Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awesome Comic Con Poster For “Man Of Steel”

Henry Cavill plays Superman in the June 14, 2013 release of “Man Of Steel”. The film also stars Amy Adams  and Laurence Fishburne. Also starring are Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. Squaring off against the superhero are two other surviving Kryptonians, the villainous General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, and Faora, Zod's evil partner, played by Antje Traue. Also from Superman's native Krypton are Lara Lor-Van, Superman's mother, played by Ayelet Zurer, and Superman's father, Jor-El, portrayed by Russell Crowe. Rounding out the cast are Harry Lennix and Christopher Meloni.         

‘Spartacus: War Of The Damned’ Production Diary Video

“Spartacus: War of the Damned” sees the return on Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), Manu Bennett (Crixus), Dustin Clare (Gannicus), Dan Feuerriegel (Agron), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Naevia) and Ellen Hollman (Saxa). This year, Todd Lasance joins the cast as Gaius Julius Caesar, along with Simon Merrells, who will be playing Marcus Crassus and Anna Hutchison as Laeta. It returns January 2013!

This will be the final season of ‘Spartacus: War Of the Damned’, but the producers promise to up the stakes, violence, gore and sex like never before, and here’s some of the latest images from the show to give you a taste of January 2013 will bring.


First Look At ‘Bullet In The Face’ Series

IFC's ‘Bullet in the Face’ stars Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts.
Following a botched jewel heist, sociopath criminal Gunter Vogler awakens in a hospital, surrounded by cops, his head wrapped in bandages. When the bandages come off Gunter’s new face is revealed and police force him to work undercover to take down the city’s crime lords. It’s a job that no one wants, but Gunter is uniquely able to handle. Almost.

Check Out The Trailer For “Branded”

brandedA dark and mind-bending sci-fi thriller into a surreal, dystopian society where mega corporations have unleashed a monstrous global conspiracy to get inside our minds and keep the population disillusioned, dependent and passive.  One man’s quest to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with the hidden forces that really control our world. In Theaters Sept. 7.

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Trailer Finally Released For UK Creature Feature “Grabbers”

Grabbers-350x261Directed by Jon Wright and starring Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, Lalor Roddy, David Pearse, Bronagh Gallagher, Pascal Scott, Clelia Murphy, Jonathan Ryan, Barbara Adair, Stuart Graham, Roz McCutcheon, Louis Dempsey, Killian Coyle, Billy Clarke and Ned Dennehy. “Grabbers” hits UK cinemas this August 10th. IFC Midnight is handling the North American rights.

“An idyllic remote Irish fishing village – replete with twinkly-eyed eccentric Waking Nedcharacters – is invaded by enormous tentacled creatures from the sea who are picking off the villagers one at a time. The inhabitants learn that the one thing the creatures don’t like is alcohol, it makes people taste horrible, so they realise that in order to stay alive, they’re going to have to get as pissed as possible.”

Two Poster Teases For “Here Comes The Devil”

Directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano and starring Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro. “Here Comes The Devil” is produced by MPI’s Dark Sky Films and Bogliano’s Salto de Fe Films. My personal favorite is the black and read with the cave entrance and the movie name.

A married couple loses their children while on a family trip near some caves in Tijuana. The kids eventually reappear without explanation, but it becomes clear that they are not who they used to be, that something terrifying has changed them.”

Cold To The Touch By Simon Strantzas

Book Worth Reading:

front_medThere is a cold that cannot be imagined, a chill so deep it turns blood to ice, cracks flesh, tears meat from bone. It is the horror of our own reality, the terrifying curse of our own survival. Can you feel it creeping down your spine?

Cold to the Touch by Simon Strantzas will be available in two editions, a Deluxe Lettered Hardcover edition and a Trade Paperback edition.
Check it out here!

Friday, July 13, 2012

“Man On The Roof” Update

307069_244821505631712_344026526_nEarly in June I mentioned an independent horror flick that would begin filming later in the summer and releasing for the fall season. “Man On The Roof” will actually start filming on July 27th with wrap scheduled for Aug. 4th. The film plans to be released on October 27th. The film is directed by Mikel Ledesma who also co-wrote the script with Kensley Grant. It stars Jori Gill, Chris Wilson, Tabitha Evans, Kensley Grant, Rebecca Lex, James DeWitt, Cathy Marks, Tylor West, Mikel Ledesma, Trey Suire, Michelle LeBoeuf , Melena Kiriaki, Joy Freeman-DeLeon, Nikki Bradley, Jonathon Tracy, Melissa Nassauer, Brittany Stewart, Cameron Armstrong, Kimberly Nguyen, Vaughn West, & Jon Yowell.

The story is about Jennifer and her group of friends being terrorized by a ‘man on the roof’ forcing them into a deadly cat and mouse game.

Check out the movie Facebook Page and click like. Also you can check back here for to come from this intriguing film from the twisted mind behind the holiday horror short film “Tinsel”. Plus check out the teaser trailer for “Man On The Roof” here!

Uncensored Trailer For “Sickle”

SickleA group of punks rob a strip club and head for the border but when they enter the town of Red Stone, they find that crime is a dish best served cold.

Soon to be released tribute to American Grind House and Slasher Films starring Kane Hodder, Tiffany Shepis and Rena Riffle.

Website and Facebook Page

Check Out The Trailer For Low Budget Big Gore Flick “Night Of The Cannibals”

321296_279513005418890_233187975_n“Night Of The Cannibals” is an upcoming independent horror film written and directed by Joe Mohn. A group of young campers go off for a weekend they'll never forget. Due for release in mid 2012.

The film is about A group of campers who take a trip into far off woods for a weekend of camping and partying, only to find out they're not alone... and just unknowingly added themselves to the menu of hungry cannibals. Check out the trailer.

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Bone Up On Your Zemon Knowledge With Official “Dead Before Dawn” Trailer

Dead-Before-Dawn-Poster“Casper Galloway’s future is one giant question mark. With only two weeks until college graduation, he still lives with his mother, is indecisive to a fault, and is one credit away from failing. But just when Casper thinks things couldn’t get any worse, he and his friends accidentally unleash a curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka Zemons.

Armed with a slew of homemade weapons and a Winnebago, the team races through the night, killing Zemons and fighting time, frantically searching for a way to reverse the curse. But as the Zemon army starts to overpower the team, Casper finds himself with no choice but to face his fears and become the unlikeliest of heroes. Will Casper be able to reverse the curse and save the world, or will he and all his friends be “Dead Before Dawn?”

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“American Mary” Gives Us A First Look In Trailer For The Twisted Twins Flick.

563891_437914976239384_1559889055_nThe film stars Katharine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk, David Lovgren, Paula Lindberg, and Twan Holliday. “American Mary” is from the minds of Twisted Twin Productions Jen and Sylvia Soska.

The story of a medical student named Mary who is growing increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the established doctors she once idolized. The allure of easy money sends a desperate Mary through the messy world of underground surgeries, which leaves more marks on her than the so-called freakish clientele.”

New “Total Recall” Poster

“Total Recall is an action thriller about reality and memory, inspired anew by the famous short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick. Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell), even though he’s got a beautiful wife (Kate Beckinsale) who he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life – real memories of life as a super-spy might be just what he needs.
But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. Finding himself on the run from the police – controlled by Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston), the leader of the free world – Quaid teams up with a rebel fighter (Jessica Biel) to find the head of the underground resistance (Bill Nighy) and stop Cohaagen. The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of his world hangs in the balance as Quaid discovers his true identity, his true love, and his true fate.”

Awesome First Look At “Dredd” In New Clip

FIN02_Dredd_1Sht_Tsr_Profile_P2-350x517The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One- a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets.  The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner.  Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Karl Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of “Slo-Mo” experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed.
During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation.  A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture- a 200 story vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) and her ruthless clan.
When they capture one of the clan’s inner circle, Ma-Ma overtakes the compound’s control center and wages a dirty, vicious war against the Judges that proves she will stop at nothing to protect her empire.  With the body count climbing and no way out, Dredd and Anderson must confront the odds and engage in the relentless battle for their survival.”

“Kill Mountain” Putting Survival Back In Your Nature Experience

Kill-Mountain“Kill Mountain” is a gory psychological thriller horror movie. This is the fourth feature film from Mark Newton who writes and directs this film as well. It stars Myles McLane, Linda Wong, Dino Vicencio, Tory N. Thompson, Chiquita Melvin, Devin Goodsell, Ashley Watkins, Jason Byrd, and Pati Lauren.

A group of friends want to explore an area of the forest where a massacre happened the year before. The murders took place under a jagged mountain range now labeled "Kill Mountain" They find themselves fighting for their lives against an unknown attacker.

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“The Last Voyage Of The Demeter” Rumors

medium_1340716309_1340716309_the_last_voyage_of_the_demeter-ffScheduled for 2013 “The Last Voyage Of The Demeter” centers on the fateful voyage of the crew in charge of bring Count Dracula’s ship From Transylvania to England. This film is currently in pre-production but the exciting aspect is that it hits on one point within the Dracula tale that has yet to be exploited for the umpteenth time! So far Ben Kinglsey and  Viggo Mortensenn have been rumored to star in the film but nothing official about the movie has surfaced. My vote is  for Viggo as ship captain and Ben as Dracula. The film is set to be directed by Neil Marshall.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For “Oz The Great And Powerful”

Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_Poster“Oz The Great And Powerful” is directed by Sam Raimi and stars James Franco as the Wizard. Check out the trailer.

A prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that tells how the Wizard arrived in Oz became the ruler. When small-time magician Oscar Diggs pulls one flimflam too many, he finds himself hurled into the fantastical Land of Oz where he must somehow transform himself into the great and powerful wizard—and just maybe into a better man as well.

Check Out These Latest Stills From “Inner Demon”

In 2009, indie horror filmmaker, Ursula Dabrowsky, completed the first instalment of her Demon Trilogy, the psychological horror film, Family Demons.
She has recently obtained financing to make the second instalment, Inner Demon, through the SAFC's Film Lab program. She is currently developing the script and plans to be shooting for four weeks in February 2012.
Teenager Sam Durelle and her younger sister are home alone when a knock at the door leads Sam down the road to terror. Abducted by a serial killer couple, Sam manages to escape and find refuge in a desolate farmhouse, only to discover it is home to a malevolent spirit.
Trapped in the house, Sam is propelled into a struggle for survival, one that will push her to the limits not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually.
Influenced by horror films dubbed the "New French Extremity", Inner Demon aims to be in the vein of thriller/horror standouts High Tension, Buried and Enter the Void. It is a horror film that starts off as an abduction thriller, and then finishes up as a supernatural revenge film.
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Behind The Scene Look At Darla Rae’s “Brutal” 2012

MV5BMTc0ODI1ODY3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTk1NzQzNw@@._V1._SY317_"Brutal" starring A. Michael Baldwin of Don Coscarelli's "Phantasm" franchise is now completed – and looking for distribution.
Baldwin waited 12 years for the right film to to come along to make his return to the big screen. The whole world sees him as Mike Pearson from "Phantasm", a very iconic part. Many film makers who grew up as fans have offered him lead roles in their movies but he turned them down. He was never going to return to the film industry and act again, unless he could find another iconic & memorable role, that would separate him from  "Phantasm". That role finally came when he read the script for "Brutal".
The music for "Brutal" is composed by John Carpenter's (Halloween) partner of over a decade, Mr. Alan Howarth. Alan has worked on some of the biggest films of all-time, Halloween 2-6, Star Trek 1-6, The Thing, and many, many more. Alan completely transformed "Brutal" with the soundtrack just like John Carpenter did with Halloween 35 years before.
Darla Rae, co-director, is an award winning director who got her start in film as an actress in John Carpenter's Halloween. Finally, special effect make-up was by Christina Kortum, who also works on the hit T.V. show "Grimm"

For more information please check out the website
"Brutal" in IMDb:

Teaser Trailer For Australian Giallo “Sororal”

Australia's FIRST neo-giallo thriller is coming soon! The third feature from Nakatomi Pictures. Directed by Sam Barrett, Produced by David Karsten, Cinematography and Editing by Ivan Davidov. Starring Amanda Woodhams, Nicola Bartlett, Liam Graham, Jeremy Levi, Vito De Francesco. Check out the teaser trailer for “Sororal”.

Cassie is tormented by visions of murder. Terrifying images flood her dreams and attack her waking hours. Her dreams are her curse and keep her isolated from the everyday world.
Her life is thrown into disarray when a mysterious Detective comes to her with a bombshell. He tells her that her visions are depictions of real murders, murders that she couldn’t possibly have seen. Cassie’s pain now has a face and she must stop the killing at all costs.
The twisted, childlike killer targets Cassie’s loved ones and the race is on to stop her. Cassie is thrown together with her former lover as they scramble towards a shocking revelation that will change everything.


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Check Out The Trailer For “The Dinosaur Project”

New movie The Dinosaur Project features previously unseen footage from the ill-fated, eponymous 2011 expedition to the Congo in search of the Mokele Mbembe. Discover a world lost for millions of years. In UK cinemas August 10th.
Producer Nick Hill said in a statement today, “It has been incredible to have the original source material to work with, and we have great respect and admiration for the work of the Cryptozoological Society and are keen to support them in their search. The movie raises important questions about species which conventional science tells us have long since become extinct, and we hope it will help raise awareness of the search to locate the missing persons and the BCZS’s ongoing work in the Congo.”

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First Teaser Poster For “Robocop”

Check out the first teaser poster for “Robocop” remake. The film is expected to open Aug. 9th 2013.

New Trailer For “The Helpers”

The-Helpers-Poster1“The Helpers” is directed by Christopher Stokes and stars Kristen Quintrall, Denyce Lawton and Christopher Jones. Check out the newest trailer for the film.

Seven friends, three couples (Claire, Todd, Jordan, Brandy, Ryan and Anna, and their tag along Phil) from Sacramento California all decide to go on a trip to Las Vegas. Phil decides to document their entire trip because his girlfriend Julia wasn’t able to make it. All seems fun until they hit a detour/road block. A couple hours of lost driving later, both of the back tires on the truck are blown out! After some moments of confusion and arguing, the gang comes up with the plan that all the girls will stay inside the truck while all the guys walk down the road to find HELP.”

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Closes At Dusk By Kim Paffenroth

Book Worth Reading:

closesatduskA haunting novel of after-life discovery and family ties, is now open for reservation.

Christoph Hahn came to the United States to build a new life after WWII devastated his homeland of Germany and scattered his family. He found a good job, a beautiful wife, and built a little storybook land along a busy highway – a wooded idyll that generations of children loved in the 60s and 70s. Now it’s 2007, and he’s dead – but not gone. Instead, his spirit is condemned to linger, struggling to understand and atone for his mistakes.

check it out here! read an excerpt at Belfire Press.

Poster And Trailer For “Pray For Dawn”

Pray For Dawn is a psychological thriller/horror film which revolves around the kidnap of a congressman’s daughter. Julia, better known as Jewel to her friends and family, is a teenage runaway who is unwilling to live within the rules and boundaries set by her parents. She has run away once before, and her father’s connections have kept that quiet. This time, however, an election cycle is about to begin and the scandal of a runaway daughter has congressman Robert Jennings desperate. Desperate enough to have half the NYPD out quietly looking for his daughter, and desperate enough to pay privately to have her found and brought back home. The problem for those looking for her, though, is that she is no longer on the streets, and is instead imprisoned in an underground bunker, having been kidnapped by a sadistic serial murderer. Jewel knows exactly how much longer she has left to live, but will it be long enough for anybody to find her?

The Engines Of Sacrifice By James Chambers

Book Worth Reading:

front_med__14584_zoomIn hidden places, they sleep and dream, and through their dreams they touch humanity--but their touch brings only the stains of horror, death, and madness...until the day the Old Ones return.
In The Engines of Sacrifice, acclaimed writer James Chambers delivers four nightmare novellas inspired by the Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.
Investigation 37: In the late years of the Vietnam War, Lavender May runs away from home to search for freedom and peace in New York City, but instead, she finds only a world of magic, witchcraft, and lies.
The Ugly Birds: Only one thing could save Carmine Darabont's comics magazine from going under: publishing the next chapter of the hit series "The Otherworlders." But what dark secret drives its creator--Carmine's ex-fiancé--to refuse to deliver it?
The Hidden Room: At the height of the Cold War, Doctor Calvin Lenox is a member of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team. With his life spiraling into despair, he confronts the mystery of a runaway Soviet defector and the death of three men, only to find himself at the mercy of...the Faceless God.
The Engines of Sacrifice: What is the power of words? Can they control the fabric of reality? In a horrifying new world, underground author Rowley Cray struggles against a totalitarian government gone insane and the possibility that he can control the souls of the dead.

check it out here!

“Los Ultimos Dias/ The Last Days” For The Pastor Bros.

“The Last Days” is an apocalyptic thriller set in Barcelona Spain. The film is from the Pastor Brothers (Infected) and focuses on a strange phenomenon that creates agoraphobia in the worlds population and the following chaos. The film stars Quim Gutiérrez, Jose Coronado, Marta Etura, and  Leticia Dolera. Check out the teaser trailer and on location video clip.

Más vídeos en Antena3

New Poster And Trailer For Chinese Language Thriller “The Zodiac Mystery”

A new Chinese suspense thriller from director Sheng Zhimin ('Bliss'). The film tells the story of a group of friends who suddenly begin to die one by one, with the only connection between the deaths being a bizarre reference to the victim's zodiac sign. It stars Tong Dawei, Gan Wei, Qin Hao, Kimi Qiao, and Ada Liu. The film is due for release across China on the 13th July, 2012.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Check Out The New “Possession” Poster

Directed by Ole Bornedal and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Madison Davenport and Natasha Calis.

The Possession is the terrifying story of how one family must unite in order to survive the wrath of an unspeakable evil. Clyde (Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Sedgwick) see little cause for alarm when their youngest daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst, only to discover that the box was built to contain a dibbuk, a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.


Check Out The Trailer For “HellyFish”

Behold the big ass jellyfish. Watch the “Hellyfish” trailer-or as we say in the south “Hella-Fish”.

America’s only missing nuclear weapon is leaking radioactive material into the ocean just off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. The trifling existence of a hapless cast is disrupted by a vicious force of nature that shows no mercy.”

Facebook Page and

Teaser Trailer For “Screen”

SCREEN-610x343Directed by David Paul Baker the film stars Nicole Alonso & Leslie Andrews.
“Lola & Carrie go on a road trip to attend a Halloween event at an old disused drive-in movie theatre. They also research the past reports about the drive-in. People died in front of the screen in the 70′s.
This event is the 40th anniversary of the deaths. Despite this fact, nothing can stop Lola & Carrie from attending. They want to see what is on the SCREEN.”

Facebook Page and Website

Check Out The Trailer For “V/H/S

VHS-Poster-350x518V/H/S will be On Demand August 31st and then in theatres on October 5th.

“When a group of petty criminals is hired by a mysterious party to retrieve a rare piece of found footage from a rundown house in the middle of nowhere, they soon realize that the job isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. In the living room, a lifeless body holds court before a hub of old television sets, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of VHS tapes. As they search for the right one, they are treated to a seemingly endless number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last.

Bringing together some of the top filmmakers in the game today, this wickedly conceived horror anthology sends the viewer through a gauntlet of suspense, terror, shock, and downright brutality—instantly distinguishing itself from a sea of lackluster found-footage horror flicks. The diverse and deviously creative minds behind V/H/S shatter any preconceived notions about the genre, making it feel inventive and captivating once again.”

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Teaser Trailer For “Birdemic II: The Resurrection”

The sequel stars Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Chelsea Turnbo, Thomas Favaloro.
Bill is a struggling filmmaker; Gloria is an aspiring actress.  Rod, a Silicon Valley millionaire finances Bill’s film, a dream come true until eagles and vultures attack Hollywood and its up to Rod, his girlfriend Nathalie, new friends and old to mount the resistance.  Who will survive? Birdemic II, you asked for it.”

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Check Out The Trailer For “Paranormal Adoption”

Starring  Marina Lyon , Bill Morse and Piper Watts “Paranormal Adoption” is a paranormal sci-fi horror story with some shocking twists from Different Dreamer Films.
“When a young couple loses their only child to a drowning in their pool, they unknowingly adopt a beautiful girl with a freaky doll that have paranormal powers that they use in disturbing ways.”

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Witchcraft, The Occult and More Terrorize in Reality Entertainment's “Paranormal Haunting” and “The Stone'”

PH_FRTThe Two Provocative Films Come From
Reality Entertainment, Renowned Producer of Cutting Edge
Films Where "Reality Is What You Make It” And "Strange Is Normal”

Ever have one of those vacations? You start out with high hopes for a simple little getaway and everything just goes awry? Nothing you've experienced compares to the terror the protagonists go through in "Paranormal Haunting: Curse of the Blue Moon Inn!”
High on the peak of the Moors stands the Blue Moon Inn, the home of Matthew Hopkins for as long as anybody cares to remember. Once every century the moon there appears to turn blue and all-manner of strange and terrifying events are unleashed upon the land. The time has come again and with it a small group of interested individuals. An astronomer, an astrologer and a documentary filmmaker arrive all unaware of the pure evil that will befall them. With witchcraft, occult rituals and answers to age-old mysteries, a nightmare unfolds upon each guest until the final shocking conclusion.
Elsewhere in the UK's most haunted location, once residence to the mad Lord Byron, a group of seekers arrive hoping to find the truth about life after death. They have been led to believe there is something in this place that can help them attain the occult enlightenment of the ancients. Uncovering a centuries old stone artifact, they are inspired to invoke the spirits of the dead, but instead, they manifest a dark mirror upon their own souls. Confronted by their deepest horrors, the seekers encounter far more than they bargained for, foolishly entering a realm of which there is no escape in 'The Stone: No Soul Left Unturned.”
DVT100 Standard DVD TrapsheetUnknown to them, another group also inhabit these sacred grounds – guardians of a lost secret. From a dark and ancient past, comes the oldest enemy man has ever known, it leaves no soul unturned. You cannot escape The Stone. Filmed on location at Annesley Hall in Nottinghamshire, England, this film is a British paranormal thriller in true Hammer fashion that features real British Druids filmed on location at sacred and ancient grounds and a host of best-selling authors and musicians.
Creating works that fascinate, intrigue, scare and taunt us with invitations to enter realms and possibilities about the universe, Reality Entertainment is a world renowned producer of mind bending, cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe.
Loaded with trailers and full length features, the company's dedicated YouTubepage has millions of video views.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Check Out The Promo Poster For Adam Green’s “Hatchet III”

The story finds Harris hunting down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Crowley’s ghost terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades. Mears will play a brooding, pompous SWAT team leader who is sent in to contain the carnage strewn about the haunted swamp. Williams will play a fast-talking journalist who fancies herself an expert on the legend of supernatural stalker Crowley.

Check Out The Comic Con Poster For “Cold Water”

Coldwater” is Directed by David Parker and starring Ivan Djurovic, Rick Irwin, Sanny Van Heteren, James Duval.
The film is about Andre (DJUROVIC), a guy who is recovering from a recent accident and agrees to help his friend Robert (RICK IRWIN) by taking over a house-sitting job at an unusual home nestled in the heart of Coldwater Canyon. As the day turns into night, Andre faces strange occurrences that lead him to believe he is not there alone, and someone or something is watching him.

“Spider Baby” 1964 Full Movie

SpiderbabyposterDirected by Jack Hill and starring Lon Chaney Jr., Jill Banner, Carol Ohmart, Quinn Redeker, Mary Mitchel, Sid Haig and Karl Schanzer.

A caretaker devotes himself to three demented adults after their father's death.


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