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Trailer Released For Paranormal Horror Sequel "Sadako"

The trailer has been released for paranormal horror sequel "Sadako". The film is the latest in the Japanese "Ringu" franchise. It is simply titled after the terrifying,  vengeful spirit at the center of the stories. Hideo Nakata, who directed the first two films, returns to the chair for "Sadako". It hits theatres in Japan May 24th.

Sadako enters the modern era where she can be found, of all places…YouTube. The story revolves around Mayu, played by Eliza Ikeda, a mental health counselor and sister to a Youtuber. Mayu’s brother wants attention and views to reach Youtube stardom but in his attempt released Sadako’s curse on the web.

Promo Poster And Production Details Released For "Maya"

A promo poster and production announcement have been released for upcoming horror "Maya". A Fancy Lad Films production, it is written by Paul C. Hemmes, who is set to direct. Currently in pre-production, the cast announced thus far include Bourke Floyd, Victoria Paege, J.C. Marquez Pulita, Vic Rogers, Samantha Kade and scream queen Brinke Stevens.

Maya, a shape shifting soul collector seeks to lead a group of unsuspecting non-believers into the afterlife. As space and time become a blurred mirror of reality and Maya’s mysterious abilities take on a dark and ominous tone, fear becomes the only key to salvation. For this group of unsuspecting victims, their deepest terror becomes their only way out.

Official Trailer For New "Hellboy" Released

The official, bloody, trailer has been released for 2019's "Hellboy". Lionsgate dropped a special red-band trailer for the film set to be unleashed in theaters on April 12th. "Hellboy" is directed by Neill Marshall and stars David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell, with Daniel Dae Kim.

Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge. 

The Official Trailer For "Master Of Dark Shadows" Documentary Released

MPI Media Group has released the official trailer for "Master Of Dark Shadows" documentary exploring the fascinating history, far-reaching impact and lasting appeal of 'Dark Shadows', with a compelling blend of rare footage and behind-the-scenes stories. It is narrated by Ian McShaneand  offers insights from Curtis himself in addition to Oscar-winning writer-producer Alan Ball (True Blood), screenwriter William F. Nolan (Trilogy of Terror), author Herman Wouk (The Winds Of War), veteran actors Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost), Barbara Steele (Black Sunday)and Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire), Dark Shadows stars Jonathan Frid, David Selby, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, Jerry Lacy, Roger Davis, Marie Wallace, Chris Pennock and James Storm.

The film will be available across digital platforms and on DVD April 16. The feature documentary, which was shot in New York, LA and London, includes interviews with the key actors and filmmakers involved in the undyingly popular story of vampire Barnabas Collins and all the eerie goings-on at the gloomy Maine mansion Collinwood. The documentary was directed by David Gregory.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Human-Trafficking Thriller "Carga" Arrives On VOD This March

Arriving on DVD & VOD on March 12, from writer/director Bruno Gascon, is human-trafficking thriller "Carga". The film is the story of Viktoriya, a young woman who throws everything away in search of a better life. From the moment the doors of the truck where she travels open up, Viktoriya is confronted with the cruel reality of human trafficking. Can she escape her fate? Starring Netflix’s “1983” Michalina Olszanska in a breakout performance, 3-time Golden Globe winner Victor Norte (“Cinco dias, Cinco Noites”), and international model Sara Sampiao in her feature film debut.

A truck driver tormented by the load he carries. A road that should lead to a better life. Human beings treated as goods for selling... In a capitalist society where each person focuses on their own needs, it is easy to forget about those around us and only do what is best for each of us. This is the story of Viktoriya, a young woman who throws everything away in search of a better life. From the moment the doors of the truck where she travels open up, Viktoriya is confronted with the cruel reality of human trafficking. Can she escape her fate?


Tackling the issue of human trafficking, Carga is mainly a film about choices, survival instinct and strong women who do not give up, and a cargo that above all is emotional and that all the characters carry. My preoccupation with social themes is the painting of a rough portrait of the realities that humans often choose to ignore, but they are always part of what I write.


For seven years now, I and my producer have worked on several documentary stories. Once we had the story of a man who came to Portugal in a truck. This man did not want to come to Portugal, but he trusted someone who made a promise to him, but he was betrayed. Lost near Lisbon and unable to speak English or Portuguese, for a long time he was not able to ask for help. When I started writing the script, I always had this idea in my mind: how far can we go when we have nothing? How are the choices made? And when we are vulnerable, what can happen to us? I was very worried when I checked in and investigated how traffic networks operate. It was very important listen the stories of several persons connected to ONGS that work with human trafficking victims. That part of the process was essential to understand how close is this reality is from all of us. Viktoriya’s journey is not real, but represents the journey of millions of persons around the world that are caught in human trafficking networks. The fact is that these networks have victims at various levels and that is portrayed in the film.


All the characters have in their shoulders a bigger cargo that they can handle with. The film talks about choices and about the egoism of society and where the survival instinct often prevails above the common good. My concern as screenwriter and director of the film is to work the gray areas of the characters from the concept of “good people do bad things and bad people do good things.”. Despite that, all of them will live forever with the consequences of their choices.


In “Carga” we are confronted with the cultural differences and with the misunderstandings that the linguistic barriers can have on us, which was the reason that led me to cross 3 languages in the film: Portuguese, English and Russian. Communication in this film is power, that ’s why Viktor talks in english with António (despite he knows the truck driver speaks and understands the language really bad), but when he wants him to obey he speaks in Portuguese to make sure that he understands every single word. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone like Viktoriya: she doesn’t understand a word that those men are saying to her, she is suffering, afraid and even when she escape no one understands her language. How can you save yourself if no one understands you?

The First Images From "Candy Corn" Released

The first images have been released for upcoming horror "Candy Corn". The film, directed by Josh Hasty, stars Tony Todd, P.J. Soles, Courtney Gains, Pancho Moler, Sky Elobar, Caleb Thomas, Madison Russ, Cy Creamer, Jimothy Beckholt, Nate Chaney, Patrick Ryan, Justin Mabry, Matt O’Neill, and Jaime Gallagher. 

Set in Grove Hill, Ohio, on Halloween eve, a traveling carnival is on town for the weekend. Local outcast Jacob Atkins is one of the freaks at the Carnival’s main attraction “Dr. Death’s Side Show Spook House Spectacular”. A group of local bullies are planning their annual public hazing of Jacob, but this year, it’s going to go too far.

Donald Farmer’s “Dorm Of The Dead” Re-Release Details

Donald Farmer’s Dorm of the Dead finds a new distributor and will be released to as both a Bluray and DVD on March 12, 2019.
At Arkham University, campus bitches Clare and Julie have a score to settle with goth chicks Sarah and Allison. And when Amy accidentally unleashes a campus zombie epidemic, Clare picks Sarah as the perfectcandidate to join the walking dead! But things have a way of backfiring…don’t they? So don’t be surprised if Clare and Julie wind up on tonight’s menu!
The 2006 film stars horror scream queen Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2) with “Miss Howard Stern” Andrea Ownbey.
Extra features include a behind the scenes featurette with Tiffany Shepis and a trailer.
It is available for pre-order on Amazon at the links below.

Production Starts On Dustin Ferguson’s "Meathook Massacre: The Final Chapter"

Production Starts on Multi Award-Winning Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s Meathook Massacre: The Final Chapter Starring Alan Maxson, Vida Ghaffari, Danielle Brookshire and Robert Lankford
SoCal Cinema Studios starts production on multi award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s (“Nemesis 5”, “Sleepaway Camp IV”) much anticipated “Meathook Massacre: The Final Chapter,” which is the last installment in this popular cult franchise.
It’s been 20 years since Dani (Danielle Brookshire, “Cheerleader Camp To The Death”) and her friends were attacked by a meathook-welding maniac in rural Nebraska. Today, while relocating to live in Southern California with her sister Samantha (noted actress Vida Ghaffari, “RoboWoman, FOX’s “The Mindy Project”), she still suffers from nightmarish visions that the worst is yet to come. Soon after a visit from a fellow survivor, “Bubba” (Robert Lankford, “Nemesis 5”) and his clan, including “Uncle Swine” (Alan Maxson, “Godzilla: King of The Monsters”), they track Dani down at her current residence for one last showdown.
”It’s been 5 years since my creation of the franchise, and I’m honored to return to put the final nail in the coffin – in the wildest installment of the series,” said Ferguson.
Ferguson and Ghaffari are repped by Joseph Kelbie Williamson of The Williamson Management.

Pagan Festival Shout Out : Old Slavic Velja Noc

Spirits of the dead visit their living relatives, overseen by Veles, Lord of the Dead. People wearing animal masks and wool cloaks wandered through the villages representing the dead, and a grain effigy of the Morana of the old year was burned. Morana and Jarilo are born of Solntse (Goddess of the Sun) and Perun (God of the Sky). Veles steals Jarilo and raises him in Virey, realm of the dead. [a/k/a Wielkanoc]

Veles is one of few Slavic gods for which evidence of worship can be found in all Slavic nations. The Primary Chronicle, a historical record of the early Eastern Slavic state, is the earliest and most important record, mentioning a god named Volos several times. Here, Volos is mentioned as god of cattle and peasants, who will punish oath-breakers with diseases, the opposite of Perun who is a described as a ruling god of war who punishes by death in battle. 

Veles also regularly sent spirits of the dead into the living world as his heralds. Festivals in honour of him were held near the end of the year, in winter, when time was coming to the very end of world order, chaos was growing stronger, the borders between worlds of living and dead were fading, and ancestral spirits would return amongst the living. This was the ancient pagan celebration of Velja noc (Great Night), the relic of which still persists amongst many Slavic countries in folk customs of Koleda, a kind of combination of carnival and Halloween, which can happen anywhere from Christmas up to end of February

Fight Flicks And B-movie Flare : My Interview With "Intensive Care" Director Jared Bentley

Filmmaker and TV director Jared Bentley's action thriller "Intensive Care" offers a strong female lead. The film also features one heck of a stuntperson who takes on that lead with some A-level, talent. Jared, himself considers actress Tara Macken's skill unrivaled.

"Intensive Care" follows three low life criminals who plan to rob an elderly woman’s home, but her caregiver turns out to be a former special ops agent with an agenda of her own. Ex-special ops turned nurse gives the thieves a fight they will not win.

I recently interviewed Jared Bentley about "Intensive Care" and his influences. You can check it out below. 

ASouthernlifeWhere did the inspiration come from for "Intensive Care"?
Jared Bentley: My filmmaking partners and I were getting frustrated, attempting to get financing for a couple projects of ours, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and self finance a feature. We were only working with about a $100,000 production budget, and because the actors we wanted, needed to go with SAG, which meant that 20% would be taken up by fringe costs that don't end up on the screen.

So this meant we needed to come up with a concept that was mostly in one location, and did not have a lot of principal actors.
It initially was going to be a horror film, but co-writer/producer, Darrin Scane and I grew up on straight-to-video B-action movies as kids, so the writing kept moving more towards that direction.  Co-writer/producer, Eric C. Storlie's interests lie with more with indie, off beat films, so a lot of the humor and odd quirks were his influence.  All of us agreed that a strong female lead would be far more interesting than making Alex a man. So once that was decided, the story came together very easily.

ASoutherLife: How hard is the process of bringing together those action sequences as opposed to creating those moments on paper?
Jared Bentley: It's very complex and you have to have a lot of elements in place. Take the scene where Seth and Alex are being dragged by the truck.

I came up with the idea but I have never done anything like that before.   We knew we needed actors that were skilled and comfortable with doing their own stunts. And lastly you need a stunt coordinator and special effects coordinator that not only know ways to build it, but can do so safely and in a manner that can be duplicated numerous times. Oh, and in a way that costs very little money. It's no small order.

My father was a special effects technician his whole life, so I grew up around guys like that. So fortunately, when it came
time to do this film, I knew exactly who to call. Pete Porteous and James Fuentez are two old school guys who have worked in
the business for over 30 years, so we were in good hands.

ASouthernLife: Is there a lot of compromise, and does it making finding actors capable of meeting such a huge challenge?
Jared Bentley:  There can be compromise, but fortunately not for us.   We knew we did NOT want to use stunt doubles on this as it's more costly and the quality is compromised.  I'm a big fan of the John Wick movies, as well as Mission Impossible. One of the elements that make those films so successful is that their lead actors ware wholly committed to doing the stunts, and it adds so much to the film, seeing and knowing this.

We were about 6 weeks out from production and we still didn't have our "Alex".. We were having a difficult time
finding someone that was the whole package: someone that could act well on many different levels, do their own stunts, and was willing and available to be in a low budget movie by an unknown production company. Fortunately, Kevin Sizemore, who plays "Seth" int he film, and who is also a producer on the project, knew about Tara. I saw her stunt reel and knew that that would be the easy part for her. And when she came in to read for the part, we were all so relieved because she was able to seamlessly switch between tough, vulnerable, funny, and sexy the way that he character needed to.

ASouthernLife: I guess it helps when your leading actor,  happens to be a stellar stuntperson. What was it like working with Tara Macken?
Jared Bentley: Tara is such a badass. Her stunt credentials and nearly unrivaled. But beyond that, her work ethic and professionalism set the tone for the entire shoot. Which is so important. People take their cues from the lead of the film, and if they are weak or are not committed, the rest of the cast and crew quickly follow.  She was game for everything we wanted her to do. 15 takes of an intense, long fight scene? Sure! Throw you through a wall? Sure! Hang you? Sure!

ASouthernLife: What other projects do you have in works?
Jared BentleyWe have a high school suspense thriller called Covetous, that we like to say is "Dexter meets Glee" or "Mean Girls meets Death Wish"We also have a kind of "Silence of Lambs" type Sci Fi/Crime thriller called The Conductor.  Each would require a higher budget than Intensive Care, so we looking for financing or co-production opportunities. On a different note, we have a college comedy called Class of 95, but right now, indie comedy is dead so hopefully that will change soon.

ASouthernLifeWho were some of the directors who inspired you growing up,  and first starting out in the film industry?
Jared BentleyAs a kid, it was Spielberg. Raiders of the Lost Ark is still my favorite film.  Then I became obsessed with Kubrick, mainly for his dogmatic technical prowess and innovation..  We are very spoiled by CGI now. If you can think it, you can make it. It wasn't that long ago that this wasn't true, and Kubrick advanced technology more than anyone in film. Watching Dr. Strangelove, when I was 16, was the first time I ever saw a film as something more than just entertainment.

Some of my less popular influences were Howard Hawks and Tony Scott.  Hawks for his story telling and fresh dialogue, and Scott for this visual style.  And of course Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction was not only a film, it was a cultural touchstone. It's very rare for that to happen. And he is still one of the most unique, edgy, and inimitable voices in film.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

SRS Cinema Set To Release Mark Polonia’s "Deadly Playthings"

Indie underground film distributor SRS Cinema is set to release Mark Polonia’s "Deadly Playthings". The haunted doll horror is an homage to that all too creepy horror theme - killer or possessed dolls. The movie is currently in post-production with an Indiegogo campaign to help with production expenses as well as the upcoming wide release costs.

“A child’s mysterious doll, once home to restless and disembodied spirits, is handed down to the occupants of a new home. The doll, found hidden in the dark recesses of the basement, is adopted by a lonely, near mute, wheel-chair bound girl. Soon the loving family is thrown into a living hell. But the violent deaths and supernatural occurrences bring the doll back into contact with the one person who may be able to help – its original owner. She knows what evil has taken roots within it, and ultimately what the spirit wants. It all leads to an explosive final showdown between psychic and demon, with the young girl’s soul hanging in the balance.”

Crime Thriller "Dirty Dead Con Men" Out Now On Digital

Global Digital Releasing's crime thriller "Dirty Dead Con Men" is out now on digital platforms. The film is directed by Marie-Grete Heinemann and is available on VuDu, iTunes and Amazon Prime. Peter Dobson, Kevin Interdonato, Claudia Christian, Louis Mandylor and Kristen Dalton star.

Taking place on the streets of Los Angeles, a rogue cop and a charismatic con man ply their trade. But, these two anti-heroes have gotten themselves in over-their-head, when they become involved with the mayor's son.

New Trailer Released For Scifi Thriller "Crystal's Shadow"

Check out the latest trailer released for scifi thriller "Crystal's Shadow". The film is directed by Ilyas Kaduji and stars Mhairi Calvey, William B. Davis, Mark Arnold, Jack O'Hallaran, Zane McAllister and Sienna Guillory. 2% of the population claim to be abducted.

"Crystal's Shadow" involves an orphan - who sees strange lights. Crystal finds herself running from the orphanage when the lights re-appear and chase her. 

Release Details And Bonus Features For "THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES"

Black belt vs black magic. Scream Factory presents The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires on Blu-ray™ for the first time on April 9, 2019. Presented here for the first time in high definition is Hammer’s original uncut version. It was released in the US in an edited version called The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula which is also included here in high definition as a bonus feature.

The complete list of bonus features also includes new interviews with actor David Chiang and Hong Kong film expert Rick Baker, and new audio commentary with film historian Bruce G. Hallenbeck.

Professor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) and Count Dracula (John Forbes-Robinson) meet again in this spectacular Kung Fu horror thriller set in the village of Ping Kuei. After learning about the seven golden vampires of the village, Hsi Ching (David Chiang), Vanessa Buren (Julie Ege) and Mai Kwei (Szu Shih) offer to guide Van Helsing and his son to Ping Kuei to free it from the curse of Count Dracula.

Throughout their journey, the group encounters several unwanted attackers until they arrive at the golden vampires’ derelict temple, inhabited by Count Dracula. In the temple, Van Helsing and the count begin a fearsome battle to the death – an ultimate clash between good and evil!

Special Features Include:
  • NEW 2K scan of the original film elements
  • NEW Audio Commentary with author/film historian Bruce G. Hallenbeck
  • NEW When Hammer Met Shaw – an interview with actor David Chiang
  • NEW Kung Fear – an interview with Hong Kong Film Expert Rick Baker
  • Alternate U.S. Theatrical version – The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula (in HD with some standard definition inserts)
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spot
  • Still Gallery

Trailer Released For Documentary 'Hail Satan?"

Check out the trailer for documentary "Hail Satan?". The film is directed by Penny Lane and produced by Gabriel Sedgwick. It is set to release April 19th.

Chronicling the extraordinary rise of one of the most colorful and controversial religious movements in American history, Hail Satan? is an inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon). When media-savvy members of the Satanic Temple organize a series of public actions designed to advocate for religious freedom and challenge corrupt authority, they prove that with little more than a clever idea, a mischievous sense of humor, and a few rebellious friends, you can speak truth to power in some truly profound ways. As charming and funny as it is thought-provoking, Hail Satan? offers a timely look at a group of often misunderstood outsiders whose unwavering commitment to social and political justice has empowered thousands of people around the world.

"GET MY GUN" Comes To Home Video This March

Indie action horror "Get My Gun" finally comes to home video March 1 via Tragic Bus/Anaglyph Releasing. The film is written and directed by Brian Darwas. It had a limited theatrical run after a very successful festival go. Check out the trailer below 

After an innocent prank leaves Amanda pregnant and out of a job, she finds herself on the verge of motherhood and the target of a psychotic stalker who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the unborn child.

You can get the disc for $20 or a DVD + “Frankie Gave Me Drugs” t-shirt for $40.

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Indie Horror "Flay" Finally Gets Release Date

After being held up since 2016 in a court battle with Sony, indie horror "Flay" has finally gotten a release date. The film, produced by Phame Factory, was accused of ripping off "Slender Man". Now,  after a settlement, "Flay" will be released April 2nd on Digital.

"Flay" is directed by Eric Pham and stars Violett Beane, Elle LaMont, Dalton Gray, Johnny Walter, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Peggy Schott, Kaylee King, Noe de la Garza, and PHANTASM's A. Michael Baldwin.

Returning home after the mysterious death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to reconnect with her brother and escape the curse of the faceless spirit who haunts them.

Trailer Released For "Child's Play" Film

The trailer has been released for Lars Klevberg's "Child's Play" reboot. Aubrey Plaza, Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio, and Carlease Burke star. It hits theatres June 21st. 

Plaza had this to say about the film to THR:

Buckle up. I love it so much. To me, the original is an iconic movie. I haven't seen our film, just the trailer, but it's a real throwback horror movie. It's almost got a Spielbergian vibe to it. The reason I did it was for how beautiful the script was. It doesn't feel like a hokey, shticky, campy movie. If you remember the original Child's Play, it was a drama! It wasn't that funny. As the franchise went on, it became something else. The remake really captures the original.

A mother (Plaza) gives her son (Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.

Netflix And Mike Flanagan Return For Second Season Of "The Haunting Of Hill House"

Mike Flanagan and Netflix return for a second season of hit series "The Haunting Of Hill House". That new season will be called "The Haunting of Bly Manor". You can check out a promo below. The new story is based on Henry James’s 1898 novella The Turn of the Screw.

Bly Manor is an English country house where a governess cares for two orphans: Flora and Miles. Things fall apart when she starts seeing paranormal activity and the governess suspects the children have something to do with it.

"The Laplace’s Demon" Now On Prime Video,

The Laplace’s Demon Now on Prime Video, iTunes, DVD and More.

The award-winning horror thriller The Laplace’s Demon is now available on demand in the U.S. and Canada on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more platforms.

The critically-acclaimed horror feature by Giordano Giulivi was a favorite of the horror festival circuit, winning multiple awards at Screamfest (including Best Score, Cinematography and Visual Effects) and screening to enthusiastic praise at the recent editions of Fantasia and FrightFest.
The official synopsis reads: “A team of fringe scientists researching a way to predict the future are trapped by a malevolent professor in a deadly test of their own experiment.”
The Laplace’s Demon is a deadly game where the scientists literally become chess pawns at the mercy of a predatory Queen that can anticipate their every move,” says Armand Petri, Head of Operations of distributor Reel Nightmare Films. “It’s a tense slasher with both wit and style.”
Praise for The Laplace’s Demon:
“An incredibly well though-out chiller. I could not get over how much tension was packed into action sequences.” – Nightmare on Film Street
“A Hitchcock-level of suspense.” – Blumhouse
“I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of The Twilight Zone or if you’re dying to see something unusual. I promise you won’t regret it. Score: 9 out of 10.” –
“A masterpiece in manipulation, style, nail-biting suspense and jaw-droppingly impressive story.” – HorrorFreakNews
The Laplace’s Demon is a solid entertainment option for horror and sci-fi fans looking for an original concept and one genuinely frightening experience,” adds Petri. The 104-minute long film is now available on demand in North-America.

Purchase links:
Prime Video (US):
iTunes (US & Canada):
Vimeo On Demand (US & Canada):
DVD Amazon (US):

Monday, February 25, 2019

New Stills Released For "The Haunting Of Sharon Tate"

Check out the disturbing new stills for "The Haunting Of Sharon Tate". The film is directed by Daniel Farrands's starring Hilary Duff, Jonathan Bennett (MEAN GIRLS), Lydia Hearst, Pawel Szajda, Fivel Stewart, Tyler Johnson, Bella Popa, Ryan Cargill, and Ben Mellish. 

The story takes a look at the last days leading up to Sharon Tate's death from her point of view. The plot is inspired by an actual quote from Tate, from an interview published a year before her death, wherein she reveals having dreams about ghosts haunting her house and foreseeing her own death at the hands of a satanic cult. 

"HI-DEATH" Gets North American Release

HI-DEATH to get North American release through Wild Eye Releasing

Wild Eye Releasing has acquired Nightfall Pictures’ horror anthology HI-DEATH, scheduling it for a June release.

From the makers of “Hi-8”, five new twisted tales showcasing the talents of both veteran and emerging horror filmmakers. When two young women take the “Terror Tour” through the underbelly of Hollywood, they are led into a bizarre world of unspeakable horror. Their first stop proves that “Death Has a Conscience”, but doesn’t spare the unlucky souls who stumble into his path. Next, a meeting with the “Dealers of Death” exposes the perils of collecting murder memorabilia. Then, it’s off to a quick “Night Drop”, where your next movie rental may be your last. An actress’ worst nightmare unfolds as she is forced to perform a terrifying “Cold Read”, and our Terror Tour comes to a disturbing end as we meet the ancient, seductive evil known as “The Muse”.

The film is written and directed by Anthony Catanese, Tim Ritter, Amanda Payton, Brad Sykes and Todd Sheets. Cast includes Fabiana Formica, Jay Sosnicki, Todd Martin, Thomas Kindler, Jensen Jacobs, Craig Kelly, Nick Randol, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Christopher Preyer, Eric Salinas, Kristen Adams and Kate Durocher.

BigStarTV Joins Forces With Artsploitation Films

BigStarTV is now home to some of your favorite independent and international movies from Artsploitation Films. BigStarTV’s top quality VOD services make it the perfect place to view movies like Red Christmas, The Anatomy of Monsters, Clip, Der Bunker, Counter Clockwise, Horsehead, Vanishing Waves, Horror Stories, The Summer House, Fever, Meat and many others.
In addition, Artsploitation’s new release MOLLY can also be streamed for FREE on BigStarTV right now. Molly is described as Mad Max meets Turbo Kid in an electrifying and imaginative tale of one young woman’s determined struggle to survive in an inhospitable world. In a barren landscape ravished by war, Molly, a super-powered young woman, roams the violent post-apocalyptic landscape, armed only with a bow and arrow, to confront the dangers around her. When a sadistic ringmaster who run an underground fight club hears of her supernatural abilities he sends his sociopathic marauders to capture her and make her a star attraction in his cage fights to the death.
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The London Horror Society has announced the creation of a brand new horror short "Black Mass". This is the latest project from British writer/director Scott Lyus, known for "Silently Within Your Shadow" and the award-winning "Echoes of the Passed".

Black Mass is a dark and atmospheric story about a demonic presence that haunts a bereaved father and his two adopted daughters.

The film will be produced by both Lyus and the production arm of The London Horror Society, and the Director of Photography will be Neal Parsons, who was part of the crew behind 2017’s Oscar-winning short film, "A Silent Child".

Please stay tuned to The London Horror Society’s (@londonhorrorsoc) and Crossroad Pictures’ (@crossroad_pics) Twitter and Instagram pages for all updates


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