hilary Duff,  Jonathan Bennett, Jay Sebring, Lydia Hearst, Pawel Szajda, Ryan Cargill, Bella Popa, Tyler Johnson and Ben Mellish.

Based on the disturbing and heartbreaking real-life case, the film follows Tate as she dreams of ghosts haunting her home, and foresees her own brutal murder.

Norwegian Horror "The House" Release Details Announced

The release details have been announced for Norwegian horror "The House". The supernatural thriller will be released March 5th on DVD and Digital HD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Google Play, courtesy of Artsploitation Films. It is directed by Reinert Kiil and stars Fredrik von Lüttichau, Mats Reinhardt, and Sondre Krogtoft Larsen.

Set in the frozen wilderness of Norway during WWII, two German soldiers escort a Norwegian soldier and prisoner of war but the weather is taking a toll on them. They find an empty house near the forest where they finally can get some rest. However, what seems to be a warm and welcoming shelter turns much more sinister and deadly. They begin to wonder if they have somehow have stepped into a sort of psychological hell from which there may be no escape.

The House - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Official Trailer Released For FX's 'What We Do In The Shadows'

The official trailer for FX's 'What We Do In The Shadows' has been released. The series is directed by Taika Waititi and written by Jemaine Clement. Based on the dark comedy of the same name, it stars Matt Berry, Kayvan Novak, and Natasia Demetriou. 'What We Do In The Shadows' premieres March 27th.

Set in New York City, the show follows three vampires who have been roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Dark Comedy "Heavy Trip" Amazon Prime Date Announced

The dark 'head-banging' comedy "Heavy Trip" hits Amazon Prime at end of February. The film, directed by Jukka Vidgren & Juuso Laatio, is already available on VOD and DVD. It will be available on Prime February 28th. "Heavy Trip" stars Johannes Holopainen, Minka Kuustonen, Ville Tiihonen (Hilska), Max Ovaska, Samuli Jaskio, Antti Heikkinen, and Chike Ohanwe.

Turo (Johannes Holopainen) is stuck in a small village in the Finnish countryside where his greatest passion is being the lead vocalist for the amateur metal band Impaled Rektum. The only problem is that he and his fellow headbangers have practiced for 12 years without playing a single gig. But that’s all about to change when the guys meet the promoter of a huge heavy metal music festival in Norway and decide it’s now or never. Hitting the road in a stolen van with a corpse, a coffin, and a new drummer from a local mental hospital in tow, Impaled Rektum travels across Scandinavia to make their dreams a reality.

Trailer Released For Thomas Smugala's "Interviewing Monsters"

A trailer has been released for Thomas Smugala's Bigfoot comedy "Interviewing Monsters". The film stars Tom Green , Les Stroud, Jessi Combs , and Stacy Brown Jr.  

Cory Mathis (Les Stroud), a respected college professor, claims a mythical forest creature killed his wife transforming him into a man haunted by obsession and revenge. He partners up with legendary Big Foot hunter Fran Andersen (Stacy Brown Jr.) who is out to collect the Nat Geo 10 million dollar bounty for capture of the creature. Unfortunately, by-the-book forest ranger, Billy Teal (Tom Green), a covert government agency and a serial hoaxer (Rick Dyer) have other plans. A dark and witty comedy with a dysfunctional protagonist, a twisted narrative, and a series of events that builds into a shocker of an ending.
Tom Green plays crazy forest ranger Billy Teal assigned to keep people from discovering the existence of Bigfoot while Les Stroud (aka Survivorman) plays a narcissistic professor set on proving the beast exist while legendary bigfoot hunter Stacy Brown Jr. and infamous serial hoaxer Rick Dyer fight for the $10,000,000 NatGeo bounty for catching the creature.

Trailer Released For "Lake Of Shadows"

Check out the trailer for Michael S. Rodriguez's "Lake Of Shadows". The film stars Robert LaSardo, Dawna Lee Heising, Felissa Rose, Marv Blauvelt, Elissa Dowling, Debra Lamb, Sarah French, Sheri Davis, Dawn Wildsmith, Gary Lee Vincent, andMichael Wainwright. It is based on true events.

Three aspiring filmmakers venture to a mysterious lake resort to uncover a story on a local legend. As they get closer to the truth, the danger follows. Before they know it they are thrust into a fight for their lives as they discover the truth about Avocado lake.

IFC Midnight Set To Release "I Trapped The Devil" This April

IFC Midnight has announced it will release Josh Lobo's "I Trapped The Devil" this April. The film, starring Chris SullivanJocelin DonahueAJ BowenSusan Burke and Scott Poythress, is set to be released April 26th. Yellow Veil Pictures will host a market screening of "I Trapped the Devil" at the European Film Market at Berlinale on February 9th.

It's the Christmas season, a time of peace and joy with friends and family. But when Matt (AJ Bowen) and his wife Karen (Susan Burke) show up unannounced at the home of his estranged brother Steve (Scott Poythress) to celebrate the holidays, they are instead greeted with a disturbing surprise. Held hostage in Steve’s basement is a man—though not just any man. Or perhaps not a man at all. Steve believes that he has captured the human manifestation of the Devil himself.

As shock and skepticism turn to fear and paranoia, Matt and Karen find themselves caught in a spiral of terror and doubt. Could this mysterious stranger really be evil incarnate? Or is Steve dangerously unhinged?

Pagan Festival Shout Out : Anthesterion Noumenia

The Noumenia is the first day of the visible New Moon and is held in honor of the household Gods.  The Noumenia is also considered the second day in a three day household celebration held each lunar month - Hekate's Deipnon is on the last day before the first slice of visible moon and is the last day in a lunar month, then the Noumenia which marks the first day in a lunar month, followed by the Agathos Daimon (Good Spirit) on the second day of the Lunar month.

The Noumenia is a celebration of the start of a new Hellenic month (see the Hellenion calendar for the timing) and seeks blessings for the household.   Offerings such as incense or honey cakes are made to your household Gods at your family altar.  (A recipe for Honey cake is found on the Hellenion members site.)
Traditionally, the household Gods consist of Hestia, Zeus Ktesios, Hermes, Hekate,  Apollon Agyieus, your household's Agathos Diamons and can include any ancestors you honor.  However, many Hellenic Polytheists do honor more Gods at their family altar.

Celebrate the Noumenia with the following rituals: 
  • Decorate their home with fresh flowers, evergreen branches, or other seasonal decorations.
  • Serve a big family meal and eat it at the dining room table.
  • Create a list of family goals or projects to get done or start within the next lunar month.
  • Bake a special dessert that you only make on this day - such as Honey Cake.
  • Replace the ingredients in the Kadiskos (see below) with fresh water, oil, and fruit, and bits of food.
What might modern worshipers do to commemorate this important day?  Like the ancient Athenians, you can burn frankincense and read the Orphic and Homeric hymns toSelēnē.  The thin crescent moon, the mēniskos, is often depicted in religious art and suggests the horns of consecration.  In the Orphic Hymn to Selene, She is said to be “bull horned” (taurokeros).  

Orphic Hymn 9 to Selene says that she “Delights in stillness and in the kindly, auspicious night.”  Also, many of the Orphic hymns, and this one especially, reminds us that the arrival and passage of each new month is a reflection of the cycle of lives, with birth following the period of dark death.  So as She is “a sure token and a sign to mortal men” (Homeric Hymn to Selene), so we can trust in the cycle of rebirth and renewal.

I have seen the moon
thin curved glow
hovering on delicate breeze
divine above the pink horizon
gentle horns pointing
toward tomorrow
We are all re-born now
owning no past
Yesterday is cleansed
Greetings to you,
Guide us around
the next cycle of life
until we meet again
May we use it wisely

Pagan Festival Shout Out : Losar

Losar/Tibetan Buddhist New Year & Monlam Chenmo/Great Prayer Festival--Commemorates miracles performed by the Buddha. Rituals, dances, and sculptures are offered to drive out evil spirits and to protect and benefit all sentient beings.

To mark the Losar, a three-day festival is celebrated by Tibetans worldwide with prayers, hanging prayer flags, ceremonies, folk dances, passing fire torches among gatherings, and friends and family reunions. As one of the most widely celebrated Tibetan festivals, Losar is a time when Tibetan cultural values are greatly exhibited. Warm greetings are exchanged with everyone from family members to neighbors. Delicious Tibetan food such as Dresi, Kabsay, Guthuk, different varieties of meat, bread, butter tea and other dishes are served to guests who are invited into homes. Families visit temples to offer prayers and give gifts to monks.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Setsubun

Shinto rite in which good fortune is invoked and evil exorcised. [a/k/a Setsubun-no-Hi, Setsubun-Sai, Bean-Throwing Festival, Turn of the Seasons Festival

Setsubun (節分) is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. The name literally means "seasonal division", but usually the term refers to the spring Setsubun, properly called Risshun (立春) celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival (春祭 haru matsuri).In its association with the Lunar New Year, spring Setsubun can be and was previously thought of as a sort of New Year's Eve, and so was accompanied by a special ritual to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. This special ritual is called mamemaki (豆撒き, "bean scattering"). Setsubun has its origins in tsuina (追儺), a Chinese custom introduced to Japan in the eighth century.

At Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines all over the country, there are celebrations for Setsubun. Priests and invited guests will throw roasted soy beans (some wrapped in gold or silver foil), small envelopes with money, sweets, candies and other prizes. It is customary in Kansai area to eat uncut makizushi called ehō-maki (恵方巻, lit "lucky direction roll"), a type of futomaki (太巻, "thick, large or fat rolls"), in silence on Setsubun while facing the year's lucky compass direction, determined by the zodiac symbol of that year.

Pagan Festival Shout Out : Gutor & Namkhan

Gutor-The day before Losar Eve (29th Day of the 12th Lunar Calendar)

To Tibetans, the year's end is also of special importance and Tibetans observe Gutor while they are just two days away and busy preparing for the New Year's Day.

Gutor is the day before New Year Eve and Tibetans come together on this day to enjoy themselves. Filled with the atmosphere of the year's end, Tibetan families eat Guthuk, gruel-soup with dumplings, in the evening on Gutor.

“Traditionally, Tibetans say that Gutor is the only day when all Tibetans, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, eat the same food.”

The dumplings contain symbolic items or revelations wrapped inside them that might give possible indication of fortune or nature of a person whoever gets it. On opening the dumpling, one will find an "Oracle": a thread is for longevity, white wool indicates a Pure Heart, a charcoal for Black Heart, a chili might mean foul or sharp tongue etc. For a large Guthuk gathering, written note is more preferable. 

While soup is being served, everyone delights in showing off their "Oracle" to one another that will definitely draw in lots of funny comments- a good way to usher in for the year's end in hearty laughter.

Following this, everyone participates in a religious ceremony to exorcise evil spirits from the previous year, which is the original purpose of the Gutor. Everyone puts some left over gruel soup and a fisted-dough containing a piece of clothes from one's clothes over a doll representing a fierce god. The godly effigy is then set-off with fireworks or firecrackers at a distant road junction. Doing these symbolise driving away of personal obstacles, and is believed to keep you untouched by sickness and misfortunes all through the year.

New Year Eve- Namkhan

New Year's eve itself is for cleansing houses, giving final concluding touches to the house decoration and altar offerings and, quiet relaxation and wait in anticipation for the following day's ultimate festivities. 

So, Namkhang puts one whole year behind. Just hours away from ushering into a new year, Tibetans look forward to Losar as a harbinger of greater prosperity and auspiciousness to start another new year all over again in a brand new way. 


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