Friday, August 8, 2008

WTF??? 08/08/08 Not Lucky for Georgia or Edwards

First off, I cannot believe that Russia's invasion of Georgia is just a mild news story and that no one is really seeming to be worried or too upset over the fact that a police state ran by mock democratic dictatorship is killing innocent civilians at markets in a very democratic and soveirgn nation. This just bothers me extremely...and yes I knew of Georgia's existence since my school days because I was from Georgia, USA and thought it was neat that a soviet union state at the time shared the name, plus lately there have been some mock sports news announcements about Georgia and tourism.

Now this about John Edwards is just wrong! He used his Cancer stricken wife to get a sympathy pull with the public during his try for nominee and the whole time was fucking the women who worked on his political films! That is just wrong, he is really just a bad person. I know everyone needs to get laid but to screw around on your dying wife that you paraded in the press as your soul is just well...wrong!!!!!


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